Gay police toon You Act A Fool You Pay The Price

Gay police toon You Act A Fool  You Pay The Price
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit!

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Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- I Dream of Demie 9 - The Cutoff (MF, 1st, caution, magic, nc, spank) by Krosis of the Collective --- "Princess!" I called for the dozenth time today, this time down an alleyway. "I got your princess right here, Mario!" came a guttural reply from the shadows. "Oh, fuck you," I muttered, moving on.

Princess, who I had originally named Selina, had been a black cat in heat that my unwanted resident witch had transformed into a human woman in heat. With Demie missing, she needed me to have sex with someone in order to generate energy for her spells, but the cat-like female had managed to open my window and escape! She was naked and acting like a cat, so she should have been easy to spot, but I was having no luck, and it had been a full day since she had gone missing.

I figured she would have come back for food by now. "Where the hell are you?" I asked. --- "Your address?" "Mew?" Officer Fredrickson sighed.

This woman must be crazy! he thought. She had been seen walking around outside, buck naked, on all fours.

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When the squad car had pulled up she had run, quite fast considering, but the officers eventually managed to capture her. Now she was dressed in a spare set of coveralls the police had provided but she was still pretending she was a cat. No name, no ID, and no talking! She was even sitting in her chair like a cat, with her feet on either side of her hands. "Please, ma'am, is there anyone we can call for you?" "Mow," she responded. "Was that a no?" "Mew?" Officer Fredrickson sighed again.

--- I got back into the apartment at about 9 PM. It had gotten dark so it wasn't safe to be wandering streets and alleyways alone.

"Demie?" I called out. Silence greeted me, again. "And where are you?" "That's what I want to know." I jumped. Kate stepped out from the hallway.

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Behind her I could see that the closet door hiding the portal to her rooms was open and visible. She was wearing that skintight black dress she had conjured the first time I had met her, when I had inadvertently walked in on her naked.

My cock gave a little lurch at the memory. The brunette girl, still looking eighteen, came right up to me, seeming to tower over me even though she was almost a foot shorter.

"And where's the cat? My experiment needs power, dummy." I was getting tired of her using Demie's pet name for me. "She ran away, Katie," I responded. "Shit!" She turned back to the closet as it made a grinding noise. She was clearly concerned, as she hadn't even corrected me on her name. We both headed over to the closet. I could see her extradimensional rooms behind it, but the air in the closet doorway was shimmering.

"Fuck!" Kate took a running dive through the portal.and stopped halfway, her ass held in mid-air. She seemed to have gotten stuck about where her hips flared out. She flailed her legs but couldn't make any headway. She turned her head back toward me.I could see her lips moving but no sound came out. I shook my head with a confused look on my face. She spoke some more while moving her hands.

"Can you hear me?!" Her voice was coming from. I bent over. Sure enough. "Are you.talking out of your ass?" I snickered. "Damnit, dummy! Go grab your neighbor and fuck her.anyone! I'm fucking stuck!" 'Dummy' again. "You know what, Katie? I think we need to re-evaluate our relationship. I grabbed her butt cheeks and, sure enough, felt warm flesh instead of cloth.the dress WAS illusion! "Ah! What the--? No, please stop." she pleaded. I wound up, and.SMACK! I connected a solid spank to her shapely ass.

"OW! You fucker!" For that I gave her three solid staccato smacks. The reward for my audacity was her dress disappearing. I could see red welts in the shape of my palm starting to form on those lily white cheeks.

"Shit! Tom, please! I." Her voice started to cut in and out. ".need.fuck." "Don't mind if I do." I pulled my pants down, freeing my very hard cock. Who knew that I liked giving spankings? I put some spit on the head and lined it up with her cute little pussy lips. "Don't!.stop!." "Don't it." I replied, spreading her legs and pushing hard.


"N--!" I had some trouble but managed to get the head in. Then I pulled back a bit and pushed harder. There was some resistance but I persevered and my reward was the feeling of my cock rushing halfway into her.

Some more back and forth and I was three quarters in.damn she was tight! My ears were starting to feel plugged, like when an airplane comes in for a landing. "Hey Katie, does the fucking create more energy, or the climax?" There was no answer. The air was really shimmering now so I could barely see the rest of her through the portal, but it looked like her arms were moving quickly.

She must have been trying to cast some other spell. I'd just have to wing it. I pulled back and jammed in hard again.


After a few more tries I managed to bury my cock all the way in her, and I realized that she was so tight that I was probably going to cum soon. Hoping the climax would solve this issue, I started to quickly piston in and out of her. Almost, almost. "Unghh! Yeah!" I started to blast her insides with sperm as I continued to stroke in and out.

Then there was a sound like a mountain full of cymbals crashing down. I was thrown backward and hit the back of my head on the hallway wall.

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Dazed, I slid to the floor. After getting my bearings again I realized that my cock was still embedded in Kate's pussy. I looked down. .at bloody intestines! Her entire upper body was gone! I screamed and shoved her lower half off of me. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" After my initial shock wore off I saw that her blood was spreading across the hallway floor.

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I ran for all of the towels, using them to soak up the blood as best I could.then I grabbed garbage bags to shove the whole gory mess into. Crisis averted, my brain caught up to the horror I had just witnessed and I fainted.

--- "Hey dummy!" I opened my eyes. Demie was standing over me with an amused expression, the garbage bag in her hand. "You doing the serial killer thing now?" "Oh thank God!" I cried, wrapping my arms around her legs.

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She looked uncomfortable. "Um, yeah, wrong direction. What happened here, Tom?" Stumbling to the couch, I explained about the hidden portal, Kate the witch, Princess the cat, and how my attempt to fix the portal had ended. Demie sat on the couch looking amused.

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"Wow, you've been busy! Guess you don't know that witches need to stay virginal to retain their full power.

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You literally killed her with your dick!" I looked at her, shocked and dumbfounded. "Aaanyway." Demie got up and opened the garbage bag up, "I guess you need me to dispose of the evidence?" "What have I done?" I asked. "She had to split," she said in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice, a shit-eating grin on her face.

"Oh, ha ha.very witty." "Half-witty." "Mergh." I groaned. Then I remembered: "Shit.can you help me look for Princess after you're done? The human cat?" "No need." She distended her jaw in preparation for consuming the dead limbs. "Er, why?" She gave me a look that told me that I was a dummy, and then she started to eat. --- "Hey, Dykeanna, you need to see this!" Dianna sighed.

She'd had enough of Bilson's bullshit. "Go away, Bullson." "You can do better than that, Shepherd," he retorted, "But I'm not kidding. There's this chick in the rubber room who thinks she's a cat!" Okay, this she had to see. She followed the overweight cop to the psych cell and peered through the small sliding window. There was a pair of empty coveralls on the mat but no woman. "What the fuck, Bilson?

There's no one in there." "What?!" Bilson moved her out of the way and fumbled with his keys. When he opened the door a black cat ran out between his legs. "What the hell!?" Dianna grabbed the cat by the scruff of the neck and then carefully lifted the terrified thing up into a hug. It quickly calmed down. She glared at Bilson. "Another joke at my expense, Aaron? Something about me grabbing pussy? Fuck you, you walking donut." And then she took the cat to her office while Bilson stood there, sputtering.

To be continued.