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Still Before The Explosion ----------------------------------- Johnathon had finally reached the level he needed after a day, looking out he saw his uncle was still here. Why wasn't the man smiling? He'd helped to capture a dangerous criminal, though here Johnathon smiled, he wouldn't be captured much longer.

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Ah good! His skin was starting to glow from the excess of energy, that was when he saw his uncle panic and start throwing shields around the council, nodding at Ben, Johnathon thought well, at least he is still on my side mostly, guess I was wrong.

Too bad, I just hope this doesn't kill him. 10 seconds later the entire building exploded leaving him free, searching he felt everyone was alive and lent a bit of power to his uncle.

After the Explosion -------------------------- Flashing out Johnathon headed for the keep, he had to see Lana a last time. Appearing in the keep he reached out trying to find Lana, damn it! His mother and Lana's mother were gone why the fuck couldn't he feel any of them or Lana?

A moment later Trina come out of a nearby room, Johnathon reached out and grabbed her around her throat, "Hello my bitch of a sister, where is Lana?" "I don't kno.Johnathon I can't breathe!" Trina gasped out. "I don't fucking give a shit!" He roared in her face, "I am here to see her, I'll kill everyone in the family to find her," sneering he looked straight into Trina's eyes, "that includes you my bitch of a sister!" "I told you she is gone but Johnathon you have to know." Trina tried to get out between tears and choking.

"Tell me what? You fucking love me? NO! I loved you! I risked everything to bring you back EVERY FUCKING THING!" Johnathon shouted his anger and power growing. "I do love you Johnny," she said. "I told you. ," Johnathon started. "Lana is pregnant!" Trina rushed out.

"What!?" Johnathon said suddenly in shock, dropping his sister. "Yes, we just found out earlier today. We were all in shock especially Lana, but she was so proud." Trina stated "Trina, I have to go. I am losing control of the power I let it all out, I can't put it back, there is too much of an excess." Johnathon said in calm low tones.

"Tell father, I know he has the power, I've known for some time." Turning to stare at Trina's tear streaked face, "tell father, I am going as far away as I can; only another like me can help, he is the only one, but I'm not holding my breath for help from him. I'm going to go and fucking die! You tell that asshole of a father of ours that!" Johnathon screamed, and then just as suddenly was gone. Tom was on his trail pushing his self to catch his son; he didn't have much time he had to get Johnathon to release the excess power.

Sighing there was only one way shouldn't be too hard, considering just how much Johnathon hated his guts. Tom went over the conversation that he would have with his son a dozen times before he felt Johnathon's power start to level out. What the hell? Johnathon shouldn't be able to do that, a few moments later Tom saw why.

The smoke he saw at a distance gave him a pretty good idea what Johnathon was trying to do. The only problem was there weren't enough things he could blow to hell that would release enough energy to save him. Johnathon had blown the fuck out of the island the power had dropped a bit but there was still far too much to close the locks. While firing he'd almost gotten one of the locks closed but had failed.

Three islands later he managed to get one of the locks closed but there was still far too much power, at least now part of it would be directed inward. About 200 miles off shore somewhere over the Atlantic, Johnathon felt another presence following him, smiling so that son of a bitch had decided to follow him after all!

Tom felt a sudden change in his son's power, what the hell?

The excess had closed some but it was still far too high. Flying on he could see the remnants of well over 20 islands that Johnathon had blown the hell out of. Then about a mile further Tom stopped short, Johnathon was waiting, hovering, with a sadistic, twisted smile on his face. "Hello father," Johnathon spat out, "come to check out your latest fuck up? You sorry son of a bitch," With that Johnathon fired a huge blast at Tom, at first Tomhad no trouble diverting it.

"What's wrong old man too much for you?" Johnathon snarled firing an even more intense blast and holding it in a steady stream. Tom could feel Johnathon's power double then triple, smiling inward he thought come on boy I know you have a lot more than that give it to me.

When Tom remained unaffected Johnathon still hadn't increased. "So old man you have more than I thought but you're so old, I know your power will fail," Johnathon shouted out.


"Really Johnny, this is all you got?" Tom knew he hated that name, he had to get Johnathon madder, and the power was still too high. "Come on boy I had more than this when I was half your age! You're pathetic! You so fucking mad at me? You blame me? Come on boy!

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Destroy me! I doubt you have the power!" Tom said sneering at his son to emphasize his feigned disdain for the power Johnathon was producing.

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With a screaming snarl Johnathon re-opened the lock and poured everything into the solid blast he was sending at Tom, Again Tom smiled finally!

Tom opened almost all his power right before Johnathon's blast hit him. Tom was slightly caught off guard as the power was slightly more than he had expected. Driving him back Johnathon was screaming trying his best to destroy his father, nothing was going to get in his way NOTHING! Holy shit Tom thought his well, is indeed deeper than mine but I can feel that the excess is almost used up come on boy! It was at that moment that Tom felt Johnathon's blast start to penetrate his shield, Damn it!

Opening the last of his power it was barely enough to deflect the blast, barely; Tom was still feeling a stray piece, pierce his shield striking him. Johnathon knew this was finally it, kill his old man then there'd be no one to interfere anymore. Damn it the old man had the power alright but Johnathon smiled can he keep it up? Tom was starting to feel exhausted he hadn't held the power up this long in centuries, the strain was incredible! 2 hours they had been at it neither giving way, neither decreasing their power, neither willing to admit defeat.

Tom knew he was going to die he could feel the exhaustion welling up in his body, it wouldn't be long now. Johnathon had to smile he could feel the old man starting to falter, good! He'd be dead soon then this would all be over! With a last push he put everything he had left into one last blast; Tom could feel the change in Johnathon and guessed he too was exhausted. Tom felt Johnathon gathering for a last blast everything he had, so that's his plan huh?

Time to die again Tom thought. Drawing in a huge breath Tom dropped all his levitation power just as Johnathon released his blast. Dropping like a rock Tom hit the water like a knife heading deep into the ocean. Johnathon's blast followed him and started to follow but was soon rendered away by the water. Johnathon's eyes grew large as he tried to gather again to fire a bolt that could kill under water, he almost had it then his body failed him. Then Johnathon also dropped like a rock into the ocean.

Tom emerged with Johnathon's unconscious body, barely able to stay above the water. Tom set down on what was left of the last island Johnathon had destroyed. Damn Tom thought, I'm really getting too damn old for this shit, the power was still there in him but it was so weak right now though Tom knew that would change soon.

Reaching in Tom could see Johnathon's power center, he soon found the locks that his son had used ingenious! Tom started to close them.

He had 9 of the 10 closed when he saw the horror of the Rinora Crystal. The pain Johnathon had suffered trying to keep it in check, then finally being able to take it off.

The horror he had trying to hide the night his sister died, how he blamed his self. Closing the last lock Tom then put the energy barrier his father had taught him to use that effectively canceled the power 'til the barrier was removed. Tom sighed he was still going to be pissed as hell when he awoke, and then there was the problem of the council. He could take them all as he knew all their weaknesses, and hell with Johnathon there was no contest but that he'd have to see.

Johnathon awoke an hour later feeling tired as hell, what the hell he was alive? The old man hadn't killed him? What the hell was going on all the locks were closed and there was a barrier over the locks, he could feel the power but could only touch it.

Try as he might he couldn't remove the barrier yeah he could use the power but it was almost like it was part of his normal magic. Tom felt Johnathon awaken; he'd moved a ways off so the first thing his son saw wasn't him.

"Alright old man, I know your still here you wouldn't go far from a criminal, time to talk what are you going to do?" Johnathon called out toward where his father was. Tom flashed to within 10 feet of Johnathon, "hmmm well, I could turn you in considering you destroyed the council hall, which I repaired by the way so no worries there.

I could for injuring almost the entire council, but then again I left an extreme healing spell so they will be fine.

You scared your sister, mother and Lana's mother to death, I ought to just on principle but they are ok." Tom said ticking the things off in his mind and on his hand. Johnathon was standing there with his mouth hanging open, what the hell who was this stranger and where was the extreme asshole that was his father?

"Hmmmm," continued his father, "I guess you know that you Uncle Ben is pissed as hell at you but nowhere as bad as he is at me." Tom turned to show Johnathon the black eye he had that was starting to swell slightly.

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"Uncle Ben did that?" Johnathon said dumbfounded. "Oh yeah," Tom replied, "along with a few choice phrases." "Good for him, so how long?" Johnathon asked. Sighing Tom looked at the ground, "1500 years ago, I am far older than you think the wild magic has a side effect, I was there when your grandfather died. I was trying to use the wild magic with him.

He taught me a special barrier then put one in me. I remember his words, when you can open this you can always control the power. He died the next week. I had gone to the edge of the keep with him to hide the last of the bad talismans.

The Rinora, guess I didn't hide it well enough as you found it." Tom smirked "I have done the same for you, once you can open the barrier all the way, you'll be ready to control it. I am sorry Johnathon, I was so afraid; I have seen the wild magic lead to so much death and destruction." Johnathon's mouth was hanging open this was the most human like his father had ever been.

"Is it really true that Lana is pregnant?

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I seem to remember Trina saying that but the pain was so bad I had to leave I knew I didn't have much time." "Oh!" Tom said, "I had forgotten about that, congratulations." His father said shaking his hand.

Johnathon could only stare at the man, the control freak, the things WILL go my way or no way man. Again Johnathon had to ask just who in the fuck was this man and where was his asshole father? Tom looked over at Johnathon seeing the look of surprise and dis-belief on his face.

"Yes Johnathon, it is me, just a man that I have been hiding a very long time, by the way don't tell your mother, she doesn't even know my age. I uh . would like to keep it that way, for now." Tom said hesitatingly. "Ok, but we do still have the problem of the council when we get back, haven't they outlawed the use of the wild power?" Johnathon asked.

"Ummm well.

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," Tom started, "It is outlawed but then again it isn't." Johnathon shook his head his father had said that?!!! OK NOW he knew that this man wasn't, couldn't in no way in hell be his father. "I do hope you will explain that statement as it goes against EVERYTHING my father has been working for. Working as I remember toward for the last 4 centuries, as a matter of fact if I remember right it was you that had that law enacted." Johnathon stated a little irritated.

"I did, although; have you actually read the written law?" Tom asked. "UH, no," Johnathon said thinking back he'd wanted to as the law was usually exactly written. "Here," Tom spoke a huge book appearing in his hand. "Read to me what the law says about the use of the wild magic." Johnathon waved his hand over the book and it opened to the page he wanted. "Magic law 5000, it is hereby the decision of the council that the unskilled and wanton use of wild magic is outlawed.

The said use of wild magic will be punishable by death, the execution to take place immediately under the watchful eyes of a sub-council male member of the Timmings family." Johnathon looked up his mouth again agape.

Tom took the book and it disappeared, "you my son are most definitely skilled and as for wanton use well, they had caged you, tested you and were conferring about you all without consenting me. That in itself is a violation; I could disband the council and select a new one as is my right as the only other sub-council member. Your Uncle Ben has the power too but for some reason his has never come out, don't tell him but I know his age also," laughing Tom whispered in Johnathon's ear, whose eyes flew wide.

Tom just shook his head Johnathon didn't know if he could take any more news like this, what the hell. "So this barrier you put in me, how do I know I have it opened? I can feel the power, I can touch the power, I can even draw and use it some." Johnathon asked. "Hmmm," Tom said this was a little unexpected, "I want you to concentrate and bring something from the keep here, like this." Ton thought a moment and a bottle of scotch appeared in his hand.

Smiling Johnathon said, "Interesting choice." Johnathon thought a moment then a book appeared in his hand, "good job!" Tom said 'til another and another and another started to appear. Shutting it off Johnathon sat there with several books around him. "Ok here's a harder one, make the room you took them from appear here in a vision, then I want you to put them back." Tom instructed.

Waving his hand in front of them the library appeared in a vision in front of them, "now I want you to slowly push them through the vision putting them back on the shelf." This time Johnathon went much slower, the first 3 went well, the fourth didn't seem to want to go.

"Damn it I can't get it in!" Johnathon said frustrated. "Calm Johnathon or you'll. ," Just then the book passed through the vision, then the book case, the wall into the next room toward a maid.

"Oh shit!" Johnathon said throwing up a wall between her and the book which was crushed against the wall then the wall was gone. "Very good save, you do have more control than I thought but not enough yet for full on magic.

Remember to remain calm and almost anything is possible. Now we need to go home, think you can handle a transfer?" Tom asked. "Transfer?" Johnathon asked. "Yes, it's just like with the book but we are going to transfer. You might say it is a method of instant travel." Tom said.

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"Remember to stay calm or you might end up somewhere you really don't want to be, if I might suggest, Johnathon, taking a few calming deep breaths?" Both Tom and Johnathon made vision portals in front of themselves, Tom watched as Johnathon walked through the portal except for his hand.

Quickly Tom went through he could see Johnathon trying not to panic, "alright take a deep breath let it relax all of you feel your hand and gently bring it to you." Doing as his father instructed he slowly drew his hand the rest of the way in.


"Good work, that's the way to do everything staying calm can at times even boost your power a little though not a lot." Johnathon smiled still exhausted he slumped into the nearest chair, "I am still feeling so drained," he said. "Well you have to realize Johnathon, wild magic uses your life energy also but the few things you did today could increase your control a hell of a lot more than you think.

Although, you will need a lot more practice before you can actually use it like you were." Tom said also slumping into another chair; he'd been right on the island he was getting too damn old for this shit! Tom watched as Johnathon fell asleep. Tom sat to plan the future. He was going to have to stave off those damn council members.

Right now Johnathon was slowly gaining even more control given the chance he could be even more power than his grandfather. Tom was going to make damn sure he got that chance. Reaching out, Tom searched for Ben, sighing time to get this over he thought. Finding him he pulled and Ben was there in a second, "what the fuck?!" "Alright Ben we have to have this out while Johnathon is asleep" Tom stated. "Huh? You saved him and got him to come home?" Ben said the shock apparent on his face.

"Yes, we had a long talk; I placed the barrier in him, though he can already more than half unlock it." Tom explained. "The Barrier: the same my brother taught you?" Tom nodded. "'Bout damn time!" "He can already transfer," Tom said. "What?! He's farther than you were!" Ben shouted. "Yes, and far more dangerous, I started his training and he has done extremely well, but I need at least another month alone with him." Tom said eyeing Ben and his reaction. "You need me to run interference," Ben sighed, "Just like my brother asked me to do for you.

Ok I'll try, but he has to be ready, or this could turn into a war that could get real ugly real quick."