Two Mistresses Play With Sex Toys And Their Slave

Two Mistresses Play With Sex Toys And Their Slave
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Bobby and Spanky (Phase 2) by Lamia Fangs I will continue my story avoiding useless details. So I will begin by saying that two days after our last meeting, the neighbors' parents came to my house introduce themselves and to tell me that they were pleased to meet me, same as their kids, and to assure me not to worry if I notice that the kids spent too much time home alone.

— They know how to look after themselves. — No doubt about it — I answered. From that moment on, we, adults, became the best new neighbors ever and that allowed me to speak and say hello to the kids almost every day.

That was how we agreed to be their nanny for the weekend. The agreement was: I did not have to spend the day with them, but I had to sleep at their's both nights while Zach and Alice were out.

I had a normal, boring week. No children appeared in the garden and I had too much work at the agency. By Thursday morning, I received an early call from Alice to invite me to dinner and maybe watch a movie with the family before the trip. I accepted and agreed to be there at 5:00 pm. It is time to say that Zach and Alice is a couple of consular employees attending too many cocktails parties and too much office time to spend enough time with their children.

They are looking for the perfect place to call home. Zach is a 44 years old man tall and athletic with a winning smile and a great sense of humor. Alice is a serious and sober woman in her 40's, with blond hair pulled back in an old-fashion bun and a pair of tits that should show off a little more often. She seems to be in a bad mood all the time. I think children inherited the friendly nature of his father rather than their mother's.

At 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon, I knocked on their door. I was a little nervous and worried that my dress would be too short for the occasion. Sally was the one who opened the door. She welcomed me with a genuine and warm smile that helped me to relax. She also wore a short skirt and a pink halter that barely contained her breasts. I followed her to the kitchen where the rest of the family was deliberating who would wash the dishes during the weekend.

— Those are the kind of decisions that Tisha will have to take during that time, hunny. — Alice said with a wink. — is it clear that she is the one who makes the decisions while mom and dad not at home? — Yes, Mom, she rules. — Both kids said in unison with a strange glint in their eyes.

We had a great family dinner. Delicious spaghetti and meatballs, Zach's style. Over dinner, I could feel that children have a better relationship and communication with their father than with their mother. Alice is rather alien to the general family beat. When we finished dinner, I helped Bobby to clean the dishes, as Sally and Dad prepared the room for the film. When we all met at the living room, Alice argued that there was much work to do and prepare for next day's trip the, so we would enjoy the movie alone because she would go early to bed.


— Enjoy the evening with the kids and the zoombies Tisha, I will take a sleeping pill and go to bed early. Make yourself at home. Family, see you tomorrow. — See you tomorrow. — All answered in chorus without insisting that she would stay longer. So Zach, the kids and I were left alone to enjoy "The Night of the Cannibals Zoombies" sitting all close together on the couch, covered with a delicious quilt.

Sally took a seat next to her dad and Bobby sat next to me, so that the adults were at the ends of the couch. — Oh Tisha, please apologize my wife, — Zach explained over the heads of the kids — she does not enjoy much our family activities and the three of us are very close, you know what I mean?

— He said winking, provoking a suspicious giggle in the kids. — And I hope zoombies do not scare you too much, otherwise Bobby will save you. — I am not afraid of zoombies — Bobby replied bravely — but if you fear them, you can hug me. — Then he came to me like a kitten with an innocent and mischievous face. I received him in my arms feeling how my nipples harden with his touch.

— Or you can do like me, - said Sally —I hug dad and I am no longer afraid of anything! — Then she snuggled even closer to her father's side, pulling the covers up to her shoulders.

— I think I will be fine. Zoombies are something I do not worry too much about if such a family accompanies me — I told Zach watching straight into his eyes. — It is a pity that Alice does not enjoy the moments close to the family.

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— Come on Tisha, come a little closer and enjoy the moment . enjoy the movie, I mean — Zach said with a wink before turning off the light and pushing play to the movie.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. Something had changed in the environment right in the moment when Alice left, the kids had become seductive and Zach was too relaxed. By the moment the zoombies escaped the lab after eating everybody in it, Sally asked her dad to sit on his lap.

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He lifted the quilt and received her in his arms like a baby. — Are you comfortable, pumpkin? — Zach asked sweetly watching into her eyes.

— Much better, Daddy. — Sally murmur so close to his face that I could not help but notice and Zach could not help noticing that I saw them. When his eyes met mine, he also found a stupid smile on a nervous and excited face. — I like to see how close you people could be. — I said sharp. — And I like to know that you are close to my kids, too . — he answered sharply, too — that means, that you are as close to them as I am.

He continued. I heard myself gasping, but I think he did not. What did he say? He is as close to the children as I am! — And I am happy that someone like you would take care of them during the weekend. You are going to have so much fun together. — He ended up saying in a whisper. — Yes, of course. — I was shocked. He smiled and turned to move Sally on his legs, their movement made the quilt slid down Sally's shoulder to Dad's lap, and I could see that he had his hand under her skirt and was grabbing her buttocks, at the same time, Sally massaged Dad's bulging package.

Both watched undisturbed cannibal zoombies on the screen. From that point on, I decided that the message was clear: both adults ha the same kind of relationship with the kids.

— Fascinating — I thought, — it seems that these part of the family have a special kind of love . while the mother is asleep in her bedroom. Those were my thoughts when Bobby's hand slid under the covers to reach my left hand and put it on his semi flaccid penis.

I quietly stroked it while I check ok Zach and Sally to see if they could see us, but they seemed very entertained by the movie, but o could notice some of the characteristic movement below the quilt. The carnivore zoombies had taken over the city and there was blood everywhere, I took advantage of the commotion to comfortably take Bobby's fully erect penis with my right hand and cover me up to my chin with the quilt, as they our playmates across the sofa did ten minutes ago.


In this position, Bobby could reach my cleavage and discover my chained nipples. I was very excited. It seemed wonderful to me to have met this family with such a close relationship.

Moreover, it was wonderful to be able to participate in the family union.

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So while Bobby pulled the string of my nipples, I jack him off, Zach massaged Sally's delicious breasts; she made him a hand job and zoombies razed. By the moment the female hero with huge tits melee zoombies, Bobby had already found his way to my vagina while I slowly and steadily was jacking him off.

Across the sofa, Zach did the same with Sally beneath her skirt. She had her eyes closed and was about to cum when Zach turned to me smiling mischievously. — Alice will not wake up until tomorrow —announced very close to Sally's face — we can enjoy the movie now, but be quiet. Then they opened their mouth to French kiss. I could see both tongues twisting and I felt how the quilt fell to the floor revealing the truth to everyone.

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It was when I saw the size of Zach's penis; Sally held it with both hands as they kissed deliciously. That really was an adult dick; Bobby lacked so much yet to look like that.

— That means it is time to play, Tisha — Bobby said wasting no time and standing on the couch to put his dick in front of me. — Come on Tisha, show Dad that you can take it all in you mouth.

Then the boy took me by the neck and began to fuck my face mercilessly plunging the head of his cock to the back of my throat. Then I heard the voice of Zach talking to Sally: — Why do not you do the same for me, doll? Come; put your ass in my face to suck you. Then Sally climbed on his father's body that was almost on her back on the couch, and stuck his delicious and firm teen ass in front of his mouth, while she place her lips on the swollen paternal dickhead.

We all work in silence as zoombies died at the hands of the busty female hero and her lover. During the credits of the movie, two giant dicks ejaculated in our mouths.

I could swallow most of Bobby's semen, but Sally could not do the same with his father. Apparently, she is just a trainee. — Oh Baby, you are getting better every time — Zach said excitedly — you soon could do as our friend Tisha. — Do not know what to say — I said stupidly &mdash. This is . I do not know . I have never. — You do not have to say nothing, Tisha.

— Zach said holding my hand while Bobby sat on my legs and Sally in his — I am so glad I found you. We are a constantly traveling family and it is hard to create links. The three of us share this kind of love for over a year. When I knew that the kids were having sex with each other it was too late to explain anything, so we had a conversation where we decided we would keep it a secret and that they would like me to participate too.

— Zach explained all this gently stroking my hand and talking about so honestly as I have ever heard a man do. He was baring his soul and informing to me its incestuous relationship with his kids . with both kids? I decided I would ask the questions at the end and I would let him continue talking — Alice has a weak health, so we do not bother her with our way of life.

Sally is on the pill since then and Bobby had not penetrated anyone until you allowed him to do it with you. — Oh my God, I did, I . — I tried to apologize — I . So you know what happened? — Dad knows everything we do — Sally replied, — we ourselves we ask him to have you as our babysitter for the weekend. Bobby and I want to have a nanny like you when they travel.

I was speechless. So much information, so little time. Information that makes everything easier between the four of us. Zach took my face in his hands and brought his face close to mine. Our lips met automatically. The kiss was electrifying and delicious. Suddenly the two kids were sucking the nipples. My head was spinning. — My kids and I like you very much, Tisha dear — Zach said bringing my hand to his cock hard again — I do not think I would find a better nanny for my children in ten miles round.

In addition, I do not think there are better tits than yours in ten miles round. — Let me show the trick to you, too — I said.

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Then I got ready to show my new best neighbor my chained tits trick. I knelt in front of his cock, by the way, a weapon of about 9 inches long and as thick as my wrist, which I placed between my breasts leaving to head up to my chin. The boys took placed on either side of me so they could see everything very closely. — I do not know which dick I like the most from the two of them — Sally said beginning to work on his brother's with one hand.

— can I suck along with you? — Then Sally and I sucked and licked together Zach's brilliant dickhead. — I want to blow him, too. — Bobby said after a while.


I could hardly believe what I just listened, but I did not need to wait long to understand what he meant. Both kids had oral sex with Daddy. What a close-knit family, I thought. The next second I knew, both kids were working their father's penis head while I jack him off with my tits.

— Oh yes, well. Very well. — Zach repeated endlessly — oh yes. Oh. Yes, yes, yes. I am cumming, am cumming .

there I go. Then Zach ejaculated thick jizz of white sperm on the three faces and inside the three mouths. A delicious moment: Sally and Bobby had their faces covered in cum and I had my tits and chin. Then Sally took Bobby's face to kiss and clean it with her tongue. Next step, Bobby cleaned my tits and my face. Then, I cleaned the Zach's penis and Sally's face it. Definitely, a very close family it was. — Oh my God! I do not know which dick I like the most from the two of them!

— I said paraphrasing Sally to make people laugh a little bit. —And I think it is time for me to say goodbye, we all need to rest and tomorrow will be a long day for you Zach. —Thanks for everything Tisha, has been a real pleasure to meet you. — Zach said kissing my lips again. —Thanks guys — I said. —See you tomorrow after your parents leave. —Thanks Tisha —responded in chorus from the couch.

Sally stood up and came running up to me to hug me by the neck and give me a wet French kiss. —See you tomorrow. I left the house as if hypnotized. Came to mine and went to my bedroom, undressing on my way to the bathroom.

There in the mirror I realized I was smiling.

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The word incest made me drool. I thought how delightful it was to see Sally and Zach together, and how shocking it was to see Bobby sucking her dad's cock and eating his cum. — This is going to be hilarious! — I said looking at me in the mirror. Then I went to sleep with the curtains open, waiting for the weekend to begin.