Black Guy Fucking Two Mexican Bitches

Black Guy Fucking Two Mexican Bitches
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Whips and chains hung from the wall as I looked down at my love as she slept, her light lashes gently folded onto the top of her plump cheeks and her golden hair fanning out on the floor.


Her round ass stuck up in the air as her leg fell in front of the other, her side flattening against the ground. Though I had yet to do anything to her tonight, I could already feel my cock twitching with want, my ears yearning to hear the crescendo of her lusty moans. Not having the patience to wait a moment longer, I grabbed a small whip from the wall and swatted her ass. "Get up!" I barked as her body jerked awake, a small, red splotch formed on the curve of her butt cheek just beneath the black material of her skimpy thong.

Julie's brown eyes looked up at me with a mixture of pain and ignited excitement. I furrowed my dark brows together and stared at her with a stony expression, waiting for her to present herself to me.

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After a couple seconds of fruitless waiting, I raised the whip high above my head and brought it cracking down on her rear once more. With the slap of the whip against her flesh, my pet squeaked with surprise and fumbled into position: her knees spread as she rested her stinging ass on the back of her heels, the back of her open hands resting on her knees as she looked up at me. I smirked at her submission and ran the end of the stiff whip beneath her chin, forcing her head up higher.

I stared into her brown eyes with my black ones, taking note that her small breasts were heaving with anticipation, easily contained in the small cups of lace that draped around her shoulders.

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"You know better than that," I scolded her as the whip ran down her neck and over her breasts, pulling down the lace to reveal her hardened nipples. "Making me wait for you to present yourself is unacceptable and you need to be punished." Her pert nipples were standing proud, topping the white globes of her breast like pink M&Ms.


To set an example of what her punishment would be, I let the whip flash across her already hard nipples and heard her gasp as they became harder still.

The whip cracked against her nipples a few more times, the skin around them turning red as cherries. For a time, my whip nudged and circled her richly colored tips before I led the end of my toy to her moistened mound, pushing aside the wet material of her gusset to produce her glistening pussy. I smirked once more at the sight of her pink slit, the lips plump and begging to be sucked on.

My whip bounced against her sensitive clit and she visibly shuddered at the touch, her eyes fluttering shut with ecstasy as her mouth dropped open. I let the toy tap against her pleasure center and could not stop myself from smiling when I heard her throaty moan of lust. "Stand up," I ordered her, withdrawing the whip from the apex of her thighs, much to her disappointment.

Without a moment's hesitation, Julie stood at attention and waited for her next instruction, her palms open to me. "Go over to the bed and wait for me there." "Yes, Master," she replied before backing away a few steps and turning to walk to our bed. My pet stood next to one of the pillars of our four-poster bed, patiently waiting for me, her palms still presented to me as her eyes were staring at the floor.

I placed the whip on the wall and strutted over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the mattress as I stared hard at her. I needed not to ask her if she saw me, I knew that she could since I was right in front of her.

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After a moment of silence, I order her over my knee. "Wh-w-what?" her shaky voice stuttered out to me. "Over my knee," I repeated with more force than before, making sure that she knew I was serious about this command.

Julie's doe-like eyes stared at me in disbelief before she reluctantly obeyed my order and laid her torso across my lap, her thinly covered cunt resting against my thigh. I let my gaze wander down the length of her spine, her soft flesh smooth and spotted with small moles about her shoulders, the black straps of her bra accentuating her complexion with its striking contrast.

"Beautiful…," I whispered, my calloused fingers petting along her skin in long strokes, the pads grazing her back with tenderness. My hand soon ran over the curve of her ass and I let my entire hand squeeze each globe, feeling the flesh bunch against my palm. "But you've been a very bad girl, Julie," my fingers tensing with the anger in my voice. Without a hint of caution to the wind, I raised my hand and let it crash against her rear, still blotched with the prints of my whip, her body jerking at the sudden sting of her behind.

"And now," I grunted through my teeth, spanking her between my words, "you need," I spanked her once more, with more force, "to be punished!" As I finished my sentence, Julie was shivering with arousal, her cunny seeping so much fluid that I was feeling the dampness on my pant leg.

My hand smacked her skin once more before waiting for her voice.


When I didn't hear her squeak out a number, I used my other hand to pull on her hair, pulling her head back far enough to stretch her neck, but not enough to hurt her. "You know the rules," I hissed in her ear, sinking my digits into her canal with the material of the thong surrounding them.

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Julie yelped and pushed her body onto my fingers as I stroked them through her pussy. "How many?" I questioned her through gritted teeth, my fist full of hair pulling her head back further. "F-fo-four!" she blurted out as tears of pleasurable pain gathered in her eyes, my fingers rubbing her g-spot through the fabric.

"Say again?!" I shouted at her. "Four, Master! Master, there were four of them!" her tiny, high-strung voice called through the haze of feeling my thick fingers in her moist pussy.

Having a suffice answer, I withdrew my fingers and began my assault on her bright pink ass. "Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

Nine!" she called with effort as her voice rose with the numbers, her butt rising to meet my hand sooner. "Thirty!" my pet gasped with a tear rolling down her cheek before I let my hand soothingly rub her agitated skin.

As my hand rubbed in circles, Julie let her hips grind into my thigh in attempts to have the burning itch of her pussy satisfied. "Sit still," my cool voice commanded of her after a few minutes of rubbing her backside.

The faint glow of her red skin had died down now and I let my fingers hook beneath the side straps of her small thong. I dragged the fabric over her hips and down her tapered legs, letting gravity pull the cloth from around her small ankles.

Now that her pussy was fully exposed, I let my eyes feast upon her inviting hole, juices coating her inner thighs. My cock throbbed and leaked into my boxers as my pink tongue flew out to roll over my lips, tempted to stretch out and bathe my love's now-puffy labia with my spit. Resisting my urges, I gave each cheek a couple more smacks of my hand. My pet dutifully counted through her short breath and I rewarded her by rubbing the prints that I had just left behind. As my palm calmed her flesh, I gave into temptation and let my hand cup her shaved pussy.

I stroked two fingers at a time through her aching pussy as even more of her pussy juice leaked onto her thighs, her hand unconsciously grabbing my hard cock. My fingers stroked faster and faster as her hips gyrated against my thigh and fingers, my hand practically covered with her natural honey.

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My other hand reached beneath her and I began to rub her hardened clit with gusto, a new assault of slaps landing on the concentrated region. Julie mewled and purred at my manipulation and began to lose her voice, her body unable to find the noise to show how my hands were pleasing to her soul.

I knew her body was so close to the edge and I needed to see her reach her climax—my body craved to see her lithe form squirming with spasms of euphoric pleasure. Knowing that she was tipping over the edge, I thrust three of my fingers deep into her awaiting hole and massaged her velvetine walls with unbelievable speed. Within a matter of seconds, she reached her crescendo and screamed as her pussy squirted out a cup of her womanly liquid.

Coming down from her climax, Julie twitched and shivered under my touch, my lips gently brushing against her shoulder blade. "Mmm," I purred into her ear as her body continued to quake for me, "let it all out baby girl. Come for me."