Very hot latina sucks her partner cock deep tube porn

Very hot latina sucks her partner cock deep tube porn
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I'm ashamed of myself but this is how it happened. Jenny and Bob were about the same age as me and lived in my neighborhood. They were on my paper route and would fight over who got to pay me when I was collecting. The were both retarded. I know that's not a nice way of putting it but this isn't exactly a politically correct story.

I really just thought it was kind of funny the way they fought over paying me until a kid at school told me how retarded girls love to jerk guys off. Now, I know that's the kind of generalized statement that can only be called bull-shit, but at that time it really got my wheels turning. I started wondering if Jenny had ever jerked a guy off and if she liked it. She wasn't very good looking and kind of chubby, they both were.

But she had huge tits and a big round ass. She was a little taller than me at 5'9" and had shoulder length brown hair. I had never been with a girl and I was real curious but too scared to ask anyone out. I began to fantasize about sticking my dick in Jenny's mouth, wondering exactly what her tits looked like.

And her pussy, I spent a lot of time wondering about her pussy and if she would like getting fucked. I didn't tell anyone what I was thinking because I was sure it was wrong. I was 15 at the time, so I guess Jenny must have been the same and I think Bob would have been about 14. One day Bob showed up at my house asking if I wanted to play. I started to laugh but thought better of it.

We went out in my back yard and sat under a tree. Bob wanted to tell me about some Men at Work record he had and he would occassionally belt out a few lyrics at the top of his lungs. I asked Bob if Jenny had any boyfriends and he said no. "Well, does she like boys?" I asked. Bob said he thought so but didn't know for sure. "What about me?" I asked him, "do you think she likes me?" Again, Bob said he wasn't sure but with a sudden flash of inspiration, he told me he could ask her for me.

I eagerly agreed that that would be a good idea, but that he would have to be secretive about it. "Okay!" he shouted and ran off. I just sat there stunned. I had assumed he meant later but already he was off to check. Oh well, I was pretty anxious, I could hardly complain about timely service. About 15 minutes later, Bob showed up out of breath with snot running out of his nose. "She likes you, She likes you!" This was wonderful news, but I realized that I was no closer to getting anywhere than I had been before.

I sat for a few minutes listening to Bob's off key version of Land Down Under, trying to think of what to do next. As I pondered absently I became aware that someone was lurking on the other side of the fence. Oh, just what I need, I thought; someone seeing me hanging out with the retarded kid. I was about to tell Bob to go home when I realized it was Jenny spying on us. "Hey, lets go into the garage" I told Bob "I've got something to show you." Bob raced me to the garage and beat me twice as I walked to the back door.

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Inside I looked around. Not too messy, It was a detached garage that sat back from the house. there was an old hammock and a couch along one wall and it was here that I led Bob.

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I kept an eye on the only window and sure enough, before long, I could see Jenny peeking in at us. "Have you ever played with yourself Bob?" I asked him. He thought I meant playing alone and it took a few minutes for him to understand I was talking about his dick. No, he said he wasn't supposed to do that.

I explained patiently that it felt real good and if you do it long enough white stuff would come out and it would feel even better. He looked real skeptical but I suggested maybe we could do it together. Somewhat reluctantly, he agreed. Together we pulled our pants down and admired each others pricks.

I was impressed, Bob's was huge, even in its flaccid state.

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Well his sister had huge tits and ass, why should I be surprised? Not knowing what else to do I reached out and grabbed his cock.

He jumped a little and looked worried but stayed where he was. As I rubbed his cock and bare balls he began to grow and I heard worried moans coming from him. "Does it feel okay?" I asked him. He said yes and his hips began to move back and forth. I could see Jenny staring through the window now, all sneakiness forgotten. Now that his cock was hard and he seemed to be enjoying it, I told Bob that he could do the same to me.

So we sat on the couch and he grabbed my growing cock and I continued to jerk him off. Well, I wasn't sure about retarded girls yet, but I knew one retarded boy who seemed to be a natural. I groaned with pleasure as Bob's hand flew up and down my shaft.

Within a minute I felt Bob tense up and he shot a huge load all over his stomach and my hand. My own prick was forgotten as he lay there smiling and breathing heavy. I grabbed some old towels and wiped my hand off.

My cock was still hard and I told Bob he might like to put it in his mouth. I was rewarded by immediate agreement. I guess Bob no longer questioned my judgement on this matters. I walked up to him and stuck my cock in his mouth.

He was hot, wet and good. I don't know how or why, but he knew exactly what he was doing. I wondered absently if he was autistic and this his special talent. I turned to my side as his head bobbed back and forth so Jenny could see what he was doing. I stared right at her through the window and when she made eye contact, I motioned for her to come into the garage. She came in right away looking very confused and a little lustful. Promising. I asked her if she liked what she saw but she couldn't really say.

Bob told her how good it felt and I asked her if she wanted to feel good too. She agreed that she did as she sat down between Bob and myself on the couch. She was wearing a tight Strawberry Shortcake tee shirt over what had to be some DD boobs and her pants were stretched across her ass so tight I thought they might split. Carefully I placed her left hand on my aching cock and her right hand on Bob's cock as it sprang back to life.

Just like her brother she knew exactly what to do and Bob and I lay back and sighed. With in minutes both Bob and I were coming all over her hands. I told her how good the white stuff tasted and she tried it. I don't know if she just believed me or if she really liked it, but I watched in fascination as she licked both of her hands clean. Now, somewhere in the back of my mind I had intended to play something like I'll show you mine if you show me yours with her.

But watching her eat all that cum broke me. I jumped on top of Jenny and started mauling her huge tits. She didn't have a bra on and her little nipples rose up through the thin fabric. Bob, seeing what I was doing began to massage his limp cock. Jenny offered no resistence at all and her legs parted quickly as I moved between them to begin some frantic dry fucking. I had just come and my cock was rock hard again. It couldn't have been more than a minute before I realized that it just hurt, kneeling on the cold concrete floor pressing my naked cock against the roughness of her pants.

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I stood up and told Jenny to suck it. She needed no persuading and engulfed my 6 1/2" cock like a pro. I reached down and pulled her tee shirt off to free her huge titties and I almost came right there.

They were the biggest roundest tits I had seen in my entire young life. I reached down and fondled them as I fucked her hot mouth. I might have lasted another minute or so before I came in Jenny's mouth. She didn't even gag or anything and just went on sucking. I pulled out and collapsed on the couch next to her. "We've shown you ours, why don't you show us yours?" I asked weakly, tugging on the back of her tight pants.

Bob agreed that she should take them off and she stood up. Slowly she undid the zipper and pulled them down over her fleshy thighs. She had wide hips and a little bit of a belly and light brown hair all around her pussy.


My cock began twitching. She got her pants all the way off and stood there before us, big tits bouncing lightly with her breathing. I looked over and Bob's cock was hard again too. Amazing, It had to be 8 or 9 inches.

I thought about eating her out but I'd never done it before and as I leaned in for a closer look It smelled like sweat and pee. Still I wanted to experience this somehow, so I told Bob to do it. Jenny laid down on the hammock and Bob got between her legs and began licking. I reached down and helped him spread her chubby lips apart and watched as he licked up and down her slit.

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Jenny shivered every time her touched her clit and he began to spend a little more time on it every time he reached the top.

I kept rubbing her thighs and belly while I watched. Jenny's hand reached out and started jerking me off again as I did this. Her hips were bucking pretty good and I could see her pussy had turned bright pink all around. her lips were puffed up and I could see more than just saliva dripping from her wet cunt. I was so excited I bumped Bob out of the way. Kneeling between her legs, I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy and slowly slid it in. No problems here. I don't know if she was a virgin or not but I slid in easy with no resistance.

Jenny moaned with pleasure and pushed her hips into mine. I began sucking on her tits as I thrust into her. Bob, in the meantime had come around to her head and was wagging his dick in her face.

She opened her mouth and let him slide it right in. I was fucking away like mad with her legs up over my shoulder when I came inside of her.

She shuddered violently at the same time and Bob's cock slipped out of her mouth as she let out a long, low moan.

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"My turn, My turn" Bob shouted and ran around, pushing me out of the way. He got between her legs and shoved his monster dick back into her oozing cunt. Jenny sighed like she had just slipped into a warm tub. In and out Bob thrust and I watched in amazement as my cock grew hard yet again. I told Bob to sit on the couch and let Jenny get on top. they did this and I watched Jenny's big ass move up and down on his huge cock.

I reached under and grabbed his cock just so I could feel Jenny's fat pussy grinding up and down on it.


Bob had to be on his 3rd or 4th boner (I had lost count) so I figured he might last a little while so I ran and found some hand cream on the counter and ran back, spreading it heavily on my dick. When I got back I told them to hold still for something special and I pushed my cock up against Jenny's pink pulsing ass hole.

Another slow moan from Jenny as I slid my dick into her amazingly hot ass. Bob's dick twitched and I could feel it through the thin bit of flesh that separated us. Slowly, I started to set a rhythm as I moved in and out of her tight ass. Bob and Jenny both picked up on this and soon we were moving in well synchronized harmony. Bob would grunt, Jenny moan and I'd let out a sigh of pleasure. Jenny must have had 4 or 5 orgasms while we did this.

Each time she went through another spasmic orgasm, I would feel my balls tighten up a little more and finally, when I could hold it no more, I drove my cock as deep into her ass as I could and exploded. Bob must have done the same and we all three lay that way for a little while. As my cock shrunk I pulled it painfully out of Jenny's ass.

Bob's cock slid free with a wet slurp. We cleaned up a little and put on our clothes. I told them to go home and that this was to be our little secret. They both agreed and went home. Surprisingly, it did remain our little secret and for several years until they moved away, they would come over to play with me in my garage.

My parents always just figured I was a really nice guy to play with the special kids from around the corner.