Mature duo sucking big cock

Mature duo sucking big cock
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I stood on the beach watching this young woman emerging from the ocean waves. The day was sunny and warm with a light breeze. As more and more of her came out of the water, the better she looked. She was tall and slim, had a long wet ponytail and the cutest face. Soon I could see that she had a wonderful set of tits with just the right amount of cleavage. I guessed she was about a 34-C. They were firm and high.


If she took her top off, I doubted that they would drop much at all. Next followed a flat stomach, then wonderfully curved hips and lastly, long shapely legs. Her body was a sight to behold.

She started running up the beach. Her ponytail and her tits swayed with just the right motion.

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Her bikini top hardly covered more than her nipples and her bottoms were just as skimpy. I couldn't take my eyes off her. The closer she got, the younger her face started to look.

Finally I decided that she was in her mid teens. That is the time of life that I have always thought that girls looked their very best and sexiest. But if she was, I was old enough to be her father and what would I think about some older man thinking the thoughts about my teen daughter, if I had one, that I was thinking about this girl.

As she ran toward me I could tell that she was looking at the large tent that my 35 year-old, thick, 7-inch cock was making in my short but loose fitting boxer style swim trunks. She didn't stop looking till she had passed me. As she did she gave me a little smile. I lay on my blanket and worked my swimsuit covered manhood into the warm white sand and waited for it to go down.

It took a while as I was still picturing the body of the girl I had been watching, and I was imagining it without the bikini. I pictured it with strong tan lines not far from her nipples and around a pussy which I pictured with just a light covering of fine blond pubic hair. I laid on my blanket for probably ten minutes and almost fell asleep.

Then from behind me I heard, "Hi, do you live around here?" I turned and looked. It was her, standing there with a big smile. I was staring up at the v between her slightly parted legs and at the underside of her spectacular breasts.

My cock twitched again and I'm sure that pre-cum was making a wet spot on my trunks.


"Do you live around here", she asked again. "Yes I do, about a mile from here." "I'm here with my family. We rented a condo down the beach for a week. We just got here yesterday. What's there to do around here?" I said, "not much but the beach." "Would you get us some beers?" she asked. "How old are you, young lady?" She paused for several long seconds and then said, "18 and I have proof. Do you want to see it?" This was long enough ago that 18 was legal age for drinking if any of you remember that far back.

"OK, what kind do you like?" "Anything. You choose. But first lets go for a little swim together. OK?" "Sure, if that's what you want." We ranside by side, into the water. The waves were very calm that day. We had gotten to where the water was up to her neck and up to my arm pits when she turned, put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and she gave me a big kiss. "I'm Tina. What's your name?" "Jerry." "I saw that big bulge in your shorts while you watched me come out of the water.

Did you like what you saw?" As I was nodding my head yes, she let her legs drop back down to the bottom. She reached down and grasped my erection thru my shorts. "It feels really big like I thought it would." She took my hand and, under the water, she put it on one of her boobs. I squeezed it gently. "That feels nice, Jerry." Before long I had a hand inside her bottoms and had worked a finger between her pussy lips and was rubbing her clit.

At first touch she jumped and moaned. We stayed in the water long enough for me to bring her to a nice little orgasm. Then I said, "I have some beer at my place. Do you want to go have a couple?" "You bet" she giggled. She beat me out of the water.

I caught up with her. Again I had a large boner and several other people on the beach noticed as we passed by them but I couldn't help it. I led her to my new Miata (I guess it was my mid-life crises car and a divorce gift to myself) and we got in. After about a five minute drive we entered the apartment that I had rented for the summer after my divorce had become final.

"My wet suit feels cold and funny" she said as she stripped out of it. "Don't you want to get out of yours too?" I handed her a can of beer, and with some effort, pulled my trunks over my rock hard erection and let them fall to the floor.

"Oh, that is so nice" she said as she wrapped her hand around it. I sat her on the couch. I had a beer in one hand and I let my other hand roam over her tight body. She kept a tight hold on my man meat and downed her first beer before I had taken three sips of mine.

"Ready for another, Tina?" "Sure." I got up to get it. My cock pointed the way and swayed as I walked. When I turned back, Tina was walking into the bedroom. I followed her into my bedroom. Damn this girl was hot and ready to go. This was going to be my first fuck after the finalization of my divorce. Not that I had not had a number of women while we were working thru it and more than my share of other cunts during my marriage, but this was number one as a free man again.

I hoped she was really 18. I wouldn't want to get caught with jailbait. Yes, I am a slut hound and always will be. I had tried to get my wife to get into swinging but she never wanted to have anything to do with it. Tina sat on the side of my bed and I handed her the beer. She tipped it up and downed it in a series of gulps with only one short pause in the middle. She sat the can on the nightstand.

I sat next to her and gave her a big kiss. She opened her mouth and returned it with vigor. My hands were all over her and I pushed her onto her back on the bed. I spent the next several minutes sucking one and then the other of her large erect nipples and enjoying the sounds of pleasure that she made. I made a trail of kisses across her flat, firm, pale white tummy as I worked my way to my next target.

I lifted one of her legs, kissed the insides of each of her thighs and then lapped at her small tightly closed cunt lips. As I had guessed, she had just a small amount of fine blonde pubic hair.

I worked my tongue between her lips and found her clit. She jumped. "Ohhhh yesss. Don't stop. That feels so good." I licked and sucked her clit and worked my tongue from it down to her little fuck hole and back several times.

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I was enjoying it as much as she was. We were lying side by side, facing in opposite directions. "Suck my cock, Tina." "I don't know how. I've never done it." "Put your hand around the base of it like you were doing before and move it up and down the shaft. OK, now put your lips around the head and lick and suck on it like you would a lolly pop." She had to open her mouth wide to get it over my large cock head but she got the head in her mouth.

She pulled back off. "It's all slippery wet and tastes funny." "That just means that I really like you. Now do it more. You'll learn to really like it." Tina put her lips back over it and stroked my shaft with her hand. I started moving my hips slightly, fucking her tight young mouth just a little. "Now start moving your head up and down on it. Take as much as you can into your mouth, and each time it is almost all the way out, lick your tongue around the head." Tina was a very willing student and soon she tried too hard and gagged herself on it.

She pulled off and coughed and sputtered. "Don't try too hard, Just take what you can and enjoy it." She went back at it. Now that she had a good rhythm going with both her mouth and her hand, I went back to eating her out. That caused her to put even more effort into her cock sucking. If this were her first time, she would learn to be an expert. After a couple minutes, she stopped and pulled off. "My jaw hurts." I turned around and gave her a deep kiss.

"That's OK. You did great. I really liked it. Did you?" "Kind of." I climbed over her left leg, pulled her knees up and took my cock in my hand. "Now it's time for me to give you a really good fucking. You do like being fucked, don't you?" "This is my first time, Jerry" she said. "You're a virgin? Have you broken your cherry?" "No." "Well you know that it hurts a little when you do, don't you?

But then it gets better, a lot better." "Ya, Mom had the talk with me and we spent one day in school talking about sex.

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I hear my mom and dad doing it and it sounds like they are having a lot of fun." "Don't worry, I'll be gentle and you'll really like it after the little hurt at first." I slipped my cock between her cunt lips and rubbed it up and down her slit. She was nice and wet and I wanted to get myself lubed for an easy entrance.

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Tina looked apprehensive. "Aren't you going to put on a condom?" I kept rubbing my cock on her clit to keep her excited. I asked when her last period was. Her answer was perfect. The timing was just right to be safe but I told her a lie and told her that I had had an operation and could not make babies. I also told her how much more she would enjoy it without one.

Actually, I never intend to use a condom anyway and didn't even have one. "Are you ready?" If she was or not, I was. Tina slowly nodded her head yes. I slowly worked my cock head into her hot, tight, wet fuck tunnel till I felt resistance. "This is where it might hurt. Be brave. It will be worth it." One quick, short stab and I felt it rip.

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"Ouch, that hurts. Stop, please." I stopped and held still at that point for a minute. "Are you ready?" With tears in her eyes, Tina nodded her head yes. I slowly pushed just a little deeper.

Then I slid all but the head back out. I could see an little blood on my shaft. It took me probably a dozen slow pushes, each one a little deeper, before I had my cock fully in Tina's cunt.

I stopped and held still at the bottom. I kissed Tina and she returned the kiss. "The pain is going away, Jerry. I feel so full down there." Now I started slowly fucking this fine little piece of ass that I had picked up at the beach.

It was my turn for pleasure. Gradually, my strokes got faster and harder. No woman had ever complained about how long I lasted except the very first girl that I fucked. She was much older and experienced and it was my first time. I only lasted a minute and she commented on it. Even at my young age, I was big and she wanted more of it so we did it twice more and each time I lasted longer. When we left the woods, she was happy and so was I. Tina's tears went away and were replaced by a smile.

She instinctively started pumping her hips to meet my thrusts. "That is feeling so good. I like it, Jerry. Keep fucking me like that." Now I was pounding Tina's cunt so hard and fast we were making the bed move. After about ten minutes, Tina almost screamed, Yesss, yesss, yesss." Her nails dug into my back as she had the first orgasm that I cock had ever given her. We had both worked up a sweat.

I kept stroking myself into her for another couple of minutes as she lay there almost passed out, before I came. I held myself deep in her and felt my cock pulse four times as it shot its load deep into Tina. I felt her tight cunt walls contract, milking my cock with each string of cum that entered her. "Ohhhh, I feel your stuff in me. It feels so good. Don't take it out yet, please. Just stay there and kiss me." We kissed and I very slowly kept fucking her for a couple more minutes before I pulled myself out of her.

I watched cum drip out of her well fucked hole and puddle on the bed. I moved up on my knees by her head. "There is one more thing you need to learn.

The best thing you can do for a man at the end of sex is to suck his cock some more. They really like that and it shows him that you really liked it too. I put my half limp pecker to her mouth. "But it's all gooey." "It won't hurt you.

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Now open your mouth." Tina did as I said and I slipped my cum covered cock into her mouth. "Take as much of it as you can without gagging and suck on it." I put my hand behind her head and slowly started facefucking her. Tina looked at the clock on the nightstand and pulled off me. It's five o'clock and my mom told me to be back before five thirty. I gotta go. Will you drive me to the condo please?" "Sure." We got up and got dressed. When we dressed I asked her. "Well Tina, how did you like having sex for the first time.

"It hurt quite a bit at first and I almost chickened out but later I really liked it. I really liked it when I felt you squirt your stuff inside of me. I'm a little sore down there but it feels good.

I also know that I like how it feels in my mouth and it doesn't taste to bad. Can we do it again every day till I have to go home?" "Sure, Tina. There is more that I can teach you and I'll be happy to." As we drove, Tina lay her head on my shoulder and kept her hand on my crotch. "I've gotta give my sister her ID back so she can go out tonight." Tina stopped almost it mid sentence.

"I mean I have to give my little sister my ID so she can go out tonight. She's only seventeen. But I'm eighteen. Really I am." I dropped her about two condos away from the one she was staying in so no one in her family would see her with an older man. Before she got out, she gave me a kiss and squeezed my cock. "See ya tomorrow, Jerry." As I drove back to the apartment, my thoughts stayed on the pleasure I was going to have for the next several days.

Tina was going to learn all the pleasures of fucking. She was going to learn how to take a big cock in her ass and suck it clean after. She was going to learn to take a cock all the way into her throat and get her stomach filled with cum. She was going to learn how to please a man by putting on a show playing with herself and fucking herself with a toy dick.

She was going to learn how to be a wonderful pleasure slut and every boyfriend she would have from then on would have me to thank for it.

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