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The Goddess of the Land lay naked on the soft, green grass behind her manor, luxuriating in the warmth of the two crystal suns, her eyes closed against the brightness. A warm breeze caressed her bare body, making her nipples stand up as they were reminded of her sister's breath on them during the last sleep period.

She felt the curious minds of the two gardeners as they worked along the hedge wall trimming it smooth with their sharp blades. It had been a slow, lazy month since Béla's judgement ended her month-long nightmare of mind-ripping interrogation by the Praetor. After all that mental torment, she still had difficulty believing it was over. Not only was she free, but the Praetor had determined that the 'individual presently known as Béla was a random Quantum factor necessary to the survival of civilization.

As such, her unimpeded…' Béla didn't remember all the elocutionary terms the Praetor had used, but her understanding of it was… On two known occasions, her unpredicted influence had benefited the survival potential of civilization beyond its ability to be measured. The fact that that both of these events occurred within a relatively short time of each other indicated the likelihood of earlier, unknown events effecting civilization in a like manner. In addition, as all previous attempts to curb her seemingly careless disregard of the civil codes had been disastrous, or, at best, was of indeterminate effect, she was granted 'Carte Blanche' status; complete freedom to do as she wished.

She was not to be brought before judgement again, ever. Although delighted with the assurance of her continued survival as a free being, Béla wasn't sure it was a good idea to give her *that* much freedom.

Most of the 'improvements to civilization' that she was aware of had been as a direct result of her adversarial confrontations with the judgement system (i.e. her father or the Praetor), forcing improved conditions for everyone. What the judgement had effectively done was grant her 'queen of the world' status for killing somebody. It would surely cause her problems, eventually.

For the last four weeks, Béla had spent at least half of her time recovering, allowing her mind to mend; doing absolutely nothing except lie in the sun and watch the clouds float over the inner surface. She discovered that she couldn't track them completely around the entire circumference of New Eden. As they continually evaporated and reformed, individual clouds, and even masses of them, didn't last that long.

Besides, the air was too thick to see all the way across to the other side. The southern crystal sun had been shining for almost a week now as Béla measured time. For the next two months, because of the tremendous output of the two crystal suns, one at each pole, there could be no travel between the surface and the great ship. Béla had just finished her morning audience seated beside the Great Bard Geoffrey. She found it surprisingly easy to resolve disputes and determine punishments for various violations of the civil codes.

The goddess had only to look into someone's mind to determine what was required for that person's continued civility. As her psychic abilities improved, she became aware that many grievances between two parties were actually due to the fact that one or both litigants believed something about the other that simply wasn't true.

Once the falsehoods were cleared up, the involved, and often, embarrassed, participants usually resolved their grievances themselves. The people of the Lorraine District loved and respected their goddess and her companion, the Great Bard Geoffrey, to the degree that they practically governed themselves in honor of them.

They remembered their last master with his hated 'goon squad' and were grateful that the goddess had intervened. They were, however, somewhat disappointed that she didn't require their worship of her, especially after titillating tales of the 'Goddess of the Land's Spring Festival' at New Hope began circulating.

Thinking about worshipping goddesses, Béla put her attention on Elaine's mind as she slept in her own private audience chambers on the third floor of the manor. Currently she was lying naked in the middle of the cold marble floor, exhausted from a private little experiment she'd conducted with the help of a dozen of her more ardent new admirers.

Back on the ship, while the two sisters had feasted on each other celebrating Béla's newly won freedom, Elaine, mind-linked with her sister, had discovered Béla's memories of her sex club. Enthralled, Elaine vampirically embraced the concept of being violently mistreated while having sex with multiple male partners and wanted to experience it herself.

When Elaine had been a Mayan princess, she had never considered taking more than one sacrifice at a time. That may have been partly because no sacrifice ever survived any sexual encounter with the Espirito Sheba who now called herself Elaine. Her first gangbang was much more exciting than feasting on her sacrificial partners had ever been.

She found it impossible to control a dozen horny young men and quickly became the object of their lust, simply hanging on for the ride as she was passed around the room like one big, horny party favor.

Plus, all of her worshipers survived, so it wasn't necessary to find new and usually unwilling sacrificial replacements every time she wanted sex. Elaine decided she liked being a goddess, again. She was going to have to think up a name for herself, since Espirito Sheba, Spirit (or Goddess) of the Land, had been usurped by Bard Geoffrey to describe her older sister, Béla. Although Béla was being physically lazy, her mind was busy working on details of creating a hedonistic society similar to the Sumarian culture she experienced during her early years on Earth.

Among other fundamental changes in earth culture that she'd lived through, the gradual, but sometimes violent, move from matriarchal to male-dominated societies was the cause of many cultural problems that had infested mankind throughout the ages.

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Once men got involved with power, war, and the enslavement of the female half of the population, they seemed to lose their empathic abilities. 'Perhaps that was because they couldn't bear to feel in their minds what they were doing to their women,' thought Béla as she worked her way through the problem.

But that wasn't going to happen again, because Béla and her sister 'goddesses' were fully and firmly in charge now. This whole Victorian-Christian modesty bit was incredibly galling to her. She didn't know any of her siblings who, once they learned how to fly, enjoyed having to wear clothes (well, except for Melinda and Hank Hank had started this whole religion mess anyway and Melinda was a must-have-total-control-of-everything psycho nut case. They deserved each other, but Béla felt sorry for anyone living in their district).

Sexuality was much more expressed and appreciated back in Ur when she was a handmaiden to Nanna, the Moon Goddess. There were dozens of temples to many different gods and goddesses, most of which provided the same sexual service as hers.

Plus, Hethemtima (her name back then) had also been a diviner. Petitioners to the Moon Goddess often needed a 'character reference' to determine their sincerity.

Hethemtima had excelled at providing this necessary and extremely pleasant service for her foster mother, the High Priestess. Because of her empathic abilities, she was usually correct in her assertion of the petitioner's sincerity or lack of it. Béla realized that major cultural changes took time. She had a good start with what she had accomplished so far. There were twenty-nine goddesses, including herself, spread across New Eden. Most had their own district of authority where they maintained order.

Right now, the power of the goddesses came from the fact that they had suddenly appeared, seemingly out of nowhere; divine intervention to thwart an unstoppable, rampaging disease that was decimating the already sparse population of this little world. The survivors were more than grateful and happily turned the responsibility for their welfare over to their new saviors.

Béla decided she would bounce some of her ideas off her companion, Jeff, at the 'evening' meal. Right now, she was feeling restless and needed to fly. She stood and, flexing her shoulders, stretched her arms up toward the sky.

As her wings formed, she crouched low and jumped, pushing her wings down against the air. With several powerful strokes, she was dozens of meters high. She felt awe radiating from one of the gardeners as he watched her somewhat awkward rise into the sky.

'Sorry, but gaining altitude is a lot of work!' she thought at him as she reached for another wingful of air. Moments later, she was gliding over the town and looked around at the green world surrounding her.

It smelled wonderful. The people were happy. Some pointed at her and some waved as she sailed over their heads. Béla was used to being the center of attention.

She liked being the center of attention.

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Béla now had the freedom to go anywhere on the entire planet and do anything she wanted. She was known everywhere, mostly thanks to the Great Bard Geoffrey and his amazing stories about her. Wherever she went, people deferred to her with respect and admiration. She enjoyed it despite the fact that her high visibility seemed to attract a lot of trouble. Everywhere she went, people wanted her to solve their problems; respectfully, of course. 'So why am I so restless?' Béla asked herself.

'I feel useless, bored, nothing to do. Is this what it's like to have everything you've ever wanted handed to you? 'I have conquered the world and have nothing to show for it.

'Who said that, anyway? Hannibal or Alexander? I remember Hannibal he wouldn't have said anything like that… He needed speechwriters just to say 'good morning' to the Caesar when he arrived in Rome. She smiled, though, as she remembered his stamina in her multi-colored tent. Béla finished circling the Lorraine District and began her flight back to her estates.

She decided to see Jeff now, rather than wait until dinner. She landed on the second-floor balcony outside her bedroom and stepped inside, out of the warm sunlight. Searching with her mind, she located the great bard in his study. He was writing. He was always writing. He was writing about her; no doubt another epic tale to be included in his legends, another ode to his goddess.

'I need to put that magnificently imaginative mind of his to work on something more productive than writing odes about me…' she decided. 'I'll bet he can fix this mood I'm in give me something worthwhile to do until the resources of the great ship are available again.' Béla leaned against the doorway and gazed into the library.

Jeff had his back to the door and was now studying a large, hard-back tome. 'Probably an encyclopedia,' she thought. She could simply brush against his mind and find out what he was thinking, but she was constantly practicing restraint these days, knowing how much trouble her impetuous behavior had caused her before.

Now that the Praetor wanted nothing more to do with her, she was going to have to restrain herself. No one else was going to do it. Jeff laughed abruptly and radiated a selfish satisfaction with himself. "I was right!" he stated, unaware that anyone was around. "Right about what?" Béla asked from the doorway. Jeff jumped about a foot, dropping the book to the table. He looked up, surprised, then frowned. "Will you put something on?" he asked impatiently.

"Please?" Every time he saw her, she was delightfully naked. Every time he saw her, he wanted to throw her sweet body against the wall and pin her there with his personal shaft.

It was so… improper… to constantly think of his goddess that way. 'I wouldn't mind,' she thought at him, grinning at his discomfort. 'I'm ready if you are…' "Do you realize there are petitioners at the front gate and that they're lined up around the block?" he said, looking down his nose at her and trying not to stare at her bare breasts. "They come to see you some just to touch you, some seeking your help to redress some real or imagined wrong.

And here you are, parading around like… oh, my!" "I wanted to talk to you about that," Béla replied cheerfully. "There's no established hierarchy now that we have goddesses floating around all over the place.

A power structure needs to be established." "I was already on that track, Goddess," Jeff replied smugly. "This is a passage about the Delphi Oracle. She had her own temple, handmaidens, and everything. I have realized that, in order to maintain order, a temple must be built to honor you, if you'll pardon the expression, and from where you may hold court." "Well, actually, Dawn was the Oracle," Béla replied, smiling, "but I was thinking along the same lines, especially regard…" "The sunrise was an Oracle?" Jeff interrupted, confused.

"No, Darling," Béla said sweetly. "Another of my sisters, Dawn, was the Oracle of Delphi. You met her. She was here with Jolene." "She was the Oracle? But that was thousands of years ago!" Jeff said, astounded. "Just how old are your sisters? How old are you, really?

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I know I saw you born a few weeks ago, but… How many times have you been born?" Béla smiled. Jeff was so innocent, and so intelligently inventive. She wasn't going to have any trouble setting up her new land of Sumer. "Originally, we were all born within a few hundred years of each other," she told him.

She had to be careful with her words. She was aware that anything she said could end up in one of the epic tales he was constantly penning. "I was the last to be born," Béla continued. "I was brought down to Egypt, before the pyramids were built, and was raised in the land of Sumer." She noticed that Jeff had sat down and begun writing on the pad he constantly carried around with him.

"You're taking notes?" she asked, annoyed. 'I should have expected it! He's going to end up being the official historian for New Eden. 'Of course! That's what a bard is! Stupid me!' She laughed out loud. "What?" Jeff asked. Béla walked over and embraced him, hugging her bare breasts against the side of his head.

"I should be more careful of what tasks I set before others," she said, cryptically. Jeff had embraced the task his goddess had set before him, his bardic destiny, with a fervor that still could completely surprise her.

"You know, each of us has their own history," Béla mentioned, teasing him again. "Elaine was a queen in Sheba who was deposed and fled across a great sea with a few of her devoted followers. She created her own empire in a new land halfway across the world. Melinda had her own castle in Spain back in the Middle Ages of Europe where many people were tortured and killed during the Great Inquisition.

Beth was a consort to Count Dracula, himself. I personally was responsible for a lot of the Druid mythology five hundred years earlier." She didn't feel right about mentioning the other great historical figure Beth had been consort to. Beth had been consort to both lord and devil and had preferred the devil. Jeff had stopped writing while Béla was talking. He was staring at his goddess with his mouth open.

"You were talking about a temple for me?" Béla asked, quizzically. Jeff blinked several times, trying to wrap his mind around dozens of goddesses roaming across the worlds creating all sorts of havoc. "Speaking of havoc," Béla mentioned, casually, "my sister, Jolene, was with Alexander…" "Stop!" Jeff cried. "I get it!" "And Helen eloped to Troy with her boyfriend," Béla added as a joke, suppressing a laugh as Jeff began shaking her by her shoulders.

"I can't do this!" Jeff cried, digging his fingers into Béla's bare shoulders. Béla winced under the pressure of his farmer-strong hands. "Relax, Darling," she told him, her voice shaking as he shook her shoulders, "you have hundreds of years to sort it all out." Jeff looked at her, not believing what she was saying. "What do you mean?" he asked, trying to control his anxiety.

He let go of his goddess, dropping her the inch or two that he had raised her off the ground. "Did you think that being my consort wouldn't have it's rewards?" his goddess asked, "You have consumed my life essence. You will live long enough to complete your task, and longer. You will never be ill, again.

You will have a rich, rewarding life, with many wives and children." Béla was being Hethemtima the Diviner now, surprising herself with the ease with which she again assumed her ancient mantel. "You are going to be a great teacher," she told him. "This manor, or another of your choosing, is to become a bardic school.

You will teach the theology you are writing even now to students who will travel from town to town, even as they did on earth hundreds of years ago.

If you wish, you can even set up a mathematics and a science department. It could be a university, if you choose it to be, teaching a myriad of subjects." "But I know nothing about these subjects," Jeff protested. The goddess silenced him gently, pressing a finger to his lips.

"Do you remember the great ship you arrived in?" she asked him. Jeff nodded. "Do you remember what a computer is?" Béla continued, knowing that a direct question regarding certain subjects defeated any mind-wipes the Praetor may have performed on him.

"Yes," he said, thinking hard. "It's a machine, with memory. It remembers things and calculates…" "Good," Béla acknowledged. "There are living computers on the great ship that have the entire histories of all our people; yours, mine, my father's.

It also contains all the scientific data known to my father's people. It teaches my father's people their history, their skills, and rounds out their education with mathematics and science." "Do they have all the information that is in these texts?" Jeff asked, indicating the wall full of encyclopedias and books.

Béla laughed, "Yes, they do, and much more, besides. But keep the books. They are a storehouse of knowledge and shouldn't be destroyed. They may actually contain historical notes that are not known to my father's people." "Then they are worth studying after all?" Jeff asked. "Of course," his goddess replied. Jeff, feeling immensely relieved but not understanding why, embraced his goddess, hugging her tightly.

Her naked form fit against his body so well her hard nipples digging into his ribs right through his light robe. Béla managed to twist her head around so that she could graze her teeth against Jeff's soft neck. Biting down, but not breaking the skin, she opened her mind to his, letting him feel how erotically squeezable she felt in his tight embrace. She smiled to herself as he groaned and squeezed her tighter. As her ribs were compressed even more tightly against her insides, Béla released his neck and bit down against Jeff's jaw; harder, this time.

Surprised, Jeff released his bear hug, but still held the dark-haired beauty tightly against him. 'It's all right,' she thought into his mind. 'Can't you see I like how you make me feel?' She and her pet bard had only made love a few times since her return from the great ship high above them. Aside from the fact that Jeff seemed to have a low-voltage sex drive, he also (still?) had problems with the idea of a mere, undeserving mortal making love to a divine entity.

'He's really going to have trouble with what Elaine is planning.' she thought to herself. "You're not mortal anymore," Béla reminded him. "Remember? You drank my blood…" She watched, amused, as Jeff worked the new information through his head. It was almost like watching switches turning on and off switches that determined what he allowed himself to do, or even think about.

'He'd make a good study for building a robot,' Béla thought, watching the process. After a moment, Jeff smiled, then kissed her passionately. He hadn't kissed her since that very first day, when he thought she'd been made mortal and wanted to comfort her. Béla chuckled deep in her throat as she realized that she'd finally found and defeated the barrier that had kept Jeff from loving her completely. He was no longer a mere, undeserving mortal.

Jeff had been hard and aroused all along, or at least since he'd looked up to see his naked goddess leaning against the doorway watching him. Now he lowered his arms and pressed her smooth belly against him deliberately. Béla grinned up at him and wiggled her hips, rolling that erotic bulge beneath his robe back and forth.

In a moment, her twisting movements had Jeff's robe open in the front with his warm cock pressed against her bare belly with nothing between it and her. Jeff stepped back, surprised at his own forward behavior, and watched as Béla slid her sensuous body down, caressing his hard cock with her stomach, then her breasts, then her hands and lips as she knelt down in front of him. Before today, he would never, ever have allowed himself to shove his unworthy cock into his goddess' mouth.

But now, he throbbed with pure desire, knowing that his immortal cock was about to be surrounded by her immortal lips and her hot, willing mouth.

He nearly came at just the thought of it. "Oh, God… Goddess!" he gasped as Béla slid her lips over the end of his cock. Béla almost laughed out loud as she watched her lover's bardic mind compare the differences between his goddess' mouth and her 'nether regions'.

He had only experienced her hot and hungry vulva, before.

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But now, he was… 'Oh my God!' Béla thought, delighted and almost choking on his cock in surprise. 'This is his first blowjob! Ever! He's a mouth virgin!' She had intended to simply take him to the edge of orgasm, then ride his wonderful, hard cock until he exploded deep inside her aching pussy. But now, everything suddenly changed. She needed him to come in her mouth. After all, his first time in a girl's mouth should be memorable. She continued to suck on him, keeping track of the thoughts that flowed through Jeff's mind.

Her mouth was looser and much wetter than her pussy, but her tongue made him feel sensations in his cock that he'd never experienced before. She smiled as best she could and swirled her tongue around his tip several times, elliciting an excited groan and an uncontrolled forward thrust from her bard. As he neared orgasm, he began pumping back and forth, attempting to fuck her mouth. The tightness and the pressure of actual fucking was completely missing, and he realized that, as wonderful as having her mouth around his cock was, he preferred the pressures he could exert against both their bodies during regular fucking.

He simply had to be too gentle with her mouth… Béla could easily see the problem in his mind and tightened her lips against his cock as hard as she could, wrapping her teeth with her lips and using her jaw muscles to press her lips harder against his cock.


She didn't enjoy that as much, though, and was quickly starting to feel her mouth getting raw from the friction. Jeff, also mind-linked, could feel the subtle change in his goddess, and pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Let's do it the regular way, Goddess," he said, smiling down at her.


Béla licked her sore lips and nodded. Jeff pulled her up to a standing position and they kissed again. He noticed that her mouth felt different, softer and a little puffier, now that his cock had been in there.

Sitting down on the edge of his chair, Jeff leaned back, holding his cock straight up, and invited Béla to sit on him. Béla quickly straddled him and sank down with a soft moan.

Jeff moaned with her as he felt the tight, wet heat of her body surrounding his hard cock. Béla leaned forward to lie against her lover and hooked her feet over his legs stretched out behind her. Jeff flexed his knees a little to hold her weight. Although Béla's back was already arched in a really erotic pose, she managed to start moving her hips up and down on Jeff's hard shaft, arching even more, then relaxing for each gentle stroke.

They both had lost a lot of sexual momentum during that position change, and getting back to 'frenzied need' took quite a while. Béla slowly pistoned her hips up and down, enjoying the sensation of that nice, hard shaft pressing directly against the hood of her clit on every downstroke. Several times, Béla stopped moving and simply twitched for a minute or two.

Jeff smiled and held her tightly against him, feeling each orgasm as it radiated through both their bodies. For some reason, her having orgasms didn't make him want to orgasm, himself. He was too drunk on the fact that his cock was, for the moment, anyway, the very center of her sensual universe. He wanted his goddess to spend the rest of eternity grinding pleasantly against his hard cock.

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After about her fifth orgasm, though, Jeff was starting to feel that familiar heat rising up his hard shaft. Cum was starting to throb its way up, and in another second or two, he would be pumping it deep into his goddess' loving cunt. Béla raised her head, feeling his anxiety and the nearness of his orgasm. Her body was already completely satisfied, and she remembered that he was still a mouth virgin. Quickly, she raised her pelvis completely off his cock, surprising him and nearly killing his orgasm.

She slid down his body like it was a board and engulfed his cock roughly with her mouth. Sucking hard, she pumped her head up and down a couple of times. Then, despite the fact that Jeff was now in more of a state of surprise than arousal, his cock started to spurt. Béla tightly gripped the base of his cock with her hand and fucked him with her mouth a couple more times.

Then she released her hand, and, with a loud moan, Jeff pumped his cum into her mouth, spurting several more times. After a moment, Béla released him and his cock dropped down between his legs. Jeff gazed down at her for a moment, stunned by the sensation of coming down her throat. His first spurt, before Béla had been able to catch and wrap her fingers around the base of his cock, had spattered her left breast and her cheek.

The rest of his cum had gone down her throat. Still mind-linked with his goddess, he was amazed at how much she had enjoyed what he considered to be a very non-erotic sensation swallowing his cum. He reached down and, letting her put her hands in his, pulled her up and against him.

When she gently kissed him, he could taste his own cum on her mouth. Perhaps the taste of cum wasn't all that 'non-erotic', after all especially when it was her sweet mouth he was tasting, as well. "Now…" she murmured lovingly as she kissed him again. "About my temple…"