Nesty hot milf in cheating sex action on tape

Nesty hot milf in cheating sex action on tape
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 AES-149 MAISIE'S ANAL DESIRE by Walter Forrest CHAPTER ONE Maisie Cummings lay on her side in the front seat of the car. She knew very well the man could see underneath her skirt all the way to where the white lace of her panties interrupted the line of her long, tanned leg. Even in the darkness of the night the small lights on the dash were more than adequate to show plenty of skin. She was barelegged and shoeless. She thought she felt a couple of pubic hairs sticking out of the leg band of her panties and wondered if he could see them.

She had seen herself like that at home in the mirror while lying on her bed and thought it looked pretty sexy to be all sprawled out with one or two curls visible from inside the silky undergarment. He was standing beside the car with the door open. She saw him avert his eyes quickly when he saw that she was watching him look up her dress. She decided he must be pretty dense. "Go ahead and look, silly," she giggled. "You think I don't know what you want to see? You've had your eyes on my legs ever since I let you pick me up.

I know darned well you want to shoot a little beaver." He wasn't used to young girls talking about such things.

He met her eyes with a start. "Wait a minute, sweetheart," he said, his eyes narrowing. "You a pro or something? I thought you were just hot to trot and needed some loving.

If you got money on your mind." Maisie cut him short. "I'm no whore, mister. Just because I talk about shooting beaver, you think I'm a whore? I just liked your looks, that's all. What are you, about forty? I'm nineteen. So what? Money has nothing to do with it. But if you're such an old fogy you get shook when you hear a chick rap about sex, then just forget it." She started to raise up in the seat but he stopped her.

He was just beginning to understand what he had on his hands. He smiled at her with greedy eyes. "No. Hold it. We're going to get along fine now. I thought you were trying to pull one on me. Most girls are scared to talk about it. You want a big prick up your snatch, huh? Is that it? You want me to fill your emit full of my cock and give a nice healthy fucking, don't you?" he exclaimed. His face was red and Maisie could see he was working up steam just from talking about it to her.

Oh no, she thought, now he's going to freak out the other way and start getting hot from talking dirty. I want to do it, not just talk about it.

"Sure I do," she agreed, "I want to have you ball me or I wouldn't be lying here with my dress up over my ass. So whaddaya say let's get it in instead of talking about it, huh?" "You. you don't even know my name," he blubbered excitedly, "you don't even know my name but you want me in your pants. Don't worry, honey, you're going to get just what you want!" He dove forward, put his hands on the bare flesh of her long legs, and ran his trembling fingers up to her pelvis.

He jerked his pants down and kicked them off over his shoes and onto the ground beside the open car door. Maisie felt a thrill between her legs when he said he'd give her just what she wanted. He undoubtedly meant, she was sure, that he'd give her a good fuck and make her come. But she wanted more than just a routine act of love.

It wasn't enough for her to have a man's penis inside her pussy -- no matter how good a lover he was. Maisie was a girl who had to have it somewhere else too.

She craved it deep inside her backside. The flow of her love juice hadn't even started yet, but already she could feel desire in the tight, puckered rosebud of her anus. An involuntary shudder rippled up her rectum and she felt the orifice grow warm and soft.

She feared to tell the man exactly what she most wanted from him. She'd done that before a few times and it usually made her partner think she was batty.

Besides, every male she had ever been with had always liked it better in front. despite how hungry she was to have her buttocks receive the lion's share of loving. I hope I can persuade hint to cram his tool up my asshole, Maisie thought to herself. Some chicks may think it's creepy but for me it's the only way to fly. Maisie looked up into the man's dark eyes. She told herself his looks were what had attracted her, but the truth was that she secretly felt he'd be more apt to engage in her own special kind of loving because of his age.

Mature men, she had come to believe, were more willing to give her what she wanted than the younger guys. As she stared up at him from the semi-dark front seat of the car, he returned her hot gaze. But he was taking in more than just her eyes as he did so.

The blueness of them under her long, dark lashes held his attention only for the first few seconds. Then he feasted his eyes on the girl's other attributes. Maisie would have stood out among any group of girls her age. The deep blue eyes were framed by a long, thick sweep of coal black hair that fell well below her gracefully rounded shoulders.

On a blond, her blue eyes would have been beautiful enough -- contrasted with her dark hair, they were striking. Her face, like her legs, was tanned to a sensuous brown mellowness. And between the full slightly pouting lips which curved in a slow smile, he could see the hard sparkle of her perfectly formed teeth. He had both hands under her skirt now and was toying with the softness of her thighs at the line of her tight-fitting panties.

She could see drops of sweat on his forehead in the glow of the dash lights and knew he was being rapidly affected by what she was allowing him to do to her. And she was quite sure he must be getting plenty hard and hot inside his shorts. She couldn't see that far down in the dim light, but she'd heard his pants and shoes fall off and knew that his shorts were all that held his organ in check. She squirmed her hips on the car seat, offering him the warm pressure of her firm upper thighs.

Her movement seemed to beg for his fingers to slip beneath the leg bands of her panties and he wasted no time responding to her hints. Maisie felt the hardness through his shorts as he lowered himself upon her. The stiff organ touched her naked calves and she knew it was bound to burst through the fly if he didn't take it out himself. He rejoiced at the new freedom of his fingers. Now they were all the way inside her thin panties and he had her thick curls at his disposal.

There wasn't enough room through the leg bands for what he wanted from her. He pulled his hands out and grabbed the waistband, then jerked the wispy garment down to her knees in one motion. She swooned and wriggled her buttocks against the seat, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

"Oh yes, lover," she sighed, "get 'em off so I can feel you. When I felt you go in through my panty-legs I wanted you to pull them all the way down like this.

Ummmmmmmmm!" She felt a hot pulse of excitement between her legs. She knew he could see her naked pelvis in addition to feeling it now, and that he must be getting hard as a rock. Soon he would want to ram it in between the moist folds of her vulva. But the edge of her mounting passion was centered elsewhere -- at the rosy orifice that puckered tightly between her young buttocks.

The soft flesh of her front crack was warm and aroused, but the real center of hot desire was her anus. She wiggled her ass tighter against the car seat to get more contact against the sensitive spot.

"Shit, baby," the man exclaimed, "you need it bad, don't you? You're so God damned hot for a man's prick you're rubbing your ass on this seat like a bitch in heat!" He took one hand off her and reached for his shorts. His other hand stayed buried in the black curls.

He hadn't gotten down to the wet skin itself yet but she knew it was a matter of seconds before he did. She had to act now. She needed to get his attention off her front and make him concentrate on her backside. "Here, lover," she crooned, "let me get this nice hard rod out in the open for you. Don't waste your hands on yourself. I'll take care of that little job. Here, put your hand right here." She deftly grabbed his hand and guided it between her thighs all the way to the porcelain-smooth globes of her posterior.

At the same time she took his swollen organ from his shorts and gave the end of it a few delightful strokes. He was so pleased with her hand action that he wasn't really concerned with where she'd put his free hand. He let her clamp it between her upper thighs at the wrist, then worm her buttocks against his palm and fingers. His other hand pushed on through the thick muff in front until he touched the wetness of her sex.

Now he had her firmly controlled, her heated groin pressed between his two hands. He felt her grind against him but had no idea she was getting her main thrill from the hand on her rear. She worked her hips back and forth there, putting the pressure alternately against the naked flesh of her genitals and her anal cleavage.

He stepped up his activity in front, feeling over the wet surface of her insides for the firm little nub of her clitoris. Damn it, she thought, that's groovy but I wish he'd feel up my ass hole that good! That's where I need it! She let go of the end of his penis and grabbed the top of his shorts. "Lover, I can't do you right through your fly," she said. "Let me get that stiff sweet cock of yours all the way out where I can work on it like you want." She yanked them down his thighs and the stiff instrument tumbled out along with his heavy, hairy testicles.

She immediately applied her fingers to the firm shaft and for the first time ran them all the way from its thick base to its red tip. "Get it, honey," he stammered excitedly, "take it on out and frig me like a motherfucker. You know what to do with one, don't you? I'm going to give you every God damned inch of it in a minute, too.

What do you think of that, you hot little bitch?" He pumped his pelvis in time with her finger rhythms and she could hear him breathing hard. "What do you think of that, huh?" he repeated. "What do you think of having this wet little snatch full of my meat?" She knew she had to work fast. He was obviously very close to shoving the organ inside her vagina. She wanted it, all right, and she wanted it every bit as bad as he was saying -- but she wanted the prick deep inside her rectum, not up her snatch.

She was so excited she couldn't be subtle any longer. "Wait, lover," she exclaimed, "not yet. Do me here some, okay? Do me some right here!" She kept up her action on his penis with one hand, but with the other she abruptly forced his fingers off the smooth cheeks of her butt and into the crevice.

At the touch of his fingertips against the dampness of her anus she squeezed her thighs together for all she was worth. She caught her breath and he heard her gasp.

He might have balked at paying so much attention to her backside when his goal was to slip his penis into her front, but she gave him such good hand action he could hardly complain. He went ahead and left his hand where she'd put it. He was still keeping his fingers plenty busy inside her vulva but he was beginning to understand what she wanted.

"Oh yes, lover, there it is!" she was yelling. "That's it, finger me right there in the ass. Ah. ahhhh that feels good!" "You got me too fucking hot to wait any longer. Come on, baby, open up for it. I'm going to stick it in!" he commanded roughly. She was beside herself now. She was bouncing her butt up and down on his finger and managing to get it farther up her rear with every motion.

"Listen, love, can you last a long time? Can you keep it hard for me?" she panted. "Give it to me in the ass first, will you? Fuck me real good in the ass hole and then shove it in my pussy, okay?" She stroked his penis with long, slow movements and grasped his balls less firmly. She knew he was too near climax to take a chance on losing it. "Huh?" he balked. "You want to be fucked in the ass instead of your cunt? Shit, I don't know." "Oh please, do it.

please," she moaned. "Just do it there first, that's all, I'll let you fuck my pussy as much as you want to if you will!" Maisie was drawing on her feminine wiles at this point.

She knew full well there were very few men his age capable of getting a second erection so quickly. And she knew that she was certainly going to make him ejaculate into her anus if she could just get his cock into it. She was so hot there was no doubt about that.

He was sweating and puffing, red in the face. "Roll over then, damn it! I sure as hell gotta stick this in something! But you gotta." he said, as she interrupted. "I will, lover," she enthusiastically exclaimed. "Don't worry, I will. I'll take all the meat you can throw to me and let you ram it in my pussy. Come on dammit, up my ass with it!" she demanded feverishly. He crouched above her on his knees as she spoke, but then she flipped over quick as a flapjack and he found himself staring at her naked buttocks.

For a few seconds she lost contact with his organ but once in position, she reached backwards between her legs and took hold of it again. The sight of her body in the dim light aroused the man even more by virtue of its new position. He could see the lewd smile on her upside down face as she peered backwards between her legs at him and there, firm and bouncy in front of it, was the girl's freely swinging breasts. He hadn't really gotten a chance to see them naked before because she'd kept her blouse on, and he more than welcomed the sight.

He bent forward and let the end of his hard instrument touch her smooth, naked buttocks. She immediately jerked her body backwards and upwards to meet him. He felt the firmness of her flesh on the sides of his penis and then felt the end of it touch bottom at the center of her crevice. "Shove it, lover, oh shove it!" she yelled. He'd had anal sex with women before from time to time just for variety but he'd never before met one who loved it as much as this girl.

Her enthusiasm was contagious. He shouted, "Here's you an ass full you won't forget!" He lurched forward straight into her ass. "Ungh!" she grunted, receiving his vicious thrust. The fat knob of his glans powered its way through the tight circumference of her anus and burst hot and hard into the dampness of Maisie's lower rectum.

The abruptness of the entry made him think he might have hurt her and he slowed his thrust. He found out he was wrong. "Oh God," she moaned, "pump on in, you bastard! Give me all of it! Don't stop!" Maisie was going crazy. He was so excited himself that nothing could have stopped him.

He humped forward and drove it so far up her ass that he felt her pubic curls tickle his balls from between her thighs. The base of his shaft was packed inside the smooth crack of her cheeks with no space at all between. He drew it out and drove it back viciously again. She was wriggling her buttocks wildly in the air and screaming for him to keep it up. The man didn't have an overly large penis, but her excitement at getting it where she wanted it made the size unimportant to her.

His back streamed with sweat. He threw himself tight against her, his hairy chest against her supple back, and threw his arms around her in a bear hug.

"Umfff!" she exclaimed. She bent all the way forward and supported herself on the top of her forehead. Her nose and face were buried in the upholstery but she couldn't have cared less. Now her ample breasts were open to his full view. He stretched his arms farther and grasped one in each hand. The firm succulence of the warm pair made him so excited he drove into her backside faster and faster.

"Oh that's it, that's good," shouted Maisie, "just like that. Oh, that's great. Take all the titty you want, daddy. Grab 'em hard if you want to. oh God, do anything to 'em if it makes you fuck this good. Slam it on in. oh slam it, slam it!" She could hear his labored breath on her neck and knew he was close to coming.

She wanted him active much longer but she knew she'd better take what she could get and be glad for it. She had her eyes closed, but now she opened them and watched from beneath as his stiff rod battered her rear. She licked her lips and stared fascinated as it worked on her. Now she was getting there, she told herself, now she was rising to where she wanted to be. "I. I'm gonna shoot it in, baby," the man suddenly yelled. "I can't wait no more, I." "Go ahead, do it!" she screamed.

"I'm coming too, I'm coming. oh shit, feed it to me. feed it in there, ram that fuckin' prick up my ass!" He gripped her full breasts tighter for leverage and speeded his thrusts. He felt the strength of his orgasm push up from somewhere inside and hit its peak in a flash.

A thick stream of hot cum sped through the channel of his stiff organ and blasted from the tip. Maisie felt the satisfying spurts against the moist walls of her hot rectum and a searing climax exploded. She felt it rip through her genitals from the depth of her vagina and the taut tip of her clitoris to the wet, hot flesh inside her rectum. She growled deep in her throat and collapsed forward onto the car seat. The man lay against her for a few seconds with his breath coming like a bellows.

Soon he became too heavy for her and she squirmed out from under him. She lay on her side and luxuriated in the warm afterglow of the orgasm. It had been pretty tricky for her to secure the kind of loving she needed and she was thankful she'd finally succeeded. Even after fifteen minutes of resting, the man showed no signs of raising a new erection. She couldn't help taking advantage of the situation and having a little fun. "Hey, lover," she whispered. "I'm getting awfully warm in a certain little place.

You were swell from behind. Now you can do me in front like you wanted." "Ummm. yeah," he mumbled. "Yeah, right." He raised up from the seat and sat with his back against the seat cushion. He looked at Maisie's sensuous nakedness. She looked every bit as good to him as before. But he knew it was going to be some minutes longer, at least, before he would have a new erection.

Now she was coquettish. "Don't be bashful," she told him in mock serious tones. "Didn't you know girls love to have their pussies looked at? Here. See how nice and wet I'm getting?" He lowered himself slightly. "Sure I do, baby. I'm going to give you a big kiss on it, too." "Oh," she pouted, disappointment in her voice, "you're just going to lick it?

I thought you were going to fuck me like you did in the back. That's what you said. You wanted to do that first even, remember? And I told you." "Uh huh, I know," he responded. "I just thought I'd give you a little lip work before." It was her turn to interrupt. "I'd much rather get a regular fuck from you, really I would. The way you were going to, you know," she whined. He quickly pointed to the dash. "Damn, is it that late?" he asked, pointing to the clock.

"I had no idea it was so late. Listen, I can still drop you off, but I have to dash. I. I have to meet this guy. I'm late already." She laughed inwardly but gave no sign to him how she really felt. Her little trick had worked and she had staved off having to participate in regular sex. "Well, okay," she said, "If you have to. But I sure would like to have you slip it into me. Even for just a few minutes." He had already started the car and was driving toward the city streets.

"No, I really better not," he said. She told him where to take her and walked a few more blocks to where she lived. She didn't want him to know exactly where she lived. She preferred to not have him able to get in touch with her. It wasn't the first time a ride in a car with a stranger had ended in sex, and it wouldn't be the last.

The next morning was Saturday and she lay in bed for a while. It was great to live alone, she reflected. At home there was always someone around who might see you if you just happened to want to play around some with yourself before getting out of bed. And on this particular morning that's how Maisie felt.

She reached into the drawer of a bedside table and got a book out. An old boy friend had bought it for her at a newsstand downtown. It had plenty of pictures of naked men in it and it didn't leave anything to the imagination. She leafed to one of her favorites and stared at the glossy photo of a man with a particularly large penis. "Ummmmmm," she moaned aloud to herself, "wonder how it would feel to have one that big up my ass?" Then she dropped her hand under the covers.

She wore panties when she slept, but no bra. She traced her fingers slowly down her front, tweaking each pert nipple for a few seconds, then headed straight for her groin. "Ha ha," she giggled, "I bet this guy would like to see me right now as much I dig seeing him. He'd probably shoot his wad plenty fast if he was here in the flesh." She slipped her searching fingers inside the undergarment and began stroking herself where the curls began.

Soon she moved on to where the curls were the thickest. Finally the pouting mound of flesh under her fleecy muff became so sensitive and hungry to be touched that she pushed her fingertips through the profuse hairs and did it.

The line where her vulva opened was all ready, she noted with a shiver of delight. She traced her fingers gingerly up and down the cleft and felt her entire pelvis get warm and turgid. She kept looking at the picture of the naked man and thinking how it would feel to have his prick inside her. At this point she inserted her thumb inside her vagina and reserved her forefinger and other fingers for her favorite place.

She moaned softly to herself as she slipped the first joint of a finger into her tiny puckered anus. She pretended to herself that the man in the magazine was in bed with her and that it was his finger she felt.

"Ummm," escaped a little sigh. Maisie knew that what she was doing was fairly unusual, that al though almost every girl masturbates from time to time, very few purposefully stimulate themselves with pictures.

But so what? Few girls, she was sure, enjoyed anal intercourse as much as she did. So what. She was just different, that was all. And she glorified in that difference. By now her genitals and anus were very moist and soft. She began devoting most of her attention to the latter. She was still looking at the picture, but now her mind turned back to the time when she first had intercourse with a boy.

She knew that it was this event that had much to do with her preference for anal sex and with her lukewarm attitude toward regular front-to-front contact. Somehow having different desires than most girls didn't bother her at all. The only thing that bothered her was the difficulty she had in getting enough of the special kind of loving she craved. She remembered Tony, the boy who had made her a woman -- as her girl friends referred to it -- and everything that happened that day.

With her fingers still caressing the sensitive flesh of her pubes and anus, she closed her eyes and remembered what had happened five years before when she was only fourteen.

Tony was two years older than Maisie and her mother had noticed that he had been paying a lot of attention to her pretty, blossoming young daughter. "Maisie," she said to her, "remember when you started having your curse a couple of years ago and I told you there were very important things I'd tell you later?" Maisie nodded. She flinched at her mother's use of the old-fashioned word "curse". Why couldn't she have one of those modern moms, the kind that weren't so down on sex? Her mother then proceeded to tell her that she should watch her step closely.

She was now old enough to have a baby. Maisie protested and said they'd already talked about those matters over a year before. "I know," continued her mother, "but not this part. I just told you what I thought you needed to know at the time. When you were just twelve there wasn't any danger of a boy getting fresh with you." She paused and looked at the firm twin mounds that swelled beneath her daughter's sweater. "Now there is," she said.

Maisie's family was poor. There was no doubt about that. Her father had died when she was just three and her mother had to support Maisie and her two older sisters, Judy and Eve, as best she could. She admitted to Maisie that her birth had been an "accident". "That's what I want to warn you about," she said.

"You'd damned well better keep your legs crossed and not let a boy in your pants. But if you ever do -- if you do, mind you, I'm not telling you it's okay -- you make sure he don't go in the front." Maisie looked puzzled.

Her mother became angry at the memory. Her face got red. "Those damned rubbers," she exclaimed, spitting the word out, "aren't to be trusted, Maisie. Boys will be telling you the things will keep you from having a baby, but it's just a lie!

You, girl. you yourself were born because your dad's rubber popped. That's a fact. You know how poor we are. We didn't really have enough money for the two daughters we already had, much less a new one." Maisie's mother ended her little talk by telling her daughter that the only way she could be sure not to get pregnant was to make the male use the "back alley".

Maisie thought she knew what her mother meant but she wasn't sure. "You mean." she began. "I mean make them do their business right here, Maisie," she told her, patting the teenager on the rump. "That's the only way you'll ever be sure." The girl asked about birth control pills but was told they were too "new-fangled" and might "tear up her innards". In this way, the woman's ignorant information was passed on to her daughter. That afternoon Maisie couldn't keep her mind off what her mother had said.

It wasn't so much the method for preventing babies that interested the young teenager though. It was the act of love itself. She was sitting on her back porch alone thinking about what it would be like when she saw the weeds moving down behind her house. She sneaked cautiously forward and heard a small slap slap slap noise. It was Tony, she discovered, and he had his pants down. He thought no one could see him and he was indulging in a spirited bout of masturbation with his fingers.

Maisie's first reaction was fear, then shock. When she still hadn't been discovered after a few minutes, her attitude changed to avid curiosity.

Tony, at sixteen, had a well-developed penis and he was obviously well practiced in stimulating it. As she looked on she saw him beginning to sweat and grow red in the face.

Then a dry limb popped under her foot and she tumbled over in the high weeds. It nearly scared Tony shitless. He jumped up and tried his best to get his pants on. When he saw who it was he yelled and accused Maisie of spying on him. She was as embarrassed as he had been startled. Her face was red as a beet. For a few seconds they just looked at each other. She stoutly disclaimed she'd been spying on him. When he had cooled down some, the boy realized he might as well take advantage of the situation.

After all, this was the girl he'd seen around a lot lately. And the size of her breasts made her look older than she was. He told her not to be so smart about what she'd caught him doing. "Don't act dumb, Maisie," he said. "You can't deny girls do it, can you?" "I'll bet you even do it yourself sometimes, don't you? You can't fool me," he continued. He was becoming more sure of himself because of her shy manner.

And because of her good looks, he was also becoming very interested in how far he could see down the front of her blouse. "Maybe," she finally replied. "I wouldn't tell you if I did." Her new spunk appealed to him.

He looked at her defiant face and let his gaze roam again down her chest. He could see almost as far as her nipple along one creamy breast. He became more direct. "When you're my age you'll know how to do a lot more than play with yourself," he said. "By then you'll know how to do everything there is." His implication of her ignorance piqued her vanity.

"How do you know I don't already know?" she answered. By now she was managing to smile. The redness of her face was no longer a result of embarrassment. Now it was caused by the beginnings of physical arousal in the pretty teenager. "Are you afraid to prove it?" asked Tony, accepting her question with a big grin.

"I bet you've never done it before. I bet you're still cherry." Maisie was determined not to let him think she was so much dumber than him. Her natural inclination for showing off came to the fore and she stepped closer to him. "Just because I'm younger than you doesn't mean I'm as dumb as all the girls you know," she said. "This ought to tell you if I'm afraid or not." And with that she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her school blouse.

Tony saw to his delight that she wasn't wearing any bra and that he could now see all the way down to one of her nipples. The girl's fine, fully packed mammaries excited him immensely. In spite of his bragging he had only seen two bare-breasted females in his entire life.

She saw him looking down at them with hot eyes and she felt a smile grow on her face. It was fun to be observed with such great interest by a boy. Tony put his hand on her naked chest and squirmed it under the blouse 'til he was holding a pert hippie between his thumb and forefinger. She felt a warm glow -- not only the place he was touching but between her legs. He was so excited to have his hands on her that he was trembling. "Still think I'm scared?" she quipped. "No. no, you're groovy," he answered.

"Your boobs are as big as the girls' in my class. Now put your hands on me." She giggled. "You don't have boobs, silly! How can I?" "Not there," he said. "Here." He took her by the wrist and put her hand on the front of his pants. She felt his stiff penis under the fabric. It was the first time in her life she had ever actually had her hand on one, clothed or otherwise.

Since she was offering no resistance he unzipped the fly and looked anxiously at her to see what she'd do. She gave him a slow smile and looked him right in the eyes as she moved her hand through the narrow opening.

Both teenagers felt their mouths go dry as her hand neared his organ. He sat down on the ground and pulled her down beside him. Her skirt slipped high up her legs as she fell on the short grass and he got an eyeful of her smooth long legs. He was surprised to see that she was wearing a short slip under the skirt even though she wasn't wearing a bra. When she made no move to pull it down over her knees he soon found out the scanty undergarment wouldn't protect anything from his eager fingers.

He stuck his hands under her skirt until he could feel the slip bunch up in a little ball. It was right in the junction of her thighs. He fingered around under her skirt until he found a way around the bothersome slip.

Then his bare fingers touched the silky material of her panties. At first she giggled a little. It was a ticklish feeling. But in very short order the tickling sensation changed to something very different. She started feeling the same way she felt whenever she had her own hands on the spot. Up until then it was all right, but when he started pulling the panties off over her buttocks, she started to remember what her mother had told her.

"Hey, wait a minute," she warned, "Not that." "What do you mean, 'not that' Miss Sinarty," he said to her as she looked down into her half-naked lap. "I'm not going to have a baby, that's what," she cried.

"You can do it to me, but not like that. Not in front." "What are you, a dummy?" he asked. "Where else can I do it to you? In the ear?" "If you were as cool as you've been making out, you'd know what I mean," she answered. She was embarrassed to go into much detail about it.

Instead she pushed his hand back between her legs and clamped her thighs on each side of his wrist. He caught on fast and pressed his forefinger over the puckering anus. He could feel her pubic hairs on his forearm. To her surprise it felt great to have his finger there. At first the feeling was shared by her pubescent vulva, but then it got more and more concentrated in the region of the small orifice between her firm young buttocks.

Tony was flushed with excitement. His youthful eagerness prevented him from waiting any longer. He lay down on her and pulled her skirt all the way up over her stomach. She felt his penis come out of his pants. She grabbed it in her hand and clumsily began to stimulate it. Her inexperience at manipulating the male organ would have been downright humorous to an older boy.

But to Tony, who had had much less experience than he let on, her touch was wildly exciting. He rolled between her legs. "No, like this. Here," she said, rolling onto her stomach and thrusting her naked butt into the air a few inches off the ground. Tony was mystified. He had his forefinger at the entrance to her rectum and he could tell she seemed to be enjoying it, but now it seemed she wanted him to do everything back there.

"Hey, Maisie," he complained, "you don't want me to put my cock in there, do you? That's what queers do to each other." "That's okay," she responded, "you won't give me a baby that way. You can fool around my pussy with your hands, but the only place I'm letting you stick me is you-know-where." The activity of her fingers on his penis was becoming so pleasurable to Tony that he was ready to do almost anything she asked.

He went ahead and bent over her back. Her panties were down around her ankles and he could see every inch of her pretty long legs. Her calves, the back of her knees, her firm thighs -- all the parts he'd been dying to see were shamelessly before his eyes. When he felt his naked penis touch her skin he was swept with a surge of desire to have it inside something -- anything, any part of her warm, tender flesh at all.

"Okay, that's where I'll put it if that's where you want it," he said, breathing harder. He still had his forefinger touching her anus so when he placed the head of his penis there it was almost like masturbating for the first few strikes. Maisie was already quite aroused by the action of his fingertip there.

Now, with the introduction of his hard penis upon the spot, the young girl felt a brand new thrill that made her gasp out loud. Since she was lying on her stomach her naked genitals were in direct contact with the warm grass. Tony's weight pressed her into it farther and the pressure excited her clitoris. But as she lay under the weight of the half-naked boy, the feeling in her clitoris seemed to get all mixed up with the excitement in her anus -- soon the hot little spot between her buttocks became the prime focus of all her passion.

Tony didn't have the tip of his organ inside yet, he was just rubbing against the soft red flesh. Yet she already was starting to sweat under what few clothes she still had on, and her entire bottom was flooded with the same sensation she usually got only from masturbating herself in front by hand. Tony felt the new dampness of her skin and it fired him with a strong need to enter her. His adolescent eagerness made his young penis stiff as a rail. He dug his knees into the ground between Maisie's legs and shoved.

"Aiiii!" screamed Maisie, flooded with waves of heat from the quick plunge. Tony wasn't really sure whether she cried out from pain or what, but the feel of having his entire organ surrounded by the moist warmth of her rectum made the reason unimportant. He wanted more, more, more of the feeling and he wanted it now. The boy grabbed her by the shoulders and rammed his penis in and out her rear as fast as he could. The girl responded by digging her elbows into the ground and meeting every thrust with a hard push backwards.

He could tell she must like it as much as he did when she did that. "Wow!" he yelled. "This is as good as fucking you in the front. Ummm. hold still and let me really get in there!" It was hardly the time to ask the girl to hold still. She was really feeling it now and the rapid movements of her pelvis left no doubt about it. "Ungh," she grunted, "I can't hold still. It feels so good I. I can't!" He kept shoving it into her faster and faster.

"Go ahead!" he shouted. "I don't care. Just let me. ohhh. just let me keep doing this to you!" Her long black hair flowed over her shoulders and onto the ground in front of her face and down her arms. Her skin was damp all over and the tender flesh of her shoulders jammed against the rough ground, but she didn't seem to care.

Tony watched fascinated as she rooted her face into the grass in ecstasy and kept jerking her tight little ass back and forth to meet his stiff member. His breath was coming in hard wheezes now. "Oh my gosh, Tony, go on and do it to me!" she screamed. "Stick it in all you want. Oh fuck me there, fuck me.

fuck me right in my ass hole!" Then the virginal teenager felt for the first time in her life the hot, wet presence of male semen inside her young body -- not in her vagina, where most girls experience it, but deep inside the moist channel of her aroused rectum.

She enjoyed such a rush of passion from the new feeling that she clamped her legs tightly together over Tony's cock and moaned, squeezing every thick drop of sperm from the boy's swollen penis. A mad spasm of heat rushed through her loins and she underwent the wonderful thrill of her first real orgasm. Tony slid to one side of her and lay panting on the ground but Maisie wasn't through. The climax she'd just achieved whetted her appetite for more.

She struggled backwards against the spent organ of the tired boy and her squirming buttocks begged for more. She'd reached complete orgasm all right, but she was already hot for more love. When his penis didn't respond after a few seconds, she reached between her legs and thrust her own fingers into her damp, heated organs. He could hardly believe what was happening in front of him. The girl slid her warm fingers across the tender area of her genitals, and gently stroked the open surfaces of her moist lips.

The end of her forefinger touched the tiny puckered rosebud of her anus and wormed its way inside, then her thumb made contact and rubbed the red, wet skin where the finger had disappeared. With her little finger she titillated the taut head of her swollen clitoris. She lay on her side and spared herself nothing to get satisfaction. As she worked away between her legs, the firm pressure of her adolescent breasts pushed against her arm.

A growing heat infused her young mammaries and she felt her pert nipples get hard and sensitive. "Ungh," she moaned, savoring the thrill she was giving herself. She rocked her buttocks back and forth and kept her thumb and forefinger busy in the delicious red center of her sweating rear. Her breath was hard and fast now. She knew release was coming. "Oh, wow, that's good!" she whispered to herself, muttering onto her naked breasts from flushed lips, "I'm getting what I need now and gosh do I need it!" Maisie had had her eyes closed but she opened them and saw the picture of the naked man in the magazine.

The arousal from her masturbation had made her so hot she'd been taken back to the time when she first discovered anal sex -- but now she was back from her reverie. She lay on her bed and manipulated not the undeveloped organs of a fourteen-year-old girl, but the fully mature genitals of her real, nineteen-year-old body. A lewd smile crossed her pretty young face. Tony was okay when I was just fourteen and didn't know any better, she thought to herself, but what I need up my ass now is a nice big hunk of meat like the dude in this picture.

Jesus, what a cock he's got on him! The girl was very near orgasm from her previous thoughts about Tony and her at the age of fourteen. The sight of the man in the magazine sent her closer to it. The girl stared lasciviously at the man's naked penis and masturbated herself with ever-increasing excitement. She thrashed the voluptuous curves of her half-naked body around on the bed with such abandon that her panties, the only article of underwear she wore, squirmed down her slender legs all the way to her knees.

Her well-practiced hand applied just the touch she needed -- both her thumb and forefinger engaged the opening of her hungry rectum, and the other fingers passed briskly across her swollen clitoris. She carefully imagined every detail of how it would feel to have the man press the end of his oversized penis into her anus. She thought of the weight of his balls swinging against her tender inner thighs as he worked away on her, and she thought of the sweet pleasure of having his bar bulbous glans burst past the tight entryway of her backside and go zooming up the hot, lubricated channel beyond.

She began squealing. Her hand moved on her bottom like some small, over-excited animal. "Aiiiii!" she screamed, and the gratification shot up the twin channels of her rectum and vagina like lightning. Her naked pelvis twitched spasmodically and the beautiful heat of the climax flowed through every part of her firm young body. She lay working herself against the bed and her hand until she had secured every last bit of satisfaction from the act, then rolled onto her back and heaved a long sigh.

"Wow," she said aloud to herself in a low voice. "I really got myself going that time. I must have made quite a racket. Good thing I live alone." But at that moment she became aware of a voice calling to her from the other side of her front door. A man's voice.

She cringed inside herself. Could it be that he had heard her? CHAPTER TWO "Hey in there!" boomed the man's voice. "You all right? What the hell's going on in there?" Maisie was embarrassed to the quick. She was so flustered she just threw on her robe before opening the door. She was thinking fast as she opened it. Her face was still very red from the excitement of masturbating and she knew if her robe had shown more, certain other parts of her lovely body would display much greater reddening than her face.

She could only hope the surprise caller wouldn't be able to guess the reason for her ruddy, flushed appearance. She swung the door open about a foot and was met by the concerned, quizzical stare of a curly haired man in his mid-twenties. "Oh, I'm all right," she told him. She was trying her best to keep her voice even. "But all that yelling!" the man retorted. "I was carrying this ladder up to the third floor and I heard." "I know," she said, turning her blue eyes on him as she'd done with men so often in the past.

"I woke myself up yelling like that.

Tricky Agent meine mysteriöse Schönheit

I. I was having a nightmare. I hope it didn't alarm you too much. I'm fine now that I'm awake. Really I am." She saw that he was wearing a sort of uniform. Must be the new janitor they were hiring, she thought. She also saw that he was a very nice looking guy. "You are fine," he said to her. The look he gave her made it quite clear he meant something very special by his use of the word. He peered down at the lush skin showing at the low-cut neck of her robe.

The expression on his face was something just short of a leer. "Miss Cummings," he said, looking at the small 'M'. Cummings legend on the door, "my name's Darrell.

I just started working here. If you do ever have any troubles you aren't up to -- you know, something, maybe, that needs fixing -- just let me know." He smiled broadly, allowing her to do whatever she wanted with the double meaning of his words.

"You might at least tell me what the 'M' stands for, so in the future." She cut him off shortly but pleasantly. "Sorry," she said quickly, "but I really can't stand here rapping with you. I overslept and I'm late for a date." She slammed the door and dashed for the shower. Darrell was a little miffed by her brusqueness but he soon recovered.

She was quite a looker, he decided, but she probably thought he was beneath her because he was a janitor. He'd see about that. If he could ever get naked with her, he assured himself, she'd find out he had the same equipment under his clothes as whatever flashy guys she might be used to dating.

And as far as how she would be with her clothes off. he continued on down the hall with the ladder over his shoulder and a lump in the front of his coveralls just below his waist. "Thought I told you you couldn't take any tools away from the job," a voice suddenly addressed him. It was his boss, an old grey-haired man who fancied himself to be the resident comedian of the apartment complex.

"What are you talking about?" Darrell answered gruffly. "I'm just taking this ladder up to." "It's not the ladder I mean," the old man said with a twinkle in his eye. "It's that screwdriver you're trying to hide under the front of your pants there." He cackled and beamed as he walked on down the hall.

Darrell wasn't worried about keeping his job even though he was brand new on it. "You old fart," he called after his boss, "what are you, queer or something? It's none of your damned business what I got under my pants!" But his face was red as he walked up the stairs.

Maisie, who was in the middle of enjoying a hot shower, was red in more exciting places -- at least to anyone who could have seen her. Her thick black hair stuck wetly to her smooth skin well below her shoulders, stopping teasingly close to her prominent nipples. She had the water about as hot as she could stand it, which rendered her skin quite rosy.

Especially around the erogenous zones of her body -- the firm, jutting buttocks and the rounded, fully packed breasts. The girl's nipples were capable of being as hard as nuts when she was excited or when she was too cold, but the hot water changed them entirely. Both tips of her breasts were completely relaxed so that the usually pert nipples blended into the dark skin of the surrounding areola.

As she reached over her shoulder to scrub her back she glanced at them and smiled to herself. She knew how much the appearance of the sensual mounds would change if something happened to stimulate her, how the soft flesh would rise miraculously from her breasts to become tingly and hard.

She turned and pranced under the shower, her long legs gracefully posing themselves as though someone were watching. Maisie was a natural tease. Ever since she was a young girl, her body seemed to just naturally assume postures that made boys look at her.

And now that she was nineteen, with the full development of her womanly curves, it was men she attracted -- not boys. She carefully shaved her underarms and rubbed an after-bath cream into the tanned surface of her damp skin. She applied a few sprays of feminine deodorant to the freshly clean lips of her genitals.

She rummaged in a drawer for a pair of panties. Several pairs of panty hose were by-passed. She sometimes wore them but the sun had tanned her limbs such a mellow color she wanted to show them off, not cover them up -- even with material as sheer as panty hose.

Before leaving the bathroom she made sure to do one more important little thing. give herself an enema. Douching was a habit since puberty, but it was only during the past couple of years that she had begun to give herself regular enemas. For one thing -- she grinned at the thought -- it felt good to have the warm liquid fill the sensitive channel of her rear end. But the main reason was to prepare for the kind of sex she most enjoyed.

Why neglect that orifice, she reasoned, and give all her attention to her vagina? Maybe most girls wouldn't bother, but to Maisie, who received so much of her sexual satisfaction from the anus, it was every bit as important to have her rectum sweet and seductive as it was to have her vagina that way.

A few times she had been with guys who balked at first about rear-entry loving, but were swayed by diligent coaxing on her part. And a lot of that coaxing had to do with the way she handled her behind. Some guys seemed to have an aversion to putting their penis between her cheeks at first, but changed their tune when she proved how exciting it could be. And for this purpose she maintained a scrupulously clean and fragrant smelling rectum.

She hadn't been kidding Darrell at the door. She really did have a date that afternoon. And even though it was a blind date and she wasn't even sure he'd go for her special kind of loving, she was always prepared for it.

She saw her face in the mirror as she combed her hair and added the finishing touches to her toilette. There was no denying that she looked stunning. She was getting ahead of herself by thinking of the possibility of anal love with the guy. Who could be sure? Maybe he wouldn't prove attractive to her and she wouldn't even let him get a hand inside her blouse, much less in her panties. Or he might be one of those guys who was more than willing to take his own pleasure, by cramming his tool up her cunt, but who'd get uptight and call her a freak when she let him know what turned her on most.

At nineteen, Maisie had so far avoided having a man inside her front, and she wanted to keep it that way. She'd allowed several hands and fingers into her genitals, but when it came to penetrating her vagina and breaking her maidenhead, she had always drawn the line. Deep inside, she could never free herself from the fear of pregnancy her mother had instilled in her at such an early age. And besides -- she simply loved the feeling of getting her buttocks spread apart and taking a hard penis up her tight hole.

By the time she finished dressing he had arrived and an hour later saw them flashing down the highway in his sports car toward the beach. His name was Mel and she liked his looks fine. She'd have to remember to thank the girl friend who'd arranged the date.

"Mind if we go to a special place I know?" he asked her in a deep, rich voice that matched his athletic build. "A spot on the beach where there won't be so many people?" Maisie easily agreed.

She had a strong hunch that his spot where there wouldn't be "so many people" was really a stretch of beach that was entirely deserted, but he looked good to her and she didn't mind in the least being alone with him.

He was twenty-four, he'd told her, but something about his eyes made him look even older to her. She liked that. She asked where they could change into their swim suits and the vagueness of his answer told her he was thinking about seeing as much as he could. She liked that too. at this point, anyway, she warily told herself. She let him throw his arm around her as they drove and before they got to the beach he'd taken it from around her and laid it across her lap.

He squeezed her leg good-naturedly, kidding her about the way she was moving to the music on the radio, and she let him do that too. The summery skirt she wore was longer than most that she wore. It came all the way down to two or three inches above her knees. But the thinness of its material made up for its length. The touch of his hand through it was strong and caressing.

She was sure he'd started to place his hand on the bareness of thigh exposed between her knee and the hem of the skirt, but he'd swerved upwards as he neared her and contented himself with a higher grip.

The beach was just as she'd pictured it might be, miles down a dirt road from any highway and very secluded from anyone's view. She hopped out of the car and Mel got a nice flash of tanned thigh from the move. She wasn't wearing any slip or petticoat, he avidly noted. Just how many inches farther up would he have had to see in order to catch sight of her panties?

he wondered. She kicked her shoes off in the sand and stood beside the car gyrating to the music blaring from the radio. "Come on, you loony!" he chided. "Let's head for the water. We can dance anywhere. I brought us down here to swim." Maisie knew he was champing at the bit to see more of her body. The skirt was swishing across her slender thighs as she swayed her torso and ground her rear to the insistent beat of the music, and her tie-dye T-shirt was so close-fitting it left no doubt how little she wore underneath it.

But she was in the mood for teasing. "I am swimming," she answered impishly, "see? You swim your way and I'll swim mine." She began to move her arms in the air as though she were swimming, making the motion part of her dance. This made the generous flesh of her breasts rock and squirm underneath the scanty shirt even more than before.

Now Mel could see the definite outline of two hard points pushing out through the thin fabric. Sonofabitch, this chick has a terrific pair of jugs under there. Hope to hell I can get my hands on them, he thought to himself as he watched her. "You win," he conceded, and joined her in the dance. No touching, of course, just the provocative body motions. They were a few feet apart. Maisie had the kind of rhythm that made her arms and legs flow with the music as though what she was doing was some exotic rite, not a mere dance.

And the way she sinuously curved her back and thrust her firm, compact little rear into the air made it not just exotic, but very erotic as well.

He could see the perfect white teeth behind her lips, which were parted in smiling appreciation of the music, and her clear blue eyes teased him from under long lashes. She had a good idea what she was doing to him and she was enjoying it immensely. The alert attention he gave her was more than simply a compliment to her attractiveness. She was very confident about her good looks -- hadn't she seen herself naked in front of a full-length mirror often enough, and even touched with her own hands the soft parts of her body she knew he was dying to feel?

What she saw in his attentive gaze was the basic, animal like magnetism that occurs between any two healthy creatures of the opposite sex. And the interplay between them gave her a mild flutter somewhere inside, a warm sensation she recognized as being the early sign of sexual desire for his trim, muscular body. Mel's organ swelled inside his pants as he watched her move in front of him.

Her eyes seemed to be drilling into his with an expression of shameless lust. At least he hoped that's what it was -- by now he was so hot for her that he knew he might interpret any look she gave him that way. Suddenly the music stopped and a disc jockey chimed in. "There it is, kiddios," he enthused, "the boss jock pick of the week from yours truly, Sweet Swingin' Sam, the music man.

That one's straight to you from Fat Freddy and the Freon Freaks, and it goes out to Melba, Stringbean, Cicero, Judy and Gino, Tom and Tina, Applejack, Winona, Little Boo-Boo." Mel snapped the radio off and said, "There are getting to be too many people around here, don't you think? I mean, we didn't come down here to share this beach with Winona and Little Boo-Boo!" Maisie laughed and nodded agreement, then said the big rock down toward the water looked like a good place to change into her swim suit.

She dashed off before he could say anything. He thought of walking to where he could get a good vantage point and watching her, but she had attracted him so much he didn't want to take a chance on ruining the whole thing.

He sat down on the car seat and took off his clothes. Just before he slipped into his trunks he heard Maisie yell to him. She was already in the water! "Hey," she called out to him, "you did say nobody could see us here, didn't you?" From the distance she had walked into the water, he could just see her head.

"Yeah, why?" he answered. "Then we can go skinny-dipping, right?" she I hailed back. He couldn't have been more pleased. The thought of her nakedness out there in the water, of her bare juicy breasts and bottom, made him more eager than ever. He was so dazed that before he could answer she was yelling at him again.

"What are you waiting for? Come on in," she told him. Then she coquettishly added, "Don't worry, Mel, I won't look up 'til you're in the water." She demurely bowed her head and closed her eyes. He tossed his swimming trunks into the car seat and made a dash for the water. "Don't bother about that," he cried, in control of his voice again, "there isn't anything under my clothes I'm ashamed of you seeing." He waded in deep toward her.

The water now covered his ribs, but she was far enough from shore that the water still struck her at the neck.

"Can you say the same?" he yelled. "Skinny-dipping's a great idea, all right. Is there anything you're ashamed to have me see?" "Come find out," she teased. "You can't see anything good from way over there anyway." He felt the blood pound in his temples.

He kept striding through the water 'til he was upon her. Below, inches below the water's surface, he saw the bobbing shapes of her lovely twin mounds. For the first time he knew that the golden tan of her legs and arms extended to the secret parts of her.

He leaped the last few feet and grabbed her close, yanking her off balance toward him. She was too quick for him. Although he succeeded in crushing her submerged body against his, she turned at the last minute and caused her side to be the point of contact instead of the lush front he sought. They wrestled together in the water and the accidental touches he received from her nubile breasts and buttocks made it well worth his effort.

She was no match for him. Soon, amid laughing and squealing, he had her nakedness enclosed in the strong vise of his muscular arms.

Her face was next to his. She was looking at him with those sexy blue eyes and starting to say something to him. She got no further than parting her lips. "It's too late for talk now, honey!" he huskily whispered, planting his mouth firmly against hers.

She gave one weak push of token resistance, then collapsed into him. Her mouth opened on his and he tasted the salt of sea water on his tongue as he avidly moved his mouth over her. The surfaces of her lips were like wet satin. He knew he was in control now and that he could do almost anything he wanted with the girl.

"I don't have anything to say, Mel," he heard her breathe, "not when we're this close. Talking's a waste of time for us, you're making me." He hushed her words by pushing his mouth hard against hers.

She relaxed completely and turned into him so that the side of her body no longer touched him. Now it was, at long last, the ripe fullness of her soft, naked front pressed against him. The firmness of her thighs touched his hairy legs and sent shivers of desire through him. He took the smooth globe of a buttock in his hand and squeezed her pelvis forward against him.

He jerked his mouth off hers just long enough to speak. "Making you what, honey? Making you get a little hot and horny, is that it?

Making you want to have me stick my cock to you and give you some real nice loving?" he demanded, a tight grin on his face. She knew he'd want to enter her in front if she didn't act fast. She was every bit as aroused as he had teased, but what she wanted was to have his stiff organ in her backside. She ran her fingers down his ribs to his hipbone, then quickly darted to his groin and enclosed his hard penis with both hands.

"Sure I'm hot for it, lover," she admitted, "but we can't do much this deep in the water or we'll drown." He hauled her toward shallower water. When it was no more than knee deep he sat her down on the bottom and knelt over her thighs. Her legs were straight out and he straddled the tops of her thighs. His erect member pressed directly into her flat stomach just below the water line. She scooted backwards from under him 'til she could lie on her back and keep her head above water.

Her black hair stuck to her cheeks and neck. He put his arms around her and she rewarded him by pushing upwards and rubbing her full, resilient breasts hard against his chest.

She heard his gasp as he felt the taut points of her nipples press his hairy chest. She squirmed against him, moving the slender lengths of her legs against his and exerting more upward force.

Finally the buoyancy of the water lifted her naked buttocks off the sandy sea bottom and he slid his hands underneath. It was just what she wanted him to do.

"Oh yeah, lover, yeah," she whispered into his ear. "Give me a nice hard rubbing back there." To further indicate her approval of his attentions to her rear, she moved her fingers up and down the shaft of his penis. He grunted and pulled her pelvis closer to the stiff, eager muscle. The fat, red end of it touched the thick black muff of her pubic hair before she realized how close he was.

"Ummmm!" she moaned. She loved the feel of his hardness against her but only in terms of how close it was to her rear. The lips of her vulva were a bit hard to enter because the cool sea water made them tight -- but she knew he'd be bound to power them open with his fingers and glans if she didn't act fast. She turned sideways under him on her way to flipping over back up and belly down.

She kept her fingers busy on his penis hoping he'd let her go ahead. If only she could get him to sink the hard knob of his instrument into the cleavage of her buttocks and to push on through to the hot channel of her rectum. But he caught her half way through her turn. He didn't understand the move and was dying to slip inside her from the front, even though her hands were giving him plenty of attention up and down his stiff shaft. She would have to speak.

But past experience had taught her not to lay it on the line and admit her real desires. "Wait, lover," she crooned, "wait. Listen, not there. Sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but you got me so hot I didn't know what I was doing. I can't let you in, sorry." "Huh, what do you mean?" he asked, bolting up in surprise.

"It's. it's just temporary," she lied. "I forgot to take the pill." "Pill, shit!" he yelled. "Hey, you trying to pull a hard-to-get routine?" "No, no," she assured him, "nothing like that.

It's just. shit, I don't want to get pregnant." The story seemed to convince him more than if she'd tried to concoct up some detailed excuse.

She could tell by his eyes that he had swallowed her story. But that didn't keep him from being angry with her. "Hell, Maisie," he growled, "you mean you let me get all hot like this and now you're telling me we can't ball." "No, lover, not at all," she said.

"I want every inch of that nice hard prick of yours. All I'm saying is that I can't take it in front. there's more than one way to get your rocks off with a girl, you know. And I don't mean just by hand, either." She flipped on over to her stomach and he suddenly understood what she was saying.

Now her hands were gone from his penis in order for her to support herself off the sea bottom and he craved to have her hands return. He looked down at the perfectly rounded cheeks of her tan posterior. "You mean." he began, trailing off. "Sure, lover," she eagerly nodded. "Haven't you ever given it to a chick in the ass before? Come on, I bet you'll hardly be able to tell the difference. I know it won't be quite as good as you expected, but I bet you'll dig it.

Let me have it there, Mel. Come on, right in the asshole!" He reached around her torso and grabbed a firm breast in each hand as he lowered himself onto her backside. She swooned in ecstasy as she realized she'd turned the trick and was going to have the kind of love she needed so desperately. "That's just what you're gonna get then, honey," he cried. "An ass full of it. If I'm gonna screw you I at least want something to hold onto though." "Take all the titty you want, Mel," she excitedly told him.

"It's all yours. I just want you to groove on fucking me." She shuddered as his glans touched the sensitive crevice of her buttocks. He was still a bit disoriented. "How about you, honey?" he asked. "You won't get much out of it, will you?" If Maisie hadn't been so aroused she might have been unable to keep herself from laughing at the question.

"Oh, don't worry about me. I just want to be sure you get your rocks off," she said, in a martyred little voice. "Besides," she added, "what you're doing to my tits feels real good -- even if I don't want you. er. even if I can't have you in my pussy." She lay under him then with her pubes raised high and her rear end as far toward his body as she could get it. He eagerly took her up on the offer of her breasts and greedily kneaded them with both hands as he brought his pelvis down on her buttocks.

For several seconds Maisie had been feeling the tantalizing sensation of his glans in the crack of her backside. Now she shuddered with pleasure as she felt him drive the knob of his throbbing dick thru the tight hole and plunge deep into the hot canal beyond. She arched her back and exerted such force against Mel that he had to dig his heels into the sandy bottom to maintain his position.

"You getting what you need back there, lover?" she asked him, panting as she spoke. "Feel good to have your prick up my ass? Don't be bashful, go ahead and ram it to me like you would up my pussy. You won't hurt me!" This was an understatement, to say the least. By now the girl was enjoying herself even more than Mel, and pain was the furthest thought from her mind. But she knew what most men thought of anal love and was careful to conform.

"Here it comes then, honey," he yelled to her. "If you can take this thing all the way, I'll sure as hell give it to you. You're gonna have me shooting a wad up your asshole damn fast at this rate, you hot little tease." But Maisie wanted more.

She was afraid he would ejaculate much sooner than she wanted him to. Mel had fully accepted her anus as a substitute for her genitals, and was already dangerously approaching climax. "Oh wait, lover, don't shoot your nuts off yet," she gasped. "Hold on a minute. Please.

I'm just now getting started. Just a little while longer, huh, just a while now!" It hadn't occurred to Mel that she could reach orgasm by having sex through her rectum. Her words made him slow down some. "That's fine," she sighed, relieved at the new pace. "That's real good, lover. Keep it going like that now for a little while, can you?

Oh wow, I love it like that." Mel had been pretty rattled when she first suggested having intercourse this way but he was getting more accustomed to it by the minute. He humped himself against Maisie's firm rear with long, steady movements that sent hot shivers through his pelvis.

Every time he made a thrust, the girl was right there to meet him. She shoved her buttocks into him as though she really meant it. He could hear her breath get faster with each satisfying motion. He got wild and accidentally jerked his organ all the way out on a backstroke. Like lightning she was wiggling her rear backwards toward him, doing her best to recapture the thing.

She splashed water and flailed her arms as she sought it. "Sorry, honey," gasped Mel. "Here it is. Let me back in there, will you?" He didn't have to ask twice. As soon as he put the head of the organ in contact with her tender puckered orifice, she groaned and reeled backward with all her might. "Here I am for you, lover!" she yelled. "Shove it home. It's all yours." She grunted and he saw the sweat roll down her back even though sea water reached halfway up her ribs.

Losing hold of him at such a crucial time had left her hungrier than ever and she was intent to recover every last bit of feeling as fast as possible. He rammed the stiff organ in and out, heading for ejaculation. This time she didn't ask him to hold off. It was just the opposite. She increased the speed of her thrusts and even reached backwards over her ribs so she could grab him.

She didn't care what part of him she got hold of, just so long as it was part of his hard male body. "Ummm," she moaned, "now you're going, lover. Now you're going to town on me. Oh shit, that's just what I need!" "Hang on, honey!" he growled. "You're gonna get more of it. I'm gonna fuck the crap out of this hot little asshole of yours, you horny little bitch!" Maisie was caught up in the exact rhythm of his motion. It felt to her like his penis was reaming out her entire guts, but she loved every second of it.

Then he gave a sharp cry and pumped in furiously. She felt the hot spurts as thick wads of sperm blasted the inside of her rectum. She was terribly near release as it was -- his ejaculation tripped her off and she felt a flash of wet heat stab her. "Oh. oh God, I'm com -- coming now," she yelped.

"I'm really. oh I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm. ooooooooh!" She pitched forward from the intensity and found her head underwater for a few-spluttering seconds.

When she raised up, Mel was lying on the sandy bottom with his head on the beach. He had his eyes closed and a foolish grin on his face. She could see that the cool water had made his penis recede to a length of approximately two whopping inches.

She looked down at her nakedness and realized that she, also, was being cooled off much quicker than normal by the low temperature of the water. They played for a while together on the beach before it started getting dusky in the western sky.

She knew very well that Mel had enjoyed himself with her even if he wasn't used to going in the back way, yet he acted funny somehow.

She thought he must have believed her tale about the pill, but something was still strange about the way he acted toward her. Oh wow, she thought to herself as she sat silently beside him on the way back home, not another guilt trip! It had happened to her before. In the heat of loving, a man would enjoy himself to the hilt from indulging in her special kind of love. But afterwards he'd cool off and start thinking about what he'd done. And if he was narrow-minded enough about sex, or had undergone an unusually strict upbringing, he would begin to feel embarrassed about the act he had just performed.

"Unnatural," he would call it. She knew the type. And it was more and more obvious to her that Mel happened to be just such a person. The creep, she thought to herself. Thinks he's been a bad boy now, just because he's done something a little different with a chick. And of course he thinks I'm a slut because I let him do it. Ha! Wonder what he'd think if I told him getting fucked in the ass is my very favorite way. I won't say anything though -- he'd probably drive right off the highway if I did.

When they reached her apartment he grunted a few times and said he'd like to see her again soon. He even had the bad taste to add that he hoped she'd "get on the pill quick". Maisie knew what was going on in his mind. He'd like to see her again, all right -- if she was able to have "normal" sex with him, that is. If not. She brusquely told him she was going to be awfully busy and hopped from his car without even letting him kiss her.

On her front door was a sealed envelope. She opened it inside her apartment and found it was from her girl friend Kitty. The contents were pretty cryptic. Kitty was close enough to Maisie to be familiar with her hang-up about anal sex, but it still looked funny to see it written on paper. "Missed you," the note read. "Call me tonight if you still groove on taking it up the ass from guys. I might have a surprise for you.

Don't forget!" The note was signed simply, "Love, Kitty." But Maisie had an idea there wouldn't be anything simple about what was to follow. She was right. CHAPTER THREE "Don't be coy, sweety," Kitty told her that night when she phoned, "Remember, we've known each other ever since we were sophomores in high school. Just because we've been out of touch for the last few months doesn't mean I've forgotten your kinks. Now do you still dig getting it up the back alley from a guy, or not?" "Well, yes, if you must know," Maisie answered, obviously somewhat flustered.

"But it's not the kind of thing I'm used to reading about in notes or mentioning on the telephone." "Okay, okay," Kitty said, "so I'm a little less discreet than you. So sue me. But keep your shirt on, will you? Jeez, Maisie, it's for your benefit. I'm not putting you down for digging the asshole stuff, I'm trying to do you a favor. Can't a girl help a friend?

I sure went for that guy you introduced me to last year. Now it's my turn to be the matchmaker, okay?" Maisie calmed down. She switched the phone to her other ear as she lit a cigarette and warmed up to the conversation. Now she even felt like joking. "Can't keep my shirt on," she told Kitty. "Not wearing one. And no wisecracks, either, Miss Garbagemouth.

I'm home, remember? Where nobody can see." "Then keep your bra on," retorted her friend. "Sorry, no bra either," she said, "whatever that might be." "Okay, funny girl," Kitty said, "so you haven't worn one in so long you forgot what it is.

Who has? Just a figure of speech, my dear. Forget that and listen to what I've got to tell you." What Maisie heard over the phone made her dress quickly and drive to Kitty's place. It was quite a distance across town -- part of the reason the girls had been out of touch for so long -- but what she had heard from Kitty convinced her the trip was well worth her while.

Her friend opened the door, blond and bubbly just as she remembered her, and the girls hugged in greeting. "He's in the bedroom right now," Kitty told her. "I'm splitting, so the place is all yours. There's just one more thing I need to tell you -- now don't freak out -- Jon is just thirteen years old." Maisie's face dropped.

"Are you out of your mind? You told me he was your cousin from out of town but you sure didn't mention he was a kid! What kind of dumb joke is this, anyway?" she exploded.

"See, I did right by not telling you 'til now. Wouldn't have even come over if I'd laid the whole story on you, would you?" Kitty said, then went into detail. "Wait 'til you hear. First of all, the kid's built like you wouldn't believe.

I don't mean his cock's big compared to a man's, but the point is it's at least average sized already -- and he's just thirteen! And he's horny as all get-out, Maisie, really. You should see the way he tries to peek at me in the shower or in my bedroom. If he wasn't my own cousin, and in my care for the weekend while his parents are at a business conference, you can bet I'd have let him in my pants long before now.

I mean, I may be pretty wild, but I can't go for the incest route." "But if he's that young." began Maisie. "No," interrupted Kitty, "don't you see? That's the beauty of it. The kid's horny as hell but he doesn't know what to do with it yet. That's why I thought of you. He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to sex -- you could get him to do anything you want him to. Dig? All he knows is that that hot little cock of his is hard all the time and that it needs something better than just a hand job." Maisie's eyes were brightening.

She had fleeting memories of the time she discovered her young boyfriend Tony masturbating when she was young. "You mean Jon plays with himself a lot?" she asked. "A lot? He can hardly keep his hands off the damned thing. How do you think I know how big it is? He's only been here a day and a half and I've caught him at it three times. I think he wants me to see him doing it, you know. But I haven't let on I know." "Can he. you know, is he old enough to come or does he just fool with it?" asked Maisie.

"Look, I don't know all the details. You can find that out for yourself. He's asleep now, but I'm sure you can think of some way to wake him up, huh sweety? I'm cutting out now so you two can be alone together." "Wait, Kitty," called Maisie, "I. I'll feel like a 'dirty old woman' doing anything with a kid that young.

No matter how big a cock he's got. I have to admit you got me all shook up right now thinking how groovy it'd be to have my own little love pupil, but I don't want to be a 'dirty old woman' at nineteen!" But her girl friend was out the door. "Don't worry about dumb names for what you're doing," she called back over her shoulder. "Just let your pussy be your guide!" And with that she was gone, slamming the door behind her.

Maisie headed straight for the bedroom. Jon was there, all right -- a healthy-looking tow-headed boy with freckles. But he wasn't asleep. Not quite. As Maisie entered the room he was lying under the covers with his hand going a mile a minute. She could see the outline of his motion underneath, even though she couldn't see his actual nakedness.

At her entry he stopped like he'd been shot and lay trying to pretend he was asleep. Maisie had a sudden idea. Why not play it his way and let on she thought he was asleep? After all, she thought, looking at his exposed face in the room's dim light, he is an awfully cute boy. Kitty was right about that. She walked to the adjoining bathroom, musing aloud to herself as she went in a voice that was plainly audible to the boy.

"Hmmm, that must be Kitty's cousin, Jon. I knew he'd be here tonight, but when she told me I could sleep here I didn't know she only had one bed for her guests! Oh well, he's already asleep. And he's just a kid. Guess I'll just slip under the covers with him and sleep there anyway. He won't even notice I'm there and I have to get up early in the morning." She stepped in front of the bathroom cabinet mirror and started brushing her teeth.

She could see the boy perfectly in the mirror, but he had no idea she was watching him. As soon as her back was turned she saw him stealthily draw his hand under the covers and watched the outline of it travel to the region of his groin.

His eyes were open wide and he was staring at her. At this point Maisie still had all her clothes on, but she knew her body could look plenty sexy from the back, clothes or no clothes.

Especially to a young boy just feeling his oats for the first time. She reached behind her after washing her face and unbuttoned the row of pearly buttons down the back of her blouse. She saw Jon crane his neck in order not to miss anything. She removed the garment, leaving herself naked to the waist. The boy's hand began moving faster under the covers.

Jeez, she thought to herself, if the kid's that turned on from seeing just this much, how'll he feel when he gets a gander at my naked boobs?

She turned sideways, purposefully not letting him see her entire front yet, and stepped out of her skirt. Now she was wearing nothing but heels, panty hose, and a skimpy pair of panties underneath. She glanced in the mirror and saw that Jon's eyes were as big as silver dollars and his hand was going faster still. I better watch out, she thought to herself, no use letting him get so hot he loses his load before I even get in bed with him.

Maisie strongly suspected that at his age, Jon would be fully capable of raising a new erection pretty quickly even if he did ejaculate before she was ready. But she didn't want to waste even that much of his hard, adolescent penis. She wanted it all, and she wanted it placed deep within the confines of the tight canal between her firmly fleshed young buttocks.

With that in mind, she tossed one of Kitty's robes over her shoulders before she came back into the room. Jon was lying still as a mouse. But there was no way for him to conceal the fine film of sweat on his face.

Or the lump in the covers above his groin. Maisie didn't fail to notice that. She knew very well that in spite of his pose of being asleep, the boy must be stiff as a rod with tension under the obscuring covers of the bed. And one particular part of him, she fondly noted, was pulsing and bobbing a little bit on its own accord in spite of his attempts at making her think he was asleep.

She sat down on the side of the bed and raised one beautifully curved leg off the floor. Slowly, carefully, she turned her body so he could see her front, then lazily removed the robe. It fell around her waist and then she stood up for a second and tossed it onto a chair. She was pretty sure he wouldn't risk reaching for his penis again when she was that close to him.

Let the fucker just look and wish, she thought to herself with amusement. All she wore now was the panties and pantyhose. She put her hand to the waistband then and methodically peeled the sheer pantyhose down her legs. She stepped from the gauzy pile on the floor and sat down on the bed again.

His face was turned toward her and she could see him daringly slitting his eyes open in spite of how close he was to her and how likely it was she might see him doing it and know he wasn't asleep. Still she pretended not to have the slightest idea that he was awake and eagerly watching her every move. The bountiful treasure of her lovely breasts was now brazenly exposed right before the boy's devious eyes.

She wondered how many pairs of uncovered female breasts he had seen before. Not many, she was pretty sure. And she was just as sure that if he had seen any, they probably belonged to some barely developed girl his own age, not to anyone as maturely curved as she was.

The kid must be going out of his mind from getting to look at her like that without being able to so much as make a move, she thought. He was probably dying to touch himself under the covers again. In a perverse sort of way, Maisie enjoyed teasing the boy with her lush body. She hadn't spoken to herself aloud since immediately after entering the room, but now she did it again. "Wonder if I ought to sleep with my panties on tonight?" she idly mused.

"If I was getting into bed with some man sleeping in it, I'd be darn sure to -- otherwise he might just take a notion to do something to me during the night.

I don't see why I should keep them on now, though. Kitty's cousin here isn't old enough to think of things like that. And besides, he's asleep. Off they go." She rocked herself backwards on the bed and pulled the intimate garment off over the smooth surface of her long legs, then tossed them onto the chair along with the robe.

She sat buck naked in the bed now and her rounded hip was only inches from Jon's face. She knew he could now see everything she had -- the sensual contours of her full breasts and her lithe legs had been in view before, but he could now even see the secret center of her groin where the satiny-smooth of her firm stomach disappeared into the thick, curly black mat of her profuse pubic hairs.

She looked down upon him and saw his eyelids tremble.

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She knew he must be terribly excited and that his young penis must be simply bursting with energy. For a few minutes she sat quietly on the bed beside him, peering closely at her fingernails.

Once she even took her right nipple between her thumb and forefinger and idly examined it as though some small annoyance were bothering her. At this point Jon could no longer remain still. He gave a manful attempt at pretending he was still asleep, however, rolling over on his side and producing a deep sigh. Maisie saw that in making the move he had managed to "accidentally" have his hand fall into the hollow of his crotch.

She slipped under the covers and extended her legs across the sheet. She could feel a warm spot where Jon had been lying before he rolled over and knew he must have become physically hot from watching her as well as mentally.

"Gee, these sheets feel so cool and nice against my naked body," she moaned sensuously. She extended her arms across the pillow, pretending to stretch, and grazed Jon's shoulder as she drew her hand back.

It was the first time she'd ever actually touched him and she knew how it must affect him. She lay very quiet and listened. Sure enough, she could make out the muffled sound of a rhythmic stroking noise. The kid was at it again. She rolled against his body then, and although it was only his back she was touching, she could now feel the nervous warmth of his skin tremble and shudder along his back from his shoulders to his firm young buttocks.

The warmth flowed from his feverish body to hers like a wave of heat from an oven. He turned over and lay on his back now. She could see the outline of his swollen young penis sticking straight up from under the covers.

Boldly but delicately, she laid a hand over the lump on the outside of the cover. Jon gave a quiet groan. It was getting beyond him now and he couldn't control himself as before.

The light pressure of her hand made him want more. He squirmed under the covers and made his organ rub against it through the thick material. Maisie herself was beginning to feel aroused now. It was time to act according to plan. She rolled away from him so that her back was facing his body. She made sure her buttocks were just even with his groin.

Then she reached under the cover and put her hand on his hip. When she felt him freeze at the touch she turned her head toward him and whispered, "Are you asleep?" She thought he would be afraid to answer and she was right.

She heard him open his mouth but he stopped himself before he spoke. She gripped the hardness of his penis through the covers and said, "As long as you're asleep then, you won't mind me playing with your cock a little. Something sure has made it hard. You must be having a sexy dream. Whatever's causing it, it's a darn shame to let it go to waste." She felt his body stiff and eager under the covers.

He was tense because he didn't want her to know he was awake now for sure -- not after what he'd just heard her say! "Hope you don't wake up then, little lover," she said to him, "because I couldn't have you catch me fooling with your cock.

If you're a deep enough sleeper I'm going to do more than just put my hands on it, too. I have a real nice little spot under the covers where I'd just love to sink the head of it." The boy was fairly trembling now from sheer excitement. He couldn't wait to have her do some of the things she was talking about.

His penis was like a steel rod, jerking in anxious anticipation. Maisie promptly took her hand from the top of the covers and slid it along his hairless chest and across his stomach. He let out a deep sigh and she laughed inside herself at his fruitless attempts to contain his feelings. She ran her fingers through his pubic curls and at last touched the nakedness of his organ with her bare hand.

She encircled the base of it with her fingers and slowly slid them to the fat knob at the tip. Darn, she thought to herself, Kitty was right. This kid's got a nice-sized cock on him for his age. It's going to be fantastic to have it stuffed up my asshole. I don't have to worry about him thinking I'm a weirdo, either. He's so hot to do something with his cock that he'll be more than happy to let me do whatever I want with it.

Maisie wiggled back against him and kept playing with his penis by reaching behind her and manipulating it while she pressed her warm back against his side. He gladly rolled facing her backside to facilitate matters and this left his erect organ directly in line with her quivering anus. She positioned the point of it against the soft surface of her smooth buttocks and gave a little push backwards.

To her unfeigned delight, the knob of his young lust parted her cheeks and went forward 'til it touched her small puckered orifice. She smiled to herself in the room's dim light and thought how wonderful it was going to be to have his instrument fully positioned inside the moist, sensitive walls of her hot canal. She gave another little hunch backwards and felt his throbbing hardness press between the very sides of the anus itself.

Now she had him in her at the tightest fitting point, and the result was a hot flush of passion that flooded her entire pelvis. As for Jon, he was transported by the new delight of having his hard organ inside another person's body. He couldn't help emitting a high pitched little moan and humped his pelvis forward for greater penetration.

The new position made his legs touch hers. His knee and shin were pushed into her calf and the warmth of her long thigh was solid against his upper leg. She squirmed her legs so that one of his was sandwiched between her inner thighs and the other was flat on the mattress. The shock of so much skin touching his body made Jon so excited he had to have more. He hunched his pelvis forward and upward, hoping for dear life she wouldn't know he was awake, and drove his member deeper than ever before.

"Ungh," she grunted, "oh wow! Jon must be dreaming he's fucking some girl to give it to me that good." His new activity raised her temperature and she felt the juices start to flow in her genitals and rectum. Suddenly she was all warm and wet throughout the entire area of her crotch. She returned his thrusting motion and set up a rhythm. It was wonderful for her. She had a penis inside her just where she wanted it, yet she was the one who maintained control.

Young Jon was at once excited and awed by the older girl. The pleasure he felt was so new and intense that he wanted more and more of it, yet his shyness about doing such a thing with a girl so much older than he was didn't leave him.

He lay on his side behind her and moved as much as he dared, taking every cue from her motions in front of him. Maisie took her hand away from his penis and placed it on her own breast. He was now sinking his organ so deeply into her that there was no room for her fingers to grasp it. And the hot junction of their parts was so stimulating to her that her breasts needed some attention in their own right.

She fit her left hand around a bulging nipple and slipped her right hand between the now swollen lips of her red, damp vulva. Jon was so excited she knew he couldn't last long so she let herself go and abandoned her aroused rectum to gyrate as much as it wanted.

She churned her buttocks back and forth on the sheet and worked herself into a frenzy before Jon ejaculated. When it came spurting into her hungry channel she had an enormously satisfying climax. He backed up from her and lay breathing rapidly for several minutes.

Soon she cooled down and started to relax into a pleasant sleep. Then she felt the touch of his hard flesh gingerly poking about, seeking the gateway to her rectum again. She was amazed and delighted. She had forgotten how young he was, and how quickly a boy of his age could attain a second erection.

She greedily opened her thighs and crammed her moist buttocks around the shaft of his organ for a second time. When he saw how much the older girl welcomed his new advance Jon started moving his pelvis against her once more. The thick, bullet-shaped end of his penis spread her anus open and rushed inside the warm cave of her rectum with terrific gusto. He seemed so consumed by passion that he no longer even cared whether she minded or not. She didn't, of course. Hardly.

She rocked her firm thighs back and forth sideways on the sheet 'til she was meeting every one of his adolescent thrusts with the wet, open mouth of her hungry anus. She could feel his legs trembling against the back of her thighs from the excitement of what he was doing to her. Neither she nor Jon said a word.

All their energy was being used up in their spirited pelvic contact. She felt the sweat rolling down his stomach and upper thighs as he banged into her like a toy cannon.

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He was giving her all the sex she needed right between the legs now, and she didn't even feel any desire to masturbate herself in front as she often did. She hugged her arms around herself and squeezed her generous breasts tightly against the smooth skin of her arms and her wrists. The wet flow from her genitals and anus ran down her skin and onto the bed and still she ground away.

Every delicious movement of the boy's swollen penis brought her closer and closer to the release she craved. She bit down on her forearm to keep from scaring Jon to death with her yell, then melted under the power of a sweet, hot orgasm that wracked her body and left her breathless. He fell away from her as before as soon as he climaxed, and lay quietly on his side 'til his breathing rate subsided. Maisie listened to him and within ten minutes his breaths had become regular and deep.

He had gone to sleep. It wasn't long afterwards when she herself drifted off to a restful slumber. But long before morning -- some time deep in the night or early morning -- the precocious youngster again rubbed up against her backside. She didn't awaken at first. The tables were turned on her.

Before she was completely conscious, Jon slipped his penis into her rear and she woke up to the sensation of its energetic motion deep inside her! It was apparently her turn to mix sleep and sex. But with her it was quite real. When she realized what was happening to her she swooned from the pleasure of it and allowed him to work away on her. Jeez, she thought to herself, the little devil's at it again.

Kids his age might not have much opportunity, but when they get the chance they can fuck like crazy. Jon was even more sure of himself this time because he knew Maisie was asleep -- at least when he started in on her. What he didn't know was that she was enjoying it so much she had no intention whatsoever of making him stop.

After several minutes he grunted and shot off inside her. By that time she was not only awake, but her rectum was crying for the feel of his hot spunk. She rocked forward as it hit the tender walls of the moist channel and exploded into her third orgasm of the night. Only then did the two fall asleep and remain so until morning.

The first thing Maisie heard was Kitty's excited voice telling her to get up and get into her clothes as soon as possible. Jon's parents were coming home that morning much earlier than expected and were due any minute. She had to leave the apartment fast.

It would hardly do for them to find their thirteen-year-old son in bed with a strange girl six years his senior. Jon lay perfectly quiet during the whole episode and was still pretending to be asleep when Maisie dashed out the door and into her car. "But Kitty," she was yelling, "I have to tell you what happened. I have to tell you how groovy it was and." "Great.

Glad you dug it. But not now, Maisie. His parents are going to walk in that door any minute!" she screamed. She ran out Kitty's front door still waving good-bye and looking back over her shoulder. She wheeled around a corner in the lobby and -- smack! -- piled headlong into a middle-aged couple. She looked up from flat on her behind and blinked her eyes -- the man had to be Jon, Sr. If Jon had been a Jr., that is.

In any case, the man she had barged into had the face of a fifty-year-old Jon. These must be the boy's parents, it dawned on her! Then she noticed that he was staring at her as hard as she was staring at him. Not at her face, though. Up her skirt. She looked down at herself and found that her short skirt was up well above her buttocks, giving the old lecher a full view of her panty-covered crotch.

She angrily jerked the hem down but he still gazed at the long, mesh-encased lengths of her legs. The skirt would only go down so far and no farther. But the interlude didn't last long. "De-e-e-a-r," intoned his wife acidly, "you can get up now." That brought him back to earth fast. He leaped to his feet and apologized profusely to Maisie even though it was quite obviously her fault the accident had occurred.

He started to extend a hand to her to assist her, but again his wife cut in. "Brush yourself off, Henry," she told him in a commanding tone. "I'm sure the young lady can manage to get up by herself." Maisie flushed red. The woman's meaning was clear. Any girl who was attractive enough for keeping her husband's attention was obviously not a very ladylike female.

Maisie rose and tripped away to her car as the couple continued on. Any doubt she had that they were Jon's parents was removed when she slid under the wheel and heard the woman's raucous voice coming out the bedroom window of Kitty's apartment.

"Kitty," she was yelling, "did you let Jon stay up and watch TV all night? Look how tired and listless he looks. Jon, I've told you a thousand times." The woman's voice trailed away in the distance as Maisie pulled away from the curb and headed for home. She giggled to herself. What would the loudmouthed old bag do, she wondered, if she knew the real reason for her darling little boy's appearance?

That it was caused by the same thing that made her husband gawk and dawdle on the way to the place? She smiled to herself. What the old bastard wouldn't do to get just a little bit of the kind of attention she'd been giving his still-wet-behind-the-ears son all night! One thing was certain. Jon's enthusiasm and unsuspected prowess with Maisie's brand of sex opened up new vistas for her.

She never would have thought of having anything to do with a kid that young, but he had really come through. She idly wondered how many other kids of his age or maybe a little older she had passed by when it just might have been very rewarding. Oh well, boys that young were too dangerous to fool with unless there was some relative like Kitty to be a go-between.

She wouldn't go around, looking for any that young. But neither would she soon forget the pleasure she'd gotten from Jon's long-lasting little penis. On her way home that morning, Maisie drove past the docks. It wasn't just to see the ships. She'd had occasion to notice the men loading and unloading them many times before. It was them she watched as she drove through the area. Most of them were hard-muscled, tough-looking men, she thought as she watched them at work.

Men who seemed to her they just might be able and willing to do things to a girl that other men would be queasy about -- like driving a penis up the bottom of her rear end.

For the rest of the week she worked hard at her job and stayed home at night. She could have had plenty of dates but she was getting to the point where she'd rather not bother if there wasn't a good chance to get the kind of loving she craved.

One night she got the old feeling again and this time it was so strong she wasn't going to deny it. She plopped into bed, pulled her secret porno magazine from its drawer, and masturbated herself to two stormy climaxes before she went to sleep. As usual, she looked longingly at the picture of the man with the giant organ while she did it, and busied her fingers more inside her rear channel than she did inside her front one. The next night she wouldn't settle for her own touch there. It had to be someone else.

She got dressed and headed for the docks. She drove along the waterfront 'til she came to the Anchor Inn, then parked beside a spur of the railroad tracks and walked toward the place. As she crossed the railroad on foot she had a peculiar feeling she was in a very familiar atmosphere even though she'd never before been there. She smiled to herself.

It figured, she thought. There was no denying the fact that this was a very rough section of the city. A downright seedy section, in fact.

And wasn't she, to tell the truth about the matter, a girl from "the wrong side of the tracks"? It had been all her mother could do, as she and her older sisters were growing up, to clothe their backs. They had been poor and she had been looked down upon by girls at her high school who were rich and wore the frills.

The "nice girls". Ha! They had wanted to do the things with boys she did, they just didn't have the guts. She knew most girls would be afraid to go alone to a sleazy waterfront dive like the Anchor Inn. but she felt right at home there. And before the night was over she expected to feel plenty more.

She sat by herself at a table and ordered a beer. She wasn't alone for five minutes. A deep voice behind her said, "Beer'll make you fat, sugar, didn't you know that?" She looked up and saw a muscular man about thirty-five in a tight-fitting black T-shirt.

A black cap was cocked over one eye and he had a two-day growth of beard. "See anything fat about me?" she retorted, without batting an eye or lowering her glass from her hand. He slouched into a chair at the table without asking and took a long look at her as he drained the last few drops from the bottle of beer he was drinking, before he spoke.

"None except in the right places," he said, staring directly at her breasts. Maisie knew he could see plenty of skin there. The blouse she wore left plenty of cleavage visible. He asked her if she wasn't kind of young to be in a bar.

She knew he was fishing to make sure she was over eighteen so he wouldn't be liable for a statutory charge if he got into her pants. "I'm old enough," she replied, in a calm, confident voice. "Old enough to drink your beer from a bottle then, aren't you?" he said, holding up his hand to order two more from the bar.

She just smiled at him from under her dark lashes. When the beer arrived at the table he shook his head angrily at the waitress and said, "No, damn it. In a sack. We're leaving this damn place." Minutes later she had let him steer her but the door and down a dark alley. He slipped his arm around her rib cage and pulled her close as they passed the last street light. His fingers boldly went straight to the side of her swelling breast and when he gripped it through her blouse she didn't resist.

He guided her into the doorway of a warehouse and set her down roughly against some feed sacks. He made a big show of opening the beer bottles with his teeth, then pushed one toward her with gusto. She took it and drank it in gulps like he did, letting the overflow run down her arm.

He reached to wipe it off with his sleeve, then ran his hand on up her arm to the soft bare skin of her throat. He pulled her against him with his other arm and she felt him reach into her blouse and push his fingers aggressively into the tight cleavage of her fully-packed breast. He was obviously not going to concern himself with any preliminaries. He put his whiskery face on hers and kissed her hard. His tongue stabbed between her lips and she offered hers to the man in spite of herself.

She wanted some loving, sure, but she was beginning to think the burly man would be too much for her. What if he insisted on taking the regular way? What would she do if he demanded entry to the front of her lush loins?

She broke away from his mouth and said, "Okay, lover, so I came with you -- slow down, huh? I don't even know your name." "Name's Joe, now take your fuckin' dress off," he replied impatiently to the surprised girl. She swallowed hard.

He was definitely going to be too much for her, she thought, panic filling her heart. When she didn't make a move to do what he'd told her, he tossed his beer bottle over the pile of feed sacks and grabbed the hem of her skirt himself.

He jerked it up above her thighs in one motion and uncovered her down to her underwear. The thin blue panties she wore were entirely visible, and his eyes riveted onto her crotch like a magnet. She felt fear, yet the man's firmness also sent a spark of desire through her.

She wanted him but was afraid she couldn't handle him. She had to do something fast. "Okay then, sweetheart, have it your way," he was saying, "leave the God damned thing on then. I don't have to have you all the way naked to fuck you. I'll have plenty of room to get my prick in you with your dress up to your." She interrupted him. "Listen, Joe, don't be mad," she lied, "but.

but I've got the monthlies. I go for you plenty, but you wouldn't want to." "You on the rag?" he shot back at her. His eyes were blazing. "No shit? You on the fuckin' rag!" She nodded her head furiously and convinced him she was telling the truth. She hoped he'd be the kind of man who would be put off by her condition and not want to touch her where she bled.

He was. "S'okay, sweetheart," he slurred, his beer breath in her nostrils, "we'll just have to do it different then.

I got to get my nuts off with you, though, you ain't getting away from here without giving some kind of lovin' to me!" She pounced on his suggestion. "Joe," she cried, gripping his arm tightly in her fingers, "you can do it to me here. I'll let you do that to me." She jerked down her panties and flopped onto her stomach, presenting the bare cheeks of her smooth, creamy bottom to the surprised man.

She pointed to the separation between the twin globes and spread her legs wide. "Naw, none of that brown-hole stuff for me," he said.

"I ain't no ass fucker." But as he spoke he began lowering his pants. She brightened, thinking he was changing his mind. She squirmed her pelvis on the floor of the warehouse and her eyes got a glassy look in them at the thought of having him give her what she wanted.

He saw the change come over her face and grinned like a fox. "Oh, so that's it," he said with a little laugh.

"You like to have it up the ass, huh?" Her face reddened at his comment and then he knew with even more certainty that he had been right. She watched him look at her naked rear and wanted desperately for him to be stimulated by it, but she found that his mind was on something quite different. "You sure as hell want it, okay," he told her, "I can see that. You need prick up your ass like most girls need it up their cunts. I ain't giving it to you there though. The brown-hole scene makes me puke.

Your mouth is what I want." He suddenly dropped to his knees and yanked her off her stomach. She saw his naked penis for the first time and felt herself go wet between the legs from desire for it. He spun her around facing him and brought her to her knees.

"Take hold of this and treat me right if you know what's good for you," he told her in a low voice. "Any slut who likes her ass fucked ought to like eating the one-eyed worm too. Look at that, look how big it is, baby -- don't that make your cunt hot to see it there? Don't tell me you never done it before, neither, 'cause I won't believe a fuckin' word of it. Now eat the old one-eyed worm!" He put both powerful hands behind her head and pulled forward. He did have a nice one, she thought.

She might have really enjoyed putting her mouth on him if it had been her own idea, but she hated to be forced. He seemed to know this and stopped pushing her head just short of the point where her mouth would have struck the head of it.

She bent before him and looked up into his eyes with a mixture of fear and desire. Then she went ahead and dropped her face downward. "Ah shit, I knew you'd want to suck it, baby!" Joe yelled out to her as he felt her young lips touch his glans. He sat on his wrinkled pants and grunted in pleasure as she moved her mouth on the shaft of it and took his testicles in her hands. The noises she made as she sucked him sent thrills through her own half naked body as much as through his.

The sound was very much like the sound of a man's cock jamming into a girl's ass hole, she thought, her passion mounting. She worked her open mouth up and down the length of his instrument with increasing fervor. If only it was my ass hole getting this juicy hunk of meat, she thought to herself. Joe reached under her and took hold of her jiggling breasts with both hands.

He squeezed one like he was milking a cow, with firm, strong movements from base to tip, and toyed with the other one's nipple. He had her so aroused that both of them stood up hard as tacks on the ends of her sweating mammaries.

"C'mon, baby," he yelled, "give me more tongue action. Suck me good, suck me and lick it. Lick it now, come on, put that little tongue on me like you knew what you were doing!" She obeyed. She curled her tongue around the thickness of his organ and applied it to his hot, hard flesh as though she was squeezing the last juicy drops of flavor from a popsicle. He started groaning and working his pelvis up and down off the floor to meet the wet, dripping hole of her open mouth.

Saliva ran down his penis and into his pubic hair. "That's it, sweetheart, gimme plenty of spit!" he yelled, his voice rising. She knew he was about to ejaculate and started to jerk her mouth off to avoid getting it full of his hot issue. "Keep sucking me, damn you," he yelled, seeing what she was trying to do.

"Take it all in and swallow it or I'll break your neck for you, little ass hole freak!" Then he dug her breasts hard with his fingernails and she knew he was about to explode into her. The end of his penis was all the way to the back of her throat.

She milked her wet lips on his shiny red instrument like her life depended on it. "Ah. ahhh," she heard him groan. Then she felt a strong pulse in the shaft of his penis with the sensitive surface of her tongue, and suddenly her mouth was full of the thick, hot seed of his manhood. He yelled and propelled his pelvis into her mouth, expended all his issue, then sank back on the floor. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and pulled his pants on.

She sat on her haunches, her panties down and her pretty long legs exposed to his view, and watched him brush the hair out of his face and walk out the warehouse door. She was dying to spit out what he had ejaculated into her mouth but was afraid to until he was gone. When his footsteps faded down the dark alley, she spat on the floor.

Maisie was still very excited. The man had secured an obviously quite satisfying release for his own passions, but her needs were still far from being fulfilled. Wow, she thought to herself, if only I could've got him to stick it up my rear!

If she had been home she would have known how to satisfy herself at once, even though it wasn't as good as having a man inside her. She would have simply masturbated herself. But in these strange surroundings she was fearful and unsure of herself. She wanted to get away from the warehouse fast and get back to the safety of her car.

She was ready to admit that she had bitten off more than she could chew, but her loins still ached with desire. At home, in the privacy of her bed, she would really work herself over. She started pulling her clothes on and smoothing them over her firm curves as best she could in the dim light of the warehouse.

Just when she was ready to creep out the doorway and find her way back down the alley, she dropped her purse and had to get on her knees to find the small items that tumbled out.

As she searched in the darkness and fretted over finding everything she'd lost, she became despondent. If only she was back in bed with the young teenaged boy, she bemoaned, where she controlled the situation. It had been wonderful having his stiff little member up her rectum. Or even the man who had picked her up when she was hitchhiking.

Even he would be better than a man like Joe, who had taken what he wanted without caring about her own satisfaction.

Oh well, she sighed, at least he hadn't raped her. She'd been lucky enough to talk him out of that. She found her lost articles and was just starting to get up and leave when the sound of a voice burst out from the stillness.

"Hey, honey, you the girl that needs her ass fucked?" boomed the voice. Then there was laughter. "You must be the one. The way you're hunkered down on the floor there, it looks like you're ready to take a prick up your ass right now!" CHAPTER FOUR She froze and looked up over her shoulder. A man stood behind her with his pants open and his penis in his hand. He grinned through the hair hanging down in his eyes and licked his lips. "Joe said there was a girl down here that liked to have her ass worked on," he said.

"Here's just the cock to do it for you." Maisie looked him straight in the eye. He wasn't very good-looking but two things impressed her -- the man's naked organ and his expressed willingness to use it on her. "Look, mister, I'm not going to lie to you," she said, looking up at him with shining eyes. "Joe told you right. The bastard also got me hot as hell and then took off without doing anything about it. If you want the truth, I'm just dying to be fucked in the ass right this minute.

I guess you can tell how hot I am just by looking though, can't you? I don't think this skirt's long enough to cover very much of my ass, and I was bent way over when you came up just now. You must have got an awful good look between my legs." The man's eyes gazed down at her and he kicked off his shoes and lowered his pants.

"Come on, buddy," he cried to someone outside the doorway. "You don't have to wait. You hear what this cunt's telling? She's so God damned hot she can take us both on at once!" Maisie blanched and stammered. "Hey, wait a minute, I didn't know there were two of you! Y-y-y-ou better not. you better not have Joe with you. i-i-i-if he's back again." A short redheaded man stepped out from the shadows and cut short her speech.

"Don't worry," he said, "Joe already got what he wanted from you. He ain't here. Now, let's see what you got under them panties. Come on, let us see what it was Joe got to see." "No," she cried, backing up from the two men by squirming her bottom on the floor and digging in her heels.

"All I did with him was to. I just." "Went down on him, didn't you?" said the first man, the taller of the two. "Ate his cock for him 'cause you were on the rag and couldn't give him no pussy, didn't you?" She bowed her head in shame.

"Yes. He made me. I told him I couldn't let him fuck me and he." "You're in luck now, sugar," the redhead broke in. "Joe might not like fucking a gal when she's bleeding, but not me. I'm gonna give it to you in the pussy." She reeled at his words and gasped for breath. She knew she didn't stand a chance against the two of them. She was about to be raped -- her maidenhead was about to be split and there was nothing in the world she could do about it. She felt terribly defenseless.

Stammering, she reminded the tall man that he'd said he was interested in her rear, that he said he was just the man for that kind of action. His reply appalled her. "Sure, honey, I do go for fucking broads in the ass -- but only when I lose." Both men guffawed.

"We flipped a coin on the way down here to see who'd get to fuck you in the ass and who'd get the pleasure of your cunt, and I lost. Neither one of us wanted sloppy seconds, so that's how we got around it." "Yeah," chimed in the redhead, "he'd have much rather fucked your cunt, but he lost the flip. I get to do it to that sweet little pussy of yours and he's gonna give it to you up the ass after I finish. Come on, baby, off with those panties!" Maisie's body was wet with terror.

Her mother's warning kept drumming in her ears. What if she got pregnant? And even if she didn't, she'd still have to give in to letting a man's penis in her front for the first time in her life. She'd lose her virginity for sure. She didn't move fast enough to suit them so the redhead grabbed her ankles and yelled for the taller man to hold her arms. He grabbed her in a bear hug from behind and she felt the hard ends of his fingers squeeze into her lush breasts through the fabric of her thin blouse.

There was no way for her to resist. She wriggled and squealed but her movements, causing her clothes to twist off strategic parts of her firm body, only excited the men more. She watched as the redhead slowly drew her panties off her trim long legs and uncovered the thick bush of hair between her thighs. "Look at that, will you!" he yelled. "Look at the hairy snatch on this broad! Hold her good, buddy. I'm gonna give that nice little twat of hers a nice hot fucking!" The two wrestled her onto her back and she lay trembling while they stripped off the rest of her clothes.

Every square inch of her nineteen-year-old body was laid bare before their hungry eyes. As her blouse came off, the tall man yelled, "God damn, look at the nice jugs on her! You may get to fuck her cunt before I get to stick mine up her asshole, but there sure as hell ain't nothing that says I gotta keep my hands off her tits!" He greedily clasped the succulent mounds in his two hands and began rubbing her nipples, hard in spite of themselves, between his fingertips.

The redhead was already lying down on top of her. He spread her thighs apart and she felt the heavy weight of organ plop against the tenderness of her inner thighs.

Before she knew it, his hands were already busy at the center of her groin. He parted the curly thickness of her pubic hair like a thirsty man seeking a water well in high grass. In seconds his fingers were at the very core of her secrets, nervously touching the moist outer lips. Then his marauding fingers went deeper into her and touched the inner flesh itself. He was so anxious to press his manhood inside the girl's pouting vulva that he failed even to notice that she wasn't having her period as she had claimed.

"Hold her, buddy!" he yelled, and drove himself forward on top of her naked body. Maisie's sensitive genitals accepted his penis with a shock. She had had her finger there before many times, and had sometimes allowed men to do the same -- but never with the hard length of the penis itself. She tried to squeeze her legs together but it was no use.

He looked down at her pretty face, framed all around by tangled strands of her beautiful black hair, and grinned evilly at her. "That's just the end of it, sugar," he wheezed.

"Now take the rest of it!" His penis sped through the warm length of her vagina and burst through her maidenhead with a splat. "Oouch!" she yelled. "Oooooooooh!" The thin membrane was now severed and Maisie, who was technically a virgin in spite of all her prior sex experience, lost her virginity in the part of her body where most of her girl friends had lost theirs long before.

The sweat stood out on her forehead and she writhed under the man's body like a fish. It wasn't from passion so much as from a strong attempt to get his penis out of her. She wasn't successful. He kept sliding it forward and backward through her genitals as fast as he could.

"Look," yelled the tall man, who still held her arms to her sides and her breasts in his hands, "I think she's liking it! She's trying not to show it, but I think she's starting to get herself all worked up in spite of herself!" The redhead raised his face toward his friend and gasped, "Too fuckin' bad, then.

I'm about to get my nuts off. If it took her this long to like it, to hell with her!" He had in fact entered the girl's organs only a very short time before. But he had taken no pains to prolong the act. He wanted his shallow satisfaction then and there. "Hurry, then," yelled the tall man. "Finish up so I can turn her over!" Maisie felt a few smarting pains deep inside her, but the truth was that she was beginning to enjoy the feeling more than she had thought she would.

Maybe after a few more minutes of this -- but it wasn't to be. The redhead made a gruff noise deep in his throat and she felt his penis go limp. She couldn't feel the wetness of his sperm because her vagina was already coated with blood from her broken maidenhead. He rolled off and smiled, then gestured for the tall man to take his turn with the girl.

Maisie was very tired by now, and although there was little loss of blood, her genitals were nevertheless very uncomfortable from the aftermath of the pain. Apparently the man hadn't even noticed she was a virgin, she realized with some satisfaction.

She was glad to have him remain ignorant of it, knowing he would have gloated and made a big thing of the fact. What a clod! she thought to herself.

He rammed his cock right through my cherry and he doesn't even know it! But the breaking of the hymen had other effects. It fooled the pair into believing she had been having her period.

"Ha ha," chortled the tall one who still held her. "She's sure bleeding all right. Look what her monthlies did to your cock -- it's red all over. No wonder Joe didn't want to fuck her pussy." "Fuck it," growled the redhead, "it'll come off with a little soap and water. Joe was a fuckin' idiot not to lay the meat to her himself when he had the chance." The tall man rolled her all the way onto her stomach and spread her legs with his hands.

At least he started to -- as soon as she felt the legs with his hands. At least he started to -- as soon as she felt the touch of his fingers on her backside, she opened her thighs of her own accord. Tired as she was, the tender circle of her anus still longed to be penetrated even after she had been raped in front.

When his heavy weight fell on the backs of her thighs, she swooned and raised her buttocks upward in spite of her condition. It was certainly no fun being raped, but at least she was going to have something good come from it, she was glad to discover. She had begun to think the tall man was lying and that he was going to follow his friend into her front, after all. What a relief to feel him mounting her backside, as he had claimed he was going to do!

"That's the way, sweety," he said, lowering his hard shaft toward the beckoning little orifice between her cheeks, "open up and let daddy give you something big and stiff in there!" He was a little surprised at her cooperation, but he was much too excited to care why. He didn't try to make her grow gradually passionate by caressing her buttocks before entering. He drove straight into her and split the tight cheeks of her firm little bottom with one tremendous thrust.

"Ungh!" he grunted, lunging forward against her back as he completed the hearty stroke. "Take this up your crack, sweetheart!" Maisie was shaken to the roots of her being. It felt like a rolling pin had been shoved up her ass. She was driven into the floor by the force, and her breasts were mashed flat against her rib cage. Her lips touched the hard floor and she got feed dust in her mouth. Any girl who wasn't used to anal sex would have been hurt as well as humiliated.

But not Maisie!


"Oh my God!" she groaned. "Don't stop now. I want." she was gasping for air, "I want as much of that thing as you'll give!" But the tall man had already pulled his organ all the way out and crammed it back inside before she finished the words. He grabbed her by the back of the neck with one hand and reached for one of her buttock cheeks with the other.

The tension of his vice grip made cold chills run down the girl's spine and sparked new life in her loins even before he'd re-entered her anus. She rubbed herself against him with shameless, animal energy that caused the redheaded man to look on with unbelieving eyes. "You really got a live one under you, pal," said the redhead to his friend.

"The bitch is going bananas -- look at her jam that ass of hers up and down, will you!" "Look, hell," shot back the tall man, his face red and beefy with sweat, "I'm feeling what she's doing, you dumb fucker!" He rasped down at the girl, "You gettin' what you need from my old cock, ain't you, baby? You really gettin' your ass greased now, ain't you!" "You know I am," she moaned.

Her black hair was flying around her face like a windstorm. "Oh, you know I'm gettin' it from your sweet hot prick!" The redhead felt a bit jealous of the effect his friend was having with the girl. "Enjoy it all you can, brother," he said. "You ought to be glad I got her so damned warmed up for you. If we had it to do over again I'd let you go first, you bastard, and then I'd get the kind of hot shit she's putting out now!" Maisie's mind was locked in on one thing.

It was as though her anus was directly connected to her brain by a highline wire, and nothing else mattered. "Do it over again!" she moronically screamed, picking up on a few words of what the redhead had said.

"Yeah man, that's it. Do it over again. Do it again!" She was so far gone she had no idea what he had actually said. She just extracted what sounded good to her fevered ears and ran it back through her mouth.

The tall man was gritting his teeth and his breath was coming in heavy gusts. He kneaded her cheek like firm dough and powered his penis into her faster and faster. Maisie's eyes rolled back in her head and she felt, to her great joy, that she was about to hit her peak. She shook her head wildly from side to side and yelled. "Shoot me with it, lover. Cram my ass with it, I can take it all from you!" He needed little encouragement.

He couldn't have lasted another minute and a half if his life depended on it. He ground his swollen instrument into her backside one last time and spewed out heavy wads of white, creamy sperm. Maisie felt it hit her insides and jerked her rump like a grasshopper. A searing flow of heat shook her entire rectum. She whimpered like a baby, let out a high yelp, and arched her back in the clutch of a frantic climax.

The tall man lay on her even after he had expended himself, but his ease didn't last long. His friend, now clothed, ran to him and jerked him off the girl's back. "Come on buddy," he cried, "we better get the hell out of here. This damn broad made so much racket somebody's liable to come running in on us." The tall man got up and started getting into his pants and trying to button his shirt at the same time.

The redhead was dragging him along sideways and cursing him for dawdling. "Come on, damn it!" he urged. "To hell with your fuckin' clothes, let's go!

That broad's mouth is so loud somebody's gonna think we raped her or something!" Maisie heard them run down the alley, the redhead still cursing and the tall man still stumbling over his pants. She hadn't realized how much noise she was making. Maybe they were right. If so, she would hate for anyone to come and find her this way. She scurried up from the warehouse floor and frantically began trying to make herself look halfway presentable.

It was an impossible task. Her clothes weren't torn but they were terribly wrinkled, dusty, and disarranged. The numerous wet spots on her dress, in both the front and back, did little to add to her appearance. She was sore, true, but not so much as to worry her. She felt so relieved over finally getting rid of the pair -- and over the release she'd enjoyed from her anal activity -- that she looked much worse than she was.

She headed down the alley toward her car. But evidently the noises she'd made had been too loud. Before she got half a block, a couple of winos tottered over to her. "Hey, lil mish," one slurred, "whash the matter here?

You okay? Me and my partner heard." He was interrupted by his companion, whose hiccups and red eyes made it clear he was equally under the weather. "Want us to call the copsh?" he asked. "Thish ain't any plash for a young lady to be thish time of night." At first they scared her, but she soon saw they were both as drunk as sin and could barely stand up. She wondered how they had even gotten as far as they had. "No," she replied, "I'm okay.

It was just. just some thief trying to snatch my purse. When I yelled, he ran off. Thanks, fellows, for your concern." And she dashed on down the alley toward her car. Behind her, the winos stood swaying on their feet and holding each other up for support. They watched her walk away into the darkness, then one turned to the other.

"You think thash really what was happenin' down here?" he asked. "Somebody trying to snatch her purse?" The other man looked at him cynically. "Well, from the way she looked, the guy must have been trying to yank it out through her pussy. She sure was all messed up." "She sure was," agreed the first, as tobacco juice ran down the front of his torn shirt and the wind blew the chewed cuffs of his ancient trousers.

Maisie made her way to the car without being seen and headed for home. It made her much better as soon as she was away from the waterfront district. As she drove she thought about what had happened to her. She admitted to herself that she had been foolhardy to go there alone, and she deeply resented the fact that she had lost her virginity. There had been plenty of guys she might have given it to before if she had known she was going to lose it by being raped!

Yet her recollection of the scene in the warehouse was with mixed feelings. Joe had been bad enough, making her mouth him off and then leaving her hot and unsatisfied. But the other two were worse. They had actually held her down and forced her to allow their dirty hands on her naked body. The first, of course, had been terrible. Her tender vagina still smarted a little from the pain. She put her hand between her thighs as she sped through the streets, rubbing the sensitive area as she drove.

Yet she had to admit that the second man had given her a rousing orgasm in spite of the fact that it was under duress. Was it possible she had enjoyed it more because of the force involved, she wondered? She had heard of girls like that. But no, she smiled, it was strictly because of the way he did it that had satisfied her so much. She could just never pass up a chance to have herself penetrated in the rear, that was all.

And in retrospect, maybe the frontal activity hadn't been so bad, either. Just so he hadn't made her pregnant, she hoped with alarm! As soon as she was home she took a long shower and douched herself. First she simply used a normal preparation that she kept in her medicine cabinet, but the more the fear of pregnancy preyed on her mind, the more she worried about it.

She dashed to the refrigerator and yanked a Coke out. She'd heard in high school. She lay on her back and upended the bottle into her vulva. The bubbles tickled and seemed to irritate the lining of her vagina somewhat, but the added feeling of security it gave her more than made up for any discomfort.

She washed the remainder of the liquid from her thighs, toweled her fragrant organs dry, and went to sleep. It was several days before she accepted a date from anyone. She wanted to make sure her genitals were back to normal. She took a mirror so she could see better and examined the depths of her vagina under a strong light. It was hours before her date and she had plenty of time. She stripped off her panties and sat down on a throw rug in her bedroom.

With the aid of the hand mirror she could see the moist, red inner depths of her organs very clearly. What she saw bothered her. She dialed Kitty. She had already told her about the night at the Anchor Inn and the warehouse, so she got right to the point. "Did you.

did you have a kind of raggedy look to the inside of your pussy when you lost your cherry?" she asked. At first her girl friend laughed and said it had been so long since she lost that she couldn't remember what it looked like.

Then she got serious and said, "That's just the edges of what's left. Your cherry isn't like a neat little stopper, you know. It's going to be sort of uneven like that until you really get it broken in." "What do you mean, 'broken in'?" questioned Maisie. "Well, after you've had a few more cocks ream it out for you, it'll lose the ragged edges and get smooth.

It's no big deal. I'm surprised you even bothered to call me about it," replied Kitty. Maisie bristled. "I'm not sure I ever want another guy inside me again after what Joe and his cronies did to me. At least not up my pussy. I should have listened to mom. She had the right idea even if it was for the wrong reasons. I know now that I missed getting pregnant from it, but it was rough and ugly having my cherry split like that anyway.

I'm sticking to my old favorite. believe me, Kitty, the sweetest fuck a girl can get is right up the asshole." Her girl friend was silent on the other end of the line for a time. If Maisie had been talking to anyone else she would have thought maybe they were shocked by what she said. But Kitty had known her long enough to be fully aware of her secret passion. Why the pause?

Finally she answered. "I can dig what you say about not having a guy fuck you again. They can all be pretty rough clods with a girl. I know you've always been crazy to have it up the ass, but there are other ways too, you know.

ways that leave guys entirely out of it." "Huh?" asked Maisie. "What do you mean? If there's no guy involved how would you." She stopped herself and then giggled.

"Oh, now I know what you mean. You mean by doing a little finger work on yourself, huh? Well well, Miss Naughty, so you play with yourself too, do you? We've never talked about stuff like that before, but since you've mentioned it first I'll tell you that it's no big secret. I already do that sometimes, Kitty." "No," answered the girl, surprising Maisie, "that's not what I mean, either. I'm not afraid to admit I masturbate myself sometimes when I get real horny, just like you said you do.

But what I'm talking about is farther out than that, Maisie. Remember, until I called you last week, we hadn't been in touch for quite a while. I've changed quite a bit during that time, too." An idea flashed through Maisie's head. "Hey, you don't mean.

you don't mean you go in for the lezzie bit now, do you?" she asked incredulously. Kitty's voice was mysterious but warm. "Let's just say it's something not to be discussed over the phone, Maisie.

If you're really interested to know what I'm talking about, I'd much rather talk about it in person. Make it some night when you don't have men on your mind as much as you do right now. If there ever are any nights like that!

I have to run now. Bye." When Maisie hung up the phone she was puzzled, but still very interested in what Kitty had been saying. Could it be that.? Well, she'd think about that some other time. Right now other things were on her mind. She went to the bathroom and looked through her medicine chest for a certain item that had been in the back of her mind ever since the night she was raped -- her enema kit.

She gave herself enemas from time to time, but ever since that night she had somehow felt especially dirty. It was as though the humiliation of being raped had affected her mind. She knew she was clean down there, yet somehow it seemed more and more important to douche and give herself enemas.

She was smart enough to know the feeling was probably just a psychological hangover from being assaulted by the men, but that didn't make the physical desire any less. Warm water wasn't enough anymore, she decided. She would go down to the drug store and pick up a special enema preparation.

She threw on her clothes and walked down the hall. She noticed the new janitor sweeping a stairwell on her way out. She knew the man was looking right up her skirt as she walked down. He was in a perfect position to see a lot too. But it always gave Maisie a charge to have a guy try to see up her skirt or down her blouse regardless of whether anything else followed. And the guy was kind of cute, after all. She smiled to herself and pretended not to see him standing below her.

She thought of the black lace panties she happened to be wearing underneath. It would probably get him all hot and agitated to see all the way up her thighs without being able to do anything about it, but that wasn't her problem.

As she passed him on her way down the hall she spoke to him, taking care to be friendly without being seductive. Even though he was good-looking, she already had a date for later on that night. And the man had always acted pretty shy around her, anyway. "Hi, Darrell," she called brightly to him as she went out the door of the apartment building.

He was so surprised that she had remembered his name that he was too tongue-tied to even answer. After she was gone he looked out the window at her until she was out of sight. She was right about where the young janitor's eyes had been -- he had waited breathlessly to see her when he heard her door open.

And all the way down the stairs, he had feasted his eyes hungrily on the tanned, tender flesh of her firm young thighs. Damn, he thought with frustration, if I could just get under there sometime and get those cute panties off of her, I could really get an eyeful! He thought longingly of the sensuous curves of her body and wished he could get a date with her.

The blood filled his groin and he felt his organ harden. His attention was especially focused on the rounded hillocks of the girl's tightly-pantied buttocks. The picture of her rhythmically swinging rear end haunted him. Even if it weren't for the fact that he was a janitor, he unhappily reflected, he'd never be able to make any time with her.

How could a beautiful girl like her want anything to do with a guy like him, who wanted to do such dirty things to a girl. It wasn't that he wanted to hurt her -- but the things he craved to do with her would probably make her think he was a lunatic. He slowly began sweeping the hallway, his penis still hard under his pants and his mind on Maisie's jutting rear. Maybe someday, if he ever got up the nerve to approach her. Maisie was now entering the drug store.

Her purchases were usually confined to the front, away from the prescription department. This time that was her destination.

She'd noticed the slim, middle-aged druggist back there before but had never had occasion to speak to him. She knew she could find what she wanted on the shelf and was glad of it. It would be awfully embarrassing to ask a male employee of the store about something like enema preparations, even if he was a pharmacist. As she paused in front of the shelves she saw the man look appraisingly over the curves of her body. She smiled to herself, pleased at his attention. She was accustomed to such looks from men, but it never failed to please her when it happened.

It was -- mentally, at least -- a conquest. She knew what thoughts must be running through the man's mind, how he'd surely love to see her naked and how he'd undoubtedly go crazy if he could get his hands on her.

As she reached toward the section of the shelf where the enema preparations were kept, the pharmacist swiveled his head so quickly she couldn't help noticing. She saw out of the corner of her eye that he was now looking at her with great intensity. His face twitched once, his tongue licked across the surface of his upper lip, and he appeared to be very ill at ease. She thought a couple of times that he was going to speak to her but each time he stopped himself. She mused through the enema products and took one in her hand, reading the directions and contents on the side of the box.

The druggist could contain himself no longer. Finally he spoke to her. "I. I beg your pardon, Miss," he began in a halting voice, "but I'll be glad to help you there if you like. There's so many kinds of. of preparations in that section.

Maybe you're having some difficulty deciding which one to buy." Maisie felt her face flush. Not only had he watched her body, she realized, but what she was looking at on the shelves. It embarrassed her to know he was seeing the kind of product she was shopping for. But before she could answer, he was already out from behind the counter and beside her.

And as he passed behind her she felt the definite, if intentionally light, touch of his hand on her posterior. "Don't mean to intrude," he said, still speaking very nervously. "Just thought you might require some assistance in your selection." She looked up at him. Not bad, really, for his age. Dark straight hair, a narrow bristle moustache, tall frame with only a minimum of extra padding. "Well, I guess I can find something," she said.

"I was just. just browsing here among the." He seized on her opening words and his eyes grew bright. "The enema products, that's what you want, isn't it? Something that'll give you a satisfying -- er. a beneficial treatment." The slip of his tongue convinced her beyond all doubt. This guy had a much bigger interest than just selling the product. She watched the way he stood looking at her, waiting for her response, and found herself becoming attracted to him.

Anyone that concerned about enemas just might have strong interest in anal sex. Now he was staring hard into her eyes. She knew he was hoping he hadn't offended her and that he could attain some kind of rapport with her about the subject of enemas.

She still wasn't sure exactly what his game was, but she was plenty willing to find out. She nodded dumbly, returning his eye contact, and let the barest trace of a smile cross her lips.

"Well, yes," she said, almost whispering, "I. I'm looking for something that will give me a good enema." "Then please let George be of some service to you, won't you? We have a much larger selection than this in the back room," the man told her, gently taking her arm. She let him steer her to the back room.

On the way he let his hand brush her buttocks two or three times. She pretended not to notice but her genitals registered arousal under the silky material of her black lace panties.

The back room had walls covered with shelves containing thousands of bottles, a big white sink, and -- last but not least, Maisie noted to herself -- a small cot. Now that they were alone George became even more shaky than before. She knew he was dying to get his hands on her. And to her delight, it seemed to be her buttocks that he was most desirous of touching. As George removed several bottles from the shelves he kept up a rapid-fire conversation filled with questions about enemas.

At first he maintained a very professional air, claiming that the more he knew about her "medical history" the better he could locate a product especially suited for her.

She offered no comment to this line of talk, so he soon became much more bold and personal. "How often do you give yourself one? Do you. do you make the water nice and warm so it feels real good and gets you nice and clean in there?" he asked.

She gave short, agreeable answers, and then he pushed on. He asked her if her mother gave her enemas when she was a child, if her father ever gave her one, how the first one had felt, if she had ever seen anyone else give themselves one, if she had ever given an enema to anyone else, and finally whether giving herself an enema ever made her feel "good in other places".

She had been answering every question with a shy, hesitant voice. But his last question brought her out of her shell. "Sure it does, George," she told him. "You seem to know an awfully lot about enemas so I guess I can tell you the truth. That's the main reason I do take them -- because of the way it makes me feel, I mean.

Keeping myself nice and clean inside is just part of the reason. But listen, you're feeling something pretty nice right now yourself, aren't you? It looks that way from the way your pants are sticking out." He stopped short, quit looking through the shelves, and faced her. His eyes dark and shining. His voice trembled. "Oh, God, you know, don't you?

You know how hot it gets me to go on like this. Sure I'm feeling something down there. I'm about to come in my pants from talking to you about enemas. I love them, I simply love them. Don't you? For God sakes, girl, pull your dress up and let me give you one. It'll make me the happiest man alive.

I lie awake at night thinking of giving a sweet, beautiful girl an enema. a girl like you. I'll die if I don't get to do it!" She allowed him to gently push her toward the cot. She made small sounds of feeble protest but her heart wasn't in it. She'd never met a man before so excited about the subject, and even though she had never experienced the obvious passion for the practice that he did she was quite willing to experiment.

After all, she reminded herself, it did feel kind of good sometimes when she gave herself one. And anything that involved the anus had always excited her. Why not let the guy do his thing with her? She raised her legs and let him see her panties. His penis was bursting to get out. He grabbed a bottle of amber-colored liquid and swished it several times, gazing intently at her crotch all the while.

He emptied the mixture into a black rubber enema device and turned to her. He dropped to his knees and put his hand on her thigh. "You poor man," she said to him, looking down from her perch on the side of the cot. "You must be just dying to get your pants down and take that hard prick out of there, aren't you? Go ahead, bring it out and let me see it.

You've made me awfully hot in my panties with all this talk. It ought to help some if I can get my hands on your cock." George proudly jerked down his fly and the thick organ plopped into view. "Here it is, you lovely girl," he said, "but you won't need to touch it. Just turn over on the cot and spread your legs. You'll like what I'm going to do to you much better than holding my nasty old cock." CHAPTER FIVE Maisie was already terrifically excited just from having him look up her skirt.

His suggestion that she spread her legs and roll onto her stomach made her even more so. She kicked off her shoes and did as he said. Immediately she felt his hands at work on the tender flesh of her pouting cheeks.

First he just caressed her smooth skin through the thin material of her black, sheer panties without doing anything more. But soon she felt his fingers slip under the leg band and worm their way down to the sensitive area of her inner thighs. He was making funny noises in his throat. She could barely make out what he was saying.

"What a sweet, lovely ass you have on you, you dear girl," he told her. "Just hold still now -- if you can, heh heh heh -- and I'll fill that cute ass full of something warm and wonderful." Maisie waited anxiously for him to proceed.

He was acting so perverted that she was half afraid of him, yet his undeniable interest in her rear end was extremely stimulating to her. She felt his fingers under her panties then, and the sensation of the wispy material being drawn smoothly down the backs of her firm long thighs.

She looked back over her shoulder. The man had a positively mad expression on his face. Together with the white pharmacist's coat he wore, there was a striking similarity to the mad doctors of the late-night TV horror movies. He was gently applying the end of the small hose to the crevice of her back end. Above her, he held the rubber bulb filled with amber liquid. The hard shaft of his penis stuck from his open trousers like a drumstick.

"Now," he cackled, assuming an even greater likeness to one of TV's mad doctors, "now, let me insert this. there, that's the way, my love. let me open up these darling cheeks and finger the rim of your little asshole. Oh, God, I think I'm going to come before I even do it to you!" Great, thought Maisie, this enema jazz is just to get me all nice and wet for him.

Then he'll shove that cock in and give me what I need. He's a weird duck, but I don't care what he does as long as I wind up with that juicy cock up my ass. George pushed the black, hard rubber nozzle between the fruit-smooth halves of Maisie's rear.

He titillated the center with his fingertips before pressing it home. When he did, Maisie shuddered from the feel of the warm, stirring flow of the amber liquid. She opened her mouth and he heard her breath catch in her throat. His eyes flashed as he gazed at the naked lips of her exposed anus, fitting red and juicy around the nozzle.

She saw his naked penis quiver and the head of it bob up and down from the tension. Then the warm, thick flow of the enema bulb's contents surged into her. She writhed her loins and hugged the cot close, burying her face in the smooth sheet. "Ooooooo," she moaned. "You like that, dear?" asked George. "Didn't I tell you I'd give you what you need? Don't you just love it? Oh, God, pouring this stuff up your ass is almost as good as having it shoot up my own asshole.

I can't wait!" The warm, almost hot, solution filled Maisie's rectum and seemed to balloon outwards. She got a wonderful full sensation from it. It was so much different, she thought, when someone else gave you an enema than when you did it yourself. Especially when it was a man doing it for you, and when his big naked cock was sticking out his fly just inches from your body.

The scintillating thrill of the enema was new and exciting for her. She didn't want to wait any longer to have the man's penis enter her bottom. She was ecstatic that George was so eager to proceed with the act. "I can't wait either!" she yelled. "That thing's really hot shit. You got me needing a fuck like I'd been working up to it for hours. Go ahead and do it tome!" Her words of enthusiasm made beads of sweat pop out on his forehead. He crowded closer to her and bent his face directly over her bare rear end.

"Okay, you sweet girl," he cried, squeezing another big shot of the amber liquid into her, "here it is!" Maisie was terribly stimulated by the new flow. Her rectum was nearly full already, and the new spurt filled her tender rectum even fuller. But she was also terribly puzzled.

What she had meant was that she wanted him to go ahead and empty the fluid from her so he could replace it with his organ. She could see how big and stiff it was, and how hot he was from everything. Now was the time to get down to business. Why wasn't he doing it?

"No, lover," she told him, "use your cock. That stuffs fantastic -- you can see how bad I need you because of it. But I'm ready for the old prick now -- lemme have it. Give that to me, George!" "Ah, my dear, I'd never touch you with this ugly thing," he said, startling her. "It's much too dirty and nasty to touch your sweet, warm little ass.

That's why I love giving enemas so much, don't you see? It makes a person so clean and pure. I'm. I'm awfully aroused too. but what I need is my own enema. Use the outfit in front of you there and give me what I'm giving you, won't you?" Jesus, what a nut, thought Maisie. This odd ball must get all his kicks just from the enema itself. And now he wants me to give his ass & flush job! She saw the enema kit he had placed in front of her.

She'd noticed it there but had no idea why it had been put there. Her face registered shock when she turned her face back over her shoulder and looked at him, but the excited pharmacist mistook it for passion. He unbuckled his belt and jerked down his pants and undershorts, then stepped alongside the cot.

He fell to his knees on the floor, facing the opposite direction at her head, and presented his bare posterior to the girl. "Hey, man," she complained, "I didn't dig what your scene was. It really grooves me to have you do it to me, but sticking a tube up your ass at the same time isn't my idea of fun." His hands had never left her naked buttocks. Now they busied themselves there even more, and she realized that he was applying a suction nozzle to empty the hot fluid from her rectum.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt it flow out. He pushed the other kit toward her and pleaded with her. "Please, please, you lovely thing. Let me have the pleasure I'm giving you. I. I. this is the only way I can get satisfaction.

Don't you see? I'm hard as can be, but I need an enema from you to really bring it off for me. I. I can't." "You mean you can't get your rocks off unless I give you an enema? That's what you think.

Here lemme jack you off, mister. You'll come, all right," she said, reaching for his swollen penis. He jumped like he'd been shot. "Oh no, no!" he yelled. "I mustn't let you touch the ugly thing. I would never let a girl do that!" Oh wow, she thought to herself, the guy's really too much.

If I wasn't so darned hot I'd throw my clothes on and split from here plenty quick. I need to be fucked so bad, though. "Okay, lover," she replied. She would have to humor him -- at least until she'd gotten the loving she craved! "Forget about my hands. I know darned well you'll go for this, though. Come on, shove your cock where I can reach it with my mouth. I don't do this for too many guys, you know." But again he resisted. This time he was even more adamant. "No. no!" he screamed. "I could never have a girl's mouth on me.

Just run that nozzle up between my cheeks and give me an enema, that's all I ask." His hands were busy behind her. Her genitals and her anus were flaming with desire or she would have left the room in a minute. But the thought of performing an enema on him, pushing the nozzle up between the hairy flab of his buttocks, was too much. She spread her legs wide and turned halfway onto her side so he could see the ripeness of her naked breasts.

She squirmed her thighs seductively. "Come on, lover," she cooed. "Doesn't it get you all hot and horny to see me like this? Look here. I'm showing you my naked tits. Look at 'em, man. You can feel them up all you want. Get back there and ride my ass for me and I'll do anything you want. Come on, I already tried to give you a hand job and suck you off.

Wouldn't you just love to stick that big cock up my asshole and ream it out for me? I promise you'll love it." He was desperate. He still had his upper clothes on but large wet spots showed through from the perspiration. Suddenly he lunged at her behind, pushing away the enema articles and grasping a firm round buttock in each hand. He was frantic to have her give him an enema. "I won't put my penis back here," she heard him gasp, "but I'll do something else for you!" Maisie felt his hot breath on the smooth mounds of her rear and her insides seemed like they were beginning to melt.

A warm flush of desire flowed through her entire body at the thought of a man having his face so close to her sensitive organs. The new position put his quaking penis right in front of her face but she knew better than to take it into her mouth, even if she wanted it that much.

"I need it bad from you!" he cried. "If you'll just give me what I need I'll put my mouth between your legs and lick you there. That'll be as good as having my penis on it, won't it? Please do it, please sock the nozzle to me." She didn't really know how to handle all the rather elaborate equipment but she found herself considering it. She had always loved a penis inside her rectum -- no one had ever put his mouth on her there!

She grabbed the black, hard rubber nozzle and reluctantly pushed it toward him. The stiff length of his penis was a much more desirable thing for her to handle but she didn't dare.

When he saw what she was doing he went wild over it. "Oh, God, you're doing it!" he yelled. "You're going to cram that up my ass and give me a lovely enema, aren't you?

Oh I need it, God I need it. I'll do anything for it!" He dove between her legs and she felt his fingers hurriedly spreading her cheeks.


The tips touched her at the deepest part of her rear, right around the red, sensitive skin of her anus. "Oh, wow!" she cried. "I haven't ever -- oh shit, man, you're doing it, you're gonna put your month there." Her legs quivered and her inner thighs were damp with the new moisture of her excitement.

She grabbed the nozzle and shoved it against his buttocks. He eagerly flopped over so she could get to it better. By drawing his knees tightly against his chest, he was able to expose his naked rear to her while facing her and applying his face to the warm crease of her buttocks.

Now he could deliver what he promised, and get what he wanted from her too. Maisie placed the nozzle end between the hairy halves of his back end. I don't know exactly what the heck I'm doing, she mused, pressed on by her excitement, but this fucker's making me feel so great that I'm gonna do my darnedest.

"Oh!" he yelled, feeling the nozzle. "That's it, sweet girl, that's it! Now shoot my ass full of the wonderful stuff!" Maisie squeezed the bulb. She was so aroused from feeling the man's face on the tender skin of her rear that she squeezed it prematurely. A stream of the liquid spurted onto his buttocks and up his back.

Some even got in his hair, but he didn't seem to mind. He vacillated backwards and spread his legs wider apart. "Let me have it!" he cried. "Give me a good spurt right up my asshole!" His fingers caressed her anus and his thumbs spread her cheeks wide.

She felt his breath there and then suddenly his mouth was touching the tender, moist skin immediately adjacent to the hole. She gave a start and wiggled her rear end in pleasure. In her frenzy, she managed to wind a small rubber hose around his legs and drop the bulb from the enema kit onto the floor. It bounced once and shot a stream of the amber solution into his navel. She grabbed it up and hooked the nozzle hose to it again. I'm gonna go out of my mind trying to handle all this stuff while my asshole is so hot to be fucked, she thought to herself.

His lips had been kissing the skin around her anus. Now he began gingerly nipping the anus itself with his pursed mouth, touching her and drawing away like a butterfly. Maisie was moved to a more valiant effort with the enema kit. She jammed the nozzle into him, at last hitting the right spot, and squeezed the bulb.

He gasped in pleasure and kicked his feet, upsetting things on the floor. The small rubber hose flapped from one of his legs and amber liquid ran down his stomach and onto his thighs. A small plastic funnel-looking device slid across the floor and a metal piece careened against a leg of the cot. What the heck is all that stuff? wondered Maisie. She didn't really care, though. George's artful mouth had taken her mind off such trivial matters. She squeezed the bulb again and this time he was so moved by the results that he plastered both lips firmly onto the tiny circle of her anus.

She was filled with a delicious heat. She humped herself backwards against him and strove to please him well with the nozzle so he'd keep up the action. "Put it to me!" yelled George. "Fill me up 'til I burst. Oh, God, I'm gonna come so good from this. go ahead and let me have it.

Make it good and." But his words were lost to her as she felt him press his lips back into contact with her anus.

Now he was wild. He sucked vigorously, moving his lips on her as though her ass were an all-day sucker and he was starved for sugar. She groaned. Her need for a penis was past. He was servicing her so well that she knew she would soon attain her release.

"You. are. making me. so. darned. hot!" she gasped. "I'm gonna. oooh." Then she felt his tongue on her. Thus far only his lips had been employed, but now his tongue was suddenly present. She felt its wet tip first, and pushed back into it with all her might. He responded by shoving his face so tight against her rear that his eyes were buried in the soft, resilient flesh of her firm buttocks. He moved the tongue off the pink outside skin and drove it straight through the opening of her anus.

She bucked her hips and squeezed her thighs together, forcing her cheeks as tight as possible against the sides of his head. She could feel his ears flatten against the solid bones of his skull. A muffled groan issued from between her legs and she knew he must be getting what he needed from her efforts with the hose and nozzle. She rubbed herself back and forth against his face. His tongue was not merely entering her anus now, it was thrusting itself inside her like a snake.

The wonderful, wet contact raised her higher and higher toward orgasm. She pressed forward and ground her heavy breasts into the sharp bones of his sins as she felt it grow. Her nipples were like hard nuts against his hairy legs. "Fuck me with it, George," she yelled to him, "Fuck me with it. Oh, wow, you're doing it just right." The man's tongue felt like a small active penis inside her rear.

She opened up to him then as widely as possible and began a strong, rhythmic, milking motion with the slender lengths of her thighs. She was so close she could feel her orgasm must be just seconds away. She strained and made deep moans in her throat. It was on her like a flash then, raising her buttocks off the floor and sending a hot river of desire through her loins.

"Aiii!" she screamed, then lapsed onto the cot. She dropped the enema nozzle as she hit her peak. It was none too soon. A stream of murky water shot from the man's rectum that covered his pants and shoe tops. If it hadn't been clear before that Maisie was not too proficient at giving enemas, it certainly was now. She lay still for only a few seconds. She would have liked to relax much longer and to have at least a few minutes more to savor the luxurious aftermath of her climax, but the new development completely changed things.

"You creep!" she yelled, leaping up and jerking her clothes back on. "You perverted old bastard! How the hell did I ever let myself get mixed up with you, anyway?" He looked up weakly from the floor. It was obvious that he had gotten such a thrill from his orgasm that he was hardly disturbed by her loud words. She saw that his penis was smaller now, and covered with the familiar white wetness of sperm.

"Goodbye, you fucking enema freak!" she yelled at him as she dashed out the door. Three customers were waiting at the pharmacy window as she left. One asked her if the pharmacist was on duty. "Go look for yourself," she called back as she tripped out the front door. "He's in the back room." She dashed on down the street, glad that the back room was far enough away to keep them from hearing anything. By the time she got home, she was thoroughly tired. She lay down on the bed and exhaled deeply.

She looked at the clock, frowned, then telephoned her date and told him she couldn't make it. It was someone she barely knew anyway, so she didn't mind. She took a quick shower and lay back down on the bed without even bothering to put her nightgown on. There was no way for her to know what was going on next to her apartment. In the privacy of a utility closet, Darrell stood with his hand over his eyes.

And without her knowing a thing about it, he peered into her bedroom and stared at every lush, lovely curve of her body. He had been unable to forget her ever since the first time he saw her in the hall that day. His mind had started to work. After discovering that her bedroom was adjacent to a janitorial utility closet, it had been a simple matter for him to bore a small hole in the wall.

From her side, she could only see a pin hole -- if she had even known where to look. But Darrell could, by putting his eyes to the wall of the closet, see all over her bedroom. When he did it he had hoped it would turn out to be the bathroom.

He was dying to steal a long look at her naked body when she took a shower. He knew she often took one because he could always hear the water running in the pipes. But the bedroom might be almost as good, he hoped. Now he found he wouldn't be disappointed. Sonofabitch, he thought to himself as he looked through the hole, this is better than I hoped. The cute bitch is lying there naked as a jaybird. Darrell reached behind him and made sure the door was locked.

His boss was off duty but he couldn't take any chances at being discovered. He unzipped his pants and took his penis firmly in hand. Maisie lay on her back with one leg slightly raised.

Her fully packed breasts rested softly on her chest and he could see the tip of the left one shake rhythmically as her heart beat beneath. The long lengths of her slim legs stretched away toward the foot of the bed, their graceful curves interrupted only by the rounded joints of her knees.

And in the center of her supple thighs lay the thick, dark muff of her pubic hair. As he watched she moved slightly, laying an arm across her waist and squirming her buttocks into the mattress. Darrell placed his fingers around the hard shaft sticking from his fly and moved them up and down.

He was so stimulated by what he saw that the organ was fully erect long before he touched it, and the contact served only to heighten his arousal. Maisie lay innocently naked on the bed. Her only thought was of rest and relaxation after her bout at the drug store. The tanned surface of her skin gleamed wetly under the soft light of a bedside lamp. Her shower had made her so lazy she hadn't even dried herself properly.

She was half dozing. Darrell watched her greedily, picturing the things he would like to do to her if he could only be with her. His eyes poured over her nakedness as his hand slid up and down on his penis. One particular spot galvanized his attention like a magnet -- the girl's beautifully firm bottom.

The blood pounded in his head like a hammer. He knew it was forbidden to do what he craved to do, to do the thing he'd always been told was unnatural. Yet, even though he was almost ashamed of his desires, his body yearned to indulge itself with her soft backside. Barrel I had nurtured a secret wish since he was a young boy, and that was to take a buxom girl to bed and mount her rear, pressing his organ inside the soft channel and using it as most men used a girl's vagina.

Maisie roused herself and turned off the lamp. She went to sleep. Darrell cursed his fate. Damn it, he fumed, why couldn't she have left the light on just a little longer? All I wanted to do was look at her while I frigged myself -- she wouldn't have even known anything about it. I was just about to come! In the darkness he sat on the floor and handled himself until he reached climax.

Just the thought of her lying naked on the other side of the wall was enough to let him satisfy himself. As he sneaked out of the utility closet he mulled over various ploys to get a date with her. He was embarrassed about being nothing but a janitor, and thought she'd be sure to turn him down. Something had to be done, he thought intensely as he walked away. Something would be done. When? That was the only question. Two nights later Maisie was lying on her bed again, but this time she was far from sleepy.

It was early in the evening and she didn't have a date. She smiled to herself. There had been plenty of offers, from fellows at the office as well as old boyfriends.

But she had turned them all down. The kind of fun she was interested in was the kind that few men seemed to enjoy as much as she. She would hold out for her own way or nothing. She reached into her bedside drawer and took out the magazine.

She flipped through the pages toward her favorite picture. Her hand fell into her lap, brushing past the curls of her pubic hair. She slipped a finger inside the lips of her pouting vulva, bestowed a passing touch to her clitoris, then pressed her forefinger on to the delicate and already damp skin of her anus.

Just then the phone rang. "What are you doing, Maisie?" said a female voice. The question was innocent enough, but Maisie was momentarily flustered because of what she had been doing when the phone rang. For a few seconds she was silent. She jerked her hand away from her genitals and patted her hair out of her eyes. "Oh.

nothing, Kitty," she answered. "Just lying around, you know. Got any better ideas?" She had recognized immediately that it was her girl friend on the line but the immediacy of the question she asked had stunned her. What if she had told Kitty what she was really doing? She knew Kitty undoubtedly masturbated too sometimes, but the surprise of the question still made Maisie's face red. Kitty replied that, as a matter fact, she did have something in mind to do.

Would Maisie like to drop over to her place for a few cocktails? Kitty had just gotten a promotion at her office and wanted to celebrate a little. Maisie said it sounded like fun. A half hour later she walked in the door of Kitty's apartment. Her friend, blond and curvaceous in an attractive mini dress, looked particularly attractive.

The girls each had two high balls before Kitty mentioned anything out of the ordinary. They were sitting on the couch facing each other. Maisie had just finished recounting all the details of her night with Jon, the teen-aged cousin Kitty had introduced her to. "Gee, it kind of gets me going to talk about it like that," she admitted to Kitty. "You know what I mean?" "I know what you mean," she answered with a slow smile.

"Talking about things gets me hot and bothered sometimes too. But it has to be a different subject than Jon. Maisie, what would you say if I told you there was another reason -- besides the fact that he's my cousin -- that made me call you about him instead of taking him on myself? Would that shock you very much?" "You mean because of how young he was? But we went all through that, Kitty. You said." "I know. That's not what I'm referring to," she said. She took another long drink, then spoke softly.

"What I'm telling you, Maisie, is that your old friend has gone through some changes during the past year," she said. "I'll level with you. I go for girls now.

I'm a lezzie, if that's what you want to call it." Maisie blinked her eyes. "Really? You mean other girls turn you on, make you want to. to get naked with them and hug them and do the kind of things." "Right," broke in Kitty, "all the nasty, dirty things you've ever heard about girls doing to one another. And then some. Let's dance, Maisie." Maisie was astonished at the invitation.

The music had been playing ever since she entered the room, but for the two of them to actually stand up and dance to it. seemed preposterous. Yet she allowed Kitty to take her hand and draw her into the middle of the room. She felt herself being hugged close and guided in slow, weaving dance steps just as though her partner was a man.

Kitty said she was sure her friend had heard of the things girls can do to satisfy each other. Hadn't she ever thought of seeing how it would be? Maisie admitted the thought had crossed her mind, but little more than that. "Besides," she added, "you know what it is I dig.

A girl couldn't do me any good that way. It takes a man to lay a good fuck on me -- I need cock up my asshole." "Don't be too sure a girl couldn't fill the bill," warned Kitty, "until you've tried it." Maisie could feel the pressure of the blond girl's breasts against her own as they danced.

Why was she permitting this? And yet there was something wholly new and different about feeling another pair of firm, resilient mammaries against her own. Maybe even an exciting feeling, to tell the truth. She had seen Kitty naked years before and knew the girl had larger and more prominent breasts than she had.

And besides feeling her breasts, Maisie was beginning to feel the liquor she'd been drinking. Kitty put her smooth cheek to Maisie's and whispered into her ear. "Don't fight it," she said. "Every chick's a lez at heart. It just takes someone to bring it out." Maisie opened her mouth to reply but it was too late. Kitty drew her close, stopping their dance steps, and pressed her full lips directly against Maisie's half-open mouth. Before she could protest, she discovered that she was enjoying it.

Her first reaction was fright, then shame. But Kitty held her tight and massaged her back, rubbing her breasts against Maisie's front and kissing her with unabashed fervor. She felt herself begin to warm to the strange new feeling. And Kitty was very aware of the fact. "I knew you'd love it," she whispered to her, burying her nose in Maisie's black hair.

"I was sure you'd be open enough to let the feeling come if it wanted to. And listen, sweet, I can tell it does want to. You know I'm right, don't you? Deny it feels good to have my tits against yours like this -- you can't, can you?

You can't deny it because you're grooving on it, aren't you?" Maisie was confused. "I. I don't know," she began. "I've never let a girl." "You've never let a girl under your clothes, have you?

You've never let a girl get in your panties and show you how sweet it is to have yourself fingered by someone who knows what they're doing. That's why you don't know. And I'm going to fix that for you right now.

Jesus, Maisie you've got a lovely body under there. As soon as I get your dress off, you're going to know!" Kitty steered her into the bedroom unbuttoning her dress top as they went. The mini dress Maisie wore was soft and clingy, and showed off her nice breasts and legs to great advantage. The hem struck her thigh only about six inches below the junction of her legs, but that wasn't enough for Kitty. She wanted it higher. She sat Maisie down on the bed and stripped off her own blouse.

Her round, heavy mammaries burst out and displayed a pair of red, taut nipples that caught Maisie's eye at once. Her own nipples were just as aroused by this time as Kitty's, but they were made on different lines, with a wider, darker areola that befitted her jet black hair. She looked up at the rosiness of her blond friend's nipples and saw that they jutted out from her breasts quite abruptly, with almost no surrounding areola.

To her surprise, she discovered she had a desire to touch them. Kitty saw the look and knew it for what it was. "Like what you see, huh?" she beamed. "Your turn now." She finished unbuttoning the dress all the way to Maisie's waist and then unsheathed the girl's beautifully formed breasts. She gazed hungrily at the twin peaks. "I want every stitch off you before this is over," she said, "but I can't wait for that before I do this." She smoothed her hands across Maisie's clear skin and took a breast in each hand.

She shook her long hair over her shoulder at the touch and sat up straighter so her breasts would sit prettier on her chest. The naturalness of her preening gesture amazed her -- after all, it was a girl she was showing off to! Kitty was delighted.

"What a sweet pair you got, Maisie. Even better than I thought. They deserve better treatment than just my hands. Let me love 'em up good." She lowered her head towards Maisie's face. She kissed her full on the lips, continuing to stroke the taut tips of her breasts, then ran her lips down the girl's throat and finally to her breasts.

Maisie shuddered with warmth at the movement. She was looking at Kitty's bare breasts and when Kitty put her mouth on her, she felt the sensuous weight of the blond's firm breast-skin on her stomach. The girl's hard little nipples seemed to poke her like they were alive. Kitty abruptly raised her mouth from Maisie's creamy skin and said, "Can't stop there, sweety, much as I'm tempted.

Need the rest of your things off. All we can get to now is each other's tits. We need to be naked all the way for the kind of loving I'm going to give you. Lie down, on the bed, will you?" Maisie lay back at once. It was strange and new to do what she was doing but some unexpected urge deep inside her seemed to be pushing her on and on.

Kitty took her by the ankles and drew the one-piece dress off over the smoothness of her powdered thighs. The beautiful brunette lay on the bed with nothing on except a pair of skimpy little panties so sheer that Kitty could see everything underneath. The sleekness of the girl's thighs and calves made Kitty more aroused than ever. "Oh, that's fine, sweety," she crooned. "Powdered yourself all over after you showered, didn't you? You're as smooth as a baby's ass from tits to toe-nails, aren't you?

Here. I gave myself the same treatment before I dressed." She stood next to the bed and unhooked her skirt. It slipped to the floor and she kneeled onto the bed beside her friend. Kitty now wore little more than Maisie. The only difference was instead of having panties on, she had a pair of panty hose. Maisie could see that the crotch was already damp. A dark spot in the fine mesh of the undergarment showed up right on top of her pubic mound. She let Kitty place her hand on the thinness of the hose, and when she drew it up to the top of the waistband she still didn't resist.

Then Kitty pressed Maisie's fingers under the band. "Strip me down," she invited. "I'm so powdered underneath my parity hose that they'll come right off.

Don't be shy." Maisie did as she said, but now it wasn't merely because she said to do it. She was beginning to like the idea of having her hands on the girl's naked body. She pulled the panty hose down and Kitty moved closer so she could get them all the way off over her feet. Once they were gone, she let her fingertips roam over Kitty's skin and saw that she had indeed powdered herself nicely.

Everywhere Maisie touched felt like dry silk. Kitty knelt above her and looked down at her naked front. She was breathing noticeably deeper than before and she had a bright gleam in her eyes. "Just lie there, sweety," she told Maisie. "You don't have to do a thing. I'm gonna love you like a chick ought to be loved, slow and gentle." Then she fell on her and joyously rubbed her naked breasts against Maisie's.

When the tips of their nipples touched, both girls felt as though lightning had struck. "Ummm," breathed Maisie. "Feel good?" questioned Kitty, quite unnecessarily. "Bet this feels better." She pressed the smooth slenderness of her thighs around one of Maisie's legs and let the furry mound of her crotch rub the curly hillock of the brunette's own genitals.

Maisie shuddered under her and Kitty needed no reply to know how she felt. Maisie gladly opened the secret hollow of her groin to the blond's aggressive attentions. Kitty put her mouth back on Maisie's breast and set her tongue in motion on the tender flesh of her nipple. She hunched against her and made her inner thigh slide forward and backward along the same sensitive area of Maisie's slim leg.

Maisie was openly hungry for her sensual caresses by now. She threw her arms around Kitty's neck and hugged the girl's blond head tightly against her fully packed breasts. Kitty began opening her mouth and taking as much of the succulent flesh into her mouth as she could get. She sucked air in voraciously and Maisie felt the titillation of the cool air against her wet nipple.

Every time Kitty exhaled, using her tongue and lips on the pert tip as she did so, Maisie felt a different sensation -- hot and moist like a sirocco wind. She ran her hands through the thickness of Kitty's blond tresses while her breasts were being worked on. "Relax, sweety," Kitty told her. "Don't let yourself come now. I'm gonna do lots more down below for you first. I don't even have my fingers in your cunt yet, and you know I'm gonna do that." But Kitty was overconfident.

Maisie's impatient bear hugs were caused by something else. "That's not it. I feel hot as heck, Kitty, and I love what you're doing to me.

But I'm afraid I'll get all built up from your hands and your mouth and then be let down when I can't have something in me at the right time." She hated to voice her misgivings but didn't want to hold back the truth. Kitty raised her mouth to Maisie's again and kissed her long and wetly before answering. Their breasts were touching again and this time Maisie could feel rivulets of sweat coursing down her partner's slick skin on the surfaces of the swollen breasts and the hard stomach.

"Don't worry, Maisie," she said, her mouth sliding off the red lips and into the shell of the ear. "It doesn't take a man's cock to give you relief. You might want something inside pretty soon all right, but I've got something for you when you do." Maisie didn't want her to think she had no confidence in her lovemaking.

"Don't misunderstand, Kitty," she said, her voice low and whispery from her growing arousal. "I never even thought I'd like a girl touching me at all to tell you the truth. But the stuff you've been doing." Kitty pressed a particularly stimulating hug to her front, causing their breasts to slap together and their groins to grind together at the same time. ".I mean what you are doing," Maisie corrected herself, after catching her breath again. "The stuff you're doing is great now.

I'm just worried about later when I really get wound up and crave a man's big prick in the worst way." Kitty had told what she would do. Now it was time to show her. She raised herself above Maisie's supine form and grinned down at her with eager eyes. "Darn it, you hot little thing, you're wanting it right now, aren't you? You got sexed up as fast as I did. Wow, and this is your first time, too! Here's some love-finger for you," she said. Maisie looked down at her pelvis with desire-filled eyes.

It was true. She did want more action right now -- the real kind, not just playing around on the outside. She watched Kitty stick her hand inside her panties and then look up mischievously.

"You little devil," she cried. "How have you kept your panties on this long? I've had mine off for a long time. Off they come!" She stripped Maisie's panties down her long legs, not even bothering to take them off over her feet. She was so eager to get at Maisie's warm genitals that she just left them dangling on her ankles. "Right here's where you need some attention, isn't it?" she said to her, ruffling the wild hairs of her groin.

Maisie's only answer was to close her eyes and revel in the touch of fingers between her legs. "That's right," reminded Kitty. "Just lie there, sweety. Lie there and enjoy it. I'll take care of making it hot and nice for you. You don't have to do anything except let me into your panties and your hot cunt." At once her fingers threaded through the thicket of curls and touched the moist warmth of the underlying skin.

"You've already got my panties off," pointed out Maisie. Her voice was distant and whispery. "And I'm sure not going to keep you out of my cunt." Kitty bent her head way over, letting her abundant shock of blond hair scatter thickly over Maisie's stomach.

Now she was looking straight at Maisie's genitals from a distance of only a few inches. Maisie couldn't see her face anymore, only the back of her upside-down head. She felt the gentle force of the girl's breath on her navel and when Kitty became especially hot and breathed harder, she could feel the breeze all the way down in her pubic hair.

Kitty stuck her finger between the delicate lips of Maisie's genitals and the tender slit parted. The moistness of her love juices covered the entire surface of the inner skin. Kitty felt her squirm her torso under the sensual weight of her body. She titillated Maisie's inner lips with slow, circling motions. Her finger gradually worked its way upward 'til it came to the button of her clitoris. With special care, she traced the barest tip of her finger across its wet surface.

"You ought to see what your clit looks like now, Maisie," she called out from below. "When I first slipped my finger in here it was only about the size of a grain of rice. Now it's more the size of a big green pea." The touch excited Maisie, but it also made her want more. Much more. It was the old story. No matter how much attention her genitals received, she always needed her anus stimulated too.

"Ungh," she moaned. "Kitty, I. I'm awfully hot. You've really. oh gosh, you've really got me going now. But I need more, please give me more." Maisie's words were like a spark of fire to the blond's already growing excitement. "You sweetheart!" she exclaimed. "I knew you'd groove on this once you tasted a little of it. You bet I'll give you more. Not with just the finger, either." Kitty was trying to be good, Maisie realized, but she didn't understand that it was her rear end that needed more.

The front of her was on fire -- so much so that the craving desire in her anus had been born from it. But she was embarrassed to spell it out for her friend, even though her strange desires were no secret to the girl. The next thing Maisie felt was a searing pang of stimulation in the form of Kitty's wet, active tongue.

She poked it straight into Maisie's heated vulva. She gasped for air and spread her legs wider, raising her knees into the air around Kitty's face. She was dying to be touched between the hot damp cheeks of her rear! CHAPTER SIX Maisie could stand it no longer. She exploded from the heat of her crying need. "In my asshole, Kitty, that's where I need it! Oh wow, I'm gonna go bug-fuck. Please, please. isn't there some way?

Isn't there some way you can jazz me back there in my asshole? I'll die if I don't get something up my crack, I swear I will!" Kitty's tongue was spiritedly licking the slick wet bump of her clitoris 'til Maisie's outburst. When that happened she raised her head for a few seconds just long enough to blink her eyes, then dove back between her pretty girl friend's slender thighs.

But this time she went farther than just her genitals. Maisie felt her thighs being opened wider and then the smooth sensation of Kitty's cheeks and chin passing between them.

Her mouth settled itself hungrily on the naked rosette of Maisie's excited anus. She put her full lips to work on the tender, puckered opening and heard a grateful sigh from her partner. Maisie jerked her hands to her head and ran her fingers through her lustrous black hair. She contorted her face in the agony of pleasure, shaking her neck from side to side. Her demanding bottom hole was finally being attended to and she loved it.

She moved her pelvis upward to meet the thrust of Kitty's sucking lips. "Oh my gosh, thank you, honey," Maisie told her. As soon as she said it she realized that it was the first time she had used an affectionate name on a girl. She must be going completely wild from what Kitty was doing to her, she thought. "You don't know how bad my ass needed that!" she continued.

"I was really digging the pussy-sucking you were doing, but it was only making me hotter and hotter for ass action!" Kitty's new position made her own rear end stick right up above Maisie's breasts just inches away from her face. The novice lesbian gazed at the thick forest of blond pubic hair and wondered how it would be to nuzzle her face into Kitty's genitals.

Such an idea would have been unthinkable just a couple of hours before. But with all that happened since then, and with Kitty's lips fervently sucking away at her most excitable spot, Maisie found herself considering the act. Her blond friend's mouth licked happily away on Maisie's anus as the thought crossed her mind.

Before she got as far as doing anything about it, she began to experience a wave of growing passion.

It was so strong that she forgot all about applying her mouth to Kitty's organs and concentrated all her energy on herself. If it had been a man at work on her anus, Maisie felt sure, she would now be feeling the beginnings of an orgasm. The new wave of excitement she felt almost amounted to that but not quite. What was needed was something inside her rear, that was it! "Oh darn, I'm almost there, honey!" she cried to her lover. "I'm almost there but I can't quite make it. Deeper, please.

can you go deeper? I just have to." Kitty tore her lips away from Maisie's anus just long enough for a rush of words. Maisie could feel the hot excitement of the girl's breath on her anus as she spoke. "All I've been doing so far is just using my lips on you," she rasped, her breath coming fast. "I've just been sucking your asshole up to now, but I think you need my tongue inside it, don't you? What you need is this, sweety." And with that, the pretty blond stabbed her red tongue into the tiny opening.

As soon as the tip darted past the outmost circle of the orifice, the tender flesh seemed to part in gratitude and Kitty was easily able to push it farther inside. The muscles relaxed and became lazy with a sensuous passion that increased the size of the opening, allowing Kitty's tongue much greater accessibility to Maisie's inner tract.

"Unghhhh!" groaned Maisie, grimacing from the sweet voluptuousness of the girl's wet tongue. "That's it. oh, shit, that's it, honey. that's it!" She worked her hips back and forth on the bed and raised her buttocks up and down at the same time, imparting a sort of rotating motion to her pelvis.

"Mmmmff!" came a noise from Kitty's mouth. She was apparently trying to say something but her words could hardly be understood with her mouth so tight against Maisie's anus. Finally she made herself clear without ever leaving the hot spot. "Jesus, sweetheart, what are you doing -- turning into a fucking pin wheel? If you keep your ass moving this fast I'll never be able to bring you off. Not to mention my -- mmmfff!" Her words were lost again, but Maisie got the idea.

Not that she was able to do anything about it. She was on the verge of release now, and her pelvis was entirely beyond her control. She grabbed her arms around Kitty's rear and upper thighs and squeezed tight, hoping in some mad way that would answer her partner's complaint. Her blond partner's flesh was wet and smooth in her arms and Maisie loved the wonderful new feeling of rhythm she got from it. She dug her fingers into the warm firmness and massaged the damp, smooth skin with the heels of her hands.

The bursting flower of a climax was strong and definite now, and the impending pleasure was upon her. She wiggled her torso under Kitty's sensuous weight and her breath came in loud gasps. Kitty heard the change in her breathing and felt the girl move underneath her with more and more vigor. She knew Maisie's orgasm couldn't be far off. She darted her tongue deeper into her anus and took care to add a touch she knew was sure to bring her partner all the way -- every time she pulled her tongue backwards, she curled it sideways into a curved shape like a corkscrew.

The result was added friction between the wet twists of her tongue and the damp walls of Maisie's rectum, and she soon had proof Maisie could feel it.

The girl started bouncing up and down hard on the mattress and making little whimpering sounds in her throat. The whimpering sounds grew to a long, high shriek and Kitty felt the firm inner thighs of her lover shudder spasmodically for several seconds. A final low, deep sigh told her that she had brought Maisie to a rousing climax. Kitty removed her face from her girl friend's crotch but she remained face down against her body.

She pulled herself up until her head was even with Maisie's knees, kissed them both with affection, and moved on until her face was cradled between the girl's ankles. There she lay with her cheeks touching Maisie's feet and her large, sweating breasts plastered against the graceful curves of her partner's knees and lower thighs. This left her pelvis on top of Maisie's, their curly mounds touching, and her pretty legs spread-eagled on both sides of Maisie's torso. Maisie looked down the front of her body to see Kitty's round buttocks rising just over her pelvis.

The blond's legs were spread wide so they wouldn't be in Maisie's face, and her feet were an arm's length from Maisie's shoulders. Maisie gazed with affection at the thick blond hair, long and tangled, that was spread over Kitty's back. "Well, you sure were right, Kitty," she admitted. "After you got me started, I really grooved on it. I never thought I'd find myself in a lez scene, but here I am." Kitty was slightly offended by her choice of words.

"You're not exactly in a 'scene', Maisie," she said. "Just because you dug what I did to you doesn't make you a lesbian, if that's what you're worried about. Plenty of people are 'bi', you know. You can still date guys all you want to. This just means you can get your kicks with chicks in addition to guys, not instead of them." "I know," Maisie replied.

"I've heard all that, I just never realized it would someday apply to me. How about you? Do you consider yourself 'bi'?" "Yeah," said Kitty, "but I've dug chicks more and more ever since I started doing it. I still take, a guy on once in a while, but not too often. I wouldn't doubt but what I'll be all the way gay before too much longer." Maisie couldn't see her face, but her voice had a smile in it. It was obvious that Kitty was comfortable and eager about her future prospects as a lesbian.

She started thinking about the love bout they had just engaged in. She felt a little ashamed of asking Kitty to orally stimulate her rear end, and even more so that it had been necessary to beg her to place her tongue in the anus itself.

She apologized briefly but Kitty shrugged it off. "Don't sweat it, sweetheart," she told her. "Some people dig one thing and others dig another.

So you're an asshole freak? So what? I should have thought of it earlier. It's just that most chicks come all over themselves from the first part of what I did to you, so I didn't think about it 'til you gave me the word." Maisie was still looking at the plump, firm globes of Kitty's rear end.

She had always found great satisfaction in having others give attention to her behind -- now she was beginning to be attracted to someone else's. She couldn't remember it happening before. And besides that, there was something she hadn't mentioned yet about, the way she felt.

The truth was that Maisie still wasn't quite satisfied, in spite of the admittedly rousing climax she had just enjoyed. It occurred to her that maybe a tongue wasn't quite enough back there -- maybe it took a man's penis to completely gratify her. She gingerly mentioned the subject to Kitty, not wanting her to be offended. Kitty just laughed. "The only thing wrong with you is hot pants, sweety. Don't you know that? You just need more of the same, not necessarily anything different.

You sure were getting your cookies real nice just now." Maisie admitted that maybe she was right, but that she somehow felt a little funny. The girls were still lying in touch with each other even though their heads were not facing. Maisie experienced the glow of a new arousal start to creep over her naked body. No question about it. She wanted more loving, whatever the reason, and she wanted it there in the bed with Kitty.

She hadn't even showered after the first session, and already she was wanting more. She felt her cheeks go crimson at the thought of her insistent desire. She scooted out from under Kitty and crawled up beside her. Now they lay next to each other with their hips and legs touching and their full breasts on the bed. There was something else on Maisie's mind she had to know about. "You really made me feel swell," she began, "you know how good my climax was. But how about you, Kitty?

Did you come? I mean, I didn't do. do anything to bring you off." Kitty turned to her and smiled. "You're sweet to think of that," she said. "No, to tell the truth, I didn't.

But don't worry about it. You did just what I asked you to -- I just wanted you to lie there and be loved, and not think about doing much yourself the first time. It was." Maisie interrupted her. "Oh Kitty, you poor baby! You didn't get any for yourself after." It was Kitty's turn to break in. "It was great just seeing you groove on your little scene," she continued. "Let's face it, Maisie, you have a fantastic body. Just getting to hug those juicy tits of yours and play with your hot little cunt was enough payment for what I gave you.

And besides, I had a hunch you just might." She let her voice trail off. She turned her face to Maisie and put her lips to her ear. She pushed the coal black hair aside and whispered. Maisie was anxious for her to go ahead and speak. ".that you just might be hot and horny for some more. And if you did happen to be." Maisie didn't let her finish. "Oh I am, Kitty, I am!" she squealed. She enclosed the blond's soft shoulders in her arms and kissed her full on the mouth.

"And this time you're gonna get your cookies too. You can bet on that, honey." Kitty was surprised at Maisie's sudden and sexy aggressiveness. She warmed quickly to Maisie's kiss and felt the blood flow hot in her veins. The points of their succulent breasts swung in contact and Kitty shuddered from the touch. Maisie lowered her mouth from her partner's lips and smacked the soft skin of her breasts with loud, sloppy kisses that sent shivers through Kitty's body.

She reached the point of one of Kitty's small, pert nipples and enclosed the entire sensitive organ in her wet mouth, sucking and licking with tremendous enthusiasm. She didn't stop there.

To Kitty's amazed delight, Maisie's abundant head of hair traveled down her stomach and straight into the curly V of her crotch. And under the profuse disarray of her brunette tresses was an active, hungry little mouth that gave Kitty no end of pleasure.

Maisie surprised even herself by her sudden vigor, but the knowledge that Kitty had gone without relief earlier made her anxious to correct the condition. Just before rubbing her face in the hairy junction of Kitty's shapely legs, Maisie bobbed her head up.

"Just lie there, Kitty, like you let me do. It's your turn to have a mouth on your pussy," she told her.

Kitty swooned and threw her arms and legs wide open to Maisie's welcome presence. She felt the girl's hair fan over her upper thighs and her firm stomach and knew it wouldn't be long before she experienced the wonderful touch of her wet lips. She raised her haunches upward and strained forward.

Maisie was direct and to the point. She didn't tease her lover. She took the outer lips of Kitty's warm vulva into her mouth and sucked voraciously. The sound alone would have caused the blond's love juices to flow. Together with the actual touch of her ripe lips, Kitty was thrown into a hot wave of quickly rising passion that made her legs tremble and her mouth go dry. "Oh shit, Maisie," she called out, "I can't stand it. Your mouth feels so good there." "Then try this!" yelled Maisie, opening her lips and inserting her tongue between the warm folds.

Kitty ground her buttocks into the bed and hugged her big breasts together in her arms. She closed her eyes and pictured the beautiful work going on under Maisie's thick, obscuring hair. She thought of how Maisie's sweet red tongue must look going in and out of her damp, curly-haired mound. Maisie began blowing air into the fecund depths of Kitty's organs with every breath. She lovingly massaged the girl's upper thighs all the way from the knee to the tender junction at the V of her curvy legs.

She reached far into the moist orifice and traced her tongue against the sides of her vaginal walls on the way back. Upon reaching the entrance, Maisie would twirl her tongue around and around in Kitty's sensitive vestibule like a fluttery little windmill.

She ran her hands up and down her thighs with increasing intensity, letting her fingers caress the bottom of the pouting vulva before sliding back down toward her knees and calves. She felt Kitty start humping her pelvis, first slow and easy then quicker and more heavier. "You're coming, aren't you!" cried Maisie.

She was doing her best to lick Kitty just right, to apply her mouth to the girl so that she would truly enjoy herself.

"You're gettin' so wet down here you're flooding my mouth. Come on, Kitty, come on and let yourself have a nice juicy come!" Kitty responded by wrapping her legs tighter around Maisie's head to make her quit talking and keep mouthing her hot, bursting organs. Maisie knew what she wanted and poured it on. Seconds later Kitty felt a slow rippling motion begin somewhere deep inside, then rise like fire to the soft, wet interior of her cunt.

She pumped her pelvis like a jackhammer and experienced a quick, intense orgasm. Maisie was delighted at what she'd been able to provide. She hugged her and kissed her on the mouth before heading for Kitty's bathroom to shower.

Her blond hostess lay sated and comfortable on the bed for several minutes. When Maisie kissed her, she had noticed a unique scent on the girl's lips. She realized it was the musky sex scent of her own genitals, left on Maisie's mouth from cunnilingus. After a few more minutes of indulgent sniffing and luxurious stretching, she joined her guest in the shower.

Maisie was almost finished when she arrived. She stood toweling off in front of Kitty, knowing how pretty her naked curves appeared as she rubbed herself with the towel, and started combing her hair. Before Maisie left that night Kitty stopped her at the door for one last kiss. Maisie thanked her for introducing her to the secrets of girl love and said they'd have to do it again sometime soon.

Kitty told her that next time there'd be a special surprise guaranteed to please her but she wouldn't say what she meant. Back in Maisie's apartment, she kept thinking about the comment. She was almost sure it had something to do with sex. She recalled her remarks after Kitty had made love to her the first time, hoping that nothing she had said had made her feel bad.

She still wasn't sure herself, really. All she knew was that while Kitty's attentions to her had been extremely satisfying, and resulted in an undeniable climax for her, there had still been something missing. She couldn't explain it, but the more she thought about it the more she found herself turning to thoughts of men. Men and those nice big cocks between their legs. She began taking off her clothes. On the other side of her bedroom wall, Darrell the janitor was at his favorite post.

His eye was glued to his private peephole and his large organ dangled from his fly, even though it was still half soft. As soon as Maisie unbuttoned her blouse it got stiff as a rock.

Jesus, it's about time, he thought bitterly to himself. I've been waiting for hours for Maisie to come home so I can get a peek at her. Some guys would call me a damned fool for toasting that much time just looking at her and beating my meat, but she's so pretty it's more than worth the wait.

Maisie went straight for her beefcake magazine and flipped to her favorite page. She had jumped under the covers so quickly that Darrell barely had time to see her lush, naked figure at all, much less to make out much detail. He saw her looking at the magazine but couldn't make out what was on the page. Then he watched in fascination as he saw her hand disappear under the covers and a smile commence on her face.

The only bare skin he could see was her shoulders and head but that was enough to make him masturbate. He jerked his hand up and down his hard shaft and peered intently at the girl. Could it be? The covers seemed to be moving in a slow, rhythmic way down by her stomach. He looked again. Stomach hell, that was her damn snatch she had her hand on, he realized with a shock. The sweat broke out on his forehead and he practically butted his head through the wall trying to get a better look.

But it wasn't to be. Sometimes Maisie preferred to finish herself off with lights out, thinking of the man in the magazine rather than actually looking at him. This was one of the nights. She tossed the thing onto the bedside table and reached for the light switch. The last thing Darrell saw was a two-second flash of the girl's naked, jiggling breasts. Then total darkness. Oh no, he moaned to himself, not now. Not when the beautiful bitch had her hand between her legs.

Am I going bat-fuck or did I really see her do that? No, she was, I swear that's what she was doing! He sat in the tiny room and continued masturbating himself in spite of his misfortune. She had looked so good to him he didn't need to really see her to make himself attain the needed relief.

All he had to do was think of her. And as he did so his hand moved faster and faster, harder and harder up and down his swollen organ. Unfortunately, the movement also grew louder and louder. He was much too occupied to notice it himself, but soon the rhythmic little slap slap slap carried through the wall to Maisie's ears. She hopped and dashed to the window.

What was that noise? It sounded like rain dripping somewhere but she didn't remember any clouds. Darrell was too far gone to hear her rise and go to the window. He kept his hand going until he ejaculated. But he was too carried away. He forgot where he was and let himself utter quite audible moans and groans. When his climax came he fairly shouted. "Damn neighbor s," Maisie muttered under breath. "Must be some lush lives next to me," she said.

Darrell crept from the utility closet and went home, unaware that she had heard him. The next morning she called her apartment manager from her job. Some drunk, she told him, must have moved next door to her. He had been groaning and making a fuss at one o'clock in the morning and she wanted it stopped.

"Who was that?" the manager's wife wanted to know after he hung the phone up. "I don't know," he mumbled, getting back to the sports page. "One of those dizzy broads that lives on the second floor. Claimed some drunk was raising hell last night and keeping her awake." "Well, what did you tell her?" his wife demanded. "Awww, I didn't tell her nothing," he said in a bored voice. "She's got to be out of her fucking head, anyway. What good would it do if I answered her?

She's like all them other broads up there -- always thinking they hear a man some place. Hot pants, that's what's wrong with them. Every damn one of them needs a good dick up their snatch. Then they wouldn't imagine they hear all this crap." His wife was insulted. "You wish they did, don't you, you old goat!

And you wish you could get in on it, too! Don't worry, buster, even if they did I want that, you wouldn't do them any good! It has to be hard to do anyone any good. Or has it been so long you forgot?" "Aww, pipe down," he growled, and buried himself in his sports page. By the end of the week Maisie was more than ready for the two-day respite from work. Her job had been particularly demanding and she was eager for some fun.

On the way home she thought of going bowling, or maybe getting tickets for a roller derby game. But she soon changed her mind. She smiled to herself as she wheeled into her garage. Fun, for her, meant sex. It was as simple as that, and there was no use trying to kid herself. Well, almost that simple. Sex, in turn, had to involve plenty of attention to her rear end in order to be fun. She pranced upstairs and passed Darrell in the hall with a broom over his shoulder.

He gave her a big smile and she spoke to him congenially but didn't slow down. She knew he was watching every move she made as she walked down the hall and it pleased her. She made absolutely no effort to control the sensuous swing of her firm young buttocks underneath the tight, short skirt she wore.

She thought of Darrell as she entered her place. He was actually a pretty attractive guy, she thought. Maybe she would give him a chance to talk to her some time and see how he was. When she flung open her door a note was lying on the rug where it had evidently been stuffed under the molding from outside. She picked it up and unfolded it. Its contents shocked her. There was a crude drawing in pencil and a few lines of writing. The drawing was crude in both execution and form -- it showed a large hard penis, complete with two hairy testicles, and two huge globes apparently intended to be a woman's posterior.

The head of the penis was shoved unerringly between the fat cheeks, and a few squiggly lines suggested motion.

"Dear Miss Cummings," said the printing below the picture. "You have the most beautiful ass in town. Here's what I would love to do to it if I could ever catch you with your panties off. Don't be scared by this note.

I'm not a." Here the word "screwball" had been crossed out and replaced by the word "nut". Then the note continued, "I would dearly love to pump my big prick up your ass like this." The note was signed, "A Secret Admirer," and near the bottom was a postscript which said, "P.S. I bet you play with yourself when you get horny, don't you?" Maisie re-read the note quickly and then called the manager on the phone.

She complained loudly and hurriedly, telling him everything except the note's contents. She was too embarrassed to repeat that. She told him he should have a guard in the apartment building and that no girl could feel safe with such things happening.

He listened patiently and then told her he'd look into it. "Look into it!" she fumed. "Don't you realize the things that could happen to a girl if a man like that ever." "You're right, honey," he agreed. "I'll see about getting a guard for the place." Then he quickly hung up before she could pose another suggestion.

He certainly did realize the things that could happen to a girl -- especially to a little cutie like Miss Cummings. He not only realized the things that could happen. he would like to be the one to make them happen to her. His wife yelled to see who it was. "Just Miss Loony again. Now she's seeing things. thinks some Romeo stuck a note under her door.

At least that's what she'd have me believe," he said. Maisie had recovered from the shock of reading the note and was concerning herself with more important things. She was on the phone talking to a girl friend from the office. "I don't know, blind dates can be a real drag sometimes," she was saying. "Thanks but no thanks." But then she was saying, "Really?

A musician? One of those freaky long hairs?" Five minutes later she was getting ready for her blind date. Maisie hadn't made up her mind whether she liked men who wore their hair long or not. Sometimes she thought they were creeps and sometimes they attracted her. She hadn't really known any very well. But she did like to experiment.

Tonight would be the night, she decided, to find out how she liked one of them. When he rang the bell, she opened the door and found that he had hair very nearly longer than hers. Except for the strange haircut Mike was good-looking. And the way he looked at her assured her that he thought she was quite attractive herself. They went to a movie and before they had been there half an hour they found themselves paying much more attention to where each other's hands were than to the film.

It was not that Mike was bothering her by his boldness. On the contrary, she was aroused by his actions and completely willing to proceed further.

Once when he touched her breast she purposely pressed forward so he would be sure to get a good feel. And when he laid his heavy hand on her lap and began stroking her thighs, she surprised and pleased him by setting her purse on it so he could let his fingers roam in her lap without anyone seeing. That did it. He leaned over and put his mouth to her ear.

"Hey, Maisie," he said, "you want to leave this place as bad as I do, don't you?" "I won't lie," she seductively answered. She was so interested in being alone with Mike that she offered to entertain him at her place but he declined. "My place is closer," he whispered, grinning. She smiled and nodded her head in approval. The way she was feeling, time was important. Why waste it? They sped through the streets and parked in the basement of the hotel where Mike's rock group was staying.

As soon as the elevator doors closed behind them they fell into each other's arms and stayed locked together mouth to mouth, his hands caressing her thrusting breasts through her thin blouse, until the doors flew open on the tenth floor. "It's a two-bedroom suite but don't worry. My buddy Sam is zonked out of his mind in his bedroom. I have a separate one," he explained to Maisie, who was growing more excited by the minute.

He ushered her into the room, a well-appointed place with a king-size bed, and took off his belt. He turned to her in the middle of the floor and gazed at the way her appealing figure was bursting from her clothes. All she wore on top was a white, scoop-necked peasant blouse with no bra.

Below she wore a micro skirt that gave a view of her trim, shapely legs all the way to a point only a few inches below where they joined together. Her legs were bare, showing off her mellow tan, and the thought of slipping her underpants down them immediately occupied his mind. She looked fantastic for a blind date, he thought. He finished loosening his wide leather belt and threw it into a chair. "No games between us, okay?" he suggested.

"You're too groovy a chick for me to hassle with." "No games," she quietly agreed. "Lemme see 'em then, honey," he said, his eyes boring into the deep cleavage of her low-cut blouse. "Strip down your top and let me eyeball those fine jugs of yours." She hesitated only briefly. It was a different approach than she was used to, but she could adapt herself quickly. His directness excited her and made her want to cooperate. "Okay, Mike," she said with a slow smile.

"But while I'm doing it, why don't you take your pants off? I've been noticing a big lump under there that I'm real curious to see." She slowly drew down the top of the blouse, loosening the drawstring as she went, and he watched eagerly as more and more of her smooth, swelling breasts came into view. "Right on!" he exclaimed, gladly lowering his pants. "I knew you were a groovy chick." He kicked off his boots and stepped out of his pants completely before she had her blouse down to her nipples.

The sight of the curvaceous brunette making herself naked right in front of him stirred his blood. He could tell by the expression on her pouting lips that she liked seeing him naked too. He jerked his jockey shorts down and exposed a stiff, red member with a shiny head that pulsed and bobbed when he moved.

"Looks like I'm a little behind you," she said in a soft voice, then drew her blouse below the dark tips of her nipples. "I'll have to catch up fast." Now Mike could feast his eyes on the entire naked surface of her swelling mounds. He watched fascinated as she breathed and the lovely pair went in and out. He had seen plenty that were larger before, but Maisie's were so firm and well-shaped that he was very stimulated by them.

"All the way off, baby," he said. She stripped the blouse from her tanned torso and tossed it aside, revealing a trim, slender stomach that was flat as a rail. Mike's blood pressure rose. "Don't stop there," he urged. "You said 'no games between us', right?" she said. "We say what we mean? Then what if I tell you I need a little help. I'd like you to do the rest." "You're on!" he exclaimed, and for the first time inside the room he approached her and touched her.

His penis stood out hard and pink as his eager hands fumbled with the waistband on her skirt. She giggled at his awkwardness with her clothes.

Seeing his hard member so naked and close made her want more of his clothes off. She unbuttoned his shirt while he finished with her skirt and had him completely naked before he had her skirt loose and sliding down her legs. She stepped quickly out of it and he saw her firm breasts jiggle as she moved.

All she wore now was a pair of wispy orange panties that barely managed to cover her pubic mound. He hooked his fingers in the waistband and for the first time felt the wonderfully smooth surface of her tanned skin. Before it had only been through her clothes, but now he was at last in contact with the girl's foil nakedness. He playfully ran his fingers around to the front of the skimpy panties and pulled the top a couple of inches away from her stomach.

"What a sweet-looking cunt," he said. "It must be awfully lonesome down there in your panties with nothing else in there with it. I'm gonna fix that." She let him drop his fingers nearly to her hairs before she stepped back from him. Then she put her own fingers in the waistband and stood with her hips thrust sideways like a cowboy, with all of her weight on one foot. Mike was momentarily irked. "Hey, baby," he said, "I thought you said you needed some help getting out of the rest of your threads." "First I want to tell you something, Mike," she began, but things were going much too slowly for him.

He stepped forward and drew her nearly naked body against his. She felt his potent member jab her warm thigh and bounce off, then his mouth was on hers and he was kissing her. The fullness of his lips covered hers and his tongue lavishly caressed the pouting center of her own red luscious lips. He hugged her tight and when he felt the sweet pressure of her pneumatic breasts on his hairy chest he pushed her backwards and tried to lay her on the big bed.

She squirmed from his grasp and shook her hands in the air. "Hold on, Mike," she said. "You don't understand. I'm not copping out on you. I want us naked under those covers together just as bad as you do. All I wanted to tell you -- before you got so hot you couldn't wait -- is that I dig doing strange things in bed. You'll think I'm kinda weird, maybe, but I just wanted to get it out in the open before we start getting it on with each other.

I don't usually tell a guy about it beforehand like this, but I thought you were cool enough that I could rap about it first." That slowed him down. He looked at her with a mixture of puzzlement and a dawning new interest. "Okay," he said, impressed by her straightforwardness. "That's cool. What is it you groove on? You mean you're a whip freak, or a chick that digs being chained up?

Something like that? Tell me, baby, and if it sounds like fun we'll do it." "No," she said, shaking her head, "nothing that far out. I just like being fucked in the ass, that's all. But I mean I'm really into that scene and need it bad. Know what I mean? I like it better than taking it up my pussy." He didn't seem especially interested in her anal fetish, she noted with disappointment, but at least he wasn't completely down on the idea.

He was staring down at her saucy breasts as he spoke, giving the impression that he'd agree to anything as long as he could get his hands on her naked body as soon as possible. "I could dig that, honey," he told her, "after we do some real balling first. Sure. Soon as I get through with socking it to you in front, then we'll." "No," she stopped him, "you don't dig what I'm saying, Mike.

I want it all up my ass. From the beginning. I groove on that scene so much I don't want to waste any of this up my pussy." She stepped back within reach of him and placed her hand on his jutting organ for emphasis. It was the first time he had got to feel her in direct contact with the seat of his passion and the touch teasingly reminded him of what was to come.

"Wow," he exclaimed, disappointed. "You mean you don't even want me to have any of this sweet cunt of yours at all?" "You said 'no games', remember? I'm being honest with you, Mike.

You turn me on like crazy, but I'd be lying if I said I'd dig the regular way. Listen, I've only had it once in my life there -- and that was just because I was raped." A light was dawning in Mike's eyes. "Good. you aren't cherry then, huh?

I was beginning to think you'd never had a cock up your cunt. Listen, love, why not do both then? You could dig letting me fuck your cunt as long as you were getting what you needed up your ass at the same time, couldn't you?" Maisie scoffed.

"Well yes, that would be a groove -- if it were possible to do it." She laughed at his suggestion. "Where's your other prick, though, you big dummy?" Mike grinned evilly. "Don't laugh, baby.

If that's what it takes for me to get my cock in your cunt, then I'll make it happen." He turned toward the door and yelled, "Sam! Wake up. Wake up and get your ass in here. I've got a surprise for you!" CHAPTER SEVEN Maisie grabbed him around the shoulders as he started toward the door to the other bedroom. The flesh of her plump breasts flattened against his ribs.

"Hey, wait a minute. What the heck are you doing? Leave your buddy out of this!" she cried. Mike took her hand and dragged her after him. "You'll change your mind when you see what Sam's got to offer. Admit it, baby -- the bigger a guy's prick is, the better you like it. Right? Sam's got a real whopper. And you can have it all up your ass -- at the same time I'm going to town on your pussy!" The idea made her head spin. What kind of pervert did he think she was, anyway? Just because she happened to enjoy being fucked in the ass didn't mean she was some slut who'd do anything for a good lay.

He pulled her to his friend's bedside and flipped on the ceiling light, grinning and cursing. "Wouldn't you know it?" he yelled. "I have a fantastic chick for this fucker and he's so deadheaded he won't even wake up. I knew he was a heavy sleeper but this is ridiculous!" He playfully threw his arm around Maisie's neck and hugged her to his side, throwing Sam's covers off and pointing to his genitals.

He hadn't been joking. "Jeez," exclaimed Maisie, astounded at the size. If it wasn't the largest she'd ever seen, it had to be close. "And. and it's not even hard," she marveled.

Mike was eager to mount her. His eyes were bright with desire for her nubile body. "It's all yours," he said, tweaking her buttocks, "as soon as we wake him up." "I don't know," she demurred, "I'm still not sure about this.

It's so crazy and." "Come on, honey," he chided. "Haven't you ever heard of a threesome? If you've never had two guys loving you up at once you don't know what you've been missing!" "But not two at once," Maisie blurted, "you've never balled a chick while some other dude was fucking her ass hole, have you?" "No," he admitted.

"But only because I've never met a chick who dug the brown hole bit as much as you do! Come on, help me wake him up, will you? You can do better than me." From the gleam in his eye, she knew what he meant. She was getting so sexed up by having her naked body hugged by him and seeing Sam's big organ that she let herself be swayed.

She reached into bed and put her hand on Sam's organ. "Now you're cooking," encouraged Mike. "Give a good hand job. That'll get him out of the sack!" She encircled the hefty thing with her hand. The few misgivings she had about the whole matter were quickly giving way to the flush of her rising passion. She giggled and slid her fingers up and down the young man's sex.

He groaned and turned half way over in bed but he was still far from awake. The sensation of having the organ swell larger in her hand was very stimulating. The two of them watched it grow to its full size while its master dozed on. Now she was getting anxious to get things moving. "This'll wake him," she said, hopping onto the bed. She knelt on the mattress beside him and lowered her face toward his groin.

"Far out!" yelled Mike. He leaned over and hugged her from behind. The coincidental touch of his hard penis against her buttocks sent a thrill through her body even though it only lasted for a second. She bent her mouth to Sam's organ and christened its red glans with her open lips. "Go, baby!" encouraged Mike. He hugged her close and she felt his penis against her rear again for a few exciting seconds. Maybe he wasn't getting anything from the it, but she certainly was.

It made her all the more anxious to have Sam's organ up her rectum. She sucked on it and ran her tongue over the satiny smooth head. At last he was roused from sleep. He smiled widely, his eyes still closed, and stretched. "Who. who's here?

What's going on?" he asked in a groggy voice as Maisie and Mike looked on. "If you'd open your eyes you'd know, you dumb fucker!" chided Mike, hopping onto the bed beside the girl. "Oh shit, man, I must be dreaming," Sam went on, his voice still far away and soft. "I tanked up on downers before I hit the sack tonight, but I never had a dream like this before." "Damn it," complained Mike, "that's why he's so fucking out of it, Maisie.

He's a heavy sleeper anyway. With downers on top of that, it's no wonder he can't get awake." The mention of drugs would have normally disturbed Maisie, but she was now so sexually excited that it didn't faze her. She continued happily mouthing his stiff shaft. "Ahhh. ooooh," moaned Sam. "I've o.d.d., that's what I've done. I've overdosed with downers and killed my fucking self. I'm in heaven and an angel is giving me a blow job." Maisie tittered and looked at Mike, who broke into a guffaw.

He yanked her head off Sam's swollen penis and said, "Don't waste anymore of that hot mouth on that fucker. Your hand's good enough for him right now. Give me some of that honey-tongue." And he turned her toward him, planting an open-mouthed kiss on her moist lips.

She returned it eagerly and speared her tongue against his lips. He crushed her to him, her pert nipples mashing into his muscular chest. The novelty of having two males so close to her was more than just new, it was strongly erotic. As Mike kissed her hard on the lips and ran his hands over her sensitive, naked breasts and groin, she kept up her manipulation of Sam's penis and both acts became more enjoyable to her than before.

Mike dragged the heel of his hand slowly through the V of her pelvis and traced his fingertips through the mass of curls at the center. She knew he was getting awfully hot. She was, too -- but she didn't want Mike to get hung up on her genitals and start trying to mount her without attending to her increasingly hungry anus. "Wait, Mike," she cautioned, "You know what you said. You promised you'd see to it my ass hole gets what it needs." "No sweat, baby," he said, breathing hard. "Just got carried away there for a minute.

Jesus, Maisie, I can't wait to slip my prick into you. Here, let me show you what to do." He eased her down on her side between him and his drowsy friend. He eagerly lay down alongside her and turned her luscious naked front to face him. In the new position she had to release Sam's penis. "I knew it was just a dream," they heard him say as he felt his organ being deserted. "An angel wouldn't be jacking a stud off.

Man, what a dream though." They both yelled to him and jostled him, but he only groaned and mumbled, "Right on," without even seeming to know who spoke to him or what they said. "Let me frig him some more," asked Maisie.

"It was groovy to be handling his prick while you were loving me up." "No," Mike said. "The hell with the hand jobs. You're hot enough to really need it now. I can tell. You're going to get the real thing. About time, isn't it?" Maisie had given up on Sam. "Gosh yes, it's about time," she agreed, pulling Mike to her and rubbing her taut nipples against his hairy chest. "But how can I have Sam's cock where I need it with him zonked out like that?" "I'll show you. Here. Scoot back into him like this and raise your leg up," he directed her.

"That's the way. Feel his cock against your back now?" "Now, it's just against the back of my thighs. But what difference does it make, Mike? He can't do me any good asleep," she complained, her voice cross from growing frustration. "You'll see," replied Mike confidently. "He's got a whopping hard, doesn't he? That's the main thing. With no disrespect to you, Maisie, he'll jam that cock of his into anything that gets near it.

All we got to do is position you right and you'll have him up your ass hole before you know it. Remember, he's not just asleep. He's drugged. He might not be able to talk right, but you can bet your ass he's up to fucking!" "That's just what I'd like to bet," Maisie grinned. "I couldn't lose." Mike now had her sandwiched tightly between their bodies, with Sam facing her back and he facing her front. The sensuous touch of their warm bodies was raising her blood pressure by the minute even though no lovemaking had begun.

"Now slide toward the foot of the bed a little so Sam's cock will be." Her squeal stopped him. "Never mind!" she giggled. "It just slipped into a groovy place. Oh wow!" Mike asked, "Is he in there? Did he stick you in the ass with it already, honey?" "No," she said, "but it just now popped between my thighs. Ummmm, yummy. That feels super! He's moving it in and out now.

Look for yourself, Mike!" He rolled back a few inches and peered down between their naked bodies. The sensual swell of her lovely breasts and pubes caught his attention and he almost forgot why he was looking down. But when his eyes traveled farther, he saw the fat red bulb of Sam's glans pop from between her pretty thighs and then disappear.

He kept watching and saw the head of the organ slide back and forth there just as though Sam was performing regular intercourse. Mike pushed himself against her and started kissing her on the face and neck. She had her eyes closed and the warm expression of arousal on her face made Mike need her more than ever. He dropped his head to one of her breasts and applied his lips to the tip. The small hardness pushed into his mouth and welcomed the touch of his tongue.

He heard her swoon. "Oooooo Mike, you're beautiful. Both of you. You. you can't imagine how swell it is to have you both with me like this. My. my pussy's getting so hot. aaaah. you guys are getting me so worked up down there I." "You haven't seen anything yet," he told her, "Just wait'll we both nail you where it counts.

You're gonna blow your little mind, honey." She threw her arms around his neck and pressed his face back against her plump breast. "Ummm," she crooned, "don't talk, Mike. Put your mouth back where you had it." He enthusiastically closed his lips over the sensitive tip of her breast and ran his tongue in slow, maddening circles over the pert nipple and the surrounding areola.

She hugged him closer and pushed the rich bounty of her flushed mammaries against his face. He felt her other nipple press eagerly against his cheek, then opened his mouth and pressed the two lovely mound together so he could take both nipples inside at once. She shuddered at the electric touch of his wet lips on the tips of her proud breasts. "Ummm yeah!" she whispered, pushing her face through his long hair and into his ear. "That's what I wanted, Mike. That's better than what I wanted.

Oh I just love to have you licking and sucking me there, I just love it!" Maisie's tongue darted into his ear and she delicately caressed the inner shell with the tip of her moist tongue.

Mike groaned and grabbed her breasts in his hands. He kneaded them as he mouthed their tips, then worked his hands downwards across her flat stomach.

He continued to massage her firm flesh as he went lower and lower, pausing at her waist and navel, then dropping farther toward the pouting mound below. As though the girl weren't getting enough attention from other quarters, Sam's penis had been lazily but stiffly forcing itself between her slender thighs. Now Maisie felt new activity from the groggy young man's straining manhood.

His heavy, hairy testicles swung against the tender backs of her thighs with each stroke and it pushed farther forward than ever before. Now the head of it easily cleared the front of her legs with each motion, and she could feel the thing pulsating like a little motor. Mike still had his face buried in the resilient flesh of her abundant breasts but as he moved his hands farther down her front, he gradually began scooting his whole body downward. He was dying to penetrate the girl's organs, but he wanted make sure she was plenty warmed up first, also that Sam was doing his part from behind.

Maisie had been explicit about that -- she had have a penis inside her rear before she would permit him to enter her genitals. He busied his hands on her lower stomach and then came at last to the edge of her thick, curly jungle.

He edged downwards a bit more and felt the head of his member pass lightly across the front of her thighs. Mustn't scare her, he thought to himself mustn't make her think I'm trying to sock it into her cunt before she's ready for it. Up to now he had carefully avoided bringing the swollen instrument into contact with her at any point. Just then his organ was stopped in its travel. Suddenly something struck the head and then departed, then it happened again, startling him.

He jerked his mouth from her breasts and yelped, "What the -- what the shit's that?" He craned his neck and felt his penis being struck again. It was Sam's organ that did it, sliding through from the other side! Mike stared dumbly as the big red head plopped into view again, striking him again in the same place. "Sonofabitch, Maisie," he cried out in consternation, "is it you or me Sam's supposed to be fucking?

His fuckin' prong is coming out in front and ramming mine, the bastard!" Maisie giggled at the strange situation and watched as Sam's organ came into view again, then slipped backwards and out of sight. "But you said he's bombed on drugs," she reminded Mike. "He doesn't know what he's doing. Besides. he's making me feel fantastic down there!" "He is bombed," grumbled Mike, "but that's no reason he can make a queer out of me, the bastard, I don't want to rub peters with him every time I scoot down too far in bed!" Maisie comforted Mike, drawing his head back up to her breasts and hugging him tightly.

This made his penis come higher on her legs and escape the touch of Sam's. "Now he won't bother you," she beamed. She tightened her thighs together so close that the organ could no longer exit out the front. Now it fit tighter, giving more pleasure to both Maisie and Sam. "I've got him caught down there now. Ummm, I'm glad too. Now it jazzes me more every time he hunches," she told Mike. "Groovy," he declared.

"I don't care what he does as long as he doesn't stick the damned thing up against mine anymore." She knew Mike was champing at the bit to push his member into the warm center of her moist mound.

When she felt the end of it gingerly passing over her upper thighs she knew he'd soon touch a few of her black curls any moment. It might even feel good for him to mess around down there with it if he just doesn't try to jab all the way in, she thought to herself. Gotta get Sam going good behind me before I'll be ready for that kind of action.

The tip of Mike's penis insinuated its way into contact with the lower boundary of her pouting hillock then, and she didn't fend it off. She heard him groan deep in his throat as he mouthed her breasts, stimulated, she knew, from attaining part of his long-sought goal.

His glans was firm but gentle against the tender skin of her damp outer organs. Meanwhile, his fingers had closed in from the top and were delicately feeling their way through the thick, springy underbrush of her pubic hair. The flesh of her narrow opening luxuriated under the careful stimulation of his fingers and glans.

Once she moved her loins ever so slightly, causing her moist vulva to press forward against him. The move was almost imperceptible, but he sensed it and felt waves of hot desire sweep over him.

It was a sign of acceptance from her, he felt, a promise that she was thinking of his poor, frustrated organ and would admit it inside her as soon as she was stimulated enough from behind. Mike sighed deeply. Oh shit, Maisie, he thought to himself, I know better than to hurry you but I hope to hell you let me cram it in your cunt real quick.

You've got me so damned hot and bothered I might just pop my nuts before I even get it in. The way I feel right now, I think I'd spurt so much cum on your cunt hairs it would look like greased rabbit fur down there. Mike would have felt much better if he had known what was happening behind Maisie. By artful squeezing of her thighs, she had managed to work Sam's penis higher and higher between them.

She now had the rosy head of it striking her at the very top of her smooth, tender thighs, right next to the very bottom of her buttocks. And he had even started to take over a little control. The new position raised her temperature and made sweat break out all through the area. She could feel rivulets running down the slopes of her inner thighs and off the graceful contours of her rounded buttocks. Mike began to hear a very different rhythm to her breathing. From time to time even a small gasp escaped her full lips.

He glanced up from his position at her breasts and saw that her eyes were tightly closed and her mouth was shut in a thin line. She was really starting to loosen up now. He raised his penis higher and slid it smoothly across her sex flesh, finally burying its head in the curls and all but touching the sensitive center of the vulva itself.

He was poised now, ready to thrust it inside her wet organs whenever he could. Maisie reached behind her and took Sam's big penis in hand. It was now rubbing against the outer surface of her plump rear. She couldn't stand to have it that close and still not enter.

With a thumb and forefinger, she greedily guided its fat glans straight into the middle of the firm cleavage. The second the hot tip of it touched the smooth skin leading to the entrance, she felt a nervous, sensual panic. She had to have the thing inside her and it had to be now. She bucked her bottom backwards and felt the exquisite pleasure of Sam's stiff flesh against the tiny rosette of her anus. "Ahhhh," she cried, in a quiet but intense voice. The move caused her genitals to recede from Mike's questing penis for a few seconds.

He thought maybe she was pulling back to keep more distance from it. But before he had much time to worry about it, she made the return stroke and he felt the tight, damp lips against his organ better than ever.

Damn, man, he anxiously thought to himself, she's off and running now! He followed her motions for a few strokes, maintaining no greater pressure there than she had initiated, but soon he changed rhythms and started meeting her. Behind her, unknown to Mike, Sam was now thrusting his penis all the way against her anus with each and every motion. She spread her legs for better access and a flood of heat assailed her.

Sam's strong organ was rubbing her anus firmly and powerfully every time he touched her. It was just the way she liked it. She swung her pelvis back and forth then, losing herself in the sweet intensity of their motions. Her blood surged and her thighs fluttered. It was time to have it all the way inside her rectum. She rocked herself back and forth for a few more strokes with his hard instrument jamming against her anus as before, then she tilted her hips and met his next thrust like a bitch in heat.

Sam's solid member plunged through the tight, sensitive circle of her anus like a locomotive. She felt her breath catch and her torso shook in spasms. Sam made a back stroke and the next time she was there to meet him again, this time with her damp channel twitching in ecstatic anticipation. The thickness of his organ slammed into her rectum and the touch of its hard contours against the wet walls made her grit her teeth and cry out with pleasure.

"Aghhhh!" she yelled. Now she's really ready for it, thought Mike, no holding back from here on in. Boy oh boy am I gonna fuck her good! The pent-up energy that Mike had contained for so long powered his penis into her vagina with a flourish. He raised his head from her breasts and plastered his mouth on hers. He grabbed a hot breast in each hand and handled her like a bicycle. The relief he experienced at being able to finally get inside the girl's vagina was immeasurable.

He couldn't have waited much longer and even now he feared he might ejaculate much earlier than he wanted. He jammed his throbbing cock in and out her heated canal with all the contact he could muster and he was well rewarded. The sensual shaft was embraced wetly by her vaginal walls and he marveled at the tight fit.

Wow, he thought to himself, sweating and puffing, she was telling the truth when she said she'd only been fucked once in her pussy. This sweet little cunt is so fucking tight she feels like a virgin! Jesus, what a great fuck. She was worth waiting far! Maisie was making all kinds of whimpering noises but she neither slowed her movements or showed any signs of doing so.

She rammed her pelvis back and forth like a trip hammer, securing a hot flash of pleasure at each end of the stroke. The double attentions of the two penises at work on her created a flush of excitement unlike anything she had ever known. Mike's penis plugged away at her excited vagina and Sam's oversized organ ploughed into the tight hole of her steaming rectum.

Maisie bumped and ground her firm pelvic flesh against the two young men in a storm of motion that raised her up, up, up. She tore her mouth from Mike's and screamed like a banshee. "Oh my God, ram it to me, boys," she wailed, her rear end nothing but a smooth, tanned blur. "Cram your pricks into me and fuck the shit out of me! Give it to me, guys, give it to me hard and hot! Lemme feel 'em deep, lemme have 'em both together. That's the way, that's the way.

my God, you're going to kill me! I'm coming now, I'm coming so good, oh keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck fuck fuck." It would have been impossible for both Mike and Sam to reach climax at the same time. Mike blasted his sperm first, collapsing against her breasts like a baby, and Sam kept it up for several seconds longer.

She was so crazy with desire that she didn't even feel Mike's sperm hit her, but when Sam shot off his hot fluid, she felt it on her rectal walls and it triggered off the magnificent climax she had been working up to. "Ungh. ungh. ungh," she bellowed deep in her throat, then opened her ripe lips. "Aaaaahhhhhiiiiiiiieeeeee!" she screamed. It was ear-piercing. If Sam hadn't have been drugged, lying with the pillow over his face, and Mike hadn't had his head between her breasts with ears covered up, at least one ear drum would have undoubtedly collapsed.

Sam was lying a short distance away out of direct contact with her, but Mike's position on her chest allowed him to feel the force of her frenzied shudders. Her torso jerked like a spastic and he could feel her thighs and shoulders twitching for several seconds after her initial release. It was several minutes before anyone spoke. Maisie had calmed down to the point where she was able to breath without panting like a dog.

Mike lay with his long hair spread in a tangled mass over his face, still too tired to move it. To their great surprise, it was Sam who spoke out and ended the silence. "Hey man," he said to Mike, "thanks a lot for bringing this foxy chick to my bed. What a freak-out! What's her name, anyway?" Both Maisie and Mike were thoroughly amazed that he could make sense when he spoke.

They looked at each other with their mouths open and when Mike got his wits back, he said, "You're welcome, you fuckin' deadhead sonofabitch. We thought you'd dropped so many downers you were out of your skull. You mean you can talk like a human now?" "I was out of my head when you first brought her in here, but who are you trying to kid?

Nobody could keep from waking up with this sexy bitch in bed with them!" "And my name is Maisie," said the girl, with a scowl. She felt she was being completely ignored. Mike had even forgotten to introduce her after Sam asked her name. "Oh yeah," said Mike, his face red. "This is Maisie, my blind date for tonight.

She's too much, huh?" "I don't know how she was up front, but she sure was fine in back," Sam volunteered. Maisie lost her scowl and warmed under the compliments. The thought of the three-way sex scene they'd just shared was very much on her mind. To speak of what they'd done sounded almost ludicrous -- her being penetrated by two males at the same time, one in front and one in back.

But to have experienced the act was something quite different, she reflected, and terrifically satisfying. She recalled how great it had felt to have Sam's large penis at work on her backside.

The gears turned in her brain. He had obviously enjoyed it. he had said as much. And some guys didn't dig anal sex at all. Could it be that Sam had a special craving for that kind of love. that he might desire it more than other ways, like she did? Her mind raced. She asked him. She should have known better. "Well, it was the best thing available," he laughed, making a joke of the matter. "But if we were going to do it again and Mike offered me the front, I sure wouldn't argue with him." He was like most men after all, she stoically noted.

He liked the back way only when the front way was attainable for one reason or another. And anyway, the sex they'd just, had had been fantastic.

She had no reason to be disappointed. After a few minutes of mutual kissing as they got into their clothes, Mike took her home. She knew very well that both boys had been well pleased by her. She hoped Mike would ask her out again soon so they could repeat the threesome scene. But when he kissed her at the door, the facts hit her. They were both musicians in a band, and her girl friend has gotten her the blind date with Mike only because their band was in town for a single week-end stand.

They would be leaving the city the next afternoon. Too bad. But that night in bed she discovered still another good thing about her date with him. Now that she had broken the ice and participated in a why couldn't there be more?

She didn't exactly who with, at the moment, but she could keep her eyes peeled. And for one night, Maisie didn't have either energy or the inclination to masturbate before drifting off to sleep. CHAPTER EIGHT A few afternoons later in a wooded park Maisie found a spot and sat reading a book.

She soon tired of that and, as often happened, her mind started concentrating on sex. She was entirely alone in a secluded part of the park, so there was hardly anyone around to tempt her passions -- no one old or young, male or female, with a small or large penis. She began to conjure pictures of Sam and his big penis. Gee, she thought to herself, I really wish I could have seen more of him. That big rod of his up my ass really gave me a great climax. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure she was still alone, then surreptitiously sneaked her hand underneath her skirt.

At first she was content to simply fondle herself through the thin material of her underpants, but she kept thinking of Sam's big penis and finally it wasn't enough to just caress herself that way. She needed her fingers all the way in there where they could really do her good. She leaned back against a tree, yanked her panties down and began giving her roused genitals the action needed. She was getting herself nice and wet, and was just a little bit short of an orgasm when she heard a metallic clank nearby.

She raised her head and shuddered with fright and embarrassment. Not a hundred yards away stood a black man in a park custodian's uniform with his foot on a lawnmower and his exposed penis in his hand.

She started to run but was afraid to and when the man saw her fear, he became afraid. He was afraid she would report him. He overcame his shame and ran to where Maisie sat. She had jerked her panties back up and yanked down her skirt, but was very shaky over having been discovered masturbating by a stranger. A black man, at that, and one who had been masturbating himself -- with his hand on a truly large penis. That part stuck in her mind for some reason even though he had jammed it back into his pants like a shot.

She had heard that black men had larger organs than others, but had dismissed the idea as an old wives' tale. From the looks of his, maybe it wasn't an old wives' tale after all! He ran over to her and begged her not to tell on him or he would lose his job. He apologized abjectly and she began to feel sorry for him. He was about thirty-five and of medium height, otherwise very average appearing.

After all, she had been masturbating when he happened to walk by and see her. What man wouldn't stop and take a nice long look at something like that? He was so nice that she began talking to him and started liking him. He was very frank about personal matters, which encouraged her to be likewise. At first she was scared he might try to rape her but he quickly dispelled that notion.

He was a confirmed voyeur, he told her, and had been for years. Although he was able to have normal sex, his preference was to find someone undressing or having sex, then watch them unobserved while he masturbated to climax. She found herself admitting to him her own hang-up, half hoping he would miraculously exhibit interest in anal sex.

But he evidently was as indifferent to the idea as most other men she'd known. But she kept remembering the size of his penis and thinking how great it would be if.

Then Floyd, as he introduced himself to her, managed to ask the question that had been on his mind. Would she even consider, he wanted to know doing "a few sexy things" and letting him watch. She was flabbergasted at his gall and started to tell him oft. Then the wheels turned in her head. She was brief and to the point, telling Floyd she would consider what he asked -- if he agreed to engage her in a bout of anal sex afterwards.

He could see she really wanted to do it. Now it was his turn to hold the trump card, he realized. What he really desired, he told Maisie, was to watch several people together doing sexy things. especially youngsters. He thought she might dash away from him after a confession like that.

When she didn't bat an eye he was impressed. He'd do what she wanted him to with her, he promised, if she would walk over to a little patch of woods where some children played every day and get them to engage in sex play and nudity with her.

She scoffed and said that would be impossible, but Floyd explained she was wrong. "It'll be easy for you to get these kids started doing nasty things with each other," he said. "They'd be scared to death of me, an old custodian, so I can't do it. Besides, my thing is just looking. I wouldn't want to do anything with them -- just watch you and them do it.

The same bunch comes every day to play in that patch of woods over there," he said, pointing. "They're around twelve or thirteen, boys and girls both, and they're just dying to do things with each other. I hear them talking every day. They're always daring each other and fooling around. And a couple of the girls are real little teases, too, even if they don't quite know what they're doing." "What makes you think I can influence them?" she asked.

It was a wild scheme that Floyd had proposed but Maisie was extremely interested in getting his especially large penis up her rectum. If it were possible, she'd do it, she had already decided. "Because you're young and pretty," he answered, "and just the right age.

You're old enough to get them to do things you want them to, yet young enough not to scare them away. Come on, let's go over there before they come and I'll tell you what to do on the way. I know it'll work, I just know it will." After they'd thoroughly discussed his plan, Maisie agreed to do it.

He would remain out of sight at all times by climbing a big cedar tree and doing his thing as a voyeur from its thick cover. I must be flipping out, Maisie told herself. I really must be going bug-fuck to agree to a hair-brained idea like this. But now that I know what he wants to see, I know I can do it. And I'm just crazy to have that big black cock up my ass. And an extra benefit might develop for her in the form of one of the young boys Floyd had mentioned. If one was as cute as Kitty's cousin had been.

Fifteen minutes later, Floyd was safely ensconced in his hiding place and Maisie -- she could still hardly believe she was doing it -- was lying naked in the grass pretending to read her book.

It was just minutes until they came, two boys and three girls just as Floyd had predicted. Maisie had her plan down pat and began at once to carry it out. She felt silly doing it but the thought of the stiff penis between her cheeks was enough to make her carry it out. She positioned herself on her back, carefully presenting her nakedness to the kids in a way that would appear natural. They were almost upon her before they discovered her. They all giggled, the girls put their hands over their eyes and the boys turned their backs.

Coolly and confidently, Maisie pretended she hadn't even noticed them. When one of the boys finally called out, "Oh lady!" she laid down her book and sat up. "Yes?" she answered, making no attempt to cover herself. "You forgot your clothes!" came the reply, followed by hearty laughter by the boys and more tittering by the three girls.

"I can see your bush, lady," yelled the other boy, the louder of the pair. "That ain't all either," one of the girls called out in a stage whisper. "Look at her boobs, Carol. She ain't wearing a bra or nothing and they're really whoppers." "Bigger than yours, that's for sure, Margie," the other girl spitefully replied.

"So what?" asked the third young girl. "Heck, Carol, Margie's just thirteen. What do you expect, footballs? Just because yours are a little bigger than hers and mine you think you're shit on a stick." The loud boy spoke up again. "Take your dresses down, girls," he suggested. "Terry and I will tell you who's got the biggest ones, won't we, Terry?" But the other boy replied, "Keith, if you don't quite mouthing off that lady's gonna hear you and well get in big trouble." It was the perfect place for her to begin her pitch, Maisie decided.

"Don't worry, kids, I won't tell on anybody for anything. How can I? The reason I'm here is to show you how to do things a lot worse than just talking loud. You don't have to be afraid of me because I'm naked, you know.

The things I'm letting you see are the same things every girl has under her dress if you could only look." "Come on, Terry," she called after there had been no answer from any of them, "you and Keith come closer and take a real good look.

Let the girls argue about whose titties are the biggest." The kids were dumbfounded. They all came scrambling to Maisie and asked who she was and what she was doing there. "Just call me 'Teacher', since that's what I'm going to do with you kids," she replied. "What do you mean?" asked Carol. "Come on, kids," Maisie accused, "don't try to play innocent. You all come here every day and talk about things you'd like to do when you get older. You tease each other and think of doing dirty things, but none of you ever gets the nerve to do anything.

Today's going to be different. I'm going to do things with you that you've been wanting to do but have been afraid to." The kids looked around at each other with puzzled faces but none ran for home. They were all quite eager to participate. "How come you're. you don't have any clothes on?" ventured Terry. "Two reasons," replied Maisie. "One is that I'm getting a tan -- see?" She stood up and displayed her mellow brown nakedness to the five kids. "And the other is that you can't do the things we're going to do with your clothes on." "I'm not afraid," boasted loud-mouthed Keith.

"Good," said Maisie, "then come here and put your hand on my tit while I let your pants down." A chorus of oh's and ah's rose from their throats. Keith's face turned red but he came. She saw from the nervous, excited look in his eyes that he'd probably never seen a naked girl before, much less touched one. When he was close enough, but still hesitating to reach out his hand, she grabbed his hand and slapped it on the smooth skin of her breast. Before he knew what hit him she was taking his pants down.

She stripped his jockey shorts to his ankles. He was loving every minute of having his hand on her breast but he was ashamed to have his friends see him do it. "Come on, everybody," Maisie encouraged. "Go ahead, girls, get your clothes off too. Keith and Terry are always wanting to see what you look like underneath. Let 'em see. You can see what they have in their pants now, can't you?" She pointed to Keith's small penis.

Terry, acting brave, took his off by himself. Even the girls started shedding their clothes. The air was filled with their blouses and skirts but none was farther than her underwear. Carol and Margie, a blonde and brunette about thirteen, were wearing bras. But Julie, the third young girl, wore no bra even though her adolescent breasts were a little larger than Margie's. When Maisie looked in her direction she stood tall and pooched her breasts out in front of her as far as they would go.

Maisie sat down on the grass and told them to gather around her. She kissed Terry on the mouth and made sure he got a good feel of her breast and legs. She put her arms around Julie and tweaked the young girl's pert breasts. "See, boys, here's how they ought to look. Like Julie's here, with nothing over them," she said. "Margie, you and Carol let the boys take your bras off, okay?

Are you afraid to?" Maisie asked. Both girls looked at each other and giggled. At the same time, both said, "I'm not if she's not," which only made them giggle more. The boys eagerly fell to the task. Soon all the kids were entirely naked except for the girls' panties. They all three seemed secretly proud to be showing off the treasures of their newly developed breasts, but they were more reluctant to part with their underpants. Maisie made their eyes bug out by slipping her hand into Julie's thin, yellow, tight fitting panties and clasping her fingers over the girl's pudendum.

Then she stripped the skimpy article off over the youngster's slim legs and proceeded to insert her finger into her almost hairless vulva. "Come on, Margie and Carol, off with yours, too. How can the boys play with your pussies when you got them all covered up like that?

Have you ever had a boy play with you there? Look, see how Julie likes it when I do it to her?" Julie's face was burning as she stood within the circle of Maisie's arms and allowed her young organs to be titillated, but the feeling was so pleasing to her that she couldn't keep a big smile from breaking out on her face.

She was also enjoying the sensual pressure of Maisie's big breasts, which were flattened against her firm, straight back. Carol proved to be a little devil. She was already letting Terry put his hands all over her groin and it was obvious she enjoyed the touch. But Margie was shyer. She stood with her legs slightly crossed at the knee and wouldn't let Keith touch her except above the waist. But very soon she began feeling so good from the touch of his fingers en her softly swelling young breasts that she at last allowed him to bestow the same intimate touch upon her that Maisie and Keith were administering to Julie and Carol.

Now that the kids were getting all hot and bothered, she herded them together in a spot where she was certain Floyd could see them clearly from his tree hideaway. She lay on her back and said, "Okay, kids, each one of you walk past me and spread your legs so I can see real good in your crotch." They filed by and she handled each of their genitals for a few moments before telling the reason. "All right, kids, that was a little test.

I just discovered from looking at your cocks and pussies that all five of you play with yourselves once in a while. And one or two of you do it a lot!" They all looked at each other in embarrassment and wondered how in the world she could tell. Carol seemed especially worried. "Listen," she explained, "I. I used to do it a lot but I don't anymore. Really I don't!" "That's okay," said Maisie, "I was just testing to see if anyone wasn't mature enough to attend the fucking class I'm about to give for you.

But since every one of you plays with yourself sometimes, then it's time you all learned how to fuck." "That's no big deal," crowed Keith. "I've known about that for a long time." "Fine," said Maisie.

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"Then you can come hop on my pussy and show them how it's done." He reddened. "You mean with you?" he asked. "I. I thought I could maybe do it with Carol or Margie." "Nothing doing," said Maisie. "That's why I'm going to demonstrate it to the girls, so they won't have to lose their cherry to find out how to do it.

They should get to keep their cherries as long as they want to without any of you boys busting it for them." Julie was miffed because Keith hadn't mentioned her along with the other girls as possible sex partners. "Just because I'm a year younger doesn't mean I'm a dummy," she spat out at him. "I bet Margie and Carol don't know how to very well either, but if they did I could fuck just as good as them." Maisie liked Julie's spirit. "Forget him, honey," she said to her.

"Come over here and stand astraddle of my head while I lie on my back. That's the way. Now when Keith gets in the saddle and starts fucking me, you lower your little bottom down and I'll give you a nice French job on that hot little twat of yours." She did as she was told and Maisie looked up into the girl's clean, virginal crotch and thought how nice it was going to be to put her mouth there and let the youngster feel the wet tip of her tongue between the small lips of her vulva.

She had Keith lie down on her stomach and immediately felt the warm, hard flesh of his adolescent penis poke her smooth skin. Before she let him get underway she said, "Terry, you and the girls don't have to feel left out. I told you not to split any cherries but there's plenty more you three can do. You kids look real cute naked like that together. put some of that pretty equipment to work while you watch Julie and Keith and me." She took hold of Julie's trim calves, which were positioned on both sides of her shoulders, and raised herself so she could see the other trio.

"Lie down together in a little circle. That's the way, make all your heads point in the same direction.

Now when you get the urge, Carol, stretch your head up between Terry's legs and take a nice mouthful of his cock. Then Terry can spread Margie's thighs and lick her pussy, and she can come up between your legs and give yon a nice mouth job at the same time. Dig?" She lay back down with her face below Julie's naked organs and pulled Keith onto her stomach again. "Can you come yet?" she asked him. But Julie thought she was being addressed and started a hesitant answer.

"No, honey, not you," she said, "you probably don't know yet if you can or not. I'll take care of you and bring you off if you're hot enough to need it." Keith said he could, so Maisie told him to go ahead and play with her genitals as much as he wanted to, then to stick his penis inside when it was nice and hard.

She then turned her attention to the succulent, slightly damp organs of Julie. "Ever had anybody do anything to this sweet little pussy of yours?" she asked the young girl. Julie looked down at Maisie's face, directly below her widespread thighs, and said, "Well, once or twice I've had it fingered.

But never anybody's mouth on it. Wow, I didn't know you could do stuff like that! It makes me feel kinda funny to think about it." Maisie smiled at her. "Gets you a little hot, I'll bet, doesn't it? Does your pussy feel like it's running a temperature?" "I guess," she shyly answered.

"It sure does feel awful wet, I know that much." "Go ahead and squat down toward my face then, honey. I think it's about time for me to lick some of that pussy juice off," Maisie told the girl. She could feel Keith's young fingers busily investigating her genitals and knew he would be entering her soon. Normally she wouldn't have allowed a boy inside her. But since she was to receive Floyd the custodian's large penis up her rear after she was through with the kids, she didn't mind.

She glanced over and looked at the trio lying in a circle beside her and saw that all three kids were already engaged in applying their mouths to each other's organs. Just as she turned her attention back to Julie's slowly lowering crotch and was about to press her mouth against the girl's red, glistening vulva, she was very rudely interrupted. Floyd, whose presence above them in the tree she had all but forgotten, came hurtling down through the branches and fell with a noisy crash not three feet away.

His feet were still bicycling in the air when his shoulders hit the ground and his mouth was wide open in a terrorized scream. It didn't surprise her that the kids were frightened out of their wits -- she had even known he was up there and she was scared too.

What did surprise her was the speed with which the kids left the area. All she could really remember, looking back, was a herd of churning, skinny legs and a mad flutter of clothes.

They had no idea who Floyd was or where he had come from, and they weren't sticking around to find out. When she looked up all she saw was dust in the air and a pair of yellow panties hanging on a bush.

She never saw the kids again. "Floyd," she sputtered, "wh -- what's going on? Are you hurt? What happened, anyway?" He was lying on his back with a dejected look on his face. A thick bush had broken his fall, and his arms were sticking out its branches like a scarecrow. "No, I ain't hurt," he said. "At least not the way you mean. The only thing that's hurt is my pride." He stared shamefacedly down at his shirt front and Maisie saw that a white, thick fluid was sticking to it.

It suddenly came to her what had happened. She couldn't help laughing. "Ha ha," she chortled. "You mean you were." "The stuff you and those kids were doing down here got me so damned hot I forgot what my name was," he moaned, interrupting her in mid-sentence.

"Much less that I was sitting on a fuckin' tree limb. One minute I was beatin' my meat and the next minute I was fly in' through the air." He started to get up and yelled in pain. His back [missing text]. Damn it, she thought, there goes my nice ass job that he was going to give me.

Oh well, the poor bastard has enough trouble. I'll just skip it. On her way to her car she stopped by a custodial headquarters and reported that one of their employees had suffered an accident. An hour later Maisie walked around a corner in the hallway and ran smack into Darrell the janitor. He was carrying a suitcase and a small tool kit, which fell to the floor and scattered things all over. Maisie apologized and was helping him pick things up when a sheet of paper galvanized her attention.

It was a half-written note. And it was just like the one that had been shoved under her door! Darrell hung his head and spoke in a low voice. "Go ahead," he said, "go ahead and call the cops. I admit I put that other one in your apartment. I guess you must think I'm a real creep." Maisie was recalling the note he had left earlier that month, the picture as well as the printed message.

It wasn't the crudity of the message she was thinking of, but the contents! All those references to anal sex! Could it be that. "I'll tell you the truth, though. I just can't help it. I. I've just never been able to really enjoy sex any other way. The only thing that turns me on is -- stuff like I put in that dirty note. I don't know what came over ma I guess I must have known that anything like that would completely revolt a nice girl like you.

Somehow I just had to tell you about it, though, even if you didn't know who wrote the note." She started getting up off the floor and as she rose, she realized that Darrell's eyes were stuck on her posterior like a magnet. He was trying his best to camouflage his interest but it was impossible to do.

Maisie felt a warmth grow inside her. She always had thought the guy was good-looking. And now. "That's why I'm leaving," he confided. "That's why I had my suitcase with me." Maisie's eyes widened, "You mean because of me?" "Listen," he said, "I can't stand to see you walk around these halls any more.

Every time I see you walk I get a hard-on that won't quit, and that's the damned truth. I know you'll probably slap my face for saying that, but I just have to tell you." His hot gaze was making her stomach flutter. He was still sitting on the floor and she knew he could see up her skirt a little way. At first she was facing him, but as she gradually turned while he went on talking he followed her by scooting himself sideways. He was trying to maintain the view he had up her skirt, she realized.

But not up the front of her skirt, where guys usually tried to look -- Darrell was breaking his neck to see up the back of her skirt. The guy must be for real, she happily realized. He really did have a thing for girls' rears! She walked straight to her room, swinging her buttocks as she moved. Darrell was following her like a robot. He was still talking but she had lost all track of what he was saying and it seemed like he didn't have the slightest idea himself.

She saw a long lump in his pants that moved with his leg as he walked. His eyes were glazed. Behind them, in the hall, lay the suitcase and all the spilled tools. They were long since forgotten. She unlocked her door and entered her apartment. He was still right behind her and his eyes were zeroed in on her marvelously rounded buttocks. She turned to him. "Darrell, you quit your job, so you don't have to be at work tomorrow, right?" He nodded dumbly.

Now he was licking his lips. She looked into his eyes and saw him seething with desire. She wouldn't have had it any other way. There was no mistaking their common interest now, and she was determined to make the most of it. "You know we're going to sleep together tonight, don't you, Darrell?

And you know what I need from you, don't you?" she asked, as if in a dream. He knew now, too, but he was so overcome with desire to act on their mutual craving that he didn't even want to talk. "I'm taking all week off from work next week, Darrell. My vacation time.

I've just decided I want to use it up with you.


And we'll have our food sent up," Maisie continued. Finally she stopped and looked at him from under half-closed eyelids. "What would you say if I told you I'm getting terribly hot under my skirt, and that I have to take it off?

Now?" His smile was all the answer she needed. She kicked off her shoes and raised her skirt, playfully teasing him. But Maisie didn't do it like most girls would have done. Because she hoisted the back part of her skirt. He grinned broadly in appreciation. An understanding passed between their eyes, and they both knew they were embarking on a beautiful relationship.

Then Darrell saw Maisie's eyes on his pants and knew what she must be looking at. He had been feeling the pressure for a long time now, and he was sure that the lump in his pants must appear awfully hard to her warm eyes. As hard. well, as hard as a screwdriver. He knew exactly what he was going to do with it. CHAPTER NINE Moving quickly and breathlessly, Darrell and Maisie stripped off their clothes. When they were both naked, she moved into his waiting arms.

Their mouths met as her arms slid around his neck. He tongued her fiercely, for he was not only afire, he was much braver now that he knew she could at last be his. He reached down between them, found her pussy, and began to play with it. She brought her own hand down, wanting to move his around to her rectum, but instead she found his cock and began stroking it. He groaned through the kiss, working a finger up into her, pushing his hips back and forth so that his tool slid up and down in her fisted hand.

"Jesus, Jesus!" he gasped, pulling away. He picked her up bodily and carried her to the bed, laying her down and sliding over her at the same time. Keeping his upper body raised on stiffened arms, he leaned over and tongued her tits, rubbing his face between them at intervals. He kissed his way down her belly, moving his body accordingly, and found her pussy with his mouth.

Maisie made one attempt to turn over and present her ass to his questing mouth; then she groaned spreading her legs, and groped for him. Getting her message, Darrell kept his mouth busy on her as he turned his body around, straddling her. She reached up to take his prick by the root, pushing his balls back with the back of her hand, and slid her mouth over the flaming head. She felt his tongue entering her at the same time, and they matched their motions.

He tongue-fucked her while she slid her mouth up and down him tool, and then he brusquely pulled himself away. "Kee-rist, another second of that and I'd of come down your throat!" "You almost got a mouthful, too, honey," she laughed, looking up into his lust-contorted face.

He looked down into hers, his dark eyes full of expression -- a sort of still-surprised triumph. Bracing himself on one elbow, he reached out and grasped one of her firm tits.

He leaned over and kissed the nipple, then tongued it to hardness. He put his mouth over it and sucked, Maisie ran her hand up and down his strong back; she ran it over his firm buttocks, found his anus and fingered it.

It excited him; still sucking on one tit, he moved his body until he had straddled her again and started fucking, hitting her all over the fleecy-haired vee. She spread her legs and reached down between them, grabbed his cock and pushed it into position. She felt a shot of pain as he drove it in, but once it was there the pain receded, and as his mouth moved up her breast, her throat, over her chin and to her lips, as they kissed deeply again and he fucked her, there was nothing but pleasure.

She was amazed that she could receive such exquisite sensations from being fucked in the cunt, but in a matter of moments, as excited as he, she was matching him stroke for stroke, taking him all the way with each stroke.

He pulled his mouth away from hers. "What are we doing?" he demanded. "What are we doing?" "We're fucking," Maisie answered. "Yes, yes, we're fucking!

At last I'm fucking you! Oh, God, fuck, baby, fuck!" She tried, but she couldn't pump any faster than she already was. He didn't mind -- he hadn't really meant for her to speed it up.

He had no intention, desire or ability to do so himself; he just continued to drive his tool in and out of her with lusty, ball-bouncing thrusts. His mouth went over hers again, but with each stroke he cried out, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She loved it, but she wondered if he was ever going to climax. She was trying to hold off, to wait for him, but the lusty thing was scraping the inner lining of her unaccustomed pussy, touching her deep, and finally she couldn't help it. She cried out, thrusting herself against him, biting his lip, and he knew from her quivering pussy that she was having an orgasm.

He chuckled, slowing down his stroke. He pumped to a halt. He laughed. "Oh, this is beautiful! This is ab-so-lutely beautiful! Christ, I'm so used to pumping myself off. oh, honey, you have no idea how beautiful this is!" Maisie was gasping for breath. Her arms slid around his neck, and she pulled him down tight against her.

His chest squashed her tits, his hard tool was still in her cunt, and she loved the feeling of it. Her ass was practically forgotten. He chuckled against her cheek.

"Honest to God, you have no idea how it feels to get a woman to come before I did! God, I could go on like this all might!" A huge, warm feeling flooded through her.

She tightened her arms around him, pushed her legs outside of and over his. It felt wonderful having his strong body covering hers, his turgid manhood buried in her; she wanted it to last forever. But she knew, at the same time, that it could only be for this night -- or however much of this night he could keep going.

Then he would leave, and she would probably return to her anal habits. She closed her eyes and forced herself to relax mentally, to enjoy what she could for as long as it would last. He raised his head and looked down into her face. Leaning over, he kissed her eyelids, and then her lips. "Like having my cock up inside your cunt?" he asked softly. "Love it," she answered honestly, smiling but still not opening her eyes. "Maybe I'll leave it in there all night. What would you think of that?" "Ummmm," she smiled.

"I'd love that, too!" He kissed her again, brushing his lips over hers, over her nose and eyelids. Looking down at her again, he said, "What do you think of my screwdriver now?" She opened her eyes and smiled again. "It's marvelous. The most beautiful tool I've ever had. And it's in just the right place." And she realized now that while she would always love having a prick up her asshole, there were other ways to have just as much pleasure, if not more.

With such a satisfying piece of meat buried in her, she knew that no form of sex should ever be considered abnormal or perverted. Sex was where it was at -- and she was going to be a swinger in every possible way. But Maisie also knew that Darrell was not going to keep his tool buried in her cunt all night. Before he finally left her for good, he was going to find out what asshole fucking was like, too! THE END