Nude school teen boys gay Camping Scary Stories

Nude school teen boys gay Camping Scary Stories
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The air was crisp and cool in the early hours around dawn. I made my way through the forest on foot. I like that time of the day, the world is just waking up and there's the promise of a new day ahead.

I had purpose, today I was going to collect me some ears. I knew these woods well, I learnt to be a ranger here. I was a farmers' daughter, growing up in the West Acton riverlands, and seemed destined to be a farmers' wife. Then, by chance, I met a ranger named Baden in a nearby village. We fell deeply for each other. He was my brave, dashing ranger. I would give him my maidenhead, but he had to work for it. I had him take me out into the wilderness and teach me to be a ranger.

I was already quite skilled with a bow, and liked to hunt. That was a long time ago now and Baden was long gone. After a stint working for the Rangers Guild, I fell in with my party and took part in all manner of dangerous and exciting quests. We were a team of four powerful adventures, lead by the charismatic sorceress, Sierra.

Our reputation spread across the kingdoms, as slayers of mighty monsters and champions of justice. We also partied hard and had lots of amazing sex. It was the best time of my life, but all good things must come to an end. I had been on my own for almost six years now. I moved swiftly through the long grass that hugged the tree line.

Then I crouched next to a tree and listened. There were plenty of noises I could identify, nothing seemed out of place. I began striding deeper into the woods. I knew where I was going--Fort Nikes. It was actually the ruins of a fort that would have seen plenty of bloodshed in the ancient wars.

Now it was just a stone ruin, being slowly reclaimed by the forest. It still attracted campers though, sometimes bandit gangs would hide out there, or small goblin tribes, or the odd insane witch or wizard. That day I was hoping to find some orcs camping there.

The Fangrind Forest sat at the northern borders of the kingdom, and orc raiding parties had been travelling through here as they invaded our land. Orcs have become quite a problem for our dear King. They never used to come down this far south before, but something had been drawing them here for the last five years.

King Farquad II had sent all his soldiers off to fight his latest war to the west, and didn't know what to do about all the raping and pillaging and killing that was going on in his land.

He called on all adventurers and wanna-be adventurers to do their civil duty and fight off the orc invaders. It didn't work out very well for him.

I was doing my part, helping out the Rangers Guild, even though I wasn't a member any more. They were grateful for any help they could get. Then the King discovered that gold speaks louder than words, and decided to dig into his treasury. He decreed a bounty of one hundred gold pieces for each orc ear. Suddenly a dead orc was worth two hundred gp.

I was thrilled. My efforts in fighting off the orc raiders would have a monetary reward. I would put the gold to good use, using it to honor my fallen comrades and see that the are remembered. But I wasn't the only one getting in on the action, I knew that I had to watch out for orc hunters as much as orcs. I continued to swiftly weave through the trees as I descended into the forest.

If I kept up that pace I would make it to Fort Nikes by midday. I kept a brisk pace, but stopped frequently to watch and listen as I got closer to Fort Nikes. The sun was shining directly above me, over the canopies of the large trees. I decided to circle the area on my approach, to scout the ruins. I crept about slowly and carefully as I approached my destination. I came across some large humanoid tracks that looked fairly fresh, it raised my hopes that there were orcs there. I could see the large pale walls of the ruins rising up ahead.

The tall stone walls were covered with a greyish green moss that helped it to blend in with the large trees around it. The terrain around the fort was bumpy and uneven and quite lush, with plenty of trees, bushes and rocks about. I knew the area well. The ruined fort sat on top of a small hill. It still had three of its large outer walls in tact, but no roof and was open to one side.

I knew that you could access the high upper floor through a crumbled stone staircase, if only for a lookout. It was what made this place an appealing hideout for so many. I was very careful to stay out of sight as I snuck around, slowly edging closer to the ruins. As I moved around I saw an orc. The big ugly green bastard was just standing by the wall, staring out into the forest. He hadn't spotted me. His rough green skin was partually covered with thick leather armor. I could see a large sword strapped to his back.

His face was squashed-up and ugly, his head was bald with large pointed ears sticking out each side. Valuable ears, they were what I had come for.

I continued to carefully scout around until I was quite certain there were five of them, two armed with bows. None of them looked to be a magic user. They looked to be scouts. Perfect, one thousand gp worth of ears, and not too many for me to take down on my own, particularly if I started attacking from range. I unslung my custom elven longbow from my shoulder and slowly made my way around to the other side of the flowing creek.

I got into position behind a large boulder, with the brook between me and the ruined fort. It was a prime archery spot. The fort was within my range. If the orcs wanted to get me, they had to go around the body of water, or through it. Either way it would allow me the opportunity to stick them with more arrows.

I silently watched the fort. They did have an archer stationed up on the second floor. I would take him out first, then the second archer that was inside, hopefully before he could get a shot off. Then I would take the other brutes out one by one. If one or two of them would get close, I was confident in my shortsword skills.

I drew a steel tipped arrow from the quiver on my back and lined up the orc archer on the upper level. I had a clear shot. He had no idea that death was aimed at his fat ugly head.

Suddenly there was a loud painful scream from the other side of the fort. It drew the orc archers' attention and he moved out of sight. Then I heard more screams and shouts from the orcs.

What the hell was going on? I sprung into action without thinking, moving out from cover until I had the orc sniper in my sights. I aimed my bow up at him and loosed. The arrow slammed through the back of his skull and his bulky body crashed to the ground.

I grabbed another arrow and notched it as fast as I could. Speed loading wasn't my thing, but accuracy was. I swiftly moved around and noticed the other archer by a gap in the wall. I shot an arrow through his neck. He clutched his throat and let out a loud gargling sound as blood spilled down to his chest. He fell back against the wall and slid down to the ground as he died. Suddenly there was another orc running at me, yelling loudly with his axe held high. I quickly let off a shot and the arrow slammed into his shoulder.

He still came at me, I dropped my bow and pulled my shortsword from my belt. Then the orc fell over and his heavy body crashed into the dirt. I could see some sort of strange vine wrapped around his legs. I ran up and kicked his axe away as he raised it, then ran the point of my shortsword through his thick skull. I quickly scanned the area. There didn't appear to be any other immediate threats. I didn't know where the other two orcs had gotten to, but they weren't attacking me.

I picked up my bow and notched another arrow, before I started making my way into the ruins. I cautiously walked through the gap in the wall, past the orc archer I had killed. On the other side of the wall I saw the last two orcs slumped over dead. There didn't appear to be any obvious wounds on them, but someone had killed them. I pointed my bow out into the woods.

"Who's there?" I called out. "Come out where I can see you." There was a brief pause, then someone started moving out from the bushes. I held my bow up as what appeared to be a young woman in robes came forward. She held her hands up in front of her, "It's okay, I don't mean you any harm." She was young and strikingly pretty, with long red hair that framed her feminine face and flowed down past her shoulders.

She wore an elaborate green mage robe. When she got closer, I could see that she had mismatched eyes, one green and one hazel.

She wore a stupid smirk on her face as she looked me over as well. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm Aerowyn, and you are.?" "Rohme." "Well met, Rohme. That was fun, wasn't it? We took out all those smelly orcs. We make a good team." I still had my bow pointed at her, "No, not well met. No, we're not a team. These are my orcs. I had them well scouted out before you came barging in here.

Get the hell out of here! Now!" "Look, I understand you're still a little fired up from the battle, but I'm not your enemy." "What kind of mage are you Aerowyn?" "Just a beginner really. Just a girl starting out down the long, long road of knowledge." I spotted some fine grey hairs on her robe.

"Did you come in on horseback?" "Yes, I rode in on my faithful steed Jester. He's somewhere nearby." "I didn't hear a horse coming." "A simple spell, to silence my horse." I nodded down at the dead orcs, "What did you do to them?" "Thornbite; deadly magical poison. Effective." "Right.How old are you Aerowyn?" "Sixty-four." That surprised me, I would have guessed she was in her twenties.

I looked her over again, her ears were covered by her red hair. She did have an Elvin look about her, though I would wager she wasn't a fullblood. "Half-elf," I said. "Yes, that's right. And I'm guessing you're a ranger." "Just an orc hunter.One who works alone.

I was going to take those orcs out by myself." "But luckily you didn't have to. I helped you kill them, so let's split their ears, fifty-fifty. What do you say?" I still held the string of my bow tight. The muscles in my arm were starting to burn.

"I say get the hell out of here. Now! They're my orcs and you're not getting a single ear Witch." Aerowyn looked at me pleadingly, "Come on. I need the money to help my dying uncle. He's a good man, and he can't afford to see a healer.

I need to help him. I need those ears." "Then go hunt your own ears. These are mine." She stared coldly into my eyes, "Are you sure you want to be greedy about this?" I tensed, "Just go! Don't give me any trouble now, girl, I will have an arrow in your head before you can cast a spell." "Who says I haven't already cast a spell?" I squealed as I suddenly felt the sharp pain as a vine wrapped around my ankle and its thorns stabbed into me.

I jerked as I released my arrow and it shot off past the mages' head and into the forest. I automatically grabbed another arrow and started notching it, but my head was starting to spin. Dizziness overcame me and I dropped to my knees. I dropped my bow and then I was frantically pulling at the vine around my leg. My vision was blurring, and I couldn't think straight. My energy was rapidly fading.

I slumped down on the ground. I tried my hardest not to lose consciousness, but I was fighting a losing battle. Deadly magical poison, was this how I was going to die? The world around me faded into darkness.

***** I slowly came around again. I was lying on the ground. There were large pale stone walls around me. I was in the ruined fort. I tried to move my hand up to rub my spinning head, but I discovered that my arms were bound tightly behind my back. I looked down and saw that my legs were also tightly bound together by what appeared to be green vines. I took deep breaths and fought against the rising fear. Then Aerowyn appeared before me. The red-headed half-elf was holding a bloody dagger and a small cloth sack.

My heart was pounding in my chest. She had me bound and helpless and was clutching a blade. What in the seven hells was she planning to do? The witch looked down at me and smiled, "There, That's five orc ears each. I could have taken them all for myself, like you wanted to do. But we killed them together, so we should split the reward.

That's fair isn't it? I'll just hold on to your five for now, for safe-keeping." I felt terrible, like I was badly hung over. "Ughh.Did you poison me, witch?" "Mildly. You'll be fine. I do regret that we got off on the wrong foot Miss Rohme. You're quite an attractive lady. You have that weathered look of a seasoned ranger, but you're not without your feminine charms, are you?" "What?.Unbind me now you little bitch, or you'll regret it!" "I like your smooth brown skin, and your silky dark hair.

Your dark almond eyes. I like your full figure that fills out your studded leathers nicely.So sexy." "You're just another insane witch, aren't you?" Aerowyn wiped her dagger and then sheathed it at her belt, she came over and knelt down beside me. She brushed my straight brown hair away from my face, I recoiled from her touch, but she kept at it, gently stroking my cheek. She had a stupid smirk on her own pretty face.

Then she surprised me as she grabbed my head and leant in and pressed her lips to mine. I kept my lips closed, I could feel her tongue rubbing against them. I felt her hands fumbling at my chest, undoing my leathers. I jerked my head to the side, "Urgh, No, stop that!" She just chuckled softly as she pulled at the laces. Soon she had the front of my jerkin open and pulled out my large bare breasts.She pressed her lips back into mine as her hands rubbed over my boobs.

Her fingers felt soft and delicate, but were lewdly squeezing, groping and jiggling my exposed flesh. Her fingers gently circled my large nipples, and I could feel strange tingling sensations shooting through me as they hardened. She was still fervently kissing my lips, trying to forcibly enter my mouth. Her hands got a firm hold of my breasts. Then, without warning, there was an intense surge of energy, like an electrical charge flowing from her hand. It struck my mind with intense pleasure and made me moan loudly.

Aerowyn took the opportunity to enter my mouth. Her lips pressed tightly and her tongue rubbed against mine as I squirmed beneath her. My heart was beating rapidly. Her sensual touch was making my body tingle all over. I could feel the heat building within me, my lusts were being fired up.

The half-elf was molesting me against my will, affecting my body with her magic. But, damn it! She was hot. I wanted her badly. I kissed her back, and was enjoying the feeling of her wet lips and tongue rubbing over mine.

I loved the taste and smell of her. Eventually she pulled away from my lips. My face was hot, and I was left getting my breath back. She brushed my hair away from my face and smiled down at me, "You like a little magical stimulation do you?

Plenty more where that came from." She moved down and started pulling at my pants. My pussy was tingling, and I was excited at the thought of her touching me there. But then I remembered myself--this bitch had attacked me, and now she was having her way with me.

"No, stop it!" I yelled out, "I won't let you humiliate me, you little Cunt!" "I bet you're soaking wet!" she replied. I was. She managed to pull my pants down a bit, but was unable to get them past my bound legs. It was enough to expose the white cotton panties that covered my crotch. She slipped her hand in under the material. I felt her fingers run through my soft bush of pubic hair.

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Then the fingers were rubbing along my wet lips, making me gasp and writhe under her. A finger slid up inside me, and then another. I grit my teeth, trying not to moan. Aerowyn began pushing her fingers back and forth, rubbing them into my soft hugging flesh.

I could feel my pussy throb and get even wetter. Her other hand moved up and was gently squeezing and rubbing at my breasts. "Yeah, you like that don't you? Miss orc hunter who hunts alone. You really love a bit of company." It was true, I was enjoying her stimulation. I was attracted to both men and women, but it had been a while since I had been intimate with anyone. It was just the manner in which she bound me and was molesting me that had me feeling so humiliated and degraded.

"Now, we'll make some more wonderful magic, Rohme, You'll love it." said Aerowyn, giving me a lusty smile. She pulled down my soaking wet panties, revealing my dark bush of pubic hair and glistening rosy slit in the middle of the brown mound. Her fingers began rubbing along my opening again and her thumb gently caressed the folds around the hard little bud of my clitoris. I gasped loudly. Then I felt the intense magical energy surge from her hand and enter my body.

My pussy suddenly began convulsing wildly. Powerful waves of pleasure emanated from deep inside my abdomen and surged through me. I found myself throwing my head back and screaming out in ecstasy.

The powerful orgasm reached its peak, and I continued to writhe and buck and moan loudly as it slowly subsided. The half elf continued to molest me, rubbing her hands over my slit and breasts. Her touch sent pleasurable tingling sensations right through me.

I moaned and bucked when she teased my sensitive clit and nipples. My heart was pounding in my chest. My cunt continued to throb strongly and I could feel my juices flowing. It had to be the most intense, overwhelming orgasm ever. I just lay there limply. My body was so hot, my heart was thumping and my chest was rising and falling rapidly as I caught my breath.

It felt like I had just run a hundred miles. Aerowyn gave me a big lusty smile, "Wow, I never seen anyone react like that before. That was so fucking hot!" I was still lying there in a daze as she slipped a few fingers into my soft wet cunt. She started rapidly thrusting her hand into me and I let out more soft moans.

I could hear the wet splashing sound as she fingered me. "Oh goddess! You're soaking wet now!" exclaimed Aerowyn. She moved her wet hand up and wiped my juices all over my hot panting face. Then she got up again, standing over me.

"It has been a lot of fun, Rohme, but I'm going to have to leave you for a while. Like I told you, I've taken your five ears for safe-keeping, your weapons and equipment as well. Don't worry, you can trust me." I looked up at her blinking, trying to clear my dazed mind, "What? No! Listen to me, Those orcs we killed were an advance scout party. There will be a whole horde following behind. You can't leave me here. They'll kill me!" "No they won't.

I know orcs. You're an attractive female, and you're not a threat, all tied up like that. They won't kill you, they'll want to have some fun." "No, you can't be serious! Don't leave me here like this!" Aerowyn giggled as she lightly stepped away from me.

"Don't worry, pretty soon you'll have plenty of orc boyfriends to keep you company." "Get back here you Bitch!" I yelled angrily. "You're fucking mad! Come back and unbind me right now or I swear I am going to hunt you down and kill you!" I just heard the mage giggling as she disappeared from sight and walked away from the ruined fort. ***** "Are you out there you Bitch? This has gone on long enough!!" I yelled. But I was pretty sure she had gone. She left me there with my arms and legs tightly bound and my bare breasts and crotch exposed.

The area around my groin was soaking wet. I was so humiliated by what she did to me. Now I couldn't believe she was just leaving me here for the orcs. Just another twisted insane witch. I should have known better. I should have put an arrow into her head as soon as I saw her. I was thrown off by her beauty. Now I was in a lot of trouble.


I shuffled over to a wall and leant against it as I clumsily stood up. I had to try and get out of there. I couldn't just wait around for more orcs to show up. I managed a few hops, the ground was uneven and my head was still a little groggy. My feet slid out from under me and my body hit the dirt and rocks as I landed next to a dead earless orc. I cursed loudly and wriggled about as I tried to sit up again. I looked about. The witch had taken the orcs' weapons, as well as their ears. Damn, I really needed a sharp blade.

I looked over to the far wall and saw the orc archer I had killed. He was slumped against the wall. My arrow was still sticking out from his neck and dark red blood was dripping down from the wound. I rolled over to him.

After a few attempts, I managed to lift myself up and get hold of the arrow with my bound hands. I leant forward, yanking the arrow out from the flesh and bone it was lodged into, as I crashed down onto the ground again. I gripped the bloody shaft of the arrow behind my back. I sat up again and started rubbing the arrowhead into the vines that bound my arms.

I always kept my arrowheads sharp. The small edge was cutting it, but the vines were very tough. Damn, this was going to take a while.

I kept at it, but was making frustratingly little progress. I noticed that my pussy continued to pulse and tingle, and stayed wet. My libido was still fired up, and my body continued to stay in an excited state. Damn it! The witches' magic must still be affecting me. I was furious with her, yet I wished she was still here to kiss me with those ruby red lips and rub her supple hands over my sweaty body.

No, I would kill her when I saw her again. I sawed the small edge of the arrowhead into the vines with more determination. I could understand the evil bitch rendering me helpless and having her way with me, but why would she just leave me here for the orcs? If they don't choose to kill me, the savages would surely ravish me. They would force me to take their big thrusting cocks over and over again.

My pussy throbbed strongly and more juices flowed out. Gods damn it! I needed to get my raging libido under control. I didn't want to be raped. The shadows moved with the sun and I could tell I had been there for a few hours, it had passed mid afternoon and was heading for evening now.

I was trying not to think about big hard orc cocks, with much difficulty. My wrists ached as I continually worked the arrow. I pulled at my bonds periodically, but they still held me tightly. Then I froze as I heard a sound in the forest that was out of place, the low howling of a warg.

It could be mistaken by many as the howl of a wolf or direwolf, but I knew the difference. I had fought wargs before. Around here, wargs nearly always indicated the presence of orcs, who used the beasts as mounts.

I strenuously got to my feet again and started hopping along the wall. I was scared, I just wanted to get out of there. I hopped out from the ruined fort and made it a couple of meters before my feet slipped out from under me and I crashed to the ground. I found myself rolling down the slope of the hill, crashing through bushes and hitting rocks on the way. I came to a stop down in the mud near the creek. I winced and caught my breath, my body was hurting all over.

Then the water splashed in front of me. I looked up to the frightening sight of a huge black warg on the other side of the creek. The giant wolf stared at me with its intense red eyes and snarled, baring its jaws full of long sharp teeth. There was a large orc mounted on its back. The ugly green brute had his bow drawn and pointed right at me. I just laid there in the mud, frozen with terror. The warg snorted and growled and bore its sharp teeth.

Another orc rode up beside him on a grey warg. "Gharuk Lagat, Kurok?" "Un voshut, human female.all tied up. Looks like gift to me." The other orc looked older, with long grey hair.

He looked down at me and studied me intensely. "Is there more?" The big orc reached forward and scratched behind the wargs ear, "No, Kasak would know if there more." "Mmf, still be careful.

Maybe gajutar trick." The orc called Kurok looked me over again, and I studied him. He looked like a typical ugly orc to me. He had greyish green skin and a squashed up nose and large jaw with two protruding tusks. The top of his head was bald, but he had long greasy black hair flowing down to his shoulders. And he had a pair of pointy ears on each side of his head, one of them bearing three silver rings which made it even more valuable. He would have been around seven feet tall, with the strong muscular physique of a warrior.

Another orc came up behind them on foot. Kurok turned to him and barked out an order, "Sog, go get shaman." The other orc looked down at me for a moment, before a smile crossed his ugly face, then he grunted and turned and left. The big orc leader hopped down from his mount and then trudged through the creek toward me. I looked up as approached and towered over me, trying not to show my fear.

He knelt down and brought his face in front of mine. I looked into his dark green eyes, keeping my expression stony. He smiled at me, "You left all alone here, gruiuk?.Not alone now." Then his big hands were all over me, roughly feeling me up and patting down my leathers, searching for hidden weapons.

His fingers pinched at my nipple and I let out a squeal. He effortlessly flipped me over and then laughed as he snatched away the arrow I was still clutching. "Sma shaugit. Hehe, You gunna kill me with that?" I cried out as I was grabbed and hauled up out of the mud and slung over the strong orcs' shoulder.

He carried me up the hill and back into the ruined fort. I was then roughly dumped on the ground in the shadows by a wall. "Vras lufuk, Vosh Gajutars!" I heard one of the orcs call out angrily. "Narthos' took their ears!" said another. "Coward gajutars. Only attack scouts. They not fight big horde like ours. We show them. We kill all pinkie men in this land, and rape all pinkie gruiuks." Kurok looked down at me, "You with them? With vosh gajutars? Why they leave you behind?" "Probably man, got sick of her yapping.

Want to keep ears for him." "She nice little Kurv. I fuck her hard. Shaman see her first. Where is he?" "Shaman drunk." said another orc, coming into the ruins. "So? Shaman always drunk!" "Not coming." Kurok let out a low growl, "Nadoht! Useless warg turd! We set camp here. Watch for gajutars, no one goes off on own. Make sure female stays there. Not touch her yet." Then the big orc leader strode out of the ruins. I sat up against the wall and watched as more orcs came into the ruined fort and began setting up their camp.

They all looked over at me, their hungry eyes roaming over my body. I had dirt and mud smeared over me, but my breasts and my bare crotch were exposed. A lot of them laughed and made lewd comments and grabbed their crotch as they leered at me. My heart thudded strongly. I felt like a rabbit amongst a pack of wolves. I heard a few of them call me Graug Kurv.

I knew a little orcish. Kurok had called me a kurv earlier, it means 'slut' or 'whore'. I thought Graug maybe meant 'group' or 'gang' or 'horde.' They were calling me Gang Whore, or Horde Slut. I was scared. I didn't want to be ravished and defiled by those smelly brutes.

But my body was persistently staying aroused, despite my terror. I unwilling found myself thinking about big green cocks again. I was able to peer outside through the gaps in the crumbled wall, and saw the wargs being tied up to a fallen tree by the creek. Along with the two I saw earlier, there were another two wargs, a brown one and another grey. There were goblins as well. The little green skinned creatures were skinny and ugly, with large heads and creepy dark eyes.

The orcs were bossing them around and putting them to work. The goblins were also taking great interest in me. I could hear loud heavy footsteps outside. Then I heard the loud crack of trees breaking and grunting and orcs shouting. I risked shuffling around to the gap in the wall so that I could look outside. They had a troll. The repulsive giant was hard at work pushing over trees while orcs were around him, bossing him about.

They must have been planning on getting up to some serious mischief, bringing a troll along with them. I had faced a troll before, with my party in the Longshank Mountains. It had rough grey skin and stood over ten feet tall. The monster was very difficult to take down, I must have stuck at least thirty arrows into it. We all needed Cordelia to heal us after that. I wished my party were there now. They'd kill every last orc, warg, goblin and troll and rescue me, and then we would hunt down that wicked half-elf and make her suffer.

But that wasn't going to happen, my party was gone forever. One of the orcs saw me by the gap and stomped over, growling at me in orcish. He roughly grabbed me and dragged me back over to where Kurok had dumped me by the wall. He copped a good feel of my breasts and laughed, "Haha, Rramab pausuk ronk, Graug Kurv!" Then he walked away.

I thought he said something about a tight hole. Once again, I felt my wet pussy pulse and tingle. I stayed there in my spot for a while, observing everything that was going on around me. My body remained persistantly aroused as I watched the brawny orcs, yet I was fearful of what was to come.

There was one creepy little goblin who was very interested in me. He came over and looked over my body with his beady red eyes, he had a tight smile on his ugly, pointed face.

"Pretty.pretty human," it hissed. I had killed plenty of goblins in my time. They were pathetic cowardly creatures. Usually hard to hit with an arrow as they skittered about, but a blade can run through them easily enough. I was helpless to do anything right then though. He came closer, and I could smell his musty, unwashed odour. Then the goblin reached out and grabbed at my breasts. "Ugh, no! Let go of me you little freak. Leave me alone!" I spat angrily.

The goblin snickered as he groped at my tits with his wiry little hands. I saw more of them coming over. Soon there were half a dozen little green goblins standing around me, smiling as they looked over my body. I felt so vulnerable and exposed. More hands grabbed at my boobs and I squealed as I felt bony little fingers squeezing and pinching at my big brown nipples. Other hands were at my groin, running through my bushy pubic hair and then prodding at my soft folds.

I thrashed around and growled at them to stop, but the little cretens kept at it. Their attentions were unwanted, but the stimulation was firing up my lusts, and making my pussy flutter and drool again. The goblins were all getting very excited as they were molesting me. Their little hard green cocks poked out under their dirty loincloths.

One of them pulled his erection free and was stroking it before me. It was a little green cock around four inches long, with a round head that was a darker green and wet at the tip. I found it hard to take my eyes off it. The one who was first to approach me stopped handling my breasts and moved over to my head. He grabbed my hair and started rubbing his cock over my cheek. I screwed up my face in disgust, he smelt ripe.

I felt the wetness on my cheek as he slid his little round cockhead over it. A couple of the others joined him, and I soon had three little green cocks rubbing over my face while my tits and crotch were being mauled by small hands. A cockhead forcefully rubbed along my lips, but I kept them shut tight. "Sucky, sucky, sucky," said the goblins, laughing. I felt another one climbing on top of me. His little cock started prodding at my crotch. I moaned as the head forcefully rubbed against my clit and one of the sneaky little buggers almost pushed his cock into my mouth.

The cock continued to rub against my wet skin, looking for the opening. My legs were tightly bound together and it was making it hard for him.

Then I felt the cock press into my slit and push its way inside. It probed my hole as deep as it could go, and then started slipping back and forth. It didn't hurt at all, my pussy was still very damp and receptive, despite my fear and disgust. It was tingling, responding to the stimulation, and I was getting pleasant sensations from the small thrusting cock. The goblin was on top of me, thrusting down into me at an angle, so that the base of his cock was continually pushing its way past my clit.

My clit seemed much more sensitive than usual, I was getting intense pleasure as the shaft rubbed past it as the goblin fucked me. I let out a soft moan and this time one of the goblins was able to push his cock into my mouth. I closed my lips around the shaft and ran my tongue around the small hard dick, getting the strong bitter taste of him.

"Sucky, sucky, sucky, human." laughed the goblin as he grabbed my hair. I sucked on the goblin cock as another one pumped my wet pussy and others stood around me laughing excitedly, touching me and rubbing their hard cocks over my warm skin. I was so humiliated, allowing myself to be violated by these pathetic little creatures, and getting off on it, like some wanton slut.

The thrusting cock had my tingling pussy feeling good. Then another hard pinch to my nipple sent darts of pain into my mind. The goblin had a hold of my head and was thrusting his groin into my sucking mouth. His little balls were slapping against my chin.

I could just give it a bite to make him not want to come near my face again, but I didn't. A couple more hard cocks were still rubbing against my face and even poking me in the eye. Small hands were everywhere, stroking and groping. My senses were being overwhelmed by all the stimulation and making me forget about my perilous and distasteful situation. Then I felt the wetness spill out inside my pussy. I shuddered with disgust as I realized the little creature had defiled me with his foul seed.

I pulled away from the cock in my mouth, "Urgh, get off me you dirty little bastard!" The goblin laughed as he gave some more thrusts into my soft, wet hole. A wet cock was pressing up against my lips again and I opened up and took it back into my mouth. I felt the cock slip out of my pussy as the goblin climbed off of me. Straight away another one got on top of me and I felt another hard little cock prodding at my wet slit.

It pushed its way inside and started pumping me with rapid strokes just like the other cock. It felt good, even though I felt so dirty and disgusted. I sucked on the little cock that was thrusting into my face. Pretty soon it erupted, filling my mouth with warm cum.

I quickly pulled back and spat it out onto the ground. That was gross. More cocks rubbed over my face, trying to push their way into my mouth, but I kept it closed.

The other goblins' cock continued to slap away into my wet cunt. Then I heard the loud low growl of an orc voice, "Get away from her you mutts!" Kurok came up and kicked the goblin that was humping me. His dick was ripped out of my cunt as he was sent crashing into the wall behind us. "That my female!" growled Kurok. The other goblins scampered away from me as quick as they could. The one that was kicked winced as he picked himself up from the ground and hurriedly staggered away from us.

I was left there, flushed and dazed. My puffy pink slit was wet and glistening between my bound legs. "Dirty Kurv! Like fucking kapuls? Maybe give you back to them after." He pulled a dagger from his belt and my heart skipped a beat. Was he going to hurt me now? He crouched down and started cutting at the vines that bound my legs.

"Stay still, or get cut." He was grunting with effort as he tried to dig his blade into the vines. "Nadoht! Strong! Must be magic. Where's fucking shaman?" He sat up and wiped the sweat from his brow, "Don't matter, can still bend you over, Kurv." I squealed as he picked me up by my bound arm and carried me along.

He brought me to a nearby crumbled wall that was around a meter tall.

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He bent me over the stone wall so that my upper body was hanging over the other side. My feet barely reached the ground. I could feel the rough surface digging into my belly, thankfully it was still protected by my leathers. He grabbed my leather pants and pulled them down as far as he could. Then he pulled at my panties and cut them away with his dagger. My bare brown ass was exposed to him, he started slapping the fleshy orbs hard, making me yelp.

Some of the other orcs had come over and were standing there watching with wide smiles on their faces, and a lusty look in their eyes.

"Time to fuck the graug kurv, Urdanog?" Kurok stopped slapping me and was groping at my round ass with his big rough hands. He slid a hand down and his fingers prodded underneath, into my wet slit. I gasped and groaned as a couple of fat fingers slipped up into me.

My cunt tingled and pulsed as he moved the digits around inside me. Then they were pulled back out. "Undur Kurv! Let kapuls spill seed in your dirty cunt?!" He held my cheeks apart and I felt his fat slimy finger slipping around my little pucker. I was shocked to feel the digit prodding hard into my netherhole, "Aaah, No! Not there, you dirty bastard!" I yelled out. "Hahaha, butharog for graug kurv!" laughed one of the orcs watching. The fat finger worked it way into me and began sliding back and forth through my stretched sphincter.

It felt horrible. I had some experience with anal sex, and didn't enjoy it much. I hadn't taken anything in my ass for some time, and I certainly didn't want to now. My tight little hole cleched around the finger, and I just wanted the horrible thing out of me.

He worked some more spit into me, getting my little hole quite wet. Then his finger pulled out and my sphincter closed up again. I couldn't do anything, I was pinned there, bent over the wall with my ass up. Then I could feel the big blunt cockhead press into my wet skin. I didn't know how big he was, but he certainly felt way larger than the goblins. The fat cockhead found my little anus and was forcing its way through. My tight sphincter stretched and stretched. The pain was intense. I screamed out in agony as the huge member ground its way into me.

It felt fuckin' huge, like a fist was being pushed up there. The whole thing forced its way through my squeezing hole inch by painful inch until the hairy base was pressed into me and his big hairy balls sat up against my wet cunt. My assaulted hole was spasming and sending constant sharp pain into my mind. Having that enormous meaty log wedged up into my rectum was horrible beyond words. Tears streamed down my face as I cried out and begged for him to take it out. I felt the big mass pull back inside me before thrusting forward.

I cried out in pain and it seemed to be exciting the orcs around me. The burning friction was almost unbearable as the huge orc cock fucked my tight squeezing ass. I barely noticed that the number of onlookers was growing. The anguished cries of a woman was like a beacon to them.

More orcs were coming and standing around watching me get ass-raped. I looked up through my teary eyes and saw that many of them were getting out and stroking their thick green cocks. They all looked so big, around nine or ten inches long, with some even larger.

They were all really fat and veiny with swollen round heads. I could feel one of those fat cockheads continually poking deep into my bowels. Kurok laughed as he thrust his hard member into me, "Haha. Tight human buth! Your kind like take ears, orcs like take ass!" The orcs all around us cheered and laughed.

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"You my female. But share you around tonight. Let whole camp enjoy your tight hole." "Haha, butharog!.butharog pausuk kurv!" cheered a nearby orc excitedly.

I could do nothing but moan and cry as I was getting violently bucked forward with each hard thrust. My ass felt like it was on fire as the big invader mercilessly ground into me. The orcs' big rough hands gripped my butt tightly as he continuously slapped his fat member deep into my clenching hole. My tight ring squeezed the fat shaft relentlessly as it pushed through again and again.

His heavy balls slapped against my tingling pussy. I wanted to be fucked there, not have my poor little asshole roughly abused. He continued to sodomize me for a while longer. I had no choice but to bend over and take it. I wished I was out of my bonds. Somehow having my arms and legs bound together made the ordeal even worse. Kurok started grunting loudly as he ploughed into me. Then he stopped thrusting and wedged his cock deep into my ass.

I felt it throb wildly and hot wet cum spilt out inside me. It continued to throb as more cum spilled out and he pushed it back and forth slowly, letting my tight hole milk him off. He thrust his cock into me a few more times and then he pulled out. My hole released its tight grip on the fat cockhead with a plop and it quickly shrank down again.

I was so relieved to finally have him out of me. My ass was so sore. "I'm next." came a deep orc voice. I was kept pinned down on the wall as there was a shuffling of bodies behind me.

I felt another big fat cockhead press up into my abused anus. "No, Don't! I can't take any more!" I cried out. "You take much more, pinky. You see." said Kurok, laughing. The big cockhead pushed through, painfully stretching my sphincter open again. I started to get bucked forward as another big orc roughly sodomized me. It fucking hurt, but my hole was now slick with cum and the friction wasn't as bad.

"She not pinky. She brown this one," said one of the orcs as he stroked his big hard cock. "She a brown pinky." said Kurok smiling. "Like her brown skin, pretty. I breed her. Keep her as rraus Gruiuk. She give me plenty strong half-orc sons." More tears streamed down my face as the big green cock banged away at my tight back passage.

Then one of the other orcs came forward and rubbed his big cock in my hot teary face. "Suck on it, brown pinky." I reluctantly parted my lips and he pushed his big organ through and into my mouth. I took in the strong odour and bitter taste of him. I closed my lips around the fat shaft and sucked. It was a horrible humiliation, bringing a smelly orc to pleasure with my mouth, while another banged my tight ass, and many more looked on.

I was feeling hot and flushed and light headed as the big organs assaulted me at both ends. After a while, I felt the big cock throbbing up my ass and more cum spurting out inside me. It pulled out of my sore ass, and I felt some wet cum spilling out after it. A few seconds later, another big orc cock was pushing into my ass.

It plunged down inside my wet little hole and my sphincter gripped it tightly. A big fat cock was pounding my ass hard and deep for a third time.

I moaned around the cock in my mouth. It was just going on and on. There were so many of them, how was I going to take them all? My ass was already so sore. The other orcs around us laughed and cheered them on and made lewd comments as they stroked their hard cocks and waited their turn. "Kurv gru pausuk sma ronk!" I heard one of them call out. The cock in my mouth throbbed as I sucked on it, and then I received a mouthful of orc cum. I was grossed out as I pulled back and spat it onto the ground.

Another orc quickly moved forward and grabbed my head. He roughly shoved his hard cock into my face. I opened my lips and took him into my mouth and started sucking again.

He bucked his hips and started thrusting into my face as I sucked him off. The orc behind me had a painfully tight grip on my butt and slammed his big fat member into my ass with long deep strokes. I felt heat radiating on my leg and wondered what was going on. One of the orcs held my leg as he was cutting the vines with a red hot dagger.

"Stay still or you get hurt." he growled. It was very difficult to stay still with a large orc body continually slamming into me from behind. He managed to cut the vines away with some difficulty and my legs were finally freed. I was glad to be able to move my legs apart again, though I was still bent over the wall.

Then the orc moved around and started cutting at the rest of the vines. Soon my arms were finally freed and I didn't know what to do with them.

I wiped the tears from my eyes while the thick cock bobbed back and forth in my sucking mouth. I was afraid I was going to be bound like that all night. It was good to have my arms and legs back at least. The orc behind me grunted as he rammed his cock into me even harder. Then I felt his warm wet cum spill out inside me. He pulled back and his big cock slipped out from my hot aching hole. I pulled back and let the other cock slip out of my mouth. I gingerly tried to stand up again.

Another big muscular orc got behind me and got hold of my leather jerkin. He started forcibly pulling it off and I helped him as he struggled to undress me. When he removed my top, his big hands came up and got hold of my breasts. They were roughly squeezing and groping me and pinching my nipples.

He started trying to push me down, bending me over the wall again as I struggled against him. I didn't want to take another cock in my sore ass. "No, fuck my pussy, it's nice and tight and wet." I pleaded.

I pushed away from him and got down on the ground. I pulled my pants all the way down and removed them so that I was completely naked except for my boots. I spread my legs apart, presenting my pussy to him. Plenty of big orc bodies were all around me, looking down at me with hungry lustful looks in their eyes as they rubbed the big hard cocks.

The orc bent down and grabbed me and started roughly flipping me over. "No, buth Rramab koh!" he growled. He positioned me on my hands and knees on the dirt floor. He wasted no time getting behind me and lining his huge green cock up with my aching asshole. I cried out as he forced his organ through my tight ring and pushed it in deep.

He got a strong grip on my hips and slid his big member back and then rammed it in deep again. I continued to cry out as he fucked my tight ass with deep pounding strokes. My ass felt all squishy now. I could feel the cum dribbling out of it and down my pussy lips as the cock thrust back and forth.

My pussy was still tingling wildly, I wished they would fuck me there instead. My ass was still really sore, but the sharp pain had died down a little as the ordeal went on. The other orc came around in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth again. I continued where I left off, sucking him as he grabbed my head and thrust into my face.

At least I was in a different position now, my body was really starting to hurt where I was bent over the stone wall. That went on for a while, I was there on the ground on my hands and knees, a thick orc cock was pounding away into my tight, cum-slick ass while another pumped into my sucking mouth.

The orc in front of me suddenly pulled out and grunted as he furiously jerked his wet cock in front of my face. He groaned as pearly cum shot out from his throbbing member and spurted all over my face. I moved my hand up and wiped the warm sticky cum away. My senses were filled with the pungent smell and taste of orc cum. I could feel the thick fluid on my face, and being sloshed around in my ass and dribbling down my crotch.

The orc behind me reached forward and pushed my head down into the dirt. He started slamming his cock forward with more force, pounding my ass violently. I cried out as he continuously bucked my whole body forward with each savage thrust. He was grunting loudly like an animal, and all the other orcs were cheering him on as he rammed my ass with as much force as he could muster. Thankfully, he couldn't keep up the brutal pace for long, and his member started throbbing and spurting its hot cum as he fucked.

I was glad when he pulled out of me. My abused anus was still throbbing painfully, even though it was empty. The orc got up, and straight away another orc rapist was getting behind me. "Wait, why don't you lay back, let me do all the work?" I called out to him.

"You do all work?" said the big dumb orc. "Yeah." I pushed him back and he sat down on the ground. His big green cock was sticking up from his groin. I moved over and climbed on top of him. The orc smiled and laid back as I lined his thick rod up with my pussy. I quickly lowered myself down on him before he tried to stick it in my ass. The fat member slid up inside me and my wet pussy was filled with cock.

I groaned, he felt so big, but he would have felt even bigger in my ass. I was glad to finally take one of the big cocks in the right hole. The orcs big rough hands came up and grabbed my hips and I started to raise myself up and drop down on his swollen phallus. Then there was movement behind me. I was roughly pushed forward as another orc was getting into position. The fat cockhead pressed into my sore ass. 'No, not again!' I thought. The big cock forced its way forward and my ravaged hole was filled with thick orc meat once again.

Now I had them wedged up into my pussy and ass at the same time. I was sandwiched between two bulky orc bodies. I moaned loudly at the intense sensation of being completely filled. The cocks started moving, fucking me in a clumsy, disjointed rhythm. I continued to moan loudly. The cock in my pussy still felt good, and the ass-fucking wasn't as painful any more.

I moved my hand down and started gently rubbing my clit as both cocks moved inside me. I figured if I was going to be roughly used by these brutes, I could at least get off as well. It felt good, the raw carnal pleasure was building. My face was hot and I was breathing heavily as I was squirming around between the big strong orc bodies.

My pussy was really responding as the cock rubbed up along the sensitive inner walls. My clit was tingling as I rubbed my wet fingers around it. My breathing became shallower as I felt the pleasure heighten inside me. I was heading for a powerful climax. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as the intense pleasure washed over me. My pussy constricted around the big cock and my juices dribbled down the thick shaft. I was struggling to get my breath back as the two orcs continued to pump their cocks into me independently.

Each thrust brought more raw carnal pleasure. I just continued to moan and breath heavily as I was wedged tightly between the two big sweaty orc bodies, and the intense orgasm slowly subsided. My mind was in a daze. The one in my pussy came first. His warm cum spilled out deep inside me. I was reminded how Kurok said he wanted to breed me. I didn't want to have to bear any ugly half-orc bastards.

But now I just had to worry about getting through this night. He kept his cock wedged deep into my soaking wet pussy as the orc on top of me continued to pump my tight ass. Soon he came too, dumping another load of cum deep inside my body. The orc pulled out of my backside and got off of me. Then I was pulled up off of the orc laying on the ground. Cum spilled out of my ass and pussy as I got up on shaky legs.

Another orc laid down on the ground with his meaty cock poking up from his groin. I found myself being pushed down on top of him and I lowered myself down, taking him in my squishy cunt.

Another orc was quick to get behind me and pushed me forward. He shoved his cock into my ravaged asshole with one hard thrust. I was sandwiched between two big orc bodies again, getting my ass and pussy fucked deep and hard. I let out a lustful moan.

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It felt good having that big cock rubbing up my pussy which was still sensitive from the orgasm. I was feeling the burning lust now. I loved the feeling of the big cocks inside me, even the one up my ass. I was just a Graug Kurv. Nearby, a couple of goblins came and stuck a burning torch into the ground. The light flickered around me and cast dark shadows. When did it get dark? I didn't even notice the sun setting while the pack of barbaric orcs were ravishing me.

I moaned loudly as the orc behind me gripped my ass tightly and gave it some fast hard thrusts. Another orc came forward and I found a big green cock being shoved into my face again. I groaned, but opened wide and took him into my mouth. Now I was sucking on a hard cock while two more were ploughing into ass and pussy.

The three big orc cocks continued to move in my torrid body for some time. The carnal pleasure was slowly tightening down inside me again. I was hungry for another strong climax, but it would take a while for the thrusting cocks to get me there again.

The one pumping my ass eventually spurted its load into me. Then I got another hot wet load spilling out into my pussy. Then the orc standing over me groaned loudly as he came. In my dazed, lust-filled state, I let his warm cream fill my mouth. It didn't seem to gross me out as much any more. I even swallowed some of it down. I was in a daze again as the cocks were removed from my body.

I laid there on the ground, my ass was throbbing and it felt like there was a lot of cum leaking out from me. Another orc bent over me and briefly pawed at my body before flipping me over. Then he mounted me, pushing his hard cock into my ass. I just laid there limply in the dirt as my ass was getting pounded again. I lost count of how many orcs had sodomized me now.

It seemed like a lot, and there were still plenty of them standing around, waiting for their turn. The big sweaty orc body continued to bounce on top of me, driving the fat member deep into my body. He was grunting with exertion while I just lay there taking it. Eventually the fat cock throbbed and dumped its hot load deep inside me and pulled out. Another orc soon got on top of me and his cock slid up into my wet ass.

The hard thrusting resumed. I felt like a bit of meat, tightly squeezing the thrusting cocks until they were brought to pleasure. And I was getting off on it. My wet, empty pussy throbbed and tingled as I was roughly ass-fucked. A little while later, the big dick finally stopped thrusting and spilt its load out inside me.

It slipped out of my messy hole and I was waiting for the next cock to come and fill me again. Instead I found myself being pulled to my feet. I could barely stand, and streams of cum ran down my leg. I saw that it was Kurok who had lifted me up. "You come with me." he said, and then he pulled me along with him. I followed behind him, staggering on my shaky legs. "What your name, brown pinky?" he asked. ".Rohme." "You enjoy all the orc cock, Rohme? Plenty madh uruk gajol just for you." "Can I get some water?" I was parched, and I just had the horrible taste of orc cum in my mouth.

Kurok stopped just outside the ruins. I could see several fires around the place and many orcs sitting around them. It appeared numerous trees were cleared for the camp and fallen logs were lying around the area. He pointed down to the brook. "Get water there, then come to me at that fire.

Be quick." I shakily walked down to the water. I continued to look around the gloomy campsite. Orcs and goblins were everywhere. There were several sets of eyes on me right now. Even if I could run, it would do me no good.

They would just have the wargs hunt me down. I squatted down at the brook and groaned. My soft tender ass was throbbing and I could feel more cum leaking out from it. It was a weird feeling, and I knew that I was going to have to take more big thrusting cocks up there. These orc bastards weren't going to show me any mercy. And I felt ashamed that I was getting off on it.

Part of me wanted them to keep ravishing me. I scooped the water up and swashed it about in my mouth before spitting it out. Then I scooped up some more and drank it down. I was filthy and as stinky as any of the orcs. I had never felt so dirty. I quickly washed the mess around my groin, it felt good to splash the cold water on my raw ass.

I saw something glimmering near the water. It was my arrow. I remembered Kurok standing over me laughing, "You gunna kill me with that?" I could. I could take it and stab it into his ugly head. But what good would that do me? I stood up again, better make my way back to Kurok. No doubt the big green bastard was planning to fuck me again. Kurok was nearby, sitting on a log by a large campfire. Several other orcs were sitting around the fire as well, eating, drinking and jabbering in their crude tongue.

I slowly walked up to Kurok. The big muscular orc leader looked up at me with his dark eyes, "There my Rraus Gruiuk. Want more big gaj now?" I just stood there frowning at him. He pulled his meaty prick out from his leather pants and smiled at me, "On knees and suck. Do good job." I couldn't see how any good would come from resisting. I got down on my knees in the dirt in front of him and brought my head down to his lap. I wrapped my hand around the green shaft and gripped it tightly.

It was only half erect, but still quite thick. Then I took his round cockhead into my mouth and began to suck. The big member quickly swelled and became fully erect, making me open my jaw wider. Kurok grunted in pleasure as I sucked him off.

I could feel his engorged manhood throb in my mouth, and the warmth of the fire on my bare back. I knew how to give a good blowjob. I rubbed his large hairy balls with one hand and forcefully stroked the shaft with the other. I bobbed my head up and down as I sucked and rubbed the round glans with my tongue. It was a lot of effort, and it was degrading.

At least my sore ass was getting a break. It went on and on. My jaw was getting sore from accommodating such a large member. He grunted and groaned with pleasure as I worked to get him off. Then he abruptly pushed my face off his hard dick, "Get down, spread legs wide." I slowly did as I was told. I laid on my back in the dirt in front of him and spread my legs apart, showing my puffy glistening slit. Kurok got down on top of me and guided his big wet cock into my pussy.

He pushed it in deep, spreading my soft netherlips apart. I moaned as my pussy was stretched open and filled with hard orc meat. Kurok reached up and grabbed my tits with his big rough hands. He squeezed them savagely as he played with them, making me squeal and groan. Then he raised his ass and started furiously banging his cock into me. I was moaning and gasping under him as I was vigorously fucked. My whole body was getting bucked around as the orcs' big cock was continuously slamming into me.

It was intense, but I could feel the pleasure building inside me, as my body was responding to the rough pounding. I was glad that he was banging my pussy and not my ass. I just lay under him, gasping and moaning as I took his continuous thrusts. After a while, Kurok suddenly stopped thrusting and wedged his cock in deep. I felt his heavy hairy balls pressing against my wet skin. The orc groaned loudly as I felt his large member throb and spurt its hot cum out inside me.

"Ughh Yeah! Take it Rraus Gruiuk. Ungh.I do this plenty, until you swollen and heavy with my child!" I laid there under him panting as I felt more of his cum spill out into me.

He gave me some more slow thrusts as he groped my boobs. He was laying on top of me, and I could feel the weight of his bulky sweaty body. I found it hard to breath. "I can have female now?" asked another orc, who was nearby watching. "No, I fuck her next!" said another orc. "No, she mine!" The two of them began arguing back and forth, spitting out vulgar orcish insults.

Kurok pulled his slimy softening dick from my cum-soaked pussy and climbed off of me. "She's mine." he said loudly, over the two arguing orcs. "Why not fuck together - shun butharog?" They stopped arguing and turned to him, " Yes, shun butharog, like with Zanbaur. Haw haw haw!" Then they were both laughing.

I tried to think what shun butharog meant. .two sodomy? One of them came over to me and grabbed me. He pulled me back to the log where he was sitting.

He had his big hard cock out, stroking it. I found myself being roughly turned around so that my back was to him. I grunted as he gripped me tightly and lifted me off my feet. He lined his hard cock up with my asshole and then lowered me down on it. I cried out as my raw ass was penetrated by another big orc cock. He grunted and bounced me up and down on his hefty cock. Kuroks' warm cum spilt out of my cunt and ran down the thrusting member.

Then the other orc was in front of me, holding his big green erection.


The one underneath me stopped fucking and held me there while he got in position. Then I felt the round tip pushing at my asshole which was already filled with a big orc dick.

I cried out in fear, there was no way they were both going to fit in my tight ass, they were going to tear me apart. The orc grunted loudly and the hard cock was slowly forcing its way into me. I cried out in agony as my little hole was stretched open even further. The second cock slid right in and my clenching ass was squeezing the two meaty invaders together tightly.

Tears ran down my face. I was crying out and gasping. The obscene penetration was filling my mind with constant sharp pain. The orc behind me groaned, and then called out, "Shun butharog!" Then they started moving their cocks.

It was clumsy, uncoordinated movement, grinding into my stretched insides. Sometimes the organs moved together, sometimes they pushed along each other. It hurt like hell as my overstretched rectum was obscenely violated. Other orcs were standing around near the fire watching us and laughing and cheering. "Hahaha, Mubush gru nazok baur!" "Madh shun gaj, gru graug kurv!" I cursed myself for wondering how it could get worse. The orcs were grunting with effort as they worked their cocks into me, giving me a hard double anal fucking.

One of the cocks slipped out and I was glad to just have my asshole stretched around one thick pole. But the orc quickly grabbed it, slid it along the other cock and forced it into my clenching hole again.

I was crying out and moaning loudly as I was brutally assaulted. The torturous double rape went on for a while, then the second cock slipped out of me again. The one that was still inside started fucking me harder and deeper until it spurted its cum deep inside me.

It slipped out and was quickly replaced with the other cock that pounded me hard. Soon that cock throbbed and dumped its cum into my ass as well. I was roughly pulled off of him and I staggered and looked up and saw that I was surrounded by large orc bodies with their hard cocks out.

The ugly green faces were still looking at me hungrily. I found myself being pushed down onto the ground again on my hands and knees. An orc got behind me and grabbed my ass. I felt the fat cockhead opening up my tender sphincter and pushing its way down into my squishy hole.

As he started fucking me with hard pounding strokes, another orc got in front of me and pushed his hard cock into my teary face.

I obediently opened my mouth and took it in. He roughly grabbed my head and rocked his hips, thrusting into my sucking mouth. One big swollen cockhead was slamming deep into my bowels, the other was rubbing over my tongue and prodding at the back of my throat, making me gag.

I could do nothing but stay bent over in the dirt taking it. The double anal had my ass hurting bad. It was twitching and spasming painfully as it was pounded by the big cock. Things got even worse when the orc in front of me started forcing his big cock in deeper and deeper.

The cockhead pressed into the back of my throat again and slowly forced its way through. I was unable to scream as he slid it down deep.

He grunted and groaned as he gripped my head tightly and thrust his member into my tight constricting throat. I thought he was going to kill me. My stomach was churning and I needed to throw up, but I couldn't. I moved my arm up and thumped his strong leg, trying to get him to stop, but he didn't. The big green bastard continued to fuck my throat until he was grunting even louder.

His big cock throbbed and spurted its cum down my throat. It made my stomach heave violently. He finally pulled out of my throat and my mouth. Straight away I bent down and wretched, spewing the cum up all over the ground. The orcs around me just laughed and the one behind me continued slamming his cock deep into my aching rectum. I was in a real daze then. That part was a bit of a blur to me. I was down by the fire on my hands and knees with big orc cocks continually ramming into my ass and mouth.

I don't know how many orcs fucked me. They were all the same, I didn't even see the ones getting behind me. They all stuck it in my ass and fucked me with deep hard pounding thrusts until they dumped their cum deep inside me. Then the cock would pull out and quickly be replaced and the hard fucking would resume. I just sucked automatically at the stinking green cocks being shoved into my face. I was getting loads of cum in my mouth and on my face at regular intervals.

I was just feeling very numb and dazed as they used and abused my body. It just seemed to go on and on. ***** I didn't know how much time had passed before Kurok came and grabbed me again.

I was unable to stand, so he lifted me up and slung me over his shoulder. Thick pearly orc cum spilled out of me. I just hung there limply. I hoped that he was going to take me somewhere where I would be left alone, but that wasn't the case. I could smell the booze on his breath and he laughed as he carried me along.

Many other orcs were following us, laughing and chattering excitedly. "Had enough of orc cock, Graug Kurv? You do show for us. Have lots of fun. Hehehe!" I do not wish to recount what happened to me then. It was just too abhorrent and execrable and cruel. It was no small mercy when I was overwhelmed and passed out. ***** I have no idea what they did to my body after that, or how many more times I was fucked. I was unconscious for some time though because when I woke up there was daylight.

I groaned as I slowly came around. I wasn't aware of much. I was naked and laying on my back on some sort of mat. Large pale stone walls rose around me, I must have been in the ruined fort again. I could feel my ass and pussy, they were wet an sticky and ached furiously. I became aware that there was someone else nearby.

Suddenly, a splash of cold water hit me. I cried out and struggled and realised my arms were bound above my head. Another splash of cold water hit my body, making me writhe and gasp.

I looked up and was surprised to see Aerowyn. The red-headed half-elf was standing over me with an empty bucket in her hands. "Wakey, wakey." she said, smiling down at me. "It's a beautiful new day." "Aerowyn?" I said, blinking up at her. The water had woken me up, but I was still a little groggy. I tried to sit up, and flinched. My cavities were sore as hell. "You were a bit messy and smelly Rohme. That's to be expected I guess." She crouched over me and looked over my wet naked body.

The cold water made my large brown nipples hard. "Your poor little pooper. Your poor little cunny. Here, stay still. I know a little healing. I'll make it better." I stared blankly as she spread my legs apart and got between them. Her hand started hovering over my sore cunt and I could feel the warm tingling of her magic. It soon started to feel a little better. I looked around, there were scores of dead orcs lying about the ruins, their ears had been cut off.

"Penridge!" called out Aerowyn, as she healed my ass. A short skinny man in brown robes with wispy light hair and beady eyes peered in from outside the fort.

"Yes, mistress?" "Don't miss the orcs down by the creek. Remember, Rohme gets all the right ears. I get all the left ones." "Yes, mistress." said the man before disappearing again.

"Who was that?" I asked. "Forget about him, he's nobody." "Did you kill all the orcs?" "We killed all of the orcs. Like I told you before--we make a good team." ".huh? What are you talking about?" "I cast a poison skin spell on you. Every orc who made contact with you was infected with a slow acting, but quite fatal poison. Every goblin, warg and troll as well. You've had quite a busy night, haven't you?" "What?!.You sick, twisted, insane, evil witch! How could you do that to me?!" "Calm down, will you?

You're fine. I'm going to split the ears with you fifty-fifty. We both have quite a haul here. We're rich partner." "Damn you! Burn in the deepest sphere of hell you twisted bitch.

Why couldn't you have fucked them?" Aerowyn screwed her face up, "Eww, I only like women.I like you, Rohme." Her hand started sensually rubbing my smooth brown skin around my thighs. "Don't touch me! I hate you!" "Don't be like that." said Aerowyn. I struggled to close my legs again, but she had hold of them and kept them spread. She moved her head down low and started planting soft kisses around my inner thighs.

"No, I said Stop that, you little Cunt!" I shouted angrily. She just ignored me as she slowly moved up, leaving a trail of soft wet kisses up my right thigh and then around my furry mound and down my left thigh. Her head slowly moved back up to my pussy. I didn't want it, I hated her. Yet somehow, the intimate stimulation had fired up my arousal. I was quivering and gasping. I could feel her hot breath on my slit and I shuddered with anticipation. Then her rough wet tongue was rubbing along my labia and I moaned softly.

Aerowyn continued to move her tongue around, forcefully licking at my soft folds. My pussy felt so good. I could have almost forgotten that it had been so brutally abused last night.

She plunged her mouth forward and pressed her lips tightly against my sex. I could feel her tongue probing about inside me. I couldn't stop myself letting out a pleasurable moan. I knew I shouldn't want this, but it felt wonderful. The half-elf lustily ate me out as I moaned and writhed beneath her. Her graceful fingers moved up and rubbed the soft folds around my clit. It tingled with pleasure. I was moaning and breathing heavily.

The witch was getting me off, I was heading for another orgasm. Aerowyn lifted her head up from my crotch and licked my juices from her ruby lips and smiled at me. "You want me to do it again, don't you, Rohme?" I just panted and moaned as her finger circled around my clit. "Come on, ask me nicely." There was a brief pause, and then I gave in to her, "Ungh, it again.ooh!" She gave me a sly grin.

Then a powerful jolt of magical energy surged from her hand. My clit throbbed wildly and my pussy pulsed and squirted. I writhed and moaned as my whole body was filled with the most intense pleasure. I panted and tried to catch my breath as I rode out the powerful orgasm.

I was left lying there, hot and flushed and panting. My spread legs were twitching as my pussy and clitoris still throbbed with pure carnal pleasure. Aerowyn had a big smile plastered to her face. She slowly got up and stood over me. "We're such a good team." I caught my breath and tried to shake the blissful daze from my head.

I reminded myself that I hated her. "No, we're not a team. You had me savagely raped. I'm going to kill you for that." "I think you're a little embarrassed to admit how much fun you've had. That's okay.

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This horde appeared to be heading for the riverlands. Think about how many people these orcs won't be killing and raping now. Some might even say that you made a heroic sacrifice here last night." "Fuck you! I am going to kill you witch!" "Well I hope you cool down and change your mind about that. I would much rather be your lover than your enemy." Penridge then appeared again.

The robed man was carrying two dark sacks. His eyes lingered over my naked body and I quickly shut my legs. "Are you done now?" asked Aerowyn. "Yes mistress. There were sixty-three of them. A few were missing ears already." Aerowyn grabbed a sack and put it down in front of me.

"Here's your payday orc hunter. You'll find your weapons and equipment and your five ears from yesterday nearby. This is where we part ways. I need to go take my dying grandmother to the healer." "I thought it was your dying uncle." Aerowyn shrugged, "Whatever." She and Penridge went to leave the ruined fort.

I called out to her, "I'm not an orc hunter any more. I'm a witch hunter." "Good luck with that." said the half-elf as she disappeared. I sat up and struggled against my bonds. It was the same green vines that had me tied up before. At least this time my legs weren't bound. I struggled to get up to my feet, then I walked out of the fort, stepping over orc corpses as I went. It was morning and the birds were chirping all around me in the lush forest. The mild sunlight was streaming in through the trees.

The campsite looked like the aftermath of a great battle. There were orc bodies strewn around the place, each with their ears cut off. goblin bodies were laying around as well, and I could see the wargs lying dead near the creek.

Aerowyn and her lackey were nowhere to be seen. I looked down and noticed that the magical vines around my arms were starting to look brown and withered.

I struggled against them again, and this time they slipped loose a little. I strained against them with all my might and managed to pull my arms apart. Thank the gods for that. My possessions were sitting on the ground nearby. I went back into the fort and grabbed the sack and brought it back out.

It was quite heavy. There would be a large amount of valuable ears in there, way more than I imagined when I set out to hunt down orcs. Why did she just leave it there for me? Was it some sort of bribe to stop me from seeking vengeance?

The gold would only aid me in hunting her down. The bitch was mad. I opened the sack and looked inside. It was full of grotesque pointed green ears, as expected. I pulled out an ear with three silver rings through it; Kuroks'. I remembered the big brutish orc ramming his cock into me and defiling me with his foul seed. May the green bastard rot in hell. Then I heard some rustling behind me. I turned around and was shocked to see an orc staggering past all the other dead orcs.

He was holding his head and groaning. He had long grey hair and dirty blue robes. I guessed that he was the hordes' shaman. The orc looked quite ill as he staggered about. He looked up and blinked at me through bleary eyes. Then he pointed his long finger at me, "Eiter! Not touch her. Dagalur, black magic!" His hands started to glow as he got ready to cast a spell.

My arrow slammed into his head between his eyes and he dropped to the ground. I lowered my bow, that was a couple more ears for me. Aerowyn was long gone by then. I got dressed and gathered my things together before heading off as well. I would have my revenge, but that's another story. . .