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The Devil's Pact, The Tyrant's Daughter by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Five: Sister Stella Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2072 Chasity "Chase" Glassner Sierra Nevada, CA The nun ran right towards me, screaming in terror. She held up the gray skirts of her habit as she ran, exposing legs clad by blue jeans.

Her pale-blonde hair streamed behind her tangled with her white veil. I didn't blame her for running. Three black, disgusting demons chased her, roaring like big cats. They loped across the meadow, manes of spiky obsidian flashing in the sun. My heart thudded in my chest. What was going on? Where did those lion-demons come from? "Help me!" the nun screamed, racing fast across the meadow. Alison, my pack mule, snorted in fear and jerked the reins out of my hand, almost pulling me off my feet.

My mule ran up the trail. If she was anything like the real Alison, one of my father's sluts, she wouldn't have run off. The nun reached me, throwing her arms around me. She trembled as she clung to me, sobbing incoherently with fright. Nuns didn't have the abilities of monks to fight demons.

But there should be one with her. When I reimbued humanity with the gifts, seventy-two men and seventy-two women had become the new nuns and monks to fight against my parents. They were the ones that had led mankind into anarchy. The lions rushed quicker, their clawed paws tearing up the fields, the plants wilting in their wake.

Their eyes shown silver like the stars. I touched the golden power inside myself. I was the Prophetess, the human chosen to restore the gifts to mankind.

I had power I could use on their kind. I just hated using it. "I command you to flee, demons!" I bellowed, golden light flaring about me. The light condensed into a circular ball hovering over my head. I pointed my finger.

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A beam lanced out, striking the lead demon. It roared in pain as its black flesh sloughed off into vanishing dust. The golden light disintegrated its forepaw. It crashed in a heap, its three reaming legs kicking as it struggled to rise. "You do not belong in this world! Go back to the abyss!" The second lion leaped at me. My beam caught it right in its roaring mouth. The demon's body disintegrated from the inside, the lance punching out through its back.

It crashed into a bony heap at my feet, a cloud of foul dust washing over me, stinking of rotten eggs and chimney smoke. The final demon crashed into me before I could speak. Golden light flared as its sharp claws raked into my flesh.


The nun squealed as we were both thrown to the ground. I tumbled, my head smacking hard, lights dancing around my head. I blinked, struggling to think. A demon howled in pain. The nun shook me, her face over mine, screaming in panic. I couldn't understand what she said. There was a terrible ringing in my ear.

The sky spun above me. A shadow appeared. The nun ducked a paw swipe and the demon crashed onto its face before me then pushed itself up with its one forepaw.

It was the first demon I had hurt, missing a paw. Its jaw was right above my face, sharp, shiny deep hungry for my flesh. "Go away!" I coughed. The beam of light flared from my head.

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The demon's head disintegrated. It collapsed in a heap beside me, foul smoke drifting over to my face. I coughed, struggling to sit up. Blood, mixed with golden light, spread across my chest. The third demon had cut me bad, but my powers were slowly healing me. Where was the third demon? With a groan a set up.

A demon still howled in pain. It lay in a heap behind me. Its two front legs had dissolved up to its shoulders. When he hit me, my defenses flared and destroyed his forelimbs. The demon struggled to rise, but it didn't have the balance to stand on two feet. Its face was planted in the dirt. "You have to banish it back to hell before it finishes healing, St. Chasity," the nun panted. "Hurry." I spoke the words.

The light lanced it. The demon was exorcised, its corpse blowing away as dust. "What the fuck is going on?" I demanded at the nun.

She gasped in shock at my language. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reina Glassner I knew it was a mistake to trust Queenie and my brother-husband to muck out the stables where our pack mule, plow horse, and two dairy cows slept in. "That's nice," Rex moaned. "Keep doing that." "They're having fun without me," I hissed, putting my hands on my hips. Our older sister hadn't even been gone an hour.

I burst into the barn and was faced with Queenie's pale-white, naked ass flashing at me as she knelt before Rex, my brother and both our husband. He was naked, his rippling, tan chest shone with sweat, making him seem hunkier. I groaned, shuddering and shifting my hips. Queenie's shaved pussy winked between her thighs, dripping with her excitement.

"What is going on?" I demanded. "Queenie's giving me one of her delicious titty fucks," Rex said, patting the haybail beside him.

"Take that dress off and join us." Queenie flashed a grin over her shoulder, her long braid of black hair slipping off her back. "Oh, yes, wife of mine. It's so much more fun when you join in." "You haven't even mucked the stables," I sighed, pulling off my dress, exposing my lithe, tan body. "Later," Rex smiled. "We got a little.distracted." Queenie giggled wickedly, working her pillowy tits up and down Rex's thick cock. So much for Queenie being the responsible one.

I know I wasn't. With a smile, I fell down on the hay beside Rex, pressing my body against his and kissing him on the lips. He groaned, his strong arm wrapping around me, his hand sliding down to grip my ass and give me a squeeze. My pussy grew wet. "You two are so cute when you kiss," Queenie giggled. "I love it." I broke the kiss with my brother, lying my head on Rex's chest and watched as Queenie slid her breasts up and down his thick shaft.

The swollen crown of Rex's cock would emerge and Queenie swiped her tongue around the tip, bringing a soft moan from our husband. "That's so hot. I wish my tits were big enough," I sighed." "You still have time to grow bigger," Queenie smiled.

"You're only eighteen. They might grow a little bigger." "They won't," I complained. "I bet our mother had tiny breasts." All Rex and I knew of our mother was her name—Isabella—and that she was a fervent worshiper of our father.

She may have been a priestess before she was burned at the stake, and I did believe her claim that we were Mark Glassner's children. We had his appetite. I should join Queenie and lick the tip of Rex's cock, my subconscious whispered. He would love it. My subconscious always had the best ideas.

I slid down my brother's chest, planting kisses the entire way until I reached Queenie's pillowy tits. I nipped her nipple, loving the squeal from my wife's lips. Rex's dick emerged from Queenie's wonderful tits. My tongue licked, swirling around the tip.

He groaned in delight, shuddering beneath me. "Oh, that's perfect," he moaned.

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"Both my lovely wives." I shifted my body to get more comfortable. His hand grasped my ass, squeezing my butt cheeks. I shivered as his finger dipped into my crack. He tickled my sphincter. I shuddered in delight, my mouth sucking harder on his cock head when it emerged. "Naughty brother," I giggled as the tip of his finger pushed into my tight asshole.

"What's he doing to you?" Queenie asked, a big smile on her lips. "Fingering my ass." She giggled. "Give our wife what she loves, husband of mine." "Always," Rex grinned, shoving his finger deeper inside my tight bowels. I moaned and shuddered, my finger clenching down in delight. I swirled and kissed his cock harder when it emerged.

His finger was wonderful inside me, sending heat and delight rushing to my tingling pussy. I clenched my hole, writhing my hips as he pumped faster and faster in me. "You two are driving me wild," Rex groaned. "Are you gonna cum on your wives' faces?" Queenie moaned.

"Oh, do that. I want to share your cum with Queenie." "Wife of mine, you have the best ideas," Queenie purred. Her tits worked faster, her hard nipples brushing my cheeks as she worked those pillowy mounds up and down Rex's shaft.

I latched onto the tip of Rex's cock, squeezing my bowels down on his fingers as I sucked for all I was worth. I wanted his cum. "Damn, Reina! Oh, yes! What a loving sister-wife you are! Fuck! You're gonna make me cum." "Do it!" moaned Queenie. "Cum! I want to share it with Reina." Me, too.

His cock throbbed. His hips bucked. I pulled the shaft from my mouth. The slit at the tip opened a bit. His cum shot out and splattered my face. I groaned, guiding his cock, sending the next spurt to paint Queenie's face with the hot jizz.

The third blast flew between us, splattering into both our hair. The cum ran down my face, finding my lips. I loved the salty flavor. And there was more on Queenie's face.

We both let out hungry growls and went for each other, kissing hard. I pulled Queenie to me, falling back on the hay so her pillowy tits rubbed against my small cones. Our mouths and tongues sucked and licked, gathering all the cum off each other's faces.

And then we kissed again, sharing out prize. Our tongues swapped back and forth, passing Rex's cum from her mouth back to mine.

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I loved the salty flavor mixed with her sweet kiss. "Damn, that's hot." "Get your cock hard, husband of mine," Queenie panted.

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"You have two hot pussies to service." "Why don't we give him a hand," I purred, pushing my hand between Queenie's thighs. Her pussy was hot and wet. She groaned as I sank two fingers deep into her depths. "Oh, yes!" Queen moaned, her head dipping down to suck on my hard nipple. I fingered her faster as she sucked and nibbled, the pleasure shooting right down to my burning pussy. I humped my hips, my wet pussy brushing her thigh. I shuddered, smearing my pussy up and down her leg.

"Mmm, that's nice," I panted, my fingers squelching in Queenie's pussy. "And fucking hot," grunted our husband as he lay on the hay watching us. I groaned, smearing my pussy up and down Queenie's thigh.

Her flesh was silky, caressing my clit and labia. The pleasure surged inside me, mixing with the excitement of her mouth licking and sucking on my nipple. I groaned, loving the joy bursting through me. "Let's sixty-nine," Queenie gasped, spinning around and straddling my face. "Damn!" Rex groaned as Queenie buried her face between my thigh.

I squealed in delight, her tongue flailing through my flesh. I seized Queenie's hips, pulling her pussy down to my hungry lips. I sucked and nibbled on her clit, thrusting my fingers back into her tight sheath. "Yes!" she gasped into my pussy. "I love you, Reina." "Love you, too," I moaned around her clit, my words muffled. The delicious, tart flavor of my wife filled my lips.

I feasted on her labia as my fingers probed the depths of her pussy. Her sheath gripped my fingers as she bucked on my face, moaning her passion into my pussy.

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Her tongue pleasured me. Queenie had quickly learned how to lick a woman's pussy, taught by Rex, and she was giving me every bit of her effort. I shuddered beneath her as the pleasure built. I squirmed, my entire body tense with passion. "Fuck, you two are hot!" Rex groaned.

"Lick those pussies. Damn, I'm getting hard again." "Good!" Queenie moaned. Her tongue buried into my pussy. Her nose brushed my folds as she wiggled her mouth and fluttered her tongue. I gasped and bucked as the pleasure grew. I dived my fingers deep into her pussy, curling them about. Queenie's lips found my clit. Her tongue caressed it. My body exploded.

I screamed my joy into her tasty twat. My pussy clenched, my juices flooding out into her hungry mouth. I probed her pussy faster with my fingers as my orgasm rippled through me. Queenie was right behind me. Her pussy spasmed about my fingers. Her pillow tits rubbed into my stomach as she writhed on top of me. My face was flooded with her tart juices. I closed my eyes as she squirted on my face.

I loved that I made her cum that hard. "Oh, Reina," Queenie moaned, spinning around and lying atop me, our lips meeting. Our tongues flashed, licking each other's juices. I savored my spicy flavor as we kissed, our bodies coming down from the high of our climaxes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rex Glassner My wives writhed on each other, Queenie atop Reina.

Their pussies beckoned me, two hot slits drenched in juices. My cock throbbed, ready to go again as I knelt, watching their clits bump together as they kissed.

I want to fuck them both, my subconscious whispered. "Uh-huh," I moaned in agreement. I just need to shove my cock in one pussy for a few strokes, pull out, and shove it into the other. "Damn," I groaned. My subconscious always had the best ideas. I buried into Reina's pussy first. My sister-wife squealed into Queenie's mouth.

Her pussy squeezed down on my cock. She was tight and wet, her pussy really gripping my dick in the middle.

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I worked my cock in a few times, shuddering as she caressed my head. I almost didn't want to pull out. But Queenie's pussy beckoned. I yanked my cock out of Reina and slammed into Queenie.

She was tighter at her entrance, really gripping my cock as I drove in. I couldn't say which pussy I loved more. Probably which ever one I was currently buried in. Reina gasped in frustration as Queenie moaned. "That's it! Fuck me, husband." I groaned, ripped my cock out, and slammed it back into Reina. "Oh, yes! That's a naughty game! Fuck me! Pound me!

Yes!" "Don't forget me," pouted Queenie. "I haven't!" I grinned, pulling out, my cock drenched with both juices. I slammed into Queenie. "There you are." "Thank you!" she gasped, my strokes pushing her clit down onto Reina's. "Fuck her!" Reina moaned, squeezing Queenie's ass.

I ripped out and buried into Reina. "Pound our wife!" groaned Queenie, her hips writhing, tribbing Reina harder. I went back and forth. The brief respite between pussies let me calm down. I pounded them hard, savoring their moans of delight. I loved both their pussies. I loved fucking both my wives. Reina came first, her pussy shuddering about my dick.

"Yes, yes, yes! That's it! You always make me cum so hard! I love it!" Reina squealed as she came. I ripped my cock out, fighting off my own urge to cum, and slammed into Queenie's silky depths. She deserved her cum, too. "Oh, fuck! Keep thrusting!

Keep pushing my clit onto Reina's!" Queenie shuddered. "Oh, yes! I'm so close! Please keep fucking me! Let me cum!" "Do it!" Reina moaned. "Let her cum! Don't be mean!" I kept in Queenie's pussy, pounding her harder and harder.

My balls slapped into both their clits. Queenie bucked and pushed her hips back into my thrusts. She let out a throaty squeal when her pussy spasmed about my cock. I savored every moment I drove into her depths. My own balls were about to boil. But I couldn't cum in Queenie's pussy and not Reina's. I ripped my cock out, jerking fast.

I shuddered as the pressure swelled. My hand was a blur, lubed by both their juices. I groaned, grinding my teeth. And then my cock erupted. Thick, white cum sprayed both their shaved pussies. I shuddered, swaying as I fought to stay upright. "Damn," I groaned as my cum dripped down their slits. "You two are hot." "Uh-huh," Reina moaned, pulling me down into the hay, their sexy bodies pressing up against me.

"We should muck out the stables," Queenie whispered, her eyes closing. "Later," Reina sighed. "Mmm, I need a nap." I nodded my head in agreement, cuddling with my wifes and letting sleep overcome me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chasity "Chase" Glassner "You really are St. Chasity," the nun gasped, falling to her knees before me. "I am! Now tell me what's going on? Who are you?" "I'm Sister Stella Leon, a Nun of the Order of Tina Allard." I furrowed my eyebrows.

"You weren't one of the women that received the gift at Mount Sinai." She shook her head. "Last year, Sister Vera retired and gave me her gift. I was so honored to be chosen." I nodded, remembering plump Sister Vera. "Okay. Then why are you being hunted by demons?" "I." She swallowed. "I received the Ecstasy a week ago. Brother Alasnbek and I were traveling into the mountains to find the golden light.

To find you. But.the demons attacked us a few miles from here." Tears brimmed in her eyes. "They.they tore Brother Alasnbek to pieces. I.I tried to.stop them.but." "You couldn't." I hugged the Nun, pulling her to my breast. Alasnbek had been a big guy with a ready laugh. "It's okay. It wasn't your fault." "Brother Alasnbek killed two.but.they ripped into his golden.armor.and." I held her, letting her cry onto my shoulder.

Her tears were hot and wet, soaking through my torn shirt. The pain from my wounds faded as my power repaired the damage. All the grief and fear poured out of the nun. She was incoherent for a few minutes, her cries transforming into a keening wail. I understood this grief. Nuns were often close with their monks. She maybe grieving a lover as well as a partner. And I understood grief. I didn't rush her. I let her cry until she was ready to speak again.

Alison wandered back in the meantime, trying to look apologetic for running away as she watched us, the mule's eyes dark and liquid. I wasn't buying her contriteness and fixed her with a steady gaze. Finally, the nun's grief ran its course enough for her to speak. She pulled a handkerchief out of a pocket in her habit, wiping at her face. Crying hand transformed it into a frightful mess, her cheeks red, her eye swollen. Pity moved in my heart for her. "Saint Chasity. I've come for your help." Sister Stella took a deep breath.

"Followers of the Tyr.your parents are planning to summon them into the world again." I grunted like I had been punched in the stomach. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Queenie Glassner "Oh, my!" a woman gasped. I bolted up, my naked breasts jiggling. Chase stood in the barn doorway and a— "I'm so sorry, Sister," I gasped, throwing my arms over my naked chest, my cheeks blushing.

The nun's cheeks were just as red as she stared up at the ceiling. "I.I didn't know." "What's going on?" Reina asked, sitting up and stretching, not at all caring that a nun was witnessing her naked shame.

"Why are you back already, sister dear?" "I see why you three were so excited for me to leave," Chase said. "Get dressed, take care of Alison, and come to the house. We need to talk." "What is going on? Who are they?" the nun gasped. "My younger siblings and their wife." "Wife? They both married her?" "And each other," Chase shrugged, leading the shocked nun out.

My cheeks burned so bright. "A nun saw us. We're in so much trouble. We sinned and—" Rex put his finger over my lips. "Chase is the Prophetess. That nun has no authority over her and she married us." "It'll be okay," Reina added, standing up and brushing off the hay stuck to her ass. "Let's get dressed." I found my dress quickly, ashamed I didn't have any undergarments. I had become such a loose person since marrying the twins. I liked how loose I was. But we were violating the new Church's rules.

For as long as I can remember, the new rules had been preached to me. Rex took care of Alison, stripping off her packsaddle and throwing the bags over his shoulder. Reina took my hand, and we followed Rex out to the house, smoke rising from the chimney.

Chase must have started supper. "What's going on, sis?" Rex asked when we burst in. "Why's a nun here?" "That's Sister Stella," Chase said.

Rex grinned at the nun, his eyes examining her porcelain face framed by her white-blonde hair. She was pretty. My cheeks reddened. I shouldn't think of a nun in that fashion.

"Wash up," Chase added. "I'm making a simple stew. We'll talk while it cooks." The three of us obeyed. Rex and Reina in a hurry, eager to find out what was going on. I was scared. What if the nun was here to annul our marriage and say it was a sin. I shuddered. I didn't want that. Reina came back for me. "Come on," she said. "It'll be fine, okay. She's not breaking us apart. Rex wouldn't let her." "Okay," I whispered and let Reina drag me away by the arm. Rex was already sitting at the table across from Sister Stella.

The nun sipped at a cup of peppermint tea. It wasn't real tea, with actual tea leaves, but an herbal infusion made from local spices. Reina and I sat on each side of Rex, sitting close.

Stella eyed us, her blue eyes considering. Chase sat down beside Sister Stella. "Tell them what you told me." "They are children," Stella objected. "You're not much older than us," Rex growled.

"I'm older than I look." "She's a nun," Chase reminded him. "They all look eighteen." Sister Stella took a deep breath. "Very well. I was in San Fransisco five days ago when the Ecstasy fell upon me. The Archangel Gabriel communicated to me that the Tyrants." Rex and Reina both cleared their throats.

"Fine, Mark and Mary," her face twisted as she said their names, "are plotting to escape from the Abyss. On July 20th, on the slope of Mount Rainer at Paradise, their followers will conduct a ritual to summon them back into this world." "Why Paradise?" Rex asked. "And the twentieth? What's so special about that date?" Reina added. "And where's Mount Rainier?" I asked. "Mount Rainier is up north in what used to be called Washington State," Chase answered. "July 20th is the date my parents were married on the slopes of Mount Rainier at Paradise." Sister Stella nodded.

"That's why the Glassnerians are conducting the ritual there. As you know, the heretical teachings of the Tyr.Mark and Mary survived, including the foul Epistle of Isabella that teaches how to make Pacts with the.Mark and Mary." "Isabella?" Rex frowned. "Is that our mother?" Sister Stella gave the twins sharp looks.

Chase nodded her head. "That's why they burned her." "So our father's trying to escape from Hell," Rex muttered. Sister Stella's face hardened. "I've come here to seek Saint Chasity's aide. Providence has guided me here, and led me to the Prophetess's side." "And I've agreed to go," Chase added. "I've stopped our father once. I liberated the world from them. I won't let them conquer it all over again." "Then we're coming with you," Rex growled, slamming his fist on the table.

"Yes," Reina nodded. "No, they cannot," Sister Stella gasped. "It's hard travel to Mount Rainer. We will need to move quickly. If we're lucky and have no delays, we can make it on time. We do not need children slowing us down." "Children?" demanded Rex. "We know how to travel. We grew up in the Mountains.

You are not stopping us from going and protecting our sister." "She is not leaving us!" Reina added, slamming her fist down. I smiled at my spouses. "Yes. We need to go." Rex looked at me in shock. "Chase is my sister now. I want to help her out." Chase looked at the three of us. "They're going." "But." Sister Stella started to protest. She clamped her mouth shut when Chase fixed her with an adamant stare.

"Yes, Saint Chasity." "That's going to get annoying," Reina muttered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chasity "Chase" Glassner I couldn't sleep. For once, I was alone in my bed. I insisted that the twins and Queenie share their own bed. It would be the last time the three of them would have for months. Before my parent's death, a trip up to Mount Rainier would take a couple of days of driving from here.

But on foot, we would need most of the two months we had. I hoped one of the bridges over the Columbia river still stands. We would never make it on time if it there wasn't a way to cross. An eager dread filled me. I had the chance to see my parents. But would they want to see me after all the pain I had caused? They suffered in Hell. I couldn't blame them for wanting to escape. But they were too powerful for this world. Mankind had to be free.

I could only hope that in a few generations, mankind would be back on track to where they were before my parent's ruined everything. I wasn't sure I could stop them a second time. I did know what I would do on the 20th. Stop them or just ask for their forgiveness.

Maybe this time I would finally die. I left out one detail to my siblings. Sister Stella promised that she would have to take away my Prophetess powers to stop my parents.

I would finally be free. I could finally die. Rex and Reina wouldn't understand. They would want me to stay. But staying young, dwelling on my guilt, wasn't living. It was existing. They would grieve me, but they would be able to move on. They had each other and Queenie. They had a family to start and enjoy.

A soft knock rapped my door. "Come in," I said. "I can't sleep." It wasn't Rex, he would never have knocked. I figured it was Queenie, given how timid the knock was. It was Sister Stella. She stepped in, trembling like a child. Her hair seemed to glow in the silvery moonlight as she stepped forward.

When she reached my bed, she quickly pulled off her nun's habit, revealing her naked body. Her breasts were tiny, barely sprouting, making her seem so virginal and innocent. A soft down of fine, almost invisible, pubic hair graced her pussy. "Sister Stella?" I gasped. "I thought the new church taught homosexuality is a sin." "I'm a nun on a mission," she smiled, sitting on my bed.

She reached out, touching my hand. "I'm forgiven of all my sins. And.I've been in love with you for years." She swallowed. "I never thought I would actually get to meet the savior of mankind." Savior. What a joke. But her trembling, yearning passion touched me. I took her hand, pulling her to me, and kissed her on the lips. It was nice to be desired again. My siblings and Queenie loved me, even lusted for me, but they didn't desire me.

They merely had fun with me. I pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her waist. Our kiss deepened as our bodies pressed together. I rolled her onto her back, my hand sliding up her side to cup her small breast. She moaned into my lips as I pinched and rolled her nipple. Her legs were locked tight together. I broke the kiss. "Relax. Spread your thighs, and let me trib you. You'll love it." My mother loved to trib women. She taught me that same love. I had been just as nervous the first time.

Stella spread her thighs. I settled between them, writhing my hips so my pussy rubbed against hers. She shuddered and moaned. Her arms wrapped around me as her own hips began to instinctively move. I nuzzled at her neck, licking up to her ear. "Doesn't that feel nice?" "Yes," she gasped. "Oh, Saint Chasity." "Chase." I giggled. "We're making love. I think you can call me Chase." "Oh, Chase!" she moaned, her hips writhing harder, our clits brushing together. "Mmm, that feels wonderful." Our bodies undulated together.

Our flesh was hot as we pressed against each other's bodies. Her pussy was wet silk caressing my clit.

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I shuddered, my ass clenching as I tribbed her harder. My bed creaked, rocking with our passion. Her fingernails bit into my back. Our lips met, kissing hard.


She bucked beneath me, gasping into my lips as her orgasm shuddered through her. Her pussy drenched mine, our flesh growing so slippery. I savored her pleasure, my passion growing in the core of my pussy. "So amazing!" she gasped, breaking the kiss. Her hands cupped my face. We stared into each other's eyes. The moonlight caught her blues, and they twinkled like brilliant stars. I let myself get lost in the eternity of her gaze, my passion building and building.

"Stella!" I gasped as my pleasure rippled through my body. "Chase!" she moaned, pulling me down for a sweet kiss. I sighed into her lips as I ground my clit one last time into her pussy. The pleasure was gentle as it rolled through me. I shuddered in her embrace. And then I collapsed against her. She held me, her kisses soft. We cuddled and drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow we would leave.

I didn't expect to return. To be continued.