Superb Pornstar Alexa Tomas amp_ Ella Hughes amp_ Patty Michova Like And Need Huge Dick In Her H

Superb Pornstar Alexa Tomas amp_ Ella Hughes amp_ Patty Michova Like And Need Huge Dick In Her H
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Arthur was having a great Saturday at his new apartment, the 21 year old had moved in last week and now was having his first foursome with his 3 favorite milfs. Currently on her knees wearing just a dog collar & 4 inch spiked heels was the woman who had given birth to him SoniaShe was 465ft 8brunette with 40dd tits ,she was sucking on her only sons 10 inch prick, Beside her sucking on his balls was 50 year old blondebbw 5ft 3 Nina Rogersshe was Cindy's ( Arthur's girlfriend ) mom.

& last but not least was Bev his new next door neighbour a 56 year old mother of two who had raven hair & big floppy titsa fat ass & she stood at a short 5ft 1. Bev was playing with her cunt as she watched mom & Nina giving their master head. Arthur had hypnotized all these ladies along with his 19year old girlfriend Cindy. Arthur was not a good looking guy so without his mind control he would've been limited to using his right hand for sexual satisfaction.

Sonia was nearing the end of her current facefuckher son had hypnotized her 6mths ago so it wasn't her first go around the block.


So as Arthur emptied his load in her throat & all over her face Sonia thanked & smiled at her master/ son. Nina knew what she had to do as she french kissed & licked Sonia's face.

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Arthur had hypnotized her 3mths ago & now she & her daughter obeyed Arthur's every sexual perversion.' Chapter 1 - Bev is Alone with Arthur Sonia & Nina left Arthur's place after giving him a satisfactory blowjob. Bev stayed behind. Today Arthur was gonna fuck all her holes before he sent her home home to her cuckold wimpy husband. The perverted young man started by shoving his prick to the back of the old bitches throat, Bev gagged on itshe wasn't that experienced after all, Arthur had only put her under his power only a few days earlier.

Take it you cheating bitch he yelledShe sure was a cheating bitch she thought.

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But Melvin knew she was here and was good with it (Arthur had hypnotized her husband as wellnow the dumbass got turned on knowing Arthur was fucking his wife ) Arthur was now hard as a rock so he shoved his dink up Bev' s wet pussy. Aaaah thank you master BEV exclaimed that feels so good!!!

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Take it you married slut Arthur shouted. He jammed his cock in her cunt for another 15minutes before he unloaded a load of jism all over her face & took a picture of the owned slut with his cellphone.


Using the jism on her face as lube he shoved his fingers up her ass before he began ass fucking her for the first time ever. AAAAAAAAAAH THAAAT HURTS master plzzzz screamed BEV, but Arthur knew better and soon Bev's pain turned to ecstasy as as her anal cherry now gapedthe old bitchnow would add a wiggle to her walk.

. Arthur soon pulled out & had Bev suck his cock from her ass (it was her first ATMbut wouldn't he her last ), he came on her face & then she followed him to the bathroomwhere she received her first golden shower.

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. HumiliatedArthur had her put on her bath robe & walk over to her apartment still dripping with his facial piss. She was given an assignment, get Melvin to take a naked polaroid of her covered in piss & come back as quick as possible to his apartment. 2 MINUTES later she was back with the instant pic. Damn she passed the obedience test Arthur thought.

Chapter 2- Arthur & Mom Arthur was on the phone with Cindy sure will go see that movie on Tues he saiddon't worry ill pay he continued, meanwhile Sonia was licking his ass.

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She shoved her tongue up her only son's ass& licked it like it was an ice cream cone. Arthur motioned for her to jerk him off as she did it. Arthur continued talking with Cindy on the phonehey remind your mom i want her here at 6pm sharp on Monday & tell her to bring her sluttiest clothes cause she is spending the night, Yes sir Cindy said in her most submissive voice, Arthur mostly fucked her in the car when they went out.

Once they had a threesome with her mom & her mom had licked her cuntthat was fun she thought. Gotta go Cindy see you on Tuesday okay bye Arthur hung up.

You can blow me now maArthur said make me rock hardso i can fuck your ass & you will gape & wiggle your ass for my wimpy step dad. Bill was okayArthur thought but Bill was his step dad with the small cockwho now only fucked mom when he had Arthur's permission.

As he lubed mom's ass with his fingersArthur was rock hard & shoved 10inches up mom's filthy assunlike BevSonia was no cherry & enjoyed the prick up her ass& was ooooing & aaaahing as Arthur kept up his anal assault before he distributed an anal cream pie up his moms ass. Sonia was wearing her usual dog collar but Arthur decided to attach a leash as he led Sonia ,who was now crawling like a dog to the the washroom.

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Where he had mother spread her ass cheeks & he pissed up her ass to clean out his jism. Then he urinated on Sonia's hairface & titsBefore ordering her to get the mop & clean up the mess while he filmed it all on his cellphone. Bill could watch it later, Sonia covered in his urine cleaning up the bathroom CLASSIC MOM he smirked

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