Luscious milf and teen girl enjoyed way sex on sofa

Luscious milf and teen girl enjoyed way sex on sofa
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I remember the first time our eyes caught each others. I was sitting at a bar, not paying attention at all to the majesty before me. Not in till I wondered what such a beautiful woman was doing in a piss smelling bar. Red roses crawled up her right arm like tree roots, permanently staining her skin. The left one plain and innocent from the needles touch. She wore a stringed red tank top, which had lace trim on the top and bottom ends.

Long wavy onyx hair cover her pale shoulders She was on the other side of the bar, yet she must have felt my eyes looking at her. Her eye's flickered up to me from her beer. Eyes, they were stunning, a deep blue, so blue I found myself drowning. Is she looking at me?

I wondered, unable to look away. We stared at each other intensely for what felt like hours. She quickly looked away, her face turning slightly red. With haste, she got up and threw some money on the counter, and walked away. I did not realize what happened till the door closed, and my eyes were cut off from her thin figure. What… Just- FUCK, I jumped of the stool and it fell behind me with a loud thud, and ran out the door.

The bartender yelling after me. I looked each way, but the nights shroud absorbed her, and she was gone. I went back in, and got drunk even more, from being angry at myself for not talking to her.

I came back the next night, same time, and waited for two hours for her. She did not show. My heart ached, and I felt like an idiot for thinking she would come back.

Fuck me, fuck this piss stained place, fuck, fuck, fuck. I'm an id- "If you're not going to buy anything, Luna," The bartender interrupted myself scolding, "Get out, I have customers who want to sit." I looked up at him, slightly startled, "Shocktop.

N-no, stronger. Whiskey? Scotch? Just get me drunk." The bartender rolled his eyes and shrugged.

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He put on the table a shot glass full of a caramel colored liquid. I snagged it greedily and chugged it, I'm going to die, I thought instantly as the vile liquid washed over my tongue. I stopped drinking after that shot, feeling sick from the taste and how it burned my stomach. The bartender's shift was over and switched with Jack's, who was a old friend and served me yesterday, "Hey," I called him, and he looked at me eyebrows raised in question, "That girl yesterday sitting there," I pointed to the corner, "Who was she?" "The one with the rose sleeve?" He leaned over the counter closer to me, so we both could hear better over the loud chatting.

I nodded, "Umm, I don't know.

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I've seen her at Vince's before, a waitress. Why?

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Do you like her, Luna?" He smiled, a teasing smile, "You don't even know who she is, let alone if she is gay or not!" I raised my eyebrows and smiled, feeling cocky, "I'll make her then." With that I got up and left, heading to my apartment.

My thoughts were full of her when I was laying in bed.

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Of me ravishing her, and all the things I would do. I found myself too turned on to sleep, so I slide my hand under my panties, and closed my eyes. I imagined it was her that was in my panties, slowly rubbing, and sliding her figures into me.

I started out slow, and sped up, as did my heart. When I felt myself cumming I moan escaped me, and the release left me numb with pleasure.

My fingers were sticky, and I decided to leave my hand in my pants and fell asleep. A rainy cold morning came as it always did in Baltimore, but I enjoyed it. I opened my macbook and Googled Vince's. It was an Italian fine dining restaurant, I don't have any fine clothes, and it was a few miles from where my apartment stood.

I got up and opened my closet, and hummed to myself as I looked for something decent. Almost everything was dark of color, maybe this? I pulled out a dark red, loose turtle neck, ugly aren't you? I put it back and moved it aside, and kept doing that till I was on the last article of clothing.

A simple black shirt, no design, loose, cozy, and sleeves stop at the bicep. I winced and put it on. I put on dark blue skinny jeans, which had a steel chain sewn on it.

I pulled off the chain, but it left a white shredded area near my waist. It actually made it look better, a vintage look, and I put on calf length, grey leather boots. Too much Black and grey, I thought, so I took out a bright yellow scarf and a tan jacket and set them on the bed. I went to the bathroom and put on makeup, just mascara, some face powder, and a light lipstick, that almost matched my lip color, but made my lips glow. My auburn short hair was matted from sleep.

I got out some gel and formed a fohawk, Oh my dear god I look like a stereotypical lesbian, and too trashy for a fine restaurant. I laughed at myself, and I quickly brushed my hair down and to the side and made it look like a pixi-cut. I raised my hands in frustration and waved myself off, fuck me. I put on the jacket and scarf, and looked at myself in the mirror, I look like an idiot.

The more I stayed home, the more I became pessimistic about everything. I grabbed my umbrella and ran out the door. I decided to walk because Vince's doesn't open for another hour and a half. The restaurant had a few people already seated, when I came in. There was stunning artwork on the wall from local artiest I knew. The walls where a mahogany, mostly, but what made it stand out from other restaurants was the dark red brick that merged into some of the wooden walls. The floor had a 'V' shaped design, different wood types, going in leading to the greeter's station.

Even the greeter's station was a magnificent woodwork, a family crest cut into the front and waterfalls and forests on the side.

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The crest had a large sleeping bear that was covered with the Italian flag, and the above it saying the Family name and below a motto, but both written in Italian. "How many?" The greeter asked smiling, dragging me out my contemplation of my surrounding. "Just me," I started following her through a small hall, "Um, is there a girl here black hair, roses tattooed on her right arm?" I asked, half expecting 'yes', and the other half 'no'. I sucked in my lips, and prayed to whatever god there is out there.

"Oh, yeah, you mean Rose?" The Greeter glanced back while walk. Rose. My heart skipped beats, "Yes, Is her shift today?" The Greeter nodded, "Yeah, do you want me to put you in her area?" YES, YES, YES, YES, "Yes." I said coolly, barely containing my excitement. I was sitting at a couples table on the side of a large room.

The couples table had red tablecloths, and the changed color with size, from blue, white, and a royal purple. I looked outside, a narrow tall window, that was wired with swirling dull bronze design. An aroma hit me, a sweet aroma, which made my mouth water. I looked away from the window and the source of the smell and I saw her, I was drowning again, and I smiled. A normal smile, I wasn't trying my best not to scare her off. She had a white blouse and light flare jeans that hugged her hips, and her long black hair in a wild loose pony tail.

Rose seemed startled but quickly regained her cool, "Uh, Hello welcome to Vince's, what would you like to drink?" Her facial expression was relaxed, and her eyes too, but her red cheeks betrayed her. "Just water, Thank you." She came back a few short moments later. Her hand was slightly shaking, almost unnoticeable, she placed the glass down never looking away from my eyes, "Have you decided what you wanted to eat?" You're pussy, my body tingled with excitement, "I don't know," I admitted, "I wasn't looking at the menu.

Your beauty distracted me too much." A smile flashed across Roses face, and left as fast as it came, "Chicken Alfredo, it is?" Her face growing in color. "Why not." I smiled back, acting as casual as my body could will me. She left, but glanced back at me before disappearing around the corner. Thirty minutes, or so, went by, and Rose returned with my plate. She leaned across the table to move the salt and pepper shakers from the windows edge to the table.

For a few brief seconds her magnificent breasts, not too big or small just perfect, where hanging in front of me. Her breathing rapid and nervous, just as mine. The sweet smell was rapped all around her and my mouth watered, and instantly I imagined her and me fucking, again. When she was standing we were looking at each other, I was holding every fiber of myself back from grabbing her and taking her here on the table, "Would you like anything else?" I focused on the glass of water, trying to get my mind of ripping of her shirt and bra to reveal her breasts, "When do you get of shift?" I startled myself out how fast and excited I said that, so much for keeping it cool.

"Three… Hours," I nodded, not looking at her so she doesn't feel like a piece of meat, "Okay, thank you." With that Rose left, and my eyes followed her out.

She was thin, but still had amazing curves. I ate not paying attention to my food, daydreaming about sucking her breasts, clit, and other things. I finished without realizing, and Rose brought my check when she saw I was done. I took out a fifty from my wallet, but realized that would be a 29 dollar tip, and she might think I'm trying to booty call her.

I decided eight dollars was a subtle amount. On the back of a copy receipt was her phone number.


I grabbed it and shoved it in my pocket, giddy with excitement, and got up and left. On the way out Rose was walking past me, and our hands brushed. My whole left side tingled from the contact, we both looked back at each other smiling. I sat on a bench outside, umbrella resting on my shoulder as rain tried to attack me, and I played on my phone.

I remembered to add her phone number before I lost the paper, I resisted texting her knowing she is at work. An hour and a half later Rose came out of the restaurant wearing a red A&F hoodie, she was walking towards me. I sucked in my lips and moved over in the bench so she could sit in the dry area.

She sat down next to me, our thighs touch and even that sent me on a hormonal craze. "Rose." She said staring at me, her voice smooth, soft, and clear.

"I know, Luna," I smiled, then corrected myself, "Err, I mean, Elise Lunova, but everyone calls me Luna." "Well, it is an awesome last name," She smiled back at me, and looked around then shifting closer, "I don't know you, but… I," Her face grew frustrated, "I just… I'm sorry I sound, I sound stupid." She looked down to the wet ground.

I chuckled, "I thought it was I, who was stupid, chasing someone who I don't know. Why are you out her so early?" Rose looked back up at me, just staring at me for a few seconds before reply, "Launch break, I saw you out here, thought I might join you. We don't know each other, but I would like to change that." The last bit of the sentence repeated in my head over and over, my mind overloaded and all I could manage to say was a stammered, "Yeah." Her launch break was fifteen minutes, and me and Rose talked about as much as we could, in that short time.

Our favorite music, books, and movies, we had a lot in common which made me crave her even more. She looked at her watch, "I really must go." She grinded and started walking away. "I'll wait here," I waved at her before she left to go inside Vince's.

When the doors closed the reflection it showed of me startled me Is that really me. I've been called sexy or beautiful by other girls before, but never has such a beautiful woman liked me. I waited, not playing with my phone, or anything, just staring at the door for her to come out. With each passing minute I missed her more, and my heart was aching by the time she left.

She walked out of the restaurant, wearing a sewn hat which had ears and looked like a monkey, her red A&F hoodie, and matching red Tom shoes. I got up as fast as I can, and ran towards her to shield her from the never ending rain, "Do you have a car?" She started walking, "No, I walk. Care to join me?" Her whole face was red, from blushing and the cold weather. I removed my yellow scarf and gave it to her. She smiled and nodded in return.

"What kind of question is that? You don't have an umbrella, and just I waited 3 hours for you." I made a face and laughed, not know at what I was laughing, just laughing for the hell of it.

It was seven p.m. but already dark, when we stopped at the foot of her apartments stairs. It was an older complex compared to the other, but tall structure still stood strong and tall, "So," I looked down and kicked the ground lightly, "This is goodbye?" I looked back up with raised eyebrows.

Rose took a few steps up and looked down to me, "How about we watch a movie?" She suggested the best idea ever. I contained my grin "Sure what movie?" "Does it matter," Rose grabbed my hand and lead my up to her apartment.

I was sitting on her tan leather couch, while she loaded the Note Book, my hand still tingling from her holding it. Her living room was small, and had a lot of décor. A glass coffee table full of books and magazines, tan walls, with one wall painted brown, shelves full of vases and pictures of family.

The small room was just cluttered from all of it, but the size made everything seems cozy. She turned off the lights and joined me on the couch. She started out sitting upright to the right of me, but it ended with her head on my shoulder and arms wrapped around my right arm. I stopped paying attention to the movie, and worked on courage to make a move. I was nervous that I might go to fast, and she would get uncomfortable. Half way in the movie I couldn't hold myself back, and didn't care about being nervous.

I moved my left hand across my thighs, to hers, and just rested my hand mid-thigh. Her muscle was tense but softened within a few seconds, then I continued slowly moved my hand up and inward towards her crotch.

It was warm, and I began to slowly rub my hand around that area, and going down to the thigh and back up. Her breathing was quickening and shaking, along with mine. We were staring into each other's eyes as I undid the pants button and zipper, and slid my hand in. I slowly rubbed my index and middle fingers on the outside of her panties, going in circles then changing the pattern randomly.

Her eyes were now closed, her head tilted back, and lips partly open. Her breasts moved up and down as her breathing got heavier, and a light moaned escaped her. I stopped and pulled my hand out, staring at her. She opened her eyes and looked back, looking slightly irritated I stopped. Rose got up and pulled me up, then moved her hands to the back of my head and pulled me closer to her face.

Our lips touched and parted for our tongues, which explored each other's mouths and wrapped themselves together like two serpents. I have never felt such an explosion of ecstasy from kissing someone, but the feeling Rose gave me made my legs shake and almost collapse. Rose held me by my forearms so I wouldn't fall, "How about we go to my bed." Her voice rough from heaving breathing, I nodded and let her lead.

I didn't pay attention to the décor of the room, I just grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her against the bed, "Don't move." I said removing my socks, pants, and shirt, leaving only bra and underwear on. She lifted her head to look at me, I quickly got on top of her and pushed her head back, "I said don't move." I began to kiss her again, and let our tongues dance.

I got to my knees on the soft the bed, and removed her pants slowly, kissing her thigh and going down alone with the pants. When the pants came off I threw them against the wall, and started to make my way back up.

Kissing her calf, knee, thigh, I slowly brushed my lips and nose against her crotch teasing her, then to her belly button and breasts. I removed her jacket, and white t-shirt underneath. Rose put the palm of her hand against my stomach and rubbed inward towards my crotch.

I leaned in to kiss her. Her hands slid under my panties and she began to slowly rub my clit in, "You're so wet." I moved my hand under her underwear and did the same, "As are yo-" A moan escaped my lips, and for a moment I was overwhelming, by a goddess in front of me, kissing me, and rubbing my clitoris. I almost came there, but held it back.

I balanced myself on my knees while she rubbed, and I removed her bra. She stopped and followed me, and then removed my underwear for me and hers. I embraced her, causing her to fall back on her back again. I kissed her neck and slowly rubbed the inside of her thigh, and my lips traveled down to her nipples and I began to suck on them. She began to moan again, louder with each following moan. I stopped sucking her nipples, and stared at her, watching her face. I shoved a finger in her warm wet vagina, and another, I tried a third but it was too tight and she began to look uncomfortable.

I quickly went back to two and slowly slid in and out of her, exploring her. I watched her breathing, pacing my thrusts with her breath strokes. Her moans were growing louder and longer, and her fingers began to scratch my back. Her breathing became harsh, fast, and heavy, and her back arched slightly. There was one last long loud moan, which vaguely sound like my name, and her pelvis shot up and down, and her legs curled in along with her fingers and toes. Her whole body became one spasm event, and her long nails cut my back.

The whole time I didn't stop shoving my fingers in and out of her. When her vagina relaxed and her body was calm again, she opened her eyes wide and a large grin spread across her face.

I smiled back, proud that I made her orgasm. She grabbed my waist and rolled me over to my back, "That was amazing, actually amazing doesn't even cover it." She whispered with a ragged breath.

She grabbed my hand I used to fuck her with and licked of all her cum off, she did it slowly and sexy.


She put my hands over my head and scooted herself down, she played with my dark pubes. Curling them and drawing designs, "Did I tell you I liked your pubes?" I felt the blood rush to my face, "I should of shaved, most girls don't like it I'm-" "Shhh." She hushed me softly and moved her body down.

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Her figures slid inside me slowly, and then her tongue became a blanket over my citreous. She licked to the rhythm of how fast she put her fingers in and out. She changed her pattern and sucked, and would go back and forth. She moaned alone with me, which made everything feel even better. The pressure built up along with our moans. When I could hold it in anymore, I screamed, and she kept going. Not stopping even after I reached climax, she continued to suck and thrust, moaning with me. The sensation was so good, I came again, and again.

When I was finally done of my multi-climax she slid her fingers out and laid down next to me.

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Resting her head on my shoulder with her arm across my body. She stared at me, it was an innocent stare, but awestruck, as one would be staring at a colorful grand cathedral. We didn't say anything for the fear of ruining the moment, so I just stared into her wide ocean eyes, total bliss.

We both feel asleep at the same time, holding each other, our legs intertwined, and a large red poofy blanket wrapped up closer together.