Busty ebony on public stage

Busty ebony on public stage
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Cogiendo en la universidad San Carlos de Guatemala

I worked retail since I was sixteen and have dealt mostly with women trough out my jobs this particualr took place in an outlet store. I was the stockroom supervisor and I'd say I'm decent looking guy I"m 5'6" 120 Lbs. at the time I was 21 years old and worked 8 hours a day in the stockroom there was this girl whose name will be Tasha she was about 5'4" 110 Lbs. Big round ass and about a C cup Breasts.

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she worked in the jewelery Department and was always flirting with me and so did I back and fort till it got to the point touching lightly at work she would come to the stock room when nobody was there and start chatting with me and flirting a lot like usual there were lots of racks of clothes ligned up from the door all the way to the back so it was very hard to find anyone there so she came around and walked up to me without a word she grabbed me and pulled me close to her she kissed me very passionately with her full lucious lips her tongue started to play with mine and we were embraced for what seemed like 2 minutes of just full blown kissing wet and sloppy but very sweet indeed.

Then she started to rub my shoulders and started to rub down on my arm till she put her hand on my crotch and started to feel my now hard cock from her rubbing her pussy against me before, she kept rubbing my hard on trough my pants but I had to remind her that I was her supervisor and would get in trouble if she said anything she just looked at me and said I've been waiting for this day since I met you I'm not about to waste my chance with that she started to rub unbuckle my belt and uzip my pants then she slid them down with my boxers too she knelt in front of me and put her lips on my hard cock she started to kiss it up and down then she flicke her tongue out but istead of something warm I felt cold on my cock head then I remembered she had her tongure pierced she kept on licking my dick up and down then opened her mouth and put my cock in her mouth she started to suck on it very lightly inch by inch into her mouth I'm not very big about 7 inches and she eagerly got it all the way down her mouth till she hit my stomach with her nose she kept it there for about 10 seconds and I felt I don't know what playing with the of my tongue it was just fucking wonderful it felt so good then she slide it back out back and forth I was almost there when she started playing with her ring oround my cock and her hands playing with my balls this was too much I told her I was going to cum and she swallowed my whole cock in her mouth and I exploded deep down her throat she swallowed my cum without any problem not a drop escaped her mouth then she licked my cock clean she then pulled up my pants and as I was done fixing my pants my manger walked in and called my name I told her I'd see her later and walked towards the front door she then spanked my butt and said next time its your turn.

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