Slut with a sexy face sucks and she too fucks dick

Slut with a sexy face sucks and she too fucks dick
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[Apologies but I'm finally back. My first order of business is to finally finish this series. Then, not to worry, I will be continuing my much demanded Sisters By The Pool series!] "That was a lot of fun, but I should really go study now" Leslie said. I could have pushed for more, and more than likely succeeded, but I already had two other situations I was waiting for on this trip back. This had killed a good amount of the night, anyway, so I wouldn't have to sit around waiting for tomorrow night to come.

"We'll hang out again soon" I smiled and hugged Leslie, both of us getting dressed. I walked her back to the library, where she was originally headed, and gave her one more hug. Then I started off towards my place. Not much happened from the time I got home to the next afternoon.

I lazed around, ate whatever was around at that time all of those years ago, and watched some television.

As day turned to evening, I looked up Kacey and Nicole's address. They were within walking distance of the campus, so I knew there was no rush. I spent a little extra time making myself look good, put on a blue polo shirt and pants, and started off towards their apartment complex. As I walked, I cursed myself a few times in my head.

It was so painfully obvious how many opportunities I could have had, times that many people do experience in college, which never came to be. All of a sudden, I looked up and got the greatest surprise of my trips back. There was my fiancee in the distance. Running into her here definitely wasn't part of the plan, and I didn't even know if the circumstances meant we even knew each other in this current, temporary reality.

I panicked.


I didn't even wait to see if she spotted me. I reached into my pocket and hit the button, quickly sending myself back to my bed at home again. I laid there for a few minutes, taking long, steady breaths.

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The last thing this machine should've been for was to run into my current girl in the past. Did it mean anything? Had I screwed something up by seeing her?

"Relax" I said out loud. "Remember, nothing from these past realities actually has an impact." Slowly, I started to calm down, and went back over to my computer. The list of names had been mostly successfully completed. There were a few names that I wasn't going to get to, and a couple of more just joined that list after the recent incident. However, with only two marks left on my device, I knew the last two choices were already made.

The two who I had already starred before I took my first trip. It was time to finally get my shot with Melanie. Melanie was, perhaps, the most interesting case of anybody I would go back to see. Of all the girls I knew over the years, Melanie was my longest term friend. We met in early high school and were still friends to this day, which is something I couldn't say about most of the people I had already gone back for.

The length of my friendship with Melanie made for an interesting dynamic. The device allows me to go back to any moment with someone, but when there's ten years to choose from, it is hard to pick which moment would make the most sense. Do I go back to early high school, and try something during the early part of our friendship? Do I go back just a few weeks, when I ran into her at the grocery store? Which moment did I most want her in the past?

The only thing I knew for sure is that I wanted this one badly. Melanie was one of the nicest girls I had ever met, but she was also a bit of a wild badass.

She had teased me throughout the years for not taking enough chances and risks, which was ironic, since one of those risks probably would have led to me going after her. Although she clearly liked me as a person, I know she didn't think much of me sexually, probably as a result of how calm and decent I always presented around her. But, this was going to give me the chance to finally show her what I had, even if the memory would be only mine.

There wasn't a perfect moment to go back to. There was never really a time we were super close to doing something naughty.

The only night that was really coming to mind was a night in late high school, when she came over my house to watch one of those trendy movies that everybody but us had seen. Back when you could still rent a movie. Damn, this was a long time ago.

I settled on the moment, hit the button, and went through the flash of light. After a bit, I was returned to that moment in the past. I was on my old living room couch, watching the terrible move, with Melanie next to me. Melanie wasn't what anyone would classify as insanely attractive. She was more cute than anything. She had shapely black hair, with bangs that went over part of her face. She had nice green eyes, and an extremely petite, tan figure.

That night, she was wearing a black tank top and jeans. It was late on the Saturday night, but the movie was probably only somewhere in the middle. My parents had already gone to bed for the night. If I remember correctly, we had simply watched the movie, and then I drove her home. I was convinced to change things pretty quickly. "This move sucks" I said, turning my attention to Melanie. "Yeah, it does" she giggled in return. "But it was your idea to watch it." "Only because I didn't want to be the only one who hadn't seen it anymore" I continued.

"But I'm over it. Let's do something else." "What's on your mind?" she asked, smiling cutely at me. "Let's go up to my room and think about it" I suggested. She seemed to catch onto what I was thinking, but she also seemed a bit confused.

As usual, there was her constant thought process that I didn't have a dirty bone in my body. Still, she got up and followed me, perhaps just to see what random thought of mine may have accidentally given off such an inappropriate vibe.

Her look did change when I locked the door behind us, though. "What is all this?" she asked, laughing again. "Overdue" was all I said in response, before I wrapped my arms around her petite frame, kissing her hard and bringing her onto my old bed.

Her initial, wide-eyed look of complete shock made the whole trip worthwhile, as I started to kiss her heavily. It seemed like she wanted to ask something else, but I was still kissing her too passionately. I pushed my knee between her legs and started to rub myself against her jeans. I could feel a slight vibration in the kiss now, from her moans, as I briefly broke the kiss to yank off her tank top.

Her slender, tan, petite body was revealed before me, as I eagerly bent down to kiss her body. She writhed and giggled in response, as my hands found her lacy green bra.

A quick unhook, and her perky, B cups were finally free. Over the years, I had gotten off to Melanie more times than I could count.

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As I said, it wasn't because she was the hottest thing I had ever seen. There was something about unconquered territory, that for some reason, seemed like it should've been mine, that was so arousing. That can explain some of the excitement that I felt, finally seeing her breasts for the first time. I had often pictured what they might look like, as I had gotten off to her pictures.

Now that they were waiting for me, I couldn't resist taking them in my mouth. I bent down, pushing my face against her chest, and then taking one in my mouth. My tongue flicked and ran circles around her quickly hardening nipple. My hand found her other breast, squeezing it, before starting to tease the nipple between my fingers. Melanie was hanging onto my hair as I worked her perky breasts. My free hand reached down and undid her jeans button.

To my surprise, Melanie wasted no time in shaking her own jeans off, obviously wanting every bit of what I had in mind. She had matching green panties on underneath, which I wasted no time in removing, too.

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Just like that, I had Melanie completely naked on my bed. Yet another moment I could have just as easily had during my youth.

But, at least I had the next best thing. I smiled down at her, knowing I was finally going to be able to impress her with my abilities and attributes. I stripped myself down, showing myself off to her. I could see the disbelief in her eyes, as I showed her what I had to work with. Before she could stare for too long, I was between her legs, mouth around her lips. My tongue poked between her pussy lips and found her clit.

She desperately started moaning and panting as I started to move my face back and forth. I brought my tongue against her clit roughly, and moved from side to side, my hands sliding underneath her to grab her tight ass. Her skinny legs started to shake and she grabbed my hair again. "Finger me" she purred between moans as I continued to tease her clit with my tongue. I took one hand off her ass and brought it under my mouth.

As soon as I slid two of my fingers inside her tight, wet opening, her moans turned to screams. "Just like that" she yelped as my fingers curled against her g-spot, all while my tongue danced across her clit.

Her legs were now shaking uncontrollably as I fingered her roughly against her g-spot. "Oh god I'm cumming!" she shrieked as her petite stomach started to ripple. To my surprise, she started to squirt as her pussy contracted around my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and started to rub her clit furiously.

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This only forced more juices to squirt from her pussy, some hitting my face, as her entire body spasmed and shook. She continued to moan and writhe as she endured what appeared to be a mind blowing orgasm.

Finally, she collapsed, flat on her back, and tried to recover her breath. "All this time, I never would've guessed" she said breathlessly. "That was the most amazing thing I've ever felt. In fact, I think you've earned a little reward." She was recovered enough to get back onto her front.

She had me lay back on the bed, which was always my favorite position to get head. Nothing lets you relax more and last longer. Plus, having her on her front side made her breasts look fantastic, and I couldn't resist reaching down and groping them. She licked the tip of my cock a few times before taking the head into her mouth. She wasn't going to do much teasing, as she started bobbing on the head, licking the sensitive underside and sucking.

She popped off it with a loud sucking sound, and then plunged down. My eyes went wide as she descended the length of my cock, finally settling down nearly three quarters of the way down. No one had come close to that point, even today. She gagged ever so slightly, and then started to bounce her mouth up and down on my shaft.

I felt her tongue wrap around me as she worked on getting as much of me down as possible. Just as I had always suspected, Melanie was a bit of a freak, and she was displaying it here. After a little bit more of that, she pulled herself off again, and licked the full length of my underside, forcing a shiver through my body. She giggled and then brought her tongue to my frenulum.

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Targeting the most sensitive spot on my cock, she started to drag her tongue quickly up over and over. Her hand gently massaged my balls as she continued to lick the sensitive underside of my head.

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I rolled and pulled her nipples in response as the sensations were driving me crazy. She plunged her mouth back down on my cock, now just sucking on the head again, while pumping my shaft quickly. She continued this until she could feel me starting to tense and stiffen. Then she returned to the underside of my cock, licking roughly as I approached orgasm. I groped her breasts hard as I felt myself going over the edge, starting to launch powerful ropes of cum high into the air. The hot ropes of cum landed all over Melanie's face, and some into her hair.

It was one of the more intense orgasms I could recall, as I shot my load all over her pretty face. "Wow, that was quite the load" she giggled cutely, licking a little trail of cum off her cheek. "You earned it" I smiled. My attention was still on her tight body. I wanted to feel every bit of it.

I moved closer to her and started to rub her back, and then moved down to her ass, squeezing the perky ass cheeks in my hands.


I gave her a playful spank on both sides, before turning her back over and starting to suck on her breasts again. This wasn't the time for talk, or even rest.

I wanted to savor every sexual moment I could experience with Melanie. "I wish you had done this sooner" Melanie laughed as I explored her body. I had no incentive to talk about things, though I shared her sentiment. We laid there for a bit, feeling each other all over, as I waited for my manhood to return to strength.

After the blood started flowing again, I knew it was time to show Melanie the time of her life, at least in this capacity. "What are you going to do with that?" Melanie teased as she saw my full shaft again. "Why don't you get on your hands and knees?" I grinned in response. She smiled knowingly and turned around for me, sticking her gorgeous ass in the air for me. I moved in behind her, rubbing my cock against her clit, lubricating myself on her juices.

If she thought I was going to take this slow, she was going to be in for another surprise. I put just the tip of my cock into her entrance, and then reached up for her hair.

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I pulled her hair back, making her body jerk slightly backwards. That motion fed more of my cock inside her, and I buried the rest into her tight pussy. She shrieked and moaned as I entered, my shaft pushing her unprotected tight walls apart as it made its way inside.

I kept a tight grip on her hair, keeping her head bent slightly back and up, as I started to fuck her hard. My cock easily hit her g-spot with each thrust, and each powerful motion made her cute ass jiggle in front of me. I used my free hand to smack her ass again, causing her to yelp in response. It felt incredible to be inside of her tight pussy with no barriers separating us. With my hand still on her hair, I used my free hand to reach around and start to rub her clit.

The combination of my hand on her clit and my cock hitting her g-spot time and time again quickly brought her over the edge. Her pussy squeezed and contracted around my shaft, barely allowing me to stay inside. It was about time we looked at each other during this passionate fuck, so I pulled out during her orgasm, allowing a little cum to squirt out. I adjusted her so that she was on her back. I put her legs onto my shoulders and entered her again.

It was incredible to watch the contorted look of pleasure on her face as I started to ramp up the rhythm again. It took a little bit of flexibility on her end to accommodate the position, but we were both enjoying it.

But, I wanted to be closer to her, and eventually put her legs back around me. I bent down and started to kiss her hard as I slammed myself into her. My hands had migrated back to her breasts, squeezing them and playing with her nipples. Our deep kissing allowed me to feel her moans into my mouth, as I continued the hard fuck rhythm. She started to shake again, and I pounded myself into her tight pussy harder, quickly building up another orgasm for her.

Her pussy started to spasm around me again, but this time I didn't allow myself to exit her. I continued to fuck her through her orgasm, causing the rest of her body to shake. Her eyes were mostly closed, but when they opened, they were partially rolled upwards. When we weren't kissing, her breathing was ragged, as she tried to steady herself under me. "So. Fucking. Good" she said breathlessly as I mercilessly pounded her.


Another round of hard fucking and she was cumming again. This time I pulled out and rubbed her clit, allowing her to squirt on me again. Before she stopped shaking, I was back inside her, still feeling her muscles squeezing my cock. It was getting harder to last inside her, especially with no barriers.

I could feel every ridge of her insides, and the fit was very tight. My hands reached down for her breasts again as I felt myself slowly starting to stiffen inside her. There was definitely no thought of pulling out.

I could see goose bumps forming on her smooth, tan skin as I reached a rock solid point inside her. I buried myself as deep as I could manage and paused as I felt myself nearing the edge. I let her tight, warm insides bring me the rest of the way, as I hit the point where ecstasy fully hits and the cock stiffens to an unbearable point. In that moment, no matter what happened in the world, there would be no way to stop the inevitable. I grunted and squeezed her perky breasts as I started to unload, hot cum spurting out in quick, thick ropes.

It was one of those orgasms where you can't unload fast enough, as I bucked between her legs and each shot of cum made the thick underside vein of my cock contract in pleasure. Melanie was flat on her back again, as I filled her completely. She had a slight grip on my arms, but her strength was mostly gone. I allowed myself to empty completely, filling her with all the hot cum I had inside me. As I finished emptying inside her, I leaned in and kissed her hard again. She kissed back with what little energy she had left.

That was it. Mission accomplished, in my mind at least. I could stay in the moment longer, but if anything, that just might get me more used to a reality that was never going to happen. I had a particular urge that I needed to get fulfilled, and this incredible device had allowed me to do it.

I stuck around long enough to let her fall asleep next to me. But, it was time to get going, and I knew it. I picked the device from my pants pocket and looked at it. I looked from the device, to Melanie, and back to the device. While part of me wanted to stick around, the majority of me felt extremely satisfied in how the night had gone. Melanie was never the type of girl I would have ended up with long term, but nights like this should have happened.

I took a deep breath and hit the button. The normal flash of light hit and I was back home, once again. The device made a sound that I'm not sure I had heard before, as it removed the second to last mark. One line remained on the side of the device. The box then glowed a bright red, before returning to its normal state. Was it warning me of something?

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Was it just letting me know I only had one trip left? Was it starting to malfunction? I had to admit, I was getting nervous as I started to think about my final trip.