TS Cumming Very Hard All over her Mirror

TS Cumming Very Hard All over her Mirror
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Chapter 1 Steps down from her elaborate bed, readjusting her corset and fixing her sheets, tucks her tip in the box with a lock underneath her bed. working in a brothel has its advantages. free housing. she then opens her curtains and sits at the window, brushing her hair and eying the handsome men as they pass by, looking as inviting as she can.

The more money, the sooner, and the quicker she can run from this life. She seems from the window as a fairly tall lady, young and beautiful, with curly black hair and dark green eyes, soft, naturally red lips and pale white skin, her long thin arms are turned graceful by her soft fingertips and perfect chest, her noticeably c cup cleavage and her waistline that at first glance looks slender rather that toned is covered by a purple and black corset.

Her long slender legs are plainly visible as crossed from the brothel window. at the top of them is a short lacy skirt that matches the corset, her black size 6 high heels compliment the willowy frame. Traveling along the crowded street, Vexus happened to glance up to the windowhis vivid crimson hues glinting with mischief as he gazed upon the beautiful vixen perched there.

As he stood in the middle of the street, passers-by grumbling foul things at him for being in their way, he stood out like a sore thumb in the town, being clad in tight leather slacks, adorned with chains and spiked buckles galore, as well as a belt with a pentagram buckle, his upper body bare, save for a leather jacket, wide open, and draped lazily on his shoulders, with a spiked collar, and multitude of platinum necklaces around his pale neck.

his hair dark raven color, shoulder length, half covering his face with the bangs.

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Black combat boots, with spikes and buckles covered his feet, and his long, razor-like nails appeared painted with blood. "hmm.why let such a pleasantly luscious creature go to waste in this filthy realm." He thought to himself as he strode silently toward the entrance of the brothel, and made his way past the doorman and other cooing "employees" without so much as a care nor look. After spotting in the eyes of her next customer and noting he had entered the brothel, she hops down from her chair, ties her ribbons in her hair, closes the curtains and sorts through which jewelry seems suitable for this young man, trying to judge his wallet from his clothing.


Puts on a black ankh necklace and a solid onyx ring that resembles a scarab. sets her light to a deep red glow and a few candles lit in the corners. Ties her scarves to the bedposts just in case, rings Jannie the mistress to meet the client at my door with a normal fee(200) and hears her body rest against the wall just outside her door. Continues to specify the room with the red silken sheets and safety pins the lower sheet to the bed, pulls the black canopy gossamer and fluffs the pillows.

"I wonder. this one is much more than the middle age freaks and drifters that normally come through here. " As she whispers to Jannie through the wall. "Is he here yet?" "Nearly girl, hmmm you should enjoy this, he's a cute plaything." "I know that, but will he tip well?" "For you girl? I'm sure. Hold on." Jannie in a much louder, yet calm and nice tone now. "This young beauties services are a well-priced 200. If you would like to see her you can look through this window," She opens the square window.

Goes and sits on her bed, running her hands over her willowy legs in the most sensual manner possible. As he stood there, he nodded in silence, and tucked a hand into the pouch hanging from his belt, pulling out twice the price that was asked. Giving a quick teasing peek through the window, and his right crimson eyes winking to the girl playfully, he4 then moved past, and toward the door. He stepped past the maiden who took the fee, her being busy counting in astonishment, as he then slid into the room and shut the door behind him, flicking it locked.

His pale lips curved slightly into a playfull ,seductive smile, a single fang glinting in the dim light from the corner of his mouth. " Hello there my lovely pet, I'm Vexus, you can simply call me vex." He said, his voice soft, nearly a whisper, yet in a way it was also deep, and seductive, causing shivers along her spine with every syllable, then came the second part of the sentence, as he was suddenly no longer standing at the door, but rather right behind her, at the bedside, leaning over slowly, so his lips were mere inches from her ear before she had the chance to notice he was there.

" or master ." He whispered teasingly in her ear, as he stood up slowly again, his crimson hues scanning over her sentual curves. She looks over him and smiles beautifully, parting her soft crimson lips and responds, merely whimpering back. ' Saevelle' She cups her porcelain soft hands over his cheek, pulls him in close and lightly kisses his neck.

As if the room were drafty the gossamer falls around them, encompassing the bed in a dark sheen that is more like a shadow because of the dancing candlelight and the red lamp. She gently reaches over with her other hand and touches his chest with her nails, tracing his chest from shoulder to shoulder, tempting and trying.

'Jannie!' the window slides closed smoothly and the door locks with the key being slid underneath the door tied to a ribbon. 'Thank you ma'am.' She smiles softly back at her 'client' and looks deeply into his eyes, speaking softly. 'Vexus you said.' Glances over him. 'Or master.

Which would you prefer tonight?'' Giving a tempting grin to her, he runs a single sharp nail from her cleavage up her her, to her chin, teasing the soft mortal flesh. His curiosity perked as to why she hadn't become scared, nor questioned his speed of movement.

Shrugging it off, he leans in slowly, letting his cold pale lips caress the hollow of her neck, as his words fluttered out softly against her flesh. " whichever you want it to beit all depends on how you'd like me to be with you pet." His voice teasing and seductive more-so then before, as he lead his right hand down to her thigh, letting the cool fingertips run along the flesh slowlymoving from her hipdown along her inner thigh slowly.

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His fangs nip her soft, tender flesh at her collar bone lightly, the pulse of her jugular made him shudder lightly as he felt it against his soft cool lips. Her blood begins to run cold. She shifts slightly nervous to his movements, yet feels oddly comfortable under his touch. Raises her chin in response to his sharp claws, and shivers under his touch. 'I'm never asked these things.' As he crosses her collarbone she stiffens but retains her smile and soft disposition.

As her defenses turn, her veins sink further underneath her flesh and her lackluster human traits meet the surface, though little could hide her beauty. Her scent changes, more dull, less the sultry sweet seduction that lingered on her breath and body.

The scent in her clothes is still very prevalent, but draws attention. Her eyes darken further. Hides her fright behind one soft word. 'Master.' Kisses his lips gently and runs her hand to the middle of his back. A grin played his pale lips then, hearing her call him that word. he met her lips embrace, softly kissing back as he drew his claws back up along her inner thigh now, retracing the previous pattern in reverse. This time letting his hands slip from sight beneath her skirt, the claws trailing over her flesh until they felt the curve where hip met thigh, then slowly he pulled the hand away, teasing her further.

His free hand came up to her neck, and then slowly traced down her chest, his claws slicing through the fabric of her corset with the ease of a hot knife through butter, letting her breasts bounce free of the fabrics that had bound them. Without giving her chest to speak, he placed a finger to her lipshinting at her preferred silence, as he moved his head downand his long, snaking tongue began to flick rapidly against her right nipple, teasing it to attention.

his other hand moving slowly down once more, and sliding her skirt upward till it overlapped itself above her hip line, exposing all that it had previously kept from sight to him. Her now visible, slender and wispy body quivered as he offered these simple modes of pleasure to her.

Whimpering lightly as to not disobey, she lifts his jacket softly to remove it and lays it neatly over the side of the bed. She gently laces one hand through his hair, wrapping her fingers around the locks. The other rests gently on his shoulder, rubbing left and right, gently massaging.

Anchors her left foot into the sheets and raises her knee. Her hair tousles lightly as she lays her head on the silken pillows and enjoys the soft kisses, licks, and his touch. Her eyes roll back trying to remember a time when this job felt this amazing.

She grips his shoulder and puts a little pressure to hint to him to move further down, lets up and with her other hands tugs on his hair gently. Shifts her hips, grinding lightly into his ribs and whimpers once again.

Another sense inside her keeps telling her to be wary and careful, his sensations keep trying to override it, but her instincts are clinging lightly to her mind. Run, keep an eye on him, be afraid. Taking heed to her hints he gives her nipple a soft bite, then slowly moves down her body, leaving a trail of soft kisses upon her flesh as he does.

As he placed the last kiss just above her moistened mound, he looks seductively up at her, pausing, and lightly runs his claws along her inner thighs, down to her knees, then back up slowly. Playfully, he glanced off to the side, as if pondering whether he should give her the pleasure she desired or simply tease her more-so, his raven locks hanging loosely over his crimson eyes as he stared off, wondering what she might do seeing him ponder denying her the pleasure she wanted, the thought making him quite curious as to the answer.

He could sense her instinctual fears, and thusly he intensified the seductiveentrancing aura that kept her under his lusting spell. She starts to seem slightly irritated, but studies his face, becoming quite entranced by his beautiful features. She quietly squeaks in a little moan, sounding helpless.

'Please.' Continues to look at his playful eyes and over his glossy hair, wondering why she feels so drawn to him.


The urge to touch him being irresistible rather than the tip that usually comes from doing so, how the soft scents of rose and lavender fill her nostrils and entice her further to push, to beg, she wants him. She's no longer in control and doesn't understand.

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The worries in her head nearly equal mute desperate calls from under an ocean, muffled and lonely. She wants him, and needs him to want her. Her body shifts and begs below him, moistness from between her hairless pink lips dripping through onto the sheet below them and her embarrassment catches her as the drops slide down her soft inner thighs.

Her cheeks flush and she whimpers one more time. 'Please master.' Giving a tempting grin, he nods lightly,as his head slips down between her soft thighs, his long tongue snaking out and flickering rapidly over her clittasting the sweet nectar she dripped for him, his claws being run up her stomach slowly, then back down her sidesto her hips. He teased her more and more, giving occasional soft nips at her swollen clit between his tongue lashings, looking lustfully up at the woman as he did his work.

he paused his torture only a moment and spoke sternly " Tell me when your going to cum, and i'll tell you if you can.understood my pet? " He immediately went back to work vigorously lapping at her clit, and moistened folds, savoring her delicious honey.

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So sweet and wonderful she tasted, for a mortal, he loved it. Now breathless, her cheeks completely flushed and her body quivering beneath him, Saevelle moans a quiet "Yes master," and twists her fingers through his hair. Her heart, pumping rapidly, warming the blood in her veins as it forces through the thin walls making her pulse nearly audible from the outside of her silky paper-thin flesh.

She drapes her soft legs over his shoulders and tries her hardest to keep focus, but somehow her eyes keep finding the back of her head, In trying efforts to resist the terrific and overwhelming urge to release she continuously attempts to relax her body, unable to control him though, his tongue flicks her clit in furious attempts against her.

Fighting a losing battle she simply lets the pleasure wash over her. With a voice so soft that she could barely hear it she sweetly moans to him.

"Ahhh, that feels so good, I'm so close." She rolls her head back and flexes her stomach some, moving her hips toward his slithering tongue, wanting more. 'Hnn.then release my pet.you earned it.' Groaning softly he plunges his tongue deep into her dripping slit, wriggling it wildly deep within her, as his fingers of one hand move to rub her clit rapidly in small circles. his fangs lightly dig into her soaked, soft pink folds as he cups his pale lips over her mound, pushing his snaking tongue deeper still, as her sweet nectar runs down it and into his eager mouth, swallowing each delicious drop gratefully.

He struggled to resist the urges to end his playtime with his new pet, and simply get to the main course, sensing something more to her, something possibly worth more then a meal.

Shivers and convulses under his touch, feeling the lower half of her body go numb as the rest tenses tightly, her grip on his head tightens, pulling his face tight to her. Her hips thrust up once, a flood of hot sweet fluid rushes over his tongue. Her body keeps twitching and convulsing past her orgasm, his reluctance to let up on her clit causing more painful pleasure as her muscles start to ache. Her motives shift in her mind and she nearly cries out.

'Ahhh. Master!' Saevelle pulls him up to kiss and taste her juices on his tongue, Pressing her hands hard onto his shoulders and her face into his she grinds into his hips and rolls him to the sheets, not realizing the strength she's showing, not fully realizing what was happening with her entire body as the pupils in her eyes turn to reptilian slits.

She kisses his neck and moves her hands down his body and begins unbuckling his pants, one cool metal buckle at a time. Coolly whispers, 'My turn.' After swallowing the flood of sweet nectar he softly groaned in pleasure. as he was pulled up, he returned the kiss deeply, then finding himself on his back now. "Hmm.interesting.but master says no." He said in a low growl, his crimson hues glowing brightly now, a glimmering glyph of some sort she didn't understand in his pupil, as she was suddenly grabbed by wrists and ankleslong coiling tentacles comprised of a shadowy tough flesh-like material now holding her aloft above him by her wrists and ankles as he moved from the bed, and roughly planted her into its softness, and held her firmly down against it on her stomachnow moving to the end of the bed, as he gazed at the sight of her dripping pussy between her now wide spread legs.

" Now, for that, you get punished my pet." Stares into his eyes, strong for the moment he locks them with her.Then, startles to catch her wind as she is slammed into the mattress, she twitches and struggles her wrists against the plush silken sheets then whimpers into them. " But, I only wanted to please you master." Trying to seem as calm as a struggling little girl can, not understanding the power he emits, but sensing it, she looks back at him, a tear welling in her eye, the slits still present and quietly begs, with a silver voice.

"Please don't hurt me. Please master." Trying to control herself, hoping he's just being a rough customer; lots of people pay for that, most aren't strong enough to keep her pinned against a bed; only a couple of shiny copper colored scales present themselves from around her eyes, adding to her beauty and shimmering lightly from the candle flickers.

Looks forward as the tear falls. "Please." He smirked, giving his sharp fangs a light lick, and he tightened his hold on her limbs, the tentacles coiling tighter around her wrists and ankles. He just chuckled, and without a wordanother tentacle had slid up between her spread legs, and its tip began to rub and prod at her sopping folds, teasing her more. He gazed down into her gorgeous eyes with a mischievous grin, and spoke then softly, but sternly. " You'll only get hurt if you ask to, or resist, now answer me thisdoes my pet want master to finish her pleasuring, or will she misbehave again?

" Vex's eyes glimmered in lusting delight as he awaited her answer, but as he waited, he still mercilessly plunged the thick tentacle deep into her sopping wet pussy, forcing the tip into her womb even, letting it's throbbing mass pusle deep within her, then slowly he slid it from her, and went back to rubbing and teasing her tender petals, enjoying her begging even though she seemed to be enjoying this twisted form of pleasure more then she let on.

She whimpered a light yes sir that he likely missed through the yelping and squirming that succeeded the thick tentacle ramming deep inside her, as he began to slide it back out she looked back at him, fully crying, but not squirming.

"I'll do as I'm told." She subconsciously swayed with the tentacles motions. "I only wanted to please you master. I promise I won't fight back." She gripped the sheets in preparation, and bites down on her pillow as she looks back at his eyes, flashes him a quick smile before she turns back around and closes her eyes, preparing for more pain, but something inside her wants it, something's wrapped up in this terrible seduction and she can't get her head around the thrill and the feeling.

the coppery scales rise along her spine and shoulders. Not having felt this mixture of fear, pain, ecstasy and well, job satisfaction before, lets this mix of emotions kinda wash over her and she relaxes her body the best she can, stretched out and all.

'Please, pleasure me master.' "If you insist my pet " He said in a low tone, smirking wickedly. His tongue slid across his fangs slowly, as he plowed the thick tentacle back into his new pets tight dripping hole, this time continuing on with a fast, deep and quite rough pace, pounding it into her body, it pushing into her very womb with each merciless thrust.

He held her arms and legs firmer now, keeping her from squirming, gazing down upon her writhing body, enjoying her pleasure and sufferingas both hit her at once to an extreme level. His lust for this one outmatched his hungerseeing the scales upon her lovely flesh aided in that factor too, seeing as this made him find her as more the merely a meal,he'd actually begun to enjoy pleasuring her, and anticipate the pleasure he'd get from her shortly. "Is that pleasureful enough for you my pet, or shall I kick it up a notch or two?


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" He chuckled at his question, meaning both as a mocking, as a serious question. screaming though her pillows, the pressure, and excruciating pain causing her to squirm and try to pull away, and say stupid things like "oh god you're hurting me" and "it's too big" her body temperature starts to rise and the scales cover nearly forty percent of her slender body in a spirally, sexy pattern, as she gets stronger the pain starts to subside and the pleasure shivers through her.

She growls and her stupid sentences turn to "Oh, more, please more" and "It's so huge, give me more" her teeth leave multiple tiny holes in her pillow case and her nails pierce the sheets where she grips them. Her hips begin to shift with the penetration, forcing it farther and faster, carefully feeling when it's as far as she can handle after he's already opened her up for it.

Her body now forced into a continuous orgasm, she looks back to him, crying but begging for more as the tears drip down the scales and off her face. He grins maliciously as he hears her cries of pain, only thrusting harder and faster as she begs for it to stop. Then her please of pain, became begging for more, and he gladly gave, thrusting another tentacle deep into her screaming mouth, and down her throat, muffling her voice.

As he gazed down at her lovely form as it was abused so, he pondered adding one last painfull pleasure to the mix, wondering how she'd handle it, but as he thought, he was tempted to punish her with it, and gave to the temptation.

At that moment, he growled lowly, and as he rammed yet another thick tentacle into her ass now, pounding in with the same ferociousness he was in her tight pussy, and throat, he spoke quietly, though he was behind her standing aside the bed still, she heard it as if he was at her ear.

" BeggingI like that, good way to get what you want, though . be careful what you beg for, because your gonna get more then you can handle now im sure my pet " With that, he continued his merciless assault on all her holes, as he stood back, enjoying the sight of her beautiful body being ravaged.

Tears fully flowing from her face now, her whole precious body racked with pain, her body pours her crimson lifeblood down the tentacles.

Her struggles lead her nowhere, yet, with more scales showing than skin, she tries hard to pull away and fights until her muscles tire, she screams against her gag and tries to force him out. Her pointless struggles seconded by her silenced screams begin to register in her mind. There is no way out. Her chin rests on her pillow and she surrenders her body to him, letting the tears flow down her face, the blood mixes with her dripping juices on the sheets, and her body is pummeled, pounded and torn by the three tentacles as the others kept her in place.

Part of her loved it, part of it pissed her off, and part of it made her feel helpless. He groaned lightly, as he savored the moment, and crawled onto the end of the bed. As he moved the tentacles continued plowing her sore throat ass and pussy. He roughly rammed the tentacle in her tight pussy deeper within her, then pulled it out quickly, and before her tender gushing hole had a minutes rest, he'd plowed his throbbing cock in deep, and began thrusting roughly, and wildly into her, the tentacles holding her arms and legs pulling her back on him roughly with every thrust, giving her his entire length within.

His other tentacles continued to ream her ass, and mouth, keeping her screams of pain and pleasure from getting out of the room. " Enjoying yourself my pet? hmm?" He groaned outteasingly, knowing she couldn't speak, though she would have learned by now hopefully that she was to answer one way or another or be punished again. She grunted around the tentacle in her mouth and nodded to avoid a worse pain that the one being caused by the tentacle destroying her virgin ass.

The tears streamed down her face as she suddenly realized that the pain wasn't the only reason she gave that answer, now, it's true.

She is enjoying this. She began to move with him, not because of the tentacles, but by choice. Her body temperature is now hot enough to slow cook an egg and can be felt from the inside, but she's sure it's not hot enough to harm something like him. She clenched around him, keeping him from pulling out, not until he finishes, not until he fills her.

Her scales shimmer under the candle as she arches her back so that he can have better access to the view and to terrorize her aching pussy with his massive cock. Now completely giving in to him, and getting what she wants by him pleasing himself, she begins to moan and grunt in pleasure rather than scream against the tentacle. The pleasure overtakes the pain. He groaned lowly, growling in feral lust, as he continues to ream her tight, bleeding ass and mouth with his tentacles, his throbbing cock plowing her tight, dripping pussy mercilessly, feeling pleasure surge through him as he enjoyed her mortal body fully.

Vex groaned louder, panting some as he fucked his new pet senseless, intent on filling her every hole to it's capacity, and claiming her as his alone to have, though she didn't realize yet, he'd decided she wasn't staying in this place once he finished, she was his now to do with as he pleased, and to please in return.

Reaching his arms under her then as he pounded her every hole wildly, he now used his right hand to squeeze her breast roughly, pinching her erect nipples between his claws and twisting them, his left hand sliding down her belly, till his fingers found her soaked, swollen clit, throbbing for him, as he began to rub it roughly in small circles, rapidly, pushing her further over the edge. " would my pet like to cum ? to soak her masters shaft with her sweet nectar? " Now, nearly fully in her true form her thoughts rang out loudly, by choice to him, the thoughts that rushed through her mind about how terrible and painful this all was, and the thoughts of how she had never felt this great of pleasure anywhere before.

Physically she nodded for him and continued to move for him. She wanted it, to cum again, to tremble one last time beneath him to feel him fill her as he did, she wanted them to cum together, he heard these thoughts, these responses to his question.

Her body tightened, preparing for the torture he was sure to put her through. Her grip on the sheets, did not loosen, but she did turn her head to look back at his face, his twisted eyes and to see the pleasure he was getting from destroying her, her cheeks tightened as if she would smile if she could. She wanted him and the desire shone in her beautiful glowing big green reptilian eyes. He gazed lustfully into her eyes with his own wicked ones, as he tensed his body, plowing into her pussy harder still, nearing his climax for her, the tentacle in her ass and throat swelled and throbbed more, the tips of each opening within her, as he sent his hot cum flooding into all three holes suddenly at once, ramming deep into her pussyas he came, filling her womb, as the tentacles in her ass and mouth plowed in deeppulsing every hot sticky drop as deeply into her ass and belly as he could, claiming her.

With a loud feral growl he roared out "Nnnngg!! MINE! "not intending to, the pleasure and instincts taking over. He knew this one was not going to be a meal, not yet, she would be better to keep with him a while, and he would see to it she did. His hot seed continued pouring into her overflowed holes as he held her there firmly, making sure she took every drop in every tight, abused hole. She felt her belly bulge some, swelling slightly, then a little more, and more as time passed, and his juices flooded her body.

His thoughts rang in her head now, as he panted, and growled between rough thrusts of each tentacle and his cock while he filled her, excess cum gushing out of her ass and pussy, and mouth too around the shafts, pooling beneath them. "Take it all, my pet, be filled to the limit by your master, you're mine now, and mine alone, understood?" His voice in her head was deep, and stern, demanding and warning all at once.

He pulled her right hand to her own stomach with the tentacle that held it, and pushed her palm against her flesh, letting her feel the bulging flesh of her overfull belly, and womb, the pulsing and throbbing of his cock within her against her walls, each and every sensation vivid against her fingertips and palm.

"All mine.Until I say otherwise." The lasts words he whispered commandingly and seductively into her ear as he leaned against her back.