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Horny hottie ally tate banging away for pleasure smalltits and pornstars
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(Note: This is a re-post, with a few changes, so sorry if you have already read it. It published without themes and other stuff, so only way to fix it was to repost.

Also, I did some editing, so it's a bit different) I grew up in a very small, southern, country town but I knew boys from many different backgrounds, as some boys had moved to town from bigger cities. I had girls for friends too but mostly boys, because at that young age us boys just stuck together more. I guess you could say I was all-boy, as people used to say, and most of my friends were too.

We played baseball, loved to swim, run, play army, all that… and we also liked to mess around with each other, usually when we would spend the night together.

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About every weekend during school days, and more in summer, I would sleep over with a friend or have one stay at my house. As soon as our parents went to bed, and we knew it was ok, our clothes came off!

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It was different with different friends and sometimes we played made-up games, always involving sex play. As long as I can remember I always loved playing with my dick. I never thought twice about it, it just felt good, was fun so why not. I never, ever felt guilt, and I couldn't even have told you what it meant, to feel guilty about that. During my early years, I did all kinds of stuff, alone and with my friends.

I recall that me and one boy used to tie a string around our dicks, just to be crazy, and swing them around and laugh.


Then we tied them together, with one string around both our dicks, but not tight. I think at first it was really not so much about sex as just fun.

But then we discovered how good it felt when our dicks and balls touched, so after that we forgot the string & would rub our dicks and balls together and that felt so good. I always got a boner right away and so did my buddy, even though we were very young.

We had lots of other games, so I won't go into them all. But one I remember, and liked to do with a different boy, happened when we discovered a plastic tube, sorta like a toilet paper roll center but smaller, and tried putting our dicks inside, one of us in each end. With hard-ons the ends of our dicks would touch and we thought that was great.

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We had no idea what fucking was but we would go in and out while holding the tube still, in place between us, and it was kind of like screwing, but not really. Pretty early on I discovered oral stuff, mostly mutual sucking, but at first we mostly just took turns putting each others dicks in our mouths and sorta feeling them in there, because we didn't know about using the motion of real sucking and all, but learned it later.

And we would play a game we called 'I dare you', which probably explains itself. It was a way to break the ice, so to speak. A couple of boys might want to mess around but not be sure how to get it started, or be shy, and making it a dare was a way to get it going. I also remember being really interested in butts. Most of my friends were too and we would draw pictures of them and sometimes that got us in trouble if we got caught at school doing it, which happened once or twice. If the teachers only knew what we did in private!

We didn't penetrate each other then, and I think it was mostly a visual thing, and touching. Except one boy I played with did stick things in there sometimes, but not far in.

Later on after puberty I tried 'butt-fucking' (that's what we called it) but we couldn't figure out how to do it, but it was fun trying. I mostly liked to see naked butts and always tried to see older boys' naked whenever I could.

I also liked certain of my buddies butts better than others, and I guess I must have had one they liked because most of my playmates paid a lot of attention to mine, which was fine with me.

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We did different stuff: for instance, one boy would lay on his stomach and the other would sit on top, right on his butt, and just play around, like maybe you would press your dick and balls against it or bounce your hard-on up and down on his butt, which I liked to do. A couple of boys, including me, liked to rub our dick and balls along the other boy's ass-crack, kinda pull his cheeks apart a little and lay my dick in there, length-wise, balls too, and sorta just move around.

None of us had very big dicks at that age so it was best for sure if you had a hard-on, and I usually did, or got one soon as I started doing it. And I liked a boy to do it to me too. Every boy I was friends with did this to some degree, sex play I mean.

I did it with every single one, and it was totally natural. Our preacher's son from church was one of my best playmates for this, and couldn't wait to get naked with me. He liked to suck my dick more than anything, and I did him too.

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But we all did it. When we were out playing or in school we did the usual stuff boys do then, and the sex play was simply the usual stuff for us too, at night, or sometimes during the day, off in the woods or about any place we got the urge and wouldn't be seen. At that age, before puberty, I remember our dicks mostly looking alike.

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With boners some of us had bigger ones but not by a lot. The only thing that was different for me was my nipples, because I had really large ones, even as a young boy.

Really it was ok, in fact some of my buddies liked to suck on them and I loved it, but when I went through puberty they got a lot bigger even and I would get embarrassed by them. Some boys made fun of them sometimes and at that age you are really insecure anyway. Well, I dealt with it but it took time before I felt ok with them.

More about this if I write about my teen years and beyond. All the boys I knew were circumcised, which was unusual for a country town, but they were, and so was I. But once the nephew of a family friend was in town for the weekend. He was about 4 years older than me but we hit it off and he treated me like I was his own age, which of course I liked. He was really country but very good natured and good looking, I thought.

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Well, he spent the night at our house one night before he left. We slept in the same bed, like I always did with boys that stayed over. As usual, we showed our dicks and it was the first time I saw an uncircumcised one. I was fascinated and a bit confused. I couldn't figure it out because his dick at first was soft & the foreskin was all the way over it. But he showed me all about it, told me and demonstrated how it worked, got it hard and then I understood it better and it looked about the same as mine, but bigger since he was already into puberty.

He let me play with it, so then it was all good. The other new thing for me was that he had some hair around it. I had caught glimpses of hair on older boys in the public pool locker room, but not up close.

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That also fascinated me and I wanted some too, but would have to wait a good while. Anyway, looking back I wish he had showed me how to jack off with my hand, because I think he must have known how, but I didn't know to ask, or maybe he thought I was too young, but I doubt it. We spent a long time playing with our dicks, mostly like I had been doing, except no special games… just flopping our dicks around and keeping hard-ons, and we wrestled around some, naked of course.

For us boys getting our clothes off was always part of the fun, same with him. So he didn't get around to showing me about jacking off, but it wasn't long before I learned. We had a lot of fun and his was definitely the biggest dick I had played with, since he was into puberty and all my regular buddies were about my age, and a few years before we got our changes.


He had big balls too, with sorta downy hair on them and they felt very heavy compared to mine. His dick remained the only uncircumcised one I saw for many years.

Well, more to tell, my first orgasm at age 9, etc, so will continue in next post, pt. 2