Male models Brice Carson is bragging to his buddy Keith Conner about

Male models Brice Carson is bragging to his buddy Keith Conner about
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"Great. now lets fuck" I took that as a green light and started to jerk him off even faster in the water, making him moan "oh yeah, keep going baby." I made sure to rub at just the right places, his dick got so hot, it was making the jacuzzi all the more warmer, and i started to sweat some more. i started just tugging at the head then going all the way to the base until my other hand joined in, making it all the more fun.

i was kissing him all over his shoulder and he had his face up, with his eyes closed, and every once in a while he would grunt or moan. eventually he started rubbing around my kitten, making me purr into his ear until i just moved his hand right to my nub, then he stuck one then later two fingers inside of me.

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i could feel him using a "come here" motion with his manly finger inside of me and it just sent chills up my spine until i was moaning out loud, like one of the pornstars i see on the computer.

after about 5 minutes of doing each other with our hands i whispered in his ear slightly "now for some real fun." Chapter 3: I got out of the jacuzzi, swaying my butt right in his face then immediately went to the patio chair, "sit down, Mr." I pointed to the chair and giggled slightly.

he moved over to sit down, his small gut bouncing a little. i tore off my bikini top and cradled my small B cups, his eyes were following my hands. and i slid them down my stomach, biting my lip, then i showed him my full pussy, dripping with my woman fluids, all the way down my leg. i ran my left hand through my hair as i arched my back for him to kiss all over my tummy, then up to my sensitive nipples.

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the air outside was making the water on me so cold, and i got goosebumps all over my skin. and the breeze had already made my nipples like tiny little erasers. "You want this, uncle ?" i shimmied my breasts then pulled up the tops of my pussy folds, to show him my clit again.

"Yes, Nessa. give it to me" i could tell he wanted to bang me until i couldn't move. "only if i get something in return" I did a sexy smile and winked at him. "Like what?" he smiled back, and his smile lines showed up on his face a bit. "Only if you fuck me for hours and hours to come.

and never stop loving me." i whined and bit my finger. "Of course my sweet sweet niece.

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i will always love you, now come here and sit on my cock !" he pulled me to him and i started to straddle him. he pushed down the back of the chair so he could lay down on it. I sat just above where his penis was and positioned it right below my pussy, rubbing it all over to get all my juices on his head.

then after a moment of teasing, i quickly sat down right on it, making him grunt "oh fuck" as i went in circular motions all around on his erection inside my tight little fuck-hole. "UH Ohhhhhh baby, you feel soo good !" I started going up just an inch, dropping down, then doing circular motions; making a pattern. I could feel him touch every sensitive part inside of me, and it would make me twitch or get shivers down my spine every once in a while.

he grabbed my hips and started moving me over his dick, helping my legs pull me up then push me down again, going even faster. Fuck it felt so damn good. i grabbed his hands and guided them to my tits and started to go a little slower, moaning and panting, sweat building up behind me knees and on the back of my neck. then suddenly he had me on my back, on the cement, and he was banging me so hard.


he grabbed my left leg up with his right hand, leaned back a little (making me have to lift my ass in the air) and started fucking me so hard it was making my whole body jump with every motion he made inside of me. I could feel the pressure building inside of me and that's when i said "OHHHH GOD UNCLE ! AH AH AH OHHHHHHHH Yeeeahhhhhhh, oh yeah !" i was screaming up above me, gritting me teeth and panting even faster.

i could see sweat drip from his brow and he had a hard determined look on his expression, "Yeah, you like it when I hammer into your pussy don't you, you little slut !" he slapped under my ass.

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"YES YES I DOO !! UHHH" I said through clenched teeth, my toes started to curl and i could feel an invisible force pushing my spine up as a huge tidal wave of ecstacy went through me, starting from me feet and ending at my head through a series of tiny and huge waves.

i felt like i was on a never ending roller coaster. and i could tell uncle mike knew i was cumming because he even went faster, slamming his monster cock into me, making it all the more good until i was screaming to the top of my lungs. i didnt care if the neighbors could hear or not. fuck, i was cumming and it felt fucking incredible ! "Im almost there ! uhhh" he was grunting like a mad man, even shivering all over his body.

i was completely limp from the recent fucking and i still tried to move my hips up in unison with his thrusts, then in a flash he had pulled out and his cum was shooting out like white lightning all over my naked body, "OHHH YEAH CUNT, EAT THIS DELICIOUS CUM, MMMMMMMM AH yeah ohh yeah eat it,bitch" I was moaning with him and picking it up with the palms of my hands, licking all of his protein in my mouth, and swallowing it all.

"mmmm yummy" I said to him and smiled. "he had jerked off the last shot of his cum right over my breast, and i gladly rubbed it into my skin. "God, that was great." "Great ? Hell no, that was fucking incredible." he said kissing me on the forehead. "I want a threesome, uncle" I asked him in an innocent voice.

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.he looked at me quizzically. and i just smiled back at him. we both sat up. "I'm serious" i whispered in his ear, nibbling it little bit. he waited for what seems like forever, then turned to me. "I know a guy." I yipped with cheer and he held up a finger.


".and a girl" To be continued. p.s. was it any good ?? :DD what should i add ??