Naked teacher kiss porn photos and super super young gay porn

Naked teacher kiss porn photos and super super young gay porn
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Keegan - freshman, 14 years old, long blonde flow, blue eyes, preppy, 5'4" 100lbs, straight, virgin Ethan - freshman, 14 years old, long brunette flow, green eyes, 5'5" 110lbs, gay, virgin Joey - senior, 17 years old, brown hair, green eyes, 6'00" 165lbs, bi, popular, girlfriend Brady - senior, 17 years old, brown hair, green eyes, 6'00" 155lbs, bi, popular "Everyone bring it in!" Coach Hicks yelled above the heavy breathing wrestling team.

"Great first week of practice.

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Joey has a few words for you guys." Joey stood up above the team. "Yeah fellas like coach said, good first week. As wrestling team captain, I want everyone to feel welcomed to the team.

So, all the freshmen are invited over to my house tonight for some bonding with the seniors. Everyone will be there at 6. Text me if you have any questions." After practice was dismissed, Keegan was eager to get home and shower.

The 14 year old freshman couldn't wait to get over to Joey's house and meet new people. As he got dressed in his Polo Teeshirt and Sperry's, he couldn't help but notice his best features. He was a small boy, only weighing 100 pounds and only 5'4".

His long blonde flow covered his forehead and stopped right above his deep blue eyes. The virgin boy also couldn't get over his own perfect bubble butt all the girls adored. His mom dropped him off right at six. He walked in with his friend, Ethan.

He was also a freshman and only 110 pounds and 5'5".

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He had beautiful facial features including his dark brown hair. The boys were greeted by Joey's co-captain and twin brother, Brady. "Hey guys, the party in going to be mainly on the main level, music in the backyard, alcohol in the kitchen. My parents aren't home but please don't make too big a mess." The boys looked at each other and decided to go get a drink. They started taking shots with another freshman named Henry.

After 4 shots, Ethan and Keegan were starting to feel a buzz. "You guys having a good time?" Joey asked. "Oh yeah bro. There's some pretty cool guys on this team." Ethan replied. After a little bit of conversation about school Brady joins in and challenges them to a game of ping pong.

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They accept and follow the twins downstairs to the basement. They played doubles, Ethan and Keegan against Joey and Brady. After two sets the game was tied. Brady then suggested, "Why don't we play Strip Pong?" "What's that?" Keegan asked. "It's like ping pong except each time somebody scores, the other team has to remove an article of clothing. Then, whichever team is out of clothes first has to do whatever the other teams says to get the clothes back." "That sounds fun!" replied Keegan.

"Yeah especially cause y'all will be butt-ass naked!" peeped Ethan. "Oh it is so on!" The twins served first and hit into an ace. The freshmen were forced to give them their shirts. It was Brady's serve again. After a rally, the seniors got another point and the boys were already in their socks and underwear.

"Come on Ethan! You're embarrassing me!" exclaimed Keegan.

The next serve hit the net, giving the point to the younger guys. The twins took off their shirts in unison, showing off their hard six packs.

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The next serve was Keegan's. He managed to serve up a point for them tying up the game. The twins got the next point leaving the freshmen in their underwear. "Let's finish them, Brady!" With that, Joey served up another ace, putting the freshmen to shame.

"Take it off! Take it off!" The twins chanted. "Nah you guys are gay. I'm not taking them off." Keegan said. "The hell you are!" Brady said starting to get angry. "You lost the game. If you don't do it, we'll tell the whole team you're pussies." With a sigh, the boys removed their boxers, facing away from the twins. They turned around, each covering their junk. "Alright little boys, do you want these clothes back?

You're gonna have to earn them." Brady said. "Come over here and jerk us off" Not wanting any trouble, the boys walked over and took the twins' dicks out. They were identical and huge! They were both clean shaven with huge, thick, 7 inch semihard cocks. Ethan took Brady's and Keegan room Joey's and began to jerk them off. After a long 5 minutes, the twins were completely hard at 8 and a half inches of thick meat.

"Good, you boys have earned your socks back." laughed Joey. "Suck them." With hesitation, the two beautiful freshman engulfed their tiny mouths with their first cocks. Joey and Brady were already in pleasure. "Shit dude, get down on it!" Brady practically screamed.

For first timers, Ethan and Keegan were working like pros on the giant dicks.

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Keegan took Joey's dick out and started gargling on his big, low hanging balls. This pleasure was starting to get too much for the twins and let them stop, not wanting to end the fun too soon. "Nice job, you earned your shirts back. Now it's time for y'all to have a little fun!" The twins then went down on the freshmen. Both being late bloomers, Ethan had brown pubes above his 5 inch dick and Keegan had only a few blonde whisps of hair above his 4 inch dick. Brady and Joey had no trouble going all the way down on their tiny cocks.

Brady was able to fit all Keegan's little cock and his tiny balls in his mouth at the same time. Joey swirled his tongue around Ethan's sensitive circumcised head. Now that Ethan and Keegan were getting into it, the boys got into a circle, all sucking each other's dicks. Ethan sucked Brady, Brady sucked Keegan, Keegan sucked Joey, and Joey sucks Ethan. All the while, Joey started fingering Ethan. "Oh that feels so good!

I want you to fuck me Joey!" Happy to oblige, Joey got up and put Ethan into the doggy style position. He aimed his spit lubbed dick at the tiny hole.

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"This is going to hurt like shit Ethan" Joey warned. "Just do it." Joey started slowly stretching out the hole with his giant cock. Ethan was on the brink of tears when Joey stated that he was only halfway in.

Keegan and Brady just watched in astonishment while jerking their own hard cocks. After awhile, Joey had the whole thing in and was making Ethan his bitch.

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Ethan was thirsty for more cock and demanded his best friend, Keegan, bring his dick over so he could put it in his mouth. With one dick in his ass, one in the mouth, and jerking Brady's dick, Ethan was moaning like crazy.

Keegan flipped around and went under Ethan to start sucking his cock. After getting it nice and wet, he turned around and started putting it in his ass, all while Ethan is still getting dominated.

"I want in!" was all Brady said before going up behind Joey and sticking his dick in his twin's ass. All the boys were moaning hard. Keegan, who was jerking his own cock said, "ohhhh shit I think I'm gonna cum!" He exploded all over his hand and the floor. Since his asshole clenched during his orgasm, it became too much for Ethan. "Keegan your ass is so right I'm gonna cum deep in your ass." With a few more thrusts, Ethan held his dick in his ass as far as he could while he painted his insides white with his teenage cum.

The two seniors were still going and decided to pull out. "Cum on my face Joey I want to taste it." said Ethan while grabbing his dick and shoving it back down his throat again.


Keegan did the same for Brady. "Oh guys, I'm gonna nut!" Joey took control and jerked himself faster than Ethan or Keegan had ever seen and out shot his thick, white cum all over the young boys' faces. Seconds later, Brady followed, getting hot cum all over the their hair and eyes. "Cum tastes pretty good." Ethan claimed.

Keegan agreed. As they laughed naked, Brady and Joey started whispering.


"What are you guys talking about?" asked Keegan. Joey replied, "We think we turned you guys gay."

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