Hunks in public blow their loads

Hunks in public blow their loads
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Roofie Nights It was Sunday morning, eleven o'clock when I woke up. I like sleeping in, although I rarely have the time for it. I yawned and stretched my arms. I was still sleepy and a little drowsy, but as my brain was slowly clearing up, I detected the same yearning sensation between my legs I had frequently woken up with the last few weeks.

I slid my hand into my panties and felt my pussy. It was wet again, very wet. So wet, the goopy liquid was literally oozing from my lips and soaking the crotch of my panties. My lips were a bit swollen and I felt very aroused, my body was telling me it needed a good, long and hard fuck.

Maybe the years of abstinence had finally caught up with me and changed my body, making my pussy extra sensitive and super wet. Instead of ignoring the urges like I usually did, I let my fingers roam a little longer along the slick opening of my vagina and then let them sink inside me.

It felt good and I pumped it in and out a few times more. Before I knew it, my instincts had taken over and I was masturbating like a horny teenager. My soaked pussy made loud squishy noises as two fingers plunged in and out. With my other hand I squeezed my breast and tweaked my nipples.

It felt wonderful to surrender to my body's needs and within a few minutes I was having my first orgasm. Climaxing on my fingers felt really good, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough to satisfy the powerful yearning between my legs. I opened my drawer, pulled out my trusty old vibrator from behind my panties and bras and crawled back in bed. I put the cock-shaped toy in my mouth to warm it and get it slick with my saliva before I let it sink deep into my hungry vagina.

Not even bothering with turning the device on, I gave myself a good fucking with the nine inch plastic cock. Within minutes I felt the first signs indicate a massive orgasm was building in my loins. I had to bite my lips to keep from moaning out loud, as I was careful not to wake my teenage son in the next room.

I moved my hand away from my breast and began rubbing my engorged clit while I fucked myself even faster than before. The orgasmic pressure kept rising and release was getting very close now; I already felt that tingling sensation that announced an earth shattering cum was imminent.

Pushing the vibrator as deep inside me as possible, I felt my body go rigid and the tidal waves of orgasmic pleasure I had been craving for washed over me. It was over a full minute later when the last of my orgasm was ebbing away and I found myself slumped down in that wonderful rosy state that followed a good climax. Without thinking, I stuck my wet fingers in my mouth, licking them clean of my juices. Then, as I subconsciously tasted my cum, I noticed something was wrong.

I rubbed my finger between my pussylips a second time, scooping up more of the wetness. It was a bit frothy from the vigorous fucking I had given myself, but it didn't look abnormal. I sniffed it and found it smelled like my pussy, but when I tasted it, there was definitely an additional taste. It was a faint and familiar taste, but I could not identify it.

Maybe I should visit my GP and have him check for infections on Monday. I got out of bed, made my way to the bathroom and stepped into the shower.

The first thing I did was to take the shower head, aim the spray of water between my legs and wash away the excessive amounts of lubricating juices. After that I hung it back on the wall and let the warm water cascade down my body, hoping it would wash away the drowsiness from my brain.

It did, at least a little, and a few minutes later I exited the shower clean and refreshed.


As I toweled myself dry and rubbed my body with moisturizing cream, I thought of the things I had to do today. Luckily there wasn't much. Daniel and I had planned to go to see his grandparents, but they had cancelled, so for most of the day I was free to do whatever I wanted. It was a nice day, so maybe I'd do some gardening or get some sun… But first I had to get dressed and fix the two of us some breakfast.

I put on a nice black bra and matching string and wrapped the towel around my head. As I walked out the bathroom, I saw my son's bedroom door close quickly, leaving just a one inch wide gap. I knew the boy was looking at me, the peeking perv. I loved him to death, but he was at that age that all he could think of was girls.

As inconvenient my recent fits of hornyness were, his life must be a hundred times worse. I don't think I've seen him without an erection for months. However, there was no need to deny him a nice view of my firm ass as I walked away from his door.

Seductively swaying my ass, I entered my room again. I couldn't help but chuckle as I heard Daniel softly groan. Which reminded me, I had to do the laundry today.

Stage 1: Denial When I woke on Monday morning it was just like the day before, only worse. It was seven thirty, my alarm clock was screaming in my ear and I was feeling awful; tired, groggy and slightly nauseous.

As much as I loved Sundays, I hated Mondays. I was honestly contemplating calling in sick when I felt that same craving in my pussy. I pushed my hand in my panties and checked for dampness. My lips were even wetter than the day before. I scooped up a finger of juices and brought it to my face. I noticed a slight difference in texture, but when I tasted it, it was distinctly different from my normal taste.

The extra taste I noticed before was much stronger this time. What I tasted was not pussy juice, at least not all of it. It was no infection either. It was something else, but it couldn't be; I hadn't had sex in many months. But there was no doubt about it; what I tasted was sperm. I could not believe someone had entered my house at night and fucked me while I was sleeping.

The evidence was irrefutable, but just to be sure I sank my fingers in my pussy again and examined the juice under the light. It was a cloudy goop, thick with sperm-laden male cum. Instead of going to the doctor, I was now seriously considering to go to the police. But before I would see them, I needed to clear my head and gather some solid evidence. I decided to call in sick and get some more rest first. I told my son I wasn't feeling well and told him to make his own breakfast and then go to school.

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I got back in bed and almost instantly fell asleep again. When I woke up, it was almost noon and I was feeling a lot better. I took a thorough shower, cleaning myself inside and out, got dressed and fixed myself a quick little brunch. After I was finished eating, I took a tour around the house, meticulously inspecting every door and every window for evidence of forced entry.

I found nothing, so the next thing I did was to call a man to change the locks. Maybe the intruder had somehow acquired a key to my home. Feeling a bit more secure now, I went online and searched for a so-called nanny cam, a cleverly disguised camera that would wirelessly connect to a computer. I found a nice one that looked like a stack of books, which would fit neatly in my room without being noticed.

I ordered the camera and it would be delivered within a few days. I was just finished ordering the camera when the doorbell rang.

I walked downstairs to see who it was. It was Daniel who had just come home from school. "Mom, my key doesn't work anymore" he said as I let him in. I couldn't tell him the true reason I had changed the locks so I improvised. "That's right honey. I lost my keys, so I had them all replaced" I lied and gave him one of the new spare keys. "Here, use this one" "Thanks, mom.

Are you feeling a little better yet?" "Yes sweety, I think I probably ate something wrong. I feel much better now" "That's great, mom" "Come in, I'll make us a nice cup of tea" That night, I went to bed early and still not feeling a hundred percent secure. I had a little trouble falling asleep but after a while I did and soon it was morning again.

After I silenced the alarm clock's unbearable shrieking, I was pleased to notice I was feeling a little better and more rested than I had the past two days. With a hand trembling of anxiety I slid my hand into my panties and I was relieved to detect just an ordinary amount of dampness between my pussy lips. I quickly took a shower and cooked a decent breakfast for Daniel and me. I sent my son to school and went to work too. That evening, I made saltimbocca alla romana with green beans and oven baked potatoes, one of me and Daniel's favorite dishes.

After a wonderful dinner I crashed on the couch while my son was doing the dishes. I was sipping a small glass of the leftover Marsala wine while watching some old romantic movie. As he was finished with his chores, Daniel sat down on the armrest next to me. In his hands he had two bowls of vanilla ice cream with pear and a molten chocolate sauce. It was his way of saying "I love you mom".

"Hmmm that's nice, thank you Danny" I said as I dipped the spoon in the sticky chocolate and licked it off before it got hard again. "Did you do your homework?" I asked. "No homework today mom" "Then come sit with me and we'll watch this movie together" "Is it a good movie?" he asked.

"Nope, it's a terrible chick-flick, but you'll have to get used to those for when you have a girlfriend." Daniel groaned unhappily and started to get up again to go to his room. I patted the seat next to me and asked "Please?" Daniel sat down again, closer to me, a bit reluctant.

We watched the movie in silence as we both ate the delicious dessert. When I was finished, I put down the bowl and waited for Daniel to be done eating. "So., is there a girl you'd like to watch movies with?" I asked carefully.

I saw him blush a little, in a cute and innocent way. Daniel had always been very shy, although he is a really handsome boy with lots of friends. "No mom, no girl. It's just you and me" he murmured. "Good, I like you with me" I said and let my head rest on his shoulder. We stayed like that for the rest of the movie.

When the movie ended it was already close to bedtime so we went both upstairs. As I lay down in bed I had almost forgotten about the nighttime rapist and soon fell asleep. The next morning there was again no evidence of sexual activity. Maybe it had been all in my mind or maybe changing the locks had been enough to keep the intruder out. It was a great relief; it felt like a huge burden had fallen off my shoulders. Stage 2: Anger Thursday morning I again woke up with a fogged brain and a sperm-filled pussy.

I didn't know whether to cry, get angry or finger my pussy. I did all three. When I finally got out of bed, I grabbed the phone and began dialing the police's number.

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As I was thinking how to explain my situation, I once again reminded myself I needed more proof first. After all, it was quite some time ago I had actually tasted sperm, maybe I was mistaken. I needed some real, solid evidence. My work was suffering too and I got a reprimand from my boss for making mistakes because of my absentmindedness. I knew the man was secretly lusting after me; he certainly hadn't hired me for my typing skills. Maybe I should just go into his office and give him a blowjob; that would put us both at ease.

Luckily, a package arrived for me that afternoon. It was the nanny cam and I immediately placed the device in my bedroom and installed the software on my laptop. After a little tinkering with the aim and focus, I had a good view of both my bed and the bedroom door.

The image wasn't the best, but it would be good enough to see what was going on. That night I went to bed and immediately fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, the first thing I did was feeling my pussy.

It was drenched. I turned my laptop on and downloaded the footage the nanny cam had taken last night while I took a quick, hot shower. When I was ready, so was the video. With trembling hands, I pressed play. I watched myself get ready for bed, lying down and promptly fall asleep.

The nanny cam had also an infra-red camera, so even if it was pitch-dark, I would be able to see clearly what was happening.

It wasn't necessary however, as suddenly the light flicked back on. According to my alarm clock, it was only half past eleven when the door opened and the nightly intruder entered my bedroom. Two young men walked into my bedroom. I could not see who the first one was, but the other I identified as Jimmy, the boy next door. I was really surprised; I had never expected to see Jimmy. He and my son hung out together sometimes, but I wouldn't call them friends.

Not close friends anyway. Like my son he was a well-natured kid, a little shy but handsomely built. However, there was no reason for Jimmy to be in our home at night, and definitely no reason for him or his friend to be in my bedroom.

Nevertheless, here they were and there was no doubt as to their intentions. The first boy now closed the door and turned towards Jimmy. Doing so, he was facing the camera and with a shock I recognized who he was. My nighttime rapist was my own sweet and innocent little boy! Daniel led the way and the neighbor kid followed him to my bed. I watched my son shake me awake and fold back the sheets.

I was surprised to see I didn't do anything to stop him from exposing me. In fact, it even looked like I was cooperating, letting the boys admire me in my negligee. I heard Daniel talk to me, but couldn't understand what he was saying. I went a few seconds back and increased the volume. "Open your robe mom" he said. I could see I was awake, but not completely, it was like I was sleepwalking; dazed and a little out of touch with reality.

However, I was awake enough to obey my son and unbutton the front of my negligee. My firm breasts were now fully exposed and I heard the neighbor kid gasp as he beheld them.

Years ago, when I still dated, men had always drooled over my firm round breasts and I felt a perverted sense of pride I still had it. "Take off your panties now" Daniel said. Again I complied without hesitating. I lifted my butt and slid the sheer panties down my legs. I let my legs fall open so my neatly trimmed bush was now bare and fully visible to the boys.

Jimmy craned his neck to see as much as possible. His pants were already bulging with his erection. I couldn't see clearly, but it looked like Daniel's was too. My son was rubbing his crotch with one hand as his other reached out and landed on my breast. His fingers kneaded the supple flesh and pinched the pink tip.

He had my nipples erect in no time and I could hear myself moan softly. Noticing my heightened state of arousal, he moved in and started kissing me on the mouth. I passionately returned the kiss and let my tongue wrestle with his for some time while he continued fondling me.

Then he broke off the kiss and moved his lips down, via my neck to my sensitive nipples. He kissed and nibbled, apparently knowing exactly what I liked, getting me hotter by the second. Finally he decided I was horny enough to move on to the next step.

He opened his fly and pulled out his stiff cock. Then he grabbed my hand and put it around his dick. "Suck it for me mom" he said. Without objecting I did what Daniel asked and moved closer so my face was near my son's cock. He groaned with lust as my lips closed around his cock and I started to suck on the tip. Moving even closer, I swallowed his cock and took him completely in my throat. It was a trick my ex-husband had loved a lot and it was no surprise his son liked it as well.

I let the boy fuck my throat for a while and then backed off a little so I could suck the head again. While I was busy blowing my son, he pulled my leg further to one side so my sex was fully exposed to the boys' view and touch. Daniel let his fingers run upwards from my knee along my inner thighs until they reached my steaming pussy.

Tantalizingly slowly he moved them up and down the length of my lips, before parting them and sliding between. I saw and heard myself moan as my son rubbed his wet finger over my clit. He started talking again. "Do you like this, mom?" the boy asked. "Do you like me fingering your wet cunt?" I let Daniels cock slip from my mouth, slurred a barely audible "Yesh" and started sucking again. "Do you want us to fuck you, mom?" This time I didn't even bother removing him from my mouth and nodded while I blew him.

"Say it mom, say: I want you both to fuck my cunt" "Ah want you bofh in mah cunt" As I said those words, my son's fingers found the entrance of my hungry pussy and pushed two fingers in.


I moaned and eagerly started sucking again as he began fucking me with his fingers. The boy next door now took off his shirt and dropped his pants. He was obviously very aroused too, as his big cock was pushing out the front of his boxers.

A moment later this last item of clothing was also on the floor and he was as naked as me. It was hard to discern much in the grainy images of the cheap nanny cam, but I had to admit he had a really handsome cock.

He climbed onto the bed and maneuvered himself on my other side and prodded my mouth with his erection. I let Daniel slip from my mouth and started sucking the two cocks in turn. Not satisfied with having to share my oral attentions, Daniel got up and crawled between my inviting spread legs. His slender body blocked the view, but it wasn't difficult to guess what my son was doing.

He moved his hand down between our bodies and then he pushed his hips forward, obviously sinking his stiff cock into his mother's pussy. I heard me moaning as my son began to thrust his cock in my pussy. I know my own moaning, and there was no denying I was loving the two hard cocks that were violating my body. Daniel was fucking me with rapid, powerful thrusts, making me squeal out around the other boy's penis. My one free hand was clenching my son's butt, pulling him into me and making him fuck me harder and faster.

The boy next door was getting close to orgasm as he began fucking my mouth with his cock. "Oh Mrs. Stewart I'm cumming!" he groaned as his body stiffened. Right then my son forcefully slammed his hips into me and his friend's cock popped out of my mouth, just as the boy started cumming. A huge jet of sperm blasted against my nose and forehead, followed by a second before I could stick the cumspewing rod back in my mouth.

I wasn't going to let him go again and kept sucking as he climaxed; I sucked and swallowed and sucked again as the boy obviously had one of the biggest orgasms in his life. A minute later, when he was finally finished cumming, he pulled his wilting cock from my lips and fell back against the headrest, temporarily drained.

I licked my lips, savoring the taste of his sperm. Then, with my finger I wiped the last of his thick cum off my face and sucked it into my mouth. Now I could spend all my attention on my son's cock in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his butt, and I could hear me spur him on to fuck me harder and deeper. Daniel grabbed my legs and pulled them up against his shoulders. I knew that in this position, my pussy would be extra tight and allowed him to push even deeper than before, making it even more fun for us both.

He soon had me squealing with joy as he fucked me for ten minutes and he actually made me cum on his cock, just seconds before I saw his butt clench too and I knew he was depositing his seed in my vagina. He pushed in as far as he could and ground his hips against my butt as he filled me up completely. "Oh mom, you're the best" he groaned and leaned in for a kiss, folding me nearly double. Moments later he rolled off me and onto his back and I saw a glob of white ooze from my pussy.

The boy next door, who had been watching us and jacking his cock back to full hardness, immediately took my son's place between my legs. I saw him fumble a bit, trying to align his cock with my vagina. When he finally found the spot, he plunged in and began to fuck in a frantic tempo. Thirty seconds later I saw him tense up already as he too shot his seed in my pussy. Unlike my son, he didn't pull out when he was finished cumming, instead he started pumping again. He kept fucking me with the same rushed tempo, as if he was racing towards his next orgasm as quickly as possible.

Taking control of the situation, I rolled him on his back so I was on top and thus able to direct the movements of our bodies. I fucked the boy for a few more minutes, grinding my clit into his coarse pubes and rocking my hips back and forth, while he lay back and enjoyed the view and the powerful sensations in his cock Daniel was having me suck his cock hard again while he watched me ride his friend. Once again I was being stuffed at both ends and I loved it.

It was too bad Jimmy only lasted a few minutes before he clenched up for a third time and groaned that he was cumming. After his friend was finally finished squirting his stuff in me, my son told me it was his turn again. "Mom, get on your knees and bend over" he told me. I watched in disbelieve how I climbed off the boy and got on my hands and knees, presenting my upturned ass to my son. He got behind me, grabbed his cock and pushed it back in my pussy.

I moaned again as Daniel started to fuck me with long, deep thrusts. I had already been feeling quite horny when I woke up, but I was getting even more aroused by these images.

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My pussy was throbbing, begging for attention. My hands had found their way into my panties and my fingers were at my clit. I knew I was aroused, but It was embarrassing how incredibly wet I was. But, in spite of my arousal, my enraged brain overruled my pussy's desperate pleads to be touched.

Call me old-fashioned, but I could not get off knowing it was my own son who had fucked me. In sharp contrast, the woman on the screen was having no difficulties giving in to her lust. I was pushing back at my boy with every thrust. My breathing was labored and my whimpers became moans. I could see I was loving this perverted fuck with my son. Daniel was noticing this too as he fucked me even harder, slamming his hips against my butt.

"Are you cumming again mom?" he asked, grunting. "Yesh Dannl, ah'm cumming! Youh cock feels sooh good in me" I groaned. I could tell I wasn't lying; I really was cumming hard on my son's cock. "Get on the bed jimmy" Daniel said "Let her suck your cock again" Jimmy did as my son suggested and sat down by my face.

Without hesitating I gobbled up his prick and started sucking him while my boy continued to pump my pussy. There was a soft knock on my door. "Mom, are you awake?" Daniel asked. I glanced at the clock and saw I had to go to work in twenty minutes. "Yes Daniel, I'm fine!

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Just get yourself some cereal ok? There's milk in the fridge" I knew I was a bit cross, but I was not ready to talk to him right now. Besides, there was no time for a talk either. I had been watching the video for thirty minutes and I had to hurry now. I couldn't be late for work, not after yesterday's performance, but I had to see everything that had taken place that night.

So I pressed the fast forward button and watched while I got dressed for work. I had to admit, the boys were incredibly inventive, fucking me in ways I'd never thought of. At one time, they were both fucking my pussy at the same time; Jimmy from below and my son from behind.

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No matter how angry I was, I just had to press play, to watch in normal speed and hear the three of us grunt and moan like animals. Once again there was no denying I liked what the boys were doing to me; I was absolutely loving every second of it, having orgasm after orgasm while the two teens fucked me in harmony.

A little reluctant I pressed fast forward again, as I really had to hurry now. When the boys were finished with me it was past twelve o'clock. They had been fucking me almost nonstop for well over an hour and, if I counted correctly, the boys had pumped at least eight loads of sperm in my pussy. No wonder it was still dripping in the morning. Before they left, the boys cleaned me up, wiped my soiled pussy with a cloth and helped me get dressed again.

Then they helped me in bed and exited my room. Seconds later I was sleeping peacefully again. Stage 3: Bargaining As I watched myself sleep, I deliberated what I had to do next. All my questions were answered, but replaced by many new questions.

I now knew who had sex with me at night and how he got in the house, but why had I done nothing to stop them? I had all the evidence I needed to have my rapist arrested, but I couldn't go to the police anymore. I could never do that to my own son. Also, after watching the footage, I could hardly classify the sex as rape. Could it be that I was so horny from the sexual deprivation that I willingly fucked my own son and the boy next door in my sleep?

No matter how angry I was at Daniel right now, I was still his mother and would always love him. I decided it would be best to talk to him, tell him I knew what he did and how wrong it was.

All I had to do was find a way to tell my son he had to stop fucking me, without destroying our loving bond. That afternoon when Daniel came home I fought to find a way to start our conversation.

It was without success, so I decided it would be better to wait for him in my room and confront him as he came in at night. I knew what would happen when I fell asleep, so tonight I was going to stay awake and in control. Steeling myself for the confrontation, I had a big glass of wine, but made sure I remained sober enough to not let myself go. However, even though I didn't remember falling asleep, or even getting ready for bed, the next thing I remember is waking up the next morning in my nightclothes with a powerful feeling of drowsiness and a pussy that was overflowing with sperm.

How did that happen? I turned on my laptop and waited impatiently for last night's video to load. I saw myself sitting on my bed, fully dressed and waiting for my son to enter the room. Ten minutes later my son entered the room, followed by his friend Adrian and a girl I recognized as Adrian's sister Grace.

Daniel was a bit surprised to see me awake, but he did not flee, nor did he make up an excuse for invading my private quarters. Instead he sat down next to me on the bed and draped his arm around my waist. I slumped against him and giggled like a schoolgirl. He whispered something in my ears and kissed me in the neck.

I did not know what he had said, but it must have worked, because the next moment we had our lips pressed together and were kissing like lovers. Emboldened by my flirtatious behavior and the reaction to his kiss, he let his hand wander over my blouse, circling ever closer to my breasts until he finally reached them.

I didn't protest when my son was groping me, even allowing him to slide his hand inside my blouse and fondle my bare breast. While he did so, his other hand was pressing down between my legs, rubbing little circles on the crotch of my jeans.

I could see me open my legs a bit more, allowing his hand to move between them and give it better access to my pussy. Now Adrian sat down on my other side and started kissing me too. Together they lowered me onto my back and unbuttoned my blouse. My full round breasts were now uncovered and immediately the boys latched onto my hard nipples.

Grace, who had been watching from a distance, joined in and started kissing me too. I eagerly returned her kisses and our tongues started playing. My hands were busy too, feeling the bulging crotches of Daniel and Adrian. With a bit of fumbling I freed my son's cock from its tight confines and started jacking him off. Seeing this, Adrian opened his fly too and pulled out his cock so I could masturbate him as well.

With surprising dexterity I jacked both boys off at the same time while the three of them rubbed and kissed my breasts and body, kissed my mouth and massaged my pussy. I was moaning, drunk on the kisses, pushing my hips upward, against Daniels rubbing hand. He took this as a sign to continue his conquest of my body and unzipped the front of my pants. His hands now pushed into the tight jeans, working its way back to my pussy.

Unhappy with the slow progress he made, I lifted my ass off the bed and tried to lower my pants. The boys eagerly assisted me and soon I was lying on my back again, dressed in nothing but my panties. Daniels fingers were back between my legs, rubbing my pussy through the thin cotton panties.

I could see myself humping upwards again, pressing my mound up against my son's probing fingers. Feeling my need, he pulled the crotch aside and plunged his fingers into my hole.

While his fingers pumped in and out of my vagina, his thumb rubbed directly on my aroused clit. A minute later I was already having the first of a long series of much-needed orgasms. Grace had broken our kiss and was now undressing too.

The grainy image didn't show much detail, but I could see the girl had a nice curvy body, with small perky breasts and a pussy that was shaven smooth. She rubbed her finger between her lips and presented it to me. Without hesitation I opened my mouth and sucked on her finger, moaning as I tasted her pussy. The last time I remember tasting another girl's juices is over twenty years ago, when I was in my teens and experimenting with my best friend.

I still remember how I loved the sweet taste of my friend's pussy, so it was no surprise I was enjoying Grace's taste too. Seeing I was up for more, Grace crawled up to my head and placed one knee on each side. Then she lowered her pussy onto my lips. I could not see much happening, but judging by her moans, I was doing a very decent job of licking her pussy. I was so absorbed with eating her out, that I completely forgot to rub the cocks in my hands.

Unhappy with the lack of stimulation, Adrian got on his feet and presented his cock to his sister. Grace immediately opened her mouth for him and started sucking on his cock.

It was obviously not the first time the girl sucked her brother's cock. In a way, this realization was reassuring to me, like it was a bit more acceptable to have sex with my son now I knew that Adrian had sex with his sister. If they were okay with it, maybe it wasn't so bad? While I was eating Grace's pussy and Adrian had his cock sucked, my son crawled between my legs and pulled my panties off.

He spread my legs even further and lowered his face towards my sex and kissed the lips. Even my ex-husband had never licked my pussy, though I had begged him for it and here my son was eating my pussy like it was candy. Although I could not see it and, sadly, could not recall it, I knew the oral pleasure he was giving was nothing short of divine. I could hear high-pitched squeals coming from between Grace's thighs, squeals I had not heard myself make in a long time, squeals that indicated an exceptionally good cum.

All through my orgasm I never stopped licking her and the vibrations of the moans even added to her pleasure. Now it was my turn to make her squeal. With her hands in my hair the girl humped my face, her moans became more frequent and increasingly rose in pitch as my tongue brought her ever closer to orgasm. I could see her tense up, grabbing the headrest for support as she came.

Overcome with a most powerful climax, she raised her pussy off my mouth and sat down on the pillow, panting and quivering.

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Showing no compassion with the wracked girl, Adrian grabbed her in his arms and threw her on her back next to me on the mattress. Then he climbed between her legs and seconds later he was pumping into his sister like there was no tomorrow. All this time my son's mouth was doing wonderful things to my pussy and I could see he was getting me hotter and hotter. When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I pulled him on top of my body and begged him to fuck me.

I grabbed his cock and lined it up with my vagina. "Fuck meh Danniel" I whimpered "You want this mom?" he asked, teasingly rubbing the tip of his cock between my lips. "Yesh, fuck meh now! Ah need it so bad, Pleashe" Giving in to my desperate pleas, Daniel pushed forward and started fucking me with long powerful strokes.

Again I was getting really aroused by what I was watching. It was like I was watching a really hot porno and subconsciously my hand had found its way into my cum-soaked panties. My pussy was begging for attention but I had to remind myself I had to go to work in thirty minutes so there really was no time for that. As I licked my fingers, I tasted once more the now familiar taste of my juice mixed with sperm, my son's sperm and probably also that of Adrian.

It was a delicious cum cocktail and I dipped my finger back in my pussy to get some more. Without me wanting to, I started rubbing my clit every time I went back for more cum cocktail and before I knew it, I was on the edge of cumming again.

As I watched Daniel push his cock in me, I plunged my fingers in my pussy, matching the movements to those of my son, thinking how it was him that was fucking me right now. Stage 4: Depression All day I was on an emotional roller coaster. One moment I was incredibly horny, the next I was wracked with guilt. How could I turn from a loving mother into such a wanton slut? Why was I doing those horrible things with my son and why was I loving it so damn much?

These nighttime orgies really had to stop, no matter how much I seemed to enjoy them. I wasn't angry at Daniel anymore, but it wasn't right for a mother to be doing things like this to her son. It just wasn't healthy. I didn't know what to do and there was no one who could help me. Daniel never gave any indication he was planning something. Nor did he give any signs of being a troubled kid. He did his homework, watched his shows and kissed me goodnight by ten. Half an hour later I checked him and he was sleeping peacefully.

He looked so innocent and sweet, I could hardly believe this sweet boy was my nighttime rapist. But then, I could also hardly believe I was the same woman as the insatiable slut he fucked in the videos.

I closed the door and went downstairs again. With Daniel asleep, I could finally have some me-time. Late at night was the only time I had some time to myself, without any work, housekeeping or mothering. Just me, my books and a nice cold glass of chardonnay.

Speaking of chardonnay, I noticed the bottle was almost empty as I poured myself a glass of wine. I really did not want to get drunk, but there was only a little left, so I kept pouring. After I had emptied the bottle into my glass I made myself comfortable again. Then, as I looked at the glass, there was something that caught my eye. There were little gritty bits of white powder floating towards the bottom of the glass.

I realized what it was and it explained why I did all those things and why I never could remember any of it. With every glass of chardonnay I drank, my son drugged me with some kind of rape drug and then had his way with my willing body! As I looked in my liquor cabinet, I saw that every single bottle had been carefully opened and some of them had a little bit of white residue on the bottom. The little bugger was taking no chances; he had spiked all the bottles.

I sat down on the couch again and thought about what to do.

Alexis Mai vollbusige schottische nuttig necken und Masturbation

Finally aware of what was happening to me somehow made me feel more relaxed. Also I was relieved to know it was all Daniel's doing, there was no blame on my side; I was still the loving mother I had always been.

Everything made sense now and I knew what to do. I picked up the glass and took a big swig. I wonder who'll be fucking me tonight. Stage 5: Acceptance