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Fat japan boy gay sex wrestling The meat on suggest is rock hard
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I awoke the following morning listening to the birds singing their sweet songs, and breathing the cool crisp autumn air. I laid still for a few moments as I noticed how the bodies of my female companions were intertwined with one another. Amber had fallen asleep on the right side of my chest; her dark hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. On my left, Lilly had her head rested on my shoulder with her arms wrapped tightly around mine.

Her long blonde locks covered her face as she quietly mumbled in her sleep.

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Elle and Stephanie were cuddled together beside Amber. Then, I noticed that Lilly had my hand pinned against the crotch of her pants. I slowly started to rub my hand against her pants, making small circles above her clit.

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She started moaning in her sleep, and her grip on my arm tightened. As I picked up my pace, she started to wake up. She started squeezing her tits as she bit her lower lip, trying not to disturb the others. Finally, she started to tense up; as the waves of pleasure ran through her body, small squeaks escaped from her mouth. Amber woke up, as Lilly was coming down from her orgasmic high. She quickly got up and stormed off towards a nearby barn. I gave chase, and when I caught up to her I could tell that she was pissed.

I cornered her and made her talk to me, after thirty minutes of her venting she finally calmed down. I stepped a little closer and gave her a hug while she wiped her tears on my shirt. "I don't like her," she said softly; "She is going to ruin everything." I embraced Amber even tighter while I explained that she has not made up her mind on continuing forward with us. We returned to the group, and everyone started on our way. It took us thirty minutes to reach our proverbial fork in the road.

I gave Nina a map marked with the route that they needed to take, as well as a few alternate routes in case they ran into trouble.

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As Nina headed of with her group I turned towards Lilly; with a questioned expression on my face, she looked at me and said, "I'm not going with them, that's three more days of walking that I don't feel like doing right now." We headed down the road to the farm, stepping ever closer to our little patch of freedom. As we came within a half mile of the farm, I picked up my pace and told the girls to stay back.


The buildings came over the horizon, and I could make out a body on the roof. I gave two large waves with my left arm to make my presence known. I could make out activity on the ground now; everyone was organizing and trying to see who was approaching. When I got within a couple hundred yards, someone started jogging towards me. It was Jesse, a friend of mine since we were kids; he was running out to greet me. When he finally reached me, I waved to the girls to let them know that it was safe.

He expressed his relief of my arrival and gave me a sitrep, and when the girls made it to us I introduced everyone to him. Together we walked towards the buildings, trying to keep the little bit of conversation lively. Everyone came out to meet us as we reached the first barn, Jesse took over introducing everyone else to the girls. Danny, another longtime friend of ours came down from the roof, and met the girls. Jesse and Danny are a bit geeky, but they know their stuff. We grew up playing war games, and went through scouting together.

Two of my former coworkers Adam and Travis walked up and met the girls as well. Bringing up the rear of the group was Morgan, she had been one of my wife's friends all the way back to high school. She came up and gave me a hug with tears in her eyes. "We thought that we wouldn't see you again. "She sobbed into my shoulder. She wiped her tears away, and moved forward to met the new girls.

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As everyone retreated into the shade of the barn, Jesse pulled me aside and informed me that they had captured an enemy soldier the day before. We walked towards a shed nearing the edge of the property. "She is down here," he said.

"She?" was the only word that I could muster. "Go grab Lilly, the tall blonde, and bring her here." I said while trying to figure out my next move. When she arrived, I filled her in on what was going on and how important it was that our prisoner stayed a secret. We entered the dark room to find the young woman handcuffed to her chair, still in her uniform.

Lilliy and I introduced ourselves and asked for her cooperation in this matter. We promised that we would treat her well, as long as she told what we needed to know. Lilly pulled me aside, wanting to know that we didn't intend on mistreating this girl. "Right now, I don't plan on anything." I replied coldly, not settling her fears. I turned back to the girl, and asked her for her name.

"Lucky" she replied with an attitude. "You don't seem too terribly lucky right now, but I'm glad you speak english. First of all, how is it that you don't have an accent, Lucky?" "I'm from Kansas" she replied, "My parents shipped me off to a boarding school in Hong Kong when I turned 12. After that I started to hate everything about them, so when I turned 18 I joined the military there.

Now I'm locked in this room and that is all that I'm telling you." I stood in silence for a few moments before Lilly chimed in. "I just need a little more of your time; Lucky, for a couple more questions. I need to know why this is happening. Lilly pleaded, but the girl simply sat in silence staring at the ground. We took the her outside for some fresh air, and so she could use the latrine. It was mid day now and the air was warm and dry.

I grabbed some food and headed back to try and barter it for answers. Lucky wasn't going to give up anything else right now, so Lilly and I left her in the darkness cuffed to her chair. After some mundane chores and checking on everyone in the group, I headed back to talk to our captive. "We have given you full quarter until now;" I started my speech, "and unless you tell me exactly what's happening here I'll going to be inclined to end that." She chuckled to herself and said, "I couldn't care less what you do." I was starting to get aggravated now, "I don't want to have to force these things out of you, but I will if you force my hand." She looked back down at the floor, and said nothing.

With her hands bound at her sides to the chair, I pulled my knife out from it's sheath.

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"Last chance," I said while taking a step towards her. Still, she said nothing, only staring at the floor. She flinched when the cold steel touched her skin, I slowly cut up the arm of her uniform revealing her pale white skin. Then I repeated the process on the other side.

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When both arms were cut up to the neckline of her jacket, I ripped it away from her body. She flinched at the sudden movement, but her eyes remained locked on the floor. I made a small cut along the bottom of her shirt and slowly ripped it all the way up to her collar. Her pale skin immediately began to pebble at the rush of cool air flowing over it. I firmly grasped the collar of her shirt and ripped it from her body.

I think that she began to blush as I stepped back to look at her body as I threw her top to the corner of the small room. She tried to keep her gaze fixed on the ground, but occasionally she would look up at me. I stepped behind her and placed my hands on her breasts. I could feel her nipples begin to stiffen underneath her red lace bra.

I gently massaged them for a few moments, offering her a bit of comfort. I asked her my slew of questions again, and again she looked quietly at the floor. I gently rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger; making them grow before pinching them. She screamed and grimaced at the sudden shot on pain coursing through her body. Her nipples began to feel warm with the sudden rush of blood to the area. "I don't want to cause you any more pain, but I need you to answer my questions." I said sternly as I stepped back into her field of view.

Again she focused herself, and with her breathing quickened she returned her gaze to the floor. I squatted in front of her, and removed her boots and sock; I watched as she tried to keep her bare feet from touching the cold cement floor. She strained for several minutes before her thighs began to quiver and tire.

She made a rather cute face when her feet landed on the floor. After the initial shock wore off, I asked again. Still no response. I removed her belt from her pants, and wrapped it around her chest. I secured it on the other side of the chair and tightened it. Her breathing became more rapid and shallow, her chest suddenly restrained by the belt. She has a look of panic for a few minutes, when she composed herself I asked again. Expecting no response, I began to cut my way up each of her pant legs as I asked.

I heard her mumble to herself, as she squeezed her thighs together. I continued cutting my way up her pants. "I have to pee" she screamed. I uncuffed her hands and shoved her towards a corner. "Go, before I run out of patience." she turned and glared at me, "Give me your pants while you're at it." I said with an angry tone.

She removed what was left of her pants, balled them up, and threw them on the floor. She stood for a second wearing only a red lace bra and black lace thong. Shivering from the cold, she squatted in the corner and relieved herself.

When she finished, she slowly walked back to her chair. Before she could sit, I grabbed the chair and broke the back off it before sitting it back down. I grabbed her by her hair, and threw her face first towards it.

I bent her over the seat, and cuffed her hands underneath it. I tied her legs to the legs of the chair, and made sure that she couldn't bend her knees.

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With her ass high in the air, and her tits hanging over the edge of the seat; I knew that her muscles would begin to tire soon.

So I decided to let her think for a little bit. It was getting late in the afternoon, and I was getting hungry so I locked Lucky in the room and met up with the others. I told Lilly that we may have to pull a good-cop bad-cop routine.


I gave her the key while I ate, and talked about what was going on with the others. I didn't find any of the girls out in yard, so I walked through a few buildings. I found Elle and Stephanie curled up together in an old bed in the house. Amber was sitting on the roof in silence, looking out over the rolling hills. I called up to her, but she turned her head and ingored me.

Then Morgan, sat up and adjusted her bikini top; she had been laying down on the roof outside of my view. "Catch me" she called out as the walked out to the edge of the single story roof. I held my arms up to give her a footing, and when she felt comfortable she fell into my arms.

As she placed her feet safely on the ground, she grabbed onto my arm and led me away. "It's a little chilly for that outfit isn't it?" I asked as we walked. "She's mad at you, because of the other girl, you know." "I know," I replied, "but we need all the help that we can get right now." I couldn't help but notice the bounce of her small breasts and the sway of her ass as we walked. Her nipples were beginning to poke through the small triangle patches of her top.

I took my jacket off and draped it over her shoulders. "Thanks" she said with a smile and a glint in her eyes."Keep an eye on them and make sure they don't kill each other." I asked as she stopped and picked a flower. We walked for a while, and made small talk. I was having trouble peeling my eyes away from her body. I think she noticed, but didn't let on. We parted ways and I told her to hold on to the jacket, that I would just grab it later. I returned to the small shed near the edge of the property.

Once inside, I found Lilly pleading with Lucky to us what we needed to know. Lucky kept quiet, but shifted her weight when she noticed my presence.

Her muscles must have been screaming in agony. "Tell us who is involved, and I will let you sit." I said, approaching the girl from behind caressing her meaty ass. "All that I know is there are a bunch of nations working together China, Iran, and North Korea I know for sure." She cried the answer with a tear of frustration.

I uncuffed her and let her sit unrestrained for a bit; her legs were shaking uncontrollably as she turned around and rubbed her calves and thighs. "Now, where is the nearest HQ located?" She went silent again, so I stood her up and bent her over preparing to handcuff her again. "Okay okay, 5 miles northwest there was an abandoned factory that they began to set things up in." I let her sit back down for a few minutes before I continued my questioning.

"Why here and why now?" I asked. "Last week China called for the repayment of the money lent to the US, and the government couldn't pay.

So they sent us to collect." She said with a smirk. I restrained her to the chair, covered her with a blanket, and locked the door behind us. Lilly didn't say anything as we walked back to the barn. I lifted a trap door, and we joined the rest of the group in the bunker. I gave Lilly a quick tour of the compound; she was in awe at the size of it. Something so large, and so well hidden in the middle of nowhere. We had power thanks to solar cells scattered throughout the property feeding a battery bank.

Just as we passed the bathroom, Stephanie jumped into the hallway. Her hair was wet and she was wrapped in nothing but a towel. She smiled at Lilly and yelled, "hot water," as she gave me a hug and smiled again and then ran into the common area.

I heard Elle squeal in delight at the mention of a warm bath and the two of them came running back around the corner. Walking into the common room, we passed by Amber. She glared at Lilly and turned her back to us. I spoke to everyone, making sure that everything was as well as it could be. I showed Lilly to the beds, and headed off to find Morgan. I found her down at the end of the hallway.

She had her knees pulled into her chest, and her head resting on them. I sat beside her, and pulled her into my shoulder. She was crying, so we sat in silence and I let her finish. When she realized that it was me, she scooted herself onto my lap and wrapped her arms around me. She continued to cry for some time, I gently rocked her back and forth. Then I had an idea. I sat her down and told her that I would be right back. I headed into the bathroom to find Stephanie and Elle lathering up each other's breasts.

Carefully fondling the young smooth curves of their bodies; massaging the soaps deep into the pores of their skin. As beautiful as this sight was I needed to break it up. I slapped each of them on the ass, and told them to rinse off and head to bed. With sexy little pouts, they did as they were told. Using the shower head to rid themselves of any traces of dirt and soap. I handed them each a towel, and kissed them on the forehead.

After I rushed them out, I started running a hot bath and unlocked a pantry for some soothing bath salts. When the water was deep and warm enough I walked back to the end of the hall, picked up Morgan in my arms and took her to the tub. I gave her a fresh towel, washcloth, and the rest of the bath salt. When I turned to leave, she asked me to stay.

I closed the door, and Morgan began to strip. She wasn't trying to be seductive about it, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she removed her hoodie. Her clothes were very form fitting.

And being a volleyball player through high school and college did wonders for her body. Her shirt clung tightly to her chest as she tugged it over her head.

She was wearing a pink bra underneath that gave her a little cleavage. She bent over and stuck out her ass as she peeled off her tight cotton shorts. Revealing a pair of white boy shorts. She hesitantly chewed on her thumb for a second before unhooking her bra, and letting it fall forward off her arms. She playfully turned her back and turned her head to look at me. I sighed a closed my eyes, I could hear the elastic of her panties sliding down her tan legs.

I heard her stepping into the water and cooing at the relief that it offered. Then her panties hit me in the face, I could smell her arousal on them.


I opened my eyes and pulled her panties from my face. I watched her soaking up the comfort of the warm water. I sat and watched as she relaxed and played in the water, Warming her body and soul with the relaxing scent of lavender.

I stood and walked to the tub, I kissed her on the cheek while handing her the shower head. I looked in awe at her nude body shimmering in the water. Her small perky breasts stood proudly on her chest, heaving with excitement. Her thighs clinched her perfectly shaved pussy, it was just as tan as the rest of her body. I told her to take her time and turned on the shower head before leaving to get some sleep. She looked sad as I turned around and left her alone in the tub.

Everyone was already asleep or close to it as I entered the dorm area. I removed my T-shirt and jeans before sliding into my cot, a few minutes later I felt someone lay down beside me. When I felt a pair of breasts pushing into my back I decided that I didn't care who it was.

I needed rest, tomorrow would be a rough day.