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Kylie Rey Beautiful Babe fucks so good
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The Major's Pretty Baby Face-Chapter 4 By Beagle9690 May 2013 I awoke the next morning refreshed hugging one of my pillows and pleasantly aroused. My nipples were firm and sensitive where they pressed up against it. My pussy was now forever permanently hairless and sensuously smooth to expose the flower of my womanhood to my Master's lips and tongue.or this morning to my fingers.


Matthew encourages me to explore my sexuality. So in my free time, I have secretly read Mary's entire collection of Erotica. I closed my eyes and lay back to pleasure myself snuggling comfortably down into my pillows; one can never have too many pillows on their bed. I slowly slid the middle finger of my right hand down my body from the base of my neck and down in-between my breasts, past my firm flat stomach to my crouch.

I was breathing deeply, totally relaxed, thinking of Matthew's muscular body and how he kisses me with such testosterone laden passion; our tongues intertwined, fluttering and probing. I could almost feel his hard pulsating cock pressed up against me, or pulsating in my mouth, his rich and delicious creamy seed for me to swallow. I was caressing my breasts with my other hand, pretending it was my Master's.

Matthew can make me orgasm merely by caressing my full round breasts. I rubbed my bare and smooth vagina with the palm of my hand stimulating myself until I was practically dripping in my arousal; until I was ready to use my index and middle finger to stroke around the outer lips of my vagina and then towards my clit throwing my head back in ecstasy.

My breathing was heavy now and I was moaning softly every now and again. I then made my way to the opening of my vagina; my middle finger entering, a second and a third. My legs were spread wide and at this moment while I was ravishing my vagina and clitoris with my both hands; rubbing my smooth hairless mound.

Soon my orgasm washed over me in sweet release. I must tell my Master about masturbating when I see him next, explaining it in detail. I wish I knew why the Major won't lock his office door and ravish me during work hours. I do know, nevertheless Matthew allows me to pleasure myself twice a week during those times he can't take care of my needs.well perhaps this morning when I get to work two hours early.

I dressed conservatively and professionally as always for work choosing a simple blue dress with three quarter sleeves and a lace collar. I packed a soft sided suitcase with several changes of clothing just in case my Matthew arranged for an earlier appointment to have my labia pierced for my captive bead ring.

Matthew might surprise me and we would be going on an overnight business trip. I also brought my portfolio with my best paintings and sketches in the event Dr. Andrews was in the building after Janet finished. I am looking forward to my pussy jewelry; fully aware of its meaning and purpose in the world of Dominant men and submissive women. Would it truly enhance my arousal as Janet assured me? I've never experienced such unbelievable breathtaking and intense multiple orgasms until Matthew.or the little gentle ones such as I experience in the shower.

Can my orgasms possibly be more intense and satisfying after my captive bead ring? Mary believes some men are intimidated by a woman's orgasm or they are actually turned off by them. It is also her opinion that many men simply can't be bothered because they are clueless. Donald is one of those clueless men only concerned with his own pleasure. Matthew absolutely delights in my orgasms as he delights in me. My captive bead ring will be another small step in my submissive journey to be his obedient slut kneeling aroused and ready at his feet with my pussy jewelry to prove I am Matthew's woman.

I know deep in my heart of hearts there is not diamond or any precious gem stone in existence, regardless of its clarity, brilliance, size or cut that can take its place. My private thought; my heart's desire. is the gift of my captive bead ring will symbolize what a diamond engagement ring represents; a promise of commitment from Matthew who is my lover and my Master. I was in my office waiting when Chastity arrived at work.

We will be taking a day trip to Saratoga Springs. It's a 2 hour drive by car and the earlier we start the better. There is a business deal pending. It will be very profitable should I succeed in my negotiations. It will be very pleasurable regardless and I'm up to the challenge of a difficult woman from what I am told. Besides being wealthy, Ms. Lucinda Carmichael is somewhat of an eccentric woman in her mid-fifties and at six-five is one inch taller than me.

Ms. Carmichael keeps a stable of several horses on her estate and is an avid equestrian. Lucinda has box seats on the finish line at Saratoga Downs. Interestingly enough she seldom bets more than two dollars on any given race when she bothers to bet at all. Lucinda primarily goes for the fine dining offered there and the staff can set their watches as to when Lucinda will arrive at her permanently reserved table.

I'm told Ms. Carmichael is generous with her money. She is a Patron of the arts and sponsors several scholarships. John gave me the referral. This mentioned lady is also his first cousin. Lucinda is not a member of the Community. It is my understanding she marches to her own drum beat and consequently because of it, her circle of friends is small. John hinted that Lucinda was a bit wild in her youth. She continues to be so on occasion with both men and women; discretely of course, although she has intimidated many prospective male lovers; yet another reason to meet with me personally; a challenge for her.

John insisted I bring Chastity, assuring me his cousin would be charmed by her, as was more than charmed. John contends Chastity is perfect for me. As my personal secretary I would have brought her regardless. John advised me ahead of time that Lucinda's intellect is as sharp as a scalpel and her tongue can be sharper still. In the final analysis Ms. Carmichael also wants someone she can trust to insure her small but very valuable art collection. Matthew was waiting for me when I arrived.

He was leaning back in his chair with his feet up on the desk with a faded and frayed green fatigue cap pulled down over his eyes. "Good morning beautiful.

Do you have a kiss for me?" he asked pushing his cap up and standing to walk over to greet me. The Major was dressed casually in button-down blue jeans and a white oxford long sleeve shirt with the sleeves partially rolled up. Matthew was also wearing his well worn and comfortable Russell double sole leather moccasins, a very good sign.

This most likely means we were taking a day trip or longer and I wondered where. I put my arms around Matthew's neck and kissed his lips too enjoy the sexual tingle from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. "Good morning Sir. Are you going somewhere?" "We are going to Saratoga Springs. This is a day trip under most circumstances although I booked us adjoining rooms.

I will tell you the details on the way down. I think you will enjoy meeting Ms. Lucinda Carmichael in more ways than you might imagine. This will be your first opportunity to run with the big dogs.

Did you bring a change of clothing?" "Yes Sir. I also brought my portfolio in case you arranged for an early appointment with Janet. I thought we might visit with Dr. Andrews afterward." "Perfect and most appropriate; you will when the time comes. That time is next Friday. I have decided to take you to Janet myself. Why should Mary have all the fun?" The Major put his arms around my waist and kissed my lips.more tingling. "There is room to hang your dress in my garment bag; need I say more.?" I changed in Matthew's bathroom into my green corduroy jumper red leotards underneath.

I changed from my navy-blue pumps to white Nike sneakers. "Leave your hair up for now, Chastity, and one more thing, turn around please." When I did Matthew put the fine sterling silver chain with my handcuff key around my neck, "We may need this key later today. I put yours and another pair of plain blued-steel bracelets in your purse. Shall we leave.?" We stopped once on Interstate-90 at a rest-area for a bathroom and coffee break.

As he always does, Matthew opened the door for me and offered his hand to help me out.his mother raised her son to be an Officer and a gentleman. I took the Major's arm and we walked in together separating to go to our restrooms. We would meet in the concourse by the map display before getting our coffee. Matthew was studying a map when I came out. I walked up behind him and put my arms around his waist to hug him. "I'm ready for my coffee, Sir," I said pitting my hands around his waist and hugging him as he folded the map and put it back in its proper slot in the rack.

Matthew took my hands in his and squeezed them. "Well, I never like to keep a Lady waiting; especially one who kisses so nicely." The Major turned to put his hands on my waist to kiss my lips long and deep in front of everybody, "I'm thinking about another hug and kiss before our coffee to celebrate if nothing else our time alone together." We were about 50 miles out from our destination when Matthew decided to exit Interstate 90.

I assumed at the time he wanted to take the scenic way along the Mohawk River as we had plenty of time. Matthew took a secondary route followed by a back road.

We turned right off this macadam road onto a hard-packed gravel road between the trees along the river until we stopped in front of two massive concrete filled steel posts sunk deep in the ground with a log chain stretched across. Matthew got out to unlock the massive security padlock and moved the heavy chain out of our way.

After driving through, he reattached the chain to the post locking the padlock in place. We drove until we arrived at a secluded meadow of wild grasses and sweet clover sprinkled with colorful wildflowers.

The meadow was surrounded on all sides by oak, chestnut and maple trees. There also was a partial view of the river on the west end in breaks between the trees. Matthew helped me out of the Land Rover and stated, "We're going to try something new," and removed a neatly folded red silk scarf from his rear jeans pocket, "turn around, beautiful." I did and Matthew tied the scarf over my eyes as a blindfold while saying "unpin you hair but leave it in a ponytail.

You will then strip for me." I removed all my clothing except for my sterling silver chain with the handcuff key hanging from my neck.

I touched it in question, "Leave it on and put your hands behind your back. We're going for a little walk." The sun kissed grass and clover felt warm and soft underneath my bare feet as Matthew walked me in the direction of a large oak tree in the middle of the sunlit meadow. "Put your hands above you head Chastity.excellent. now bring them closer together." I could hear the familiar click as Matthew joined the two pair of handcuffs to make one restraint which he hung above my head on one of the lower branches.

Matthew then snapped the co-joined handcuffs to my wrists leaving me helpless to his uncompromising intentions. My Master put his arms around my waist and rubbed my flat tummy. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he kissed my cheek; nuzzling his face against mine to lick and nibble on my earlobes. This always gives me goose bumps and makes my skin tingle all over. Matthew shifted his strong hands to caress and stroke my full round breasts; my sensitive pink nipples hardened instantly at his demanding touch as he continued kissing my neck and face.

Matthew got in front of me and held my face in his hands while he kissed my lips long and deep. It was a long and passionate kiss as our tongues intertwined caressing and probing as if they had minds of their own.

My Master worked his way down my glorious naked body, licking and kissing; first my breasts, licking around the circumference of my hard nipples and then sucking on them. His hands were everywhere; his were fingers branding me with goose-bumps and tingles wherever he touched me. I wanted to return Matthew's caresses. I wanted to touch his hard body with my hands as I pulled against the branch; it was hopeless. I moaned with the pleasure to his touch as I felt my orgasm build.

Soon Matthew's hands spread my pussy lips to dip his fingers into my wetness, pausing only to taste them as he always does. I wanted to orgasm so bad, however, several times, just as I reached my peak, Matthew would stop, denying me sweet release. "Do you want to orgasm my pretty slut," my Master asked standing up to kiss my lips, "perhaps I will make you wait." "Please Matthew, I begged, desperately seeking his lips to return his kisses, "Please, Sir; your pretty slut wants to come; please let me come." Matthew pinched my nipples, making me gasp, acutely aware of how sensitive they were, the pain heightening my arousal.

His fingers began to stroke my clitoris making my whole body shake with pleasure. His hand on my breasts became rougher and more urgent as he pinched my nipples and put his fingers inside my pussy and began to thrust with fast and forceful motions.

Matthew was slapping my ass with one hand as he ravished my pussy and sweet swollen clit with the fingers of the other. I was practically screaming as my violent orgasms took over, one after another; not caring who heard me; not caring if I were seen cuffed and naked to a tree.not caring about anything but them.

Matthew removed my blindfold. He kissed my lips lightly, "You are such a hot horny slut, baby face, with such magnificent violent orgasms; you were screaming when you came." Matthew's face was beaming with pride when he kissed my lips again.

It amazes me how far I have come from a frumpy housewife to what I was always meant to be; a submissive slut; a term of endearment to a dominant man who truly appreciates me. Matthew encourages something I have always loved from childhood to the present; to paint and draw for art's sake and for my immortal soul.

Here I was naked, handcuffed to a tree, and yet I felt so alive and complete because I was alone with my Master and lover. Matthew has never said the words (I love you).I can tell from his eyes alone that he does and that is enough for now. "Well, beautiful," he complimented while kissing my lips as he took my hair out of the ponytail, "Shake your head," and I did, my hair fanning out over my shoulders and back, "pout for me.very nice," and he kissed my lips again.

"I'm going to take a short nap. You will wake me if you see anyone coming." "Yes Sir," I replied, looking up at my wrist handcuffed to the tree while thinking, 'Are you really going to keep me like this?' as he lay down underneath the tree, putting his hands under his head like a pillow and closing his eyes. "Sir" I said meekly. "Yes Chastity." "Matthew.Sir!" "Oh, very well, just this one time," Matthew said as he stood up to remove the handcuffs, "there's a blanket on the back seat of the Land Rover," and he gave my ass a playful swat "I'm going to count to twenty and you'd better be back with it before" What a glorious sight Chastity was to my eyes that day as she ran naked through the meadow with her blonde hair streaming behind her.

It does my heart good to see her carefree and happy like this. My baby face quickly returned to spread the blanket near the base of the tree before getting on her knees directly before me to cross her arms behind her back.

She knew instinctively what I wanted. "Read my mind, pretty slut," Matthew said as he folded his arms across his chest and looked into my eyes. I was in no hurry as I unbuttoned the fly of my Master's classic Levi button-down blue jeans.I was determined to savor every second of his cock in my mouth from start to finish.

It's my duty and pleasure after those wonderfully satisfying orgasms to attend too and please him. Matthew's manhood was straining against his jeans as I pulled his cock and balls out for me to enjoy. I started by kissing the tip of Matthew's hard cock. His cock was pulsating and twitching in anticipation with a mind of its own as I licked; I love teasing him this way. I continued to lick and suck on his hard pulsating cock… probing and teasing him with my tongue and lips.looking up into his eyes as I did so.looking up into the eyes of my Master.

I had half of his cock in my mouth as I licked and sucked; the deep-throating soon to follow I stopped sucking and licking his cock to lick and suck on his balls making him gasp with pleasure.

As I have said before; Matthew is putty in my hands when I lick and suck on his balls. I playfully teased him as I nibbled, licked and kissed them feeling him shudder with pleasure.

Matthew's hands were buried in my hair as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth; as I licked and sucked ravenously; savoring every inch of it, all wet and sloppy. I was fantasizing his porn star cock buried up to his balls in my cunt.

I wanted to be on my hands and knees for Matthew to ravish me like a woman, his woman, pulling my long blonde hair while squeezing and pinching my nipples when he impales my cunt with his hard cock, but I mustn't be selfish. Matthew's orgasm was an onslaught of testosterone laden energy as his hard member assaulted my mouth and tongue, followed by a torrent of his thick rich semen flooding my mouth for me to swallow greedily. I finished my secretarially duties by cleaning his cock and balls with my mouth and tongue; drying them with my hair as any proper and well mannered obedient submissive would.

I secretly imagine Matthew's cock was mine and mine alone, as I buttoned up his blue jeans and then waited for him to invite me to nap. It was such a simple thing this nap; simply erotic and peaceful, underneath a tree in a sunlit meadow. Matthew lay down and held his arms out for me to come to him.

We cuddled close with his arms wrapped protectively around me as I lay on my side facing away from him. He fell asleep almost immediately while I didn't sleep a wink as we lay there quietly for about an hour. I watched as the warm breeze tickled the grass and wild flowers. Too soon it was time to get dressed and leave.

I put my hair up in a nice bun; my hair is another reminder of my submission to Matthew; as is how I must dress and comport myself at all times.

My long blonde hair is for his hands only. I'm not allowed to wear it loose or unbound in public unless I am with him. It must always be pinned up or braided. This is a command the Major strictly enforces.

Matthew helped me into the Land Rover and before he closed the door said, "Close your eyes, beautiful." I did of course, waiting for permission to open them. Matthew got into the Land Rover and closed his door. I could feel his hands as he put something in my hair by my bun. "Turn your head and kiss me, baby face," and when I did he kissed my lips lightly. "You will keep them closed for the duration of the trip which is about another fifty minutes, or you may nap; don't you dare peek in the Land Rover's mirrors." We arrived at the Adelphi Hotel Inn at approximately two-thirty.

The Adelphi Hotel Inn is a rare High Victorian Hotel Inn from the end of the 19th century. It was built in 1877 during the heyday of when the waters of Saratoga Springs were thought to have medicinal and spiritual curative properties. It once reigned as America's "Queen of Spas." What a grand old lady she is. The Adelphi is furnished almost exclusively with antiques or reproductions from the Victorian Era; our suite included.

Matthew arranged for one of the largest available. It is often referred to as a honeymoon suite. I stopped to look at myself in the large ornate gold gilded framed mirror that took up one wall in the lobby to see a cluster of purple iris in my hair. The Major didn't say anything about other mirrors. Matthew was at the front desk checking us in when I caught up to him. I put my arms around his waist to hug him and kiss his cheek as I pressed myself up against his hard lead body to hold on to his muscular arm.

When he finished Matthew turned to look at me and asked, "Did you peek?" "Yes, Sir I did but not in the Land Rover's mirror." "I'm sure you're wondering about our little side trip, beautiful. I found the meadow happen stance while drift fishing the River. I'm inexplicably drawn to it. Not too long after finding it I purchased it along with ten acres of the surrounding land. Afterward I discovered a small abandoned cottage, or should I say the stone foundation of what was once a cottage with a well close by.

The water in the well is cold and pure and I intend to rebuild on the foundation someday and use it as a getaway. If there is time we'll stop again on the way home." 'That would explain the blueprint of a Cottage you have locked in your desk drawer. 'It's so cozy looking; like a cottage from a Children's Fairytale Story Book. I wonder if he has taken any woman but me there before,' were my thoughts.

"Have you ever." I didn't finish the question because The Major kissed my lips, guessing my thoughts, "No Mary has not been there," and Matthew kissed my lips again, "Shall we go?" he asked taking his arm in mine, "our bellhop is waiting." The bellhop pushed the brass trolley with our luggage to the elevator and then pushed it to our door where Matthew gave him a nice gratuity followed by a hand-shake.

There was a large muscular black man sitting in a folding chair blocking the door to my room. He was dressed neatly in tan slacks and a dark blue polo shirt and I noticed he was wearing spit-polished black brogans. He stood up and moved the chair out of the away before shaking Matthew's hand warmly, followed by the brief hug that men do as they slap each other hard on the back trying to outdo each other to see who can hit the hardest.

From the man's demeanor and ramrod posture I guessed him to be a Marine; should I mention the Marine Emblem tattoo on his arm. "Magnus, this is Chastity Morgan my Personal Secretary. Chastity, this is Magnus Augustine, former Captain USMC. The big sissy did his time, barely, but didn't join the Reserves.

He now runs an armed Security and Currier Service that specializes in transporting unique and precious items discretely, quietly and securely." "I'm pleased to meet you, Ms. Morgan. This no account bum and I go way back.

We were boots together," Magnus said smiling shaking my hand gently.'goodness,' I thought, 'his hands are huge.

What an interesting contrast between the two men; Matthew's muscles are long and ropey while Mr. Augustine's are the bulging muscles a weight lifter.' "I'm pleased to meet you Mr. Augustine. How long have you been married?" I asked noticing the plain gold wedding band on his finger. "Not long enough," Magnus said displaying a friendly smile, "actually it has been fifteen years of wedded bliss to the love of my life.

Marrying Denise, my Nubian Princess is the best decision I ever made," and I was thinking, 'It's refreshing to meet a man who loves his wife and is not shy to say so; and what a unique term of Nubian Princess! I wonder what she looks like?' "We have plenty of time before our meeting, Magnus," Matthew suggested, "would you and Denise care to meet us in the dining room for lunch?

Shall we say in an hour?" "We would; Denise is looking forward to seeing you again and knew you would ask because the children are with their Grandma. I'm sure my Princess will be delighted in meeting Chastity. We'll meet you there and reserve us a table." The first thing I noticed when I walked into my room was the beautiful bouquet of blue morning glories in a planter on the antique Queen Anne's Desk.

When I walked over to admire them I noticed the small lead glass crystal box in the shape of a heart. Underneath the crystal heart was a single sheet of white linen parchment folded in three and secured with a red wax seal impressed with Matthew's initials from his gold signet ring; MTW for Matthew Thomas Wright.

It was addressed to me "Chastity" in Matthew's bold cursive writing. I broke the wax seal and unfolded it to read a poem written in the same bold cursive. 'Soft as eiderdown is Chastity's flaxen hair of gold. Bluer than morning flowers of glory are Chastity's eyes that put to shame blue sapphires rare. Her lips are softer than rose petals when they caress mine.

Chastity is mine to touch, to hold close; to feel the rhythm of her gentle caring heart beating with mine. It beats softly beneath her breast to inspire my soul to shine as brightly. Matthew was standing behind me as I turned to him; not so stern or rigid now as he looked at me with loving tenderness in his eyes. "Matthew, did you write that for me," I touched his face gently, thinking, 'No one has ever written poetry to me before.I hear the rhythm of your heart beating with mine.I will always cherish this beautiful poem.' "Yes and although not the prose of Lord Byron, I was inspired while we soaked in the tub sipping our tea.

There is something else; open your heart." On one side of the crystal heart was my favorite Belgium chocolate in its familiar gold foil wrapping. On the other side nestled on top of a red silk bag was a pair of stunning white South Sea cultured pearl stud earrings set in 18k yellow gold.

"Oh, Matthew, they're stunning! Thank you! My poem and now these beautiful pearl earrings; they must have cost you a fortune. Is that why you hired an armed currier service, just for me?" My head was spinning as I was thinking, 'The pearls in my necklace are South Sea pearls.

I wish my ears were pierced so that I can put my earrings on now.but a poem! Can you believe it! Matthew hired an armed courier to safely deliver my poem!' "I did, however I wasn't sure if they would arrive in time. They were hand selected and matched as closely as possible by a pearl merchant in Japan. Mr. Saito's family has been in the business well over two-hundred years.

That being said, the cost is irrelevant. What good is money if not well spent. As good luck was mine your earrings arrived at the perfect time and good old Magnus took care of the rest." Matthew took the chocolate from the crystal heart to remove the gold foil wrapping, "There are 11 pieces in the desk drawer," he said as he held the heavenly chocolate to up my lips for me to bite. I bit the chocolate in half and then offered the rest up to his lips as lovers do, letting mine melt into a liquid, as did Matthew.

We then kissed.indescribable chocolate tingles.I can barely wait until Friday to have my ears pierced. "Your full generous lips now taste like chocolate rose petals, baby-face." I put the crystal box on the antique desk to put my arms around his neck to kiss his still chocolate tasting mouth and lips long and deep. Matthew held me for a moment with his arms around my waist.

My head was on his chest and could hear the beating of his heart. "I'll tell you a secret baby face," Matthew started taking my hair down, "I've never written poetry to any woman until now. There I finished," he put the pins and elastic hair tie on the desk. "You will wear your hair down and loose until our appointment with Ms. Carmichael. Give me your brush and I'll brush it for you." They were waiting for us when we arrived in the dining room and I now understood why Magnus referred to Denise as a Nubian Princess; the woman is stunningly beautiful.

Denise is tall and lithe. She has a way about her that is open and friendly; perhaps nurturing would best describe Denise when she smiles. Denise has soft light brown eyes and creamy brown skin, dark and rich, blemish free.the color of my Belgium chocolate. Her hair is natural and cut close to her head to accentuate her long neck; gold hoop earrings graced her small ears.

Denise's only jewelry besides the earrings was a gold wedding band, diamond engagement ring and small gold cross on a fine gold chain. Denise's dress was form fitting with a traditional African flair; the colors and pattern bright yet tasteful. She was wearing simple leather sandals on her feet. She and Matthew hugged briefly, kissing each other on the cheek before Matthew introduced Denise to me. Magnus was beaming from ear to ear; there was no doubt in my mind how much he loved his Nubian princess.

Denise and I each ordered a Caesar Salad followed by creamy Lobster Bisque that was the best I ever tasted. Matthew and Magnus had porterhouse steaks; for dessert we all had a nice cherry cordial with our coffee. The conversation was light and friendly. I imagined I was Matthew's wife attending a get-together with another couple for a dinner date. I was interested to learn that Denise is a first grade school teacher.

I also learned the Augustine's have two children; a girl and a boy ages eight and ten. Denise asked me if I would like to see pictures while the men talked about old times and good naturedly insulted of each other.

Of course I said yes, I adore children. Denise took a small but thick photo album from her purse. Goodness what proud parents they are.the album had pictures from birth to the present. As always, Chastity made a good impression. She and Denise seemed to hit it off quite well, but then Chastity has a nice charming way with all people. If I had given her flowers and candy, Chastity would be happy; candy, flowers and her pearl earrings, no less happy.

It is my poem which she treasured the most as I knew she would because for me the poem meant everything. I gave her a piece of myself as she gives to me. The expression on Chastity's face as she read it far surpasses the six-grand I paid for the earrings.

This is precisely why my beautiful baby-face deserves them. Our appointment with Ms. Carmichael was for 5:00PM and we drove down the private road to her estate at approximately 4:45 PM. I was under strict instructions to do exactly as told by while we are there regardless of what happened. I was dressed for business again in my blue dress with my hair put up in a nice bun. I thought these instructions odd since we were there to inspect her extensive art collection; primarily paintings and sketches for us to write an insurance policy.

Matthew advised me Ms. Carmichael's collection rivaled many small art galleries. The Mansion was a three story brick house in the elegant Federalist style of Architecture with the original carriage house/ stables constructed of the same red brick. There were several out buildings including the smoke house, ice house and a single story caretaker's cottage of red brick.

Ms. Carmichael's Family's estate dates back to 1820. It is registered as an historical landmark with everything restored to almost original condition excluding electricity, central heating and other modern amenities. We walked up to the front door and rang the answer.we rang it again.still no answer. We turned to the faint sound of hoof-beats in the distance on the brick paved driveway and saw a mounted rider approaching at a fast trot.

The rider slowed the gray stallion down to at walk about 50 yards from the mansion. And of all things she was riding bareback.

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Ms Carmichael rode right up to the front steps and Matthew walked down the steps to grab the bridle to help her dismount.

Ms. Carmichael dismounted gracefully with not so much as a hello or a how-do-you do. She started walking towards the barn impatiently snapping her red leather riding crop in the air. I started to follow her but Matthew stopped me with a hand gesture.after several seconds, Ms Carmichael stopped walking and turned to us. "Do you need a written invitation?" she asked loudly and sarcastically, "Gandalf belongs in the stables.

Perhaps you think that I keep my horses in my parlor? Are you afraid of getting honest horse shit on your spit shined shoes Mr. Wright?" 'This is not beginning well at all!' I was thinking, 'the Major said she is a bit of an eccentric, but this?' "Ms Carmichael. I'm not one of your lackeys or stable hands to be ordered about." Matthew led the horse to the porch and tied the horse's reins to the black iron railing, "I'll concede that you are the expert on horses and their subsequent rectal and urinary by-products; need I tell you what you can do with them?" Ms.

Carmichael came storming back with an indignant look on her face except now was slapping the riding crop angrily on the side of her! Even off the horse Ms. Carmichael is an imposing woman who no doubt is always accustomed to having her own way.

Lucinda's long red hair was pulled back in a tight braided chignon at the back of her neck. She was wearing a red checkered flannel shirt tucked in her blue jeans with the jeans tucked into knee high black riding boots. Lucinda is also a tall woman and big boned. She is perhaps an inch taller than Matthew with the riding boots adding another inch to her height. She stood in front of Matthew and tapped disrespectfully on his chest with her riding crop to annunciate her indignant anger. "I was prepared to have you write a five million dollar insurance policy should you meet my criteria.

I was open to invest millions in the mutual funds you manage; so far I'm less than impressed by you. Apparently you don't know your place!" "Stop hitting me with your riding crop, Lucinda," Matthew said quietly. "What are you going to do if I don't?" she asked not stopping. "You'll regret it." Ms. Carmichael cocked her arm back and hit Matthew's thigh forcefully with the riding crop. God that had to hurt and no doubt left a welt. The Major didn't flinch; he merely smiled.

I was instructed not to interfere but I already was beginning to dislike this dare she. "Try and hit me again, Lucinda." Ms. Carmichael tried. This time Matthew caught her wrist as the blow descended pulling the riding crop right out of her hand. He then leveraged Lucinda's wrist pinning her arm behind her back. In the blink of an eye she face-down on the grass with Matthew sitting on her.

Ms. Carmichael was struggling and cursing up a storm when Matthew said "Chastity, get the plain bracelets ready please." I walked over to Matthew to give him the blued handcuffs from my purse thinking 'Good, now she is going to get her just dessert for hitting you, my love." "Don't claim I didn't warn you." My Matthew said calmly as he forcefully spanked Ms. Carmichael's buttocks with her riding crop, "You're running with a big dog now Lucinda.

This dog has teeth and will bite you back." When he finished spanking her, Matthew took the plain blued handcuffs from me and snapped them on her wrists. He took off her riding boots off followed her socks, blue jeans and panties which he handed to me to fold and put neatly in a pile. When he finished Matthew stood up. Ms. Carmichael rolled to one side managing to get up on her knees.

The Major grabbed Lucinda's hair and held her in place to prevent her from standing. She looked at him defiantly with tears in her green eyes.

She hadn't uttered a sound during the entire spanking. "As you well know I'm here for reasons other than money. I'll ask you this one time. Are you up for the challenge? If not I'll remove the handcuffs. My secretary and I will leave; otherwise remain silent and we shall see." Ms.

Carmichael continued to stare at him defiantly, twisting her wrists from side to side in the handcuffs. "I'll take your silence as a yes, Lucinda. Listen carefully; from this point on you will remain silent or your next spanking will be on your bare bottom and I won't hold back. Open your mouth." Matthew put her riding crop in it, "Now bite.very good. You like to play the part of a dominant. I have another role in mind for you. Do you know what will happen to you if you drop it?" Ms.

Carmichael nodded her head for yes. Matthew let go of her hair and walked over and rubbed Gandalf's face. "Your stallion is a fine example of an Arabian, Lucinda. He's obviously very well cared for; I would estimate he stands at 15 hands.

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I don't believe that I will get horse manure on my shoes should we walk to the barn. The surrounding grounds are immaculate so I'll assume your stables are immaculate. I'm also aware you are a writer of erotica and a published author writing under the pen name of Horse Mistress. I also know you fancy yourself a Dominant. There is fact, and then there is fiction; fiction is often followed by wishful thinking which leads to fantasy.

You will answer truthfully now that you have experienced a little taste of what I am capable.stop, don't get up. Stay kneeling or else. I'm surmising all your help is gone for the day, correct?" Ms.

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Carmichael nodded her head for yes. "Did you prepare a meal or have a meal and/or refreshments prepared for us?" and again Ms. Carmichael nodded yes.

"Excellent, I'm aware you're a gourmet cook so perhaps we may trade recipes when you learn your place with me. No doubt you will let us play with your bondage toys because if the riding crop is any indication you were hoping to try them on me or Chastity; Am I correct?" Ms.

Carmichael nodded yes. "I'm not one for props or scripts, Lucinda. My methods are my own and I tailor them to the particular woman including you. I suppose props have their place to elicit orgasmic pleasure in methods are more basic and subtle.

You might say spontaneous to the situation at hand. You may stand." My Master removed and opened a large lock blade folding knife from suit his trouser pocket. He always carries a knife of some sort with him. This particular knife is one of a kind. Its custom made to be both light weight but strong with titanium bolsters and carbon fiber inlays. The 5" ATS34-steel blade is absolutely razor sharp.

Because of the handcuffs, Matthew cut Lucinda's shirt and bra off before making her to stand naked before us. I could see that Ms. Carmichael is a natural red head from her neatly trimmed pubic mound. "What a big girl you are, Lucinda," Matthew commented closing the knife and putting it in his pocket.

He took her hair out of the tight braided chignon to let it fall in waves to the middle of her back. Matthew untied the horse from the porch railing and gave me the reins, "Follow us to the barn with Lucinda's clothing." "May I ride him there, Sir?" I asked while petting Gandalf's face. "What a great idea and you certainly may. It slipped my mind about the collection of porcelain horses you had as a child or your fascination with everything horses.and one porcelain pony.

You told me about the summers you spent during your childhood riding on your Uncle Martin's farm. Perhaps Lucinda would like to see how a true submissive woman expresses her sexuality, Chastity.

Chastity's precious submissive sexuality comes to her as naturally as breathing, Lucinda; fact, not fiction or pretend. Take off all your clothing please, Ms. Morgan." As a teenager and especially during the first signs of budding of my womanhood, I often dreamed of riding a horse naked. Particularly after being stimulated and aroused when riding clothed in my Uncle Martin's gentle gelding.

I imagined then I was one of Epona's, the Celtic goddess of horses' handmaidens. In my dreams I would ride the mighty winged steed Pegasus naked and free as he galloped through the clouds of my imagination.

I often wished I had the courage to ride Silver bareback while I was naked. Often times I would lie unseen in the tall grass and pleasure myself while I let Silver wander to graze on a hobble. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like feeling those powerful muscles moving beneath me as Silver ran.

My Uncle Martin named his horse after the Lone Ranger's horse. I thought it so cool at the time and I still do. Silver has departed this earth to a good horse's reward in heaven; Hi-ho, Silver my loyal childhood steed and dear gentle equine companion. I realize now from reading erotica the horse represents the quintessential phallic pleasure; the romantic ideal of a strong and protective lover; a phallic symbol of fertility and my desire to conceive children. Donald never wanted to adopt.

He stated and I quote, "I refuse to raise other people's castoff mistakes". I discussed my desire for children and my inability to conceive with Matthew while we cuddled in our hammock looking up at the stars.

Afterward he was quiet and thoughtful until he spoke. "I don't know what God's plan is for you, Chastity, except to say God has given you free will to choose and here we are. God blessed you with the ability to conceive and bring forth lifelike images with your hands. It would be a sin not to embrace your gift" While I undressed, leaving on my silver sterling silver chain with the handcuff key as before I was thinking, "and now my free will allows me to bring forth and embrace my sexuality,' as I dropped my clothing onto the grass to stand gloriously naked at my Master's command.

"Chastity is magnificent, is she not, Lucinda? Take your hair down, baby shake your head.marvelous! Did you know Chastity is an artist; she paints and draws to make life like images on paper?" My Master walked over to me, "Lift your foot and put it in my hands so I can help you up. I'll assume mounting a horse naked and without stirrups needs some practice," and after I was on Gandalf's back. "Gandalf is beautiful, Ms Carmichael, thank you for allowing me to ride him." I was still annoyed she dared to hit Matthew as I leaned forward taking the reins to kiss Gandalf's neck thinking, 'I finally got my wish.

I really am riding a stallion naked.what a handsome and powerful steed. "Matthew?" The Major knew what I was going to ask him. "Yes, you may ride him for a little while in sight of the house.

Just be available when I call." "Well Ms. Carmichael," I asked after Chastity rode off, "have you ever ridden naked bareback?" and she shook her head for no, "what a shame. Let's see what surprises you have for us in the barn." I grabbed Lucinda's hair at the nape of her neck giving her head a little tug, "I'm positive it will be enjoyable.

I've never had a woman who is taller than me before. I'm looking forward to it. " We walked to the barn and once there I observed two other horses, geldings not stallions, watching us calmly from their stalls. One was a chestnut brown Jutland at approximately 16 hands and the other a black American quarter horse close to 17 hands. Lucinda has a rather eclectic although somewhat fitting small menagerie of equines. We stopped in front of their stalls where I looked at the brass plates with their names engraved on them.

Brownie was the Jutland's name while Blackie was the American Quarter Horse; naturally Gandalf's stall was empty. There were two long rectangular tables at the far end of the barn that were covered with red satin tablecloths. It was obvious the tablecloths were meant to conceal objects underneath.

On the floor adjacent to the tables were thick mats similar to what one would find in gymnasiums. The mats were centered underneath a 4"x4" diameter horizontal wood beam that was anchored to the walls on identical vertical wood beams bolted to the walls. The horizontal beam rose nine feet from the floor.

There were eyebolts and hooks on the bottom to attach various bondage devices. "Well, Lucinda," I commented as I played with her well cared for wavy and silky red hair, "what surprises shall we find underneath the tablecloths?" Twisting long red hair in my hand like a leash, I led her to the tables and removed the covering.

I shook my head in disbelief and started to laugh, "Really Ms. Carmichael" I continued laughing "you're certainly well equipped and well prepared for all BDSM contingences, except for this one." On the tables were whips of various materials and configurations, dildos, ball gags, jaw spreaders plus leather wrist and ankles cuffs.

There where body harnesses made of leather or made of chains. There were nipple clamps, leather and vinyl full head masks, spreaders and truss bars: chastity belts and cock rings, cock and ball toys.there were other things that I can only guess their purpose; the table was like a display in BDSM Emporium.

I seldom use anything except handcuffs with a simple coil of nylon rope. Cruelty and pain for its own sake is not in my nature. I let go of Lucinda's hair and walked over to the table. Once there I took off my suit coat, my tie, shoes and socks leaving my trousers on.

As an afterthought, I took my knife out, locked it open and put it on top of my suit coat. I then jumped up grabbing the beam with my hands to pull myself up and stand on it; I walked back and forth while I talked to her. "What goes on here today shall remain between the three of us. That being said, I can't be bought and I will not be threatened, Lucinda.Lucinda is so formal, don't you think. I demand full obedience and compliance from my submissive women, Lucy.

I have broken women with temperaments such as yours, although admittedly none as marvelously imposing or voluptuously substantial or as tall as you. Be that as it may, all women are the same size when they are lying on their backs." I swung myself downward dropping feet first to the mats in order to critique her naked form; much of the defiance was now gone from her green eyes.

I removed the riding crop from her mouth and dropped it to the concrete floor. I took my thumb and forefinger to gently grasp her chin between them to look into her eyes, "Your emerald green eyes are a shade darker than mine." Lucinda closed her eyes and tried to turn her head. I grabbed her face roughly applying pressure on either side of her jaw to push her lips out into an exaggerated pout and made her open her eyes.

"Don't look away from me, Lucy, I'm talking to you," and I squeezed harder turning her head from side-to-side, "I'll remove your bracelets and you may fight me if you wish to sort things out once and for all. Feel free to use the hay fork or anything not nailed down if you dare. I promise you another beating when you fail.shall I remove the handcuffs?" She didn't answer."I didn't think so. I'll take that as a no. I can smell the wetness and scent of your arousal Lucy, your sex betrays you." I let go of Lucinda's face to push her hair behind her ears.

Leaning forward I now took her face gently between my hands as I kissed her full lips to let my face linger next to hers as I whispered. "I can smell the perfume in your hair. Black Lotus most definitely.

a scent very rare and costly.unavailable and Unknown except to the most discerning and sophisticated of women. it mixes well to enhance the essence of your natural scent." I took a step back and licked my index finger, slowly dragging it from the base of Lucinda's throat. down between her breasts to her pussy, my fingers lingering to stroke the curly red hair of her mound, making her tilt her head back, close her eyes and shudder with pleasure.

When I stuck my fingers in to her musky wetness, Lucinda gasped and opened her green eyes; I kissed her lips again and she returned my kisses leaning forward to press her lips against mine.

"I think we gave Chastity enough time, but first." I selected a red leather collar with a long red leash that had brass snap hooks on both ends from one of the tables before grabbing her hair and making her kneel on the mats. This time I didn't have to tug hard for Lucinda to comply. I buckled the collar around her neck and attached the leash to the collar.

I snapped the other end of the leash to a large eyebolt in the overhead beam, jerking upward on the leash to make her stand again. I contemplated making her wear a leather hood as I played with her full round breasts feeling and watching the nipples harden as I caressed and stroked them with my hands while Lucinda squirmed in place moaning with pleasure.

I decided on a simple blindfold and removed the red silk scarf from my trouser pocket and put that over her eyes tying it snuggly behind her head. The experience of being naked and riding a horse bareback is absolutely and gloriously incredible. I had several gentle orgasms as I rode Gandalf. I let my imagination run wild as I rode looking briefly up into the sky finding shapes and imagining the clouds were Epona's handmaidens galloping with me from up above. It was too soon that Matthew came out of the stables to call me back.

Nevertheless I was going to do a sketch of a naked woman riding a horse through a meadow, me, the first chance I get. Before we leave here I will draw a charcoal sketch of Gandalf for my portfolio. I was curious how I would find Ms. Carmichael and/or what Matthew had done with her, and my goodness was I surprised!

There were two tables of sex toys, most that my Master wouldn't use. The barn was set up as sort as BDSM playroom with the overhead beam for restraints and such. Lucinda was bound like a woman in an illustrated Erotic Novel as I walked Gandalf into the barn. Matthew stopped caressing Ms. Carmichael's breasts and pussy and put his hand to the base of his throat; a non-verbal command for me to remain silent.

I put Gandalf in his stall and closed the gate where he turned around to watch us. I then obediently got down on my knees next to the Major; Matthew whispered in my ear before continuing to caress Lucinda's breasts and pussy making her moan and squirm. Lucinda's hips were gyrating as she squeezed her legs together while pushing her pussy against Matthew's hand. She was desperate for the sweet release of an orgasm.which he was denying her each time she reached her peak.

I was getting aroused enjoying the change in Ms. Carmichael's demeanor, thinking 'You're not so tough after all, are you Lucy? You're lucky he didn't strip you first before beat your bare bottom with the riding crop after you hit him with it!' When Matthew looked at me and smiled nodding his head I walked over to several bales of hay adjacent to the mats.

They were covered with a horse blanket and I removed it. Matthew unsnapped Lucinda's leash from the collar and wrapped his hand in her long red hair to bring her over to the stacked hay bales. Letting go of her hair, the Major took off his suit pants and boxers giving them to me to place neatly on the table with the rest of his clothing. I was right; there was an ugly welt on his thigh!

Matthew then forced Lucinda to bend over the hay bales with her breasts and stomach pressing into them as he straddled her dripping and welcoming pussy with his cock. He leaned forward until his face was close to hers and said, "You're my bitch, Lucy, if only for today and it has been my pleasure to put you in your proper place." Matthew entered her without further fanfare, pushing slowly, making her gasp and moan while stretching her wet pussy until bitch Lucy, and I can't think of her in any other way now, even though I will never say it out loud; the bitch could feel his balls caressing her ass cheeks.

As I took off her blindfold, Lucy looked up at me with such a lascivious smile on her face that I had to smile back. I took her face in my hands and kissed her lips lightly, whispering, "He's mine so enjoy him while you can." Lucy was moaning and squirming from side-to-side, her breasts pressed up against the almost prickly texture of the hay.

I kissed Matthew's lips long and deep before he began to mercilessly assault her pussy with his cock, holding Lucy in place by her cuffed wrists. I was getting so horny and aroused I could barely stand it as I caressed my Master's hard and lean body, pressing and rubbing myself against him. I wanted him to fuck me while she watched. Matthew brought Lucy to the brink of sweet release several times before she was allowed her orgasm. He would pause and back out allowing me to kiss his lips long and deep while I rubbed his bristly head, as he made her wait to orgasm.

When Matthew determined Lucy had waited long enough his thrusting become more forceful and his porn-star cock appeared even bigger and harder as his balls spanked her ass.

Lucy's breasts were pummeled even more forcefully against the compacted square bales of hay. I was amazed and astounded when her orgasm consumed her. She squirmed and panted and moaned and said most unladylike, "fuck me harder, fuck me harder" totally unable to control herself as she galloped through her orgasm; as the Major rode her hard like a lathered neighing mare, slapping her ass to the cadence of the gallop.there goes my imagination again.

The sharp intake of Matthew's breathing and the deep low feral growl in his throat was the only noise he made as he fucked her. Yes he was rough with her; however that is what bitch Lucy wanted and be dominated.

I wondered if she was ever a true Dominant as opposed to a pretend one.I doubted it. After she came Matthew grabbed her log red hair and anticipating Lucy went down on her knees to suck on his still hard cock.

"Open your mouth bitch and watch your teeth," he said gruffly giving her head a light cuff as a reminder. Matthew didn't bother gathering her hair in his hands as he does with me. He took Lucy's head in his hands and literally fucked her mouth, deep throating her roughly. Just before the Major had his orgasm, Matthew withdrew his cock from her mouth, slapping her cheek with it "Look at me Lucy; I want to see your cock eyes looking up at me when I wide and stick out your tongue." Lucy was actually smiling as the Major pumped his cock jerking-off to pump his rich creamy seed aiming into her mouth and tongue, some splashing onto Lucy's face.what a waste of good semen.

I took my finger to wipe some from her cheek tasting it, yum. Matthew nodded approvingly as I removed the remaining semen Lucy couldn't reach with her tongue to let her lick it off my fingers.

It was hard to believe that Lucy was the same angry imposing woman who had ridden up to us earlier on a grey stallion this afternoon. This day enforced my respect and confidence in Matthew all the more to embrace and cherish his dominance over me; the Major is the real thing, although I always knew that. Nevertheless I was still very, very horny; how I could not be after that has happened or all that I witnessed today; by all rights it was my turn now.

Would my Matthew make me wait? Matthew put his hand on Lucy's head to stroke her hair most thoughtfully as he studied the both of us."Hmm, I suppose I will give you a taste of something that is forbidden to you other than on my terms, Lucy, but first I must set the table for the feast." Matthew walked over to one of the tables, picking it up and unceremoniously dumping all the BDSM toys to the floor.

He then picked it up in the middle and carried it to the mats before putting it down. "Chastity, get up here my girl," Matthew said patting the top of the table with his hand. I walked over and sat on the table top, my legs dangling over the sides waiting. Matthew was standing behind me so I leaned against him to get comfortable, sliding my ass towards the edge for her to lick my cunt.

"Lucy," he commanded quietly, pointing to the mat on the floor in front of me. She got up and walked over to get down on her knees on the mat, "so far I'm less than impressed with you," he said, throwing some of her words back in her face. "I'll consider accepting your business under advisement with my Personal Secretary provided you put your tongue to some good constructive use.

Afterward I will consult with Ms. Morgan and give you our decision. You may proceed." I lay back in my Master's strong protective arms closing my eyes, hesitatingly inviting the incursion of Lucy's tongue as she teased and tantalized, pausing to taste and savor the succulent nectar of my womanhood. At first Lucy's tongue was fluttering about, pink, wet and warm, fanning my secret desire to experience at least once oral sex with a woman.

This was my secret wish and desire granted at my Master's command. My hands were in Lucy's long and soft, silky wavy red hair as I reached back to feel the contrast of Matthew high and tight Marine haircut.

I gathered Lucy's long hair to pull it forward to cover my groin and stomach as Matthew does with mine, enjoying this marvelous erotic sensation of long hair. He does this with me when we lay in bed and I suck on his cock.

I now fully understand why. Sensing my urgent need as the heat of my smoldering orgasm ignited to flame, Lucy's tongue slashed and darted, feign and pummeled my clitoris. It was a purposeful and probing, fueling the inferno of burning hot flames of euphoric rapture as my orgasm consumed me. I was squirming on the smooth surface of the table, the feast for her mouth, tongue and lips while Matthew held me to keep from sliding off. And then her tongue was gentle and calm, pink and moist; soothing as Lucy continued licking and kissing as she cleaned my pussy with her tongue; like I clean Matthew's cock and balls with mine.

In my book, Ms. Carmichael had earned the consideration of us taking her on as a client. Matthew helped me off the table and took me in his arms kissed my lips long and deep. "It's good etiquette to thank, Lucy," Matthew advised me as he gently helped her to her feet. "You obviously enjoyed the attention of her mouth and tongue. Such an opportunity may not happen again for either of you ladies pending the outcome of the consultation." I took Lucy's face in my hands and kissed her lips, "Thank you.

You are my first oral experience with a woman, Lucy and it was wonderful. I forgive you for hitting, Matthew," and then I simply hugged her.wondering what perfume she was wearing and where I could buy it.

"Well, Ms. Morgan?" the Major asked referring to our consultation. "I say yes, Mr. Wright." "There you have it, Ms. Carmichael, it's unanimous," the Major concurred, taking off the handcuffs but leaving the collar on her. "If it's not too much trouble, an ice cold glass of IPA or hearty Stout will certainly hit the spot when I join you inside.

You two go on ahead, I'm sure you have much to talk about." Matthew stayed in the stables for awhile to pet the horses. He does have a gentle side about him with animals, especially with dogs or cats and no doubt saw to it that they were fed and watered.

Lucy and I walked back to the house together stopping to gather our clothing but not bothering to get dressed as if walking around naked was the most natural thing in the world. I stopped to get my portfolio out of the Land Rover to show her my work once we went inside. I spent about 45 minutes in the stables attending to the horses before I got dressed and met the ladies inside; watching a grey tabby barn cat that was lurking about.

I coaxed him out with a can of cat food putting it in a bowl that was no doubt his. I watched him as he ate.a simple pleasure and then walked to the house after he was finished and leaving him with fresh water. I heard some laughing from the upstairs and walked up the staircase to investigate. It was obvious both of them had bathed as they had large white bath towels wrapped around their mid-sections. I noticed some of Chastity's art work laid out on the bed as if Lucy had set them aside to purchase them, or at least one.

If I knew my pretty baby-face, and I do, Chastity would make it a gift, independent of the fact it would be good for business. I heard Lucy say, "Do you think he's still feeding my pussy?" which got them both laughing again. As I said, Chastity has a nice way with people, and again, my methods are my own. Lucy had just finished brushing Chastity's long blonde hair and was starting to french braid it in the same style as hers; Chastity most likely brushed out and then braided Lucy's hair as she often does for Mary, and Mary her.

I encourage this. I mandated early on for Mary to teach Chastity how to do a dozen of my favorite braids and/updos or variations of each; a most useful as well as a practical skill for a submissive to be able to change the style of her hair at the whim of her Dominant. "Yes," I interrupted, stepping into the bedroom, "both pussies have been well fed." "Major, I didn't hear you come up the stairs," said Lucy, "There are the IPA's you favor in the fridge," as she continued to braid Chastity's hair, "and Stout too.

My cousin John always enjoys good hearty Stout when he comes to visit. John told me Chastity favors Chardonnay. Please make yourself at home while we girls get ready for dinner." I was thinking, 'I wouldn't be surprised if there were vegetarian dishes for Chastity.' "Where did you find her, Major?

I looked over her artwork and Chastity's creations are astounding. We talked about displaying them in a little gallery in Manhattan to give her some exposure." "Fine, I will help myself, thank you. As far as Chastity's art work, I encourage that idea; please make it happen. See you both in a bit," and as I turned to walk away, "Major," Lucy called out teasingly. "Yes?" "Feel free to slide down the banister if you wish." I walked away smiling and thinking, 'Good you have a sense of humor.

I already know you are an intelligent woman as brilliance runs in your family.John for example. Our dinner conversation is bound to be interesting. Today has been a game for you and you have met your match; you gave in because you had to and then reluctantly discovered you enjoyed this new experience. Lucy my girl, I could break you if I wanted to although it wouldn't be easy and you would fight me every step of the way.

I admit that. A strong man would complement you regardless. From what I have seen, I like you the way you are and we'll leave it at that.' I was enjoying my IPA when they walked into the kitchen.

Interestingly enough they were wearing identical silk chiffon dresses of different colors and they were barefoot. Very nice! I approved of this sleeveless style with thin spaghetti straps with the gathered empire waist and a flouncy ruffled hem that fell just to their knees.

Chastity's dress was a pale red coral that seemed to float about her as she walked or turned. The color was a nice contrast to her blonde hair, styled perfectly to compliment this variety of dress. Lucy was wearing pale sea foam green to bring out the green in her eyes and the red in her hair.

Her makeup was the sultrier of the two women. As is my preference most of the time, Chastity's makeup was lightly applied to showcase her natural peaches & cream complexion. This to enhance her ever present youthful baby-face and underlying sweet goodness that I find so delightful in her.actually I find everything about her delightful.

Chastity was delightfully bold as she put her arms around my neck to kiss my lips long and deep and then playfully giving my ass a pinch, whispering in my ear, "I much prefer your cock and tongue lover," and she kissed my lips again, "thank you for the treat.

Your dinner will be ready in an hour. With your permission I will give Lucy a hand setting the table." I adore eating on a properly set table, as does Matthew. Especially one with linen napkins, a table covered with a white linen table cloth overlaid with a white lace one.

Add fine china and crystal goblets; don't forget Lucy's mother's sterling silver tableware, candles and fresh flowers, red carnations on the table. For our appetizer we ate smoked salmon garnished with lemon wedges and served cold with a Greek yogurt dipping sauce made with dill, capers, freshly chopped parsley and white and black pepper. Lucy also put out a nice fresh fruit/cheese platter to go with our appetizer. The soft creamy Brie is my favorite cheese and there was plenty of it.

I slowly sipped and savored a fruity Chardonnay, always limiting myself to two. Matthew and Lucinda shared a bottle of Merlot. Matthew is temperate in his drinking habits and seldom has more than three. This was followed by a heavenly cold and refreshing Vichyssoise, the puree leaks, heavy cream and chicken stock blended to perfection. Our soup was followed by a cold white bean salad marinated in balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil with just the right amount of spices; mint leaves, basil, fresh chopped parsley and minced garlic.

This delightful salad also had black olives, artichoke hearts, red and green peppers, red onion plus a smidgen of minced fresh hot peppers. My entree was meatless eggplant parmesan while Lucy and Matthew feasted on eggplant stuffed with tarragon lamb and feta cheese. We had a rich chocolate Mousse for dessert. I helped Lucy put the leftover food away with the dishes going in the dish washer.

We left the pots and pans for her housekeeper. We then went to view her art collection after going down a spiral staircase that was hidden behind a section of false wall in her study to the climate controlled underground vault adjacent to the original basement.

Once inside, Lucy provided us with a complete itemized alphabetical listing including a photo for each object to be insured with a notarized appraisal/certificate of authenticity. There were two objects in the vault not listed. They were locked away with paintings appraised at hundreds of thousands of dollars each. Yet to Lucy these treasures were priceless.

They were displayed on a white marble pedestal away from the rest. One treasure was a 5" x 7" picture frame made from folded and braided silver foil chewing gum wrappers.

In this lovingly handmade frame was a color photograph of Lucy with a young man. I turned to look at the other side and the yellowed newspaper heart went out to her. His shirt sleeves were rolled up and his New York Yankee ball cap was cocked jauntily to one side. He wasn't handsome at all like Matthew.he was rather plain looking and several inches shorter than her. This young man's arm was around Lucy's waist as if she was the most precious thing in his life and he the luckiest man in the world.

Looking at the photo it was obvious his smile could light up a room. The background of the photo with its crowd of people suggested they were at a carnival or county fair in front of a game booth; you know the one where you must knock over small weighted cans with baseballs to win a prize. The prizes were stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling and sides of the booth; the object of the game; the more cans you knock over the larger the prize.

They looked to be to in their late teens to early twenties at the most and they looked so very happy and in love; a woman can tell these things. Lucy was holding a silly little stuffed dog with long floppy ears. She was holding it proudly as if it was the most costly prize he could win for her.

The little stuffed dog from the photo was the second object on the white marble pedestal. I didn't ask about it at the time and Lucy didn't offer.she did tell me eventually.another story for another time.

We agreed to write an unscheduled insurance policy for five million. Lucy set up an appointment to come to the agency next Friday to review the many investment options we offer; Matthew would make her dinner that Friday evening. It came to light Lucy knew Matthew was an accomplished dancer and insisted we take turns dancing with him. It appeared she enjoyed watching us dance together as much as dancing with him; she being an accomplished dancer in her own right.

Matthew took our hair out of our french braids while he danced with us, as I knew he would. We officially were added that evening to Lucy's small circle of friends that day.

It was late in the evening when we left Lucy's estate, me still wearing my new dress, a gift. I promised to paint a watercolor of her horses. I wanted to sleep with Matthew that night. I wanted him to make slow gentle love to me. I wanted to fall asleep next to him in his arms; however he was firm and adamant. I suppose he has his reasons. I was asleep alone in bed when I received a telephone at about 3:00 AM on my cell phone.

The call was from Sheriff Deputy Robert Lake at a Medical Center located 50 miles from my home. The Deputy was calling as a courtesy on Donald's behalf. My husband was in the police lockup, a secure wing of the Medical Center. Donald was being treated for a fractured wrist, a broken nose, torn ligaments in his ankle and a possible concussion. I assumed his injuries were from an automobile accident resulting from another DWI, but that wasn't the case at all although I'd felt better about him if it had; God forgive me for saying so.

The charges were public intoxication, lewd acts and assault. Donald was to be transferred from the Medical Center tomorrow morning for a bail hearing at 9:00 AM and then to the County Jail unless bail was posted.

I quickly changed from my nightgown to my blue dress with the lace collar and brushed my hair out to style it in a simple three strand braid, also know in the Community as a slave braid. I packed my bag and then went to wake Matthew, telling him what had transpired. I could tell Matthew was angry when I told him about the phone call and I was comforted that he wasn't angry at me. I put my head against his chest for him to hug me, "You're not angry at me, are you." "No, of course not; he is what he is," he replied quietly, hugging me gently, "I wish you'd leave him, though," Matthew said sighing.

"I suppose he'll need an attorney for his bail hearing, and I know just the man. I'll pack while you call Mary. Tell her to get in contact with Daniel Skinner. Are you sure you're alright, baby face.?" That damn fool managed to get himself in another jackpot causing Chastity more embarrassment and shame when it made the newspapers and local television and radio news.

Chastity deserves so much better than him. Mary collected most of the facts for me before she met us in the Medical Center parking lot with Chastity's Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. I did some checking later to get more specific facts making telephone calls to the right people Mary is a treasure. Here loyalty to me is unquestioned and I extend the same to her.

She has a talent for investigating, extracting and compiling information. There was little we didn't know after we arrived. Chastity's husband started a new drinking binge around noon the day before when he invited all his co-workers to a local landmark tavern, the Stage House favored by the local businessmen, including me. I've cut many business deals there with clients who prefer a less formal business setting.

First he stopped at the bank to withdraw a large sum of money from their savings account to play the big shot by buying rounds of drinks for the house.

Believe me when I tell you the Stage House is frequented by beautiful women; some on the prowl, both married women and/ or single; or women with their boyfriends or husbands; scenery pleasing to the eye. The fool managed to attract two out of town tramps, Misty and Barbie; women in their forties and cousins; one married the other not.

The last names of the tramps are not important to my synopsis. Barbie's husband is serving time in Auburn Prison for murder and extortion.brilliant move, Donald, you fool. The convict might be a potential problem for Chastity when he gets out so I took precautions to keep her safe; check and prepare for every contingency and then check again.

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The fool can fend for himself. God help him if he approaches or bothers Chastity in any way. These mentioned undiscriminating trollops were seeking greener pastures to party in drunken debauchery. I have the tramps photographs. I have the incarcerated husband's photograph and release date. Neither woman can be considered lookers; their once average looks are definitely in decline as they ravage their flabby bodies with hard liquor and tobacco.

They attached themselves to Donald like bloated ticks on a greasy mangy cur to suck up the free liquor as they took turns plying their feminine wiles to get into his pants. Donald continued to play the big shot until late into the afternoon when his wad of money started running short. They drove to Donald's bank in Misty's sedan to get more cash; barely meeting the deadline before closing time.

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Leaving the bank they stopped at a Convenience Store to dine at a cozy table near the beer cooler after selecting their entrees and appetizers from the refrigerated food case. Rare culinary delights pre-packaged in cellophane spiced with preservatives, sugar, salt, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and other chemicals and/or complex compounds.can you detect the visceral dripping contempt in my words because I'm just getting started?

Their gourmet repast was cooked to perfection in the store's microwave oven; finger food for his two hardly refined dinner companion's nicotine stained fingers to shove into their faces; Styrofoam dishes, napkins, plastic forks, spoons and knives optional. For dessert, Donald-dunce bought each a carton of cigarettes. Leaving the Convenience store they drove to a liquor store and he purchased two bottles of Glenfarclas 25 year aged single malt Scotch and tipped the clerk twenty dollars.

Can you imagine the irony; 25 year aged single malt Scotch for a man who guzzles the cheapest rock gut swill whiskey? As if any of the three can tell the difference; pearls before swine. They then drove to a dive bar of questionable repute sharing a bottle along the way.

Donald again played the big shot while his cash lasted. He and Barbie, the less attractive of the two trollops locked themselves in the small single toilet men's room. Donald-dunce fornicated with porcine Barbie on the filthy, urine smelling, cigarette butt strewn floor much to the displeasure of the full bladder to bursting patrons who needed to use it; the smart ones using the ladies room; the most urgent and not so smart outside in the parking lot.

The bartender was forced to remove the hinges to get the door open and found porcine Barbie on her hands and knees with her eyes shut tight, slack mouth open; drooling and moaning with the drunken dunce doing the dirty deed on the dirty smelly floor. A crowd gathered; cat calls and insults ensued directed at the less than discrete lovers, but especially at Barbie.she received one sexual proposition, numerous sexual suggests; one anatomically impossible, while the bartender called the police.

Porcine Barbie was enraged, porcine Barbie's honor was besmirched. Porcine Barbie's "right to privacy" to rut and root like a sow in the mud was violated by the bartender.she didn't actually say that, I did. Her shrill drunken spittle spewing rant only included "Constitutional right to privacy". Barbie told the bartender in no uncertain terms what she thought of him; profanity was the main theme of her inebriated oral dissertation, resulting in the catcalls and insults towards her and Donald-dunce to escalate.

At this juncture of the night, Misty was reclining barely conscious in her car in the parking lot sipping from the second bottle of Scotch oblivious what was transpiring inside. The closing argument of Barbie's alcohol induced brain-fart was to threaten crowd and the bartender with her convict husband as she punched the bartender in the eye; an-out- and-out shoving match brawl ensued with the two lovers ridiculously outnumber." Donald was mistaken for or assumed to be Barbie's husband.

Consequently he was punched in the nose and hit in the head with a beer bottle although not necessarily in that order. While Chastity's husband was stunned in inebriated confusion on the floor, an anonymous heavy work boot came down hard on his wrist breaking it.

The fool was down but not out; he kicked somebody in the groin; an innocent somebody whom was trying to help him according to the police report. Seeing his chance, Donald got up and ran out the door with several regular patrons and the bartender close behind.

As Lady Luck seldom favors fools; the dunce's foot caught on a sewer grate. Donald went down with his shoe wedged in the rectangular opening tearing ligaments in his ankle. They caught Donald and brought him back inside where he and Barbie were detained until the Sheriff Deputies arrived.

Donald went peacefully in pain; a bloody mess with all the fight knocked out of him and resigned to the consequences. Barbie's irrational inebriated rants began anew when she was placed in the back seat of the Sheriff's Cruiser and continued on her trip to the women's lockup. The rant was momentary interrupted when she vomited all over the back seat of the cruiser. In further protest of unjustifiably being arrested for public lewdness, public intoxication and assault, Barbie hiked up her dress and pulled down her leopard-skin pattern nylon thong to defecate on the floor, wiping her bottom with them and stuffing them in the car seat.

Barbie then resumed her rant with increased vigor after leaving this second tangible reminder of protest. She eventually fell asleep in her holding cell. I was buzzed into the secured unit where I was made to show Picture ID to the young Sheriff Deputy on duty.

Deputy Michael Smith kept looking back and forth between me and my Drivers License photo as if I was not the woman standing before him. "Is there something wrong with my ID, Deputy?" I asked. "No ma'am, it's just." "It's just what, Deputy?" "Well, since you asked Mrs. Morgan, it just doesn't figure. I know what that other woman looks and acts like; boy do I know!

I'm surprised you're here. Do you know what your husband did?" "Unfortunately, yes." "I'm sorry for you, ma'am. I'm doing a double now and I was one of the responding officers. I had to deal with and transport the mature intoxicated female suspect from the men's bathroom being the low man on the totem pole.

Mr. Morgan is down the hall to your right. Good luck, ma'am." My husband looked terrible. Donald's wrist and ankle was in a cast with the tips of his finger looking discolored and puffy. Donald had two black eyes with a bandage wrapped around his head covering his broken nose.

The crown of Donald's head was shaved bald like a monk's tonsure displaying the row of ugly stitches were the beer bottle was broken over his head.

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"Is there anything I can get you?" I asked. "Water," he replied and I held the plastic glass full of ice water up to his lips for him to sip. "Mr. Wright arranged an attorney for you, Donald. He will meet you before your bail hearing," I adjusted his sheets and pillow, "Most likely the bail will be manageable. Hopefully Mr. Skinner your attorney will get the assault charge reduced to disorderly conduct." "Will you be there?" "Yes." "Do you know everything?" Donald asked.

"Yes, Donald, I know everything; every sordid detail." "Does my Mother know?" "Yes." "What did Mom say?" "Clara sends all her love." Actually there is more; the usual excuses, platitudes and blame such as. "But he was always such a good boy.If you only stayed at home like me.My baby never had a drinking problem until after he was married. Husbands' never stray when.etc.

"I'm sorry, Chastity." I didn't respond not believing him. As my Daddy used to say, "Sorry doesn't feed the bulldog'. Donald spoke up much louder, "Answer me, god damn it! I said I'm sorry!" The Sheriff Deputy guarding the room stepped in the doorway, "Calm down Mr.

Morgan. You're lucky your pretty wife showed up at all. It's obvious to me she's nothing like your co-defendant. Be nice to her or I'll terminate your visit." "OK, Deputy, I'll calm down, thanks' for getting a hold of my wife for me." I sat with Donald for half an hour.we didn't talk after his warning. What was there to say? My father-in-law was getting off the elevator as I was getting on so I stopped to talk with him, filling him in.

He looked tired and didn't have much to say except he would be attending the bail hearing with me. Bail was set at five thousand dollars. Donald's bench trial was a week later and Clara attended in a wheel chair; her walking days were over.

The assault charge was reduced to disorderly conduct. Donald's plea deal of one year's probation included mandatory drug testing for alcohol and required weekends in jail. Things worked out perfectly. I left work early for two weeks to take care of Donald.he's still my husband and Clara can barely take care of herself these days. Unfortunately my captive bead ring was delayed for two weeks until Donald served his first weekend in the County Jail starting every Friday at five PM to end Sunday at five PM.

I had weekends with my lover again for a whole year. Because of Donald's injuries my husband's lawyer made arrangements for Donald to have his own cell rather than be in the dormitory. This meant a more comfortable mattress, a private toilet and a window. It also meant Donald would receive his pain medication as prescribed by his doctor for the next two weekends.

His only complaint when I dropped him off was how stupid he looked with his tonsure.oh well.he did look ridiculous. There was a package waiting for me on my front porch when I returned from dropping my husband off at the County Jail. It was a large box wrapped in red foil paper and secured with a white ribbon and bow. Under the ribbon was an envelope. The envelope was addressed "To my pretty baby face" in Matthew's bold cursive and written in blue ink from his fountain pen.

Inside the envelope was a card with instructions written in the same. I picked up the box and brought it inside; locking the door behind me and opened it in the foyer. Inside the box was a red silk camisole. Also inside the box was the most gorgeous lace dress along with a pair of soft leather red dancing shoes, just as my Master promised.

I held up my dress at arm's length and then hugged it to me. I then ran up the stairs to hold in front of me in the mirror on my bedroom door.'I'm going to look stunning,' I was thinking, and then remembered I forgot my camisole and shoes so I went back downstairs to get them.

I curled my long blonde hair making lots of curls for the Major. I would be wearing my hair down this evening. Next I dressed; modeling for myself in front of the mirror and then hugging myself I was so elated. I carefully applied my makeup; the Major wanted a sultry look for me this evening; especially for my blue eyes. I was looking in the bathroom mirror putting the final touches to my makeup when Matthew arrived letting himself in and walking upstairs.

He stood in the bathroom with his hands behind his back at parade rest watching me. Matthew was wearing a white shirt without a tie; gray slacks with a black belt. His dark grey Harris Tweed sports coat and black loafers and he looked so handsome. I couldn't wait for my hug and kiss. Satisfied, I turned to face him, "How do I look, Sir?" I asked as the Major studied me with his green eyes.

"You look beautiful baby-face. The weather forecast predicts unseasonably chilly later this evening and therefore," Matthew handed me a small package wrapped white tissue paper that was behind his back, "open it please and try it on." Inside was the softest and most luxurious white button front cashmere sweater. I handed it back to the Major, turning to face the mirror for him to help me into it.

It was a perfect fit, the soft off white color a nice contrast to the red of my gorgeous dress, but then, the Major has an eye for the little fine details on how his women must dress. I again turned to him, putting my arms around Matthew's neck to kiss his lips long and deep.oh.those inevitable tingles! "Thank you, Matthew, I love my dress and the sweater is absolutely luxurious and soft." Matthew put his arms around my waist and pulled me to him gently to kiss me back.even more tingles from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

"So are you baby-face; I adore seeing you smile. Particularly after." he paused and I knew what he was going to say. "Let's not spoil the evening. I have dinner and dancing planned for us. After midnight you'll receive your permanent reminder of your submission to me. There is something else missing, baby-face." "And what is that, Sir," I asked as I rubbed his bristly head. I never get tired of doing that. Matthew's hair is so short I can't possibly mess it up.

I wondered at first how my Master would look with his black hair long and full. I came to the conclusion just as handsome. "Your pearl necklace will be perfect to complete the look; did you forget?" My head was so high up in the clouds, I did forget.

I took it out of my small jewelry box and handed it to Matthew to then lift my hair off my neck for him to put it on me. "There," Matthew said, closing the clasp while I looked at us in the mirror, "You look stunning, Miss Charlotte; shall we go?" My jewelry box is nothing fancy; just a small rectangular box made of dark polished wood that my Dad made for me when I was a little girl of five for my little porcelain pony; Matthew knows this story.

I never told Donald and am glad I didn't. I kept this small figurine in the box wrapped my in Dad's handkerchief until I was old enough for jewelry on my birthdays and Christmas. I had him only a day when I dropped him and one of his legs broke off. I was so upset and I couldn't stop crying as I hugged my poor broken pony and ran to my Daddy in his workshop in the garage. Dad was a master cabinet and clock maker, repairing, cleaning or building clocks and watches for a living.

He was always available to talk too, while Mom at 70 is still working as a part time CPA with a small office at the back of her house. Daddy hugged and kissed me, comforting me as he dried my tears.

He then glued the pony's leg on almost as good as new, cutting a corner from his white handkerchief with his pen knife and wrapping it like a bandage so I couldn't see the break.

"Now Chastity," my Daddy said to me, "You're a big girl now and need to be careful with your little pony. I was saving this for Christmas." He reached up to the top shelf behind his workbench and brought down a brown paper bag. "I've been thinking, honey, your pony really needs a barn to recuperate and this jewelry box will make a dandy barn for her" "Buster, his name is Buster, Daddy because I busted him," I insisted.

"Buster is a fine name, Miss Charlotte," my Dad said to me bowing with a flourish as he handed me the small polished dark stained wood box. Gone with the wind was my father's favorite movie of all time. When I was a little girl Dad and I sat on the couch together drinking hot chocolate with little marshmallows while we watched it.

We watched it together every Labor Day for as long as I can remember until the day my dad died. Miss Charlotte was Dad's pet name for me and something that annoyed my mother to no end when she heard him call me that.

Mom would always interrupt, "Our daughter's name is Chastity, John we agreed on that!" Dad would smile and wink at me and Mom would throw up her hands. Mom was the one with a temper. I never heard my Dad raise his voice and my parents never fought in front of me. Chastity was my Grandmother name, my Mom's mother, and you know, I always called my mother Mom, but it was always Daddy with my soft spoken father.

He was a very gentle and kind man. My Dad was also a man not too mess with when it came to Mom or me. Donald and I had a very achromous argument about how we would spend the holidays when we were first married. My new husband grabbed me and shoved me against the refrigerator scaring me terribly. Up until then I was never hit or struck in my entire life. I ran across the street to the neighbors to use their telephone because we couldn't afford one.

My parents drove right over to our apartment and I sat in the kitchen with Mom. Donald didn't want to talk and went into the bathroom. My Dad followed him right in blocking the door to keep Donald from leaving. To this day, I don't know what Daddy said to Donald. I told Matthew this story and his only comment was, "Sometimes it is the soft spoken and quiet ones who are the most dangerous when it comes to their wives and daughters." However after that talk, no matter how angry he was, Donald never laid hands on me again.

Our dinner reservation was in a three star Thai Restaurant that had a ceiling to floor salt water fish tank by our table. Our reserved table was the only table in the restaurant with an aquatic floral center piece; fresh white water lilies floating in green porcelain bowl. This just one of the example of the special surprises Matthew enjoys doing for me. We started by sharing a bowl of coconut soup made with coconut milk, scallion, cilantro, lime juice, straw mushrooms and tofu.

Next to my delight we shared steamed shrimp stuffed dumplings topped with fried garlic and chopped cilantro drizzled with a soy-ginger sauce. We feasted on fresh spring rolls stuffed with baked tofu, basil, carrots, cucumbers and angel hair noodles served with a ground peanut hoisin sauce.

Our shared entree to savor was a spicy ocean pot made with shrimp, crab, mussels, squid, scallops, lemon grass, straw mushrooms, bell peppers, onion and basil in a ginger curry sauce. Our most scrumptious side dish to go with the entree was pan fried flat rice noodles with green chili, onions, basil and peanuts.

We ended our exotic Thai repast with green tea ice cream which we shared sitting close with me in charge of the spoon. Ironically, Donald's idea of fine dining is going out for a hamburgers and French fries with his brothers in a sports bar with big screen televisions on every wall.

His favorite meal is pork and beans with little cocktail wieners over mashed potatoes. He then drowns everything in oceans of catsup. Donald describes vegetables other than onion rings as rabbit food.

I don't have a problem with that. I made this for him several times before his stint in the County Jail. Each time Donald wolfed it down like a man on death row having his last meal.

It's a shame that he won't explore new and different tastes as I do with Matthew, and the Major was right. It did get chilly when we left the restaurant so I wore my luxuriously soft and warm sweater. The Band "Emerald Shoes" were featured at the Palace.

They are an all men's band in their sparkling green tuxedos with matching sparkling green shoes in the flamboyant 1950's style. They perform Rock & Roll music from the fifties, sixties and seventies. As part of the show they go right to the audience at their tables to titillate the women and coax them to the dance floor to dance. There were two couples assigned to our table.

One married and the other dating. We did socialize with them briefly between dances and when the band was on a break. The younger couple pretty much kept to themselves after the introductions and went off on their own. This was fine because they were drinkers. I drank club soda with a twist of lime, and Matthew his usual tonic water with a lime twist.

The older gentleman at our table, Charlie James, was a Farm Equipment Dealer and he and Matthew talked about tractors and lawn mowers until the band returned. His wife Betty was a quiet little woman and they don't dance at all; they came for the live music I was aware the tractor Matthew used to cut the grass on his property needed to be replaced soon. They struck up a deal on the spot exchanging business cards.

The rest of the evening we danced and we danced; especially the slow dances where the Major held me close. It was eleven thirty when we left for my appointment with Janet, arriving with her waiting for us in the front door lobby.

They installed a new security system from the last time I was there that required an encrypted swipe card followed by a password on recessed glass covered computer keypad.

The Security Officer escorted us to a private elevator in the rear of the building and left us for Janet to swipe her card and punch in the code. I was a bit nervous and very excited; it was finally going to happen. I was keenly aware of my Master standing next to me and attuned to his slightest gesture, thought or command. As the elevator door closed, Matthew pointed to the floor. I assumed the position, kneeling with my back straight and wrists crossed behind my back, palms out.

My Master grabbed my curly long blonde hair, tugged lightly and let go, "Down, pretty slut," he commanded. I leaned forward, my long hair falling on the carpet, palms on the floor with my forehead on my hands. The elevator door opened and Matthew and Janet got out, Janet tapping the keypad to lock the door open.

I must remain down until my Master releases me. "I'll return for you when I'm ready pretty slut. I must attend to my guests." 'His guests,' I was thinking, 'what does he mean?" I waited no more than fifteen minutes, although it seemed like the longest wait in my life as I strained to hear the voices talking and laughing, recognizing Mary's, Janet's and Dr.

Andrew's plus a man's I couldn't identify.

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"Chastity," he said walking up to me. I stood up with my wrists still crossed behind me as my Master twisted my hair around his hand like leash and led me into Janet's office. Dr. Andrews was there of course with Mary kneeling naked next to his chair.

Mary's long silver hair was fixed in a slave braid. Her captive bead ring is gold and there were three small solid gold penises hanging from it to stimulate her clitoris when she moved.

Dr. Pulaski Janet was kneeling naked on the floor by a tall muscular young man wearing black jeans, a black tee shirt and heavy black boots. He was sitting casually on Janet's desk with his black motorcycle jacket and black full face shield helmet beside him.

He was drinking milk from a quart carton of all things? My instincts told despite the laid back and casual demeanor, this man was delightfully dangerous, like Matthew. These thoughts sent pleasurable chills up my spine.'He must be Aaron Bronson' was my thought, and I now realized what Janet meant when she said, "The clash of the Titans", although I'm still sure my Master would win. Janet's black hair in the simple blunt cut chin length bob was still not long enough to braid yet.

Her captive bead ring was also gold with strings of gold balls hanging from it. It was the black clad man that held my interest for the moment. I would estimate this sexy and potentially dangerous man's age to be in his early twenties.

He had a thick shock of unruly blonde hair and blue eyes; displaying the dimples in his cheeks when he smiled at me during our introduction. Matthew's hand was still wrapped in my hair when he said, "Chastity knows everyone here except for Aaron so I'll skip the introductions for everyone else.

Chastity, this is Aaron Bronson, my friend and fellow Enforcer in maintaining Order as our few mandates dictates. The Community is not for men who are faint of heart." "I'm pleased to meet you darling," Aaron said smiling charmingly, "the Major has told me much about you, Chastity. I'm looking forward to see you naked tonight at his feet for you are a beautiful woman.

My mentor and friend, the Major, has extended me the privilege to be present when you receive your ring," he got off the desk to walk over to me. "As you are my Mentor's woman I extend my full protection to you beyond the bounds of the Community." I could see John, Dr.

Andrews nodding with approval with Aaron's deference to the Major and his promise to protect me; the collective protection of honorable men; Matthew let go of my hair waiting. John stood up and walked to us with Mary following him carrying a small pewter tray. On it was a piece of dark bread, a small shallow bowl of salt, a pewter chalice of red wine and a bone handled dagger with a Damascus blade. As is or custom," John said solemnly, taking the small bowl of salt, offering it first to Matthew and then Aaron.

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They took a pinch between their thumb and forefinger and put it in their mouths, looking into each other's eyes with solemn and serious look on their faces.I was spell bound. They both reached for the coarse brown bread, taking an end to break it in two. They put the bread in their mouths and chewed; Aaron's blue eyes meeting Matthew's green. John offered the chalice to Matthew who took a sip; his eyes never leaving Aaron's. He handed the chalice to Aaron who took a sip and then put the chalice the tray.

Both men extended their right arm palms up and John took the dagger cutting their palms deep enough to draw blood. They clasped hands squeezing hard; their blood co-mingling before they hugged. It was a different than the hug between Matthew and Magnus.

Mary and Janet were quietly crying. They didn't slap each other on the back. They hugged with genuine love and respect. It was a rough sort of love and respect between two Titans among men; they separated and turned to face me.

"Strip for us, Chastity", Matthew said quietly, "reach into yourself and let your natural submissive feminine sexuality embrace you." I was going to make Matthew proud of me.

This would be my first submissive erotic audition with men my Master loved and respected.trusted. I realize that Matthew and Mary have been preparing me for this moment Mary always assuring me I only needed to reach into myself and throw aside all inhibition and conventional thinking.

My clothes were soon in a puddle on the floor with my pearls on top as I turned slowly; my naked body on full display before assuming the position on my knees at my Master's side. "She is magnificent is she not, Aaron," Matthew proclaimed proudly, touching my face gently, "Chastity is my masterpiece! It is time she be collared." My dear Mentor and adopted big sister, Mary again came forward, this time with a blue satin pillow with my collar.

Matthew had this made especially for me. It is jewelry quality and I will wear it to remind me that I'm his woman. It is a 4 mm rope necklace made from polished titanium. It is very strong and weighs practically nothing. Mary told me many demeaning Masters will use a common dog's collar from a pet shop with a machine engraved brass placard attached proclaiming their ownership. That is so banal and trite; especially for the wealthy ones…they have the unimaginative souls of plebeians while pretending to be kings.

What makes mine unique is the locket is incorporated into the rope chain.


It is actually a miniature lock. The mechanism uses three spring loaded copper beryllium pins; triangular, round and square. All three must be pushed simultaneously with one of two keys. There is a raised cameo carving of a woman's profile with her hair up on the locket, me, and the engraving is very precise and lifelike taken from a photograph.

The stone below my cameo is a 4 carat round cut blue sapphire to match the color of my eyes. Matthew has told me that the common color blue of the sapphire can't compare to the blue of my eyes. The collar can be reversed to display the other side of the locket. There is engraving on the plain polished reverse that says; "My name is Chastity. I am Matthew's woman." Matthew locked my slave collar in place and then it was time for my captive bead ring as soon as Janet scrubbed. I got up on the examining room table with Matthew and Aaron standing by my head on either side.

Janet prepped my vagina and then my ears as if she were performing major surgery. I watched as all the implements were removed from the sterilizer and then neatly organized on the tray.

Just as Janet started, I closed my eyes tight, squeezing Matthew's hand. I declined the offer of the topical anesthetic wanting the full experience. Although I had butterflies in my stomach, I had complete faith in her. Janet is more than a competent Doctor. I could tell this even with my eyes closed. Janet performed the procedure precisely with no wasted movement or hesitation.

Janet and the Major are sometime lovers. I have accepted the fact my Master will have other women on occasion. It is his pleasure and sometimes responsibility. I want no other man but him.

Janet was showing me every consideration. I would like to think I can be like her if our roles were switched. I felt was a sharp pinch, some tugging to adjust and then it was over as she applied a triple antibiotic ointment.

It actually hurt more when my ears were pierced before my pearl earrings were gently put in. Matthew helped me off the examining table and crushed me gently to him in his arms, kissing my lips long and deep. "You are now of the Community, Chastity. You may attend all the gatherings with me in one years' time as my submissive; all women must wait one years' time including you.

I will not take advantage of my position." I put my arms around Matthew's neck to return his kisses.god how I love him, "Yes Matthew, I can wait." I turned to Aaron who was watching me smiling. I kissed his cheek, "Thank you, Master Aaron." "Aaron will do, Chastity.

I'm not into pomp, fanfare or titles except when the Community gathers because that is what is expected and then Sir will suffice; the Major is your Master.

I am your protector in his absence. " Last but not least, I hugged Janet, thanking her and the four of us went back to her office where she and Mary brushed out my long blonde hair before fixing it in a slave braid. The men went into John's office for about an hour to discuss a serious Community matter over a glass of Brandy, except for Aaron who doesn't drink any type of strong beverage at all, preferring milk or ice water.

We three assumed the position on pillows in a circle facing one another until they returned. We discussed what I could expect when the full gathering met. A gathering occurs every six months and the Community restricts the dominant men to twenty five although each dominant man may have three submissive women; the fee of a quarter of a million for each submissive to go into Community's coffers, or something like that; I would leave such matter to the Major.

I've been told before they are a tight group and wary of outsiders. All women may be shared except me and generally they are.

Nevertheless I am Matthew's woman as is Mary. Janet is under the protection of the two Enforcers and off limits sexually to everyone but them. There is more that I will learn and then be forbidden to discuss.

Matthew and I left the Medical Building around two in the morning as soon as I was dressed. We stopped at a cozy all night dinner for coffee and share a piece of cherry pie, sitting close and cozy in our booth; we then drove to Matthew's home. I was so very tired after all the excitement of the day that I fell asleep in the Land Rover on the way there. Matthew picked me up gently and carried me inside, like a bride over the threshold, undressed me and put me in his bed. He undressed and got in bed next to me and I rolled over to snuggle up close in his arms.

"Matthew, I." "No talking," he interrupted, "we will be sleeping in late and then you will make me breakfast for a change.surprise me." I snuggled closer and fell asleep in his strong protective arms happy and content. **************************************************** Things emphatically fell apart when Donald's mother was placed in the hospital with the prognosis of a week to live at the most.

That day started out as one of the worst days of my life and ended as one of the best. Unfortunately for my mother-in-law, I pray her soul rests for all eternity in peace, Clara only lasted three days; Donald never left his mother's side while she was in there. My mother-in-law's morbid obesity and serious health problems had taken their toll. Not in the best of health himself, Donald's father could no longer care for Clara at home even with help from visiting nurses; his wife needed skilled nursing care in the hospital.

I took off work to go with Donald on that day. We were the first ones there to give his Dad a break. My exhausted father-in-law went to the Hospital Cafeteria for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

Clara was asleep and looked quite peaceful when we quietly entered her private room. I was standing behind Donald when he leaned over to kiss his mother on the cheek.

Clara was all smiles and beaming with love when she opened her eyes to see her special boy.Clara was all smiles until she saw me.

Our eyes met and my mother-in-law's warm loving smile changed to a sly one.this smile turned into a sneer as Clara reached over to push the call button to summon the nurse. All hell broke loose. Clara started thrashing around in her bed wailing like a banshee of detestation.

Clara's face was a hideous mask of visceral hate; her voice was dripping with venomous contempt. My mother-in-law didn't hold back any poisonous insults. Clara knocked over the IV pole on its weighted stand sending it crashing to the floor. In the process the IV needle came out of Clara's arm making this calculating woman rant and rave all the louder, "She's killing me, she's killing me!" with more untrue accusations to follow. The Nurse Supervisor with two floor nurses in tow pushed me out of the way as I left the room.

The Resident Physician, Dr. Anne Lamb arrived shortly after. I was made to stand in the hallway between two uniformed male Security Officers the doctor brought with her to keep an eye on me as the nurses came in and out of the room. "Have you no morals or decency?

What did you do to her?" Doctor Lamb asked when she finally came out, "don't you realize how sick your mother-in-law is? The woman is dying for God's sake. We had to put Clara under sedation because of you. You should be ashamed of yourself!" "I."Save it!" the Doctor interrupted, "I know all about you, Mrs.

Morgan. I take a patient's dying declaration seriously; it may be only a matter of hours for her now. Perhaps you should go to the waiting area until things are sorted out; otherwise you will be escorted out off the hospital property by security." "I want to talk to my husband." The Doctor glared at me and then nodded to one of the Security Officers who went inside to bring my husband out.

Donald came out looking uncharacteristically resolute. "Donald, will you please explain to the doctor I didn't do or say anything to upset her." "I will do no such thing! Stop pretending that you care. Especially after everything my Mother has done for you. You're an ungrateful unfeeling sterile shrew. You have disgraced our family for the last time! I'm sick of your abuse and your mean spiritedness. I'm disgusted by your holier than thou attitude and your selfishness." "Donald, what are you talking about; I know we have our differences, but." "Enough of your deceit and lies," Donald interrupted "my brothers and their wives will be here shortly.

Mom will soon be surrounded by her sons and daughter-in-laws; the precious grandchildren you refused to give her. She will be surrounded by her true family who respect and love her. This is a Morgan family matter.

We don't want you here!" I felt all eyes drilling into me with obvious distaste, if not outright contempt. My mind was racing as I thought, 'What in the world did Clara tell these people about me? You're a pathetic weakling, Donald.

You planned this whole thing out! How long did you rehearse this little speech? Did you practice with your mommy? Thank you; now the charade is finally over for the both of us! I gladly embrace my future; a future with love and a future without you. I'm Matthew's woman. My Master loves and cherishes me. I'm not going to waste any more of my tears on you. I'll not give you the satisfaction of an argument.

I'm a good person and deserve better than this.the heck with you, Donald, we're through!' Donald claimed to have no money to buy me a diamond engagement ring when he proposed to me; He couldn't bothered to get me one when he did, despite the hints I dropped the first few years we were married.

He did however find the funds to contribute a tidy sum of money to buy a joint birthday present for his mother a week before our first wedding anniversary.the Morgan family bought Clara a full length mink coat with a matching muff and hat. I took off my wedding band and dropped it in his shirt pocket, patting it lightly with my hand, saying "Goodbye Donald," I then turned and walked away from a string of profanities from him that would make his mommy dearest proud.

Matthew was attending a week of maneuvers so I stayed with Mary during those days. I didn't want to be home too chance another confrontation with my so-called husband. I didn't go to the hospital after that because Clara had the Morgan family firmly under her thumb; they refused my telephone calls.

I received numerous text messages on my cell-phone to stay away from the wake and funeral; most were neutral; one not so nice, therefore I didn't attend.

I did nothing hurtful to these people. I found myself locked out of my own house when I brought Mary with me for moral support when I returned to get the rest of my clothing. The locks were changed, new dead bolts were added to the front and back doors; the windows were barred with sheets of thick plywood.

I had no idea where Donald was. I called the Sheriff department to see if they could help me get in. To his credit, Deputy Timothy Raines was punctual and polite when he served me with divorce papers.

He also served me with an Order of Protection to keep me away from Donald that also banned me from my property as if I was a dangerous and violent person. The Deputy couldn't help me get in and he was bound by law to enforce the Order of Protection.

He advised me to hire an attorney. Ironically Officer Raines was the Sheriff Deputy who arrested and testified against Donald for his first DWI. After he politely escorted us off the property to park in the road, my next telephone call was to Matthew. Mary and I read the Divorce Papers while we waited.Mental Cruelty.Alienation of Affection.Verbal Abuse, Physical Violence.

The list of Donald's accusations went on and on-and-on to ad nauseam. The Order of Protection was almost too ludicrous to take seriously; Donald claimed I assaulted him in the hospital. Matthew arrived ninety minutes later with Deputy Raines, a locksmith and a photographer. My attorney arrived an hour after them with a court order that amended the Order of Protection to allow me get my possessions out of the house until my hearing. Matthew also had the foresight to arrange for a moving van full of boxes.

He hired professional movers to pack and move everything I owned including heirloom pieces of furniture that had been in my family for generations.

Check every contingency and then go back and check again is Matthew's motto. We started downstairs going room by room writing down, photographing and videoing; documenting everything we put in the moving van with Deputy Raines to observe as an impartial witness.

The photographer, Locksmith and Mary were witnesses; the locksmith doubled as the video camera operator while the moving men carefully packed and labeled everything we took out. Nothing appeared to be missing until we got to my bedroom and I went to get my few pieces of jewelry seeing my small jewelry box tossed carelessly on the floor. We took detailed photos; every piece of jewelry was smashed and destroyed with a heavy hammer and left for me to find.

the worst pearl necklace was missing. I became frantic, touching my pearl earrings, thinking, 'thank god, I am wearing them and Buster is safe with Mom,' I then started throwing things about in my search. If I were allowed to take only one thing from this house, just one thing from this marriage, it would be my pearl necklace. He must have taken them to spite me.

How can I possibly explain this to my mother and grandmother? How can I explain that I didn't have the foresight to take them with me? The last room was the bathroom and when we entered the mystery of the missing pearls was solved. Matthew held me in his strong arms as I cried letting out everything I kept inside of me this past week.

I don't know how long we stood there. Nothing else in this whole world matters to me as much as Matthew. I could hear Matthew's heart beating in his chest as he held me. It is a strong and strict heart; an honest heart; a kind and caring heart, a loving heart and my comfort.

I could see us in the mirror. Resolute was set in Matthew's face like an iron mask of fortitude. The Major mastered his anger well as he gave further instructions to my attorney and then to Mary. "I'll take care of everything, Chastity; everything is going to be fine," Matthew assured me, "These good people are witnesses to the facts. I'm sure they will provide us with written depositions if need be, including Deputy Raines. Mary will supervise while they take care of the rest of the packing.

Let me take you home. You need to rest and gather your thoughts." There was a message in black paint in the bathroom vanity mirror that stated "The pearls are with my Mother! The divorce proceedings were acrimonious to say the least. To our surprise Donald-dunce always showed up neat and clean shaven.

He wore an expensive tailored suit that fit him well. The overall effect was discounted by his greasy duck tail and ostentatious alligator leather shoes; crass, ridiculous and obviously expensive. I'm very proud of Chastity and how she comported herself during the divorce proceedings.

My beautiful baby face dressed as she does for work, professional and proper; sitting up straight and attentive; disciplined and precise to answer any and all questions truthfully. What was done was done. The pearls were gone for all reasonable intents and purposes. It said much of Chastity's character on how she handled the loss of them. My Chastity doesn't have a mean or vindictive bone in her body.

Chastity's goodness and forgiving nature shone as bright as a billion suns when she surprised everyone that first day just before the proceedings were about to start. Chastity forgave the pathetic fool in front of the judge and both attorneys. The Order of Protection had previously been thrown out in entirety; there was no reason to make points with the divorce judge. Chastity suggested they put the house up for sale and split their remaining assets down the middle.

She didn't want any kind of monetary support from him. Chastity said she would sign the papers today. The pathetic fool of her husband loudly rejected this more than generous offer "out of principle" he insisted. How can a man live with a woman such as Chastity for as long as he and not know her. The offer was heartfelt and sincere.

He produced a new list of demands from his suit coat pocket that contested everything on the list of items we took from the house. Chastity's husband hired one of the best; a relentless, cold-blooded reptile as attorneys go; make no mistake about it; that heartless prick is one of best Divorce Attorneys money can buy, however in the end.

"Very well, Donald," Chastity replied quietly, "We will let our attorneys argue and the Judge will decide." We found out during the hearing that Chastity's husband had a new woman in his life. She was his live-in girlfriend who brought her mother to live with them in the house that was being contested. His lawyer began by introducing several of what I thought was obscure cases. Blake vs. Green.Simpson vs. Babcock .so-on-and so-forth.contending the girlfriend's mother being on disability and permanently wheel chair bound needed a place to live and couldn't be

it was now her legal orchestrated to wear down the opponent, muddy the water and bury the issue in legal mumbo-jumbo.

Oliver Wendell Homes said it best, "Lawyers spend a great deal of time shoveling smoke." Which brings us back to orchestrate; on the day of the first hearing, Donald's girlfriend deliberately parked next to us in the court house parking lot. She was waiting in a late model Cadillac convertible with a custom hot pink paint job; the vanity license plate declaring "TAWNY-69".

Tawny was smoking a cigarette and drinking from a plastic sports bottle as we approached the vehicles. There was a small plastic cooler next to her on the back seat partially covered with a red plaid lap blanket. If I were to guess it was full of sweet wine coolers favored by many party girls.

Tawny is a natural strawberry- blonde in her late thirties to early forties. Her figure is trim and lithe but rounded where it should be. She is small bosomed as some men prefer but a nice package nonetheless.

Tawny carefully put her lipstick stained cigarette into the portable ashtray and closed it tight before she got out of the Cadillac to greet Donald-dunce.

He followed us out of the courthouse staring daggers into our backs.we ignored him. Tawny made quite the show and spectacle of greeting him as if her boyfriend was a hero returning from war. "How did it go, baby?" Tawny asked as she grabbed him and put a lip-lock on him while grinding her crotch into his. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer returning her kisses.

"The Ice Queen's attorney is not even in the same League as mine," he replied, "Miss-all high-and-mighty forgave me. Can you believe that? That cold sterile bitch forgave me when she didn't have the class or decency to attend my mother's wake or funeral. It was all for show; a sham to impress the judge.

The shrew was ready to settle before the hearing started. Her lawyer isn't capable of defending a dog bite case with a toothless blind dog as a client; woof-woof," he said laughing. "Never mind about her, baby; there is only us now. Let's go home and I'll make your favorite dinner with the little wieners. After that we'll have a little afternoon delight, stud!" Wow! They certainly showed us.although what they tried to convey was less than impressive; the Dunce's idea of erotic is fornicating inebriated in a dimly-lit filthy bathroom stall in a tavern restroom.I wonder if Tawny is aware of that.

Tawny doesn't strike me as quite that type and I can't figure her attraction for Donald-dunce unless she thinks he has money or has bought into his lies. Although a pretty woman, flashy and flamboyant would best describe Tawny's appearance.


Her wrists and ankles were covered in gold bangles and bracelets. She was wearing gold dangling earrings and had rings on almost every finger; quality expensive jewelry mixed with less costly jewelry. Tawny's long blonde permed hair was spiral curled; the tight curls falling to the middle of her back. It was if Tawny had just stepped out of the nineteen-eighties'. She was wearing light blue eye shadow and makeup that did little for her fair complexion.

Tawny was wearing far too much mascara and eyeliner; an excessive amount of blush and red-orange lipstick that clashed with everything. Now for Tawny's clothing; tight fitting leopard print spandex Capri pants, a snug fitting hot pink halter top with a partially open buckle front and an open back. She was wearing red platform heels on her feet. Given the right circumstances, Tawny might have potential assuming a strong Dominant would want to expend the time and money on her.

First he would need to know her better to determine her suitability. The basics being to wine and dine her while looking for vulnerabilities and strengths; find out everything about Tawny; this takes time, effort and commitment.

He will then suggest little things, little changes in her clothing or over time; suggest how to style her hair to test her. When the time is right, the first important change to control Tawny is her hair; Tawny will receive a short boyish haircut to get rid of the permed curls; nothing drastic mind you or to humiliate or punish her, but to steer Tawny in the right direction.

He might change the color of her hair to a common shade of brown for example. An experienced Dominant will keep Tawny's hair short and disallow her makeup until she is obedient and compliant. The experienced Dominant will make Tawny earn the privilege of makeup tastefully applied to enhance her looks, not detract.

He will introduce her to one or more of the submissive or Dominant women in Community to teach her. Tawny will earn the privilege of long hair through her submission and obedience.

She will then style it to her Master's wishes and tastes if he prefers it long. Tawny obviously spends thought, time and effort with her makeup and hair; she expresses her outgoing flashy and brazen personality-sexuality with them; her Cadillac is another aspect of her personality. It is simple enough to redirect and refine.tasteful and appropriate clothing the easiest of all.

The experienced Dominant will impose a chaste and conservative persona and appearance on this woman as a means of control and compliance. Tawny will eventually embrace and covet the change in her appearance reflected in refined manners and comportment as a result of obedience and submission to her she will covet and embrace her wild orgasms in private.a most delicious thought.

Tawny's choice of vehicles and clothing suggests she likes to show off and be the center of attention; fine; as I said, Tawny is a natural strawberry blonde and a pretty woman. The wise Master will show her off to satisfy these needs. He will do so however on his terms. He might allow Tawny to keep the Cadillac and let her drive it occasionally, minus the vanity plates, as an incentive and contrast of the Tawny before, to the proper and submissive Tawny at his beck and call; I would allow her to keep the pink Cadillac.

Strict consistent discipline in conjunction with absolute mandates of behavior work best with Tawny's type of woman in the beginning. They can be ratcheted up or relaxed as circumstances dictate. These are my private thoughts. I assess and critique all the women of possible interest this is who I am.

Getting back to their display of affection.again we simply ignored them. That evening at home we were stretched out on the long way on the couch cuddled close together. I was wearing pajama bottoms and a sleeveless tee shirt; my pretty baby face was wearing a short pink cotton/silk nightgown with lace trim no panties allowed. We watched Chastity's favorite movie, "Gone with the Wind." My arms were wrapped around her waist and she was using me for a pillow as we sipped our hot chocolate.

Chastity surprised me with homemade hot cocoa before the movie started. I haven't had good hot chocolate in years, not since I was a child, let alone hot chocolate with silly little white and pink and yellow marshmallows floating in my favorite chipped mug.

"Is there something wrong?" Chastity asked smiling, seeing the expression on my face as she handed me my mug. "There are marshmallows in it?" "Don't you like marshmallows?" Chastity asked, kissing my lips, "they're not going to kill you, Master." "You're right, they are not going to kill me, thank you," and for her I drank two cups enjoying it as if I tasted it for the first time.

When the movie ended, Chastity turned to lie up against me with her head on my chest. "Do you want me to suck on your cock, Master?" she asked as I stroked her long blonde ponytail.

"We'll get to that. I have a question to ask you first; how can you so easily forgive that vindictive fool?" I wanted to go for the jugular by threatening to exhume Clara's body strictly as a bluff to force him to settle for next to nothing.particularly since I was made aware from that night at the pond how much those pearls meant to my beautiful baby face.

Perhaps I gave that weakling too much credit for having a sub-particle of atom's nucleus of decency. I never imagined he would stoop to such a hurtful contemptuous act; destroy or pawn them, yes, not that. Neither did Chastity for she would have taken her pearl necklace with her.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. That hind end of a drunken-jackass has my ultimate contempt with a future appointment of reverse cosmetic surgery performed by my foot when I kick his ass up between his shoulder blades should he continue his stupidity.

The short history of the pearls begins with Chastity's Great-Great Grandfather. He was a Merchant Marine who brought them back from the Orient for his prospective bride. The white South Sea pearls were passed down from mother to daughter.Chastity wore them the first time on her wedding day. "Because I have you, Master," was her answer.

I hugged her gently and tenderly; the title of Master taking on a whole new meaning for me. Her genuine and unpretentious answer made me more protective of Chastity if that is possible. I can be a hard ruthless son-of-a bitch. I've killed men in battle and watched Marines under my command die beside me in a fire-fight.

They were killed by cowards; enemies without honor or uniforms who run away or hide behind women and children. I am humbled by her sincere response. I was further humbled when I took Chastity to the gravesite and she silently prayed for Clara's soul. The ex-husband ended up with less than 10% after the dust settled; particularly since the judge took hard consideration to the fact the momma's boy removed all the money out of their tax and mortgage account to purchase a costly and lavish silk-lined solid bronze casket in which his mother was buried.

The Judge couldn't keep the shock and then contempt from his face when he heard Chastity's testimony about her pearl necklace. Even the cold prick of an attorney that Donald retained briefly showed a surprised expression. This quickly returned to his usual neutral reptilian continence. The property was sold and Donald ended up moving into an apartment with Tawny and her mother.

Chastity wisely invested most of the money from the sale and moved in with me. There is something that makes me wonder; Tawny's mother has a striking resemblance to the dear departed Clara. You don't .not even he would.well maybe. I shouldn't put anything past this weak insipid man.

I have Chastity not he. My pretty baby face is a treasure to which the gold of King Solomon's Mines is but coal. "Thank you, Chastity, and I have you my pretty slut," I replied taking her beautiful thick and silky long blonde hair out of the ponytail, "You may now suck on your Master's cock."