Abella Danger deep throat Seth Gambles big cock

Abella Danger deep throat Seth Gambles big cock
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Kaylene When I first met Kaylene I was going out with her cousin Kayner and she had just come down from Sydney for a visit with her auntie Chez who Kayner lived with. You couldn't have picked two more different people, Kaylene was short, chubby, big tits and very outgoing while my girlfriend Kayner was five inches taller than me, skinny with wide hips, virtually no tits at all and very quiet but they were very close and seemed to bring each other into middle ground personality wise.

All three of us got on like a house on fire and were always together cruising around in my hotted up Holden. One of my mates Kevin hooked up with Kaylene which often had people mixed up as to who was going with who as he was slightly taller than Kayner and I was slightly taller than Kaylene and all four of us spent every spare minute together.

Auntie Chez had lost her husband a year or two before and was not in the market for a boyfriend even though she was in her mid twenties only a few years older than the rest of us, we often spent the night there in the two single beds in Kayner's room listening to each other, joking around and chatting while having sex with our respective partners.

Chez was pretty cool and didn't mind our sexual antics quite often catching one of us out somewhere in the house and would just laugh and say "get a room you two … and not my room either".

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Chez had let herself go a bit since her husbands death but had an enormous set of tits that she loved to flash at every opportunity and usually walked around in just a long singlet and satin knickers sometimes with and sometimes without a bra and didn't seem to mind us two boys being around, one of her favourite tricks was to walk up behind our seat while we were having a conversation and flop her big boobs out on our shoulders cutting off any sounds.

We would often get her back in the mornings by jumping on her in just a pair of jocks and tshirt and pretend to fuck her boobs through her singlet with our morning woody, she would always jump up and chase us round while we would egg her on saying we just wanted to see her knock herself out with her unrestrained tits. It really was a fun and free place to hang out. Late one night the four of us drove up to the snow for something to do before having a bit of a sex session in the car trying to see who could rock the car more.

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For a break we ascended the lookout tower but the cold wind off the snow soon drove us back to the warmth of the car, funny thing was the girls had swapped seats and after chatting for a while I drove back towards Chez's house.

On the way Kayler said jokingly from the back seat "we seemed to have swapped partners … does anyone mind?" I pulled Kaylene's head to me and laughingly gave her a big kiss saying "I don't mind", Kevin did the same and by the time we arrived back we all realised that we didn't mind at all and started making out on the couch next to each other.

Chez walked in and just shook her head saying "I could see that happening", funny that as none of the four of us saw it coming. That night we boys swapped beds and as I slipped my prick in between Kaylene's soft wet inner lips and nuzzled her big boobs I realised that we had usually spent more time together anyway so it seemed more natural this way.

A little while later after I had cum and Kaylene was laying on top of me with my dick still buried in her cunt we were all starting to joke around when I said "you know what I miss?", the others all chorused "what?" and I said "having a nipple in my mouth while having my dick in a nice wet pussy while lying flat on my back" Kaylene then tried to get her nipple to reach my mouth but fell short by an inch or so cracking up as she did, Kayner then jumped in to bed beside us naked and fed her right nipple into my mouth laughingly saying "that's how you do it".

Not to be left out Kevin laid on Kaylene's back and sucked Kayner's left nipple into his mouth. Kaylene then said "hey, I seem to be missing out here" so Kevin started sliding his dick in her ass crack with the help of the juices from Kayner's cunt and pretty soon got a bit serious as he got hard again, he started moaning saying how good it felt and Kaylene was getting a bit worked up as well squeezing my dick back into life and growing inside her. Kayner said "are you two going to double team her or what?" to which Kaylene replied that she had never tried anal so Kayner reached for Kevin's dick and pointed it straight at her asshole while Kevin pushed the head in.

Kaylene jumped saying "I didn't mean I wanted to try it" to which Kayner replied "its too late now as he has it halfway in already" Kayner scooped a bit more lube out of her cunt and slopped it round Kevin's prick when he pulled back a bit so he put the pressure on again and he slowly started sinking in. I said "hey, I can feel it going in" to which Kaylene replied "Its not too bad when you go slow like that" so Kevin slowed a bit but kept the pressure on until he had sunk all the way in to her asshole.

I started moving while Kevin stayed still and pretty soon Kaylene relaxed and started to really enjoy it as I slowly slid my engorged prick in and out of her wet squishy cunt.

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Kayner meanwhile was watching intently while stroking three fingers into her big cunt and soon added a fourth finger, she then got up behind Kevin and placed her hand against his bum and started to fuck herself on her fingers while rubbing her nipples on his back. I was getting quite squashed and finding it hard to move but reached round and started pinching Kayner's nipples as her humping started Kevin moving, pretty soon he was humping pretty hard with his dick hitting deep into Kaylene's bum in the down stroke and pushing Kayner's fingers deep into her cunt on the upstroke.

Kaylene was getting very turned on and started sliding back and forth between Kevin and my bodies impaling herself hard on our two dicks until she had a huge screaming orgasm, so loud was she that Chez raced in to see what was wrong stopping in the doorway gobsmacked at the scene before her.

As Chez slowly backed out of the room never taking her eyes off the scene in front of her Kevin reached his peak and started spurting his come deep inside Kaylene's bowels, I could actually feel the throbbing as he unloaded but wasn't close enough to cum myself and with the limited movement was unable to bring myself off.

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Kayner was trying hard to get her whole fist inside herself but couldn't get past her thumb knuckle so she pushed Kaylene and Kevin further up my body and turned round to impale herself on my dick while furiously frigging her clit. I had Kaylene's boobs on either side of my face and was fast building to an orgasm so as soon as Kayner started coming I also went over the edge shoving up hard inside her as I unloaded my cum deep inside her sopping wet pussy.

We untangled ourselves and lay back sideways along the bed but the stains on Kevin's dick was a bit of a turn off so he headed for the shower with Kaylene going with him while Kayner and I headed to the kitchen for a drink. As we passed Chez's room I was sure I could hear a buzzing sound and gave Kayner a nudge, Kayner could see the mischief in my eyes and suggested we let the poor girl have some fun as she hadn't had a man since her husband so we headed for the shower ourselves.

When we had all cleaned up we were sitting around the kitchen table joking about the moans from Chez's room when it became obvious from the changing tone of the vibrator that she was giving herself a thorough pounding with it, we could hear it going in and out at a frantic pace until the "oh god, oh god, oh god ooooooOOOOO" made it quite obvious she had come, Kevin and I looked at each other grinning and before the girls could stop us bounded to the door throwing it wide open. As the light streamed in from the kitchen we could see the torn ruffled sheets and her vibrator only just poking out from the wetness of her chubby pussy, as she tried to drag the tangled sheets over her the vibrator spat out of her soaked pussy lips and Kevin snapped it up running it under his nose then licking up the length of it before tossing it to me to do the same thing.

Chez took off after us as we raced around the table but soon ran out of puff sitting down at the table stark naked and started to laugh seeing the funny side of it.

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Kevin turned the vibrator on and placed it on the table on its base, we all roared with laughter as it buzzed its way straight across the table and fell into Chez's lap amidst comments such as "look, its heading home" "It wants more" "It hasn't come yet and wants to finish" etc etc The girls then told her that she could borrow us if she needed some satisfaction but Chez said she didn't feel right about having someone else's penis inside her body so close to the death of her husband, the girls got up and gave her a hug with us boys joining in the hug.

Chez then said "I guess its no point getting dressed now" and headed for the shower naked, it was only then that Kaylene realised that we were all still naked and we trooped off to put some clothes on.

When we went to bed that night we stayed in our new arrangement and it became a permanent thing. The next week when we talked about the foursome Kaylene said that although it was alright on the night she didn't really want to do it again and Kayner said that she had tried anal with Kevin during the week and it had hurt to much so it looked like being a one time only thing.

Kaylene and I got pretty serious and she moved into my flat with me and things went along pretty good for a while until Kaylene started getting jealous. When Kevin got a high paying 12 month job overseas he joking said to us that I would have to keep Kayner satisfied while he was away but Kaylene got the shits and stormed out surprising us all, Kaylene and I didn't seem to spend much time down at Chez's and I was missing the free and easy fun down there.


One night when Kaylene was heading out for a night out with the girls I told her I would head down to Chez's for a game of cards and a few drinks, Kaylene made me promise not to fuck Kayner before she would let me go!! After a few games of cards we decided to watch some tele but it was getting cold so Chez suggested we watch the tele in her bedroom while under the doona so in we trooped. Chez stripped of her bra and just had her usual singlet and white satin knickers on while Kayner had gone and put a nightie on, I still had my jeans and tshirt on.

We were halfway through a movie when Kaylene stormed in and went off at me calling me all the names under the sun and telling me not to bother coming home as she was through with me !!

We were all stunned as I had not touched another woman at all since the night of the foursome, we talked about her outburst for a while and I said "well I may as well stay here then" and we turned of the tele and prepared for sleep with me removing my jeans and facing towards Chez's back with Kayner facing me in the spoon position also.

Before long Kayner started feeling me up and teasing me and before long I started getting hard so she pulled my dick out of the leg of my jocks and started rubbing up and down Chez's bum crack, Chez told me to cut it out but I protested that it wasn't me.

Kayner kept stroking me and it was feeling pretty nice but she would occasionally rub it up Chez's bum crack getting me into trouble and laughing softly. After once more rubbing it on Chez and me saying that it wasn't me Chez reached back and grabbed my dick holding it still, Kayner tried to move it again but Chez held it still against her butt. A couple of minutes later Chez leaned forward some more and pushed back with my dick now hitting up against her pussy.

A short time later she started sliding it back and forwards over her lips inside her knickers, I could feel the heat and wetness on the head of my dick as she pushed back onto me a bit harder sliding it in between the lips of her sex.

I was getting pretty turned on by this stage so tried to pull her knickers to one side but Chez stopped me saying "NO" and went back to rubbing me against her knickers. Kayner had started fingering herself and soon placed her hand against my bum and started humping her fingers which started pushing my dick through Chez's hand and into her slit taking her satin knickers with it causing them to rub on her clit.

The head of my dick was now entering her hole and the smooth satin along with her copious juices was almost as good as the real thing, Chez was getting really turned on and had started humping backwards so I sneakily rubbed my hand under the back and side of her knickers pulling them down a couple of inches which allowed a lot more slack and my dick to go even deeper.

Chez was humping harder and my knickers wrapped dick was going in at least two inches as I pumped in, Kayner was moaning loudly in my ear and keeping in time with my thrusts, I reached over and pulled the other side of Chez's knickers down a bit then pulled the opposite side down even more making them quite loose.

I was getting about 4 or 5 inches deep now, Chez was pounding backwards, her knickers were rubbing wetly over her clit as I thrust myself in her, the wave of her orgasm washed over her and she impaled herself again and again so hard it hurt but not enough to stop me blasting the well soaked knickers deep inside her cunt with a huge load of cum.

Chez jump unsteadily to her feet pulling the cum soaked satin from inside her pussy and wobbled off to the shower to wash any trace of cum out as she was not on the pill. Kayner grabbed my rapidly softening dick with disappointment so I scooted down between her legs and fastened my lips around her engorged clit while sliding a couple of fingers in her.


It was obvious that two fingers would not do so I pressed my five fingers together and pushed in almost all the way, Kayner was close to coming and was urging me on so as she got to the edge my hand slid inside … I couldn't believe it.

My whole hand was inside her so I made a fist and pushed in further feeling her orgasm roll over my hand and wrist, Kayner grabbed my hand and urged me to keep going as another orgasm broke over her so I used long deep strokes to keep her coming. I stopped after her orgasm ended and tried to pull out but her pussy had clamped down so I licked her clit and started pumping again, Chez had returned and was sitting beside the bed watching with interest.


I grabbed a nipple and kept up the tongue swirling round her clit until I felt her build into another orgasm and pulled my hand out as she rolled through another intense wave of orgasms. Chez kissed me and whispered "thank you" before rolling over and backing her naked body back up to me so I reached over cupping one of her huge boobs in my hand and spooning up against her bare bum, Kayner spooned up behind me pulling up the covers and we all fell into an exhausted sleep.

I awoke next morning with an erection lodged between Chez's bum cheeks but when I started to move Chez, who had been lying there awake, said no and rolled onto her back grabbing my erection and gently stroking me, Kayner was also awake and rolled me onto my back to cup my balls before wrapping her lips around my dick to lube it up then she straddled me and we enjoyed a long slow screw while Chez rubbed her hand between her legs while watching us.

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Kayner finally came then sped up a bit until I came and she rolled off me, Chez looked me in the eyes and said "go down on me?" I happily complied and was soon slurping her clit, it must have been an inch long hidden in between the untrimmed curls of her pubes so it was easy to slide my lips up and down it.

I probed her with my fingers and it was plain to see that she was even bigger than her niece so slowly added fingers as she built her pleasure up. She grabbed my hand and squashed my fingers up before fairly easily sliding my hand through her opening. She was getting pretty close and pleaded "fist me" so I made a fist and started some slow deep strokes, she grabbed my forearm and pulled my fist back into her opening before driving it in again, pretty soon she was pulling my fist right out of her opening and punching it back in again, I sucked on her clit and pushed my fist in as far as it would go feeling her climax build until she doubled up with pleasure holding my arm hard up against the end of her tunnel.

Kayner whispered in my ear "wow, that was easy" as I pulled my fist out of her" One by one we showered and I headed home to find my clothes spread over the lawn, I had soon packed my gear in the car and moved back into my parents home for a while but the odd weekend spent at Chez's was always a good time.