Boys single sex in India

Boys single sex in India
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I was 11 years old and had had my fisrt orgasm 2 years ago. Since that time I was obsessed with sex!

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All I wanted was to cum. This overwhelming desire made me do some pretty bold things. I was spending the weekend with my cousin. I always liked doing that because my step-aunt Sue was hot.

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She always wore tight fitting clothes that left little to the imagination. She was about 32 years old, 5'-5", brown haor and eyes and a killer body. A medium sized waist with 36B tits and a big, firm, pear shaped ass. She almost looked like an exagerrated drawing, her tits and ass were so big and shapely compared to her height. Every time I saw her profile, those big titties and that butt sticking out, I would get a boner.

I wanted to fuck her so bad I could taste it.


My cousin and I had went to bed around 10:30pm and Sue stayed up watching tv. My uncle was at work - 10pm to 6am shift. Sue had a couple of beers before we went to bed and as I later found out she must have had quite a few more.

As I found out later, this was not uncommon for her to do when my uncle had to work night shifts on the weekend. Once we went to bed I used that opportunity to teach my younger cousin about the joys of masturbation.

It took quite a while before I could convince him there was nothing wrong with it and it was not "gay" to watch a guy do it or do it at the same time. Finally I just started jacking off and had a good, sticky 3 squirt orgasm. I had brought some toilet paper with me and used it to clean up. He did not really get into it that night but was really interested and watched me.

He was fascinated when I came and wanted me to do it again which took very little coaxing on his part. It took quite a while for me to cum again, but I finally did and it was basically one big squirt that went up to my chin.

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I needed more toilet paper to clean it up so I got up to go to the bathroom. When I went into the hallway I noticed that the tv was off. I looked into the kitchen and saw that it was about 12:30.

I went down the hall towards the bathroom and when I passed Sue's bedroom I froze. The door was halfway open and I could see her laying on the bed.

Her closet light was on and cast light diagonally across the room - across the bed from one coner at the foot of the bed to the opposite corner of the headboard. My step-aunt was laying in this beam of light. Apparently she was getting nightclothes out of the closet and was intending to change for bedtime, her pj's were on the bed beside her.

But she did not make it. She had removed her jeans and panties, dropped them on the floor beside the bed then laid back across the bed. She still had her shirt and bra on.

Her right foot was against the post of the footboard and her left foot was sticking off the side of the bed. Basically she was laying face up, slightly spread-eagled. As I said earlier, I was a sex obsessed, a walking hunk of raging hormones. This made me take some bold actions on occasion, risky actions at times. I stood there for a few minutes looking at her furry pussy and getting very, very agitated. Her smooth skin looked creamy in the dim closet light. The round swells of her slightly parted thighs looked so inviting.

I wanted ti feel them against the side of my head, feel them wrapped around me. Her pussy was outstanding! The brown fur covering it was not real long and not thick enough to hide her succulent lips.

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I just wanted to dive in and eat that pussy up! Her smooth tummy was gently rising and falling with her deep breaths. My cock was aching to be touched, aching to be in her pussy. I coughed to see if the noise would startle her - nothing happened. I started jacking off furiously. I wanted a closer look so I stepped into the room, about three feet away from the bed.

I was fast approaching the point of throwing away all caution when I heard my cousin in a strained whisper say "What the heck are you doi'n?" He had come looking for me since I had been gone so long.

He stepped into the room and saw Sue on the bed and my dick in my hand and started to stammer out some words, kind of loudly, then I shushed him. I whispered to him that I thought she was passed out so if we were quiet we could look at her and jack off. He was scared and I was primally excited.

No way was I going to stop.

He backed up into the doorway and I whispered "OK, you lose" and went back to jacking off while looking at her pussy. Now, all caution was gone. I stepped up to the edge of the bed between her legs for a closer look. I reached down and started to very slowly slide her left foot further up the side of the bed, spreading her legs.

Just feeling her warm, smooth skin almost made me cum. I am glad I jacked off earlier or else I would have busted a nut as soon as I touched her! I got braver and used both hands to slowly lift her leg and push it further up, bending the knee a little until it was up near the pillow. Her legs wer now spread about as wide as I thought I could get them.

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I was now leaning against the bed, staring intently at her puffy, fat, thick pussy lips while I furiously jacked my cock. I knew I was going to cum very soon and had another thought. I wanted to feel her pussy, wanted to feel it with my dick! I figured if I got caught it might as well be for more than just jacking off.

But first, I wanted a little taste! I bent down and got very close to her pussy and just as her fur touched my lips I inhaled deeply. Her aroma was intoxicating. It sent a hot rush through my body. I stuck out my tongue and ran the tip of it from her taint to her clit. She had kind of a bitter taste that electrified my tongue! As the flesh of her pussy lips distended around my tongue I wiggled it slowly, feeling her warm, pliable flesh move with it.

I licked her one more time and got her pussy really wet. This time she moved just a little as I hit her clit with the tip of my tongue!


Better hurry up, I am about to cum and I have no idea how hard she is passed out. I kept slowly stroking my dick while I crawled up on the bed. My cousin hissed at me "What are you doi'n, wer'e gonna get in trouble!" I just glared at him and he shut up. I put my left hand onto the bed beside her right shoulder, my kness on the bed between her legs and leaned over. I started to slowly lower my body as I jacked off. I was getting very excited, close to cumming again.

When I felt her hair rub against my precum slicked cock head I almost came at once. I did all I could to hold back, I am sure it would not have been possible if I had not came twice a little while ago. I stopped stroking my cock and squeezed it very hard. I held it for a few seconds then I picked up the jacking of my cock again as I lowered my body a little more, pressing my crown hard against the top of her pussy lips.

I started to quiver, my muscles straining to hold me in place while I jacked off. I was beginning to sweat. Beads of perspiration were forming on my brow. My heart was hammering so hard I though it would burst out of my chest.

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The jerking movement of my hand caused the head of my cock to slide down between her lips. As soon as I felt the heat of her pussy on the head of my cock I came. I groaned loudly and sucked in a deep breath as cum spurted out of my dick. As my hand continued to pump my cock it was hitting her pussy quite hard and squishing the cum out a little.


My whole body was jerking and twitching. The head of my cock was so sensitive I almost screamed as it rubbed just inside her pussy lips! It was over very soon. My God it felt good. I slowly, with panting breath, crawled back off the bed.

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I felt a little light headed as I stood up and the tension drained out of my muscles. I got a little freaked out and ran back to bed with my cousin following close behind. He asked a million questions, how it felt, and on and on. I jacked off again just thinking about it and telling him about it.

He almost had his first orgasm that night also. Now I was totally obsessed with Sue. There were more times similiar to this, I may write about them in the future. If anyone wants to hear more, just send me a message or leave a comment.

I will answer and maybe post more of these happenings.