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Two sexy cougars tanning while all naked in nude trail brunette outdoor
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Miles knew he stuck gold when he met Kathryn in person. They met online and had chat for months before meeting. He met her on a website for fans of incest and underage fiction.

They had spoken dozens of times before meeting. Kathryn knew he was a pedophile. He knew she was, too. It was a match made in Heaven. They didn't have the usual first date. There was no movie or dinner, no awkward conversation. The rules had been declared ahead of time.

When she greeted him, she called him Daddy. He called her Princess, which was Miles' word. He had always imagined having a young daughter to call 'princess' while getting his cock sucked or fucked. They had barely begun to talk, had barely finished their first drinks in Miles' apartment, when clothes fell to the floor and skin touched skin.

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He wanted to meet her much sooner after they had first chatted but he held back to see if she was genuine or a cop trolling to bust an unwitting pedophile.

When she shared her child porn photos with him he knew two things, one: she was as sick as he was, and two: she was hot and definitely legit. With her thick, curly brown locks cascading midway down her back, big brown eyes that were somehow innocent and lusty at the same time, her a-cup tits and tight bubble-butt, she was exactly what Miles thought about when he stroked his cock at night.

Older, but definitely his type of woman. Kathryn had been raised by her father; her mother had passed away during childbirth.

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Her father had been a good man and he raised her as best he could, taking time away from work any chance he could to be with her.

She had fond memories of sleeping in her father's bed when she was scared by a storm or a bad dream. She remembered how she felt in his arms, her small body enveloped by his strong, secure presence. As a young girl she would often make any excuse to lay with him at night. When she was 9, their relationship changed. Her father had always been an affectionate man, kissing and caressing her until she fell asleep in peace. She had always been comfortable in his presence and she wore very little to bed.

On this night, she had only worn a her favorite pink Care Bears t-shirt and matching panties.

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When she had fallen asleep her father was rubbing her right arm and shoulder and she was nuzzled against him, spooning her little body into him.

She awoke to something hard poking into her bottom. That wasn't all; her daddy's hand had moved on to exploring the rest of her body. She was unsure of what to think but she didn't let on that she was awake. She lay still, her eyes closed, as her daddy's hand explored her chest and belly. Nimble fingers worked their way underneath her t-shirt and felt their way to her tiny, pink nipples. She tried to control her breathing as her father rubbed and pinched her nipples, making them hard and more sensitive than she knew they could be.

Her daddy sensed her breathing getting heavier but didn't know she was awake and beginning to enjoy his touch. He slipped his hand lower, down to her belly.

When he reached her pink panties, he hesitated for a second before sliding his fingertips underneath the elastic waistband of her panties and felt the baby-smoothness of her 9 year-old pussy. He had never felt anything so soft in his life. Little Kathryn has never been so excited as she felt her daddy's fingers slip between her thighs, between the folds of her young vagina, which was now becoming wet. She could feel the hardness against her bottom growing even harder and… it seemed to be getting bigger, whatever it was.

She tried to lay still as her daddy's fingers explored her wet little hole, sliding up and down her slit and against her tiny clit in little circles.

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He began to rub her clit harder, faster. He was becoming more confident and dared to try and make his little daughter come in her sleep. The faster he circled her clit with his fingers, the harder it was for little Kathryn to stay still.

A few quiet moans escaped her throat. This only encouraged her horny daddy and since she had not opened her eyes he assumed she was still asleep.


He began to apply more pressure to his daughter's soaked little clit, flicking it back and forth. Kathryn could not take it anymore.

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She felt a pressure building up inside of her, she didn't know where it came from but it was a strange and new kind of excitement. She decided to let this new feeling flow through her; as her daddy rubbed her tiny, bald 9 year-old pussy the gates opened and Kathryn had her first orgasm by her daddy's hand.

It was so intense, better than anything she had ever felt. Her thighs had clamped around her daddy's hand, locking him in place as she allowed the sensations to flow through her body. She gave up all pretense; she turned her body around towards his and kissed her daddy passionately on the lips.

Instinct took over her. When his tongue licked her lips she opened her mouth to receive it and their tongues wrestled each other as lay there, hugging each other tightly, mouths locked together. Miles reminded Kathryn of her father. In their chats, he seemed like a sweet and nice guy. When they met, she was struck by his warm presence, which reminded her of her protective father. He had died 3 years prior and she had not known another man like him until she met Miles.

Sitting in his apartment nursing a rum and coke, she had to have him. She practically threw herself at him! She wasn't a slut by any means; she wasn't the kind of woman who fucked a man on the first date… but Miles' aura struck a chord within her. Simple as that. That night, they fucked for hours.

After they had both been licked, sucked, rubbed and fucked into exhaustion they lay in bed making odd jokes and laughing. Six months later, they were married in a private ceremony with a few friends providing witness. Now, Miles and Kathryn had already shared all of their fantasies with each other. They were both pedophiles and unashamed of their desires. Kathryn had never been with a woman but the idea turned her on intensely, especially the idea of a young girl.

Miles fantasized about having a young daughter to train as his personal toy. In his darkest fantasies, he had yearned to have a woman who shared this desire; a woman to have a child with that they could train together. They would often talked about these fantasies at night which turned them both on.

Kathryn would stroke his cock and call him daddy as she asked him what he wanted to teach his little girl to do. He would instruct her, telling her how he liked his cock sucked. She would lick the underside of his cock from his balls to the head, swirling her tongue around the head and kissing the tip. Looking into his eyes innocently she would ask him in her young voice, "Like that, Daddy? Am I doing it right?" "Yes baby," he said, "just like that." He lay there looking down, watching her lick and stoke his cock.

Her small breasts jiggling as she bobbed her head up and down, her eyes never left his.


She would pull her dark hair back so that he could watch his cock disappear between her lips, into her mouth. Her big brown eyes would stare into his as his cock slipped past her mouth and down into her throat, as if pleading to him to give her more cock to swallow. "You're a perfect little cocksucker, princess… that feels amazing, baby." "Thank you, daddy" she said as she gave his cock a slurp, "Daddy, will you put your cock in my little pussy now?

It's all wet for you." He sat up, pushing her down onto her back. She spread her legs, raising her knees almost to her ears. He helped her out by pushing her legs back until her shaven cunt was completely open for him.

Her scent wafted up to him; she was ready for his cock. "Please," she spread the lips of her wet, bald pussy for him, "fuck me. Fuck your little girl's tight, sweet pussy. I need to feel your cock inside of me," she pleaded. He fucked her. They fucked all night. He came in her over and over again, thinking that it would never get better than this. This is how they fucked, sometimes three or four times a day, sometimes more.

Five months after they were married, Kathryn gave Miles the news over dinner that she had gone to the doctor's office. She was pregnant. At first Miles was shocked, happy but unsure that the timing was right.

He was only beginning his career and had imagined that he would be more established before he had a family. Nevertheless, he was as excited as she to start a family. They talked for hours. He drank red wine to calm his agitation while she sipped a coca-cola. He was thrilled but full of questions and worries.

Finally, she took his hand in hers and looked into his eyes. It wasn't the looked he expected at the moment… there was lust in her eyes.

"Miles, baby, you realize what this means don't you?" He wasn't quite sure what she was getting at. He just stared at her blankly. "Miles… we're having a girl.

The doctor told me the sex when he gave me the news this afternoon.

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…In 7 months, we're going to have a little girl." Slowly, it finally dawned on him what she meant and, although he was shocked by the surrealism of it all, a grin began to creep onto his lips. "I think you know what I mean now," she grinned back, leaned over the table, and kissed his lips.