Juvenile teen tight fur pie porn

Juvenile teen tight fur pie porn
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MY SISTER'S REVENGE. Growing up i had been rotten to my younger sister always breaking her toys getting her into trouble with our parents.


when we reached teenage it switched to teasing her about no boy finding her attractivebut secretly lusted after her , Many time she caught me spying on her undressing. This is the story of how when in our early twenty's she got her revenge woke up in a daze vision blurred, the last thing i could remember was being at my sister's & her friends party & having a drink , with my sight clearing i made a move to get up but something bite into my wrists found myself tied naked arms to the headboard feet in the air ropes around my bent knees forcing them up & apart.

I soon realised this was my sister's place & this was her bedroom. "Oh your awake nowsays my sister Jen waking into the room folowed by four of her friends "Now for the main party event girls, "Jen what the fucks going on fucking untie me this instant you bitch, " Shut up bro this have been a long time comming , The girls took seats at the bottom of the bed as i struggled to get free , "Jen i'am warning you for the last time fucking untie me, Jen called to one of the seated girls christine pass me that scarf from the dresser.

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Christine handed my sister the scarf"Help hold his head still Jen stuffed the scarf in my mouth & secured it in a knot round my neck while her friend held on to my head , "That better that'll keep him quite , "Now let the fun begin. Christine sat back down & One of the other girls kim who i knew worked as a nurse at a private clinic joined my sis , Kim took a tube of lube from her bag & as my sister & friends watched she slipped on a pair of thin rubber gloves. A cheer went out as kim pulled something out the bag i couldn't see She smeared cream over my arsehole, i started to panic, roughly she pushed a gloved finger up my rectum, I let out a groan it was muffled by the scarf.

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Fuck i could feel by face going red with embarrassment but far worse was to follow. Over more cheers from the girls my sister told kim no need to take it easy on me just get that virginal speculum inside him.


"Oh no! now i knew what the thing she had in the bag was. "Its ok jen i'll have him ready soon enough then you can take over, She pulled the finger out & then thrust two back up My spincter fighting her all the way, It hurt like hell but she kept up the pressure till finally my arse gave way she had won the battle.

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She fingered me like this for a short while telling the seated audience that i was loosening up nicely. Her other hand reached for the speculum as she pulled her fingers free Before i had time to recover the speculum's cold steel tip entered my arse , It was bigger & much longer than her fingers but ignoring my choked crys of pain she continued to push it all the way up , The girls were laughing & shouting "stretch him out stretch him out", "Ok Jen he's all yours ", said kim , My sister approached the bedRight bro this is for all the times you were a rotten little shit when we were growing up now its pay back time, Jen slowly turned the ratchet wheel on the speculum it clicked once & the jaws inside me moved apart, My sister asked "You are comfortable i do hope not".

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Moving to one side so all her friends got a unhindered view she moved the ratchet open to full , One girl pulled out her camera phone "Mind if i take a photo Jen". "Go ahead just be sure to show it to all your friends what a faggit he is kelly", she stood up snapped off a few shots"Make certain you get his face in the photos kelly" Kim rejoined my sister "Good job Jen let my get him ready for my next little toy", I felt her grab my balls in one hand & slip a thick elastic collar over my sack another thinner band snapped between them dividing them She flicked her finger tips catching me on each tightly fastened ball making me jump with the pain.

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All the girls thought this was great fun & one by one came over to take a turn , After they had done Kim noticed my sister had not taken a turn.

"Well Jen what are you waiting for slap his balls" , "I don't know its all a bit incestual touching his balls he is my brother but i do want to make him suffer", Kim turned to the girls "What do you think should she do", Do it do it came back the unanimous responce , "Ok bro by friends have spoken here it comes", Holding nothing back she gave my balls a hard slap, "That'll teacher you bro you fucking little cunt", This slap really hurt it was much harder than any of the others the pain made me try to curl up but i was tied tight so just twisted & moved the best i could , "Again ", i heard them all shout & another slap caught me firmly on both balls, The pain shot through my body making me shake "Enough ", shouted Kim taking back charge of the situation, She pulled from her bag a vibrator"Its Milking time darling sissy boy", I heard the vib start up before feeling Kim tease both my tender aching balls with its tip, I let out a sigh from a mix of pleasure & pain , Then catching me conpletely off guard she placed the vib inside the opening of the speculum & moved it about inside till she found the spot she'd been looking for my prostate gland , It was like an electric shock deep in my arse as Kim massaged the vib round & round, I looked down to see my flaccid cock leaking clear precum my face reddened with the embarrassment, She kept on stimulating my prostate dispite my muffled protest's while my sister & the other girls watched my predicament with glee, Leaving the vib resting inside me Kim when to her bag & took out a large vib with a long curved bulbus tip, She Removed the vib inside me giving me temporary relief than lasted only seconds before it was replaced by the larger curved one, This really filled my rectum as she pushed it upit had no room for side to side movement just up & down.

Kim fucked my arse hole with the toy taking slow deep strokeson each inward thrust the curved tip rubbed my prostate making more precum leak from my cock. The vibrations from this toy were much stronger than the other vib & with its tight fit i could feel its full length teasing my hole , How could i leak so much precum without getting hard or cumming ?

i did not know.


what happend next took me be surprise Kim forced the vib a little higher & then closed the speculum & removed it. My anal sphincter snapped shut trapping the buzzing toy inside me.

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My sister & the girls smiled as they left the room. "Have fun bro be back later".

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