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Lady boy sex down porn video Roxy Red is the last one to rail the
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It had always been my dream to feel my naked sister's body on top of mine, to spread her legs and show her how much I loved her, and it had finally happened. I had managed to to persuade her into realizing that I was the one that should take her virginity - even though I had already done so without her knowledge.

I had imagined the days that followed to be awkward, perhaps even full of ignoring each other, but they were nothing of the sort. In fact, Evelyn seemed to have let go of whatever it was that had been holding her back. It was as if she had stopped being a teenage girl - even though she was still nineteen years of age - and had suddenly become a woman. A woman with a sexual history, with desires.

She started wearing clothes that she had never worn before. Short skirts, see-through blouses, low-cut jeans that didn't even try to hide her underwear. She still never talked about boys and never stayed out for a night, so I had to assume she did it for one person only.

Me. When I realized that, I started to see more and more evidence of it, too. The next time I was at my parents' house, a week and a half before Evelyn's twentieth birthday, she was clearly teasing me. She would bend over in front of me, picking something up from the floor. She asked me if I could help her fold laundry, and left her underwear for me.

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She looked at me at dinner, biting her lip, grinning. My parents didn't notice a thing, even though they easily could have if they had known what was going on. After dinner, I followed Evelyn upstairs. I had to sort through some stuff in my old room, that was now used for storage, and there were still some things I had never taken with me when I moved out.


Evelyn quickly went into her room, and came out a few minutes later. She silently stood in the door opening for a while, until I noticed her.

"I'm going to take a shower," she said, and started walking down the hallway. There were doors on both sides of the hallway; on one side, there was my old room, and on the other, there was the bathroom. I watched Evelyn get inside, like I had done on a couple of occasions when I still lived here.

That's where it always had ended, apart from the few times where I took a chair and tried to spy upon her through the tiny window above the door. This time, however, it did not end there.

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Evelyn left the door wide open. She took off her jeans, and left them on the bathroom floor.

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She pulled the top over her head and threw it out into the hallway. Her upper body disappeared for a moment, until I heard the water hit the floor; when it returned, her bra was already gone. Our eyes met in the reflection of the mirror, and the eye contact remained while she slowly pulled the thong from between her butt cheeks and let them slide down her legs.

Then she disappeared into the shower cabin. This was an invitation, but I was hesitant for a moment. My parents were downstairs, cleaning up after dinner. I realized I had to be the one to close the bathroom door if one of them for some reason decided to come upstairs. I put down the books I was holding and walked across the hallway.

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Evelyn had left the shower curtain halfway open. I could see the back of her body, her straight, blond hair, her shoulders, and her small ass. If we would have been alone, I would have gotten in there as quickly as I could, but with my parents chilling downstairs, that was not an option. Instead, I opened the curtain a bit more.

Evelyn noticed and turned her back towards me, even though this was exactly what she had wanted me to do. I had caught glimpses of her naked body in the shower before, through foggy windows and barely see-through shower curtains, but this time, I had a perfect view. Her wet hair was sticking together, and to her back. Every time she slightly turned her body, I could see the side of one of her breasts.

Water ran over her butt and down her legs, before vanishing down the drain. Suddenly, Evelyn turned around. She held her arms in front of her chest and crossed her legs, but I could see both the contours of her breasts, as well as the tiny spot where her secret parts started. As she leaned into one of the walls, she lowered her hands and ran them over her body. Drops of water hung onto her boobs, trying to find like-minded individuals, before crashing down.

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She kicked one leg up towards the opposite wall and let her body slide down, until she was sitting on the bathroom floor. That's when she stopped hiding and spread her legs. The water was tunneled from between her breasts, down her belly, before it spread in the delta between her legs. She used the palm of her hand as a dam, guiding the water sideways.

It was a tad ironic that most of her body was now dripping wet, except for the part that should be - and, undoubtedly, would be sooner rather than later. Her fingers reached down, spreading her lips, giving me a clear view of the tiny hole that I had now entered on two separate occasions.

She kept them spread, and used her middle finger to slide in between them, in an upwards motion, until she stopped at her clit. She rubbed it, slowly, barely moving her finger. Her eyes were now pointed at me; I didn't know whether to look back, or to keep watching her hand between her legs. After Evelyn's brief exhibition, she stood up and turned off the water.

I knew time was scarce, and eventually, one of my parents had to come up, but I felt slightly sad it was over. Evelyn turned towards me. "Could you grab a towel?" she asked. I did as she asked, but she didn't reach for it. Instead, she turned around and shuffled closer to me. I unfolded the towel and started to dry her back. A shiver went down her spine, the chilled air cooled her wet body down quickly. I put the towel over her shoulders and pulled her even closer. Her naked ass touched my jeans, I could feel myself grow inside them.

I moved the towel around, drying her upper body, her neck, her hips. My hands touched her, not just with the towel, but on their own. She felt warm, sticky with those first after-shower drops of sweat. I turned her around. She looked at me as I used the towel to dry her legs, holding it between them. The towel was keeping my hand from directly touching her pussy, but that didn't keep me from moving my fingers around.

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Evelyn threw her arms around me and spread her legs ever so slightly, giving me just enough room in between. I didn't make any effort trying to hold onto the towel, and when it dropped onto the wet floor, my hand was touching her shaven flesh. I don't know if I could have resisted having her, right there, right then, but thankfully, I didn't have to try. There was the sound of a door opening downstairs. I acted quickly, handing Evelyn the water-heavy towel, getting out of the bathroom, and disappearing into my old room, before the footsteps on the stairs got louder.

It was a rude interruption of something that could have ended either extremely well, or very, very badly. It was long after midnight when I was woken up by a sound I couldn't quite figure out.

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Slightly disorientated - I slept in the room I had slept in for years, but my bed was gone, and I only had a mattress to sleep on - I turned around and looked in the direction I thought the sound had come from.

My eyes hadn't gotten a chance to get used to the dark yet, and all I saw was the vague shape of a human being, and a strip of light that vanished the moment I looked at it. The room was pitch black again. Still sleep-deprived, in that magical state between sleep and wake, I tried to find something familiar, something that would answer thr question of what was going on.

For a moment, there was utter silence, and no movement whatsoever; then there was the sound of shuffling feet, an invisible hand lifting up the blanket, and eventually, the warmth of another body against mine.

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Without saying a word, Evelyn disappeared under the blanket. I could feel her sharp nails on my groin when she put her fingers under my shorts to pull them down.

At this moment, I realized I was already fully hard - perhaps I had been dreaming about Evelyn, or about someone else. I felt her soft hands around the shaft, pulling the tip towards her face, and then her warm, wet tongue.

She flicked it over the tip before putting her lips on it. She didn't take much of it in, but gently started sucking on the very edge. It was even more of a tease than when she had turned herself around in the shower. Slowly but steadily, she lowered her head. I was now halfway inside her mouth, and the continuous feeling of pressure made me want to grab her head and push it all the way down. I let her decide the pace, however, and eventually, after a long minute of tickling sensation, her nose touched my lower belly.

Maybe it was her rookie skills. Maybe my dream had already brought me close to the edge, and she was only finishing things off. Or maybe, it was the realization that my dick was inside my very own sister's mouth.

To this day, I still don't know what happened. What I do know, is that my brain just gave in. I didn't have time to warn her. To tell her to take it slow. I didn't even want her to take it slow. When the orgasm hit, I put my hands under the blanket and held her head down.

I could hear my waves hit the back of her throat, faster than she could swallow. I kept her head down until I felt her trying to push it up. She took a moment, maybe to get rid of the final drops, before she crawled up. Her lips still tasted like me.


We kissed. Only when I laid my hands on her buttocks, I realized she had snuck into my room naked. It was partly that thought, and partly the quickness of my orgasm, that made me half-hard again in an instant.

Evelyn was on top of me, moving her hips around. Every time the tip of my dick touched her pussy lips, she held her breath. She made them touch more often, and longer, until after a short while, her pussy was rubbing over my dick. When it got too hard to lay flat against my body, she reached down and grabbed it. It took her some tries to find the hole, but when she did, it slid in with so much ease she barely even flinched. Evelyn decided how deep it went, and how fast.

If I would have taken the lead and pushed her body down on me, she would have woken up at least our parents, and probably the neighbors, too. I had to give her the opportunity to ease down into it, and so I did.

I let her find the right angle. I let her slowly lower her body, taking inch after inch of me. We were still kissing, but every time she lowered her hips, she stopped for a moment. After minutes of wiggling around, I grabbed her face. "Bite on my lip and do it," I encouraged her. There was so much sensation in that one moment. The sound of Evelyn gasping for air. The feeling of her belly against mine.

The teeth that buried themselves deep into my lip. Her pussy lips grabbing my dick in a reflex, making sure it wouldn't go in any further - but it couldn't, for our bodies interlocked and stayed like that, for a beautiful moment in which there was no movement, and no sound, only pure pleasure.

After that moment, Evelyn did something I didn't know she could. Instead of the wiggling motion she had used when she had first sat down on me, a few weeks earlier, she started to move in an upwards and downwards motion. At first, it wasn't much, only an inch or so, but as she got used to the feeling, she put more power in it. For the first time, it wasn't just my dick being inside Evelyn, she was actually fucking me. Her hips went up and down in a rhythmic motion, higher up in the air, faster down than ever before.

Only the very tip stayed inside, everything else got exposed before vanishing into her depths again. I could hear her butt cheeks slap against my upper legs every time she came down. She stopped kissing, and started to whisper my name in my ear.


The first time I had made her have an orgasm, her first one by someone else than herself, I had heard her swear, something she never did. This time, however, she used powerful words almost all the time. She told me to fuck her, she told me how good it felt, she named the things by their names. It almost sounded like she was begging me.

Begging me to fuck her. My eyes were finally getting used to the dark, and I could now see part of her face and her hair rather clearly. But I wanted to see more. I put my hands under her body, grabbed her breasts, and pushed her up. As her body went vertical, my dick slipped inside even deeper. Evelyn put her hands in front of her mouth, it looked like she was biting her fist in order to not make any loud noises. My arms reached out to her, holding her breasts, gently squeezing them.

She used the muscles in her legs to push herself up, and then let go, letting gravity do half the work. The sound of her body against mine was like music, a rhythmic beat of love. I let go of her breasts and held her hips, guiding her up and down, the time in between bounces shorter than the last.

Every time she came down, I pushed her towards me and slightly moved my hips in the opposite direction. Evelyn ran her fingers over her lips, biting on them every now and then. She was having a lot of trouble to keep quiet, but she just managed to keep her moans to herself. I could have easily unloaded again, if I had wanted to. This was her shining moment, however, so I held back - with Evelyn being as wet as she was, and with the angle of my dick inside her, I assumed it couldn't take long.

I was right. I had barely touched her clit with my thumb when she pushed her nails into my chest. "Quinn," she whispered, although it was more like a shouting whisper. "Quinn, I'm close!" I rubbed her clit with my thumb and grabbed her right breast with the other. "Not yet," I teased her, trying to hang in there for as long as I could.

"We need to do it together." She couldn't do it. Moments after I had told her to wait, her body collapsed onto mine. She buried her face into my neck, I could feel the muffled moans resonate on my skin. Her pussy squeezed my dick, I only needed a few more thrusts - she barely let me have them, pushing her hips down. I pulled her body back up and gave her one last hit, before I shot a second, much smaller load inside her pulsating pussy. Her orgasm was still raging through her body when I started to ease down.

So often had I thought about moments like this, but never had they seemed even remotely as good as they actually were. As my dick got soft, it slid out of her. Evelyn had finally came to her senses. She rolled off of me, grabbed my dick - which was entirely covered in a mixture of my own cum and her juices - and slowly rubbed it. I turned to her, laid my hand on her still twitching pussy, and gently kissed her lips before resting my head on the pillow.

I don't know how long we laid like that, but it can't have been long. When I woke up, Evelyn was gone. I quickly put on my shorts and my lazy pants and stepped out into the hallway. I stood there listening for a bit, but there was nothing but silence.

Evelyn didn't wake up when I opened her bedroom door, nor did she when I walked towards the bed. Only when I sat down on it and put my hand under the blanket, between her legs, and against her pussy, she opened her eyes. Morning lights had already brightened up the room. She smiled when she saw me, and laid her hand on mine. I bent over and kissed her.

"You should probably take another shower," I said. She smiled. "I believe it is your turn." I ran my finger through her pussy lips, up her body, and over her lips. Then I stood up, walked towards the bathroom and turned on the shower. I left the door wide open.