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Chapter 4 Things have been quiet around her for about a week but they're about to get a whole lot more interesting.


The Pure Michigan 400 is coming up this weekend and I've got tickets. I'm going to drive down and pick up John then we're going to head over to MIS and make a weekend of it. There's a shooting range nearby and we've reserved one of the private sections for half a day on Friday.

Then, it's beer and racing. Pure heaven. Suzi will be back from Phoenix next Monday, then we get back to our normal schedule. Remember, shoot me a note if you want to come up and have a crack at her. I'm hoping some of you either caught the live broadcasts or have a subscription to get the playbacks because they were amazing.

They hooked Suzi up with some freaky fantasy geek and gave him forty-eight hours with her. Everything was broadcast live and videotaped. Let me go back a step and explain this. Last September, just about a year ago now, was when I put up the first of our three websites. It was just Suzi - calling herself Crystal - parading around in lingerie, masturbating, and doing live voice chats with guys for a couple of dollars a minute.

The second website was her as Lexi and it was all latex and bondage gear and spankings with paddles and lightweight floggers. You know, those ones with a bunch of soft leather straps that raise the blood to the surface of the skin but don't really hurt? It was pretty popular but I'm just not into that stuff, so we didn't put up much new stuff and it just kind of petered out.

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The third time was the charm. By then, we'd established a pretty good stable of guys who were willing to be taped fucking my wife's ass and have it sold on the website. There were over a dozen guys. White, black. Latino, Asians, all pretty good looking and all pretty well hung. I think part of the kick for them was showing off their package.

I put my wife out there as Alexa the Ass Whore and membership and revenue shot way up. It was perfect, I was "between jobs" and I was only bringing in a couple of hundred a week pimping her out at bars. The third week the website was up, we broke a thousand dollars in memberships and there was no end in sight.

Then I lost my camera and sound guys. I tried it myself but the work was shit. I thought about going off to hire some new guys but by then, we were getting more offers to travel -- this was before the California and Germany trips. So, that one trickled off too. I listed all three of them for sale on some of the adults sites but didn't get any takers. Until about May. A couple of Australians living in Arizona made me an offer and I went for it.

I was stupid enough not to sign up for a percentage, I was pretty sure the sites were dead so I settled for a couple of thousand dollars to turn over the websites and all the pictures and movies. Late in July, the contacted me again asking for more content. I sent them a few videos I'd taken and about a gig of photos. They didn't want the photos, they were all about live action.

So, they made me an offer. They'd fly Suzi down to Phoenix and record for ten days for a flat rate of five-thousand dollars plus expenses. We negotiated a bit. On my side, I set boundaries like: no piercings, no tattoos, no blood, no broken bones, and no kids. They agreed quickly and outlined their own set of boundaries.

I had to accept that they might do any of a list of things to my wife and I wasn't to press charges or otherwise object.

It was quite a list and really opened my eyes up to what they wanted to do with the website. If I recall, the list included gangbangs, caning, whipping, girl-girl, enemas, head shaving, stretching both holes with whatever they could think of, and some lighter weight stuff like hard bondage and electricity. I told them that, other than stretching her asshole out, we were OK.

I wanted complete control of her asshole and they were OK with that. They sent me bits of video the first few days so I could get a feel for where they were going. They took a lot of shots for the Crystal site and had her record some sexy bits they could sell and let guys jerk off to.

The second and third days were all dedicated to the Alexa site. Karl was very proud of his organizing skills and sent me their shooting schedule. He'd hired three different pairs of camera-and-sound guys to work in rotation. His goal was a little over forty hours of footage in two days. If they stayed on schedule, my wife's ass was pounded nonstop by an average of six guys an hour. If my math's right, that's over two hundred guys in 2 days.

I laughed, Karl was exaggerating or outright lying. Even Alexa - the blond earth mother from California with the big titties and an endless hunger for humiliation and anal sex - couldn't handle that. The Big Event was going to broadcast live and videotaped for forty-eight hours on Wednesday and Thursday, beginning exactly at midnight Wednesday morning. It was a little crazy too because that meant - if they'd stayed on schedule - Suzi would have had less than eight hours sleep in the last two days.

I took in a movie on Tuesday night but couldn't focus on it. I went down to the bar for a few beers, ran into Ed and Joey, talked about my wife's trip to Phoenix, had some burgers. I told them about the webcast that was starting tonight and they nearly crapped. "You just put her on a plane and turned her over to these pervs?" Joey asked shocked. "Fuuuck!" "They're not total strangers, they bought the fucking website, I mean, I've talked with them, we met face to face," I said, a little angry, and I have to admit, maybe a little nervous.

I mean, I'd done a police check through my buddy Dave and nothing showed up on either of them. "She'll do pretty much anything for you, won't she?" Ed said in awe. I just nodded and finished my beer. "You guys want to come to my place and watch?" Joey laughed. "What, a fucking circle-jerk?" "Yeah," Ed laughed. "I don't think so. I'll watch from the privacy of my own bedroom, thanks." We finished our beers and each headed on our way. When I got home, there was an email with a PDF attached from Karl.

It was an outline of what this geek wanted them to shoot. Twenty-two pages. I opened a Bud and sat down to read it.

It was the scenario for the live action shoot and it was fucking twisted. If they put up even half of the scenery to shoot this thing the way it was written, they'd have to have a whole hell of a lot of viewers and subscribers to make their money back.

They were really banking on Suzi in a big way.

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I read his letter and found out I was wrong. The geek making the movie was putting up a ton of money. His name was David and he'd made a ton of cash in the stock market. He wrote this story years ago and now finally had he money to film it. He'd found an old sound stage, bought it and had it reworked to fit his story. He set up dozens of camera and a control room from which Karl and his team could select which shots went out into the live feed.

Everything was recorded. I laughed at that. If Karl and his buddy were any good, they could recut and splice the different angles over and over and keep selling the same shoot for the next twenty years. I finished my beer and got up to get another one.

I munched a few sticks of hunters sausage, the burger was good but I wasn't full. I went back to my den and started reading the story.

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It was a future kind of story, like sci-fi. The people in charge - the geek called it the Council - had pretty much outlawed sex. Well, sex between couples. People could have all the sex they wanted but it had to be with convicted offenders, it had to be at least somewhat brutal, and was almost always done in public.

This was their way of keeping the population under control. The prisoners were living, breathing cautionary tales of what would happen to them if they disobeyed any of the laws laid down by the Council.

The way the geek wrote it, the logic underneath it made perfect sense. They'd been raised all their lives to think that sex was dirty and bad, it always hurt, and it was punishment for breaking the law. It encouraged them to be as wild as they wanted to with the offenders and to be completely chaste in their relations with everyone else.

And they didn't just use sex for pleasure. In fact, that was almost never the case. They fucked and abused the prisoners when they were angry, or frustrated, or when they saw one who hadn't been abused for a while and felt it was their civic duty to step up and do their part.


The offenders didn't have names, in fact there wasn't even a formal title for them. The geek had to refer to them as 'offenders' and 'prisoners' in the script but in "real life", they were just things, more like insects. Or maybe fish. They had no identity at all.

People named their dogs and cats, horses, birds, but nobody named an ant or a trout. They were ranked three different ways: the type of fucking they were assigned to, how harshly they could be treated, and what level of animal they were. I had to read that over a few times, the fucking geek had to complicate things. They always did. I turned to the last few pages and, just like you'd expect from an egghead, he'd put in a few pages of appendix.

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Some examples of their assignments. A Fuck Whore, High Level, Least Harsh had pretty much been sentenced to life as a high-class call girl. They paraded around the Commons or sat in bars and lounges dressed in expensive, very sexy (but not slutty) outfits and were very very competent at handjobs, blowjobs, and fucking. They also took it up the ass, but most men who wanted that went to an Ass Whore. There were Pain Whores, Ass Whores, Animal Whores, he'd written up about a dozen different categories.

Then, there were the Levels.

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That was the most confusing because it was pretty much just "who could you fuck?" They were pretty simple. Same sex, opposite sex, both. There were both men and women prisoners, so that made sense. Then, checkboxes for humans, dogs, horses, and a very disturbing list of other non-human creatures that I just skipped over.

It was really fucked up that even the dog and horse categories had checkboxes for male, female, and both. Finally, the harshness levels. They went all the way from Least Harsh - which meant maybe a playful swat on the ass during a blowjob - to snuff. There was a note in big black letters that anything that included blood, piercing, or any other permanent damage or even modification had to be approved in writing by the Council. I put down the paper and took a drink of my beer.

Did people really think like this? That he could invent a whole world like that? Then I remembered they had me read 1984 my junior year in high school -- just before I dropped out -- and it didn't sound too different. The torture scene at the end was the most horrible thing I could imagine, it kept me up for a week. Maybe this guy had read it too. I went back to the outline and saw on the last page that Suzi/Alexa was going to be an Ass Whore, humans (both sexes) and dogs (both sexes) and Moderate Harsh, the middle of seven levels.

I saw that "horses (both sexes)" had been checked but erased.


I was shocked that made my cock hard and I dropped the report on the floor. These fucking perverts were having an effect on me. I got up and went into the kitchen and poured a shot of whiskey, then a second. Fucking asshole must have been from California. All the perverts live out there. Or New Fucking York. I took a frozen burrito out of the freezer and tossed it in the microwave, watched it turn around and sizzle and pop.

Nothing worked. When I sat down, my cock was still hard. I picked up the outline again and looked at the clock. Eleven thirty. I loaded up the website but it was the same as it had been since yesterday when I got the email. A split screen image of what looked like a small town in the Middle Ages. One was a bird's-eye view of the courtyard, tamped dirt with a single wooden post in the middle. There was a circle of benches and a big water trough around the outside. The other was the inside of a small cell.

The walls were hewn rock and there was nothing but a single wooden bed and a barred window. The cell was empty, the door open. I went back to the report. The first six or seven pages gave the history of the place, a few pages talked about the different levels of Enforcers who would be playing scenes - from Cadets to Mentors, and then he went into what was suppose to be a typical day in the life of one of the convicted. The more of the story I read, the more my cock throbbed and the more it shocked me.

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I didn't think this way. I was an old-fashioned suck and fuck kind of guy and this thing was on a whole new level. I was a little bothered that I was liking it so much, picturing Suzi out there in the Commons, thinking of myself as a watcher circling around, sipping a cold brew while they went to town on her.

I caught myself rubbing my cock and stopped. I wanted to save that for midnight when the feed went live. I clicked onto the website at eleven forty-five and saw that things had changed. There were a few people milling around in the Commons. Three men and two women, all dressed like people in those movies about the Middle Ages. Witch hunters or the villagers in the Frankenstein movies. It was creepy. A dog ran across the yard, stopped and sniffed at the pole, then moved on. I felt my stomach churn.

Was a dog really going to fuck my wife tonight? Live? On an internet video feed? Then, movement on the other screen caught my eye. Someone, a big, side of beef looking guy in a guard's outfit and leather hood, was leading a woman into the cell. Her wrists were shackled with big iron manacles and she was wearing a tattered peasant's dress. Her head was shaved completely bald and her face was tattooed.

I couldn't make out the tattoo in the dark room but I could see enough of her face to recognize her. It was my wife. What the fuck had I sent her into?

The crowd was gathering in the Commons, men and women in pairs and small groups, laughing and pointing at the pole, most with drinks in their hands, a few chewing on a turkey leg or a hunk of bread. Some of the women were carrying baskets of what looked like fruit. Some brought dogs. When they let them off their ropes, they ran around the pole, sniffing it and each other, barking and nipping as they ran in circles.

I powered up my laptop and set it beside my tower monitor. I surfed to one of the other links Karl sent. It had a set of buttons on the right hand side that let me choose which camera was active. I wanted to look back on my wife in the cell. The guard had left her alone and pulled the cell door shut. She fell over sideways and curled up on her side on the bench. I could see the seat of her dress was soaking wet and stained brown. The same stains ran down the back of both legs.

I wondered if they were going to leave her like that. I wondered if they were going to take her out into the Commons like that. My computer beeped and I saw Karl was uploading files to their FTP site. I opened the email he sent. It included the password to the FTP server and a short recap of the shoot.

My wife had been ass fucked by one hundred eighty two different men over thirty six hours, dozens of them twice. Karl's notes listed a total of two hundred and nine separate ass fucks. They gave her a ten minute break every few hours to get a drink of water or to pee if she needed to. He was uploading the raw footage and promised me an edited version as soon as he could get to it.

I went into the kitchen and got another beer. I was a little bit weak in the knees, this was more than I'd bargained for. I twisted off the top and threw it in the trash. Two hundred fucks. Her ass would be blown out completely. She'd be useless. What was I thinking? And now she was about to go on to the Big Event, as Karl called it.

How the hell was two hundred loads of cum up her ass NOT the Big Event? The clock on my computer rang a few times. It was midnight. The phone rang. It was Karl, he wanted to make sure I was watching. He asked if I'd read his emails and if everything was still like we agreed. Did I want to back out? He said things were going to escalate and he wanted to give me one last chance. I looked at the monitors.

On the one, I saw a hooded figure standing outside the door of my wife's cell. She was still curled on the bench, her back to the camera, her clothes soaked from the waist down with the ooze from her brutalized asshole. On the other monitor, the crowd had grown to about a hundred. There was a line of about eight Enforcers in a ring around the pole, keeping the crowd back. Just like at a rock concert. My wife was going to be fuckin' famous. Fuckin' famous. I laughed at that. I told him that a deal was a deal and to go ahead.

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He said, "all right," and hung up. The door to the cell swung opened quickly and my wife raised her head. The guard grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. He dragged her roughly down the hallway and I shifted camera angle, watched him stop for a minutes and unlock the shackles from her wrists, then push her in front of him out the big wooden doors that led into the courtyard.

On the other monitor, the crowd went wild. "Fresh meat!" "An Ass Whore!" "It's about fucking time!" "And a Low Order!" "Flog her!" "Get the dogs out!" I moved my mouse and zoomed in on my wife's face. She was doing her best to look terrified but she was all fascination and curiosity. My cock got stiff just looking at her face. Her face. I have to tell you about her face.

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They'd tattooed a woman's body on her face. A woman's body. The head started just above her forehead, at the hairline. The woman's arms were wrapped around my wife's temples, hands grabbing drawn-on bits of hair. spine paralleled her nose, her eyelids -- when she closed them -- were tattooed with big titties. But the most fascinating part of the design was the ass.

The woman's ass was tattooed across my wife's lower lip, the thighs up her cheeks, knees underneath the bottom eyelids, then feet tucked back up under. And they'd tattooed down the center of her mouth, right on the lips. With her lips closed and slightly puckered, her mouth became an asshole.

It was brilliant and intensely humiliating. The rest of her head was tattooed with "Ass Slut" "Cunt" "BlowJob Whore" and assorted other filth. Another woman, just a torso, was tattooed on the back of her head, legs spread wide and a pink pussy opening just at the based of her skull, the trapezius muscles forming the lips. The guard pushed her through the crowd who parted obediently. "Let us at her!" "Get her on her knees for the dogs!" "Bring her out the barn!" the crowd yelled, waving and throwing bits of dirt and food at her.

Some of the women spit on her, the men were holding their crotches and rocking their hips. "Come on, honey, come ride this one, baby!" I leaned forward and picked up my Bud. It was still cold. I took a drink and adjusted the cameras again so I could watch a long shot and a closeup at the same time.

Just like having two TVs for the Indy 500. I wondered if all hundred of them were going to fuck her. I thought I might shoot off an email to Karl to make sure they all fucked her ass, but I grinned. No way he'd forget that. "Ass Whore," the guard was reading from a parchment while my wife stood beside him, head hanging down, hands crossed in front of her.

"Humans, both sexes." His voice got louder now. "Dogs, both sexes." Suzi didn't flinch. I was so proud of her. "Dogs, male and female," he repeated again, even louder. A roar went up from the crowd and then there was a commotion from up the street. They all turned their heads. Three men were running down the street toward the pole, herding a dozen big, barking dogs in front of them. Mostly Rottweilers, Mastiffs, and Shepherds, all big, healthy, and eager to fuck.

I couldn't tell if they were all males. I really got excited imagining her with a bitch or two. How sick is that? Thinking about my wife's tongue licking a bitch's pussy turned me on. Damn. I took another drink. "And Moderate Harsh," he announced finally. The crowd cheered again and more bits of mud and food flew through the air, pelting my wife and landing around her feet. "There will be devices left here at the base of the pole for you to use." He picked up a six-foot bullwhip and snapped it in the air.

"Remember, citizens, we are counting on you! Enjoy yourselves." Another cheer, men and women jumping up and down, waving their fists in the air. "Let's see the whore!" "Tie her to the post!" "Get her on her knees!" They roar got louder and I couldn't make out what half of them were saying.

The Enforcer kept a stern look on his face as he rolled up the parchment and shoved it under his belt. The crowd got quiet as he stepped behind my wife and twisted a single button at the back of the neck. He slid the button through the hole and the dress fell to the ground, leaving her completely naked.

The crowd went wild, jumping and cheering and pointing at her. Her whole body was covered with obscene tattoos, every inch of her except for her hands and three triangular patches, two on her chest, one on her back. The most obvious tattoo was a huge cock up the front of her body. The head was about five inches around, big and purplish just at the base of her neck, a stream of cum shooting upward into the ass-mouth of the face tattoo.

The shaft ran down the middle of her belly and the insides and front of both of her thighs was tattooed with huge, hairy balls. It was disgusting and horrible.

It turned me on to imagine her sitting in the chair getting the tattoo, them probably making her watch in the mirror as her beautiful flesh was turned into a sick, obscene billboard, a circus poster for fucking.

I rotated and zoomed the camera and saw that the rest of her body was decorated with some words but mostly figures of bodies fucking. As I looked closer, I saw that the women in the tattoos weren't just fucking men. There were tattoos of women mounted by dogs, from behind and face to face. One tattoo on her left shoulder blade was a woman holding a horse's tail and rimming its asshole. There were women spraying their faces with dog cum, and one woman strapped underneath a horse, pumping away at her as it walked through the field.

One that made my cock twitch was a woman tongue-kissing a dog. Fuck! The crowd was closing in, pointing and staring at the filthy pictures on my wife's naked body. The guard put his hand up again and the crowd went quiet. Well trained, obedient fucks, weren't they? "These three areas," he pointed to my wife's chest, "are for special occasions." This first, "he touched a triangular area on her right titty, "will get a special tattoo when she fucks her first dog.

And this one," he pointed the the same area on her left, "is to celebrate her first horse." He turned her around and showed an open patch at the bottom of her spine, just above where her ass cheeks met. "And this," he bent her over and made her pull her cheeks apart. I could see that they'd tattooed even that closed crease of flesh. There was a stream of letters that led from the blank spot to her asshole.

It read "flush your cum here" and ended with a spiral of blue ink that led into her ass. I heard his voice. "Push." My wife did something and I could see her anus opening. It was the most obscene thing I'd ever seen. I flicked the control on the other screen and zoomed in on her face. The humiliation was intense, she was crying in a way I rarely saw. This really got to her. I looked back at the other monitor.

She'd managed to open herself even further and push out more of her insides. And they were blue. These freaks had tattooed INSIDE her asshole. The pain must have been horrible. The Enforcer motioned for her to stand straight, then put his hand back on the blank spot. "She will earn her greatest tattoo here when she has fucked one hundred dogs and one hundred horses." The crowd went wild, the dogs circling and barking, the Enforcers kicking them back with their boots.

"Up against the post," the Enforcer said. My wife turned and grabbed the pole with both hands. He pushed the top of her chest flat against it, then spread her legs and pulled her hips back and downward, making her squat uncomfortably, ass and cunt exposed and open, offering her backside to anyone who wanted it, face pressed hard against the wooden post, big titties hanging free.

I looked at my wife there, completely naked, tattooed and spread open in the middle of a crowd of over a hundred men and women and started stroking my cock.

I wanted to be there, to be the first to fuck her up the ass while she clung to that pole for dear life. A dog was sniffing at her crotch already, licking her ass with his big tongue. Another dog, a bigger, dark Doberman, barked at him and he growled but backed off. The Doberman sniffed her ass and cunt, turned and raised his leg and pissed a stream on her left calf. "He's marking his territory!" The crowd laughed and cheered.

"You're gonna be Rocky's bitch tonight, hey?" "Not till we have a shot at her." "Yeah, I don't wanna fuck her after she's done the dogs!" I adjusted the camera angle and caught her face, she was grinding her face against the post, feeling the wood scratch her flesh, her hips circling obscenely behind her, humping the air. "Bitch is turned on!" "Yeah, they found a real sick one this time!" "Come on, let's fuck her while she's still part human!" The crowd pressed in on her now.

One of them started to fuck her up the ass, while two more went around the pole and picked up clamps and weights and attached them to her nipples, twisting the clamps tight and hanging heavier and heavier weights on her until her titties and nipples couldn't stretch anymore. They, they started swinging them with their fingers, listening to her moan and watching her fuck harder, yelling at whoever had his cock in her to fuck faster and deeper.

When she came, her body jerked and spasmed and the weights swung around, clattering against the pole, sending new waves of pain through her that made her scream and clench her ass tighter around whoever was fucking her now.

The crowd blurred into one big, non-stop ass fuck, my wife clutching the post for support, squatting deeper and deeper either from exhaustion or lust. I couldn't tell and it didn't matter. I just wished I was there. After about three hours, they got tired of fucking her and made her crawl around the courtyard on her hands and knees, dragging the weights in the dirt.

One of the men put her in a dog collar and led her around. She left a trail of mud behind her, the cum dripping down the insides of her legs and knees, her shins and feet stirring it as she crawled. When he came around full circle, he had her press her face in the dirt, mouth open, scooping up and swallowing the mess she'd made.

By the time he came back around to the pole, her chin and cheeks were caked with mud. Several of them gathered around and untied their pants. She shook her head weakly and muttered, "no, no." as they started spraying her down. "We'll teach her to drink it later." "Yeah, she's got the whole rest of her life to learn." They laughed and tilted their cocks, adjusting their streams to make sure every inch of her body was soaked with piss.

I looked at the clock. It was nearly four in the morning. I was getting tired and I knew Karl and his friends were taping everything anyway. Plus, this golden showers shit never turned me on. It's for those sicko bastards on the Coast. Now, the dogs I might be able to get into. I'd never really thought about it, but now that I'd watched then sniffing my wife's ass and especially after that one peed on her, I was interested.

Leave it to them Aussies. Damn! Sick motherfuckers. I flipped off the monitors and powered down the tower.

I needed a good night's sleep if I was going to get on the road to John's and the race track on Friday. As I was brushing my teeth, the image of those tattoos came back into my head. I'd told Karl not to tattoo her. What the fuck? He'd better have a fucking good explanation for that. I'd call him in the morning after I'd jerked off and got a good night's sleep.

.more? let me know if you're interested.