Diana de Albufeira apanhada a fazer broxe

Diana de Albufeira apanhada a fazer broxe
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Detective Miller walked to the soda machine, fed in some quarters and pressed a button. Grabbing the can, she carefully pried up the pop-top, turning her head as the soda whooshed. She started for the room to interview the sister, paused, and then walked back to the soda machine. She fed some more money into the machine and then took the additionally can with her into the room.

She saw an attractive brunette sitting quietly at a table. Placing the can on the table she introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Detective Miller, you can call me Christine." "Hi," the woman said, sitting up straight in the chair.

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Christine noticed that the woman wasn't wearing a bra and from the look of her nipples, she was either very cold, or still pretty turned on. "I need to ask you a few questions about this morning," she said, pushing the soda toward the woman. "Thanks," she said, opening the drink and taking a drink. "I was pretty thirsty; I had a pretty good workout this morning." "Right Ms." "Andrews, Heather Andrews." "Heather, can I call you Heather?" "Yes," she said, taking another sip of the soda.

"Heather, I understand you've been through quite an ordeal." "I wouldn't call it an ordeal, it was really very nice." "Nice? He was your brother wasn't he?" "Yes, but you just don't know. We do look a lot alike, not identical mind you, but I've always wondered what it would be like with him." "You fantasized about it?" Christine asked.

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"Oh yes, you don't know how many times I wondered what it would be like. One time, I walked into his room without knocking and caught him." "Caught him?" "Yes, he was jacking off and I opened the door at just the right time. There he was, his cock was so big and his hand was sliding up and down so quickly over it. His eyes were closed and suddenly, he shot his cum.

It splashed up on his chest, almost reaching his chin.

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I would see his shaft pulsing and his balls constricting as he shot spurt after spurt all over himself. When he opened his eyes and saw me, he immediately pulled up a sheet covering himself, but I saw enough. "I rushed back to my room, closed my door and before I reached my bed, I was running my fingers over my clit.

I must have cum three or four times visualizing what I had just seen, that white stream splashing on his bare, hairless chest. I wanted to lick it up right there, I wanted to taste." "Okay, we're getting off track here, can you tell me just about this morning," Christine interrupted.

"Yes, god it was good. There was this flashing light, I'm not sure where but after a few flashes I suddenly felt so horny and a bit drunk. You know how you feel, when you know you shouldn't do something, but you just don't care and go ahead and do it." Christine nodded, "Go on." "Well I suddenly felt that way and when Michael, that's my brother, grabbed my boobs," she cupped her hands on her lovely breasts as she spoke, "I couldn't help myself, I reached down, grabbed his cock and started sucking.


All I could think of was getting him to spurt his white cum into my mouth. "I stroked it as I sucked and soon I tasted his pre-cum as it dribbled out of his tiny hole. That just turned me on more, so I took off my clothes, pushed him on his back and climbed over him.


I took his cock in my mouth again as I ground my pussy onto his face. "He enjoyed it too, I know because I could hear him moan and his tongue, oh yes, his tongue, first it was inside me, then flicking my clit, then sliding back down my slit. Oh, I came and came as I sucked his cock, wanting to make him feel so good. "Soon he rose up and dished his delicious load into my mouth.

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I swallowed every drop of him, savoring that incredible taste. It was only then I noticed someone, someone looked at me a moment and then turned his back and ran. "Well, I had sucked my brother dry and still wanted to taste more, so I watched this man run. I shouted out to him, to try to get him back, but he just kept moving." "Can you describe him?" Christine asked.

"Hmmm, let's see. He was kind of short, shorter than Michael." "How tall is Michael?" "About five-eight, this guy was a bit shorter, but seemed very athletic, very muscular. He had dark hair and a mustache." "Did you see his eyes?" "They seemed a dark color, I couldn't tell." "Clothing?" "Just jeans and a tee-shirt, tennis shoes too." "Anything else, any markings?" "No, no.

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wait, there was a scar, strange, the skin was lighter on his upper arm, like maybe there had been a tattoo or something." "You think perhaps he had a tattoo removed?" "It could be, maybe something like that." "You remember anything else?" "No that is all, except that when I looked back to Michael, he has pulled away from me and was getting dressed. I was still feeling pretty hot, kind of wondered what his cock would feel like in my pussy." "I mean anything about the man," Christine said.

"No, sorry." "That's okay, you've helped a lot," she replied, making a few notations in her book.


She stood up and quickly walked out of the room looking for the Lieutenant, excited at finding their first solid lead.