Euro lesbo licked and fingered

Euro lesbo licked and fingered
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So this a choose your own adventure type story. After reading the events that occurred, there are 3 potential scenarios for Jack to pursue. After reading, please leave a comment with your vote for which avenue should be next! Thanks!

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It seems the consensus is that Jack should pursue option A from episode 1, that being the bikini clad Veronica. Thanks for playing, and if you think anything about this story is interesting please vote to keep it going! I stepped off Veronica's porch to resume my run but something held me there.

I noticed Veronica's parents weren't home, and the lovely Veronica was still standing on the porch watching me. Fuck it, how often will I get this kind of opportunity when I'm just out for a run.

I spun around and sprinted up onto the porch. "Forget something?" Veronica laughed. I didn't answer, instead I stepped close and wrapped my arms around her slender body. I kissed her deeply and felt her body melt against mine.

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Our tongues played gracefully and my hands wandered down her back and cupped her tight ass. "Let's go inside," she suggested once our kiss broke. We ran inside, giggling as we went, and she pulled me into her bedroom. We kissed again and fell onto her soft bed. I hadn't worn a shirt on my run, so our skin pressed together and she felt wonderful. Each of us was frantically groping and exploring the other, moaning into each other's mouths as our hands worked.

Finally I pulled away from her sweet mouth and kissed my way down her neck to her chest. She had round and perky breasts, they were small but supple, and I pulled her bikini top off as quickly as I could. Her beautiful little mounds sat firmly on her chest, with tiny little rock-hard nipples, and after a moment of gazing at their beauty I dove down and began to devour her tits.

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Veronica moaned and pushed her chest up at me. I slid my right hand down her flat and smooth stomach until it met one of hers on the outside of her bikini bottom.


She rubbed herself through the fabric until my fingers began to peel it back. She sighed and spread her legs slightly as I exposed her sweet little pussy to the open air. She was shaved smooth and had the cutest little pussy I'd ever seen.

I slid my middle finger up and down along her, watching her bite her lip as I did, until my entire finger was slick from her juices. She cried out with surprise and pleasure when my finger plunged in and began to work her young pussy. Her pussy was tight around my finger and it clamped and twitched each time I massaged a new spot inside. Veronica was bucking and moaning, her tits bouncing gently, and her breathing began to quicken. My cock strained inside my running shorts and I hoped Veronica would return the favor soon.

My probing had found the spot, deep inside, that sent Veronica screaming. She let out an ear-piercing cry as her pussy slammed tight around me.

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Veronica quivered and thrashed as she came until finally she fell limp, panting hard, and her pussy relaxed. I gently slid my finger free and smiled at her, her long hair swirled over her face and her gorgeous skin glowing radiant. Veronica sat up and met me for a kiss. I sighed deeply as her little hand came to rest on the outside of my shorts, wrapped gently around my throbbing cock.

Veronica made a tiny surprised yelp into my mouth when she grabbed it, her fingers not able to wrap all the way around. As she started to gently stroke, we heard a terrifying sound. Somewhere in the house a door slammed. Veronica pulled away from me and tried frantically to straighten her clothing. "Shit, my mom's home, fuck!" she whispered. "Get out, out the window, go." I climbed out of Veronica's first floor window hurriedly, knowing what trouble I could be in if I was caught in this young girl's bedroom.

"Come back tonight, after midnight, to my window," Veronica said and blew me a kiss as I snuck away.

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These next three bits are options Jack has ahead of him: A) - I snuck out that night, just after midnight, and walked quickly over to Veronica's house.

When I approached I saw Veronica's window, pitch dark. I stalked quietly up to it and peered inside. Dim moonlight illuminated the angelic body of Veronica, wrapped in a thin sheet, sleeping soundly in her bed. My cock rose just thinking about our adventure earlier and the possibility of getting some more alone time with this beauty.


B) - I wandered over the Veronica's after midnight, just as ordered, with the intention of following up on our earlier fun. When I got there I noticed the entire house was dark except for a flickering light escaping from an upstairs window.

I don't know what compelled me, but instead of making my way to Veronica's window I began to slink up a set of stairs and ascend to a second floor deck on the back of the house. When I reached the top I realized the window was actually a set of sliding glass doors.

Driven by a curiosity I can't define, I snuck quietly along the deck and knelt next to the doors, craning my head to the side to peer in. What I saw astounded me. The flickering light was coming from a television set that showed a raunchy porn scene. Some guy with a telephone pole of a cock was railing some slut's ass brutally. The shocking sight was seeing Veronica's mother, Mrs. Smith, sprawled out on her back on the bed, naked, with her hands buried between her legs.

Mrs. Smith was a divorced guidance counselor at the school, so we all knew her pretty well. She had fiery red hair and a warm smile and was the most attractive 40 year old I'd ever seen. Now I saw her like never before, her huge tits heaving and to my further surprise a large dildo stuffed into her pussy. She pumped the rubber cock to the same beat as the fucking on screen, and I was absolutely hypnotized as I watched this mature beauty fuck herself to a bed-shaking orgasm.

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C) - As tantalizing as Veronica had been, I decided not to return to her that evening. In truth, I'm going to be a senior and she will be a freshman, and I just wasn't sure I wanted to deal with the whole plethora of issues that would come with that.

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I figured if I stopped here it would probably be fine, but it might be really messy if I took it any further but then didn't want a relationship and stuff like that. So, disappointed and with blue balls, I slept the night through and tried to forget about the whole Veronica escapade.

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The next day I had to drive to a physician's office and have my medical physical so I could play soccer for school. I got there and was ushered into an exam room and told to wait patiently. After a long ten minutes, the door opened and a heavenly figure entered. I was stunned to see Bethany, my older brother's ex-girlfriend from high school, here to examine me. "Hi Jack, remember me?" she asked, a sweet smile parting her lips. Bethany was average height but had a remarkably beautiful face, with dark eyes and sharp features.

She had jet-black hair the flowed down her back and she was clearly fit beneath her traditional doctor's coat. "Hu… hi, Bethany," I stammered. "I haven't seen you since you were, oh, about nine? How you've grown." "Ha," I laughed nervously, my mind imagining the awkwardness of my brother's ex-girlfriend examining my privates, "and how about you, a doctor now huh?" Bethany smiled.

"Well, physician's assistant actually. So, here for a physical?" "Yup," I gulped. Bethany began chatting comfortably, asking about how my mom and dad were and that kind of stuff. As she did she started the exam, going through all the usual fare; blood pressure, eyes, ears, reflexes.

She worked professionally, but as she did I grew entranced by her. Each touch from her soft hand sent shivers straight to my cock.

She smelled wonderful, looked great, and her presence was intoxicating. As she bent to test my reflexes she exposed a luscious view of cleavage to me that sent a torrent of lust through me.

Two full breasts were stuffed together beneath her coat, and the shining fissure of her two mounds was thrilling me. My cock stiffened in my jeans and I was overcome with terror when she pulled a stool up and squatted in front of me. "Ok, last part, down with your jeans and underwear please." So, in which scenario will Jack have the most fun?


A) B) C)