Amazing gay scene He almost finished up with an unfortunate orgy but

Amazing gay scene He almost finished up with an unfortunate orgy but
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When John arrived home from school that day, Joy was waiting, and she was livid. Judy was still at work, and the girls were with friends. Joy met John at the door. He took one look at her icy countenance and said, "I know, I know, I fucked up." "You're damn right you fucked up." John dropped his books on the sofa and let himself be led to the dining table.

Joy sat him down and took a seat across the same corner, saying, "You did some things very right, but too many that were very wrong. If you're going to freelance, tell me now so I can start looking for an apartment." "Look, I know I need you. I found out the hard way. You call all the shots from now on. I swear." "It may be too late for that." "I think everything's okay, though. Before she left, she was feeling real good. I could have fucked her in the parking lot if I hadn't left." "Oh, she was feeling good, all right.

She came straight home and took the whole morning off. It took me that long to calm her down. When she got home, she was so angry with herself, I thought she was going to ask me to whip her. An hour later, she wanted to take the day off and shop for micro mini skirts.


An hour after that, she made me take a belt to her naked ass. Then right as she was leaving for work, she said she'd be home late because she wanted to buy at least one micro mini. She's going through mood swings like a psychopath. That's not good, Junior." "I don't get it. I've never had that trouble with any other chick." "This chick is your mother, you dumb ass. She is so hot for your bod she can't think straight.

She's also one of the straightest mothers I've ever met. She has never had an incestuous thought in her life, until today. Now, she can't think of anything else, and it's driving her crazy.

On the positive side, though, I think the worst is over, and this just might move things along nicely." "I thought we were home free when she drove off." "You could fuck her this evening if that were the goal. It's not. Just fucking her once, before she's psychologically ready, won't help one iota, and could spell disaster. Her recoil from that fuck might put you in your father's house and me in the poor house. You have to fuck her when I tell you she's ready, and you can't fuck me until she is thoroughly accustomed to being your lover.

When its all out in the open, and everyone has seen you two screwing, when she feels comfortable enough to walk naked through this house with your sperm running down her legs, then, and only then, can I approach her about sharing her boy toy." "Holy shit!

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Do you think that's possible? Could she ever get to that point where she'd walk naked in front of Brenda and Bonnie with my sperm running down her legs." "I see you like that idea a lot." "Fuckin' 'A'!" "If you follow my directions to the letter, I guarantee it.

Here, picture things this way. See you mother as a pendulum. She's resting on a table that's on a boat. When you do something sexual to her, you set the pendulum in motion. Afterward, the arm swings the other way.

Eventually, the swings will slow to a stop. Do it wrong and it's like rocking the boat. Keep fucking up, and that's like tilting the table while the boat's rocking. The pendulum just gets wilder and wilder until eventually, it topples off the table. Now, that can mean anything from suicide to your being committed or sent away. Do you understand my analogy?" "Yeah, I think I do. That helps me a lot. Wow, Joy, you really know your stuff, don't you?" "I know women, and I know your mom best of all.

I am not about to risk toppling her from the table, so if you fuck up one more time--rock the boat or tilt the table--the deal's off. I am not going to let her get hurt.

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I know what she wants, and I know how much she can take. Even after we get her onboard, I will tell you what you can and can't do with her. If you ever defy me and hurt that woman, I'll cut your fucking balls off. That's all you need to understand." "I do. I really do. I love her as much as you do, maybe more. I've learned to respect you. I trust you. I worried at first, but I do now.

I'm glad you're looking out for her. So, how can we fix things?" "Let things cool off. You don't initiate anything. Keep showing interest in her legs, especially if you see her showing you some leg.

Touch her ass a few times. I think she'd be disappointed if you didn't take her up on that offer. By the way, how did you know about her legs?" "What about them?" "You just got lucky, huh? Well, you hit her right in her weakness.

She loves her legs. Her legs are her number one erogenous zone; in fact, her legs are a sex organ. I can't blame her. If I had legs like hers, I'd be in love with them, too. I wasn't going to tell you about her legs until we were ready to move in for the kill. Now that she thinks you're a leg man, she expects you to pay attention to them. You'll cause more stress if you don't. When you see a come-on, you have to come on. This will make things very tricky. This will be like juggling dynamite.

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If you go too far, she'll rape you; don't do enough, and she'll stress out." "Shit, how will I know?" "I don't know what to tell you, except when things look headed for a bed, you better find a sly way of cooling her off.

Change the subject. Talk about school, football, or your car. Oh, by the way, she had your car towed to a shop. They're fixing it as we speak." John's face lit up, "No shit! She's fixing my MG?" "She's forking out over two grand.

That's how much of an impression you made on her. It's also a very bad sign." "How can that be a bad sign?" "That, coupled with something she said earlier makes me think she's falling in love. If that were to happen, all bets are off. You don't want that, I can assure you. Your mother is a very possessive woman. She won't share her lover with anyone, not anyone. Get my drift, stud." "Whoa! That would be the shits. You know I got that same feeling when she left the school.

She had those love-sick puppy eyes. It only gets worse. I know that much." "I know. Let me work on that, but don't you fuel the fire by talking lovie dovie and cutsie wootsie with her. When you do anything with her, be crude, childish, and embarrass her by not respecting her wish to keep this private.

You're a stud that likes to show off your conquests. This will play right into my conditioning scheme. I need her to get used to performing before an audience. First, she has to adjust to other eyes watching your seduction of her. The one good thing you did was not backing away on the freeway when the cars closed in and people were looking.

You handled that beautifully, and she got a huge thrill out of the experience." John beamed, stuck his chest out and said, "Yeah, that was cool. I could feel the steam coming from her cunt. I'm real good at making girls do things while people are watching.

They all say they hate it, but they all get super turned on." "It's almost universal, but it was Judy's first experience. She's always been very private.

I didn't have your skill or experience when I was feeling her up and playing games with her. I only made things worse and caused her to develop a phobia about her body and especially being seen doing nasty things.

You guys have never seen her naked or doing anything sexual, have you?" "No, never." "That's rare in a family. She guards her modesty like a miser guards nickels. You need to work on that. You're probably better at that than I am, so that's your mission. I think she'll quickly fall out of love, but right into lust.

Lust is what we're after, and we want her to see you as her stud muffin, her boy toy, not as a lover. All right, are we all set and straight?" "Yeah, I think I understand completely. I won't do anything new before checking with you first. I'll cool the love bullshit, be more myself, and I'll gradually get her used to embarrassing situations.

I'll be a bad boy. I can't help myself. I have a hormonal imbalance." He made a pouting baby face and said, "I'm sick, Mommy." Joy smiled big, cupped his face, and rubbed her nose on his, saying, "You are such an adorable little fuck.

If you stuck your finger up Judy's ass at a family reunion, then made that face and said those words, she'd hold you like this and say, "I know, precious, but Mommy can't let you finger-fuck her butt hole at the dinner table with the whole family watching." John burst out laughing and said, "You know, I can see her saying that, too.

Well, not yesterday, but I can today. What's more, I can see me bending her over the table, pushing her dress up, yanking down her panties, and finger fucking her asshole while she squirms and tries to get away." "I can see you doing that, too.

I can see Judy fighting hard enough to look good without fighting hard enough to get away. Most importantly, I can't see her loving the guy that did that to her." "Me neither. I think we'll make a good team, Joy." "I must say, I am much more encouraged. Say, John, this morning you said you nailed one of those people I mentioned, someone other than the moose or the mouse.

Expound on that. I know it wasn't sister, aunt, niece, mother, or great grandmother. The only one left is grand mother, and the one on your father's side is in Germany. By my calculations, that leaves my fifty-five-year-old mother." John smiled then pouted, "I'm sick, Aunt Joy." * * * John was out with his friends when Judy arrived home.

The girls were still gone, so she made a beeline for Joy. She found her in the kitchen preparing dinner. Judy dropped her bags on the counter and said, "Is anyone home?" "No, John's out with some bimbette, and the girls are at Debby Foster's." "He's out with a girl?" "You look surprised. When is he not out with a girl?" "I would think.well, never mind.

Joy, I've had a lot of time to think about this situation. If this keeps up, he's going to fuck me." "It wouldn't be the end of the world. Worse things can happen to you. You might win the lottery, for example." "Very funny. I'm being serious; I'd like you to be serious as well." "Hell, I was serious. So, what's your problem?" "I can't shut him off.

He's preying on pussy in this house. He failed with you. If he fails with me, the girls are next. I can't trust you to protect them. I know you'd get off on watching him fuck them. Don't even deny it, Joy." "Fine. I told you I hadn't changed, but I would have tried. Maybe not very hard, but I would have tried." "I have no choice but to keep his attentions focused on me." Joy gave her a knowing look and said, "That's very noble of you." "Don't give me that look, Joy.

I can handle him. The girls can't, and you'd better not. I'm on my guard now. I'm not going to let him sweet talk me. I'm putting a stop to this love business right away.

I can't afford to have him fall in love with me." "Or you with him." "That never was a possibility. I'm not a little teenager, he just made me feel that way for a few fleeting moments. I think I can get that under control, but if you see me acting giddy and silly, slap my face." "Sure. That'll be a pleasure. Ready for your first? You look like you use it. You look hot to trot." "Have you used the credit card, yet?" "I haven't had the chance, why?" "Give it back." "What gives?" "Just give it back." Joy went to her purse and retrieved the card.

Reluctantly, she handed it to Judy.

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As soon as Judy had the card in hand, a new bearing came over her. Her tone changed. She folded her arms and said, "I refuse to compete with you in my own home. I want his attention focused solely on me. Do you understand?" "Yes, but they are anyway. I set him straight. When he came home, he hardly paid me any notice." "I'd like to believe that, but I see you're in a short skirt with no bra. Unless I miss my guess, you have no panties on.

Pull up your skirt. All the way up, and hold it up." Joy did so, then planted her feet wide apart in hopeful expectation of a vaginal inspection. She sensed there was something different about Judy right away.

There had always been lesbian overtones to the vaginal inspections, but neither acknowledged that fact. Joy kept quiet about her suspicions to encourage Judy. Judy masked her activities behind a facade in order to carefully guard her secret desires. In recent weeks, she didn't feel the need to mask so hard, and her present demeanor suggested she hardly felt the need at all.

Joy felt the excitement building rapidly and assumed a provocative pose with her pussy presented in outhrust submissiveness. Judy noticed the striking new pose, and felt inspired by Joy's submissiveness.

She casually went for a chair, then sat, pulling the chair close. Joy watched with eager anticipation. Judy never had her face so close to her beaver before. She toyed with the fleshy parts while studying those parts intently from mere inches away. She paid no attention to Joy, as though she had a disembodied vagina in her hands and was appraising the cunt for possible purchase. She fingered her sister's pussy, rubbed her clit, and ran her fingers over every square centimeter repeatedly.

After a few minutes, she simply said, "Now turn around and bend low. Grab your ankles." Joy quickly assumed the new pose, insuring that her ass was close to Judy's face. Judy did not have to lean forward. Joy made sure the skirt laid high on her back and placed her feet over a yard apart, opening the full plane of her sex and ass. Judy touched Joy's puckered rosebud, a first, then sank her fuck finger in slowly, saying, "It just occurred to me that I never checked your asshole.

You let dogs fuck your ass. Why not horny little boys? You're lucky there's no sperm in here, damn lucky." Joy remained silent while the finger fucked in and out, twisted, pulled out, pushed in, felt around the rim, then fucked a few more times.

Judy then got up, walked to the sink, and washed her finger. She returned, took her seat, then reached between Joy's legs to push the tube top off Joy's breasts, saying, "Look at the floor.

I don't want to see you looking at me while I'm examining you." Joy looked at the floor while her nipples got played with. To reach that far, Judy had to get her face right in Joy's pussy without touching anything wet. Joy could feel every breath in the core of her open maw, knowing that Judy was breathing her female musk on each intake. After a little tit play, Judy kicked off her right pump and thrust her bare foot under Joy's face, saying, "Suck on my big toe so I'll know you can't look up." Joy slipped her mouth over the toe as Judy resumed her vaginal exam by using her thumbs to pry the lips apart.

Joy could feel Judy's penetrating stare right up her hole. Joy soon felt like a hollow tree with a beehive in the trunk. She also felt like a hungry bear was reaching in to gorge herself on honey.

Joy sucked the toe as she would a cock. Judy feasted on slimy fingers for several minutes, then used her index finger to explore the rim of Joy's pussy hole, saying, "Exactly how far in did John get his cock. This far?" Joy gave the toe a final suck, then said "No, farther." Judy's finger went in past the vaginal ring by half an inch and said, "This far?" "Maybe a little farther." "Judy slid her finger all the way in and said, "Was it this far in?" "Yes, that feels about right." Judy pursed three fingers together and pushed, saying, "Tell me when this approximates the sensation of his cockhead entering.

He has a large cockhead, doesn't he?" "Yes, very large. I think you'll need all four fingers." Judy got all four up Joy's cunt to the last knuckles as Joy pushed back to keep from being shoved away. "Does this feel right?" "Yeah, that's about it." Judy played with the pussy openly.

While doing this, and driving Joy to distraction, she said, "From now on, you are to wear jeans and a sweatshirt around John. Furthermore, I want you in shoes and socks. You are to wear no makeup whatsoever. I bought you an athlete's bra and a panty girdle. You are to wear those as well. Joy, you're not going to like this, but I must cut your hair short." Joy moaned. She had plenty of wigs to wear out, so she didn't really care, but she didn't want to act like she didn't care.

She said, "Please don't do that, Judy. You know I love my long hair." "Don't make this more difficult than it has to be. You can always pack your bags if you won't cooperate." "You know I'll cooperate. I'd be destitute without your help.

You could shave my head and I'd sit still for it." "I know, but I won't shave your head. I won't give you a nice haircut either. I'll use shears and cut your sexy hair off in clumps. I doubt you'll have any hairs over one inch long.

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You can wear your wigs to do the weekly shopping. Other than that, I see no need for you to go anywhere. You'll have no money until this crisis passes. It may last a while, so get used to it." "Do I have a choice?" "No, not if you choose to remain here.


Furthermore, I am putting you in charge of keeping my feet and legs looking sexy. I want you to shave my legs daily and keep my toe nails nicely painted. What did John think of your shaved twat lips. Does he have a preference?" "Yes, he liked it a lot, but he likes his pussies shaved bald." "Very well.

In that case, you are to let your cunt hair grow, and you will be shaving my pussy bald each day when you shave my legs. He might get that far, and if he does, I want him to remain interested." "That would be awfully risky, Judy. If he ever sees your naked pussy, nicely shaved, he'll attack you. He'll rape you. I'm much bigger and stronger than you, and I could barely fend him off." "Let me worry about that.

If he rapes me, I'm sure he won't hurt me. Like you said, if he fucked me, it wouldn't be the end of the world. If I must let him rape me to protect my girls, then I must, mustn't I?" "I suppose you must, mustn't you." "Joy, I want you to take the girls aside and explain this situation to them. Take them into your room, but I'll be listening at the door. You'd better make me out to be a sacrificing hero in their eyes. I'm sure they'll be seeing things.

My attire alone will cause confusion unless they understand my motives. Be very careful how you break this to them, but I want them prepared for anything that might happen.

I want them to understand that I might have to go all the way. Put it that way, don't say fuck, and don't tell them that their brother might rape me. I don't want them living in fear, understand?" "I'll be very diplomatic. Don't worry, I'll make them feel safe and secure. I'll let them know that there's nothing their mommy won't do to keep John's interest focused on her. I think it would be wise if they wore jeans and sweats, too. I think they should shower as soon as they come in for the night, then leave their makeup off and leave their hair untended and wet." "Yes, that would be good.

I can't be cropping off those girl's beautiful locks, now can I? Let's go into my bathroom. I want my legs and pussy looking and smelling sweet. I bought several sexy new micro minis. I want to make a stunning first impression.

Find the shears and bring them to me naked." The session in the bathroom went down as one of the highlights of Joy's sex life, and that took some doing. Judy was naked when Joy entered with the shears in hand. Judy ordered Joy to cut her own hair, then began masturbating as the waist-length clumps fell at her sister's bare feet.

Judy reached a climax as the last clump fell. She masturbated through a pedicure, masturbated through a leg shave, and toyed with her clit while being denuded of all pussy hair. She almost had another climax when she saw her bare cunt in a mirror held by Joy. She had another climax after ordering Joy to lick her pussy for her to make sure there was no stubble. Actually, she came while fucking Joy's face long after Joy determined there was absolutely no stubble within a foot of Judy's twat.

The girls arrived home first, and were startled to see Joy without her beautiful hair. Judy hid in the kitchen as Joy ushered them into her downstairs bedroom. Judy quickly padded to the door and eaves dropped, satisfied that Joy was being true to her word. The girls were shocked, then awed, then accepting, and ended by praising their mother for her courage and sacrifice. Judy tip-toed away wearing a big smile, entered the kitchen and played with her pussy until she heard Joy's door open.

Judy busied herself at the stove, attending the meal that Joy began hours earlier. She had her back to the three as they entered, presenting them with a provocative display of feminine legs from her four-inch open-toed high heels, to the patent leather micro mini skirt that just barely covered the lower crests of her ass cheeks. A slight dip of their heads and they would see a naked pussy absent of all hair. Joy dipped, but the girls didn't dare.

They were awestruck by the vulgar vision their mother presented. Judy felt their stares on the backs of her legs, very high up, and anxiously wondered if her naked cunt lips were showing. The way they tingled and swelled, she felt certain they were. She wished the girls would make their presence known so she could turn around.

The front hem came lower down, at least an inch below any portion of her inflamed vagina. They had all stopped to stare, and it was painful seconds before Joy said, "I told them, Judy." Judy set the ladle down and turned to face the three who were now within arm's reach in a semi-circle around her. Brenda, her fifteen- year-old, looked Judy in the face and said, "Joy told us all about John's problem, and what you're doing to protect us.

That's really sweet of you, but John has never made a pass at us. He always protects us, and fights any boy who gets fresh. I don't think you have to worry about John messing with me or Bonnie. I don't think you have to do this." Judy was struck by Brenda's sincerity.

Brenda avoided looking down. Bonnie, on the other hand, never looked up. She boldly stared at the juncture of thigh flesh with a dirty little twinkle in her eye. After Brenda finished, Bonnie, still looking down, said, "I don't know, Brenda, I'm scared. I want Mommy to save us. When John sees her dressed like this, he won't even know we're around." Judy almost cracked a smile.

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She ruffled Bonnie's hair and said, "Well, we're not taking any chances. If this doesn't do the trick, I'll do something more drastic." Bonnie's face broke into a smile as she said, "Maybe you ought to go naked." Judy laughed. This eased the tension. She said, "We'll see. If it comes to that, I will go naked." Joy said, "If you're going to do this right, you need to do something with that blouse." Judy looked at her braless white blouse and said, "What's wrong with the blouse?" "You're not showing enough bare skin where it counts.

Here, let me fix it for you." Judy stood still while Joy unbuttoned the blouse, feeling certain this was just a ploy to expose her breasts to the girls. Judy came close to stopping Joy, but knew she needed to overcome her shyness. When Joy had the blouse undone, she began tightly rolling the right side inward until she had a roll of material the thickness of rope that went down right side of Judy's body. Joy asked Judy to place her hand over the roll she'd just made while she did the same to the left side.

Judy stood with both tits bare, inspiring Bonnie to say, "Wow, Mom, you really have nice looking boobies. John will really like those." "Thank you, Bonnie, but I'm not wearing my blouse like this regardless of what Joy says." Joy said, "Just hold on.

I'm not finished yet." Joy pulled the back portion of the blouse up Judy's back, then brought the two rope-like tails together under Judy's breasts. She told Judy to breathe out and hunch her shoulders. While Judy did so, Joy made the square knot tie. She then told Judy to relax and stand naturally while she adjusted the two sides so that the fabric ropes rested over nipples.

She then stood back and said, "That's how you wear a blouse to attract a hound like John." Judy looked down at the vast expanse of bare skin between her shoulders and her neck. Even her bikini top covered more skin. The tight pull of the two sides pressed her breasts together, bulged the breast flesh and exaggerated her cleavage.

Joy's modification did make her already ample breasts appear even fuller and firmer, but also made them look comically lewd.

Judy said, "I think this is a bit much, Joy. I'm going for sensual, not obscene." "Well, John prefers obscene bait. If you're serious about drawing him away from the girls, I suggest you use the right bait. Before you make up your mind, square your shoulders back." Judy squared her shoulders and felt the rolls begin sliding outward, then suddenly popping out from her nipples, distorting her tit flesh while sending one nipple pointing east, the other west.

The girls broke up laughing, and Judy broke a smile saying, "Very funny, Joy, now undo the knot." "It's not meant to be funny. John won't find it funny. When a guy sees this, all he sees is tits bursting out.

This really gets them going. Trust me. You're on my turf now." "I don't know, Joy. I think he'll laugh. I'll tell you what, though. I'll wear the blouse this way, and just keep my shoulders relaxed. I do think he'll like all the bare skin. If that can keep him from thinking about my daughters, I won't mind the exposure." "You're a real trooper, Judy, a real trooper." Brenda said, "You're not going to wear that outfit anywhere outside are you, Mom?" "No sweetheart.

This is just for indoor wear. I'd get arrested if I went outside." "Does the skirt really have to be that short? I think John would be more than interested if it came to mid thigh." "Sweetheart, John wants them shorter. He made that quite clear when I took him to school. This is as short as they make them in my size." "I can believe that, but if you have to sit or bend over, your panties will show." "Honey, I'm afraid I'm not wearing panties.

He hates those too." Bonnie eagerly said, "Can we see?" Brenda tried to shush her sister as Judy said, "I'm sure you'll see soon enough. I'm afraid I'd be a little too uncomfortable lifting my dress and showing myself like that." Bonnie countered, "How come? We're all girls here. We all have one." "I know, but we don't show each other, do we?" "Joy showed us hers, and we showed her ours." Brenda slugged Bonnie and said, "You stupid! You're going to get Joy in more trouble." Joy shrugged her shoulders in an I'm-busted gesture as Judy gave her a hard stare.

Judy said to Joy, "I'll deal with you later." She looked to the girls and said, "There's something else about my vagina that I'm embarrassed about. Mine is shaved of all hair. I feel extra naked down there." Bonnie pleaded, "I wanna see. Please! I've never seen a grown-up one all shaved." Joy interceded, saying, "I wish you'd stop calling it a one. I told you girls you could talk freely with your mother and use any terms you like. Say whatever comes naturally." Judy didn't recall hearing anything like that, but she wasn't opposed to the idea under the circumstances.

When Bonnie rephrased her request, saying, "Can we see your shaved pussy, Mom?" Judy felt a rush. Judy smiled through a flushed face and said, "If you want to look, I won't stop you. Just don't ask me to show you my pussy, okay?" Bonnie immediately dropped to her knees and gazed up her mother's legs, bringing a fast flush to Judy's cheeks as Bonnie exclaimed, "Wow, Mom's pussy is really neat, Brenda.

You ought to see it close up. Come on, Mom doesn't care." Brenda looked sheepishly to her mother, then got a nod from Joy, then went with the tug of Bonnie's hand. Judy suddenly found herself with both girls on their knees, gazing between her slightly parted legs.

She folded her arms and glared at Joy, even as her pussy blossomed before her daughters' eyes. Joy defensively said, "Don't blame me. You picked out the skirt. put it on without panties and ordered a close shave. I just do as I'm told." "The trouble is, you do more than you're told." Judy felt Bonnie's small hands pushing out on both knees. She resisted for a few seconds, but then went with the pressure and let her right foot slide outward.

Though her feet were wide, this still wasn't enough for Bonnie. Judy had to assume a half squat and felt absurd doing so, because she had to lean back on both arms to get support from the counter to her rear. This made it appear that she was thrusting out her crotch in obscene offering. Joy made things more obscene by stepping up and reaching for the front hem at the crotch, saying, "Here, allow me." Judy gazed down her front, over her bald mound, at the fascinated faces staring into the core of her being.

Never, in her wildest dreams did Judy imagine such a scene. Joy gave the girls a guided tour of their mother's vagina with her free hand while holding the skirt up with the other. She pulled, prodded, and poked, then invited the girls to do likewise. Bonnie was eager, but Brenda needed coaxing.

Judy let this bizarre show and tell exhibition go on for several long minutes, then said, "All right you two voyeurs, I think that's enough. You've seen more of me then daughters should. Go about your business and try to ignore what goes on between me and your brother when he gets home." Bonnie said, as she reluctantly stood, "We can still watch, can't we?" As Judy stood straight and adjusted her skirt, she said, "If you accidentally see something that amuses you, watch if you want.

I'm sure John would like showing off what he can do to me and get away with. Just don't make a peep. Don't encourage him or discourage him. Be like ghosts. I'll pretend I can't see you. If you make it so that I can't pretend, we'll have a problem. Remember, I'm doing this for you girls." They both smiled back knowingly before retiring to the living room and turning on the TV.

Joy put an arm around Judy and said, "Good try, kiddo, but they didn't buy one word. Face it. They see right through you, and now they've seen right up you. We all know you just want to get laid.

Why is that so hard for you to admit?" Judy shrugged free of the knowing arm and said, "I don't care. So what if I do? I know I'm doing the right thing. I pay all the bills around here, so you'd better pass that along to the other moochers that I had better not see those smiles again.

If I see them looking at me like they know, I'm holding you responsible." "I'll pass it along, but let me pass this along to you.

You're going off the deep end. You're in-love. I can see that. Aside from the fact that he's your minor son, he's a cad, cut from the mold of everything you hate about guys. You are in for a major heartbreak if you don't wise-up fast." "Joy, I'll thank you to stay out of this.

I think I know my own son and what kind of person he is. I'm getting this under control. I can handle this. I can change him. He needs to be molded and shaped.

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I have to become intimate with him in order to influence him. I want you to butt out and mind your own business." "I will. I just don't want you hurt. I can't believe you still feel you can change men. John is no different from any other hound. He'll fuck you, use you, brag to everyone while he's doing it, then dump you when the next jiggling bunny crosses his path.

You'd better wake up and smell the coffee, girl. That's all I'll say on the matter, though. You're on your own." "Thank you. Now finish the dinner."