Who is she Asian Girl from ad

Who is she  Asian Girl from ad
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It's been about 2 months since I was in Orlando with my brothers girlfriends little sister, and I can't get her out of my head. We flirted a little bit in the theme park when we were there for the day, but nothing out of the ordinary. We had a few sexual encounters together during that weekend, but nothing came of it, she went back home and so did I.

I didn't think anything of any reason to contact her besides the "I'm home" text message I sent to her, so I left it as just a one time thing. Work was getting hectic as projects were being thrown around and my team decided to take up upgrades upon upgrades of servers. It seemed to never end at work.

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My phone starts to go off, a text message. I was expecting a girl I was talking to who worked in the building I work in to call back. We had a delightful lunch the other day, exchanged numbers, so naturally, I thought it would be her.

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Looking at the sender "Dani" it said. "Hi Mike! You busy?". It read. "Hi Dani.


What's up?" I replied. "I applied to UM and wanted to see if I can take you up on that offer to show me around the town and campus." "Sure, when you want to come down." I asked, getting fairly excited. "This weekend?" "I'm good with that." I started to get excited and forgot about any other plans I had made or committed to. I checked my calendar and made sure no one would have an excuse to come over to my place.

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I thought about what I would do with her for the weekend, not completely understanding what I was getting myself into. I wanted to leave soon to clean up the condo making sure she would find it up to par.

Not knowing if she was a neat freak or a mess herself, I didn't want to take a chance. I checked my watch and it read 4:15. Damn, 45 more long minutes, especially on this Tuesday. Well, I could find us things to do while she was in town. I started stared at the computer screen as I typed into notepad, sex in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, parking garage, stairwell, hallway, pool hall, gym.

I was hard without even realizing what I was typing or what I was reading. My mind went from work mode to sex in less words than it seems to normally take. I closed the document without saving, no need to write down what I already knew what was going to happen. I wanted to find out more about her plans to come down to Miami.

The weather this weekend was supposed to be good, seeing her again in her bikini brought a smile to my face. Albeit a naughty smile, but nonetheless, a smile. "When are you going to get here?" I texted her. "I wanna come in on Thursday night after class. I don't have class on Friday so I could have the whole day Friday and then the weekend." "Sounds good, I'll take the day off and we'll tour the campus after we wake up." I sent to her.

"Any thing else you want to see before you leave?" I asked. "The roof of your room" was her reply. My dick ached it was so hard from reading that. I couldn't believe she wrote that. I'm usually one that's straight to the point, but she was keeping that naughty smile on my face. I had to keep this conversation going in her direction. Knowing that her mind was already in the gutters, no need to pretend I'm innocent after all.

"I can do that, as long as I get to see the back of your head." Was my reply to her as quickly as my fingers could type on my phone.

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"I'm growing my hair longer now, should be interesting to see what you do to the back of my head". "I'll need proof".


I sent to her. She sent me a photo of her face and longer hair. She looked really beautiful, her hair was past her shoulders and dark brown. I could just taste the sweetness of her lips on my tongue from our last encounter together.

I could smell the strawberries of her shampoo. These next few days are going to be tortuous. "Yum, I like, very sexy." was my reply. "Then here's another." I read the reply waiting for another picture message from her. When it came in, I almost had a heart attack. It was of her completely naked, spread eagle on what appears to be her bed, on her back from between her legs facing towards her face.

She must have shaved before taking the picture because her pussy was hairless, just the way I like it. I wanted to send her one of me, I'd have to do that when I get home. Ah, what the hell. I went into the office bathroom and took one of my hard dick with my pants down and sent it back to her. "I can't wait to suck on that." Oh I can't wait.

Now I couldn't get my mind of just the thought of her. I had to leave work, I wasn't getting anything done and I needed to get some things from the store. I left not knowing what time it was or where I was really heading. I ended at the grocery store and got food and the usual novelty items keeping her tight little body in my mind. I left the store and went home, put the things away, and cleaned up a bit. I checked online to see what's going on this weekend and after about 4 clicks got tired and thought about what else to do with her.

I ended up cleaning the condo and thought about sending her a text. We were going to have fun sex filled weekend, her young sexy horny body was more than enough to keep me hard all weekend, she wasn't even in town and I'm already horny just thinking about what I want to do with her.

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