Me masturbating while watching Xvideos

Me  masturbating while watching Xvideos
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(i would like to appologise for the bad spelling and punctuation errorsthis is my first story) i was going round to jakes to play some xbox for a few hourswe usually did this a couple times a weekso around 1pm i left my house to go to jakeshe only live 5 houses away from meso i knocked on the door but go no answeri was puzzled as jake told me he would be in.

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so i knocked again and jane answered she was in her PJ's covered by her dressing gown. "is jake home ?" i asked"he's at stans" jane replied"oh thats odd he told me he would be in today" i said as i was about to walk away.

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"he should of been but his uncle wanted him over to watch the game" jane saidi noticed that jane had puffy red eyes and tears in her eyesi asked is she okwhats wrong"patrick split up with me" jane told methey had been together for 2 yearsi could see she was really upset and asked if she wanted to vent a littleso she invited me in and she made me a glass of orange and i asked if there was anything she really wanted to talk about .

so after a good 30 minutes of venting she seemed alot more happier and less gloomyso i said "ok im gonna go now are you going to be ok ?" she replied "yes thanks for the chat you have really Perked me up today". now let me point out jane had always been fond of me and often pointed out that i was charming and good lookingi just shrugged it of most of the time as it felt wierd as she was my best friends mother and i thought its just how mothers are.

as i was leaving jane opened her arms to give me a hugi accepted to the hug and we were shoulder to shoulder for 5-10 seconds and she went to kiss meshe managed to kiss me on the lips without me noticing what was happeningthis was an awkward moment when our lips parted it wasn't a grandma kinda kiss either full tounge the worksno action on my part of course.

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she asked if i would kiss her backi had no idea what to sayshe was vulnerable and upset i didnt want to take advantage of her and potentially ruin a perfect friendship with jakeshe told me jake wont be home for another 3 hours. my balls were tight by now and i just wanted to ravage her right there in the hallwayi began to slowing brush my hand through her hair and stroking her cheekshe pushed closer to me and we started kissing againi pulled her fury white dress gown of her and we started to slowly walk up the stairs while still kissing and undressing each other.

we made it to janes room as she dropped onto her back onto the bottom of her bedwith only her matching red bra and panty's left covering he slim hour glass figurei slowly walked towards her and lent over hermy arms either side of her shoulders i began kissing her tender lipsshe pulled back onto her bed fully laying down with her knees in the air and her feet on the bedshe began to take of her bra which was one of them unbutton from the front bra's and kneeled over her and kissed her againafter a while a began kissing my way down her soft body towards her already dripping wet pussythe juices were seeping out of her hot red panties.

i started gently pulling them down to her ankles"that pussy is fucking amazing" i thought to myselfi began lapping at the dripping pussy for a while then she pulled me up and told me to lie down on my backi gladly olbiged as i knew what was in store.

she made her way to my 8" throbbing penis and began to suck like only some sort of sex freak could sucki grabbed the back of her head and started pushing her head down onto my penis until i could feel the back of her throatshe had no problem with going deep throatshe seemed to know what she was doingthis went on for a while until i was about to cum.

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i told her i was almost there as i didnt know if she wanted my juice deep in her throatbut she kept on going to finally "Ahhhhh YEAHHHHHH" my penis ooozed with streak after streak on my cum going deep into here throatshe pulled away and it all just came out dripping from here chin as it splashed back onto the tip of me now almost subside penis.

she crawled up beside me and lay on her backgasping for airall i can say is "Best BJ EVARRR" in those exact wordsshe giggled a little and then asked "what now" "well i dno you tell meyour the one that seems to know alot more" i repliedshe said"wanna fuck" i gladly olbiged as i was still a virgin but had got to all the other bases with other girls.

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i had just calmed down as she climed on top of me and pow my penis is standing at a halt yet againwith her knees either side of me and her hands on my chest she slipped the tip of my penis into her still dripping pussy as it acted as lube and slowly pushed the entire length deeper and deeper till me whole penis was engulfed inside this hot milf.

she started pownding down harder and harderpanting with sexual rage i began fondeling her tight c-cup breasts gently twisting her pointing nipples as she began screeming and i knew she was about to have an orgasmshe was going wild shaking her head all overher thighs titened around my waisther body shivered and after moment she dropped onto me and i could see she was finished she panted with barely any air left in her and told me me "that was amazing"i had a big grin on my face but it dawned on me that if jake found out that it would jeopardize our 12 year friendship and potentially ruin my reputation with other women.

she rolled to the side of me as we heard a key twist the front doors metal mechanismjane quickly threw on her gown and looked downstairsto our destane it was patrickback to pick up some of his stuffhe ignored the cloths all over the house probably just thinking jane is that broken up she isn't even doing the washing up. patrick began walking up the stairs "what are you doing here" jane asked"im here to pick up some of my shit if thats ok with you".

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"shit im fucked if he finds out iv just fucked his X" i thought to myselfin a panic i hid in the closet. patrick walked into the room and saw it was a complete messjust inches away from him my jizz lay dripping of the side of janes bed sheets.


"can you come back next week or somethingwe only broke up 2 days ago i cant be seeing you so soon it breaks my heart" jane told patrick. "im just here to get my lucky leather jacketim going to a ball game tonight and iv put big money for the lakers to win" "oh no please dont let the jacket be in here" i thought to myself.

i sneakily hid under a bunch on clothing and hoped to god he didnt find me. i was completely blacked out under this crap so i couldnt see a thingi heard the closet door creak open "oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit" i though to myself "oh here it is" said patrick. then i heard the door close again.

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after 5 minutes what felt like a life time i heard the front door slam shut. i think he is gone.YES "were in the clear" jane whispered still unknowing were i was hiding.

i rolled out of the closet and jane laughed and i joined her with a little giggle. the time was 3:30pm time sure had past quickjake was due home in half an hour.

i told jane i think i should go jake will be back soonwe can do this again some time ? i asked jane "any" jane repliedme being the risk taker that i am i asked jane for a quick BJshe got onto her knees in a heart beat i stepped forward as jane beggan tugging on my penis getting me hard again from the recent scare we hadmy penis was yet again standing at a halt and jane went to town dug straight in and began chugging down on my 8" penis yet again.

i grabbed the back of her head and hurredly smashed her mouth down on my penis she started gagging but wasn't bothered at all and carried on sucking my throbbing cocki came alot faster than i had expected as jane was again swolowing my hot thick semen streak after streak until i was completely emptyshe licked around her lips and then kissed the tip of my penis to get rid of the left over jizz.

Knock Knock Knock "fuck sake again" i thought to myselfjane looked out the window to find jake standing at the doorhe had forgotten his keywe snook downstairs as i quickly picked up my clothes scattered around the house and put them on as fast as i couldshe whispered "sneak out the back door and go through the ally wayi kissed jane on the lips for one last time and times it perfectly as she answered the door for jake i ran out the back door and went home.

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later that night i was laying in bed on my laptop just thinking about what happened only a few hours when i got an email from jake "i know what you did". thanks for reading my storyits my first and i hope to write many more in the futurei didnt spend alot of time on this storyonly a couple hoursand again if you got through this without closing the window cause of the terrible spelling mistakes i applaud you.


i may think of writing part twoi have many ideas to twist up the story