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Tranny seducer masturbates on livecam
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The prison officer escorting Dr Amourus Zuck had taken the usual precautions with this infamous serial killer. He was rarely allowed to leave his segregated cell block; however like all the other inmates he received regular medical attention. Like normal he'd insisted he could cure himself but there was no chance he would be allowed contact with drugs or needles.

All the staff knew his evil reputation was only matched by his vast intellect. Zuck, a man in his late forties with a clean shaven face and glasses watched impassively as each gate and sentry was shown ID then given authorization, slowly allowing him to enter the less secure medical block.

He would see the prison nurse as always. He enjoyed very much chatting to her, usually been obscene and graphically suggestive; he liked that.

She was really cute; maybe just 30 with black flowing hair a nasally Brooklyn accent and ever so dark and sensuous eyes. Yes, he really enjoyed his trips to see Nurse Maria.

As he reached the waiting room the officer escorting him cussed in disbelief. Sat there with his own guard was another of the category A prisoners. He was in his thirties; large built with long unwashed hair his face unshaven and scarred. It was a con call Randy. "Ah Mr 54 and how are you today?" Dr Zuck asked in his polite educated voice, the unshaven thug growling under his breath. Randy 54 was the states worst serial rapist.

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He had 54 life sentences running back to back for each victim he had abused. The officers looked at each other knowing this was fuck up of major proportions.

These categories of prisoner were never supposed to be out of their cells at the same time, let alone in the same room. The warders were thinking of what to do when the surgery door opened and Maria came out. "Next please." The beautiful woman stood there in a white shiny nurse's uniform.

The skirt was short above the knee and her fine tanned legs look fantastic and long in her white heeled shoes. She smiled, her eyes like dark pools her hair tied in mane down her back Both warders shrugged their shoulders in resignation.

"We might as well get it over with since we're here." They agreed. "You first Zuck." The Dr was nudged carefully ahead, past the nurse. She turned to let him through her bosom lightly brushing his arm. "Hmm your nipples as hard as ever I see." He said giving her a wicked grin. Maria looked to the ceiling a little frustrated.

"Now Dr we're not going to be rude again are we?" The doc sat in the examination chair smiling. "It depends what you mean by rude." The nurse opened his file as the warder stood at the door. The doc continued. "If I told you every warder and con in this place would love to lick your ass hole clean.

Would you call that rude?" Maria wasn't fazed and gave him a cow like stare hands on hips as if talking to a child. "Yes I would Dr Zuck; so can we get on with things." The Dr nodded raising his cuffed hands in apology.

"Of course my dear," and turning his head knowingly to the red face warder he added. "But it doesn't make it any less true, does it?" Suddenly a claxon began in the distance, then one closer then a few seconds later one in the courtyard just across the block.


The warder's face notably drained of colour. Riot alarm! The uniformed man turned and opened the door his face suddenly connecting with the hairy large fist of Randy 54. The man collapsed out cold. In the waiting room the other warder already lay unconscious. "They've done it, they've fucking done it!" Randy laughed, the Dr remaining seated. Maria had pressed herself against the corner wall her dress riding up showing her dark olive thighs. "Who's done what?" The Doc asked allowing Randy to unfasten his cuffs.

"The jail break everyone's going over the wall, mass escape it sheer fluke were here." The doc smiled, "sheer fluke for you maybe." There was nothing that escaped the doc's notice in this jail. He knew exactly where he needed to be at this precise moment. Randy was pulling the wardens inside the room. "Let's go, get out of here." Zuck stood up taking hold of his arm.

"And go where? Even if you get away you'll be tracked down within days. A man like you they're never going to stop looking for. Probably shoot you on sight next time." Randy didn't know what to say, "but!" The Doc shook his head.

He turned to look at the quivering nurse her mouth open in a slight pant. "The riot is three blocks away no ones coming here for a long time. Wouldn't you rather spend you're time with the lovely Maria than spend it running from dogs?" Maria shook her head. "Aw Jesus no, no you can't I mean oh!" The doc nodded smiling to her. "What are they going to do? Give us more life sentences?" Mr 54 stood frozen to the spot, his thoughts confused then the big hairy con grinned in agreement.

The Doctor casually closed and locked the surgery door. Randy began tying the semi conscious warders to two high backed chairs. "Do you know why they call him Randy 54?" The Doc asked as he moved menacingly close to Maria.

She looked wide eyed back, a glint of defiance in her beautiful eyes. "I can guess." She replied with a bitter tone. Dr Zuck wagged a finger at her, "No I don't think you do. It's because he had 54 beads, one for each raped girl, implanted into his cock skin to give his victims that, well shall we say novelty dildo effect." He paused then added, "very effective; I believe." A grunt of agreement from R54 confirmed his assumption.

Maria began to edge away towards the door. "There's no escape my dear. Do what I ask and we'll let you and the warders live."." Maria groaned knowing Dr Zuck rarely left his victims alive. "Oh God please, please you promise?" He nodded, looking at R54. "Randy always did, well once he'd fucked their brains out. Say it's a verbal contract between friends." Dr Zuck's reputation was much different. He smiled and tried to reassure her.

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"Let's just say I have a soft spot for you." The hairy thug lurched towards her with menace in his eyes, and Dr Zuck laughed. "But still feel free to scream as much as you want." The Dr began looking to her trolley as R54 put an arm around her waist in an evil embrace. "Come on bitch bend over my knee." He eased her over to the dentist type chair sitting on the edge.

Then suddenly pulled her over him so her face was just above the floor her short skirt rising up to show a beautiful dark plump ass, thong panties tight in the crack. Randy hooked his fingers inside them snapping the fabric opening her ass cheeks with his fat stubby fingers. The Doc was already passing him the lube and he eagerly smeared it on his forefinger. Her long legs kicked and heels slipped on the shinny floor Maria squealing.

"Uhh no no uhhhhh shit oh, ohhhh!" His finger was slowly pressed into her ass the lube allowing his fat digit past her sphincter. He twisted and burrowed trying to dig the anal shaft out of her. She gave a high pitch yelp feeling his wriggling probe in her tight shaft. Across the room the warders were coming around and they began to shout and protest seeing the nurse, ass high, Randy with his finger dipping into her. The Doc wasted no time in gagging them both; then to their horror unbuckled their pants dropping their boxers.

"Watch the show boys," he laughed, "get your cocks hard. Nurse Maria is going to service all of us before she's finished." The men could only make muffled protest their eyes seeing all, their limps but exposed cocks already starting to betray them. "Yes that's it good, look Maria everyone wants to play." The big hairy con extracted his finger pulling her up to look at him. "Kneel on the chair, face the head rest. It's time to lick you little shitter clean." The doc helped the shocked woman onto the dentist chair.

His hand gripped under her arms finding the front flap of her nurse's blouse. He ripped it down exposing a heaving lace clad bosom. Randy cupped her ass cheeks with his hands the skirt pushed back to the dip in her back. His mouth and tongue began to search for her rim, licking and sucking.

"Awww you fucking filthy ohhhh!" She moaned as she felt his hot muscle inside her hole like a worm searching. Dr Zuck was amused. "Do you like that Maria? I told you it was the prisons favourite fantasy." The Hairy con grunted and slurped.


"Mnnn, fucking tastes great, hot and sweet and ugh so tight!" He raised his head his arm coming round her shoulder to pull her back upright tits thrusting out towards Zuck. The doc had a surgical knife and he sliced her bra strap with a squeal of revulsion from Maria. Her hard succulent tits stood erect and exposed the hairy con instantly reaching round to squeeze and grope. "Fucking great, firm too uggh!" He squeezed a nipple making her yelp.

"As hard as bullets!" He announced. The doc smiled at his friend colourful description, then agreed. "Quite." He looked around finding a jar of cream. Examining the label he smiled, "this will do." He took a finger full of the pink gel smearing it over her dark brown nipples.

"This should do them justice." He said. Her tender skin tightened, the cream firming the points even more giving her an embarrassing tingling down her spine.

She gave a silent gasp her sexy mouth making a sensuous oval shape.

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"Ooooooooo!" He then produced a long rubber hose from a side cabinet. "Now Maria I want you to suck off both these captive warders while we give you an enema." Maria could hear the alarms still ringing, distant shout and even sounds of shotgun fire. She began to realize no one may come here for some hours. Her wild eyes betrayed her thoughts. "Please I'll do what you want just keep your part of the deal." The warders tried their best to resist, but it was impossible.

Each time they closed their eyes the cons would slap them making them look down. Maria was alternating between each hard cock slurping and gagging from time to time as Randy pushed her head too far onto them. The skirt was gone only a half ripped blouse hardly covering her giggling melons remained with her kneeling long legs still in heels. Maria's thick lipped sassy mouth slavered and circled the cock heads.

She had to do it right the doc was watching and instructing, ordering her to give good service. The bound men could feel her lips and her hot grunts as she tried to pull the newly inserted long rubber tube from her ass.

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Randy was pushing her hand away holding the tube high a cylinder of fluid bubbling as it filled her anal cavity. Maria could taste the hot cocks on her tongue and feel an embarrassing gurgling in her belly as the water filled her. She'd had to give enemas to cons before, when they were suspected of hiding drugs and stuff.

Now she experienced the sensation of her body giving way under the steady pressure of water. "Uugh no more mmmmmm slurp I gotta go!" She gasped her teeth catching on one man bell end rim making him buck. The doc took the cylinder from Randy as the man began to strip his one piece coverall. His cock was impressive. Long but not ridiculous it was more the girth that created astonished stare.

The fat hard member was scarred beyond belief the whole length had knobbles like a nut covered chocolate bar. The 54 beads created a cock no woman would ever forget. The doc was pinning her head down onto one of the captive cocks keeping the hose in place as he explained. "Randy's going to fuck you up your loosened ass now. Try not to bite too hard on poor Warder Smiths cock." She felt the rubber tube slide from her sphincter her muscles almost giving way wanting to shit.

"Ugh mggggggggg!" She bit the man cock hard as Randy thrust his uneven cock into her watery hole. "Mmmmmgggggggg!" She coughed the bruised cock from her spluttering lips.

"Ah, ah, ahh jezzzzz I can't t t t take it!" The wide cock was too big for her tight canal the knotted shaft not allowing the liquid to escape ramming it deeper into her gut. "Ugh ugh ugh!" She grunted head thrashing looking over her shoulder in sensation overload "Yeah ugh that's right bitch look at whose fucking up your tight ass." The doc pulled her hair making her suck back down on the warden's cock.

Maria began to blow the guard her tongue licking his rim, Randy pounding her ass the water squelching inside her gut. Maria was frantic, bobbing and slavering. The sensation of ribbed cock in her ass made her cough and gag as she tasted the warder's juice dribbling cock heads. Her mind just wanted to get it over with. Her thoughts were desperate. "Awww for God's sake come, fucking come in my mouth now, pleaseeeeee uggggh!" She swallowed the cock to the tip gagging, her tonsils touching the bell end.

The warder came, his thighs bucking off the chair his cock spewing a torrent down her throat. It spewed from the edges of her lips foaming as she gasped with each anal thrust. The Doc pulled her back prizing open her sensuous coughing mouth looking inside. "Hmmm a good load by the looks, hard to tell the dirty girls swallowed most of it." Randy pulled his cock from her ass. It came out with a little difficulty her muscles instantly beginning to weep liquid.

"Awwww I'm gonna uhhh!" She ran crouching to the toilet basin in the corner of the room sitting on it her ass belching a stream of filthy water. "Awwwwww shiiiiiittttttt!" She said failing to see the irony. The doc removed his own grey clothes his hairy member pointing to the roof.

"Good girl now I want you to ride the other wardens cock. Moments later Maria sat straddling the seated guard her long legs out at almost 90 degree angle her heels on tip toe touching the floor. She was bouncing up and down on the bound mans cock the Doc standing, pressed hard behind her. He had his cock up her ass sliding back and forth double penetrating her. She squealed and gasped as the doc forced each tits with it's enlarge nipple into the un-gagged warders mouth ordering him to suck and suck hard.

Her ample tits burned with sensation the nipples as hard and long as iron bolts. "Aggg, ugh, ugh, ugh fuck, fuckkkkkkk!" The warden began grunting through his sucking the Doc noticing. "He's coming!

Quick!" He withdrew own his slimy rod lifting the yelping woman off the other dick onto her knees. "Wank him over your tits do it!" Maria's painted nailed fingers became a blur her pressed together cleavage and bullet nipples below his cock.

"Uggggggggggghhhhhh!! Uggggggghhh!" The man shot his load spattering her dark mounds the semen sticky, trailing like a web from his end. Maria giving a high pitch wine of surprise as a little spattered her face, so hard was the eruption.

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Randy was sat on the dentist chair pointing for her to mount him. She groaned then nodded and slowly her pussy lips enveloped his fat cock.

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The sensation was arousing the implanted beads pressing where she never expected to be pressed. She began to moan her hole wet, slopping slowly up and down on him. Her tits were covered in spunk and the man squeezed them together ordering her to lick her own nipples clean. As she did this sucking her own sore teats the Dr came behind her and mounting her sore ass again. "Oh Dr uggggggggggg!" The standing fuck sandwich seemed to last for ages Maria getting hotter and hotter.

She began to moan in passion her pussy on fire. The doc was coaching her, encouraging her. "Good, good that's it." He reached for the table for a small clamp used on skin for knife slashes.

She grunted looking down over her swollen tits as he reached round to her clit. "Ohhhh uggggghh oh! Gawd jezzzzz ugh, ugh, ugh!" He'd clamped her clit with the metal grip the swollen bud stinging sending sparks up her body her legs trembling.

The sensation wasn't one of pain but of inexorable pressure on her most tender spot, she couldn't resist no longer!

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"Aggg I'm coming ughhhh, awwwwwwwwwww!!!" Her pussy convulsed the clamp firmly on her aroused bud Maria's eyes rolling as she nearly feinted. "Ugggggghhhhhh!" Randy bucked, tipping her onto the floor his hand wanking over her thighs and legs. His spurts of come fired in an arc covering her waist, strands down to her thighs.

She rubbed her legs together spreading the white filth smearing it into her olive skin as she moaned her clit still passionately aroused. "Uggggggggggg!" The sirens stopped one after another the riot coming under control. There was a knock on the door and shouts outside. Maria gave a sensuous groan as the doc pulled her up pushing her back against the door. He mounted her pussy making her hook her legs around his waist as he thrust up her. Maria was exhausted unable or now unwilling to resist.

She could hear shouts as guards on the other side of the door were trying to batter it down. But Dr Zuck was fucking her hard against it holding the intruders at bay. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh, oh Maria nearly over I take it we ugh won't be seeing you next ugh month?

Oh well here my parting gift, ugh, ugh, aww, oh fuckkkkkkk!" He came as her calves thrashed on his butt the doc sucking a hard improved nipple sampling his excellent handy work.