Sexy and cute twinks fucking outdoors

Sexy and cute twinks fucking outdoors
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About a year after Pim and I had started our relationship a terrible accident happened. My parents were riding a boat owned by a friend of my Dad's, a famous cardiothoracic surgeon and a cigarett boat ran into them and both my parents were killed.

I was 24 years old and I was alone in the world. My parents relatives all lived far away and I had little contact with them growing up. With the help of my Dad's law firm I was able to get a very large settlement from the insurance company because the guy driving the cigarett boat was drunk. So there I was, 24 years old and owning a beautiful house and having a lot of money, but very messed up.

I went into a serious depression and dropped out of my university engineering classes. Pim was a great help at this time and would often get a sitter for Chrissie and spend the night with me holding me in bed and having gentle sex with me. Pim was really the one who got me through this terrible period of my life.

A few months went by and I was starting to feel more normal. I started to go back to the gym and work out. Finally Pim said we needed to go out and have some fun. She told me her friend Judy (who I had met at her birthday party) was also in a "foul mood" because she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. Apparently Judy had been dating a 47 year old wealthy stock broker who had dumped her for a 21 year old. I said that was ridiculous because I remember Judy looked like she was 21, but I guessed that she was 25 or 26 and was certainly the hottest Korean chick I had ever laid eyes on.

You would be nuts to dump a woman who looked like that. Pim told me all Asian women looked younger and mostly remained slim, but actually Judy was 33 and had bad experiences with men. Judy was a finance specialist for a major airline and did complex finance transactions to lease fleets of airplanes. She had graduated from Yale with a Masters degree, so not only was she hot, but she was smart too.

I was a little intimidated to see her again, to say the least. She's my good friend and she needs our help. You're depressed, she's depressed, we need to go out and have fun. I'll get Chrissie to stay at her friend Angela's house so we can have the whole night to spend by ourselves. Pim knew we were going to drink so she arranged for an Escalade limo to pick us up. She told Judy to meet her at hot yoga in the afternoon and then to come to her house to get dressed.

The plan was that we would leave for dinner around 7:30 and eat at a new Asian fusion restaurant. After dinner we would hit the new hot club, Mr. Smith's, where Pim's other friend Julie had arranged for us to get VIP access.

I put on my nicest slacks and shoes and a crisp expensive white shirt and a crocodile belt with a nice simple silver buckle that matched my platinum Cartier watch with its crocodile strap. Pim had not only taught me the intricacies of lovemaking and a woman's body, but she also taught me how to dress to look sexy, but also elegant and sophisticated.

I put on some Rocabar cologne by Hermes that was Pim's favorite and walked next door to her house. As usual the front door was unlocked and I entered. I called out to Pim. "We're up here. We'll be down in a minute." She called back. I went to the fridge to get some Perrier and had some water. I knew Pim's house well now and turned on the iPod to get some music going.

I was a little nervous to hang out with Judy again after learning how smart she was and how she had gone to Yale. Pim was a housewife, but going out and having a conversation with a senior finance executive was a little above my level. After a few minutes Pim slowly did her "glide" down the stairs.

She was, as usual, extremely well turned out with a spaghetti strap black dress that stopped mid-thigh. The dress was cut very slim and showed off her incredible waist and the underwire bodice fit perfectly beneath her firm breasts making them look larger than they really were. The bodice fabric cut just across the tops of Pim's upright breasts exposing the beginning of the swell, just enough of the swell to tantalize a man and cause him to fantasize about the rest.

The dress was sleeveless and scooped low down Pim's back leading the eye directly downwards to her incredible rear end. Pim's bum had been shaped and firmed by many hot yoga sessions with Judy and Cindy and I thought of how I would pleasure it later that night. A soft whistle escaped my lips. Pim looked me in the eyes with her sexy sparkle and giggle, "So, are you duly impressed young man?" What could I say? She was truly beautiful. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"Tonight is for Judy. She is one of my best friends and she needs her spirits lifted. OK? Please, do it for me. Pay lots of attention to her." I told Pim I would do my best, but I was very worried that Judy was "out of my league." Pim looked at me shocked with an expression that said, "What do you mean?" She laughed and hugged me affectionately. "Rob, over the last year you have become the most attentive and patient young man and the most accomplished lover any woman could ask for.

Judy is my friend and she is a WOMAN. She is not just a business executive. Just pretend she is "next door Pim" and you will be fine.

I promise I won't be jealous." She gave me a firm hug for encouragement and a kiss on the cheek to bolster my confidence. We heard sounds from upstairs and Judy appeared at the top of the stairs.

Well if Pim had an affect on me then this was something else again. Judy had on a fitted black sheer top with a fine black lace push-up bra underneath. The top stopped half way down her midriff and was tied into a silk knot in the front. The exposed midriff revealed a very toned and tight stomach and waist flaring out into incredibly sexy hips that were just a hint wider than Pim's.

Judy must have had a support bra on, because her 34C breasts were very upright and looked mouth wateringly plump and firm to the eye. Judy's black and shiny hair was very long and thick with luxurious waves and curles that framed her beautiful Korean face with a hint of an up-turned nose.

Her nose gave her that "cute look" and I'm sure made many people would think she was much younger than she really was. Judy's hair was pulled back with a stylish Burberry check headband and had some reddish brown highlights that showed off her clear youthful complexion to wonderful effect.

Under her arm she held a tiny Prada clutch bag in black quilted leather. She had medium size silver hoop earrings and then my eyes fell to her skirt.

She had a black and white pleated skirt that was quite short. Not too short, but short enough to have 100% of my attention. As Judy slowly descended the stairs my eyes went lower and her legs became my focus. Like Pim's they were fairly long (I think Judy is about 5'6") and she had on black stockings and incredibly sexy spike heels with thin black leather straps that wrapped up her ankle in a Roman style. Around the waist of her miniskirt Judy had a silver sequin belt with a shiny silver buckle that nicely emphasized her tiny tapered waist.

She reached out her right hand and took by hand and leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek. "Nice to see you again Rob.

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Pim has told me a lot about you. Thanks for taking us out tonight." Her perfume smelled beautiful and her hair did envelope me and make my head swim just a tiny bit. We had a bit of chit chat before heading out for dinner. It seemed ok talking with Judy and I started to relax a bit as we spent more time together. Pim did a lot of the work by leading the conversation into areas where I was comfortable. In the Escalade they put me in the middle so I was sandwiched between two of the hottest Asian women I had ever seen.

As we drove they giggled and exchanged stories and Judy would often put her hand on my thigh and lean across to talk with Pim. Her hair and face would be right next to mine causing me a bit of excitement and my cock swelled slightly at the touch of her warm hand against my thigh.

At the restaurant we had excellent food and a good time. Pim and Judy ordered some Canadian wild salmon wrapped in a Vietnamese style rice paper roll with avocado, cucumber, Dungeness crab and light hints of Wasabi that tasted great.

Judy had grown up in a house with a Dad who was a wine expert so she ordered a 1990 Dom champagne that she said would go well with fusion cuisine. The champagne was so smooth and rounded and we were all putting a bit of a buzz on which made the conversation and laughter flow even more. Later with some Kobe beef cubes we had a 1989 Lynch Bage from France that was even better.

The evening was really turning out to be good fun and I was getting totally relaxed. Pim leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, "Thanks for being such a wonderful guy. Judy is having a good time." Later at the club the two women took me onto the dance floor and made me dance with them both.

I could see some of the envious looks from the older guys as I had the two hottest women in the club. Later as the evening moved on Pim instructed me to dance with Judy alone and then she took turns dancing with some of the other men. Past midnight the DJ started to play slow songs so we moved off the floor. Pim grabbed my arm and took me aside. "I told you to pay attention to Judy. What are you doing? Get her out on the dance floor." I must have looked a bit confused.

"But it's slow songs now&hellip." I stammered. "Exactly!! Get her out there and make her feel wonderful. Got it?" I took Judy by the hand and led her to the dance floor. We held each other and she rested her head against my chest so that her perfume and hair sent intoxicating smells into my nostrils. My arms rested around her waist and I could feel her warm and smooth bare skin in her midriff.

Her firm breasts pushed into me and I could swear I could feel her hips pushing gently into mine. I must be imagining it I thought, her best friend is sitting only a few feet away. I needed to go to the bathroom so I left Pim and Judy alone. When I returned a tall handsome guy, much older than me, was talking to Judy.

I walked up and she reached out and grabbed my hand. "See, I told you my boyfriend would be right back." Then to my complete surprise she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. The kiss did not end quickly and she pulled me hard against her body and lightly teased my lips with her tongue. The guy took off and headed back to the bar. Judy released me, looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Thanks for saving my life." And then the two women burst out laughing.

The kiss had certainly aroused me and I wanted to head home as soon as possible so I could take Pim into the bedroom and release the sexual tension that had been building all night. Slow dancing with two incredibly sexy Asian women can certainly cause your cock to swell and desire to build.

On the ride home the two women were somewhat quiet. When we got to Pim's house we walked in and Pim opened a bottle of wine. We put on some soft music and Pim took my hand and said to Judy, "I'll be right back. I'm just taking Rob upstairs." She led me up to her bedroom and took me inside.


My cock started to swell in anticipation of the fun we were about to have. Pim sat me down on the bed and said she need to talk to me. She asked me if I trusted her and if I would do anything for her. I was confused and a bit tired from all the wine. I said of course I trusted her, she was my lover, my teacher.


She looked at me, "Do you trust me completely?" I looked back. "Yes, yes, of course I trust you. What do you mean by all this. Let's take our clothes off and get into bed. I want to make you come. Judy can take care of herself." Pim looked back at me.

"But that's what I mean. We can't sleep together tonight." I must have looked very disappointed. I guess I knew what she meant. Her best friend was staying over. Of course I would need to go home. "Oh, of course. I understand. Judy is staying over. I understand.

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I'll head home soon. I'm sorry. I know you don't want Judy to know that we sleep together." Pim looked back at me like I was the biggest idiot. "That's not it at all you silly man. You're not going home. You're going to stay right here on this bed. Judy is my best friend. We share everything. We help each other with everything. I have told her that tonight she will have the most wonderful night of her life.

I need your cooperation, ok? I promised her that she can have you tonight." I must have looked pretty ridiculous with my jaw dropping and my eyes wide and incredulous.

"What, what are you talking about?" I stammered. "You are going to stay right here on this bed. Understand? I am going down stairs. Judy is going to come upstairs in a few minutes and the two of you are going to have the most incredible sex she can ever imagine—got it?—and then you are going to fall asleep in each others arms.

If she doesn't tell me that you made her come more than every other boyfriend in her whole life then you will have been a great disappointment to me." Pim looked me in the eyes and gave me a soft kiss. "Don't worry, I won't be at all jealous.

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Judy is my best friend." With a brief hug and a hand gently laid against my neck she was gone. To say the least I was sitting there totally confused. The whole night I had been looking forward to ending the night with a hot session of sex with Pim. Now she had left me and I was waiting for Judy. The minutes ticked by second by second. It seemed like eternity and my nerves and tension built. How could I handle a woman like Judy.

I turned on the iPod to listen to music to ease my nerves. I paced the room back and forth. How could I rationalize this? Pim had given me to her best friend like a gift. How should I act? What should I do? I was confused and nervous and my cock was limp and lifeless in this nervous state. Finally the door was eased open and Judy entered silently.

We were both speechless as she walked towards me. It was all I could do to take in her vision.

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She had on a tulle and satin baby doll in ivory with very light underwire holding her firm breasts high. The breast cups were cut low so the tops of her beautiful 34C breasts were fully visible.

The outfit was a frilly delight that shimmered in the candlelight and the outline of low-rise v-string panties could just be made out. Where minutes ago I had been confused and nervous with a limp and lifeless cock, now everything was changing and changing very fast.

My breathing started to increase in speed and I couldn't take my eyes off Judy. She looked shy and demure as she moved closer and averted her eyes downward.

I moved forward and I knew that now my lessons from Pim needed to be put to full use. I reached out and put my hand gently under Judy's chin and lifted her face upwards. I looked in her eyes and said, "Judy, you are so beautiful!" and then I moved my lips close to hers and we entered into a long and erotic kiss. Our tongues tangled and probed.

My hands moved and touched Judy's body and electric shocks flew between us with sexual tension rising to new levels. I picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her down, her breasts pointing directly at my hungry eyes.

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I pushed the baby doll satin up above her midriff and commenced slow kisses across her belly and towards her breasts. She arched her back and I pushed the baby doll off her and her breasts were firm mounds that were fully available to me. My lips clasped onto the light pink left nipple that hardened immediately under the contact with my tongue and my left hand moved to the right nipple and gently caressed and tweaked it until it was nub hard and erect.

I did light bites on each nipple getting increasingly loud moans from Judy, her hips squirming and shifting with the arousal of her body. My hand brushed across the light hair on her vagina and I could feel the juices already lubricating her outer lips. If anything, she was even easier to arouse than Pim who had one of the strongest sex drives I had ever experienced. I opened the side drawer by the bed and brought out the flavored lubricant.

I pulled the ties on the side of the panties and they fell away revealing her love mound to my eyes and my tongue. "What are you doing?" Judy called out. "Shhhssshhhh&hellip.relax&hellip.this is all for you." I responded. With that I squirted out a good handful of Raspberry lubricant and covered her vagina and rectum. I also covered my left hand and quickly moved my mouth to her vagina. She reached out and touched my inner thigh and grabbed hold of my rock hard cock. "Let go." I instructed her.

"This is only for you. I'm later." I told her to pretend she couldn't move her arms and to leave them spread to each side. If she moved them and touched me I would stop and would not continue until her arms went back down.

Those were the rules. She held her arms to the side and I started my arousal once again. Slowly I built her up and then stopped just when she was about to come. I probed her pussy and licked her clit. I lightly touched her nipples and rubbed them lightly with lubricant almost making her come just from the arousal from her breasts. Judy's pussy was flowing with juices. Her hips were thrusting upwards against my mouth and tongue.

She was begging me to let her come. Finally I knew she was ready. I covered my finger with lubricant and placed my lips firmly around her clit and started a slow circular motion with my tongue, driving her crazy. I positioned my finger at her rectum and felt her tense up.

Before she could react I increased the tongue pressure and the tongue speed and simultaneously pushed my finger just slightly past her sphincter muscles and into her bum. A loud moan released from deep in Judy's throat and she grabbed the top of my head with her hands, digging her nails into my scalp. My finger with all the lubricant easily slipped further up her ass and I gently moved it slightly back and forth.

Her moans were now cries and her legs were trembling with sexual tension and ecstasy. As my tongue continued its ministrations to her clit her head thrashed back and forth on the bed and her nails dug deep again and again into my skin.

Beads of sweat were forming on Judy's taught belly muscles and her nipples were straining to stand tall and hard. I moved a hand up and pinched her right nipple.


It was like an electric circuit had been suddenly connected and an explosion took place in her pussy, her head and her ass at the same time. Judy screamed and I could feel both her pussy pulsing and her sphincter muscles grabbing my finger simultaneously. Her back arched and her hips thrust upwards and I increased the intensity of my tongue movements and jammed my finger as deep into her ass as I could.

Her orgasm went on and on and was the longest I had ever experienced with any woman. Her hips were thrusting and strong so I needed to use all my strength to hold her down and keep my tongue and fingers in the right position. Finally she subsided and I looked up towards her face.

She had a look of gentle womanly contentment. I moved up onto my knees and straddled her across her hips. My manhood stood incredibly erect with a rock hard eight inches pulsing and bobbing. Judy's eyes widened and she reached out with her hands. She gently guided my cock down to the entrance to her pussy.

With all the lubricant I easily slid into her incredibly tight pussy. It was still pulsing from the orgasm and it lightly grasped onto my cock and pulled me deeper into her womanly cavity of love. Judy wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me downward.

We started to kiss and our hips moved in unison. Somehow we intuitively knew how and what to do, how to move and it was not at all awkward like first lovemaking sometimes is.

Our bodies were in tune with each other and could sense what to do next and how to move. Compared to the frantic energy and heated desire of our first fuck, this was a gently building of warmth and closeness. Our hips moved and my cock went in and out of her tight pussy slowly building the friction.

My head bent down and I kissed her two firm breasts and then we kissed deeper and our tongues tangles and explored each other. My load was building, but I knew somehow that she was ready and did not want me to delay any further. We increased our pace and our hips moved faster and faster. I rolled onto my back so I could look up at Judy straddling me her pussy impaled on my cock. Judy could move her hips faster and faster in this position and a smile crossed her face as her hips increased their pace.

The new level of friction was too much for my cock and I was losing control. The vision of this new sexy Korean woman, her hair hanging down in heaps of curls, her hands gripping into my chest with nails in sexual desire digging into my skin&hellip.her breasts high and firm with small pink nipples erect and feminine……it was too much. I cried out as the orgasm started and I was beyond stopping. Judy instinctively responded by increasing the speed of her hip movements.

She was pushing her mound deeper against me in womanly need. I cried out. Judy cried out. Together we exploded and Judy screamed again, but a softer more feminine scream this time.

My come shot out and my balls contracted once, twice and then a third time, shooting everything I had into Judy's vagina. We collapsed together into the soft white bed sheets and our sweaty bodies were entwined. Together we were totally sated and drifted off to sleep.