Hot gay sex boys video The Master Directs His Obedient Boys

Hot gay sex boys video The Master Directs His Obedient Boys
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Fbailey story number 597 Sex With My Sister I heard a lot of thrashing about in my sister's bedroom. She said, "Oh no you don't!

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You all ready fucked me once and you're not sticking that in my ass." Mom's latest boyfriend said, "I'll fuck you anytime, anywhere, and in any hole that I want to stick it. And there's nothing that you or your mother can do about it." Peggy said, "You butt-fucked Mom last night and she told me that it hurt like hell because you wouldn't use any lubrication." He replied, "That's right and you're not getting any lubrication either." Peggy started crying and I dialed nine-one-one.

I told the police that my sister was being raped and sodomized as we spoke. He may have Mom and Peggy convinced that they could do nothing but he hadn't count on me. In less than ten minutes two police cars pulled up out front and I showed them right to Peggy's bedroom door.

Just as the male officer turned the doorknob Peggy let out a scream. The door opened and four of them went in with me behind them.

Mom's boyfriend was right in the middle of cumming and couldn't pull out of her. The police helped him pull his cock out of my sister's asshole, handcuffed him, and took him away.

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He glared at me and threatened my life. That got him an elbow to the ribs and doubled him over. The one female police officer helped Peggy get dressed and then she took us both to the hospital for tests and questioning. Mom met us there but she was in trouble too. It seemed that he had told her what he was going to do and Mom did nothing to prevent it.

We were released into Mom's custody pending her getting counseling and being on probation. The judge politely bitched her out and told her to take better care of us. A couple of weeks later Peggy slipped into bed with me. She said that she was horny. She wanted me to fuck her. I asked her if that rape was her first time. Peggy giggled and told me that she had lost her virginity to Billy last summer and that she had let him fuck her every day until he moved in the springtime.

She even knew that he had fucked her two hundred and fifty-three times and that she had given him forty-eight blowjobs. She had even given Billy anal sex once a month for ten months. When Mom's boyfriend had butt-fucked her, she was actually enjoying it and she had a wonderful orgasm just as the police entered her bedroom.

She was glad that he couldn't pull out until she was done. That night I lost my virginity in my thirteen-year-old sister.


Her pussy felt so warm as I slipped my cock into her. Her small titties pressed into my chest and her hands caressed my ass as our tongues found each other. She humped up into me at the same pace as I pushed down into her. She made my first time incredible. I vowed to never jerk off again, for as long as I shell live. Her pussy was that amazing. I swear that her pussy sucked my cock in every time I tried to pull it out.

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The lining of her moist walls was a hundred times better than my right hand. Then the excitement built up in my balls, the cum started rushing up my cock, and then I felt it firing into my sister. She felt it too and she humped up into me harder and faster. I could hardly breathe but it was the most exciting thing that I had ever done. Peggy said, "Oh God, I needed that. Thank you." I replied, "No!

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Thank you." Peggy asked, "Will you promise to fuck me every day? I kind of got used to it. Billy and I did it as often as we could…and I live with you so maybe we can do it more often." I said, "I'd like that." We fell asleep in my bed and Mom found us that way when she woke us up. She found Peggy's bed empty and then she found us together. She slipped into my room and threw the covers off from us. The cool air was a shock and we both jumped.

Peggy asked, "What are doing?" Mom said, "What are doing in your brother's bed?" Peggy laughed and asked, "What does it look like?" Mom said, "You put my boyfriend away and then you fuck your brother." Peggy got mad and stood up, she got right in Mom's face and then she said, "That bastard raped me, he put himself away, and you are better off without him too." Mom started crying and said, "But I get horny too and now I don't have anyone." Peggy smiled at her and pushed her onto my bed.

Then she said, "Let him fuck you. He is pretty good at it. We can share him." I asked, "Do I have anything to say about this?" Mom grabbed onto my hard cock and said, "No Honey, you don't. Any fourteen-year-old boy would be happy to trade places with you.


Look at it this way…with two horny women in the house you will never have to jerk off again." My sentiments exactly. Mom straddled my hips, lifted her nightie, and held my cock to her pussy as she sat down on it.

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She felt just as good as Peggy had. I had been waking up with a hard-on for months and now I finally had a cure for it right here in my own bed. I said, "I think I'm going to like this." Mom replied, "Me too." Peggy said, "Me three." Then she giggled. Mom was good, her pussy milked my cock, and I liked it. Then Mom took her nightie off and lowered a breast to my mouth. It was wonderful to say the least.

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I had the time of my life that weekend…and every day since. The End Sex With My Sister 597