Just sexy gals and boys having a blast of a sex party

Just sexy gals and boys having a blast of a sex party
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Cindy and Patty's Blog Our Bios Cindy I am a 5'2" blond, voluptuous, impulsive, have a very high libido, and am bisexual. I love the taste of cum, just love it. It is my favorite "drink". Once I even drank a large 20 oz. glassful at a big party on a dare.

I have frequently drunk juice glasses of it. I hate rubbers, they kill the sensitivity, but even more, I hate missing the wonderful fulfilled-woman feeling I getwhen cum fills my pussy or butt, it makes me feel great and usually brings on an orgasm, even with an indifferent fuck. To avoid STD's, I use the best chemical detector known to man, my tongue. The things a girl like me learns in nursing school even if I am repeating my junior year, lol.

If a guy tastes good, he doesn't use a rubber in me. And my new girlfriend and roomie, Patty, promises to let any guy I approve to come in her without a rubber also. Hey guys, you listening? I have several rules about my clothes, guys. I am an extreme exhibitionist. I only wear things with ties for one reason, for them to be untied, preferably in public.

After I got away from public schools, I have never retied something another person untied until the article of clothing hit the ground. Also, I love to have my clothes ripped off. To save on my clothing bill, I have to insist that you only rip off stuff that has an obvious rip or tear in it, usually one that I put in myself or asked someone to do for me.

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Of course if you bought me something you have that is equal value or better, show me. Then put it away for me to wear sometime later and rip away!!! I promise you will be well rewarded, spell that I'll fuck your brains out! Spontaneous things like that turn me on no end. I do so love it when it is done slowly, especially if there are several to a lot of guys around so that they each get a little bit of the action and it takes a long time to strip me nude.

While the goal is partially to leave me naked in public, the bigger goal is to get me horny. And yes, I will fuck every guy that helped, based at least to some extent on how horny he got me while other people were there to see.

Also, it depends on how few of them I already knew, hopefully none! The ideal size to rip off is a bit of cloth big enough for me to drape it over your full erection. Sometimes I have to be a little picky about how nude I get of where I fuck you after I got a talking to by the cops, so you might have to tone it down to just showing the sides of my tits or my ass, if you get my drift. One thing I don't' have to worry about is hands though.

The damn cops can't interfere with me getting felt up. I never have and never will knock any gentle hand away from any part of my body, unless it is that time of the month and I am sensitive. If you have been gentle, I will tell you and invite you to please make me hot the next week. Good chance, I'll give you a BJ just for the shits and giggles of it. My favorite spontaneous encounter: I was at a midnight movie in a little halter-top and shorts talking to my girlfriends.

A guy who had read this blog came up behind me and started squeezing my tits. I just kept talking to everyone, but I did put my hands over his to let him know it was fine. He pulled my top down and kept squeezing. After a few minutes, I pulled his hands down to my butt, since his hands were covering my tits and I felt like letting them be seen.

We were in line with a lot of strangers after all. After my pussy got good and wet, I moved his hands back up, under my halter.


I raised my arms and dropped, spinning to face him. He was very cute. The halter stayed in his hands. I told him to toss it somewhere. I didn't care where. We kissed while he worked me over some more. I told the girls to catch up with me after the movie. We moved over to the big, lighted fountain in front of the theater. He unsnapped my shorts on the way, so I wiggled a little and when they hit my foot, I tossed them to top of the fountain. The water knocked them away, but that was cool. I walked in and hung them on one of the little bas-reliefs on the column of the center spout.

Then I put my panties on the one on the other side. When I got out we held hands on the way out to his car. I told him I wouldn't get into his car without tasting his cum.

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He tasted great. He got hard so fast that he fucked me leaning against the trunk. Then we went to a drive through, he wouldn't let me go inside, he said I might get arrested even though my exposure was very "decent". I asked him go to the Capital Park. We walked through the park with its Civil War cannons and azaleas and the goose filled ponds surrounding it, I pushed him down and sat on his cock and fucked him as hard as he had fucked me in the parking lot.

It was great. We went back to the theater and I retrieved my clothing. I laid it at my feet while I made out with Jim while we waited on the little wall surrounding the fountain for my friends to come out.

Jim was great, if it hadn't been his last night before Basic Training way over in South Carolina it would have been even better. Oh well, guys I hope you are getting the idea… I'm a naughty little slut. Check out my pictures and my bulletin board. If I want a little spontaneity, I'll post where I am going.

J Patty, Hi, guys! I'm Patty. I just invited Patty to move in with me. She has convinced me to do this blog thing. Well, here goes. I am dark haired, 5'10" and slim. I do weight training, Kempo Karate (2nd dan black belt), and at least one orgy every week or two.

I have a group of friends and extended friends that alternate setting them up. It relieves the tension of running my architecture firm. During the day, I am Ms. Respectable, but at night I loosen up. I love bondage, whips, and spanking. I love getting it as much as receiving it. Cindy goes further sexually than I do. I like to have only one man or at the most two men in me at one time, though I have done fifteen men in one night.

I rarely experienced the joys of lesbian sex till Cindy ate me out an orgy just a few weeks ago. I mean, I have had women eat me out and have eaten other women while I was getting banged hard at orgies, but then, I tend to go a little crazy when I'm at one.

I never enjoyed it like I do when Cindy and I have sex. She is one wild woman. She is bringing me places I have never gone before, even though she is the submissive one.

No one has ever accused me of being submissive; especially when I am in my dominatrix outfit, whip in hand. Unlike Cindy, I will be the one in charge. Guys don't even think of ripping my clothes off, unless you want to feel pain. I will invite to strip, or more likely strip myself it the urge takes me. Not only will you see pictures of me, but also when I am out on the town, I like fishnet or completely sheer tops with no bra. I also wear a lot of leather skirts, shorts, and pants.

My favorites are my leather skirts that generally show the barest bit of my pussy and, of course, my ass when I stand perfectly upright. And yes, I find a lot of excuses to bend over or reach up. I don't wear panties when I am on the prowl either. I am not the exhibitionist Cindy is, but I do love to show a bit. I'm just not going to walk to my car naked at three in the afternoon on Saturday to see if I left something in it like Cindy has already done twice this past weekend, her first weekend at my home.

Bulletin Board: Sunday, June 5, 2005 9:37 PM. Well, we got me moved in. Cindy, that is. Patty owns the house, designed it herself. It's funky, carport in front and all, but that is what you get when an architect is designing her own house, I guess. Anyway, weird as it is from the front, inside it's beautiful.

It has this huge living room with a big screen TV, one of those wrap around couches that can be shifted to make beds, and even a six-person sauna. She has beautiful nudes all over in both statues and paintings and some are by themselves while others are screwing. I never thought I'd see; much less live in a place like this. My favorite statue is of a nude man kneeling with a huge hard-on.

Hehe, the cock is even heated and vibrates. I can't wait to use the next time we have a party, spell that orgy, here. That is in three weeks. Thursday, June 9, 2005 11:19 PM. Damn when Patty starts PMSing, she is a true bitch! I got in from my shift at the hospital and she laid into me. Seems she doesn't mind it if wear no clothes around the house, but just let me go outside to get the morning paper and MAN, she loses it!

I told her that no one was out that early, the sun had just come up, but did that matter, noooooooo! Then I slipped and said that Bill, our neighbor on the left, didn't mind her nude sunbathing by the pool. He said you waved at each other when he watched from the second floor window.

When I told her that we talked for a few minutes, I thought she'd have a heart attack right there. I mean, so what if I was nude. Bill didn't mind. I didn't mind. That's how I have been getting the paper for three years when it's warm. What's the big deal? Anyway, I told her I had a wrap I'd be willing to wear. We'd need to get a hanger for the back of the door so that I could put it on at the door and hang it back up as soon as I got back in so that I wouldn't shock her ever so moralistic neighbors.

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I mean it's a beautiful neighborhood and house, but it was so much more relaxed in my apartment by campus. Saturday, June 11, 2005 5:42 AM. I see what Cindy wrote. She seems incapable of worrying about what the neighbors might think.

Yes, I lead a wild nightlife, but I am very respectable in this neighborhood. And then she thought it would be better after she told me she stood and shot the shit with my neighbor. Yes, he watches me at the pool.


It's in my backyard and if he mentions that I sunbath nude in the privacy of my fenced backyard, so what. He's also admitting to being a peeping Tom.

She just walks outside nude for the whole world to see. Then she got someone to hang a hanger on the back of the door for her "wrap". The only things visible on that thing are the hems. I had asked her if it was long enough to appropriate in this neighborhood. And she was right, the length is just barely below her pussy, the length I prefer myself, it's just that it's beyond sheer; except for the hems, it's invisible except in bright light.

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At least those are thick enough to see the color. I will agree that if a neighbor calls the cops on us, she can truthfully say that she was wearing something, even if it looks like the emperor's new clothes. I'll just have to let her deal with any consequences. At least the repairman didn't charge us anything; she paid with a BJ. I'm guessing that's why we keep getting free pizza delivered also.

She answers the door nude and she absolutely refuses to wear even that bit of fluff if she's inside. Sunday, June 12. 3:11 AM. Damn, I never I could hurt this badly.

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She assured me that the welts will go down in a day or two, but that's later. It started early this afternoon when Patty got a call from work. She dressed and ran out the door. We were enjoying the first good sex we have had since I moved in, too. She comes back at about 6, mad as a hornet. It seems that one of her draftsmen had made a mistake that she had missed and it cost her a huge contract. She was banging around the house and still on her period.

Her anger and disappointment were so intense that I could actually feel them. I have always been sensitive to emotions; it's why I am becoming a nurse. So I decided to do something I may should have thought about two or even three times more. I went back to our bedroom and got out her bondage stuff and laid it all out neatly on the bed. I couldn't even figure out what some of the stuff was for.

I mean the whips and chains were self-evident, but hemostats? Then I handcuffed my hands to the chain she has for the hook in the ceiling and, after ensuring that I truly was helpless, I kicked the chair away so that I hung free and called for her to come to the bedroom now. When she came in, she looked at the bed first and I could see the fire light behind her eyes.

Then she demanded, "And why are you up there?" "As much anger and pain you are feeling now, I felt that you were going to do something terrible. I don't' know what happened today, but I know it is more than that business deal, bad as that is. So I decided to do something about it. I know you are into the whole bondage thing, so I did this. I give myself to you to relieve your anger on tonight. I'll see if there's anything to this torture thing and help you at the same time." She looked at me strangely and hesitantly said, "How sweet and thoughtful.

Do you have any idea what you just agreed to?" "Probably not, but I won't back out. I do have a few conditions." She asked me, "Don't you think it's a little late to be setting conditions?

I are helpless trussed up there after all." I wasn't a gymnast all those years for nothing. I flipped up and set my feet on the handcuffs.

Then I pulled and stretched first one hand free, then the other. "Actually, I think you'll agree to them. Care to listen? If you agree, I'll let you use all those horrible things on me tonight. Don't agree and I call the cops if you threaten me." "I'll listen." "One, no cutting." "No cutting, fine. I'm not actually into cutting either." "Well, I saw that set of knives and scalpels, so I had to make sure. Good. Two, you know what parts of me show in my nurse's uniform. Just as you have a professional life, so do I." "Of course, I wouldn't put visible welts on your arms and legs.

I certainly understand. I thought it was you that couldn't separate private from professional lives." "Three, nothing goes from my butt back into my pussy, mouth, or open wounds." "Makes sense, I personally love a guy to switch back and forth from my pussy to my butt and back again, but I understand with your background, ok. What's next?" "Nothing." I smiled wickedly, "Well, actually there is one more thing…" "I knew it," she said. "It's not a requirement like the others; it's a deal." She looked intrigued, "What's this deal?" I recuffed myself, and swung myself down, looking as helpless as I could manage, I said, "I'm willing to let you to show me how each of those horrid things over there are used, but since I am willing to try out your sexual world, I want you to try out mine.

For every instrument you use on me with only those restrictions we already discussed, you do one of my things." "Like what?" "Well for starters, I want you to agree to one month of letting any stranger feel you up. I want your only reaction to feeling a strange man or woman's hands feeling you up to be to encourage them. I will be posting your picture and where we will go on my blog.

I will explain that the same rules that apply to me, apply to you. Can you agree to that?" "What? Well, you seem to have thought this through. I assume you realize my personal space is a big issue with me. So to be equal to that condition, I will put you through the ringer." "Uh huh, but first you need it now, I know that. And really that is reason enough for tonight, but I would like to show you the gentle world of sex.

It is so liberating to just surrender and focus on the feelings of what hands and tongues are doing to you. It really is wonderful. Depending on how you handle that, we'll do more things." She waked behind me.

Suddenly a whip lit a fire across the small of my back like I have never felt before. "Deal," she said while I screamed. She yanked my head my head back and kissed me so hard, she bruised my lips. She let up after I molded myself to her and grabbed her with me legs, pulling her into me. She yanked one leg back hard.

"Limber, aren't you?" "Mmm, hmm. Aren't you worried about my screams?" "Sweetie, I built this place to be soundproof. Believe me, no one will hear you. Scream as much as you want. That also is a good release." She was right I discovered as she whipped me with a horsewhip that wrapped completely around me. She used it like a master. It hit my shoulder first and the tip, where I discovered the REAL pain occurs hit my unsuspecting pussy. Or she whipped me from the front to really hit my nipples hard.

I was surprised though. I was in agony, of course, and screamed my lungs out, but when she shifted to gentle, it felt so much better. She explained that the pain sensitized me, so that I was so much more sensitive to sexual responses. We went through several whips, alternating "stimulating" my erogenous zones and then licking them rubbing them with salve or silk, till I was going crazy with lust. I couldn't understand it. When she pinched my nipples with those hemostats, I screamed.

Then she twisted them. I actually was back on my hands above her before I realized where I was. I had jumped so hard I pulled them off as I went. She then pulled out the short whip with the nine whips, "the Tickler" she called it. When I got down, she told me I was a bad girl and to put my legs between my arms over my head. She was surprised at the ease I did that. I told her I had been a gymnast for years and still stretch a lot. When I set myself as she wanted, she whipped my pussy till it bled.

Then she licked me. I whimpered it felt so good. I still don't see how, I just know it did. She worked me over from 8 till midnight.

She made me beg her to whip me. That came hard, but after she used the butt of the whip as a dildo, I actually kissed it. She was right; it really does magnify the sexual response.

I was in agony of pain, then of one of sexual ecstasy. If I don't watch out, she'll me begging, BEGGING her to whip me.

Believe me, she will do things she never thought of when it's my turn. I already have something going for next Saturday. Sunday, June 12. 10:57 AM. Patty here. Cindy's already told you her side. I must say, she shocked the hell out of me. I would never have suspected a little soft thing piece of fluff like her would do something like that for me.

I mean she was terrified of pain. She actually pissed a couple times; she was so scared. But she hung in there. Even after she got back up on her hands like that. She must have been a very good gymnast before her tits got too big.

I swear I almost tied her into a pretzel and I never even felt any resistance from her muscles. I got so frustrated that I drove her even harder than I had intended to.

I must admit, I was beginning to have my doubts about her and her going nude everywhere, but her response to my betrayal has me totally on her side. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I don't forgive my enemies or forget my friends.

I guess strangers will be feeling me up as a beginning. I'll do whatever she says, but I hope she doesn't insist on walking the neighborhood nude, like I suspect the little horny vixen might be planning. Well, we'll see. She may be submissive, but she can take it.

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I really fear she may give as good as she gets too. I hope she doesn't ruin my professional reputation this month. Oh well, C'est la vive.