Gaby has the gift of letting loose and enjoying he

Gaby has the gift of letting loose and enjoying he
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Sarabell and the lost key Sarabell sat in her window seal, looking out over the vast garden her diseased mother had worked in most days. The rain fell in droplets cascading down the already fogged window. Bella. as her uncle called her was imagining her time as a child, dancing through the rows of roses her mother had planted. Bella's mother, had been a very beautiful woman of dutch decent.

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Her hair had fell down her back in ringlets of auburn chestnut and she smelled of the roses in which she planted. Bella was named after her mother, and her uncle told her often how she looked so much like her. Sighing Bella looked over at the door, the maid would be there any moment to announce supper.

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The only time she ever spent with her uncle anymore, he had recently married a french woman by the name of Anne-Elisabeth Pierpont, Anne was a odd woman and bella didn't think she liked her much. Anne unlike her and her mother, was blonde and very petite. Her mother had been curvy and so was she. Bella at her age of 13, had suple B cup breasts and a womanly curve the followed down to her hips, and further down her small shapely legs.

Bella sat down at the table and folded her napkin in her lap, right as her uncle and Anne walked in together, Anne had chosen a very tight fit dress, that split up the leg to the hip showing off almost all she was supposed to be hiding. Bella almost blushed from the view, but stood and bowed her head delicatly. "Good day uncle, and Aunt Anne", she had to force the word aunt to leave her lips, and hoped they hadn't noticed. Retaking her seat, she once again laid her napkin in her lap. From across the long table she could hear giggling, and glanced up to see Anne sitting in her uncles lap, something feirce flew throughout her body, and she didn't understand the reaction.

Soon the maids came out and delivered supper, placing her fork in her small hand she began to eat, taking small bites and using her napkin often. Reaching for her cup and taking a small sip, she turned her attention to her uncle who now was sitting alone and eating his own food. "How are you uncle?", Bella asked him hoping to stir up conversation, and to find that spark that used to be there between them. Anne quickly answered her for him, "we have been fine, and how do your fare little Bella", she asked with a slight annoyance to her voice.

Bella's eyes flared with anger, and what had been slowly starting to fill her exploded.


Standing up and throwing her food to the floor Bella looked straight at Anne, "i would be better if you were to die!", she screamed and took off running to her room. From behind her Bella heard rustling and cussing from her uncle as he called after her, "bella come back here this instant", Bella knew she was in trouble and would soon find her punishment. Bella fell on her bed crying, trying to understand why her uncle needed to marry such a horrid woman.

About a hour later a beating came at her door, her uncle must have calmed down enough to punish her now, so she sat up and wiped her tears away. "come in", she almost whispered, the door creaked open and her uncle stepped in and shut the door behind him, not even acknowledging that she was there. Bella stayed quiet as her uncle pased the room. "Bella.", he started and but didn't finish as he looked over at her for the first time, since he entered the room.

Bella took in her uncles strong features and his tall lean body. Her uncle could have had any woman, what with his chestnut hair that fell in waves down his back, as did her mothers, and his strong features and his jaw set in stone. Bella had even seen him naked once as a child, after she had gotten lost in the manor and ended up at his bedchamber where he was getting dressed.

Her uncle was very handsome. "Bella for what you did, you must be punished", he said as sternly as he could and Bella almost winced from the look on his face.

knowing what she must do she stood and bent over the bed, bracing herself with her hands. "i am ready uncle", she whispered.

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"nothing to say for what you did?", he questioned, his face searching hers. "No, uncle", she said shaking her head lightly. He nodded and walked behind her taking in the sight of his niece clad in her nightgown. "Bella, you must lift the dress, or take it off", he said quietly, knowing that the spanking must be done bare.

He had only spanked her once since he had started watching her and then he was very gentle but the anger that washed through him was definite and he had to make her understand she was not to act in such a way. Bella turned back to look at him, her cheeks red from embarrassment. "yes uncle", she said and began to remove the garment from her pale pink skin.

From embarrassment and chill, she took her time slowly letting it slide up her thighs, showing off her legs, then to her hips, showing her her small patch of hair that had began growing there only a year before.

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The uncle was surprised at how well she had developed and almost gasped as his gaze latched onto her flower. His eyes never left her body, and Bella didn't notice for her eyes were squeezed shut. Finally pulling the nightgown over her head, displaying her pert breasts and tight hard nipples to him she threw it on the bed, and then turned around, once again taking her spot and getting ready for her punishment.

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He had no words for how beautiful she was, and how much she resembled her mother at that age, he reached out to touch her smooth ass, but stopped himself.

He was so stunned for a while he just looked at her, not knowing what to do.


"Uncle?", she asked as she turned her head back to look at him. "oh yes sorry bella", he said and took a seat on her bed, "bend over my knee", Bella listened and done as she was told.

Getting back into his role, he raised his hand a good distance from her plump round ass, "you will not speak to anyone like that again, understand?", he asked her and she nodded her head and clenched her toes ready for the smack as it landed on her ass. She screamed and jerked a bit as a few tears ran down her face, but soon settled down for the next one, but it didn't come, her uncles hand just stayed on her ass cheek and the heat felt wonderful. Unsure what to do she stayed still, as his fingers splayed over her ass cheek and gripped it gently.

Bella held back a small sound and stayed still as she could, she was scared but she felt a small warming in the pit of her stomach, which she was unfamiliar with. He couldn't help himself as he let his hand wonder over her small firm ass, gently running up the base of her back.

Her skin felt like silk, and looked like creamy alabaster. She was so beautiful laid out on him like this and he couldn't help the images of her sprawled out on her bed with him between her silken thighs from clouding his mind. He had to get out of here, he jumped up causing Bella to fall to the floor as she looked up at him started, he almost ran from the room, slamming the door behind her.

He ran as fast as he could to his bathroom, locking the door behind him, as he quickly threw his pants and boxers to the floor. Taking himself in his hand he began to rub back and fourth, his mind on thoughts of Bella in ecstasy under him.

He soon felt the familiar stirring in his balls, and gripped the sink hard as he cam thick strands of cum, that covered the sink and ran down his thighs. looking up at the mirror he gave himself a sad look, 'you sick fuck'.

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