Small cock guy being teased by doms

Small cock guy being teased by doms
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This story is a work of fiction. Like most of my stories, the basic scenario is one suggested by a friend of mine. She had found herself In this situation once, and through discussion, we talked about the basic lusts and passions between two individuals and the internal conflicts they would have to overcome to basic religious morals and overall societal mindfucks the youth of today have to go through concerning sex.

I can empathize with the characters, but legally cannot condone sexual relations between a minor and an adult. Laura and her Youth Minister Chapter 5 Laura was dressed and waiting by the street.

She was in a good mood. The little exercise she had got in before drifting to sleep the night before had done a lot to clear the sexual tension that had been growing in her. Sometimes it wasn't so easy, sometimes she had to keep after it until she hit upon something that did the trick, filled her needs.

She was learning that her horniness wasn't always there, but recently it had become a more frequent state. Maybe it was her hormones increasing, she really didn't know, but after fighting those urges earlier on in her life, she now gave in to them more and more, really allowing herself to enjoy those sensations, both mental and physical.

She just kind of accepted it as a guilty pleasure, and the pleasure sure outweighed the guilt now. Several cars passed her and she just stood there, trying to be invisible.

Maybe she was. Gratefully, she heard the whine of the power steering belt as it made the corner and saw the lights of the van lighting the road in front of her.

Michael flashed the high beams, she guessed he was trying to alert her, or wake her up or something, and she turned her looked down until the van came to a stop in front of her. Stepping up to it, she opened the side door and blinked at the interior lights shining in the darkness. Michael gave his usual cheerful good morning and there was a mixed greeting from most of the other kids, from yawning "morning…" to more chipper "Good morning Laura!" which came from Elle, she was always cheerful, drat her.

A quick scan of the seating arrangement told her three things. First Kelsey wasn't in the van. Second, Eric was riding shotgun, he liked to think he was the leader of this group, and spent a lot of time trying to hang around Michael. But mainly he said a lot of stupid stuff, trying to sound smart. And third, the only vacant seat left was next to Ben.

That was ok, but Ben was kind of different.


He was about the right size for his age, but a little pudgy, wore glasses and had some acne here and there. He always seemed to be wearing something his mother picked out, and that was probably right, considering his overbearing dull mother always had something critical to say about everything and everybody. Laura felt a little sorry for him. She knew he had a crush on her, because she always caught him looking at her. She smiled a few times at him when she caught him, and he would blush a violent red and turn away.

Even more he was always tongue-tied when he tried to respond to her questions or comments. Well, that would be ok today. It wasn't but about 2 hours off, and she moved to the middle bench seat with him, placing her bag of extra clothes and towels between them, next his.

She smiled and said good morning real low, and he smiles back shyly and returns the greeting, then turns to look out the window. In her mind she goes over the group, 5 girls, 4 guys, and Michael.

Not too crowded, but a nice turnout. "Where's Kelsey?" she asks leaning over the bench seat between her and the driver's seat. "The oldest woke up last night with a tummy ache and wasn't feeling good. He didn't want Mommy to leave." "Awwww! Poor thing, I hope he gets better soon." She responds and leans back listening to him say it was probably too much ice cream or something, he should be fine, wasn't running a fever.

She hadn't thought about Kelsey not being here. Somehow that made her feel more vulnerable or something. Like now was her chance, maybe, and she should do something really obvious to let Michael know she was ready to take it to the next level, but it had to be something that also would entice him to make that move, because she couldn't.

Laura pulled the white oxford around her a little tighter and clutched it to her chest. She felt kind of foolish and nervous, and a little selfish, since Kelsey was at home with a sick child. She brooded over that for a while then decided to not do anything, and felt much better as the van pulled into the parking lot of the pancake house, the first stop. The crew sat down at a long set of those half booth, half tables all in a row along the windows.

Laura sat down across from probably the closest girl friend she had in the group, Becky, and they compared nails. Michael looked across the table and made a kidding comment about 'fire-fingers' (one of his pet names for her, because of how fast her fingers flew on the keyboards sometimes) was getting to wear polish today without worrying about it melting off.

He grinned as the others just looked stupidly at him, and then he said sincerely how nice they looked. Something about this little exchange seemed to help her mood, and she stuck her tongue out at him then hid behind the big menu, allowing herself to peek over the top and saw him looking back at her trying to look stern, but he couldn't. It was incredible the different things these boys ordered. It was like they were trying to outdo each other in being weird.

Laura and her friend just rolled their eyes when Susanne tried to tell the boys how immature they were. They each settled on their orders and then looked at the brochure of the water park, mapping out the day and wondering about the new rides.

Laura ate her order of French toast and bacon and settled back watching the boys have to eat down the chili jalapeno burgers they ordered for breakfast. Michael said he was glad he was glad they were only an hour away, because the van might be uninhabitable much longer than that. As the kids paid their bills, Michael hung back to make sure there was an adequate tip left, then headed for the cashier line.

Laura and Becky were at the end of the line, since they had gone to wash their hands. Michael turned from the table and casually looked over at his group.

His eyes lit on Laura as she stood at a profile to him about 30 ft away. Her legs caught his eye, and more than that the fact that with that shirt on, it seemed that the shirt was the only thing she had on, besides the shoes. It didn't take long for him to imagine that, her being nude under the shirt and then it advanced to her in one of his old football jerseys. He was lost in his short little fantasy and staring at her, and didn't realize she had even turned her head, so intent was his gaze on the curves of her calves and thighs.

For some reason his eyes lifted and he was busted! He blushed and walked over to get in line her and told her that her shoes were cute, trying to cover his screw up with a sarcastic comment. How like Michael she thought, as she made some flippant comment back.

But in the back of her mind, she was churning inside from catching him looking again. She felt goose bumps rise on her legs when she thought about it again, and rushed through the payment transaction. She needed to get to the van and sort thing out yet again! She didn't even think about taking the seat next to Ben again. The whole crowd talked about what they were going to do first, and who was going to pair up. They had been before, and discussed it more than once, but Michael found it necessary to go over the rules again.

Mainly everyone had to have a partner and no girl/boy partners without another girl or guy at least. At 1 they would gather for lunch together, and lastly, if they heard the PA calling for the Pink Rhinos, they knew they needed to head to the gathering point, because there was an emergency.

The groan went up for the dreaded nickname, but everyone did a yeah, yeah, yeah and started to get their stuff together and get ready as Michael pulled the van to the entrance area and the kids jumped out and got in line.

They had their tickets so it wouldn't take long once the door opened. Michael enlisted Eric to help him unload the ice chests and he and Ben sat on them at the head of their group while Michael went and parked the van. Walking back to the kids, he again saw Laura in line and was a lot safer about how long he looked, but he couldn't resist letting his eyes wander and his mind wonder as he approached them. He planned to be somewhere close enough to enjoy watching her take that shirt off.

Eric wasn't too bright but he was big and small. Laura and Becky called him Ox behind his back. He made a big deal of carrying the largest cooler all by himself, and no one really commented or complained.

Michael carried the other one and various kids pitched in with the two other boxes of chips and stuff as they trudged down to the picnic area by the lagoon, hurrying to beat the others to a good spot. Michael kind of took his time arranging things, and waited as the kids started putting their own stuff down and shedding their clothes, putting on the springy bracelets or necklaces that held their money and stuff they needed in the water proof capsules.

He got the food in order and locked the ice chests and foot locker that held all buns and chips and stuff. Then he sat on the table and collected the cell phones and other personal stuff to take to a locker for the kids. While he was doing that he kept looking past the kid handing him stuff to spy on Laura, she and Becky were at a profile to him again, and then it happened.

He saw her start to unbutton the big shirt slowly, then slipped it off the shoulder closest to him, flicking it back to pull her arm out. That just caused her breasts to bow out, proud in the new bikini; Becky was talking rapidly about it, and was impatient for Laura to show her the rest.

Not any more impatient than Michael was though. He fumbled around with his own shirt and stripped it off, tossing it on the table and then walking over to the girls to get their personals, since they were the last ones. He had to be closer to her.

Laura saw out of the corner of her eye that he was watching. She felt butterflies in her tummy as she peeled the shirt down and memories of last night came to mind. She blushed when she felt to air on her bare skin and Becky teased her about it. If only she knew! She felt him close, and turned to look up at him, standing now in just her new bikini, hands on hips. She got brave and asked what he thought? " "Decent enough?" She asked sarcastically, considering the lecture they got each year on proper swim attire.

"I dunno, you better turn around and let me inspect you. Don't want to have to come rescue you two from a pack of rabid boys. You too Becky, let me see." He did his best to maintain the joke, but it was hard to keep his eyes off of Laura. "Yeah, that is fine. You two go and wow them, and remember to be back at 1!" He watched them saunter off, and saw Laura look back over her shoulder, giving him an exaggerated wiggle of her butt.


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That was fun, she thought. And she didn't mind seeing Michael with his shirt off either as part of the bargain. At 32, he was still in pretty damn good shape. She laughed and smiled, then turned back to pay attention to Becky, and Michael headed to the lockers.

They scooted off to the first ride they wanted to get in for the day, and were thrilled that this year they got a lot more guys looking at them than last year. Eventually, they had a couple of them bird dogging them, and at first they felt kind of flattered, but after a bit they tired of the boys and their advances.

They tried to shake them, but the boys just got ruder and more insistent. About that time they ran into Ox, Ben and Jason. It didn't take Ox long to make their little fan club feel unwelcome and they took off, after making some snarky comments under their breaths to the girls. The girls looked at each other and rolled their eyes, then thanked Ox. The guy was good for something after all! Michael spent a little time walking the park and taking pictures of his group as he came across them.

Some were candid and others he had them do some silly pose or something. They were kind of used to it; he had done it every year, and wouldn't let them see his pictures until the next meeting. When he came across Laura and Becky after they had split from Ox, he was able to focus on them without them knowing it for a while. He was pretty thankful he had brought the good camera and zoom lens. He met them at the bottom of the raft ride they had been on and caught a few posed pics, then headed off to the lagoon to start lunch.

Everybody was having a good time apparently, and being somewhat sane and safe, he had done his chaperone job for the morning. Now he was on to his other job for the day, since Kelsey wasn't with them, and that was getting the burgers and lunch ready. He started the coals and took a minute to call home and check in. Then he went through the pictures before changing memory cards. Soon the kids started showing up, hungry and talking a mile a minute.

Everybody ate and then sat around a bit, waiting for the next tradition, the horse fights. The kids who had been before knew the drill.

Michael handed out pennies to each boy, and took one himself. Then the girls drew their own pennies from a cup.

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At the same time they all revealed the year stamped on their coins, and in this way they were paired up. As the couples formed, somehow by fate Laura had drawn Michael's year.

She saw the look on his face too, like how did that happen. Then they looked at each other and grinned kind of shyly, moving closer together, Laura stood in front of Michael and proclaimed she was about to be the new horse fight queen.

The other kids started heckling back at her, saying she had an unfair advantage and all. But Michael said that there were only 4 guys and 5 girls, so he had to play or someone was left out.

Besides, Eric was bigger than MIchael, which made Susanne smirk, because she was paired up with Ox. She was glaring daggers at Laura, and flicked her hair back before saying "Let's get on with it. Same rules as last year, I guess?" She posed to Michael. "Yep, horses can't fight, only riders." With that, they made their way into the water, and two teams went at it. Laura and Michael were to be in the second round.

They watched the others play and soon were up. Laura looked at Michael over her shoulder and shrugged as she spread her legs a little under the water. Michael caught a breath and ducked under, her legs weren't spread enough as he opened his eyes. His hands went forward and he touched the insides of her calves, indicating to spread wider. Damn, he thought to himself as he touched her smooth skin and felt the muscular but soft legs as his head ducked between them.

If only I were getting her to spread them for something else, he thought, fearful of going on with the idea. He came up slowly and felt her squirm to move higher on his shoulders. He felt the soft flesh of her inner thighs and shivered, glad of the chest high cool water to keep things between his legs hidden and at bay. He was feeling something come over him, some kind of release. Maybe it was being away from regular surroundings, or the fun and fantasy of the park.

Didn't matter, he was getting more and more into Laura. When she scooted forward and wrapped her legs under his arms, hooking them behind his back, he reached up with gusto and held her thighs, right above the knees.

He relished the satin skin and the firmness of her muscle tone under his palms, and his thoughts there were only interrupted by the feel of Laura squirming on his shoulders, her hands under his chin as she wiggled closer, fitting her crotch tightly to the back of his neck.

It was electrifying to feel that, to know only a thin strip of fabric separated the center of her sex from his own skin. He tried to act annoyed and asked her if she was finally comfortable, shrugging his strong shoulders a bit to settle the load.

She squirmed a little more, well actually kind of more like ground on his neck a bit more then rubbed his spiky hair and said, "yeah, Charger! Let's go!" And with that they entered battle. Laura's mind wasn't so much on the fight itself, but her thoughts were parallel to Michael's. She loved to feel his hands on her and his broad strong shoulders under her. Every time he moved it seems some muscle or other would flex and send a new sensation through her body. It seemed so wrong but so right at the same time, and the right feeling was winning hands down, she was getting more playful, but mindful of the others, that she wouldn't give something, some sign away to the others, and if anyone would pick up on it, it would be Susanne.

They got used to each other as a team and pretty soon won their first bout, then got dunked on the second one. Laura wanted more of him touching her, and this time when he ducked down, her legs were even closer together and she wouldn't budge them. Michael surfaced with a puzzled look on his face and she whispered to him he had to find the secret spot to gain passage with an evil little grin. Diving again it took him some time; he tried knees, calves and finally found the spot on the inside of her left thigh above her knee.

He got under her and lifted her into the air about the time he was about out of breath. She giggled and seated herself. Round three went well and they retired to the side to watch the next duel, standing in the chest deep water. "That was a mean trick" he said with a smirk.

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"Yeah but it was fun. Oh and by the way, the secret spot moves around, just so you know." He chuckled and nodded. He was losing it more and more, trying to keep himself composed, but it was harder and harder. He was happy and having a fun time. This was just more of the flirting, he justified to himself, just with hands included. So the next few times he went under he used his hands more brazenly. Starting at her ankles he moved up until she parted her legs.

The whole time he was staring at her ass encased in the colorful bottom. Man, what a shape it had. Squatting in the water each time he kept finding the spot closer and closer to her butt or her pussy.

He was getting hard, and couldn't contain it. After winning their second round he told her the secret spot game was fun, but he couldn't do it anymore. Standing in front of him, she turned to the side and looked up at him, puzzled, maybe a little afraid she had gone too far.

He saw that look of uncertainty and assured her it wasn't something she did, and he really did enjoy it, but it would be rather embarrassing to accidentally brush up against one of the others at this point. Again she gave the questioning look, and he grinned and leaned into her a bit, pretending to talk around her to one of the other kids standing nearby.

She felt it right off; he was hard, or at least not soft. His groin rested on the side of her upper hip and it definitely was solid. She got wet almost immediately! She wasn't sure what aroused her more, the fact she had made him this way, or the way he tossed everything aside to let her know. He wanted to share that fact with her, and it thrilled her to no end. But at the same time it kind of scared her, this was a new door to open for them, relationship-wise. She blushed a bit when his gaze came back to hers.

"I'm sorry, Brother Michael&hellip.I.I didn't know…I was just kind of teasing you…" She looked down and waited for what she hoped wasn't coming. Michael looked at her; he saw the look of contrition, but also the glimmer of fear that he might put an end to all the flirting.

Or did he just want to see it? No matter. He chucked her chin playfully and said, "Don't fret it, you didn't do anything wrong. Nor did I, it just kind of escalated quickly in here, and I wouldn't want someone to find out about my current state, understand?" She looked up at him and saw him wink and nod at her.

She wasn't sure what that meant, but then all of the sudden felt his strong hand goose her butt and it was all she could do to keep from yelping. She turned and stuck her tongue out at him. Seems they had moved to another level, but would it last past today? Somehow she was at least going to make today count! The next few rounds were pretty uneventful, though he did let his hands move more casually over her lower body, often starting at her butt and sliding down her legs as she spread them.

As they made it to the finals, they were pitted against Ox and Susanne. Most of the crowd was cheering them on from the side. As he ducked under the water he saw she had peeled her bottoms down enough to show most of her creamy white butt cheeks. He gulped under water and let his fingers slide lightly over them then ducked between them as she reached quickly behind herself and pulled them back up.

"Thought you might need a little inspiration going into the finals, Brother Michael," she chuckled. "Yeah, I said a prayer, got an answer, I think." He responded as he sputtered the water from his mouth, firmly grabbing her calves, locking her in for battle. The last set of battles was intense. It seemed Laura wanted to put Susanne in her place for all the gossip she spread and the ways she tried to be Miss Perfect, and Michael had a large desire to vent some of the anger he had been holding back from having to put up with Eric's inane chatter and buddy-buddy crap all the time.

Ox and Susanne both wanted to get one over on the two people they felt second dog to most of the time. Wanted some recognition.


It didn't get nasty, but it got real. Both of the horses would plow into the fight, pushing their riders in, like exchanging jabs. Michael knew Laura was right handed, and led with that, allowing her to grab at or push at Susanne before he pulled back. Ox started moving in circles to avoid that, but it was easy to find his pattern and timing to use it against them.

Eventually Laura and Michael won, but Michael said they would renounce the title to Susanne and Ox, because legitimately Michael was just a fill in. That seemed to placate them and they celebrated their hollow victory more than they should have, but oh well.

The other kids left the water, anxious to get back into the park. Michael and Laura stood on the far side of the table as she finished her soda and Becky put on some more sunscreen. Michael took advantage of the moment and knowing no one could see since they were up against a corner, he slipped his hand down into Laura's bottoms and squeezed it just a second.

Laura coughed and choked a little on her soda, and by the time Becky looked up, Michael had stepped away and Laura was grabbing for a paper towel. She knew her face was red when Becky looked at her like WTF? "Just went down the wrong way, ok? Geesh!" She glared at the grinning Michael and he leaned in and whispered in a fake little growl, "This isn't over, sister!" She shook her head and replied, "No it's not, buddy. Game on!" She threw her can away and went to wait on Becky.

They both waved coyly as they turned and walked away. Man, Michael was on fire. What had he gotten into? I mean he had a wife at home, but this game was so much fun. He hadn't really seen it coming, but it was fun, and he at least for the day didn't want it to end. He had an urge to go masturbate and thought about it seriously, but decided against it, thinking how bad it would be to get caught. But still the images of the day and the things he had touched, mainly Laura was circling in his mind.

During the horse fights he had seen one of Becky's young tits fall out and got to see the pink little nipple just a couple of feet away, until she realized it and dropped into the water in embarrassment. Still it had been there, and it fueled his fire. Later on during the finals he had gotten more than one glimpse of Susanne's pussy when her loose suit gapped open while she was astride Ox's shoulders.

Dark pink and shiny, big lips…yes he saw it more than once, but it didn't thrill him, nor did Becky's tit. It was Laura who thrilled him. When he saw that white cottontail butt of hers, he about lost it, and before he knew it, his fingers were on it. He thought about how that darker tan made the white cheeks shine under the water, and wondered how many others had seen it, much less been shown it on purpose.

Those thoughts were assaulting his mind as he went and found some of the kids, the younger ones and went on a few rides. It cleared his mind and he continued to do that, moving from group to group as he found them, riding, visiting, and then reminding them to be back at 6 for pizza, then a couple more hours until 9, when the park closed. Standing in line he was privy to a couple of conversations girls were having, and a few guys were having too. It amazed him the things the girls were talking about, and how much was about sex.

What they had done, or would do, or what had been done to them, what they liked and what they didn't. The boys were cruder; it was all about this chick or that and what they would do to them. Most of it sounded like bravado, and Michael knew from experience that the boys who were getting some were probably hooked up and not in a boy pack like these guys were.

Some of the girls noticed him and smiled at him, one even winked, but what amazed him was how much sex was on these kids minds. He guessed he had ignored most of that kind of talk when he heard it, but now he got to thinking and looking around, watching. Yes, sex was a big player in their lives, and he wondered if maybe his kids were just as immersed in it.

If Laura was? As he made his way around he stopped on the bridge overlooking the surf ride, where people attempted to ride a stationary wave. It was notorious for robbing girls and guys of different parts of their suits.

He was just listening and watching as Laura snuck up and wedged in beside him on the railing. "You here to look at some titties, Mister?" she asked as if he were a stranger she was teasing. "You like to look at pretty boobs?" Continuing her play acting. "Some yes, but I am pretty particular, miss." He played along and they both laughed a little.

"Where's Becky?" "Over there, in line again" she pointed and waved to her friend. "Again? She's been once already?" "Twice." "Stay in one piece?" Laura giggled, "No, but then she didn't plan to.

She kinda likes the attention. And it's fun. She dropped one out during the horse fights, no way you missed that!" Michael blushed "No, I caught that." "She was hoping you would" "How about you? Did you go yet?" "Yeah, and before you ask no, I didn't have anything pop out. I'm not gonna show my boobies to anyone I don't want." She looks up to him and grins, then grinds one of her breasts against his bare arm. "Look, there is Susanne, she is up like two away," She says with a grimace as the girl catches sight of Michael on the bridge and waves big.

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"Bet she loses her top or bottoms…something" He says matter of factly. "Nah, I doubt it, not with you watching." Michael thought about the loose suit and the exposure that it had caused. "Bet?" He asks.


"You are on, what do you get if you win?" She returns the challenge. "I get to see your boobies, as you call them. Uncovered, I mean." he grins at her. She nods figuring she can't lose. "And what do I get if I win?" "Name your prize, firefingers" he responds, grinning at her again.

Emboldened by the day, and what had transpired, she leant over and whispered in his ear, "I get to see what you were rubbing against me earlier, you know. Uncovered, I mean." All of the sudden shy, she drops back down and looks at the ride, blushing and grinning a little. Michael was taken by surprise. He wouldn't have thought this would ever be on the table, but then his whole take on sex and his idea of what these young girls were thinking about had changed his mind, opened it more. So he agreed, and they shook, each sure they would win.

Sure enough, it didn't take Susanne to fall, and while she was struggling to hold her top on, her bottoms came all the way off. She shrieked and slid down to the collecting pool at the bottom of the ride, kneeling down in the water looking for the missing garment.

She finds it and waves it to the cheering and hooting crowd. Brazenly she stands up and puts them on fast, then climbs out the side exit to more cheers and applause. "Attention whore" Laura spits out disgustedly.

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She really hated to lose. Looking up quickly she apologized, still angry, but fading. "It's ok, you are right, apparently." He shook his head and saw Laura approaching. She was shrugging her shoulders and came up to the two of them. "I guess you saw, huh, Brother Michael." There was fake shame in her voice, but what she really wanted to know if he had liked what he saw.

She wouldn't ask that and went on blathering about how it was an accident, and she should have known better, but well she couldn't resist trying. "Yeah, accidents happen, no harm, no foul.

But maybe now you know what I was talking about when it comes to modest swimwear? All those guys whistling and stuff, that had to be pretty embarrassing." Susanne nodded and ignored Laura. "Yeah I get it now; I could have died from embarrassment." But it wasn't believable, just words. About that time Ox came up and claimed her, talking rapidly, admonishing her like he felt he should in front of the minister.

But Laura looked down and realized he had at least a semi-boner and turned back to watch more of the ride. Ox moves takes her arm and they argue a bit as he leads her down the bridge to the others waiting on them. "Look, here comes Becky. I bet she doesn't lose it this time," Michael says. "That's not fair, you already know she will, I told you she would." Laura responds, half heartedly.

"Maybe she won't, knowing I am here." "Doubt it; she already flashed you once today. But, if you want to bet&hellip.double or nothing?" She turned her head to look at him, wondering how in the world this conversation had begun, but not complaining. "No, I am not losing the ground I already won. How about the same stakes?" It dawned on her that he wanted to lose, and she agreed, reaching out her hand to have it engulfed in his larger one in a firm shake, sealing the new bet.

While Michael turned to look elsewhere in the park, Laura took the opportunity to look down at Becky who looked back, her face clear that she was disappointed. She covered her breasts with her arms crossed and pouted. Laura laughed, knowing her friend really enjoyed this for some reason. She couldn't blame her; she knew Becky was a little bit of an exhibitionist.

She kind of admired that courage, but then she herself had summoned up her own bravery to push her own little version of fun. She laughed silently and shook her head a little. She put her hands up to cover her own boobs, and then flipped them down and nodded.

Becky looked back, astonished and lipped the words 'are you sure?" Laura nodded vigorously. Michael looked back, missing the exchange except for the head nodding and bright smiles. "I think I am being set up by a couple of con artists," he says jokingly and Laura slaps at his arm. Sure enough Becky not only flashes one but the matched pair. As Michael groans, she wonders what he would think if he knew she had played with those tits that were the center of attention right now…that she had even sucked and licked them more than once.

She turned to him as he groaned and dropped his head. Her smile broke out big, dimples in full force. She was thrilled for winning, and then remembered what she had won and grinned a little more wickedly. "Nope, it's not over brother." She says as he turns to walk off toward the lagoon. "You are right, sister. And don't forget pizza at 6, and bring your pervy little friend too!" He grins and can't believe they are talking like this. He wonders how and where they might pay their bets off.

They converge, devour the pizza and then head out for the rides. Michael cleans up after they leave and locks things down. They have special passes that will allow them to stay an extra hour after the park closes. It cost an additional ten bucks ahead, but he had found it was worth it. He took off and rode a few rides by himself, then when he heard the closing bell, he went to find Laura and Becky.

He hadn't ridden anything with them, having saved it for last. As the other people with the blue bracelets headed for the gates, they got in the really short lines and rode and rode. As it started getting dark, he suggested they take one of the longer tube rides, since it had some rapids and slow spots too. He also knew it forked and when they got to it, he and Laura found themselves taking the branch Becky didn't.

Soon they are alone. They both know why they are there, and without saying it, they both are looking for a private place to pay off their bets. Unfortunately, too much staff and other people still mingling around, by the time they got back to the main branch they both sighed from frustration and relief.

The rapids take over and before they know it they are in the collecting pool. As he collected his and the girls' tubes, he winked at Laura and said, it's not over, but for today apparently it is.

He smiles and then walks off to prepare everything to leave as the girls go off for a few more rides on the power slide. Will it be over? He asks himself, or was this it? Loading the van he waits at the gate for them to appear, giving Laura the bag of phones and goodies, watching his tired crew climb into the van.

As he drops her off at her house, having to rouse her, he has been doing a lot of thinking in the silent van driving home.

The van itself stifles things a bit, knowing it is tied to the church, but he begins to formulate a plan in his head. He wants her, no doubt, even more than before. And she seems more than willing to go along. But how far would they go? As she climbs out, she leans up and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "To be continued, my faithful steed." She grins and hops out; he watches her wiggle up the sidewalk and go through the door.

Her mom greets her and waves at the van before he pulls away.