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4 weeks have gone by, Steve is doing great! His business, clients and everything is going good since Rose took over the computer business. Everyday they get up after a night of sex, roses cooks breakfast, Steve put out tea for rose and they talk about her days work. Steve tells her that she is doing a great job, she is very beautiful, and a great slave. By the time she leaves the house she is very hi on herself, can't believe how great she has it, how great her life is.

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She spends the day going from customer to customer doing her job, all the customers love her and she loves them. Steve goes out to malls, stores, any place where pretty woman go, he is trying to find a pretty red head for Omar's brother. Steve has never really been into red heads! He goes all over but comes up empty then decides to go home so he can call Dubai, talk to Omar and Hanna.

He First talks to Hanna, tells her he misses her and can not wait until he see her again. Next it is Omar, he tells Omar that he want to get Hanna here to be with him, Omar says that you could marry her by phone or computer, then Omar would get the US embassy involved to get her a visa.

Steve says yes lets do that! When you call in a few days I will have everything set up for you to get married to Hanna.

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That would be great! Steve hears a car outside, looks out, sees rose coming home. She comes into the house and starts asking Steve if she can do anything for him, she bounces around so happy with life, kisses Steve, then says master I am yours. Steve is getting turned on, (over the last year he can not believe how many times he has had sex) He is always hard! It must be the pills that Omar had given him or just the way he can control his woman.


Rose takes Steve into the bed room, takes his clothes off and starts sucking his cock. She is sucking it like she is going to get food out of it, he is bigger and bigger. Now he is coming, shoot his sperm down her throat, she is sucking all of it down and cleans his cock off.

"you taste so good master" then she says" can I fuck you now" Steve looks down, his cock is still hard, lays down on the bed to let rose have her way with him.

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She gets up on top of him, puts his cock inside her pussy, starts to slowly rock up and down, up and down faster and faster. She is coming but keeps moving up and down, she works through her orgasm, in another minute she is going into another orgasm, again she works her way through.

Steve is now coming, she pushes down, his cock hits her cervix and goes farther into her.

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Rose collapses on top of him, kisses him and says master you are so great! Rose gets up, holds her hand out to Steve, takes him into the shower, washes him, then dries him.


Lays out some clothes for him, then she gets into a robe. Goes into the kitchen starts to cook dinner. She is thinking to herself how great her life is, a great job, a great lover in Steve, she just loves being his slave, she would of never thought that being a slave could be so great.

A few days later Steve calls Omar on his computer (Skype), Omar has everything set up. Steve and Hanna start the vows! In a few minute it is done! They are married! One of the people with Omar is the US ambassador from the embassy and says he will get the paper work started.

Omar lets the ambassador go off with with another one of his slave to one of the palaces bedrooms. In several weeks all Hanna's papers are done! She can go to the states, meet Steve and be his wife. They pack up all Hanna's things, Omar has one of his jets waiting for her.

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She moves in front of Omar, bows down on her knees, kisses his feet and says thank you for letting me go. He puts his hand down to her, she stands up, him says she is no longer his slave!

She is Steve's slave and she needs to obey him completely. Steve and rose are at the airport waiting for Omar's jet to land. It does, taxis over, the door opens up and here comes Hanna in her full burka.

She comes over to Steve, starts to bow down but he stops her and says not here! They get into Steve's car, goes to his house and all of them go inside. Hanna take her burka off, Steve beautiful arab wife is standing there!


Steve stands there and just soaks in all of her beauty. Steve says it is so great having you here and part of the family. Hanna and Steve go into the bedroom to have sex, rose stay in the kitchen and starts cooking dinner.

She is not jealous, she is happy for Steve and remembers the time she and Hanna had made love back in Dubai. Hanna takes Steve's clothes off, bows down and says master I missed you! He pulls Hanna up and says that she is not his slave, she is his wife. She says no honey I will always be your slave! I like it that way. She lays him down on the bed, starts sucking his toes. (she has never done this to him before) Steve feels his cock get bigger!

As she sucks on his toes it feels like she sucking his cock.

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She starts moving up kissing his ankles, knees, thighs then his cock area. Steve is ready to explode! Hanna looks up at him, says I am your slave, I am your wife, I will be the best you ever had! She then takes his cock in her mouth, all the way in and down the back of her throat. Again she never did this before, his cock never went this far down her throat. She starts to swallow, again, again and again.

Steve is shooting off already, straight down her throat, every drop is going down her. She pulls his cock almost out of her mouth, sucks on it real hard. Steve is in shock, he has never felt anything like this before. He now knows he has made the best choice in his marriage to her.

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She gets up, lays up by him and says now do you want to have sex. He says to let him wait until later.

Rose hears that they are done so she goes in the bedroom, over to the bed, kisses Hanna and say that she is glad that you are here and can't wait until later tonight. " dinner is ready"