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Lesbian fucking hot pinkeln Pfützen
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It all started one friday afternoon when i was asked to babysit for my next door neighbor, she was going away for a week on buisness, and she needed someone to watch her nine year old daughter while she was gone. i had agreed to do this for her since i didnt have any plans, and i could use the extra money.

she told me to make shore i was there for 4, o' clock, she didnt want to be late to the airport. i assured her i would be there on time. I had three hours to kill before i had to be at Mrs Jacobs house, i decided to gather some cloths and pack a couple of things i thought i might need, afterwords i jumped in the shower and cleaned my room up a little, and headed to the living room to watch v for the last hour.

I headed over to Mrs jacobs house at 3:45 as to not be late, i knocked on the door and with in a second it popped open, "Adam come in," i walked in and immedietly noticed Kaylee in the living room watching cartoones, "Hi Kaylee i said!" she yipped a hi and focused her attention back on the tv, i continued to the kitchen were Mrs Jacobs was gathering some papers from the table.

"Adam all the numbers u need are on the fridge if anything should go wrong, or if u need anything at all you can call me.". I thanked her and continued to listen as she scrambled to gather the rest of her things into her briefcase, "You can help your self to anything thats in the fridge, theres money on the counter for ordering out, or going some were if you two get bored, and make shore kaylee cleans her room and takes a bath before she goes to bed each night she has a tendency to forget.".

I let her know that everything was covered and wished her a safe trip, as she headed to the living room and said good bye to kaylee. "Kaylee make shore you listen to Adam he is in charge and he will call me if u dont." She shook her head that she understood and gave her mom a hug and went back to watching the tv. i walked with Mrs Jacobs to the door, she said a couple other things about what needed to be done, and in a flash she was down the driveway and the cab was pulling off. I went to the living room and sat on the floor next to Kaylee and asked her what she would like to do for the rest of the afternoon?.

"i wanted to play dressup with mommy but she was to busy, will you play with me?". "Hmmm i thought about it for a minute and agreed. Kaylee happily got up and skipped up the stairs. I sat for another min and followed her up the stairs, I got to her room the door was already open so i walked in.

Kaylee was in the closet taking out cloths and makeup and a few other things. "Adam sit here", she pointed to the chair that was in the corner next to the bed. As i sat down she scampered over and sat on the bed holding a little pink makeup bag.

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Adam first i want to put some makeup stuff on you, is that ok?" I agreed and she went to work. Just as i started getting bored she stated that i was done and it was time to get dressed up. this i was thankful for, i thought if she put another layer of nail polish on i would not get it off for some time. "Adam what color do u want to wear", she said holding up two different dresses. "Kaylee i dont really want to wear a dress, guys dont wear dresses." at that i think i made her sad for she gave me a poutty sad look and i just couldent see her sad so i said.

that l would wear the blue one", she immedietly smiled and handed it to me. To my surprise she yanked her shirt over her head and the pants went right after, she picked up the dress she selected and started to put it on., i was standing there watching her try and put the dress on she was having some difficulty, i just stood there and watched her.

She had an amazing body for a nine year old, soft skin long brown hair, her boobs were just starting to form and she had the cutest little pink nipples.

I couldent belive it i was getting turned on, i was almost ashamed i had changed her diapers when she was little, i practically acted as a big brother to her.

We played for a while longer then i told her i was going to order a pizza for dinner, i said that i would call her when it arrived. I waited for the pizza and couldent help but think of Kaylee standing there in her underware, as i begin to think of what els could have happened there was a knock on the door. It was the pizza guy, i payed him for the pizza and thanked him, i went to the kitchen and put two plates out and went to tell Kaylee that dinner was here.

We ate dinner and talked about some of the new toys that her mom got her the week before, i promised to play them with her through out the week. We finished dinner and i sent Kaylee to clean her room and get ready for bed.

i cleaned up and watched some tv for a bit, then headed upstairs to see how Kaylee was doing. She was sitting on her bed in red footie pajamas reading a book, i told her it was time for bed, i tucked her in and wished her sweat dreams. I shut the lights off and headed back down stairs to go to bed my self. Just as i was starting to doze off i herd my name from the top of the stairs "ADAM" I went to the stairs and asked her what was the matter.

"I cant sleep im scared, will u lay down with me for a little while?" i told her i would and led her back to her room, i snuggled up with her and and told her that there was nothing to be scared of, and that i would stay until she fell asleep. She thanked me and rolled over and shut her eyes.

I layed there looking at the ceiling for a while and must have dozed off myself. I awoke to Kaylee's arm hitting my back, as she rolled over. It was light out, the clock read 6:30, i didnt want to get up yet even though it felt like an oven under the covers. I went to shake Kaylee to wake her up, but as i put my hand on her shoulder i noticed it was bare, i sat up and looked over to her and noticed her pajamas were sitting a few feet away on the floor.

she must have been hot and taken them off during the night i thought.


i realized that she was laying next to me wearing nothing but the little pink pony underware she had on the night before, and with this thought i felt my self starting to get hard again, and with this i started to have thoughts racing through my head, i wanted to see more of her. I knew Kaylee was a pretty heavy sleeper and she probley wouldent wake up if i just took a peek. i reached over and slid the covers down, all the way down to wear just her feet were covered.

i sat there and stared for a min, she had the cutest little butt.

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i was rock hard now and just wanted nothing more then to see more of this little girl. I reached my hand over and layed it on her shoulder, she didn't move, so i decided to try my luck and i moved lower i was now touching her side and moving my hand over her lower belly, her skin was so soft. Kaylee still hadent moved so i decided to see if i could roll her onto her back, success she was sound asleep.


with this i went back to rubbing her stomach and then her chest, as i did this i could feel her nipples getting hard with each pass of my hand. I reached my other hand into my pants and started slowly strocking my self, i decided to go lower and was just rubbing above her swollen member, i couldent resist i was now so horney i didnt feel like i could control my self. at 15 i touched my self all the time but nothing had compared to what i was doing right now.

i slid my hand under her little panties and felt her soft mound and her inviting slit, i found her clit and started moving my finger slowely around it, and then down inbetween her now moist little slit.

My finger found her little hole and pushed at it slowely for a few min and could feel her getting wetter and wetter, i cant belive she is still sleeping i thought, and with that she moaned, i with drew my hand so fast and got out of the bed and headed for the door, i stopped just outside and turned around to see Kaylee rolling over, Slam she rolled to far and went right off the bed and hit the floor, She gave a yell, with that i headed away hopeing she hadent realized what i had just done.

When Kaylee came downstairs she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She said good morning and asked what was for breakfast? i asked her what she would like, and she said oatmeal. i said ok and started preparing it. i asked her how she slept hopeing to see if she new anything of what i had done. She said great and showed no interest or knowledge of the mornings event.

she ate her breakfast and went to the living room to watch tv.


i cleaned up and followed her lead and sat down to watch some tv as well. After a few mins of quite and the jibber jabber of the people in the cartoon, i told Kaylee that i noticed she didnt clean her room all the way and that she would have to finish in a little bit.

she looked at me and said ok.

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a few minutes later she popped up and said "Oh no moms going to yell at me". why i asked her? she said she forgot her bath last night. shoot i thought i didnt even think to ask her i had forgot to, so i said after this cartoon she had to go take one and finish her room. While kaylee headed upstairs to take a shower i changed the station, just as i started getting into a show i herd her call my name.

I headed upstairs and headed to her room, she wasent there. I herd herr call again, it was coming from the bathroom, i went over and knocked, and asked what was wrong?

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"Will you come sit in her with me so im not lonely?" i new it wasent a good idea but i said yes, i closed the door and sat on the toilet. Kaylee was sitting in the tub curten fully open playing with her barbie dolls.

this was the first time i had seen her completly naked in almost 7 years, i could see her little hairless pussy that i was rubbing earlier and started to get a bulge.

I tried to think of other things to make it go down so kaylee wouldent notice but it was useless. She grabbed the shampoo and asked me if i would help her with her hair, i took the bottle from her and started rubbing the lotion into her hair. She continued to play with her barbies and seemed to forget about me, as i was about to rince her hair i wondered what she would do if i started doing her back, i would just tell her i was trying to help if she said anything. To my surprise she said nothing as my hand trailed lower and lower, i was now rubbing her back completly and moving to her sides.

she continued to play and act as nothing was wrong. i moved my hand to her belly and nothing so i started to rub her chest and i could feel her nipples gettting hard. to my surprise after a few minutes of that she turned to me and said "Adam will you wash my special spot?" i almost died i had already pressed my luck with touching her while she was awake but now she was asking me to.I told her i would but she couldent tell anyone.

she asked me why and i told her i could get in trouble with her mom because thats a place only she and her mom should see or touch. she hesitated and then agreed no to say anything. I reached my hand down to her soft little mound again and started rubbing her, i was rock hard at this point and wanted nothing more then to release.

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i had a thought and asked "Kaylee would u want me to get in the tub with you?" i thought she was going to say no but she just nodded yes. i stood up and started removing my cloths and when i was completly naked got in. i could tell that kaylee had never seen a guy naked or a dick casue she was starring at my rock hard member with her mouth hangin open. "Thats big" she said. i nodded and with that i reached out my hand and continued to rub her. after a min or two i felt a soft hand touch me, Kaylee had grabbed my dick in her hand, i almost exploded right there.

"Its soft and hard Adam is it ok that im touching it?" i nodded and with that i couldent controll my self i wanted her so bad.

i reached both hands out and lifted her up and sat her on my lap. i grabbed my fully erect dick and started rubbing it on her pussy, she started to say something and moved a little but sat back and was silent, i took this as it was ok. i found her little hole, and started to put pressure on it with my head she was so wet and hot down there that the tip pretty much slid in right away. this was not what kaylee exspected i dont think cause she yelped and shifted, but stayed were she was.

i lined back up to her virgin hole and slid it in slowly to were just my head was now covered.

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she was so warm slippery and tight i was going to explode soon. with that i thrust up and went through her hymen and sunk my dick as far into her as it would go. she screamed bloody murder. i started telling her it would be ok and to sit back. i was now pumping this little childs pussy with even strokes, i could feel her little virgin muscles grippping my shaft with every stroke.

She started to shake and i new she was going to have her first orgasm, at that i sped up and tried to match hers with mine and within a min she started shaking uncontrolably, and i gave one more thrust and spewed the largest load of cum that i have ever produces into her now no longer virgin cunt.

i washed her off and my self when we were dont and headed out of the bathroom and down stairs. a while later she came down wearing a long t shirt and nothing els, her pussy must be sore i thought noticing the no underware. we watched a movie and nothing was mentioned about what just happend the rest of the night and or the rest of the week.

Her mom came home a couple days later, i went home and hoped that her mom would never find out. i didnt see kaylee for a couple days after but when i did see her nothing was mentioned and her mom acted normal. a couple yrs passed and we have remained pretty close but nothing ever happened again and or was mentioned