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Gely del Estado de Mexico
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My eyes fluttered open thinking it was all a dream, one hell of a dream, until I realized my hand was still cupping a breast. This realization dawning on me I looked up and into my mirror noticing that I was still morphed to look like my sister and that my sister was sitting on the bed next to me.

Not knowing what to say I started stammering hoping to come up with something, anything but my mind was blank. I mean seriously how do you explain that you can shape shift and on top of that you shifted into your sister.

Not knowing what to do I sat up and pulled my earlier discarded shorts on and shifted into the new me. Once the change was complete I looked at my sister as I was mumbling a weak apology to find her eyes wide and mouth open just staring at me. Not knowing what to do I just remained standing there in front of her waiting for her to tear into me. The waiting was the worst and longest I have ever done in my life.

Finally she spoke. "We need to talk Mike." Not knowing what to say I just stood there waiting for her to continue. After a few moments of waiting I began to speak but she raised her hand silencing me. "I'm going to go take a shower and get changed, when I come back I want to know what is going on" she stated.

There was no doubt in my mind she was serious but probably still not sure what to think. Maybe I could pass it off as her imagination. My mind started reeling with the ramifications of people finding out about this.

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How could I have been so stupid! Simple answer. Teenage hormones. I was so hell bent on having what I thought I could never have I screwed myself. Right then I decided to tell her the truth and to do anything I had to do to keep this quiet. It would be our little secret. Hopefully. 45 minutes later I find myself sitting in my computer chair my mind running wild just wanting to get this over with when my door opened.

My sister, Jamie, walked into my room her hair still damp from the shower wearing a wife beater and pair of cheer shorts. Seeing her like this is not a usual thing, her breasts slightly swaying under the flimsy covering and her nipples slightly protruding. Her voice broke me out of my reverie. "Well do you want to tell me everything or should I just start asking questions?" this had turned out better than I thought. I responded "It's probably better if you ask questions, that way I won't leave anything out." "I guess that means you will be telling me everything I want to know" she asked placing emphasis on the word everything.

I just nodded and held out my hands signaling I was ready. She steeled herself up and started with the most obvious, "How were you me?

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I mean how did you look like me and how are you so different now? You have never had muscles like that?" Taking a deep breath I looked her straight in her eyes and began retelling the events of the morning.


I started off telling her everything from discovering my eyes a different color to jerking off in the shower and my cock almost doubling in size to all the goofing off I did in the mirror while trying to figure this new ability out. The only details I left out were the fact that in the dream it was her I was fucking and I just didn't give a reason for why she found me passed out as her. She seemed okay with the answer she received obviously thinking about what to ask next when she just blurted out "But why did you change into me?" Feeling stuck with only one exit I took a deep breath and answered the question as simply and directly as I could.

"Because you are the hottest girl I know. I've been fantasizing over you and I basically just wanted to feel you, even if it wasn't really you." Revealing this to my sister was so embarrassing I couldn't even look at her. My head hung down in shame I didn't even want to see her reaction.

After a minute of silence I could feel movement in the room, looking up I saw her standing there deep in thought. Not mad, not happy just running with her mind. She asked one last question wanting to know if I knew of any limits yet, to which I responded not yet.

She turned walking out of my room saying over her shoulder "I have some things I want to think about, I want to talk to you over dinner which I think you should cook for me." And with that she was gone down the hall. I heard her door softly close the hardest part of all this over with. Or so I thought. A couple of hours later I was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner.


Not being able to put it off any longer I went upstairs and knocked on my sisters still closed door. Not waiting for an answer I just said dinner was ready and that I'd be in the kitchen. Walking back downstairs wondering what dinner was going to bring had me nervous. Just as I set the made plates on the kitchen table Jamie walked in the room still dressed as she was earlier.

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Every time I see her I swear she gets more and more beautiful, but what am I thinking, this same line is what got me in this hot water to begin with. Still I thought she is perfect in every way. Dinner was a quiet affair, her not talking and me not wanting to start a conversation she might not be ready to have. Once we finished, our dishes laying in the sink she sat back down at the table.

This is it I figured, here it comes. Not sure what to expect I sat down and waited for her to start. "Okay" she said, "Basically you can change your body into whatever you want to, making you look however you want to and with this the first thing you did besides change yourself obviously for the better was change to look like me because you have a crush on me. Am I right so far?" afraid of my own voice I just nodded. She picked right back up and continued, "So you can basically look like anything you want to at anytime?" Again I just nodded.

"I'm guessing you want this to remain a secret?" Finally I spoke, "Yes, I will do anything, I just don't want anyone to know about this." After a few minutes of her staring at me mulling something over in her mind she finally spoke.

"I think I have a solution to your problem. You got to have your fantasy of me somewhat and what I'm offering is giving you all of it, as long as you change into and do what I want you to." With that said she sat back in her chair waiting for my response.

I was filled with questions, but I mean c'mon how could I look this gift horse in the mouth? I swallowed hoping I wasn't making a mistake and told her in no uncertain terms that I agreed with her deal.

"Great!" she said a little more enthusiastically than I expected, "We are going to start right now. First I want you to lose your clothes and change back to the original you. You got to see me now its my turn to see you." Slowly I got up and shed my clothes right there in the kitchen, as the pieces fell off I changed my body back to the original.

Once fully undressed I turned to face her, noting the look of indifference on her face. "Now the new you" she barked. With that I closed my eyes and from the image I memorized I shifted into the new me. When I opened my eyes I looked down to her only to find her eyes glued to my crotch. With a slight chuckle escaping my lips I asked, "Can we go upstairs? Parading around naked is fine but considering the circumstances I think we should be a little more private about it." She nodded and got up and walked right upstairs directly into my room with me in tow, staring at her ass the entire time.

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Probably not the best idea considering I could feel the blood rushing to my cock and it rising on its own. Upon walking into my room Jamie immediately settled into my computer chair and looked me over her eyes settling back on my cock, now half erect. Jamie got up walked over to me and pushed me back on the bed. Taking a step back she pulled her shirt over her head and pushed her shorts down to floor, standing back up just staring at me with a smile on her face.

She moved down to her knees between my legs her hands on my thighs when she looked up at me and asked, "Are you sure about this big brother?

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Once we go past this point there is no turning back. Ill give you your fantasy as long as you fill any fantasy or idea I want to try or do sexual and otherwise." Dumbstruck at her beauty still I croaked out, "Yes I'm sure." With that she moved her hands up taking my now rock solid cock in her small hands wrapping both around my shaft and starting to slowly stroke me. Feeling someone else's hands for the first time was amazing. Looking down and seeing my sister naked between my legs was the only thing that could have possibly made it better.

Still in disbelief I could only watch as my sister locked eyes with me as she lowered her mouth to my cock flicking out her tongue giving the underside of my head a short purposeful lick. Hearing the involuntary moan that escaped my lips she immediately dove down taking about 3 inches of me into her mouth. The feeling was exquisite, unlike anything I could have ever imagined. As I watched her lips move up and down my shaft her tongue danced around electrifying every spot she touched I couldn't stop what was about to happen.

I groaned out, "I'm about to…" when I felt one of her hands leave my cock to massage my balls. This feeling was just too much to handle as I shot off in her mouth, the suction added from her swallowing just egging me on to give her more.

Finally spent she pulled my cock out of her mouth with an audible pop and began cleaning up the little bit of my cum she wasn't able to swallow.

Jamie stood up and looking at me with pure lust in her eyes said, "I'm going to get us some water. When I get back I want to see myself laying on your bed." And with that she turned and walked out of my room.