Lili CD Putinha Sendo Arrombada

Lili CD Putinha Sendo Arrombada
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In the prior months since the incident in the medical room I decided it was best if I distance myself from mom as she practically begged me to titty fuck her telling me it was alright, she wasn't pregnant and she was on birth control. With school and the idea that if I joined the basketball team, it left mom very few opportunities for us to engage in any sexual activities and thus keep us both out of trouble.

Basketball also helped me to show mom how we could carry on a normal mother-son relationship or at least I thought. Mom counteracted my lack of interest for her sexual agenda by wearing nothing around the house but an open flannel shirt leaving her practically naked.

Aunt B even got in on the act by doing the same and before I knew what was going on every female in the house except for Jess was next to nude.

Since there were 10 units in Salt Mountain and I felt the need to get away from my mother's sexual needs, I told dad what was happening and asked if it was alright to move to another unit. He agreed to let me move but also defended moms actions by saying she was a nymphomaniac and by ignoring her I was adding fuel to the flame.

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I quickly learned from Jess that she had heard my mother talking to my dad one day about how to get me to have sex with her. I had a hard time believing that, but then again I am a part of a not so normal family.

One day after basketball practice I came home to find mom with a strap on fucking Aunt B on the family room couch. I just walked by as if nothing had occurred and went into the kitchen for some fruit. The next afternoon was the same but this time it was Maria and Anna that mom had somehow conned into her act of sexual bliss. The three women were in a three way strap on contest with mom on the bottom letting Anna fuck her from behind and Maria fucking Anna from behind.

"Why don't you join us honey?" I heard mom say from the bottom of female flesh. "Can't mother, I have to study for my test tomorrow" I replied.

I returned to my living quarters and ripped off my basketball pants jerking myself off to the image of the fuck fest I just witnessed. Mom was beginning to wear me down I thought.

What will she do next? The answer was on my bedroom walls the next day as I encountered a collage of mom's nude photo's hung of course for my viewing pleasure. She didn't have a key to my new home so I deducted Maria and Anna did her dirty work while cleaning my unit. There was even a DVD playing of mom masturbating with a cucumber on my LCD television while yelling at me to come fuck her.

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"This is insane", I thought to myself. I was getting daily emails from mom sending nude pictures of herself.


She even made a website with thousands of sexual explicit pictures and videos of herself. She sent me an threatening e-mail that if I didn't comply with her sexual needs; she was going to give free access to all my friends of her new website.

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I didn't believe her until a week later when a buddy of mine from the basketball team asked me what my mother looked like since he had never met her. I gave him a bogus description then asked why he wanted to know. He told me some hot looking woman was e-mailing him links to her free website and said that her son wouldn't have sex with her so maybe he could.

I asked him if he had a printed picture from the website. He shook his head yes then pulled out a wallet and gave me a laminated picture of my mom nude spreading her pussy with this big smile on her face. I threw the picture back at my buddy and stormed out of practice without a word. Normally Maria picked me up from practice but today mother was waiting in the car.

I jumped in the passenger seat after noticing mother was wearing a Cleveland Indians tee shirt with a V neck and a short skirt. I told mother of my buddy and how he had nude pictures of her so I thought it best if she didn't show her face in school ever again if she knew what was best for the both of us.

I also brought up the point he was only 14 and she could go to jail for what she had done.

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She smiled at me and told me that she would comply with my wishes if I complied with hers. I knew what she wanted and after a long pause I decided to give in to her demands. Mom squealed with delight and to reassure me, handed me a package of birth control pills that she said she had been taking for some time. "You won't regret this son; momma is going to give you the ride of your life"!

I couldn't believe what just happened, I should of called some shrink and got us both help but decided if I was going to do this I should at least try to enjoy myself. I asked mom to pull over and get something to eat at the nearest fast food restaurant since basketball made me hungry. She agreed and we went in and sat down to eat. While we were there mom asked me if I would look under the table we were sitting at.

I looked down and noticed mom had her legs spread and wasn't wearing any panties under her short skirt. I quickly got back up and noticed a small digital camcorder mom had strategically placed by my sandwich. "What's this?" I asked. "What you're going to use to take naughty pictures of me" mom replied. I put a look of disgust on my face as mom countered again. "We can let your buddy at basketball practice take the pictures if you like" mom said sarcastically. "No, no that won't be necessary" I said in defeat.

I turned on the small camera as mom surveyed all around looking for anyone who could see. Luckily we sat in an area of the restaurant where not too many people sit and the employees don't have a good view of. By the directions of mother I sat at another empty table in order to get far enough away for a better photographic opportunity.

To my surprise mom then started to unbutton the side of her skirt and lifted her butt taking it completely off. It was shocking at first but then I noticed she could get away with this since the baseball shirt she was wearing was way too big for her and covered all of her womanly parts quite nicely. Around the corner a female customer was ordering when mom started unbuttoning the only remaining garment she had on. I primed the camera on mom as she nodded my way and did a final look in all directions for anyone who could spoil her fun.

She was sitting in a booth next to a brick wall with a flower arrangement behind her head so there was something to cover her in case someone did accidentally stroll along.

In our section nobody was eating but down a long narrow hall there was a door to the kitchen and I figured with a well placed entrance by an employee, the gig would be up. Moms head was facing the direction of the woman at the counter when she parted her shirt along with her legs and allowed me to take the dirty pictures she so much wanted.

As her courage grew after a couple of minutes mom began playing with herself in full public view. I couldn't get over how erotic this whole thing was.

She got on her hands and knees on the bench seat the booth provided and pulled up the shirt exposing her pussy to the camera's eye. We did this for a while then immediately left in case we were spotted. I jumped in the car as mom sat there with her skirt in her hands and her shirt halfway unbuttoned.


I felt like a criminal who just escaped prison as mom rolled down the window and threw her skirt out as we sped away. I guess she figured the shirt covered enough. We stopped at a few other places as mom flashed me her naked form and after about an hour she decided to take me to the lake where dad owns a speed boat. Since age didn't matter, I drove the boat while mom sat playing with her pussy with her shirt wide opened thus exposing herself to me and anyone else on the lake.

I was looking out for other water craft when I noticed my basketball shorts being pulled down. I looked over my shoulder and there was mom totally naked leaning over me. I helped her remove my pants as she somehow managed to get her head in my lap and give me the first blow job I have ever had.

I still had my shirt on so I removed it to join in her nudity. It was hot that day and the cool breeze that the moving boat provided not to mention the up and down movements of the water made this the perfect spot for my first fuck. Mom stood up and quickly straddled my lap looking forward as I drove the fast watercraft. Without a word I felt my prick enter the world of incest as a couple of guys honked their vessels horn in approval of mother's nudity.

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She simply waved at them by cupping her tits in their direction. Mom's pussy was getting a serious pounding as the boat hit the bottom on the waves numerous times. It was just then I felt the sensation of my ejaculate churning to the surface of my buried cock in mom's hairy orifice. "I'm going to cum!" I yelled to mom as I drove the throttle of the boat to full tilt.

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I heard some more hollering at what I believed to be approvals of mom's tits and pussy as mom yelled back to me over the boats motor. "Cum inside my pussy and put your baby batter in my cunt!" I felt the stream of cum enter mom's forbidden pussy in the view of everyone on the lake. The whole scene was so unreal. After my orgasm, I shut the engine off and coasted to a stop as mom dismounted my cock and fell to the nearest available seat leaking my sperm as she moved.

After mom got her breathing reduced I asked her to put a shirt back on so we could go home. She smiled and shook her head no. I mentioned to her the fact we could get arrested. She then told me her remaining clothing blew out the back of the boat after she removed it some time ago and it was at the bottom of the lake. I found my shirt and put it on her only to notice that with her big tits it wouldn't cover her pussy. I then gave her my boxers and told her to put those on to cover the rest so we could get back to the car.

She just smiled and threw the garments over her shoulder and into the lake joining the rest at the bottom. "Are you out of your mind mother" I shouted out at her as I watched the clothing sink! "Those are the only clothes we have"! She opened her legs once more and pointed to her pussy leaking my newly deposited cum. "Now we can't have any fun with my panties on, now can we son?" she stated with a grin.

We fucked until dark on the lake and then made a dash to the car without a shred of clothing. Mom says to this day that the time we spent on the lake helped me a grow into a great fuck.

As a direct result of dad's birthday present the following year, I have a different opinion on that. Mom doesn't know about that even to this day. To Be Continued&hellip.