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The same evening of my second doctor's visit, I informed my wife that I had to go back in another week. She dropped her eyebrows and inquired as to why. I told her that I had a minor hernia, and the doctor was expecting it to heal itself before she could give me a clean bill of health on my physical. Therefore, I needed to be re-checked weekly.

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She seemed to accept my answer, but didn't seem to be fully convinced. Seven days had passed, and it was time for my next visit with Dr. Comstock&hellip.Kelli. I walked into the building, and up to the receptionist. I didn't say a word before she looked at me, smiled, and said, I'll let the doctor know you're here. What??!!??

Ok, this was getting a little bizarre. Did Dr. Comstock tell her staff that I was her weekly sex buddy? This made me very uncomfortable, especially since my wife saw Dr. Comstock also&hellip.fairly regularly for her diabetes. While I wasn't particularly proud of cheating on my wife, I found something very lustfully irresistible about Dr. Comstock. I didn't want any loose lips at the doctor's office to tip my wife off about anything during one of her visits!

Nevertheless, I sat down and waited to be called back. In an amazing turn of events, I only waited for a minute or two before they called my name!

Apparently when you're sick, they don't hurry you back. But when you're licking the doctor's pussy, you get VIP treatment! I followed the regular nurse, Jodi, back to the exam room. Our eyes met as I was entering the room. She stared at me and just smiled. She SO knew what was going on. This was uncomfortable. Why did she even bother coming in and going through the motions if she knew I was there just to fuck Dr. Comstock? Oh well, I thought, I guess getting my dick in Kelli was worth a minute or two of uncomfortable-ness.

I hopped up onto the exam table, and Jodi, with her devious smile, proceeded to take my blood pressure, pulse, temperature, etc. The tension in the room was very thick. As our eyes occasionally met, I knew that she knew, and she knew that I knew she knew. She finished entering information in the computer, and appeared to be finished. At this time, she normally got up, told me that the doctor would be in soon, and left. However, today was about to be very different.

Jodi did not get up from her computer chair. Instead she offered the following comment, "Dr. Comstock is running a bit behind today, and she'll be a while. She wants me to get this exam started for her." What the hell did that mean, I wondered. I wasn't here for an exam, and I'm sure that Jodi knew that.

Did she have me confused with another patient? "Go ahead and take your pants off." she demanded. I sat there as if a ton of bricks just hit me in the face.

Holy shit, what was going on now? Jodi was an incredibly hot blonde, with a nice tan, very nice body, sparkling white teeth, and a killer smile that would melt any guy. And in an unexpected move, this desire-of-many-guys just told me to take my pants off. Did she mean just my pants, in order to be prepared for Dr. Comstock?

Or did she mean to get naked? I assumed nothing, and only took off my shoes and my pants off. I stood there in my shirt, underwear and socks.

Jodi giggled, as she could see my apprehension. "No, no, don't stop there, big boy. From the waist down, I want to see nothing but skin." she commanded. My cock began to quickly grow in my tight bikini briefs, and she noticed.

"You need to take those off anyway. It doesn't look like they're going to hold anything back anyway." she smiled.

Oh my god, something is about to happen between Jodi and I, I thought. This is more than I bargained for! But it was all good, as she was much hotter than Dr. Comstock. I slid my underwear off to reveal my fully erect 8 inch cock, standing at full attention. "I can see why Kelli wants you to keep coming back. But now I need to taste why she wants you to keep coming back." As she continued to sit on her computer stool, I walked over to her. My dick was bouncing back and forth as I walked.

I stood right in front of her, my throbbing cock and inch from her face. She looked up at me and we smiled at each other. She then stuck her tongue out and ran it up the length of my cock. Then she when back down, and ran her tongue up the length of my cock once again. The feeling was amazing. She continued to lick from the bottom up several times. She licked up directly in front of her, and she licked up the sides as well. She then tightly grabbed my cock with her hand and forcefully stroked upward, forcing some pre-cum from the tip of my stiff rod.


So much so, that it began to run down my dick. She quickly licked up from the bottom once more, lapping it up, then she engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth, and began sucking.

Her head began to very quickly move up and down on my cock. She seemed to become possessed, and was sucking my engorged tool like a woman on a mission with a very short time limit. I was about to lose my mind. I had NEVER had a woman suck my dick so ferociously.

She was jacking me off with her hand below her mouth, and giving me a blow job all at once. She clearly wanted me to cum quickly. I had the feeling that I was being raped, she was so forceful!

It was a new experience for me, and one that was really turning me on. The sheer excitement and ecstasy of being manhandled by a woman like this was sending me into orbit. I was moaning and grunting as I felt like she was trying to pull my cock right off my body. She was giving out light moans, obviously turned on as well, knowing that what she was doing to me was going to get her a mouth full of cum soon. Before I knew it, I had reached the point of no return, and was about to explode.

I let out a fairly loud, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", as I simply couldn't help it, and began to unload my seed into this hot nurses mouth. Instinctively, just as she had been so rough with me, I returned the favor. I grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her into my cock, shoving it as far as into her mouth and throat as I could. I continued to shoot my cum into her oral opening. She began to gag, but I didn't care. I was so far gone from being manhandled like I was not fully aware of what I was doing.

As my orgasm subsided, I let go of her head. She gently continued to suck my dick, getting all of the cum she could. My head was spinning at the intense orgasm I'd just had. I shook the cobwebs out, and she pulled away from my cock. I looked down at her and she was a mess.

Her eyes were watering from gagging, as I had rammed my pole down her throat. She tried to swallow as much cum as she could, but while gagging, some escaped her mouth. Leftover cum was running down the sides of her mouth and chin.

Despite having been a bit abused by me in my ecstasy, she smiled up at me. I grabbed the back of her head once again, and grabbed my semi-hard cock with my other hand.

I guided my cock around her mouth, using it to wipe up as much cum off of her flesh as possible. Then, with a load of jizz on the tip of my cock, she opened her mouth again, and I stuck my cock in. She sucked and licked off the remaining cum. The head of my cock was still extremely sensitive, and my knees buckled at the intense pleasure of her stimulating my cockhead once again.

She giggled as she knew she was torturing me with pleasure. She had her hands on my ass, pulling me toward her mouth, not letting me escape.

I was losing my mind. Finally, she mercifully let my cock go from her mouth. I collapsed in the chair next to the computer. She wheeled over to me, between my legs. With a big smile, and her mouth and chin glistening from the cum, "How was that?" she seductively inquired. "Fucking amazing!" is all I could utter.

"I've never done anything like this before," she continued, "but will definitely have to do it again." She leaned in to kiss me, as she forcefully jammed her tongue in my mouth. We engaged in a very passionate kiss, and I knew she wasn't done with me yet. She was still very rough with me, and I knew she was turned on, and wasn't about to be cheated out of her pleasure. We pulled away from our kiss, and she reached down and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. She pulled it up over my head.

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Now I sat there completely naked. She instructed me to lay upon the exam table, away from the door, so that I couldn't be seen from the hall when the door was opened.

Before I got up on the table, she rolled back the paper, removing it entirely. Then, she pulled out the leg extension, to accommodate my 6'5" body and long legs. I sat up on the table, and she told me to lay back. I laid my naked self back on the table with my semi-erect cock lying against my stomach. Jodi leaned over me, and began to kiss me once again. I then felt her right hand take hold of my dick once again, and begin to stroke it.

We kissed and she stroked for a minute or two. She then pulled away, and let go of my dick. "Kelli will be in shortly." she said. "My guess is you need to get yourself hard again. We wouldn't want to disappoint the doctor, now would we?" She smiled, opened the door and walked out.

I lay there attempting to process what just happened, and anticipating what was yet to happen! I started to stroke my cock, bringing it back to life. I laid there for 3 or 4 minutes jacking off, when I heard the door knob turn. Dr. Comstock walked in as I continued to stroke my meat. She smiled at me and grinned and said, "That's my boy.

Get him ready for me!" As I was looking Dr. Comstock in the eyes, I hadn't immediately noticed that Jodi had followed her in the room as well!

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They both entered, and shut the door. Jodi then locked the door behind her. "Jodi says you were more than a mouthful!" Kelli said. "Did Jodi tell you that she did her best to rip my dick off?" I sarcastically asked.

Kelli laughed. "By the sounds I heard come out of here, I'd say she made you cum pretty hard." "You could say that." I replied. "Good!" Kelli exclaimed. "Then you won't cum too fast for me then." Dr. Comstock and Jodi BOTH began taking their clothes off together. My mind began to race. Now what? I was not sure what exactly was about to happen, but I knew I was going to like it!

"Keep jacking off for me. Get him nice and hard." Kelli demanded as she had removed her shirt, and now had just taken her bra off, exposing her tits to me for the very first time.

When I ate her pussy a week ago, she had never taken her top off. Kelli had nice firm tits, about the perfect size. Her nipples were smaller than average, and very hard at the moment, as they noticeably stuck out. Jodi was topless by this point and her tits were just beautiful&hellip.large, round, natural.

Perfect size to be tit fucked. When you combined Jodi's doll-like face with her perfect breasts, she was a sight to behold. She, alone, could make any guy's dick hard again. But now with two topless, cock hungry females standing over me, wanting to play doctor, my dick needed no more coercing or self-stroking.

It was hard enough to cut diamonds. I eagerly watched both of them as they began to take their slacks off. Kelli had sexy pink lace panties on under her slacks.

But, to my surprise, when Jodi had removed her slacks, she stood there in front of me, completely naked. She was not wearing any panties.

Now, her perfectly shaved pussy was exposed, just a few feet away from me. Moments later, Kelli had slid her panties off, and revealed the familiar pussy that I had tongue fucked a week earlier. Needless to say, I was very happy to see it again! Here was a scene that I never expected to live. I was completely naked, laying on an exam table, with an incredibly hot nurse completely naked in front of me, and a very sensual, hot-in-her-own-right, completely naked doctor there also.

"We're on our lunch break right now. We have no patients, so we're not in a big hurry." Kelli offered, as she began to climb up onto the table with me. "I'm giving up eating my lunch for you." she smiled. "So, you better fill me up!" "I assure you that will not be a problem." I guaranteed her. Kelli climbed on top of me, straddling my mid-section, right over my swollen cock. "I've been so hot and wet all day, knowing that you were coming here to fuck me today." She said. With that, she grabbed my cock, and pointed it toward her awaiting slit.

Once they were lined up, she descended on me. My dick slid into her with ease. She really was wet with anticipation. The inside of Kelli's pussy really felt amazing. It felt like the softest, most delicate thing that had ever enveloped my cock.

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She was contracting and loosening her muscles, as if she was attempting to milk an 8" utter that she was impaled upon. She was moving up and down on my cock with a moderate pace and it felt superb. She knew exactly what she was doing. It was almost as if she wasn't at all concerned about me. She was concentrating completely on her pleasure. It just so happened that it was my dick that she was using to pleasure herself.

Her legs were obviously very strong, and that was no surprise considering the shape she was in. She was completely relying on her leg muscles to lift herself on and off my cock within her. She had ridden my rod for 4-5 minutes, and I almost completely forgot about Jodi, naked in the room also.

I turned my head to look over at her. She was sitting in a chair with legs spread, rubbing her clit. Her eyes were wide open, getting off on watching Kelli and I fuck. Kelli must have noticed me looking at Jodi. She spoke up. "What are you waiting for? Are you going to join us or what?" With that, Jodi jumped up from her chair, her tits bouncing as she leapt. What in the hell is she going to do, I wondered. Whatever it was, I wanted it.

Incredibly hot Jodi was naked and about to get on the table where I was naked also. I didn't give a shit what she had in mind, I was just glad to be a part of it! As Kelli continued to slide up and down on my cock, I moved my hips to match her movements. Even though she seemed to be using my member for her exclusive pleasure, I was going to make sure I fucked her back, and got myself off as well. Jodi began to climb upon the table.

She lifted her left leg over me and straddled my upper section, facing Kelli. She re-positioned herself so her dripping wet pussy was directly over my face. "Remember when you rammed your dick down my throat earlier?" Jodi asked. "Now it's time for payback you fucker." With that, she rammed her pussy down into my face, and began to very forcefully grind her soaking wet cunt into my mouth and face.

In no time, my face was completely covered with Jodi's personal lubrication. I stuck my tongue out, trying to lick her pussy or clit as it passed by my tongue as she seemed to be trying to do the hula on my face. I grabbed her hips with my hands, to attempt to somewhat steady her.

She slowed her movement a bit, but she didn't let up on the force with which she was sitting on my face. I got my tongue inserted into her pussy and began to lick and poke with authority. With the rough treatment that Jodi was once again giving me, my cock was swelling even more, and Kelli noticed it inside of her. "Oh my god, YES! Fuck me!" she cried out. I was physically incapable of saying anything with the pressure of Jodi's body on my face.

All I could do was lick Jodi's twat, and moan at the pleasure of Kelli's velvet nest around my dick. As I licked and tongue fucked Jodi's oozing hole, my nose was practically nestled in her asshole, considering she was facing Kelli. Between her pussy lips covering my mouth, and my nose in her little pucker, I was finding it a bit difficult to breathe.

I was having to catch occasional breaths when Jodi moved to a favorable position to allow me the privilege of air. I became very aware of my surroundings, and began to soak it in and enjoy it. Kelli was riding my cock with her muscular pussy milking me, and wasn't going to quit until we were both satisfied. Jodi was doing her best to sit on my face so hard that my entire head ended up in her pussy.

I had removed my hands from Jodi's hips, and she began to squirm around again. This time, it was a bit more controlled. She grinded her pussy into my face and tongue, getting me to lick exactly where she wanted me to.

My face was completely coated with her juices, and so was her pussy and ass, therefore she slid around with ease. I was enjoying tongue fucking her so much, I just let her move at will. My tongue felt an unusual sensation, and I realized for the first time, my tongue was inside a woman's asshole. She obviously wanted this, and was moaning at the reality that her salad was being tossed. I allowed my tongue to dart in and out of her ass, and she was becoming more wild once again as the pleasure was getting the best of her.

Jodi moved her pussy back over my mouth and forced me to lick her clit and tongue fuck her. I was still enjoying Kelli impaled upon my harder-than-ever cock. She was riding it like a woman with a purpose. Her tight pussy stroking my dick was keeping me in a euphoric state, and I didn't care what either of them did to me. I could hear the two women, who were facing each other, begin to kiss. I could hear their soft pecks, and could only assume that their tongues were dancing in each others' mouths.

If it were possible, this turned me on even more. I began to thrust my hips up harder, ramming my cock into Kelli's pussy.

She responded with a very loud moan that was muffled, I assume, by Jodi's tongue in her mouth.

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I was licking Jodi's pussy like an animal at this point, and she began to breathe very heavy and moan loudly. I knew she was about to cum. With Jodi getting all worked up and near the brink of orgasm, this apparently, really turned Kelli on, as she began to breathe heavier and ride my cock harder than ever.

She was ramming down on my dick, getting it as deep insider her as possible. Jody screamed, and a flood of pussy juice spilled out of her on my face and in my mouth. She violently grinded her pussy lips in to my mouth and chin, trying to get more stimulation any way she possibly could. My tongue went from her pussy to her asshole and back to her pussy again as she moved back and forth. Her orgasm finally slowed down and she was trying to catch her breath.

She moved her body off of my face, and moved above my head. She sat up there and basked in the afterglow of an intense orgasm. For the first time since Jodi climbed on my face, I could see Kelli again. Her eyes were closed, and her head was tilted back, riding my cock, having brought herself to the brink or orgasm. She put her hands on my chest and used that as leverage as she bounced up and down on my shaft.

I continued to thrust my meat in her as hard as I could, and finally Kelli let out a loud moan. "OOOOHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK ME, OH YES, FUCK ME!! FUCK ME BABY!" She began to cum as my cock remained in her.


Her riding intensified. I don't know if she was trying to cum harder and harder, or if she was trying to make me cum.

It didn't matter to me, as her animal-like determination sent me over the edge. I felt my cum begin to boil within me and start to erupt. "OH YEAH, KELLI, HERE I CUM!" I loudly exclaimed. I unloaded rope after rope of my seed into my doctor, as she was impaled upon my cock while we fucked on one of her exam tables. I felt as though I would pass out from pleasure as I could not see to stop cumming in my doctor's pussy.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Kelli with her eyes still closed, enjoying the end of both of our orgasms. We both exhaled loudly. Kelli collapsed onto me, while my dick remained in her. Our lips met, our tongues invaded each others' mouths. I continued to slowly move my cock in and out of Kelli. We both moaned as we kissed. Kelli pulled away, and noticed my face covered with Jodi's cum.

Kelli lick up one side of my face. "Mmmmmm" she said. She then supported herself with her arms, moved forward over my head. My dick plopped out of her onto my stomach. Kelli leaned into Jodi's wet pussy and gave it a lick or two. "It tasted so good on Eric's face, I had to have the real thing." she told Jodi. Kelli got up off the table and sat down in a chair.

I then sat up and tried to get my bearings. Jodi continued to sit on the table with her head leaning against the wall, obviously exhausted from pleasure.

We all looked at each other and giggled.

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"That was intense!" I exclaimed to both of them, smiling. They both just sit there catching their breath, smiling at me, and obviously satisfied.

Jodi spoke up, "I did not expect this when I got to work today.

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Thanks for letting me in on this, Doc!" "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know Eric did." Kelli replied. I didn't need to say a word. They both could see satisfaction on my face. "I'd like to think this will happen again." I boldly stated. "I hope so. I want that dick in me next time." Jodi said matter-of-factly. Dr. Comstock finally caught her breath, "As you're both very aware, I'm a woman of many surprises.

Let's all get dressed and get out of here. Our lunch break is just about over." We all got dressed, and all kissed each other before leaving, including Kelli and Jodi. Dr.


Comstock opened the door. Jodi was the first to walk out. Kelli started to follow her, but stopped to address me one final time before my leaving. "Don't make another appointment, yet." she ordered. "We'll get together again soon." "OK." I replied. Dr. Comstock walked away to get back to work. I found the men's room, washed my face, and left a very satisfied man.