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India muslim gay cock The man is made hard  then he gets the jummy
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"Sorry it's such short notice, Kerry." Said Holly Jones, standing on the front steps of the house. Her husband stood behind her, two heavy suitcases in his hands. "Oh, it's fine, really!" Replied Kerry from the doorway. "I'm sure that Shane will be no problem." She smiled. "You're a life-saver." Grinned Holly, backing away from her house, towards the car. "Four days at the most, I promise!" "Oh take as long as you need, please." Kerry said sympathetically.

Holly smiled and got in the passenger seat of the car. "Byeee!" She said as the car pulled out of the drive and drove away. Turning away from the door and shutting it, Kerry turned around to Shane, who was lying on the couch in the large open living room.

He had a laptop balanced on his legs, and didn't seem too bothered about the sudden disappearance of his parents. He was big for a fifteen year old, and athletically built, though not as much as his older brother, who had already left home. "So, what d'you feel like doing?" Asked Kerry, placing her bum on the edge of the couch.

"Dunno." Grunted Shane, not tearing his eyes away from his laptop. "Right. Okay then, I'll get started on the tea, that sound good to you?" "Yeah, sounds cool." Shane lifted his head away from the screen for long enough to see that Kerry had become a woman since last time they had met; All woman. The last time he had seen her she had been about fourteen, now she had a curvy figure, with a perfect ass, evident even in the loose sweatpants she was wearing at the moment.

She was wearing a tight sleeveless shirt, which rose just above her bellybutton.

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Her round breasts were pushing against the thin fabric of the shirt, but much to Shanes disappointment, she was wearing a bra.

He realised he had been staring at her perfect figure for too long, and tore his eyes away, planting them firmly back on the screen, though he was seeing nothing. Out of his peripheral vision he could still see her, and his teenage hormones were driving him crazy. "Not much of a talker, are you?" Asked Kerry playfully, standing up. "You were never like this when you were younger, must be the teenager in you!" She laughed, and walked into the kitchen. Well, what kitchen there was.

It was linked to the living room with no wall; It was all just one big room. Kerry started talking again, flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulder. "Your mum said there was a pizza in the fridge, is that alright?" Shane was now determined to not act shy, answering quickly, "Yeah, sounds perfect! Thanks for this." "No problem, the pleasure's all mine." She smirked at him.

He blushed and hid his head behind his screen. He knew it was just harmless flirting, but he didn't want it to be; he wanted it to be real. His adolescent nature was taking control.

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Kerry finally found the pizza, and opened the stainless steel cooker with her foot. She bent over to put the pizza in, her black lacy thong riding up above her sweatpants. Shane noticed she still had the plastic wrapper on the pizza, and leapt to the chance to get close to her, putting his laptop on the couch, and walking over to her hunched figure as she slid it into the tray.

He slowly brushed his trailing hand against her breast as he tapped her on the shoulder. "You have to take the wrapper off." He laughed, pointing to the pizza. "Oh, I'm such an idiot!" She playfully smacked her forehead. "What would I do without you, eh?" she laughed and patted Shane on the shoulder before turning back towards the cooker to take it out. "You're not an idiot." Laughed Shane, walking towards the stairs.

"I'll be right back, just .going the toilet." He took the stairs three at a time, sprinting into the bathroom once he got onto the landing, slamming the door shut behind him. He instantly started to jack off, his head filled with new fantasies of the naked figure of Kerry, with those oh-so perfect tits.


Downstairs, Kerry had finished with the pizza and was sitting at the glass dining table. She was thinking about Shane. He was obviously 'interested' in her, as most straight boys were, and she had no doubt as to what he was doing in the bathroom, the crippled, hunched way he had ran up the stairs. The thought made her giggle. She couldn't help the way she looked, and she even liked the way she made men gape, though she was not a slut, she hadn't had many boyfriends in the nineteen years of her life.

The thundering footsteps of Shane brought her back to the present, and she made a split-second decision. She was going to have some fun. She stood to her feet, saying, "Hey, Shane, d'you mind if I take a shower? It's really hot and I didn't have time to catch one this morning." "Yeah, sure." Replied Shane quickly. "It's just up the stairs and on your left." Kerry started up the stairs, and Shane watched her go, her perfect bum swaying side to side. He got hard again, and sat on the bottom stair to conceal it as Kerry reached the landing.

He waited for the sound of the door shutting before starting quietly up the stairs. Kerry looked at her awesome figure in the long mirror on the wall in the huge bathroom. She wasn't used to such wealth and was going to take full advantage of it.

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She started to take off her modest clothes, first stepping out of her sweatpants, letting them drop to the floor. She ran her hands up the smooth, tanned legs to her perfect, tight ass. She slapped her cheek affectionately, and started to lift her top up over her round breasts. They fell down as she pulled her top over her head, her tight black bra barely holding her breasts in; She purposely bought them a size too small for the effect. She cupped each breast in her hands before undoing the clasp at the back, letting it fall to the floor.

She slipped her black thong down her long legs before stepping out of it and into the shower. She turned it on, and under the hot stream she suddenly remembered something, and smiled. "Shane, could you be a darling and get me a towel? I forgot to bring one in!" She shouted. On the other side of the door, Shane started at the sound of his name.

He had just been contemplating risking a peek through the door, but now he didn't have to risk anything; he had an excuse. "Oh, yeah, erm.sure!" He shouted back. He ran to the closet in his room, from which he removed a purposely-small white towel, and running back to the bathroom.

He knocked on the door before opening it, popping his head round and lying, "This was the only one, and don't worry, I've got my eyes closed." He stared at Kerry's back through the glass, her perfect ass dripping with water. "Aw, thanks hun." Said Kerry, turning partly round so Shane could see her tits. His mouth dropped open at the sight of them, and he threw the towel onto the floor by the shower.

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He wished he could be in the shower, too. He suddenly realised Kerry had her face turned towards him. His shock quickly turned to relief, however, as he realised she had her eyes closed, protected against the steady stream of water. He closed the door as he slowly back out of it.

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Kerry heard the door close, and grinned in triumph. Her plan had obviously worked, as he had taken too long to actually just be giving her a towel. She had tried to show him most of her figure without giving him the whole view, he wasn't that lucky, yet.

Ten minutes later she stepped, dripping wet out onto the floor and started drying herself with the towel he had given her. "Cheeky little." she started as she held it in her hands. It would barely reach around her breasts, and would come nowhere near to reach down to cover her pussy. That little bugger.She'd have to go out, on way or another. She looked around for her clothes, and noticed they were gone.

"Oh my god." She muttered. He had taken her clothes. She moaned as she realised she'd have to go out just in a towel, hands covering what they could. She pulled the towel around her bottom half, and cupped as much of her breasts in each hand as she could. She slowly opened the door with her elbow, looked outside the door, and made a dash for Shane's parents bedroom, which she was staying in while she was here.


The door was closed, but as she reached down with her elbow, she realised this was a door knob, not a handle, so she'd have to turn it to get inside. She betted he had closed it before she had come out of the bathroom, and was sure that he was hiding somewhere now, watching.

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She sighed, gritted her teeth and started breathing. She was slowly going red, knowing what she had to do. Shane was getting harder and harder as he watched, his breathing getting faster and heaver. He was standing inches away from Kerry, on the stairs, looking through the metal bars of the banister straight at her.

Her long legs seemed to go on forever, until they reached the towel. He saw her face go red as she realised what she had to do, and his heartbeat got steadily faster as, 1.2.3.she dropped one of her hands, letting the perfect breast spring free.

Its tanned surface bounced as she fumbled with the knob, twisting it first the wrong way, then the right. In a split second, she was rushing through the door. But slowly, as Shane could see and she could surely feel, the towel came undone.


And as it dropped to the floor, Kerry was rendered stark naked in front of Shane, his newly found fantasies coming suddenly true. She slammed the door behind her, Shane catching a last fleeting glimpse of her ass before it disappeared behind the wooden door.