Pov hot asian babe fucks sucks big cock

Pov hot asian babe fucks sucks big cock
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Chapter 8 I woke up to a cool hand rubbing along my entire body. I smile before opening my eyes, greeted by dark silver eyes and a brief but sweet kiss. I felt different and turned my face to the light streaming into the room. The cool hand caressed my cheek and I turned back to Damien to smile at him. I reached up and ran my warm fingers down the bridge of his nose and across his lips and leaned in to kiss him again.

He inhaled deeply as I kissed him and then pulled away and got out of bed, "I'll start a bath for you. You are probably going to be sore." I nodded and moved my legs feeling for the soreness that I had always known would accompany this feeling. As I sat up I did, in fact, feel the pain that Damien had mentioned. I got up slowly and winced catching my breath and holding myself up by holding the bed post.

Damien stood in the doorway watching me. "Is it really painful?" I shook my head and smiled reassuring him as best I could, "It isn't how bad the pain is, it's that its new. I have never had this sort of pain before, so it just takes a bit to get used to. I'll be alright." I walked to him and wrapped my arms around him, concern still on his face, "Are you sure?" I nodded and kissed him softly, giving him small kisses across his neck.

I ran my fingers through his long, black, hair, "It's kind of romantic, actually. It's like you left a scar in me that will always belong to you, no matter what happens."   He looked at me and grabbed me into a strong embrace, I rested my head on his chest, closing my eyes and smelling the spicy scent that was uniquely him.

I felt him bury his face in the hair on the top of my head and breathe deeply before releasing me and he stood back watching me slip into the hot bath. I sighed happily and looked up at Damien, seeing his eyes turn from silver to steel. I sat up and looked at him worried, "What is the matter?" Damien shook his head, "Nothing you need to worry about. I need to be gone for about an hour, think you can survive without me for that long?" I laughed, "I will try." He turned to walk out and I couldn't help but call out for him, "Damien?" He turned and looked at me quizzically and I smiled shyly at him, "Um hurry back." He smiled and nodded walking out quickly and leaving me to my thoughts.

I soaked in the bath for a while, thinking about Damien's touch and kisses on me. I felt my heart pick up and heat, that had nothing to do with the water temperature, course through my body and center directly where I was supposed to be sore in.

I got out of the bath after quickly scrubbing and washing my hair and wrapped a towel around me. I made my way into the living room, seeing my breakfast in the form of hot cereal and cream.

I saw a box next to the food and I opened it seeing a pair of silver lace panties and a silver, lace bra. I grabbed the note annoyed and read my aunts writing.   Put these on this instant, then go into the Princes closet and get a button up white shirt and put it on. Have a good morning and enjoy breakfast. I sighed annoyed and stripped my towel off putting the panties and bra on and walked into Damien's closet and looked around.

I saw hundreds of button up shirts, all black and red, but not a single white one like my aunt had wanted. I touched all of them finally settling on a thicker velvety black one and took it off quickly putting it on and buttoning only one button.

I sat down and ate slowly enjoying the warm cereal and quiet around me. When I finished and walked around the room, touching the counters and couch. I paused at the windows and looked outside. I smiled seeing three large, blonde figures running out of the tree line.

They all stopped and looked up, smiling and waving. I laughed and waved back, watching them disappear into the tree line. I shook my head, "They are so weird." "What is so weird about them?" The velvet voice startled me. I smiled and continued to look out of the window, "They act really carefree, but if you ever watch them when they are just standing with each other, they are stressed, anxious.

They play suitor by making me laugh and dancing my feet off but just now they had looked very serious, until they saw me and then acted the suitor again." "And that is something you want?" I turned and looked at Damien, he was wearing a black pair of slacks and a tight, black, turtle neck.

He had his hair down and slicked back and his eyes had started steel grey but slowly turned silver as he looked at me. I shook my head, "No, they are not what I want." I felt his gaze roam over my body and I shivered in delight as his eyes slowly became the color of liquid silver.

I walked towards him and stopped a few feet away from him and looked at him worried as the liquid silver turned to steel grey once again. "What's the matter Damien?" He faked a smile, "Nothing at all." I narrowed my eyes at him, "Liar." I closed the distance between us and grabbed his hand and gently pulled him to the couch and sat down with him.

"Tell me what is going on." He leaned back and rested his head back, looking up at the ceiling, "There are small conflicts breaking out all around." "Conflicts, why?" He sighed and shrugged, "Honestly, most of them are your family, some of the family, feel like the reason I let the Lycans court you is because I am not going to choose you. They feel that I am not giving you a chance.

Others are feeling that the oath is being broken, simply by having this ceremony." I sighed and looked out of the window, closing my eyes as a bit of sunlight broke through the clouds and filled the room. I breathed deeply, "Alright, what else then?" " The Council is angry and they don't think that you will be a proper Queen." "What makes a proper Queen anyway? And why aren't you getting this advice from your parents, and not the council?" Damien sat up and looked at me, "The council guides me because my parents were killed, Lilly." I winced, "How?" He ran a finger through one of my curls, twisting it around his finger, "They were poisoned with silver powder, by a human they trusted." I stared at him open mouthed before grabbing his hand and pressing it to my face, "I'm sorry Damien." I leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips then pulled away and sat looking at him, "Well, we can't solve the council in one day but we can do something about my family." I stood up and walked to the door peeking my head out and catching a servant walking by, "Excuse me, can you please get Lady Isadora for me, tell her it's urgent and to bring her phone with her." The servant looked at me and stuttered a reply before looking behind my shoulder and running faster than I had ever seen before.

I turned to see a very dark looking Damien glaring after the servant, then grabbing me possessively and pulling me back into the room. "At least button more than one button when you go into the hall." I laughed and kissed Damien passionately wrapping my arms around his neck, "And when I'm in here?" He unbuttoned the shirt and took it off running his hands along my body before pulling me close to him, "You should wear as little as possible." I leaned my head back and watched his eyes turn from steel to silver and I caressed his face before kissing him again.

His tongue caressed my lips and I opened them, allowing him to delve into my mouth. I caressed his tongue with mine and gripped him harder to me, deepening the kiss as much as possible. I felt his hand grab my ass and lift me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pressed my back into the door.

I gasped for air as he kissed the nape of my neck and gently nicked it before kissing it again. Heat was funneling from his kisses to the center of me and as I felt the heat and electricity build and had a newer intense urge to have him inside of me again.

I squeezed him with my legs kissed him for a moment longer before breaking the kiss and kissing down his neck, "Damien.I need you." He groaned and reached down and unbuckled his pants dropping them to the floor.

I gasped in pleasure as I felt the hot tip of his member press against the sopping wet, silver panties. Damien hooked a finger through the side of my underwear and made quick work of ripping them off. The feeling of him at my entrance sent a whole new wave of fire coursing through me.

He inched slowly inside of me; the feeling was uncomfortable but not painful. I could feel my walls stretching to accommodate him and soon he was sheathed to the hilt. I moaned as he paused simply enjoying the delicious sensation of him inside of me. After a moment he lifted my butt and then slammed me down, thrusting into me.

I gasped and started to help as he did this. Soon my back was again pressed against the door, but this time Damien rocked in and out of me, causing me to moan with each thrust. I felt the heat building and gasped in his ear, "Don't stop.more.oh god.Damien." He moaned my name as I felt his member thicken and he cried out my name as he filled me with his seed.

Seeing his face in such pleasure finally pushed me over and I cried out pulling his face to my neck, "Bite me.please.I want to only be yours." Damien groaned and I felt his fangs plunge into my throat.

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I had no idea what possessed me to demand him to do that but part of it was the need to keep him. I loved him, I couldn't deny it, and as I writhed in the pleasure and pain he had caused me I didn't want to ever be anyone's but his.


I wished many times I had been a vampire, but never so much as this moment, where our bodies where ravaging each other, trying to express just how deep our feelings were for each other, and I wanted to be able to sink my fangs into him, to make him mine, and mine alone.

I felt his fangs release me, and his tongue passed over the puncture wounds, closing them up instantly. You wouldn't be able to see a single mark, but Damien would, he would be able to sense his mark on me, and I looked at him lovingly, kissing him tenderly.

He stood up without putting me down, carried me into his bedroom and lay with me on the bottom, his member still hard and still buried inside of me. I didn't mind and instead began to rock against him, causing him to grin at me mischievously before taking over the movements himself.

  He lengthened the stroke, pulling almost entirely out before slamming back into me. I moaned and met his thrusts, our bodies suddenly engaged, once more, in our expression to each other. I scratched his back as he pushed me over one crest after another, my body sweating with the exertion, but not being able to stop.

I kept, wanting more like a drug I couldn't get enough of. He brought me over the edge over and over again, and I kept crying out for more. He finally burst inside of me again, his seed coating my entire inside with the hot feeling. I pulled him too me, gasping as my body tried to recover from its exertion. I kissed his neck and ear, before pulling away and looking into his beautiful silver eyes. He caressed me, and I smiled at him touching his face.

"I love you Damien." A strange conflicted look came over his face before he captured my lips and kissed me down from the dizzying heights he had taken me to. My body twitched and I whimpered as he pulled out of me, only to have him chuckle and run his hands along my body, the touch allowing my body to become less and less sensitive. I sighed and fell asleep in his arms, my body no longer able to handle anything other than rest.

I felt him kiss his mark on me and then blankets were pulled over me and he laid beside me. ***** I felt him move and I grabbed his arm gently, "No, please, don't go." He brushed my curls out of my face and kissed my lips softly, "I won't be gone long, rest Lilly."   I sighed and closed my eyes again, letting sleep reclaim me. I awoke not much later to a loud yell coming from outside the closed bedroom door.

"I don't care, get her out!!" I sat up and listened to the murmured voices on the other side of the door. I got out of bed and padded silently to the door, pressing my ear to it. "We agreed you would seduce her and get her to fall in love with you but there was nothing about you sleeping with her." I recognized the high, whiney voice. I pulled away from the door wondering why Desmond was here, and who she was talking about.

I took a deep breath to calm the irrational anger that was starting to build in me and I pressed my ear back to the door. "I haven't really been able to do anything thanks to having to leave all the time." Damien's voice was cold and detached and I kept listening. "I have been pretty patient, and so has my family. You said you had a plan when you brought her here, and I trusted you when you said you had a reason why you brought those mongrels here.

And don't get me wrong I love the viciousness of it, Damien, I do. But then this morning you were supposed to come to me after you were done with her, like you had before, and you didn't." "I didn't expect her family to be so together.

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I was under the impression   that the majority of them disliked the other. That Dimitri's side hated Esmeralda's side and that they never worked together.

Imagine my surprise when I bring the stupid Lycan back and BOTH sides find it offensive." "So what, my family will support you when you marry me." I heard Damien scoff, "You family is small and powerless compared to Lilly's family.

Not only is their size the problem, there are too many vampire families that still see them as the true ruling royalty. If we don't tread carefully, we won't survive to rule anything." I heard Desmond growl in what I could only put as frustration, "I cannot believe that I went with this whole revenge plan. I'm going to be killed because you needed to avenge your mother and father's death on the stupid human.

I have it on good account she doesn't even know that her family killed yours, or that they did it because they tried to break the betrothal contract." "Yes, I found that out this morning." His voice had gotten quiet and I barely heard what he had said. "Yes, well, the council will not begrudge you revenge for you parents.

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So be done with it, I already have Isadora locked away, so there is no more protection for Lilly. I don't care if you get her to love you anymore. Break her, and then throw her to the wolves. If you don't do it, I will." I heard her stomp out and slam the door behind her. I backed up and quickly ran into the bathroom closing the door softly behind me. I put the shower on and jumped in, letting the hot water take away the shaking that had started rocking through my body.

  I touched the nape of my neck, trying to feel where Damien had sunk his fangs into me but I couldn't.

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I tried to understand what had happened as I replayed the conversation in my mind. Desmond had said that Damien's parents had been killed by mine and that they had tried to eliminate the contract between the families. I tried to think about the law that my father had tried to stomp into my head, but couldn't quite remember what the punishment for breaking a blood contract was.

Maybe that was why we had left, why my family had given up everything to move to the U.S. It started to make more sense, as I remembered Damien saying we were playmates until I left, why I couldn't remember anything.

That also explained why I spent almost a month in the U. S hospital when we had first arrived.

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It had been the third attempt on my life, and was the only time that I almost did die. I reached behind my head and ran my fingers against my scalp, feeling the long scar along the base of my head.

I could feel where the staples had made their scars, in an attempt to keep the pieces of my skin together. I lost all my memory of my childhood in Europe because of that attack. I'd had to relearn to walk, eat, speak, almost everything, and not a single person in my family would tell me about it.

I jumped when the curtains opened and Damien peeked in, a concerned look on his face. "Are you alright?" I nodded, "Desmond woke me up, so instead of barging into the room and stabbing her, I decided to cool my temper with a hot shower." It was as close to the truth as I could get, I was a terrible liar, my heart would speed up and any vampire within a hundred miles could hear it screaming, "Liar, liar." He stared at my face for a long time until he finally sighed, "Yes, sorry.

I promised her I would go for a ride this morning. She was less than thrilled to have found me the way she did." I smiled mischievously and shrugged, "That's her problem. But, I should probably spend some time with MY suitors, so you could still make it up to her." A look of concern flashed across Damien's face and I stared at him trying to decide if it were genuine or if he were an incredible actor, "I would prefer you not to be with them alone." I doused my face in water for a moment, "My aunt could be with us." Damien straightened and stared at me for too long of a moment, and realizing I needed for him to believe I didn't hear what he and Desmond had spoken about.

I swallowed my fear and reached out and ran a wet hand across his jaw, "What's the matter?" He grabbed my hand and squeezed it softly and shook his head, "Your Aunt went up North to try and resolve some of the conflicts with your family. She came by when you were sleeping and I spoke to her for a while. She thought this was the best idea for now." I got out of the shower and wrapped a black towel around me.

Damien pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around me. I breathed him in, trying to reconcile the fact that I loved this creature, and that he was trying to destroy me for something I couldn't understand. I wrapped my arms around his waist and continued to breathed him in.

  "Did you hear anything Desmond said?" He had tried to make his voice light, but I heard the edge in it. I pulled back and looked into his dark grey eyes, "Just that she didn't care and she wanted me out. I heard that, realized it was her and made for the bathroom." I shrugged and his face lightened a bit and he leaned down and kissed me. His kiss was stiff and I pulled away giving him a concerned look, "She must have really upset you." I sighed and broke out of his embrace and walked into the bedroom, "I guess I should go thou.

Without my Aunt it may take me hours to get ready, and then I need to figure out how to contact my three suitors." I felt Damien follow behind me as I dried my body and wrapped the towel around my hair. I put my hand on my hip and looked around, "I have no idea what I'm going to wear out of here." I turned to Damien and realized he was standing in the doorway of the bathroom staring at me, not admiring but observing me.

I shivered and walked into his closet pulling down the first shirt I saw, which happened to be a dark red button up. I put it on and buttoned it most of the way then sighed as I looked around for something to wear. I turned to find Damien again in the doorway staring at me, this time his eyes the color of steel and his face dark.

I faced him and felt my heart begin to beat faster. He took a step towards me and I stepped back, and suddenly as he walked towards me I felt like prey being stalked. I kept backing up until I hit the end of his closet; he came close to me and gently grabbed my chin, "What did you hear?"   I looked at him, trying to feint confusion, "I don't know what you're talking about." "Then why are you scared of me." I scoffed, "If you saw your own face you would back up too.

You look like you're going to kill me." My voice shook and he took a step back, his face a mixture of surprise and what looked like sadness. I stepped towards him and grabbed his hand, "What's the matter Damien? What did Desmond say that upset you so much?" His eyes hardened and he stepped back and turned and walked out leaving me alone in his closet.

I closed my eyes and tried to calm my heart down taking a few deep breaths before walking out into the bedroom. Damien was sitting on the bed, his head in his hands, looking down at the floor. I knelt down in front of him and grabbed his hands, forcing him to lift his head and look at me, "Please Damien, you can trust me." He ran a finger across his mark on me and whispered, "I know I can." I looked at him beseechingly with my eyes, "Then tell me." I looked at him, his eyes flashing silver before he leaned down and kissed my neck.

He stood up leaving me sitting back on my legs, "Stay here, Ill have your clothes brought here.


I don't like the idea of you being alone without your Aunt."   I smiled up at him, forgetting to be afraid for a moment, "You're letting me move in?" He chuckled and helped me to my feet, "I suppose that's what it looks like." I laughed and threw my arms around him, kissing him deeply, plying at his stiff response until he finally kissed me back appropriately.

We stood there locked in our intimate embrace for a few minutes longer until he finally broke it. "I have to go soothe Desmond." I frowned at him stopping just because of her and then made a deep sigh myself, "I guess I should go entertain my suitors." A frown played on his lips and I touched them, "You allowed them here, so that we wouldn't have war.

It's my duty to make sure they are happy enough to keep the war from happening." He pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head once before grabbing my hand, "Don't go into the forest with them. I would prefer if you entertained them in the front, in full view of all the windows. Deal?" I smiled and nodded, "Deal."