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Belgisches reifen Amateur Swinger
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‘Forth down game tied and 10 seconds on the clock, Its any bodies game Dave.’ The senior game, Last one for many of the players on my team that night. Last time I’d ever see half of their faces. A little background information so you’ll better understand. I’m Kevin, The star quarterback for the Duncanville rattle snakes, I’m also one of the seniors in to nights game.

But this story isn’t about the game its about what happened after the game. We’d won by six points. My brother James had as always came threw in the clutch, He caught my sorry excuse for a pass and ran it ten yards for a touch down. I was way off tonight, But if you were me you’d be off to.

My girlfriend Alexandra God was she ever beautiful, Long black hair those piecing green eyes. One look from her and I was hard.

I never wanted a woman so much in my life. Don’t get me wrong before Alex I had slept with a lot of girls, But none of them could hope to compare to Alex in my heart. I’d never slept with her through and before the game she had told me if we won I was hers for the taking, Talk about pressure. Alex met me at my car after the game and gave me one of her mind blowing kisses, The kind that make you want to just lose it right then and there but I kept my composer opening her door for her jumping in my seat after carefully readjusting things.

I loved Alex this I truly knew in my heart, She was the only woman I wanted. I couldn’t take something as our first time together be in the backseat of a car so before the game praying for our impending win I had fixed up the cabin my family owned on the lake.

Candles and roses, The works.

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Anything that I thought Alex would find sweet and romantic. I made sure she knew of my plans and drove in silence with my hand over her knee smiling at her ever so often, I knew if I kept looking at her I wasn’t going to last the 30 minute drive to the lake.

Once we reached the cabin I ran to her door and opened it, She stepped out and man did she look amazing. Her jeans clinging against her that shirt that showed just enough skin to let my mind run wild. As she wrapped her arms around me I picked her up carrying her to the door as she walked I couldn’t help but smile.

Alex looked as if she’d saw the most beautiful thing in her life, Instantly she threw her arms around me hugging me saying “its amazing Kev” she was the only person I’d let away with calling me Kev. It just sounded sexy coming from her soft sweet lips that I loved kissing.

Sweeping her off her feet back into my arms I carried her to the bed laying her down but never letting her go, Crawling in with her I slowly started kissing her neck hoping to make her feel just one small bit of what I felt every time I looked at her.

Amazingly enough she wasn’t pulling away but enjoying it!

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Rolling her head back giving me access to her neck letting little gasps of breathe out I slide my hand under the bottom of her shirt rubbing her side has I had did many times before but now it was having a whole new effect on her. Pushing herself against me rubbing and grinding, Honestly if she kept it up I wasn’t going to make it, I pinned her hips down with my body smiling at her teasingly dragging my teeth over her lips sucking the plump folds of flesh.

Raising up pulling my shirt off I saw a look in her eyes I hadn’t saw before, One of desire, passion, mystery.

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One that was making the very hairs on my neck stand up just like when we kissed for the first time. How was she doing this to me and we weren’t even touching I asked myself while unbuttoning my jeans and getting up long enough to take them off. Alex herself was undressing too. First the shirt then the pants. Lastly came the underwear and bra. I don’t know how I held my composer. I’d saw Alexandra naked before when we went skinny dipping here at this very lake but now in the candle light her skin contrasting with the rose pedals laid out on the bed she seemed even more breathe taking if that were possible.


Slipping back into bed under the covers pulling Alex closer to me kissing her and caressing her body I couldn’t help but to roll over in my mind what all I wanted to accomplish is this evening. I wanted to make love to her, I wanted to make her feel the most amazing pleasure in her life but mostly I wanted to make her feel special, As special as she had made me feel two years ago when we had first met.

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Alex had never been held or bought flowers too, I changed all that and tonight I wanted to make her know in her heart of hearts I wanted nothing but her and I was hell bent on doing so. Nibbling my ear she quietly whispered “I want you Kev.” I couldn’t take the wait any longer I carefully lined myself up with her brushing my lips against hers trying to tell her it would be alright but the heat coming from her and the wetness I was barely having the mind to not just have my way with her pushing the head of me in she squeezed her eyes together tightly biting her lip until it looked as if it might bleed.


I didn’t move a muscle, I tried to console her with I love you’s and kissing her but still she let small tears flow, then she relaxed and said “slow okay?” “Slow? does she have any idea how good she feels? And she wants slow?” My mind cursing silently at her request I could only manage a nod as I slowly inch by inch slid my entire member into her and held it there once again not moving until she regrouped.


Finally from what seemed an eternity of waiting while I was going nuts trying not to move she kisses me savagely pushing her tongue into my mouth and pressing herself into me harder, God did it feel wonderful, She was tight, warm the sounds she was making were like music to my burning ears, Not only my ears, my whole body tingled with every thrust into her, My stomach in knots as I tried to think of ways to give her pleasure although she seemed to be enjoying herself I wanted to make sure she loved every second of tonight.

I wanted her to never forget our first time. In the mist of all my pleasure Alex wrapping my legs around my waist pushing against me deeper and that’s when my idea came to me, Th Sliding one of my hands between us I pressed my thumb against her clit letting her rub against it while she cried out during her orgasm then suddenly I pinched it just to give her another as I was about to break upon the crest of my own, this time she impaled herself on me squirming in the middle of her orgasm.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

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I had this beautiful woman below me screaming out for me to cum and who was I to not accept her wishes? To be continued.