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Lesbian teen amateurs play with double ended dildo
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Mike's POV: After the meeting I watch as my other son leaves. I want to wrap him up in my arms and drag him home to his mother and the rest of the family. I want.no HE NEEDS TO MEET HIS DAUGHTER AND NEPHEW. A tear falls down my cheek as I watch him leave, but I know that he still loves Ellie,Kiko,Verna,Nate,Ricky and I. I hold this piece of paper and look at it. Its his address and the words 'Come see your grandsons Daddy Mike'.

I go to the men's room and cry for twenty minutes. I wonder why he didn't want to help me surprise his other mother. I finish crying for a bit and make my way back to my office.

Since I sold the company to Carl it has gotten kinda bad. We lost a few long term employees but the morale is awful. I look at my secretary as I tell her I'm not feeling well and am going home early. She sees that something is wrong, but just nods her head and tells me to feel better. I laugh in my head, yeah I'd feel better if my son was home. I get to my car and drive home. I walk inside the house that Heath called home for the last couple years of high school.

Ellie hearing me coming in comes to greet me. She sees my face and gets worried. "Mike baby what's wrong? You look like you did when we found out Heath left."As she finishes saying that I break down again My wife rushes to comfort me. She helps me to the couch and rubs my back trying to get me to calm down. Once I compose myself I look into her eyes.

"Baby I have some good news." I say as I reach into my pocket and remove the piece of paper She looks at it and then to me with questioning eyes as I explain. "I had a merger today and the other company sent a young go getter.IT WAS HEATH HONEY.IT WAS OUR SON!" As I tell her she breaks down crying I wait for her to calm down.

" He is a business man just like Greg was and way smarter than the two of us put together, his eyes are dark blue like the ocean, but they kinda sparkle every so often like when he was a kid and they'd glow. That is his address and he said he wanted you,Verna,Kiko,Nate, Ricky and I to come see the boys. When he told me I swear that I was looking at a grown up Heath because I swear his eyes glowed with hope.

He said anytime we wanted to come out we have an open invitation. I couldn't tell him about Karen or Little Heath. I wanted to so badly, but it isn't my place.'" I explain as my wife looks at me " He will honey and I know her eyes will help his shine again as she helps me never forget his eyes." We kiss and talk into the night I text Nate and Ricky and tell them to call into work tomorrow as I am doing the same.

They send back a message to the extent of 'Ok boss what's up?' I smile as I tell them meeting at the kids apartment tomorrow at 5. I then text my son and tell them the parents are coming over tomorrow at five. My son responds,'ok dad everything ok? I text him back saying 'I'll tell you tomorrow'.

The next day seemed to fly as I make plans to take some time off, and what I planned to do when I saw my son again and his new family. It is four o'clock as we head to the kid's apartment. We meet the other parents in the parking lot and swap our love. I tell them I have some big news.

My sisters and brothers try to get it out of me and I tell them no everyone will hear it at the same time.We go up and knock on the door. We hear little feet running to the door and Karen opens it up, " Grammies and Grampies are here mommy!" Karen says as I pick up my granddaughter and hug her so tightly We walk in and I see my son start to walk to me. I put Karen down and walk to him and hug him so tightly I swear I heard his ribs crack as he starts tapping my back. " Ok dad I'm sorry for whatever I did to piss you off." He says as I let him go to go to my daughters and hug them just as hard getting the same response.

We get drinks and sit in the living room as I start. " Well everyone you know that I had a meeting yesterday right?" all nod as Ellie starts to cry knowing what I'm about to tell everyone as I continue " The person the other company sent was.HEATH. It was OUR HEATH."As I notice everyone start to cry before I continue,"Kiko,Verna,Nate,Ricky we have an open invitation to go visit our boy and his family." Kiko and Verna crying in each others arms trying to keep themselves upright.

I see my brothers trying to keep themselves strong before my son speaks. " What about us dad? Did you tell Heath about Little Heath or Karen?" I shake my head no before I speak " I'm sorry son he was quick and to the point. He never mentioned you and didn't want him to stop talking to us." I see my son 's anger rise " Do you know where he is?" He asks as I shake my head yes as he continues,"GIVE ME THE ADDRESS." and I start to shake my head no but he continues," I AM GOING TO GO SEE HIM AND TELL HIM ABOUT HIS NEPHEW AND DAUGHTER." It's about this time Tiffany stops him.

" No Chris you are not going to VA.'"I look at Tiffany and wonder if she has given up before she surprises us all,"Because WE ARE GOING TO VA TO SEE HIM!" I watch as Karen gets up and runs towards her room and the bathroom thinking she has to potty.

We talk for a couple of minutes before she returns with a little bag and tells us, "MOMMY I'M GOING TO SEE MY DADDY TOO!" She says with all the authority a five year old can command Ellie,Kiko and Verna start laughing as Tiffany tells her she can't to which Karen kicks her mother in the shin going. "Evil Mommy!" Tiffany cries as Selena tells her that wasn't nice as Nate, Rickyand I smile at our granddaughter getting disciplined as Tiffany rubs her shin Heathie gets up and heads to the bathroom and I sense what is going to happen.

Five minutes later my prediction is right as he returns with his own bag, "Daddy,Mommy and Auntie Tiff I'm going to see Uncle Heath too."Nate,Ricky and I laugh knowing our grandkids loved our son with such a passion most people would not understand especially since they had never met. I tell everyone lets go out to dinner and then help the kids pack for the trip to see Heath.

====================================================================== Karen POV: At dinner Grampie Mike took us all out to dinner. Mommy and Aunt Selena smiled so brightly it was funny. Uncle Chris talked all about seeing daddy again, and how he couldn't wait to hug his brother again. Heathie and I smiled and giggled at them. Grammies Verna and Ellie just talked about how they'd be right up behind us in a couple days.

I asked a question that shocked all the adults,'Mommy do you think daddy will hug and love on me when he meets me?' Everyone stops talking and my mother looks at me,'Ok course he will baby girl. Why do you ask that?' I don't know what comes over me as I cry,'Because he has never come to see me, or calls. Heathie has Uncle Chris and Auntie Selena so he has a mommy and daddy with him but I just have you mommy.

I want to meet daddy so much, and have him tell me that he loves me like you do all the time. I always hear how much he loves his family, but I've never met him and I wonder if he loves me. After finishing I cry to hard I start to shake.

My mommy rushes to me and hugs me " Baby girl your mommy hurt your daddy so much. If I knew where he was I would have told him about you. I KNOW that he would be here for you. Just know this I love you with all my heart and know that when your daddy meets you IT WILL BE THE SAME." I smile as my Grammies all kiss my cheeks and tell me similiar comments We finish dinner and head home.

Heathie and I look at our parents making sure we have everything in our little suitcases and then start on theirs. Auntie Selena and Mommy stops every so often to pick me or Heathie up and love on us. Uncle Chris will look over at us with a smile saying he loves us with all his heart. We smile telling them that we love them too. I ask questions that I know mommy has answered so many times but I never get tired of hearing. "Mommy what is daddy's favorite color?

Does he like swimming too?what's his favorite flavor of Ice cream?Does he like puppies or kitties better?" I laugh as all the parents answering without skipping a beat " Blue,yes he loves to swim,Chocolate Chip, puppies." I smile because daddy and I are so similiar Grammie Ellie always said I was my daddy's bright blue eyed baby girl along with Grammie Kiko, Verna, and her's.I can't wait to see him and meet my little brothers.

I know I will love Dakota as my little brother just as I love Heathie as my little brother. Heathie and I yawn getting the attention of our parents. " Time for bed kids." States Auntie Selena and mommy in unison Heathie and I put our arms up as we get picked up and put in bed. We get our goodnite kisses and hugs. Mommy is the last one out of the room and turns off the light before she tells us.

" I know that when he sees you two he will love you just as much as we all do." My mommy says as Heathie is more tired than I am and falls alseep real quickly I think about meeting daddy and hoping he will love me like Aunt Selena and Mommy keep telling me, I wonder if Dakota and Lil Greg can speak and if they will like me too, I keep hoping that our Grammies and Grampies get there quickly so the whole family can be together.

As I faded into slumber I speak out loud hoping my thoughts and emotions can reach my family that I have never met,'I love you Dakota,Gregie and Daddy. I hope that you love me as much as I love you. I can't wait to see you and play together. I hope that you are proud of me daddy.' As I think this last thought sleep takes over my body as I am awaken early the next morning and we head to meet my daddy. all I can think is,PLEASE LOVE ME TOO DADDY! ==================================================================================== Michelle's POV: Sunday Afternoon I'm cleaning my room because something is just bugging me, but I can't figure out what the hell it is.

I swiffer my books when a stack of letters and a couple photos fall onto the floor. I bend down as my skirt comes up and over my tight ass. I look and see it's the picture of the 5 of us at the lake house and the other is when I got my first boyfriend and he kissed my cheek and Heath took offense and gave me my first kiss on the lips going.

'She's my Shellie not yours.' I smiled remembering those days. No he's a little spoiled brat I think to myself as I shake the thoughts from my head. I look over the letters and remember when I first received them. "Shellie I miss you,Bubby and mom. I try to stay strong and my firends help, but I miss you all so much. I'm trying my best to make you proud of me'.'Happy birthday Shellie as I wish I could be there to share it with you.'.'Classes are going alright Michelle as they have me in a couple advanced classes.

I hope that this year you and Travis might spend a couple days with me during the summer.' I look at them and realize that Heath was my special little guy and wonder how badly I screwed up his life. After meeting Keisha I introduced Trey and Travis.

We all hit it off and they started showing us how mom loved Heath more. After that Travis and I grew up and started writing less and less to Heath. When he'd come home we stayed out. After a year or so we got Tyrone and mom hooked up and then had that shabby wedding, but Travis and I didn't care because mom looked so happy. I smile to myself thinking where the little baby is now and if he ever manned up after catching the little sluts and the brat named Chris. I look at one other picture and I cry because it is Heath at halloween.

He looks to be six or seven. I remember that halloween because Travis tricked him into watching some horror movie.

That night he woke me up,'Shellie are you up?' He nudges me as I blink,'What's up heathie?' He looks at me terrified before he asks his question,'I had a bad dream.can I sleep with you?' He smiles at me so sweetly and I see his sapphire eyes and they melt my heart as always. I pull back the sheets,'Come on baby climb into bed with Momma Shellie.' Heath climbs in and snuggles with me as if he really was my baby. He rests his head on my budding breasts as I hum a song that puts him to sleep,'Don't worry baby brother your Shellie will always be here for you and never let anyone hurt you.' I laugh at myself as my mind returns to the present ,'Come on girl get your act together.

Tyrone,Trey,Travis and you are sending him letters from your mom saying she hates him and letters from "him" to her saying he hates her and wants to go to college outta town.' I look back at my closet and sigh.I took all of mom's photos that included Heath and hid them so she would stop bringing the little baby up.

My mind wonders back to spring break two years ago when we ran into the three little brats and Heath was missing. I know Travis and I wanted him outta the picture, but no one knew where he was.

I start to wonder if he is alright and what he might be doing? I wonder if I'm an aunt and how many times over. Then I wonder why he never tried to contact mom.I mean he WAS the favorite after all. I just look out my window as I talk to no one inparticular,'Heath are you happy?' ===================================================================== It's Monday morning as I get out of my car to head to my office for the last time.

On my way I am stopped by a old familar voice that catches me off guard. " Heath stop we want to talk man." The voice says as I turn to see a face from my past " What are you doing here? I thought I told you to never find me? And how the hell did you find me? " I exclaim seeing my day start out shitty and realizing how they had found out where I was " Heath that is in the past man just hear us out." He says as I see Tiffany standing by him looking at me with those beautiful eye that she would show me in high school " Why should I?

Did you come to gloat that my business was bought, or gloat that you three are happy, or Tiffany to say she so happy with a older man?" I ask see their eyes go wide as my venom comes out fast and to the point " No we didn't come here to gloat we came to talk to you." Tiffany tells me with pleading eyes hoping that I won't repeat what happened in high school and leave without a trace As I look at the both of them seeing them as a plague.

I shake my head before speaking again. " Just leave as I have a lot to do, and don't need you two around me." I say turning leaving them standing there in shock, They try to follow me as I reach our security guard and associate entrance " Ralph please escort these two off of the company grounds." Ralph nods before stepping up to do his job.

=================================================================== Chris POV: Tiffany and I drive back to the hotel room and walk in. Selena looks at me hopefully to which I shake my head. I call my dad and tell him that Heath won't talk to Tiffany or myself. That he entered the building and we can't get in.

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He tells me to give him a hour or so and we will have access. As we drive back Tiffany cries hoping my dad can work a miracle, and we can see Heath. We pull up in front of the building and wait. About 10 minutes later a Mr.

Calhoun comes to the door and escorts us to the guest check in. We get scanned in and photographed before getting handed oou guest badges. A new secretary that he calls Della is escorting us to Heath's office.

I think to myself ' Please Heath listen to me for a couple of minutes bro, because your daughter and nephew need you man'. About 1 o'clock we stand in front of Heath's office as Della opens it. ================================================================ Making the way to my office was no picnic as my fellow employees tell me they will never forget me, and if I ever need anything to let them know.

I give them a small smile thanking them from the heart. I had let Kaye go telling her it be best as what I learned the new owner was a asshole. She told me she needed to deal with some old family matters anyway as she gave me a hug before she left yesterday.

One of the temp secrataries was filling in for Kaye today so I knew I would get what paper work I had left done. As I walked in my office I shut the door placing my back against it looking out the window at the view I would miss. I walked over to my desk placing my brief case down before taking my seat. I looked at the memos I already had on my desk seeing they were changes that Mr. Karlington was doing.

Hour lunches turned into 30 minute lunches. Profit sharing was made to half for full time and zero for part time workers. I kept thinking that lying old prick needed to be fucked up the ass for treating hard working people like this.

After a few hours I took a break leaning back in my chair looking out the window. I let out a sigh watching the clouds roll by from the morning shower. It was around 1 p.m. when my office door opened as I looked up to see again two people I didn't want to see. " Sorry Mr. Thompson they insisted on seeing you." Della says as I wave her off " What do you two want? I told you to leave me alone." I stated asking them as they stood there in my office " Heath we want to apologize for everything we didn't mean to hurt you." Tiffany says as I stand up making my way around my desk to stand on the other side " Ok you apologized so get out." I say as they look at me shocked " Heath we are not leaving until we say our peace." Chris tells me as I look deep in his eyes " Oh what peace is that?

You fucking Tiffany behind my back? Or you taking what was vowed to me?" I ask as his eyes look at me with hurt " Oh and you didn't take Selena? It's not like you have room to talk." Tiffany says getting my attention I look straight into Tiffany's eyes feeling my anger boil.

" Oh your going to blame that on me when you willingly spread your legs for him?" I ask as she looks at Chris then back at me " I was lonely ok since you were always studying." She tells me as I start feeling my heart race " LONELY.you say lonely well if you were lonely you should of got a dog. Oh wait I forget you did because the little bitch is standing right there." I say with venom as both look at me with shock " Heath that was uncalled for.

I am no little bitch as you put it. Look we're sorry we." Chris says only he doesn't get to finish as I step up looking at him eye to eye " YOUR SORRY? YOUR DAMN RIGHT. ALL THREE OF YOU BITCHES ARE SORRY! YOUR ALL SORRY PIECES OF SHIT THAT COMES OUT A DOGS ASS!" I say feeling my heart start pounding in my chest He looks deeply in my eyes with hurt as he looks at Tiffany for some sign of help.

I turn to see her eyes show the same hurt as Chris's show. It's at that moment my office door opens as Max and Danny step in. Both are security for the company. " Mr. Thompson everything alright in here?" Max asks as I shake my head no " Max, Danny please escort these two out of here and the building. Take pictures of them to show your replacements at shift change. If they step one foot in the building call the police and have them arrested for trespassing." I explain as Tiffany and Chris's eyes go wide " Heath you.you wouldn't?" Tiffany asks with some fear " Watch me you bitch." I say as I watch Max takes Chris by his right arm as Danny takes Tiffany's " Heath this isn't over man.

We came all the way here to talk some sense into you." Chris tells me as I look at him angerly " Chris if you or your little bitch there steps anywhere around me I will have you arrested, and don't think I won't I know the sheriff." I state as they are both taken away out of my office I go to shut my door to only see Tiffany looking back at me with those beautiful sad eyes.

I just slam the door wishing they never stepped a foot back in my life. I make my way back to my chair leaning back when the door opens. I turn my head to see it's Della with a cup of coffee. She walks over with some concern as she places the cup on my desk in front of me. She waits as I turn to take a sip before nodding to her that is was good. I notice Della doesn't move as I look to see deep concern in her eyes.

" What is it Della?" I ask as she lets out a sigh before she speaks " Mr. Thompson are you alright? Mr. Calhoun told me about your condition and all." She tells me as I see sincerity in her eyes " Yes I am fine. It's just my past coming to kick me in the ass that's all." I say getting a nod from her before dismissing her to her work I stay in my chair as she leaves shutting my office door behind her. I sip on my coffee while turning to look at the window. I start to calm down from what just happened only moments ago.

I start to think of all the people of my past why was it those two, and where was Selena although it wouldn't of mattered as I would of told her off also.

I lean my head back enjoying my cup of coffee as I ponder on what will happen next in my life. I turn back around to my desk placing the cup down only to look at the picture on my desk of my family. The boys smiling at me as they are held by their mothers. I feel a smile come across my face as I let a sigh out before getting back to the last bit of work I have to do for my last day at my desk.

It's around 5:30 p.m. that I stop and get the mail on my way in from work. Damn it was a shitty day as I had to DEAL with that stupid slut that was my first girlfriend and that backstabbing asshole that I had called my brother for years.I drive up to the house and look through the mail and see some junk mail, the power bill and a letter.its from Michelle. What the hell.did everyone that I didn't want to deal with talk to one another to piss me off today. I sigh and get out and close the door. I open the front door and yell I'm home to let Jazzy,Lil Greg and Batman know that I was home.

Batman greets me and tries to knock me over. He was almost twice the size of other pitbulls. He would put his front paws on my shoulders and look me in the eyes and lick me if I didn't stop him. He looks me in the eye and notices something is off and gets down. I hear LG scream daddy as he runs to me and I pick him up.

He gives me my evening hug and I ask him if he was a good boy. He nods as Jazzy walks around the corner and shakes her head. I look back to him and ask him why mommy said no.

He puts his head down as Jazzy explains. " Batty decided to dig up my little garden and Lil Greg decided to help his brother. I had to give them two baths they were so dirty." Jasmine tells me as I chuckle,'Good thing Bats loves baths.' It was strange that Batman loved baths. He got into the habit of weekly baths and loved when the boys took one with him. I walk over to my Latina Queen and kiss her. " Mmmmm Baby if you keep that up I might not finish dinner." She tells me with a smile as I chuckle as I put Lil Greg down to go play Lil Greg goes running into the living room and Batman follows his little brother to watch over him.

Jazzy and I speak for a little bit about what my plans were now that I was unemployeed. About 5 mins later we hear a kapow and run to see that Lil Greg and Batman had played with the vacuum cleaner bag and made it explode. Jazzy sighs,'Boys bathroom now!' Lil Greg tries to run past his mother as she catches him and pops his little butt for trying to runaway from her. Batman tries just to get caught by his collar,'Batman bathroom now or no treats'yells my wonderful lover.

Batman tucks his tail between his legs and walks to the bathroom as Lil Greg looks back crying for me to save him from his mother. I chuckle wondering if I did the same thing to my father. As I hear the water run I get the letter out and read it.

Dear Heath, This letter is to inform you that Travis and my mother has passed on. She had a stroke and her health went down hill. After her stroke her mind reverted to years ago when you would have been in high school.She kept asking about you and MY DEAR BROTHER AND I HAD TO LIE TO HER.and tell her that you were in school and it was an important test time.Her last days were thinking of the one who BROKE her heart the worst. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY THAT TRAVIS AND I ARE ORPHANS!

Well I wish you the best and don't bother responding as we had her cremated. Sincerely, Michelle Ann Thompson I look at what I just read. My mother was died and I didn't know about it. I drop the letter feeling an emptiness reading about my mother's death.

I feel the tears start to fall as I yell at Jazz that I was going out back to sit on the beach for a bit. She just yells that she'll come get me when dinner is done and to have fun. I hear Lil Greg screaming he's clean and he wants out.

I smile as I walk outside and down to the beach. As I sit in the sand where I usually do I look upon the ocean as the waves clash with the rocks and sand. My mind drifts to my memories of my youth with my father, mother, and siblings. I remember how we all were a family while my dad was alive.

The moments my father hugged me, the times my mother comforted me when I got my boo boo's, Michelle taking me to bed as if I was her own kid, and Travis teaching me how to swim, and ride a bike. I feel my tears flow as I stand up glancing at the waves not far away. Without thinking I take my shoes off tossing them to the sand.

I look back at the house that has been mine for the past few years. I say two words ' Fuck it' as I start for the water not caring anymore. The woman that gave me birth was no more. First my father, then Grandma May, now my dearest mother that I loved, but had abandoned me. Even after she abandoned me I always hoped that it was just a sick joke and someone would yell that I'd been pranked.

I hear some music coming from down the beach. The words seem to fit how my soul is feeling right now. Show me what it's like To be the last one standing And teach me wrong from right And I'll show you what I can be And say it for me Say it to me And I'll leave this life behind me Say it if it's worth saving me Heaven's gates won't open up for me With these broken wings I'm fallin' And all I see is you These city walls ain't got no love for me I'm on the ledge of the eighteenth story And all I scream for you Come please I'm callin' And all I need from you Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin' As I step into the water I hear people scream for me to stop.

I don't stop as I ignore the familiar voices. I feel the waves hit my legs as I keep making my way deeper. As I feel the ocean hit my waist the voices are getting drowned out by the roar of the ocean. My memories come back of my beautiful mother and sister who I loved, but yet they never wanted me after my father died.

As the water gets to my shoulders I turn to see Chris, Tiffany, and Selena all standing, screaming for help. I see tears falling from Tiffany's eyes as she screams ' HEATH DON'T I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS HAVE'. I ignore those words that don't mean anything any more.

I look up at the sky as the clouds that appear go by. I look back to see Jack and Adam running across the beach trying to reach me before I do something I'll regret. I take in one last breath as I let it out to only go under the water closing my eyes one last time.

I don't think of anything as I open my mouth letting the ocean water fill my lungs. I feel my body jerk wanting air which I deny it of that pleasure as I sink to a watery grave. I resist the thought of going up and facing those that hurt me so much.

I wonder is my families lives would of been better if I had never taken that first breathe after coming from my mother's womb. With my last thought running through my mind I say words that I hope reaches my mother spirit ' I loved you mom I just wished you wanted and loved me'.' I never got to ask you why you kept me when I was unwanted.I guess I'll have all eternity to now' I don't know how or why but the next thing I knew I was on the beach.

I looked around to see my father standing there with a grim expression on his face. He walked up to me placing his right hand on my left shoulder. He looked deep in my eyes before he spoke. " Heath what are you thinking as this is not your time?" He asks as I feel my tears never stopped " Dad what was I to do?

You, Grandma May, and now mom are gone. Both my parent's are dead and I feel so alone." I answer seeing him shake his head " No son she is not gone.

You have been deceived by those that use fear as a crutch. You are not alone either as you have those that love you.

What will happen to my grandsons and granddaughter if you stay dead. You need to fight for life as I would have." He tells me as I feel his love flow through my body to my heart He has me turn to see those that care for me as well as those that betrayed me. " Son look at those around you as your two brothers fight to bring you back.

Look at the woman that loves you, but weeps that she has lost you again and there is nothing she can do to help. Look at those they never gave up hope to hold you in their arms again." My father exclaims to me as I look on " But those three hurt me to the point I relive that day over and over as if it's a movie on replay.

I can never forgive them of what they did that night." I say as he steps up in front of me " Yes you can slugger as I loved them in life so can you. I know your pain was caused by them, but they have been hurt as well. Heath we are given a certain amount of time and we can't change that.but it's how you use it that means the most.

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Everyone is given a second chance as May gave you one as well." He tells me as I go to my knees " I.I can't forgive them dad. I just don't see how I can." I say feeling hands on my shoulders as I look up to see his blue eyes that shine " Heath I love you so much as I have your mother, sister, and brother. Now love those that love you and forgive in the process.

For the time to heal is now not later." He tells me as I watch him turn He makes his way to my body as I watch Jack and Adam fighting with everything they have to give me life again. My father kneels down placing a hand on my right cheek. He looks down at my face before I feel a tug pulling me to my body. " Your eyes were so beautiful when you were young make them beautiful again my loving son.

Don't fall into that deep void that you can never return from." He says before I see him fade away As my spirit returns to my body everything goes black before I feel my lungs take a breath before I cough up the ocean water out of my lungs. " That's it bro cough it up so I can kick your ass." Jack says as I cough the water up into the sand " Easy Heath don't strain let it out, and your not going to kick his ass brother.Bro I am going to when we make sure he is alright" Adam says as I turn to look at them both " Sorry." I say as they both look at me intently " Is.is he alright guys?" I hear Jasmine ask crying not realizing that she had gotten to us " Yeah he will be lets give him some room." Adam says as he and Jack stay to make sure I slowly sit up with their help.

I hear talking behind me as I get to my feet. " Hey bro take it easy man you just drowned you need to relax." Adam says as I look in his eyes with a nod I turn around to see Chris, Selena, Tiffany crying.

Tiffany is bracing herself with Selena, Jasmine who looks pissed with tears as she holds the little girl and boy I saw last week while Lil Greg is holding her leg with tears. I look back at Chris and with what strength I have left I rush him giving him a thunderous spear sending both of us to the ground. Once he is on his back upon the sand I straddle him hitting him with what energy I have left.

" WHY?! WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME?! I LOVED YOU AS A BROTHER YOU FUCKING BASTARD! YOU FUCKING BAS." Is all I get out before all light goes out ===================================================================== Chris POV: Minutes Earlier We are heading to Heath's house. After being ejected from the office Heath works at I called My parents for support.the only support that I was given was from my mother and that was either make it right, or face castration upon my return to California.

As we drive to his house I pray that he has cooled down a little so Karen and Little Heath can see the man I call my brother just as we have always described him.

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I know once he sees Karen's beautiful blue eyes he will realize who her daddy is and I hope will not turn her away for the sins of her mother and myself. Karen and Little Heath talk about meeting the twins and playing with them and growing up together and I PRAY THAT MY UNCLE IS WATCHING OVER MY BROTHER AND WILL HELP REASON WITH HIM. We pull into the driveway and see a beautiful house. We get out and walk around the house looking for signs where our brother my be.

The kids run to the otherside thinking we are playing tag. I look and see Heath.but he is walking towards the ocean. "Heath what are you doing?" I yell to no avail Selena looks out and sees him. " Heath please come talk to us." She yells as he doesn't respond Tiffany, Selena and myself walk quickly towards him and he goes into the ocean like a man possessed.

We scream louder but he just looks back.his eyes are empty. We see two lifeguards start running towards us as Heath takes a final plunge and disappears beneath the water. I scream thinking I COULDN'T HAVE WATCHED MY BROTHER DIE. The two lifeguards dive in and pull him out.


They start CPR, but he doesn't respond. They work on him as if he was their brother who had died and they weren't going to give up.They continue to work on him as I hear a woman scream. I look back and her comes the girl my mother told me was called Jasmine and she has Little Heath and Karen in her arms and Greg is riding a pitbull like a pony.

She gets to us and stands looking at the man she loves just lay there unmoving. About that time I hear a cough and turn back to see Heath coughing up water and I send a prayer upstairs thinking his guardian angel.

After a couple minutes Heath looks at me and before I can react he tackles me and starts throwing haymaker and all I can do is curl into a ball and hope he stops. He goes to throw one more and he stops in mid swing and collapse on top of me.

=============================================================== Jasmine's POV: Heath yells that he is going outside as I finish cleaning two of my boys. I love them but good help me they are in so much trouble. I get them out and dry them off before we head back to the kitchen to finish dinner. I hear Lil Greg ask me what's on the floor and see a letter.I look at it and read it.

I think to myself,'Oh shit let Heath be ok.' Batman starts barking ballistically and I hear a light knock on the door.

I run to it carrying my son. I open it to see two little kids. The little boy looks to be about four and the little girl maybe a year older but her eyes catch my attention.they are like my sons and how Heath's looked in highschool. It's the little girl that gets my attention when she speaks,'Excuse me ma'am, is my daddy home? My uncle Chris said this was his house.' I start to cry knowing that Heath has another child. Batman grabs my skirt and starts trying to pull me outside. I tell him to stop but he continues on.

I look at him and know something is wrong and that it's Heath. I pick up the two new little ones and tell Batman to get Lil Greg and take me to Heath. Batman squats as Lil Greg saddles up and Batman takes off with Lil Greg riding him like a horse.

I run to catch up, making my way to the beach. I see Heath on the sand as Jack and Adam work to save him.OH MY GOD NO HEATH WHAT HAPPENED BABY. About this time he starts to cough up the water and the boys help him.

After a couple minutes Heath starts to stand.and he tackles Chris and proceeds to wail on him. Then Heath stops and collapses on Chris with no warning.

Jack is making his way over as Adam pulls out his cell phone for I guess to call 911. I go over to hand the two kids on my hips to Selena and Tiffany. Lil Greg goes to Adam who picks up my crying son. Jack has Heath off Chris to check on him. " What's wrong with him?

Why did he collapse like that?" Tiffany asks as I look at her with anger " It's his heart he can't have any kind of excitement or stress." Jack says as I go to my love " Is he?" I ask as Jack shakes his head " No he is breathing sis. He just passed out in mid hit." Jack tells me as I sigh in relief It's not long that the paramedics show up to get Heath ready to take him to the hospital.

Adam hands me my son who has sadness in his eyes. " Is daddy going to be ok?" He asks in a sad tone " Yes honey your daddy will be just fine." I answer as he nods " I wish my bubby was here." He tells me as I nod as Adam hands me his phone " Call Diamond and Hannah they will want to be at the hospital." He tells me as I dial her number I call Diamond seeing the little girl and boy look at Heath intently with tears.

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Tiffany is looking at me as is Selena. Diamond picks up on the 4th ring saying hello until she hears Lil Greg's tears before asking what is wrong. I tell her what happen to Heath as the paramedics start taking him to the ambulance. She tells me they are on their way telling me she loved me as I tell her the same before we hang up. I hand Adam his phone back before making my way to the house, but not before looking at the three that hurt my man. " If you excuse me I have to get my son to go see HIS daddy." I say as Adam follows me up to our home After getting Lil Greg dressed and his baby bag.

Jack, Adam, Lil Greg, and I followed the ambulance. We were followed by Chris and the sluts to the hospital. Once to the hospital I watched as they rushed Heath in. We made our way inside to the ER to wait for any word.

The jerks that caused my baby to faint stay and try to talk to us, but I inform them to shut up or I will make them. They sense my hositility and decide to backdown for now. After about two hours Heath's doctor Catherine Halloway came out to tell me she has him in a private room. She said he is stable, but needed rest before having visitors. I nodded as she also told me that he didn't need any kind of drama what so ever while here. I agreed with her as did my brothers. As she left Adam made a few calls one to momma Faye and to Kaye.

I let him fill them in while I tried to calm my son down. It was around 9 that night when Diamond, Hannah, and Dakota arrived. She came straight to us by passing Chris and the girls who were talking amongst themselves. The kid's names were Karen and Lil Heath.

I learned their names from listening to the sluts talking with them,were sitting in silence except for the tears that fell down their cheeks. " Where is our baby honey?" Diamond asks me as I look in her eyes " They have him stable in a private room.

His doctor made it clear that he can't have any drama." I tell her as Hannah and Diamond nod agreeing Diamond turns to Adam taking Dakota to him. " Little bro can you watch your nephew while I see Heath?" She asks as he looks up with a nod " Sure sis come here kiddo." Adam says as Dakota goes to him " Uncle Abs is daddy ok?" My other son asks as Adam nods " How do you know Heath?" Tiffany asks as Diamond, Hannah, and I turn to look at her I watch as my beautiful girlfriend goes over to Tiffany who stood up at that moment.

Both were eye to eye almost. " I met him and Jasmine as will as the others one spring break. I put the tattoo Jasmine has on her. Why is it any of your business anyway?" Diamond asks as Tiffany gives her a lok of disgust " Just wondered if it was in a strip club with that name." Tiffany says as I watch my lover show anger I watch as Diamond raises her hand pulling it back before I stop her from slapping the bitch.

Diamond turns to look at me as I shake my head. I pull her and Hannah to the side to tell them who they are and the kids with them especially who Tiffany and Karen are, and how I had my suspesions on who Karen's dad was. They looked at me as I told them to look at her eyes. They both look over at the sad little girl who is crying with her head lowered. They turn back to look at me before sighing and nodding. We go back over to sit in chairs as I watch Lil Greg and Dakota talk as they do.

It's not long before Lil Greg and Dakota make their way over to Karen and Lil Heath. I poke Diamond in the ribs softly to get her to watch. " You ok?" Lil Greg asks as Karen shakes her head " No my daddy is hurt." Karen says as Dakota and Lil Greg look at her intently " He our daddy too." Dakota says as Karen looks at them both " I know, do you want to be my brothers?" She asks as they look over at Diamond and I " Lil Greg, Dakota she.Karen is your sister.

She is your daddy's little girl." I say as they both go wide eyed looking back at Karen who nods slowly showing that she had inherited her father's bright beautiful blue sapphire eyes It's at that exact moment that surprises us all. We watch our sons hug her as they would a sister. Diamond and I hold hands with smiles seeing Heath's kids coming together.

Karen catches us off guard as she cries hold them as a sister. " I love you both so much. I just hope our daddy will love me too." She says melting my heart " He will honey your daddy just has some hardship he is going through. Just give him time honey ok." I tell her meaning her mother and the letter I found making my way back in the house in the sand " I know I just hope our daddy gets better." Karen says as Adam stands up " Come on boys lets get something to drink." Adam says as the boys break the hug looking between Adam, Lil Heath and Karen before he continues " Yes they can come to if their parents don't mind." " No it's ok they can go." Tiffany and Selena say in unison smiling knowing that this was a chance for the kids to get to know one another After Adam takes the kids away that is when things get a bit awkward.

I look over at my once schoolmates to see deep concern for the man I love. I stand up taking the few steps towards them. I look at each one as they look at me. " So why are you three here really? How did you know where Heath was?" I ask as each one looks at the other Chris looks from both Selena and Tiffany to me looking straight into my eyes. " We came out here in hopes to make things right, but Heath wouldn't listen to us or give us a chance to explain." He says as I let out a sigh " Well what do you expect after 6 years of hurt and pain?" I hear Jack speak up as they look pass me to him " And what do you know of his hurt and pain?

It's none of your business actually." Tiffany says as I hear footsteps " NONE OF MY BUSINESS FUCK YOU AS HEATH IS MY BROTHER SO WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM IS MY BUSINESS!" He yells as I calm him down " Jack she didn't mean." I try to say until Tiffany cuts me off " Yes I did Jasmine as Chris is his brother always has been." She says as Jack glares at her " That is fucking funny as I haven't seen him around, or any of you.

As Heath says you three are a plague to him." Jack says making them each look at him in shock with wide eyes " What the fuck we are not a plague. Yes we goofed up by what we did, but we were going to explain to him why." Chris says as he stands up " Goofed up that is rich.

As MY brother states it you three betrayed him. And that he had to get out of dodge." Jack states as they all three looked hurt as Jack continues " And what is there to explain anyway." " That's easy Chris can explain why he took Tiffany's virginity when she promised it to Heath? Or the way he caught you three the day before graduation." I say getting Tiffany and Selena's attention " Wait.how did you know that?

Who the fuck are you?" Selena asks as I smirk at them So I began reciting the speech I gave that day 6 years ago when their eyes went wide. " JASMINE CARLTON?" They both asked loudly as I nodded my head to see what looked like fear " I was in the girl's restroom on graduation day at the same time you two came in. I was in a stall taking a pee when I over heard how you were so sorry for hurting him.

And how you intended to open your legs in trade to Heath. I so wanted to at that moment kick your slutty asses at that momentbut I knew it would just hurt my hands." I say as they both look at me with shame " Yes I was going to, but after he took Tiffany without saying a word with tears in her eyes, and after beating Chris up he took me with the same tears." Selena says as I feel a hand on my right shoulder to see it's Diamond as I look to see Hannah on Jack's left " Well probably deserves you right for hurting a wonderful man." Diamond says as they all three look at Diamond and I " We know now, and have regretted it everyday for the past 5 years." Tiffany says as we stand there listening to her confess " Well I hope you don't think it's going to be a hop, skip, and a jump that he forgives you." Hannah says stepping up as a sister " We thought it would, but see it's not as we just want to talk to him." Chris says as I think of my original question " You say your here so he can see his Daughter and Nephew?" Diamond asks as I listen on " And if Heath wants nothing to do with her or Lil Heath then its his decision and not yours." Tiffany tells me with such hope in her voice that he will want to have something to do with them " Yes it is his decision, but if Adam and I didn't save him that first christmas in college you wouldn't of seen him today." Jack says as Chris looks at him with concern " What do you mean by that?" Selena asks with just as much concern Jack looks at them before he lets out a sigh to answer her question.

" May had just died about 3 weeks beforehand, and we went out. He saw a family with an older sister and a little brother. I guess that hit him hard as he told Adam and me that he forgot something and went back to the dorm's. We get back about an hour later to only find him on the floor with all the medicine in our room gone and the empty bottles on the ground.

They rushed him to the hospital and pumped his stomach. They saved him, but the mixture caused his heart to beat irregularly. With his medicene he can control it, but when he gets to excited well you saw what happens.

I just don't know if you can be around him as you caused him to be like this." Jack explains as all three are in tears as Chris walks to Jack and hugs him " Thank you for saving my brother not just today, but since you meet him. I fucked up royally, but I have tried to be a good role model for his daughter and loved her as my own. When he left we had no idea where he went as he just left.

Last week he was back in Cali and his company merged with my father's. My dad saw him and they talked. Heath asked dad not to say where he was, but my mom and he were welcome along with Selena's and Tiffany's parents. My father got home and had a meeting with all of us the next day.

He said he had seen Heath and my mother was ecstatic as her other son was alive and well, but mom caught dad's attitude and he told us he looked and sounded like Heath, but he wasn't the Heath in our memories.

He was was cold and uncaring if you will. I begged him to tell me so I could see him and bring him home to his family." Chris explains but at hearing this Diamond piped in " Fuck you his family is here you asshole!" Diamond states as Selena looks at her and defends her man " Bitch one more comment like that and I will." Selena doesn't get to finish as Chris puts his hand on her shoulder to calm her down " No Selena, they have every right to hate us.


They have been his family since he left. They know things that we don't and might only learn about since we weren't here, but I finally got my dad to tell me and I wanted to come alone.

Tiffany said she and Karen were coming that way Heath could meet his daughter. Selena decided little Heath yes I named him after his uncle.

and her would come out as well. Tiffany and I tried this morning, but Heath blew us off. After some encouragement from my dad and a threat of being castrated by my mom we tried again before Heath went postal and had us ejected from the building as he left before hand. I was lucky enough to remember that dad had gotten Heath's address. If it didn't work this time at least Karen could meet her dad at least once and Heathie could meet his uncle." Chris finishes with tears in his eyes I look at them and sigh before I speak.

" When he wakes up I will ask him, but if he wants you to leave you leave ok? No more contact do I make myself clear?" I exclaim as Tiffany pipes in again " Don't say anything about the kids before his decision please. If he decides against us tell him about the kids and that they just want to meet him for once." Tiffany says as I look at my one time classmate.

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Tiffany is trying her best to hold it in before she continues," Tell him I will raise her with enough love for the both of us and that he was the one man I truly loved and will always love. I was feeling neglected, but I know he would have never done that to me on purpose." As we stand there I think of all they have told me.

I look at my family to see deep concern in their eyes. I looked back at the three that have also hurt through the years, but they were doing this out of love. I knew Heath wouldn't want to see them, but for Karen and Lil Heath I had to make him see their true intentions. I walk over to her as she lowers her head looking at the floor, " Hey Tiffany look at me" I say as Tiffany looks at me and smiles with tears in her eyes as I continue," You know I'm kind of glad you all came.

I think he needs you as much as you need him. And as to the kids I will not stop Karen from knowing Heath what so ever. I may try stealing her from you as she is so cute and has Heath's blue eyes." I say as Tiffany looks back at me. " Try it bitch and I'll cut you." Tiffany tells me as we share a laugh waiting for the ok to see heath About 10 minutes later Adam came back with Dakota, Greg, and Lil Heath.

I saw a worried look on his face as he got closer. " Is Karen here? Did she return? Please tell me she came back." He asks FRANTICALLY " No little brother she didn't what happened?" Hannah asks going over to comfort him as the boys looked around " I just turned my back for one minute and when I turned BACK AROUND she was gone." He tells us as Tiffany starts to worry " What were you doing looking at a nurse as someone grabbed her?" Tiffany asks being upset " Hey now don't blame him as she can't of gotten far.

We will all look for her." Diamond says as Tiffany looks at my beautiful girlfriend " Easy for you to say your kid is right there." Tiffany says looking close to crying " Chill Tiffany like she said we will all look. You stay here with the boys as the rest of us will look." Chris says speaking up making her calm down We all go seperate directions as Diamond stays to help Tiffany watch the boys.

Adam and Hannah take the first floor as I take the floor Heath is on call it a mother's intuition or just a gut feeling, but I made my way to his room feeling the need to. ============================================================== Karen's POV: Heath's room I snuck off to see if I could find my daddy. I looked around and could not find him until a nurse caught me wondering around.

She asked me if I was lost in which I told her I was looking for my daddy. She asked for his name and I told her. She took me to a desk as she got on the computer. She found his room which made me smile. She escorted me up which was on the 3rd floor. After getting to his room I walked in slowly looking around seeing just him.

I walked to the right side of the bed to see his face. He was sleeping as I pulled a chair with all my strength closer to him. I got up in the chair then up in his bed with him. I snuggled up to him with tears as I was close to him. I grabbed his right arm holding it tight. I cried as I spoke to him hoping he could hear me. " Daddy I am here. It's your Karen please wake up daddy." I say as he doesn't wake up or move I place my right hand up on his chest feeling it raise and lower.

I feel his heart beating which makes me smile. " Daddy I want to tell you I love you. I know we haven't met, but I love you as a daughter should. I have been a good girl just like that day you got me a choco chip ice cream cone, but Grammie Ellie got onto me. Daddy they tell me I am a lot like you. I have the same eyes as you did when you were little." I exclaim to him as I lay there holding him before I continue " Please daddy wake up so you can hold me like that song Daddy's hands.

I love you daddy please, please wake up. I need you daddy in my life so much." I just lay there crying hoping he wakes up soon to see me. I want to hear his voice tell me he loves me.

" Daddy I love you so much. Please my daddy wake up." I say with my head on his shoulder ================================================================== Jasmine's POV: As I listen from the doorway at a crack I can't help, but have tears.

This little girl came all this way just to see her father who she has never met, but yet she loves him with all her little heart. I make my way to my man's bed as she turns to see me with scared eyes. " Please don't take me from my daddy." She tells me as I shake my head " No honey I am not going to take him away from you, but you need to come with me so he can get some more rest.

You want him to be able to stay awake to talk to you don't you?" I reassure her asking as she nods " Ok but you won't send mommy and I away. I don't want to leave before he tells me he loves me also." She asks with tears looking at Heath " No baby girl I won't send you or your mommy away.

Now come on so we can get you something to eat." I say as Karen gets up on her knees to only lean over to place a kiss on Heath's right cheek I smile as she places her hands on each side of his face.

" I love you daddy so much." She says before turning to jump into my arms Karen places her arms around my neck crying. I can't help but massage her back as we leave the room. Making our way back to the others I vow to make Heath accept this little girl who has melted my heart.

I walk back downstairs to the family. I'm holding Heath's little girl and she is stealing more and more of my heart as we talk. She had found the pictures her father sent to Ellie and wanted to know more about her brothers. We talk like a mother and daughter usually do and I wonder if she will love me like I love her. We make it back and see that everyone minus Adam has returned. Tiffany is still crying wondering where her baby has disappeared to.

I put Karen done and she walks to her mother. "Mommy are you ok?" At the sound of her daughter's voice Tiffany grabs her and hugs her for dear life I smile knowing if either of my boys disappeared and was returned I would do the same along with Diamond. Tiffany breaks her hug after checking every inch of her. Tiffany smiles before thanking me. About this time Abs returns and is shocked to see Karen back.

He runs to her and asks if she is ok. Karen smiles. " Sorry Mr. Adam, but I went to see my daddy. I didn't mean to scare you." Abs just smiles as she answers him He looks to Tiffany to apologize again as she slaps him so hard he falls to the ground before she speaks. "You worthless stupid sorry excuse for a man! Don't ever talk to my daughter again until I tell you. You do can understood? If anything would have happened to her I swear to god I'd cut your wrists and watch you bleed out.

No woman would ever find you attractive.for that matter no one would care if you died. Hell I bet everyone here just tells you they love you so you feel like you fit in." As she finishs her statement Diamond grabs Tiffany by the throat and slams her into the wall Hannah is right beside her as Diamond speaks. " That's strike two princess.you hurt Heath and now my baby brother.try for strike three and see where you end up you slut!" As Jack runs to try to calm our sister down I go to check on Abs as he is still on the ground I look into his face and his eyes are almost look like Heath's.empty.

I quietly tell him to ignore what she said, but his actions scare me.he reaches over to hug me before he whispers " Tell our family I'm sorry I was such a loser sis. Tell my nephews I love them and hug Momma Faye for me." He gives me a peck on the cheek as he stands quietly and walks away I burst into tears causing everyone to focus on me.

My sisters and brother run to me to see if I'm alright.I shake my head no as they notice Abs has left. Diamond is the first to speak. " Jazzy what's wrong hun?Where's Abs at?" I cry harder causing our sons to climb into my lap and try to comfort me I look at Jack and it's like he can read my thoughts as his face goes pale white as he answers. " Oh shit no I ain't letting it happen Jazzy.

Don't worry I'll stop him." Chris looks at Jack and nod as they both run to find my brother I cry as Diamond,Hannah,Selena and Tiffany try to comfort me. The kids all crawl into my lap to try to get me to smile. Its about thirty minutes later when Jack and Chris return with Abs in tow.

I look at Abs as he has his left arm behind his back trying to hide it from me. I look him in the eyes and know what he tried to do.I look at Tiffany and grab her by the hair and bring her to him. " Apologize right now or so help me God you are leaving and will never see Heath again."She looks at me and then to Abs " I'm sorry.that you have to have a woman fight your battles for you." Without thinking I hit her and grab Adam's arm showing her what he was capable of " Listen here bitch if it wasn't for Adam having tried it so many times Heath would have died years ago." As I say this Hannah and Diamond gasp Diamond walks to Adam and looks at the scars both the old and healed and the new ones that he just inflicted to escape inflicted on him by Tiffany's words.

She looks into his eyes. " Baby brother why would you do this?" She starts to cry as he answers " Like Tiffany said who could ever love a loser like me. I'd be better off dead. Its no great lose if I was gone." Hannah surprises us when she slaps Adam " DON'T SAY THAT ABS. I'VE HATED MEN SINCE I WAS RAPED AT EIGHTEEN BY MY BROTHER'S FRIENDS.

HELL WHEN I TOLD HIM HE JUST SMILED AND SAID I PROBABLY ENJOYED IT. When Heath, Jack and you came into my life I knew that not all men were pricks that would hurt me. And what about your nephews huh? If Jack was the only uncle they'd be man whores as well." Hannah says as Jack speaks up about then " Hey now I'm semi selective" He says as Hannah,Diamond and I all roll our eyes as I answer for evryone " If its got tits and a pussy and you can hit it you do." The adults all laugh as Jack shakes his head in defeat.

Tiffany walks up to Adam and Diamond cuts her off. Tiffany speaks quitely. " Excuse me I owe him an apology." Tiffany says as Diamond glares back " No you need to leave my family alone." Diamond says as Tiffany stands up " No I need to apologize because I was out of line and Adam deserves to hear my apology." Adam gently moves Diamond aside and he hugs Tiffany before he speaks " I'm sorry I lost your daughter and I hope that one day you can forgive me.

I'm sorry that I'm such a loser." Tiffany stops him as he looks in her eyes " No Adam your not a loser. I over reacted, because Karen is my baby girl that I had with Heath and if I would lose her than the last piece I have of our time together disappears too.

I owe you an apology because you are a nice guy and I'm sorry for saying those hurtful things.'" She says as Adam looks at her having missed the earlier conversation between the kids. My guess being worried for the man he loved so much as a brother. "Karen is Heath's?" Tiffany nods with a smile as he rushes to Karen picking her up and hugging her " I have a niece.I have a niece.

I'm your Uncle Adam and I love you sweetie." Karen giggles being loved on by her new uncle Tiffany goes to him and puts her hand on his shoulder. Adam looks back and sees her and starts to withdrawal into his shell as she smiles. " If you want to watch her again I'm alright with that Adam." "Abs" Tiffany looks at him with a questioning look before he continues "Abs is what my family calls me" Adam explains as he hugs her as well.


" And I hope everything works out because I feel you need some love too and I know we can use more siblings in this family." Tiffany smiles returning the hug " Well I hope my brother forgives me as I have two more nephews to love and looks like two big sisters that are mean as sin when it comes to protecting the family." Tiffany says as Diamond and Hannah smile and nod Little Heath walks to Adam and tugs on his pants as he speaks, "Are you my uncle Abs too?" Adam smiles as he picks up Little Heath "Yep so now I have three nephews and one beautiful niece." Adam says as Lil Heath giggles hugging his new uncle back To Be Continued.Confrontations start next the past comes full circle.God parents