Erstaunliche Beute in Bushaltestelle

Erstaunliche Beute in Bushaltestelle
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It had been a long night!

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Becky had been sat up all night doing her homework, she new that if she didn't do it she would receive a punishment. After only a few hours sleep she was awoken by a fait call of her mother to get ready. Becky didnt get along with her mother, there always had fights and becky could sense there would be more to come.

When she arrived down stairs she was pushed out the door, "your late" her mother stated "I'm sorry" becky replied "you will be" her mother said in a strange tone.


Becky new what she meant. When Becky got in the car, her mother forced her head down on to her own vagina "you will fucking lick my pussy all the way to school you dirty whore" becky accepted her fait. Becky had a lot of sexual experience for a 14 year old, ever since she was a little girl she was forced into performing sexual acts for he mother.

As beckys mum pulled out the drive she pushed beckys head down harder, becky began to lick more rapidly trying to investigate the vagina she knew so well. Her mother let out a few fait crys of pleasure before elbowing becky on the head, hard.

Becky rose her head " why did you." "did I tell you to stop fucking licking" her mother interrupted. Becky gave her mother a dirty look before continuing. The car started to slow down but she surly couldnt have been at school already, he lifted her head.

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Her mother grabbed her by the neck and shouted" you think your in control, you dirty slut well your not! I'm in charge. Got it?" becky quickly nodded. The car was tense all the way to school. It was not often beckys mum would ask her to stop before she reached her climax but today was an exception. It was prodominatly a Normal day at school that was until history the second to last lesson of the day.

Becky was so tired and found history so boring she started to drift off into her own world and nod of to sleep.

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Whislt this was happening the class was dismissed the teacher, mr trope. Realised she was asleep and gave her a nudge.


She slowly started to open her eyes. "becky, what to you think you are doing this is my lesson" he said.

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"sorry sir" becky said. "well what are you going to do to pay me back" "what do you mean, sir" "well I cant let you get away with this becky, can I?" " but sir" "no buts becky you are going to undergo punishment 7" The punishment system at fristone high school worked a bit differently to normal schools, each punishment are allocated numbers 1 for minor offensives 15 for very serious.

"becky you will be preforming a show for me, and sucking my cock" "but sir I have never been punished before." " well this is a great learning oppertutity isn't it becky" He started to undo his zipper revealing a small flaccid penis. Becky was nervous, he slowly started rubbing it then he picked becky up by her hair and through her on the floor. Becky touched the cock and it twitched slightly, she had never done this before.

She then did what she thought was right and opened her mouth Inserted the cock and left it there, she felt it growing in her mouth she was confused it was so small before she started to gag. She attempted to pull away but couldn't.

Mr trope had shoved her head into his cock after 10 seconds he released her she was on the floor gasping for air when he walked over to find her pussy dripping. Mr Trope realised what he was doing"what have I done" he ran out the room. Becky was confused she thought this was standard punishment, but still wet she quickly sorted her self out and went to her last lesson, this was spanish with ms. Harrison.

She was hot and everyone thought so. Becky was sat in the back right by her self, she was recollecting all her thoughts of what had just happened when she felt her panties getting damp. Her pencil fell on to the floor then as she slowly reached down to get it she had an idea, she popped her pencil and her hand into her panties and as quickly as she could shoved it into her.

She let out a silent cry of pain, then a quite moan of pleasure. Ms harrison called over to becky and told her to get on with her work, but she was to rapt by her pleasure to notice.

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She started to move the pencil very slowly, she had never done anything like this before. Ms harrison slammed her hands on the desk becky shit her self pushing the pencil to far into her very quickly, she let out a loud scream.

Ms Harrison was confused she looked down and saw the puddle of juices on the floor not realising what it was she sent her out, ms Harrison wiped it up then recognising that familiar smell she realised this was a matter beyond her control.

Becky ran away crying of embarrassment. She was running down the street, when all of a sudden she heard a tyre screech. She turned around and saw the murderous eyes of her mother. "what the FUCK do you think you are doing, skipping school!" "I was'nt" becky sobbed "get the fuck in this car" beckys mum screamed. They rapidly drove off. When they arrived after a long telling of beckys mum ripped her daughter out of the car and pulled her indoors " I am going to fuck you up even more now" revealing a torture device More to cum.