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Peruana Culona mi fiel amiga incondicional Culote culona amiga
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This is in continuation with Part 1 This is one another fantasy, I had written from bottom of my heart. You came down to Mumbai on my invitation as per your first story and you stayed back at my home quite some day to flirt with Priti.

As per your story, you fucked her in front of me. You both enjoyed with deepest lust. Priti was very obsessive after having good session with you. She was repenting for the act she indulged in with you. Next day morning you apologized what happened previous night. You were so shy about it, you were not able to see in her eye, you were with bowed head in front of her begging pardon. You planned to stay with us for one week, but after this you made up your mind to move from our home and wished to stay in hotel.

I requested not to do so, Priti was dumb and not uttering a word. Hence, you made up your mind and went from my home to stay in hotel. I could not do anything as Priti may be not happy and she was not supporting, might have fear that previous night act may be repeated again, if you would be there with us.

You left us with heavy heart that your love goddess is not happy with you and she did not forgive you. I went office, Priti was alone at home. I called up her from office to see how she was feeling as I was also worried that how she must be thinking about me. Two days were passed like that, I was trying to please her from depth of my heart.

You were also worried about the unhappiness of Priti. You also kept on calling me about her and repenting yourself. Third day, I was caressing her in bed. I asked her to speak out something. She told " Rajesh, I feel guilty for doing with your friend" I said "No Priti, you don't feel guilty about it, it was my plan only, I wanted to see you getting screwed by another guy, Joe is very gentleman and loving he loves from content of his heart, he is my best friend".

"Yes, Rajesh, you are right I know you like that fantasy that some body screw me up in front of you, but I feel it against social customs, religious doctrine, you know how much I am religious" "I know my sweet heart but, we do not harm to the society, our moral and ethics are intact, this is other side of our normal life, you know it is fun while we fantasies, there are very few people in this world whose dream come true. You are so lucky that your fantasy come true, god is so lavish with you by showering such pleasure on you.

You imagine that how lovely hubby you have like me who loves you so deeply and making you so happy, you have one cute, smart son, you have enough wealth to enjoy life." "Yes, Rajesh you are right I have everything in my life which I wanted in my childhood, I was dreaming when I was bachelor that my hubby love me so deeply and keep me happy all the time, that you are doing.

I prayed god for that and god gave me hubby like you, I am real lucky." I knew the very thought was so wrong, so dirty.

But I loved my hubby more than anything in the world, and I wanted him to be happy and fully satisfied. Priti, then why are you pondering so much, you have not done anything wrong in your life, you just satisfied your hubby's wish, that's all, Don't keep on thinking and feel guilty about it, you enjoy that moments that how much pleasure you were getting while Joe was fucking you.

I had seen complete bliss on your face when you got orgasm from Joe, it also gave me a thrill. Please don't feel guilty about it Priti. Life is very short and we wants to live it fully. Priti, you are also again lucky having lover like Joe, he is very gentlemen.

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He is very social and ethical like us. How he was begging pardon from you. If there would have been another guy then he could have blackmailed us. You could have not done anything except surrendering him. Let me tell you that "You are sexy Goddess and we both are worshipper to you". We both would like to bring you in such pleasurable state where you can experience spiritual ecstasy. Yes, Rajesh, you are right it was very exciting moment for me when Joe & you were inside me fucking both my holes.

Even today, when I think about it I get terrible wetness in my cunt, it was magic and thrill. Only I feel it guilty due to my ethics. But what you are saying is also right, now I am coming out of my obsession. Thanks Rajesh, you are wonderful preacher and made me understand the complex of my life, now it is clear in my mind.

I don't feel guilty now. I love you Rajesh. She became naughty in bed now. We had a good session then, talking about wild fantasy with you. I told her to call up you for apologizing and to invite you at our home so that we can have more fun during your stay with us. Priti said " No, Rajesh I will do that but in my own way now, I will call him tomorrow, I have a bid plan to tease him now, I will not tell you now" You naughty hubby now fuck me my cunt is craving for dick since last two days.

I fucked her terribly in both holes (cunt & mouth) and we slept then.


Next day morning, I got ready to go office. I went for office saying her bye bye. She winked at me; tonight again your fantasy will come true. I am going to call Joe today. She told me that not to share this with you; she wanted to give some surprise to you. I happily went office. I was sure the day was very long for me because I was waiting for night when we both together going to make Priti a slutty sandwich between us.

I was wondering that what all Priti had a plan to tease you. She called up you at around 9:30 am, saying "Joe, can you come down to my home right now, I wanted to talk about that night incident" You became apprehensive that what Priti wanted to talk, you got little fear and called up me, because you were hesitant to go my home as I was not there.

I told you that I don't know what she wanted to talk but I assured you that she will not going to harm you she is very gentle lady. You got good confidence and made up your mind to go my home and to apologize Priti for that night act again. You reached my home at 10:00 am and rang a door bell, but there was no response from inside for longtime, you pushed door and too your surprise it opened.

You entered in the hall and searched for Priti. She was in the bathroom having bath with loud music on. Priti wanted you to think she had lost track of time and didn't expect your entry. Leaving the shower curtain and bathroom door open, she quickly filled our tub with nearly scalding water, stripped naked and stepped in.

Normally stretching out in a steaming hot bath was her favorite form of relaxation, but her nerves were tingling and her heart pounding with anticipation of your coming.

As soon as she heard you opened a door and entered into room, She started singing with loud music and put the buds in her ears. As you came down the hallway she started singing with the music so you would think that she was completely unaware of you came inside.

A few seconds later she heard a soft intake of breath. You had obviously seen her naked in the bathtub, her tits bobbing just below the surface of the water. But you hadn't spoken, cleared your throat or otherwise warned her of your presence. Perfect. You were going to watch her bathing in hot tub. This is what she wanted, you watch her sexy body in full wetness, and hence she made such plan.

You could not stop you to watch her without her knowledge. You got very much and on seeing her tits are swimming in hot water. You wished to be that hot water to sense sexiness of that perky, sexy and mind blowing tits. You wanted to feel her totally, each and every curve of her sexy body. You wanted swirl in the fold of lovely cunt. You became envy of that hot water in tub.

You prayed god " why you did not make me that hot water, so that I could feel the hotness of my sweet, sexy, slutty and lovely Goddess Priti. She desperately wanted to sneak a peek at the door, but didn't want to risk scaring you off. She was enjoying voyeurism from you, she was getting terrible wetness in fold of her cunt. She was rubbing it underneath hot water. The door was slightly behind her, so a peeping yourself would think you were safe as long as you stood still and not making noise.

Once you thought that I should not do this because Priti may get hurt when she would come to know about presence of mine and I was peeping her. But your lusty love for Priti took over your mind and instead you wanted to leave, you could not do that. Your lusty mind ordered you to stand there to worship your lovely, sexy Goddess.

You were praising each curve of her body in your own and bowing to her sexiness. After a few moments, She reached for her bottle of shower gel and squeezed a purple blob of it in her hand. She massaged her arms, neck and shoulders with the soapy gel. You wanted to go there to give stress relieving massage to her sexy body. Your palm was desperate to do that but you could not do that due to fear in your mind and just standing still to watch her move in nakedness. Then she sat up straighter in the tub so her tits emerged from the hot water.


The nipples hardened almost instantly, and she felt a mild jolt of electricity run from them down to her pussy. She worked the shower gel over her chest and slowly massaged her breasts with lathered hands. Some divine energy was flowing from you to your sexy Goddess, giving her utmost pleasure. She was in full of ecstasy and enjoying massaging her own beautiful tits.

She realized she was breathing rather heavily, and smiled at the effect that must have on her worshipper Joe. You were peeking in on your naked, sexy and slutty Goddess as she languished in the tub and pleasured herself. She wondered if you had an erection. Maybe you were stroking yourself. She was enjoying that how she is teasing her worshipper like all God test their worshipper and give very very tough time to pass through.

Yes, Joe you were passing through such real tough time as your Goddess wanted you to test you how much you want her.


She rinsed off her hands and took the ear buds off so she could stand up. She thought she detected movement in the doorway, probably from you easing back to avoid detection. she again squeezed some shower gel into her hand and began working into her skin.

she started with her belly, then allowed her fingers to get closer and closer to the thin strip of hair that led to her pussy. She almost felt guilty for teasing you so mercilessly. She placed one foot on the edge of the tub and ran her hands up and down her leg, paying special attention to her soft, smooth thighs.

God, it felt good. Her cunt was on fire by now, and she couldn't help but brush it a few times with her soapy fingers. When she was finished with both legs, she turned her back on the bathroom door where you were presumably watching and perhaps stroking your meat.

As she bent over slightly to pick up the bottle of shower gel, you should have had a clear, close view of her pussy lips framed by her round ass chicks. Suddenly she couldn't take it anymore.

Now, she was so much horny and repented that she was teasing you too much. She repented why she should tease worshipper like you who worship her sexy body so much. She gave up and thought to call up you in the bathroom. "Joe, honey, would you wash my back for me?" You breathlessly waited for her words to sink in.

Then she looked over her shoulder and a moment later, you peeked sheepishly around the corner. "It's okay, I knew you were there," Priti assured You. "Come on in." With only a moment's hesitation, You shuffled around the door jamb and walked in.

The poor guy's face was flushed with embarrassment, so you obviously didn't realize yet that you'd been set up. You kept your eyes locked on her, as if forcing yourself to ignore her dripping, soapy body. You stammered " I…… am…&hellip. sorry………… Priti. I should not peep you. I am extremely sorry, please forgive me and just bowed to her feet. She let you see you look down.

Your hands were together praying her for forgiving you, but your cock was clearly straining in your trouser. You shifted slightly as if you could feel her eyes on your crotch. "Give it up, Joe, there's no hiding that erection." She spoke in a loving and sensual tone, and you apparently misunderstood.

"Priti. I. I'm." you stammered. Your eyes were pleading with her, and you clearly thought you would be punished for your voyeuristic behavior. "Honey, I'm not mad," Priti said, giving you a broad smile. She quickly reached for you and pulled you close.

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Looking you straight in the eye, she added, "I'm just flattered that you obviously find me attractive." "Oh Priti. I. I think you're beautiful. Yu are Sex Goddess for me, I worship you from depth of my heart.

I want to feel each and every part of your body, I want my soul enter in your body and to stay in your sexy body" It was her turn to blush now, but she had to know for sure. "That's sweet, Joe. I guess all men think their friend's wife is pretty and wanted to flirt with them." "Yeah, but. it's more than that," you said, holding her gaze. "You are sexy, too. You're one of the hottest women I know.

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I've wanted to." You lost your nerve at the sight of her raised eyebrows, but she wanted to hear you finish. "You've wanted what, honey?" "I've wanted to see you like this.

naked, I mean. for a long time. When I first time meet you" "And now that you have, what do you think?" "Priti, you look. amazing. I can't believe --" Her sweet, sexy, horny you couldn't finish the sentence. She pulled your lips to her and kissed you. Almost immediately your mouths open, your both tongues began to explore each other. For years she was unaware of the fire and lust that had been building within her by just enjoying with other man, and it all had led to this moment.

You both kissed for several minutes as your hands began to roam across her bodies, then she pulled away and gave you a twisted smile.

"No fair," she said simply, and pulled the polo shirt over your muscular chest and arms. You tossed it aside, and stood completely still as she unbuttoned and unzipped your trouser. She fumbled a bit as your hands were shaking with nerves and delicious anticipation. She pushed your trouser to the floor and looked down to see your magnificent cock stretching the fabric of your boxer-briefs.

There was a wide wet spot near the top where pre-cum had oozed from your swollen head. Then slowly, teasingly, she pulled the band of your underwear out and slipped it down over the length of your cock, revealing your rigid shaft inch by inch. Close up and in bright light, it was even more a thing of beauty. Your cock was a good seven inches long, with a large purple head and fat, heavy balls.

The shaft was twitching and throbbing with excitement, and it was all because of her. Her head was spinning with the thought that this handsome young man was achingly hard at the sight of his naked friend's wife and desire to fuck her.

You literally gasped as she dropped to her knees in the tub and slid your underwear down to your knees. You stepped out of them and slipped off your socks as well.

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You stared down into her eyes but looked a little awkward and embarrassed, as if unsure what to do next. "Relax, baby," she told you in a soothing voice.

"I just want to taste your sweet cock." You literally gasped at her words and she looked down to see a fresh bead of pre-cum emerge from your prick. She took the base of it in her hand and licked the salty sperm away. She loved the taste of sperm, and it had been far too long since she'd been able to enjoy it. But she also know that she'd get a mouthful very soon. You and she locked eyes as she began running my tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

He sighed and groaned at the sensation, and kept shaking his head slowly in disbelief. I swirled my tongue over the swollen head before dropping my head slightly so it slid between my lips of couple of times.

"Bet you never thought you'd see this," She told you with a dirty smile. "Your own friend's wife sucking your cock in absence of your friend." "Oh my god, Priti.

It feels so fu--" you paused, still hesitant to cuss in front of Priti. She laughed as she told you, "It's okay, you can tell me it feels fucking good. Say whatever comes to mind, I like dirty talk." Not giving you a chance to answer, she returned her attention to your beautiful cock, this time sliding good two or three inches into her mouth. She licked the sensitive underside of your prick head as she sucked.

She reached for your balls and began stroking and fondling them as she bobbed up and down. You ran your hands through her hair, pulling some of it aside so you could watch your Goddess giving you thrilling blowjob. She gradually sucked more and more of your shaft until she could feel the tip nudging the back of her throat. She loved the sensation of your completely filling her mouth, stretching her lips, sliding across her tongue.

She knew her lover Joe couldn't last long as he was stroking since long behind bathroom door, so she wasn't surprised to feel your cock swell larger in her mouth. "Priti! Oh god! Priti -- I'm gonna cum!" You actually started to pull away slightly, obviously unsure what to do with his load. You did not want to spew your load in her mouth as you were knowing your Goddess normally doesn't take load in her mouth.

She couldn't bear to take her mouth off your cock, so she answered you by wrapping her hands tightly around your tight ass. "Shit. you're gonna swallow me! Fuck! Oh, Priti. uhhhh!" You began grunting and groaning as you began to ejaculate.

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The first spurt was thin but powerful, splashing against the back of her throat. Then a series of fat loads coated her tongue and filled her mouth, and she began swallowing your cream as fast as she could. She look up to see her handsome worshipper staring at you with eyes wide, blazing with lust.

She decided to give you a little show, so she slid your cock nearly out of her mouth so the tip of it sat on her tongue. She pumped your shaft with her hand and felt the last few cumshots fire into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly and gave you a final slutty grin before I stood up. "So I bet you'll never thought about your friend's wife quite the same way," She told you, pulling you into the tub with her.

You staggered a bit, weak in the knees from the intensity of the last 20 minutes. She sat down in the still-hot bath, leading you to sit down across from her. "I don't know what to say.

what to think," you finally answered. "What got into you, Priti?" "I was here to beg pardon for that night act, which Rajesh prompted me to do so, but to my surprise it is total different here. Yes, Joe, I like fantasy of threesome fuck and to get screwed by another man, but little hesitant but Rajesh made me understand. Now it is clear in my mind and there is no repentance. She confessed that she had enjoyed threesome with you and me and wanted to enjoy full of life till her cunt crave for hot prick.

She told you she was impressed at your cunnilingus skill, but disappointed that she didn't gave you a proper blowjob in return. "So I did today okay?" she asked you. "Oh my god, Priti, I've never felt anything like that before. No woman and my wife has ever. done it like that. That was fucking awesome." "Somebody needs to teach that those woman and your wife how to suck cock," she teased.

" She took your hands in her hand and looked you straight in the eye. "Joe, you'll have your choice, but I wish that when you come in Mumbai you stay with us and fuck me with Rajesh" She told you earnestly. "Priti, It is my pleasure to make you happy and to live your fantasy, You are my sex Goddess, trust me.

She expressed her desire to make you love at the edge of table, she wanted to enjoy fully. "You mean it Priti?" you blurted out with a second thought. "I'd love to be with you. Just being here -- I still can't believe it -- is like a dream." You quickly slipped your arms around her waist and pulled her toward you.

The soapy water allowed her to easily slide forward onto your lap and she draped her arms over your broad shoulders as you both began to kiss. More confident and assured this time, your tongue explored her mouth as your strong fingers explored her naked body. You stroked her back and sides before slipping your hands under her arms and around to her breast. She felt your cock pressing against her pubic bone and realized that had never gone fully soft. She leaned back, placing her hands on the sides of the tub to offer you her two mounds which were glistening with hot water.

Small droplet around her brown areola was looking so much sexy and tempting you to prey on that like hunger. "So soft. Priti, your tits are so soft and beautiful," you murmured. She blushed at the compliment as you bent forward and eagerly began sucking and licking her nipples and stroking her soft flesh. Several times you flicked your tongue over her long hard nipples and marveled at their size. "That's it, baby, suck Priti's titties," She urged.

"You make me feel so good. oh yesssss." You loved on her breasts for perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, seemingly unable to get enough of them. But she was getting hotter and hotter, and gradually found herself rubbing her clit against the base of your cock.

She just had to cum. Without warning she stood up in the tub above you. You looked surprised until you realized that her pussy was now at his eye level. She leaned against the side wall and placed one foot on the edge of the tub so You had a clear view of her swollen pink snatch.

"Suck me, Joe," She pleaded. "Eat Priti's pussy. Make me cum!" You needed to lean forward only a few inches before she saw and felt your nose and lips brush against her crotch. You planted kisses on her neatly trimmed pubic hair and outer cunt lips, then looked up to see her watching intently. You got real turn on watching small trimmed triangle of tinny pussy hair on the clit.

It was making her cunt more decorative. "You have a beautiful pussy, Priti," You told her. Then you dipped a tongue inside her, making her shiver with the delight of first contact.

"You taste so sweet." With that, You dove into her snatch, rubbing your nose against her clit as you licked and tongue-fucked her dripping hole. She pushed her hips forward to give you better access -- and herself a better view of the forbidden act.

Every lick, every suck sent waves of pleasure though her petite body, and she knew she'd cum even quicker than you had. "That's it, Joe, eat my pussy. Fuck! That feels so good! Suck your Priti's cunt, suck my juices!" You attacked her pussy greedily, and she could see you swallowing her sweet cream.

You had been stroking and squeezing her ass cheeks, but now move your hands between her thighs and used your thumbs to pry open her lips wide.

You fluttered your tongue over her clit, and she began to go over the edge. "Oh god, oh fuck. yes! You're gonna make me come, Joe! Don't stop, baby!" You latched onto her clit and began sucking it hard, and jolts of pleasure overtook her.

She lost control of herself and began humping your face as I came. "I'm cumming! Yessss!" She squealed with delight as her entire body shuddered with waves of orgasm. Her pussy-hungry lover Joe licked and sucked her all the way through it, drinking her juices as she came. She was gushing out heavily like squirting, it was real cunt juice which was trickling down to your chin, literally overflowing your mouth.

You were greedily trying to suck each and every drop of her love nector. Finally after what seemed like several minutes, she returned to earth and collapsed down in to the tub in your arms.

She was panting and gasping with the release of intense, pent-up in wild dream of fucking other than me.

"Are you okay, Priti?" you asked. "Are you going to pass out?" "No baby, I'm fine. I've never felt better, actually." She waited to catch her breath again. "I don't remember the last time I came so hard." You smiled broadly, obviously proud that You'd been able to please her so completely.

She was overwhelmed with love -- and lust -- for you. "It's time to reward you for that fine bit of pussy-licking," She said. "Would you like to fuck your Priti now?" "Oh, god," you said with a groan. "I want to fuck you so bad." She didn't want to get out of the hot bath, but the depth of the water limited your options. So she got up on her knees, turned her back towards you, and bent over onto all fours.

"How's this?" She asked, looking over her shoulder at you and shaking her ass in your face. You thrilled while saw her on four and raising her hips in air to give clear access of her hot cunt, which was still glistening in your lusty saliva and her hot juice.

While she wiggled her butts, it was so lusty and slutty, you lapse your heart beats seeing her globe are striking each other. "Oh my god, this is like a fucking dream," you groaned, and rose to your knees and positioned yourself between her legs. Your steely cock was just above her ass, again throbbing with excitement. She reached back and grasped the hard shaft and rubbed the head against her wet pussy. She eased her body back and forth, dragging her juicy labia across the top of your cock.

On the final stroke, She changed her angle a bit, allowing the first inch of your prick to enter her steamy tunnel. You both gasped at the intensity of the moment. You were entering your worshipped sex Goddess pussy second time, a pussy that happened to belong to his slutty friend's wife.

She was having her second session of sex other than me. She looked back again at you. Your mouth and eyes were open wide as you gazed on the sight of your cock disappearing into her cunt. "Keep watching as I fuck you," She told you. You steadied yourself on the sides of the tub as she rocked forward and back, slowly taking more and more of your dick inside her.

The feeling was absolutely delicious.

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"Oh god, Priti, you are so fucking hot! I can't believe you're fucking me. I want to do this every day!" "Me too, baby, but just wait. It gets better," She answered. "Now it's your turn. Fuck me. Make your Priti scream in pleasure." Her dirty words shook you from your waking dream, and you moved your hands to her slender hips. Up to this point, she hadn't taken quite all of you inside her. But with your first thrust, you buried your cock to the hilt.

As your cock buried inside her fully, and she raised her hips high in air friction of your hard dick created delicious pressure on her G-spot. Each stroke of your dick was giving utmost pleasurable massage to her G-spot. She was shaking in the pleasure, her pussy muscles were contracting around your hot rod.

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It was literally milking your dick inside. Your dick felt so good inside, nerves of your cock head were on hyper state of ecstasy. Your legs were also shaking in ecstasy. You were moaning and grunting on each thrust to her wonderful cunt in ecstasy.

Bath room was filled up with hot breath of two and noise of moaning and screaming. She cried out with pleasure and pushed back at you to let you know that you weren't hurting her. You responded by transforming into a human piston, slamming your prick into her again and again. Your youthful lust and energy took over, and you fucked her like it would be your last. Her tits were swinging and splashing against the surface of the water with the rhythm of your lustiest fucking.

She could hear the squishing of cock into pussy, your heavy breathing as you rammed her over and over. Your heavy balls swung with each stroke, often bumping her excited clit and pushing her ever closer to climax. She was getting climaxed two way, your hard prick was massaging her G-spot inside her lovely tunnel while your ball were giving steady and mild blow on her engorged clit.

She was getting over to edge and on point of no return. "That's it, honey, fuck me. fuck me. make Priti to cum!" Sure enough, her second orgasm approached like thunder and lightning, intensely powerful and white hot. "Keep fucking me Joe. You are wonderful fucker&hellip.Fuck your sexy Goddess full…&hellip.

Make her cumming……&hellip.I never felt such pleasure in my cunt like you are giving me today……&hellip. Yes, you are my dream hero…………I love to get screwed by you…………I love your dick…………&hellip.I love your dick dip inside my slutty cunt……&hellip.You fuck your slut Priti………&hellip.I want more dick……… I want my cunt to be filled with lot many dicks like you……… I am slutty bitch and whore………&hellip.My cunt feel so good sliding your dick in and out………………you are hitting my G-spot……………My G-spot is giving me unbearable pleasure inside……………Yes fuck me Joe………f.u&hellip.c…k………&hellip.Ahhh&hellip.

ohhhhhhhhh ohh…&hellip. My god……………Fucking was not so ever before………&hellip.your dick is magic…………I can't hold more Joe…………… My cunt is squealing now…………… It is squirming violently………………I feel thickness of your prick inside……&hellip. I feel so good…&hellip.Please, fuck me hard Joe…………Fuck me hard…………I will die in such terrible pleasure………………I can not handle more now…………&hellip.Please Joe dump your load inside me………&hellip.

Yes…Yes…Yes…Yes…Yes………&hellip.Yes……………………Yes……………&hellip.Yes……… ye……………&hellip.y…………………ooooooooh………………uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………uhhhh!

I'm cumming!.I cummed……&hellip." She actually screamed as the waves of orgasm crashed down on her. It was as if her pussy took over her entire body, and you were fucking every inch of her.

It was like nothing she would have experienced, and she knew she would fuck you every chance she could get now. Somewhere in the midst of her climax, She realized that you were warning her that you were about to come too. "Keep fucking me, baby," she urged. 'Cum inside me. Fill Priti's cunt with your hot and thick cum!" She looked over her shoulder to watch you fuck her and lose yourself in lust of your Sex Goddess Priti.

Your strokes became a bit slower but more powerful as you reached your orgasm. "Oh god. fuck! I'm cumming Priti! I'm cumming inside you slutty bitch! Yes!" You groaned, grunted and cursed as she felt your sperm empty into her cunt. Hot and thick, she loved the feeling of it filling her steamy tunnel and leaking out down her thighs.

Finally your strokes began to slow as you reached the end of your climax.

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your body shuddered and twitched as your cock spurted the last couple of loads inside her. You and she were finally spent, finally satisfied and exhausted now after full lustiest love session. Priti was satisfied to her pinnacle of climax, she never experienced such blissful and spiritual climax, It was really over to edge, she felt from content of her heart that there is nothing more than this in the world. You slumped behind her and your prick slipped out of her pussy with a soft pop.

Her pussy was dribbling with mixture of your cum and her cunt juice. Her thigh was completely soaked in heavenly nectar came out of her slutty cunt. You both sat in the tub for a moment, but realized the bath was now just lukewarm. She fired up the hot water and you both enjoyed your first shower together. You and she gently, lovingly washed each other, as you talked about what had just happened and what the future held. "I love you," you both said over and over.

You bowed to your Sex Goddess and thanked her for showering so much bless on you. She pinched you jokingly " Do you want to stay at hotel still or with your Sex Goddess" You grinned pinching her tits and said "No never, whenever I will be in Mumbai, I will stay with you my sex goddess"