Sister and brother very very sexy blue film

Sister and brother very very sexy blue film
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Imagine, if you will, that you have been taken as a collared Sub by a very strong, caring, understanding and Dominant man who will firmly guide you, introduce you and expose you to the things that you have only dreamed about and have barely admitted to anyone else, even to yourself.

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Over a Weekend, on a Friday night, you are told to bathe, clean yourself immaculately, put on your Make-up, do your manicure and pedicure, trim your dripping wet pussy, do your hair and make yourself up look as if you were going to be put on display - which is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what is going to happen ! Around 7:00 p.m., the guests begin to arrive. The women are beautifully dressed in formal Evening Gowns and the men, in Suits though sprinkled in among them, are some who are wearing Dinner Jackets.

Truly, this is going to be a very special evening ! Other subs, all dressed in flowing Togas like Roman Slaves, seat the guests in the large Drawing Room and serve them drinks. The atmosphere is charged with electricity and it is as if all the people, including the Servers, are all connected to each other so that the combined mental energy permeates every little nook of the room, especially, into the minds of the people present. The restless energy affects everyone and the conversation and laughter is full of the arousal that each person feels.

At 8:00 p.m., the Host calls for everyone's attention and after making an announcement of the upcoming entertainment which is the highlight of the evening and the reason for the gathering, the guests are ushered downstairs into a a room that is the exact replica of a Theater, complete with a raised Stage, Stage lights, heavy curtains and actual seats that were once part of an actual Movie Theater.

The 30 guests are seated and an expectant hush falls over the assembly as they settle down and look towards the Stage. Suddenly, a Gong is heard from behind the curtain. It signals the beginning of the festivities for which the guests have come to see and experience. The stillness is complete and the level of anticipation is palpable enough to cut with a knife. Gradually, the House Lights dim and the room is plunged into darkness throwing the Stage into sharper relief.

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With a slight ruffling of the Curtains, a woman appears and stands regally in the center of the Stage. She is beautifully made up and her hair is gathered up in a knotted coif behind her head and the rest cascades behind her in a long thick and lush Pony Tail. Entwined among her long hair is a golden ribbon which catches and reflects the light that shines directly on her. In a husky and cultured voice, she announces the schedule of entertainment and the Piece de Resistance which will culminate in the evening's activities.

You have been waiting off stage, a collar around your pretty and delicate neck and your hands cuffed behind your back.

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The excitement is almost more than you can bear. Your nipples are as hard as pencil erasers and your deliciously trimmed little cunt is dripping wet like a river in full flood so the even the smallest movement seems to be wired directly to your clit and your nipples. You are dressed in a very short skirt that looks as if it has been torn around the edges, making you look like a Roman peasant girl. The blood courses through your body with such intensity that you feel dizzy with arousal.

At a signal from the Mistress of Ceremonies, the other female Subs, each dressed in short Togas and flat sandals with thongs wrapped around their legs, form a box around you.

They then, proceed to escort you onto the Stage and into the view of the audience. There is a collective gasp from the women who are gazing at you intensely as your dress is ripped off with one wrench and you are completely exposed. Each woman in complete tune with what you are feeling. In the center of the Stage, are four large Iron rings are bolted to the floor. You are led to them, made to kneel down, and your wrists and ankles, each with a soft leather Cuff around it is stretched out and attached to the appropriate ring.

Your arms and legs are stretched just far enough so that you are unable to move but, the tension of the chain is just sufficient to permit you to remain in the the kneeling position quite comfortably. Your head is positioned away from the audience and your open and stretched legs, showing your pretty, dripping wet cunt and ass are completely exposed to the audience. By now, your cunt has been dripping wet continuously so that your thighs are covered with your juices and the light reflects of all that honey.

There is a restless movement and stifled gasps from the women in the audience as they watch all this with hypnotic intensity. They too feel every little movement of your body and the incredible acuity of your emotions. Each woman in the entire room is wired into one giant hypersensitive cunt and even the smallest twitch in one, is felt by them all.

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At a silent signal from the Mistress of Ceremonies, a large German Shepherd is led onto the Stage. You can hear the click of his nails and his panting as he smells your arousal. He has been trained for this and he knows what is to come next.

His excitement is immediate and he has to be restrained in his eagerness. You suddenly feel his long and extremely wet tongue as he proceeds to lick and slurp the juices that are now running unchecked from your cunt.

You moan and just at the thought of the dog licking your cunt and the fact that his every move is being watched by more than 30 people, your cunt explodes in the most intense orgasm that you have ever felt. The intensity sets every fiber of your body on fire and screams for relief. By now, the women in the audience have given up any pretense of dignity and propriety and have pulled up their gowns and are violently fingering themselves, each desperate to achieve the release that you have just had.

From around the room, the sound of a buzzing hum gradually intrudes itself into the air. It is the sound of the Vibrators that some of them have had the foresight to bring with them and that have now been pulled out of their respective handbags and are being put to good use. Some of the women are also moaning with arousal and at the thought of what is to happen next. Having insured that the entire audience is now focused on you, the Mistress of Ceremonies signals to the handler and he releases the dog.

At once, his big red cock, that up until this moment has poked out of its sheath and has been dripping per-cum, comes out fully. The dog places his paws on your back and grasps you so that you feel as if you have been captured and after a few false attempts slides his huge dick deep inside your weeping cunt.

The thrust is such that you feel every inch of it as it fiercely slams into you and the feeling is indescribable.

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Your body is on fire and your cunt has been on edge for so long, that at the very first entry, you again explode in a massive orgasm. Your scream reflects the pleasure you feel and in sympathy, a lot of the women also explode in orgasm.


The entire room is now nothing more than an Orgy. The women are out of their minds with arousal and are not to be denied. Some of them turn to the men with whom they arrived and in a feral display of arousal, forcefully unzip the mens' trousers, pull out their inflamed and turgid cocks and impale themselves on the meat desperately trying to match the movement of the dog as he fucks you. Vicariously, the women too, are being fucked by the dog.

By now, you are almost senseless with arousal and all your feelings and emotions are centered around your cunt; it is the very center of your being.

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The dog proceeds to fuck you vigorously and will not be denied as he slams his now fully extended cock as deep inside your cunt as he can possibly manage to thrust it. You can feel it slam into your cervix as he hammers it into you and your hungry little cunt clamps down on his cock to deny him an exit.

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Suddenly, you feel the dog explode DEEEEEEP inside your cunt and the liquid heat and quantity of his emission, causes you to explode all over again, this time, in one continuous rolling orgasm that goes on for a full ten minutes. Each spasm starting at your toes and like a wave, washing over you upwards towards your head so that you feel completely limp and unable to do anything else other than to feel each wave as it overwhelms you. You feel the dog's cock begin to swell, getting bigger and bigger until every millimeter of your cunt is completely stuffed with meat and you feel as if it will come out of your mouth.

The entire room smells of aroused women as they are being fucked in various ways and in various positions, some of them lying on the floor and being pounded by the cocks that fill their cunts.

Others, trying to emulate you, kneeling on the floor just like you and being fucked forcefully from behind like little bitches in heat. The difference being that the mens' cocks cannot swell like that of the dog and they are not capable of fucking the women for as long as you are being fucked by the dog.

The dog's cock stays swollen and locked deep inside your cunt.

Your arousal is so intense that you feel the smallest stimulation; his fur rubbing your back just like a little bitch. You are in that dreamy state of a well fucked woman. Time stops and nothing else matters other than the enormous, hot, red, erupting meat locked deep inside you.

You moan continuously and the sound acts as an aphrodisiac for the other women as they too, delirious with arousal become nothing more than dripping wet cunts unable to get enough attention. Gradually, you feel the dog's cock begin to shrink and finally, after having been locked in you for fifteen delicious minutes, it slips out of you. Like a cork being pulled out of a bottle, it causes all the hot, sticky and sooooooo soooooothing cum to come dripping out of you.

The dog is led away and you are still tied to the Altar - waiting for further developments ! At another signal from the Mistress of Ceremonies, 5 men, each sporting large, huge and enormous cocks, otherwise completely naked, their bodies shining with an application of oil, step on to the stage.

They surround you as you lie, still chained and lying spreadeagled on the Altar. Unchaining your wrists, one man slides under you so that you are now lying directly on top of him. He inserts his huge cock directly into your tight asshole.


Another, takes his position directly between your wide spread legs and inserts his meat into your cunt. You feel it sliding inside you and it feels as if you will burst. Each little crevice of your cunt can feel that hot meat shoving itself into your cunt while feeling the cock in your ass doing the same thing, separated only by the thin membrane between them.

The third man straddles your body and forces his equally large cudgel into your mouth and begins to fuck it as if your mouth were your cunt.

The other two men position themselves on either side of you so that their respective cocks are within reach of your two hands. Gradually, the men begin to fuck you ! Slowly and inevitably, they fall into a rhythm so that each stroke of their respective cocks is matched by the other men also busily engaged in fucking you.

Gradually, their speed builds up as they approach their respective orgasms and now you are being slammed into by all five of the men. Every nerve in your body is alive and feels as if it is on fire. You can feel the waves of orgasms washing over you like on continuous Tsunami and the height at which you find yourself floating as the men service you like a little bitch in heat feels so high that you do not think you will ever be able to get down from that altitude !

Now, regardless of any finesse, hearing you scream and gasp from the incredible sensations that are running through your body, the men are not quite as receptive to your needs, but only to their own need to explode inside you and all over you. In one sudden massive explosion, you feel all of them cum. The explosion seems to lift you right of the Altar to which you are tied and all that boiling hot cum shoots into the deepest recesses of your body. The one who explodes into your mouth, pours out so much cum that you have difficulty in swallowing it all and it comes squirting out, running down you neck and into your hair.

The two, whose cocks you have in your hands, each shoots an equally large load all over your face and your super sensitive nipples so that the boiling hot liquid slides over your breasts and pools into a huge puddle between your tits. Gradually, they withdraw and as their cocks shrink, they take a short break. Within 15 minutes they are back and this time, they all rotate places with each other and the action begins all over again.

Before the evening is over, you will have been ROYALLY FUCKED five times by each man as he, and the others, rotate their positions after each orgasm, for a total of 25 times !!!!

You are exhausted and yet, completely satisfied ! Never before, have you felt so alive and feminine. A woman whose destiny is to be fucked and pleasured and who is also destined to provide pleasure in return ! The women who led you to the stage initially, now return and release you from your restraints.

You are taken to the audience and some of the women in the audience grab you and fight over who is going to suck that cum out of your cunt. Each is given a few moments to suck your cunt while the others suck your super sensitive nipples and others kiss your mouth making you explode mannnnnnnny more times.